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The Savage AfterWorld presents adventures, creatures, artifacts, mutations, and discussion for Goblinoid Games' Mutant Future RPG as well as other Science Fantasy games in a post-apocalyptic future.

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[Villains & Vigilantes] Puzzler Leaps Into Action Once Again!2014-04-25 05:00:01
[Cryptworld] New Thing: Tarantulord2014-04-19 02:20:02
My NTRPG Con Schedule (In Pictoral Form)2014-04-15 16:20:01
A Look At Personal POD -- When PDFs Just Won't Do2014-04-11 16:40:02
Hang Your Gaming Convention ID On A Gaming Convention Lanyard2014-04-11 02:40:02
LARP DVD Double Feature: Lloyd The Conqueror & Knights Of Badassdom2014-04-08 05:20:01
[Cryptworld] New Thing: The Ashen2014-04-04 04:00:01
Yay! I'm An OSR Superstar First Round Finalist!2014-04-01 13:40:01
Forgotton Fiends From The Factory Flying Forth!2014-03-31 15:00:02
Back To The Default URL For Savage AfterWorld2014-03-31 11:00:01
RIP Dave Trampier2014-03-31 01:00:01
Goblinoid Games / Pacesetter To Be At Con On The Cob Oct. 16-192014-03-31 01:00:01
My Favorite NPC: Meet "Puzzler"2014-03-31 01:00:01
RIP Dave Trampier2014-03-29 00:00:01
Goblinoid Games / Pacesetter To Be At Con On The Cob Oct. 16-192014-03-27 02:20:01
My Favorite NPC: Meet "Puzzler"2014-03-26 03:00:01
[Cryptworld] New Thing: Sewer Gator2014-03-18 02:00:02
[Our Last Best Hope] Overgrown: A Mission Playset2014-03-17 02:00:01
North Texas RPG Con, Here I Come2014-03-14 21:20:02
Cryptworld Wants "The Monsters Under Your Bed"2014-03-05 14:00:01

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