The Time of Troubles

Five friends... 25 years of dnd together. This is their Wednesday night game blog.

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Tragidore: Ahead of schedule2015-04-15 12:20:01
After the Stair2015-04-15 04:20:01
Tales of Falling Stars (The Widow)2015-04-12 07:40:01
04/01/15 Tragidore: Session 6 Dreams to Remember2015-04-08 03:40:01
Tragidore: The Manor House2015-04-05 10:20:02
Hope's Hollow and Mother's Care Home for Invalids2015-04-03 21:00:02
Mother's Care Home for Invalids2015-04-02 04:20:02
Riddle-masters: Whem and Wisslow. (Weekly Dinner-Theater at the Blackrock Feasthall)2015-04-02 00:20:02
03/25/15 Tragidore: Session 5 The Sustenance of the Susurrant Sisters2015-03-31 05:40:01
Harpy Treasure (Aurora's Missing Custom)2015-03-26 02:20:01
03/18/15 Tragidore: Session 4 The Townhouse, The Families, and a Job Offer We Couldn't Refuse2015-03-25 03:00:01
Aurora's Open House2015-03-19 03:00:02
Tragidore: Taergan Flinn's Townhouse2015-03-19 01:40:01
Tragidore Review 03/11/15 Session 3: A Swift Ending for the Gentleman's Haunt2015-03-18 04:20:01
Tragidore: the Rider of the Winds and the Mother of Magic2015-03-17 08:20:01
Tragidore: Zero days without incident2015-03-16 07:40:02
The Weeping War2015-03-15 07:00:01
Durg the Philosopher or Death comes A'knockin'2015-03-15 03:40:02
Tragidore: The Pacts of Men2015-03-14 09:40:02
Moander's Darkbringer2015-03-13 04:20:02

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