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Stargazer’s World is a roleplaying game blog. It’s a place where I can write down my thoughts on the roleplaying industry, the community and roleplaying in general. And by roleplaying I mean good old classic pen and paper roleplaying. So don’t expect too much about MMORPGs, computer and console RPGs and the like. And don’t expect posts about LARP either. Don’t get me wrong, I have played a lot of MMOs and I wouldn’t mind trying out LARP some time, but this blog will be focused on pen and paper roleplaying. As of February 2010, Stargazer’s World isn’t a one-man-show anymore, but a team of dedicated bloggers brings you new posts every work day.

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Realism in Roleplaying Games2014-11-25 11:40:01
NaGaDeMon: WR&M Pocket Edition2014-11-21 09:20:01
Am I getting old or just lazy? -- 2014 Edition2014-11-17 11:20:01
Cypher System2014-11-11 09:40:01
Generic RPGs: Do we really need those?2014-11-11 09:40:01
NaGaDeMon: It's Full Of Stars!2014-11-07 08:20:04
NaGaDeMon: So, what am I working on?2014-11-04 11:40:02
It's THIS time of the year again: NaGaDeMon!!!2014-11-03 13:00:02
The Times They Are a-Changin'2014-10-29 15:00:03
Loot: More Traveller Stuff2014-10-29 11:40:02
My Two Cents on #Gamergate2014-10-28 11:40:01

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