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The Savage AfterWorld presents adventures, creatures, artifacts, mutations, and discussion for Goblinoid Games' Mutant Future RPG as well as other Science Fantasy games in a post-apocalyptic future.

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Last Few Hours For Grimtooth's Ultimate Traps Collection -- All Stretch Goals Reached!2015-01-26 17:40:02
Want To Read Some Unproduced "Night Stalker" Scripts?2015-01-23 16:20:01
Want To Review Some Unproduced "Night Stalker" Scripts?2015-01-23 14:20:01
Mutants, Monsters, Time Travellers, And Ghosts Coming To Iowa's Gamicon Omega Next Month2015-01-20 15:00:03
[Review] Classic Game Review: Mayfair's Encounters2015-01-19 04:00:01
[Cryptworld] Hansels and Gretels: A New Monster Hunting Society2015-01-16 21:00:02
[Mutant Future] Savage Menagerie: Arachnobull2015-01-12 16:40:02
So What's Going On At The Savage AfterWorld In 2015?2015-01-09 04:00:02
[Cryptworld] New Thing: Werestag2014-12-24 19:20:01
Pacesetter/Mayfair Chill (And Cryptworld) Conversion Notes2014-12-16 20:00:02
Phlegm Elementals And Killer Tomatoes Await In 32-Year-Old "Weird Works"2014-12-12 20:40:02
[Labyrinth Lord] Savage Menagerie: Gravedigger2014-12-10 02:40:02
Join The Ranks Of The D-Listers In The Great Stuper Powers Giveaway!2014-12-07 01:40:01
[Review] Stuper Powers!: The First-Class Game Of Third-Rate Heroes2014-12-05 04:00:02
Form-Fillable PC Sheets For All Current Pacesetter RPGs2014-12-02 20:00:02
Cryptworld Form-Fillable Character Sheet Available For Download2014-12-01 13:20:02
Paranormal Investigations, Underwater Explorations, And Lost Colony Ship Adventures Await!2014-12-01 01:20:01
[Cryptworld] New Thing: Bloody Mary2014-11-27 16:20:01
U-Con's "What Is The OSR" Debate Airing On Save Or Die!2014-11-19 16:00:03
U-Con Day 3: Ping-Pong Balls, Sunday Services, And "These Are Not Toys!"2014-11-17 02:00:02

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