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Everything you ever wanted to know about Elthos RPG, my homebrew that is based loosely on my favorite aspects of D&D E1, with some improvements I concocted back in 1978 that stuck. The new system is a mini-system of the original one. It's fast easy and fun, named Elthos ODS RPG. :)

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Elthos Book Art - Toad Attack2014-10-13 14:40:01
Dragonflies in Aerial Combat - Elthos Book Art2014-10-08 03:20:01
Western Style - More Artwork2014-10-07 22:40:01
Elthos Rules Book - The Philosophers2014-10-07 18:40:01
Space-Ranger X2014-10-06 23:20:01
Elthos RPG Rules Book Drawings2014-10-01 13:20:01
Petroglyph of Elthos II2014-09-24 04:40:01
Petroglyph of Elthos2014-09-24 04:00:02
The Kobolds of Elthos2014-09-13 01:20:02
Elthos Web Application Overview2014-08-22 19:00:01
Some Thoughts on the Future of RPGs2014-08-20 14:00:02
Some Thoughts on RPGPundit's Gnostic Musings2014-08-19 18:40:02
Thoughts on Contemporary Fantasy Artwork2014-08-17 14:40:01
On the Elthos Elkron-Alignment System2014-08-08 20:00:02
Thoughts on Fear and Courage for GMs2014-07-24 13:20:02
Some Rumminations On the Never Ending Revisions of D&D2014-07-15 14:40:01
Western Knights - The Twin Gunmen2014-07-06 14:40:01
Thoughts on Professional Gamesmastering2014-06-26 18:00:01
Free RPG Day @ Modern Myths2014-06-23 19:40:01
Elthos RPG Weapons Skills Selection Update2014-06-16 17:40:01

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