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RPT Gems #65:Mapping Tutorial, Free Post Apoc Video Book, 50 Places Straight Out Of Nightmares2014-09-19 16:40:01
RPT #3: How To Develop A Compelling Voice2014-09-18 16:40:01
RPT#621: Six Ways To Crank A Character Up To 112014-09-17 16:40:01
Back to Basics: OD&D B-Series Modules Revisited Part 12014-09-16 16:40:02
RPT Gems #32014-09-15 16:40:01
RPT Gems #64: Terrifying Post-It Notes, Combat Tracker, OneNote tips2014-09-12 16:20:01
RPT #2: The Time Bomb Solution2014-09-11 16:20:02
RPT#620: How to Make Magic Items Awesome2014-09-10 16:40:02
The Roleplaying Tips Community City Encounter Hook Generator2014-09-09 16:40:02
RPT Gems #22014-09-08 16:40:01
RPT Gems #63: Air elemental in hellish brush fire, 55 plot technqiues, post-apoc famous landmarks2014-09-05 16:40:02
RPT #1: Mapping Dilemma -- How To Stop Your Players From Yawning2014-09-04 16:40:01
RPT#619: 5 Tips on How to Design Diabolical Dilemmas2014-09-03 16:40:02
Treasuring the Dungeon: Basic Dungeons and Dragons Revisited2014-09-02 16:00:02
RPT Gems #12014-09-01 16:20:01
RPT#513: How to Use Body Language For Better Storytelling2014-06-16 14:40:02
They Can Sleep When They're Dead2014-06-07 21:20:02
4 Tips If You're Thinking About Going Pro2014-06-07 02:00:02
My 4 Step Recipe for Creating Great RPG Campaign Seeds2014-06-07 02:00:02
Everything I Needed to Know About Marketing I Learned Playing Dungeons and Dragons2014-06-07 02:00:02

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