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But Some Feminists Emasculate Men!2014-10-29 13:40:04
The Dueling Definitions of Sexism2014-10-20 15:00:03
Group Spotlight: After School D&D2014-10-17 17:40:02
Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Raiders' Camp - Part 12014-10-17 15:00:02
Games are about Stories or How We Got Here2014-10-16 19:00:03
Black Rock Bandits - Part 12014-10-14 18:40:01
Analysis of The Escapist interviews2014-10-14 14:40:02
Sickness in Springdale - Part 12014-10-11 11:20:02
How a picture of girls playing D&D went from cool to awesome2014-10-06 02:00:02
Unconscious Bias or Why I Write2014-10-02 14:40:02
Fighting female goblins isn't necessarily violence against women2014-09-30 14:40:02
Explaining my issues with the 5e Banshee2014-09-29 16:40:02
Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Greenest in Flames - Part 22014-09-26 14:40:01
Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Greenest in Flames - Part 12014-09-24 15:40:01
Analysis of Gender: Hoard of the Dragon Queen2014-09-23 15:20:02
Online Account Security through Two-Factor Authentication2014-09-22 19:20:01
Named NPCs in Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen2014-09-22 12:40:02
Comics I Love: Shutter2014-09-10 15:00:02
The Power of Speaking Up2014-09-08 15:00:02
Hacking as Women2014-09-04 14:40:02

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