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Welcome adventurer. Here you will find articles, material, reviews, shared content and other content for oldschool simulacrum games and sometimes for other games. Enjoy your stay! Don't let the Carrion Crawler bite!

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Thaumiel is doing Patreon! This is WIP picture of first content2015-04-16 18:20:02
Ikiseutu, one-page-dungeon contest 20152015-04-16 17:40:02
The fools of Aprilstown2015-04-01 08:20:02
[Monster] Huxol by Daniel Luce2015-03-27 18:20:01
[LL] Material I used for "Forgotten Legend Lives" campaign2015-03-26 07:40:02
Three headed guardian bird of giants2015-03-10 07:40:01
Mythoard Beta and January reviews2015-03-07 17:40:02
Vintage map: Niinisalo-Valkjrvi area2015-02-27 09:20:01
[WIP] The Temple Of Greed. when things accidentally go viral!2015-02-13 19:00:02
Cross Road Blues2015-02-13 09:40:02
How To Gamemaster Like A Fucking Boss, a Kickstarter by Venger Satanis2015-01-31 19:00:02
Hulks & Horrors character spreadsheet2015-01-31 17:40:01
Attribute checks with six-sided dice2015-01-30 18:20:01
[Review] Liberation Of The Demon Slayer2015-01-30 07:40:01
Hulks & Horrors Redshirt Template And NPC Quick Generator2015-01-28 17:40:01
[LL] Dwarven warriors of Longland stats2015-01-25 18:20:02
The Wandering Moon Fixer (for S&W and other OSR)2015-01-22 18:20:01
[Review] The Grinding Gear from LotFP2015-01-17 21:40:02
Crafting paper minis with Silvervine Games Paper Mini Maker2014-12-27 15:00:02
[Rules] How player characters might find items they need?2014-12-25 19:40:02

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