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Welcome adventurer. Here you will find articles, material, reviews, shared content and other content for oldschool simulacrum games and sometimes for other games. Enjoy your stay! Don't let the Carrion Crawler bite!

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Attribute checks with six-sided dice2015-01-30 18:20:01
[Review] Liberation Of The Demon Slayer2015-01-30 07:40:01
Hulks & Horrors Redshirt Template And NPC Quick Generator2015-01-28 17:40:01
[LL] Dwarven warriors of Longland stats2015-01-25 18:20:02
The Wandering Moon Fixer (for S&W and other OSR)2015-01-22 18:20:01
[Review] The Grinding Gear from LotFP2015-01-17 21:40:02
Crafting paper minis with Silvervine Games Paper Mini Maker2014-12-27 15:00:02
[Rules] How player characters might find items they need?2014-12-25 19:40:02
Solifidian Lilith - The Starship From Hell2014-12-25 14:20:02
Creating a character for Hulks & Horrors2014-12-24 20:20:01
[Review] Where Is Margesh Blackblood?2014-12-21 18:20:02
[Review] Fetishistic Arcana by Violent Media2014-12-19 20:20:01
[Review] No Salvation For Witches2014-12-17 19:40:01
Mead & Mayhem is published2014-12-16 17:40:01
[Review] The Mini Manor by GM Games2014-12-14 15:40:02
Cleric Blessed Holy Symbol2014-12-07 18:20:01
[LL] Gurah, the evil wizard, dark sorcerer, necromancer2014-12-06 19:00:03
Mythoard, subscribe for your monthly RPG packet!2014-11-19 18:40:01
Creating a character for D&D Basic (Finnish translation)2014-11-09 17:20:01
Is this the holy trinity of OSR?2014-11-08 14:00:02

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