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I was inspired by the death of Gary Gygax to start a blog to talk about my own experience with tabletop gaming. As the title of the blog implies, most of the discussion centers around RPGs but I do occasionally make a foray into miniatures wargaming. Regardless, the focus is on my own gaming history, interests, obsessions, and actual play reports.

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Aaaaaand...I'm back2015-03-23 23:40:01
Book of the Warlord Now Available for Pendragon!2014-12-06 03:40:02
Keeping Character Sheets in Play - What's the GM's Responsibility?2014-10-14 19:20:02
More (Much More) on the History of Women in Tabletop Gaming2014-10-09 21:20:02
[Solo GPC] 546: Hunting the Troit Boar2014-10-07 21:20:02
Female Gamers Go Back a Ways2014-09-16 19:40:01
Hey, There's A New Edition of D&D Out - So Of Course I'm Running ACKS...2014-09-12 19:20:02
The Solo GPC Patreon is live!2014-09-05 18:20:01
What's Going On2014-08-27 16:00:01
Thoughts on D&D 5e (and the Starter Set) After Running a Session2014-08-07 23:20:01
A Palladium Parable2014-07-10 18:20:02
Cotemplating Patreon2014-07-08 17:40:02
Thoughts on far2014-07-03 23:40:01
[Solo GPC] 545: Blind Man's Bluff2014-06-20 16:40:02
[Solo GPC] 544: Bizarre Love Triangle2014-06-06 07:20:02
Pendragon Bargain Alert!2014-06-02 19:20:02
Some GURPS-thoughts Occasioned By Transparency2014-05-30 04:20:02
[Solo GPC] 543: The Hard Rock Tournament2014-05-22 23:40:01
[Solo GPC] 542: There Wolf, There Castle2014-05-15 16:00:01
On Monster Manuals as Catalogs2014-04-22 18:40:03

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