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Events & Play Wednesday - Upcoming Conventions, Gamedays. and Misc Gaming, August & Onward2014-07-31 05:00:01
Tech Tuesday - Flux Capacitors & Fusion Technology2014-07-29 13:40:02
Media News Monday - Evil Dead, Doctor Who, Mad Max, The Hobbit, and More2014-07-28 21:00:01
Sunday Funnies - D&D with Pete Holmes & Game of Thrones Bloopers2014-07-27 15:00:01
Gary Gygax Day July 27, 20142014-07-27 14:20:01
Saturday Crowdfunding Roundup - The Geek Preacher & Love 2 Hate2014-07-26 12:20:01
The Friday Grab Bag - My 5E D&D Starter Set Playthrough Keeps Going (and Going!)2014-07-25 17:40:01
Throwback Thursday - Don't Go to Jail AKA Monopoly Express (1991)2014-07-24 17:00:02
Events & Play Wednesday - Mid-June to Mid-July Gaming 20142014-07-23 15:00:02
Tech Tuesday - Jibo the Robot2014-07-22 14:20:02
Media News Monday - Tolkien Biopics, Mockingjay Trailer, Mr. Holmes2014-07-21 15:40:01
Sunday Funnies - The Rebuttal of Schrodinger's Cat by Sarah Donner & the Japanese Doctor Who2014-07-20 13:40:01
Saturday Crowdfunding Roundup - T.I.T.A.N. 2100, ConQuest Journals, Mini Mods, Gothic Doctor, & CORE RPG2014-07-19 13:40:02
The Friday Grab Bag - My 5E D&D Starter Set Playthrough Keeps Going2014-07-18 17:40:02
Throwback Thursday - Masters of Fantasy - TSR: The Fantasy Factory2014-07-17 14:20:01
Events & Play Wednesday - Sci-Fi/Fantasy Hall of Fame, Hoopla Event Submissions, Gary Con 2015, and the Ennies Noms2014-07-16 14:20:01
Tech Tuesday - Bottled d6 Dice Pendant, Munchkin Messenger Bag, Star Wars Rings, and BLACK2014-07-15 14:20:01
Media News Monday - NYT Preparing the Ghost Review, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, & Shannara2014-07-14 15:00:02
Sunday Funnies - Super Mario CAKE!, Middle-Aged Signs, Plus 404 - File Not Found2014-07-13 16:20:02
Saturday Crowdfunding Roundup - Gamer Goggles Gen Con, 3D-Printed Dice, & the Beyond Words Calendar2014-07-12 15:40:02

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