Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer

Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer is all about the experiences, thoughts, opinions and rants of a die hard RPG enthusiast born and bred in the Pearl of the Orient. A self-taught GM that has been rolling oddly shaped polyhedrons since the tender age of nine, Pointyman2000 brings his musings on bringing more Fun to the table as both a Player and a GM. While most of the articles in this blog will focus on gaming tips to enhance the rpg experience, Pointyman2000 will also review his latest gaming purchases and upcoming products that catches his fancy.

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[Actual Play: L5R Blood & Coin] Part 1: Beginnings2015-04-14 10:20:01
[Legend of the Five Rings] Campaign Planning: Blood & Coin2015-04-06 07:40:02
[D&D 5e] Nosfecatu's Monster Monday: Magwayen2015-03-09 07:40:02
[Let's Study Mutant: Year Zero] Part 4: Conflict2015-03-09 03:40:01
[Let's Study Mutant: Year Zero] Part 3: Basic Mechanics2015-02-12 05:20:02
Modiphius Entertainment is coming out with a new Conan RPG!2015-02-10 01:20:01
[Numenera Actual Play, One Shot] In For A Penny, In For A Pound...2015-02-08 08:00:01
Keltia from Cubicle 7, Coming Soon!2015-02-07 02:00:02
All The Little Things, my talk for the local GMing Seminar2015-02-02 03:20:01
[Let's Study Mutant: Year Zero] Part 2: Making Mutants2015-01-31 04:20:02
[Numenera] Need Weird Science-Fantasy Inspiration? Try Masters of the Universe2015-01-27 02:20:01
[Off-Topic] Medical Difficulties2015-01-23 09:40:01
[Off-Topic] Medical Difficulties, and a Humble Plea for Assistance2015-01-22 13:40:01
Interviewed by Kuripot Gamer2015-01-10 21:20:01
[Let's Study Mutant: Year Zero] Part 1: Introduction2015-01-10 21:20:01
Interviewed by Kuripot Gamer2015-01-02 13:00:02
[Let's Study Mutant: Year Zero] Part 1: Introduction2015-01-02 02:00:02
[Let's Study The Strange by Monte Cook Games] Part 6: Running The Strange & Conclusions2015-01-01 13:20:02
Games to run for 20152015-01-01 13:20:02
[Let's Study The Strange by Monte Cook Games] Part 5: Creatures & NPCs2015-01-01 13:20:02

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