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Welcome adventurer. Here you will find articles, material, reviews, shared content and other content for oldschool simulacrum games and sometimes for other games. Enjoy your stay! Don't let the Carrion Crawler bite!

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Dear diary, video games inspire me to GM them2014-04-12 04:40:02
Starting Labyrinth Lord campaign, the overview2014-03-21 07:40:01
[Review] Into The Odd2014-03-05 19:40:01
[LL]Yellow jelly2014-03-04 09:00:01
31 Non-D&D RPG questions in a chunk2014-03-01 19:40:01
[OSR] Barbarian berzerker, a Fighter variant2014-03-01 16:20:01
[OSR] Barbarian Fighter variant2014-02-28 09:40:02
New spell: Curious Wound (G+ community project)2014-02-28 08:00:02
[Review] Three Swordsmen by Venger Satanis2014-02-26 08:00:01
[Review] The Land Of Mithgarthr, volume one2014-02-22 09:00:02
My custom 4 volume booklet of Labyrinth Lord's Advanced Edition Companion2014-02-21 17:40:01
[Review] The Baleful Sorcerer Of Tsathag'kha2014-02-21 17:40:01
The crypt is open - Introduction2014-02-21 17:40:01
The cradle is no more - but the crypt is open!2014-02-15 20:40:02
Overwhelmed by RPG products2014-02-06 11:20:01
Short Order Heroes, a product from Calico Games2014-01-24 21:00:02
LotFP store's Gardening Society memberships available again2014-01-08 18:40:02
Cradle of Rabies is alive2013-12-08 13:00:02
[MF] Home-made flamethrower2013-09-07 14:40:01
[MF] Mauriainen, the antmen2013-08-31 14:00:01

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