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Shaper and Maker galleries contains photos of gaming terrains and miniatures, printable gaming items, terrain building tutorials and terrain/miniature building WIP images. There are also occassional game mastery -articles. Non-gaming items have been hidden from RPGBA feed.

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A sale everyone who likes rpg maps should check2014-12-18 07:20:02
Attention map fans, sales going on right and left!2014-10-29 18:20:01
Space station map tiles review(ish)2014-10-23 21:20:02
When a graphic designer decides to develop a scifi rpg2014-07-28 16:00:01
From terrain models to map tiles (and view to a few map tile sets)2014-03-13 21:00:01
Dawn of the New Republic S4: Losing on all fronts2014-01-23 20:40:02
Website updates2014-01-09 06:20:01
Dawn of the New Republic S3: Halted negotiations2013-10-17 21:40:02
Beasts & Barbarians S9: Kyros2013-10-03 22:20:01
Beasts & Barbarians S8: Kyros2013-09-23 19:00:02
Dawn of the New Republic S2: Hunting a spy2013-08-12 09:40:01
Review: Jalizar, City of Thieves2013-07-27 19:40:01
Christmas in july & Savage Worlds anniversary sale!2013-07-22 18:40:02
Star Wars: Dawn of the New Republic -campaign starts!2013-07-15 23:00:01
Star Wars roleplaying - doing it the right way!2013-05-04 15:00:01
Carnival mask, a tribute to Gary Larson2013-05-01 18:20:01
Geeky stuff in Paris and La Rochelle2013-05-01 10:40:02
Altering pacifism -hindrance in your games2013-02-26 20:40:01
Beasts & Barbarians: Session 7 - Death of a Tyrant finale2013-01-19 11:50:02
Free background music for your games2013-01-11 12:40:06

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