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Retired / Conspired2014-09-23 21:40:02
So, what does that stat do again / Coming back to World of Darkness2014-04-16 16:20:01
The Walking Dead / Fear Itself - A Gumshoe Hack2014-02-15 18:20:01
Hypothetically Speaking / How to kill a man with a time machine2014-01-26 09:00:02
Meet the team / Ready to play Esoterrorists 2nd Ed characters2014-01-25 13:00:02
What have prehistoric butterflies done for us recently, anyway? / TimeWatch2014-01-22 19:40:02
Night's Black Agents / Tap That2014-01-19 16:00:01
Mage Noire2013-10-19 13:40:01
Allow your darlings to be murdered / Knowing when to let an NPC go2013-08-31 16:00:01
Horror tropes / Cabin in the Woods and Fear Itself2013-08-25 10:40:01
Games of Future Past / Planning my next game2013-08-17 15:20:02
And Fear and Paranoia will be out watchwords / Disturbing players sleep with Night's Black Agents2013-08-15 10:20:01
I have seen the future, and it involves web cams / No sexy dancing rule2013-08-15 10:20:01
Breaking Radio Silence / The Corruption of Youth2013-08-14 21:00:02
Old school modern Faery tales / Changeling: the Lost game pitch2013-04-23 17:20:01
Sunburn Notice / Nights Black Agents game pitch2013-04-14 15:40:01
Biotech Psychics vs Mutants and Aliens in the future / Trinity game pitch2013-04-14 15:00:01
"The geekiest thing I've ever done" / Aberrant play report2013-04-10 18:40:01
Toning down the action in my Survival Horror / Resident Evil 5 DLC2013-03-30 21:40:01
Bringing the Aberrant smackdown / Conforming to my players expectations2013-03-29 20:20:01

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