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German rpg bloggers do it in English. We publish news form the German scene or German articles for English gamers from our regular blogs.

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My unnamed Game Chef project: Introtext2013-05-24 15:00:01
PiCast -- Game Chef 2013 -- Middesign2013-05-23 20:20:02
Game Chef 2013 has started2013-05-17 17:40:01
Polished Rules, a Rant -- an editorial2012-11-24 13:00:04
Decorations of the Red Fleet -- house rules for The Red Star2012-11-24 13:00:04
Tanelorn produktiv -- an editorial2012-11-24 13:00:04
24h RPG Contest on the RPGGeek: Us, our settlement, the AI and the quantum information field, here, at the end of the world2012-11-18 13:45:04
PiCast --- SPIEL 20122012-11-14 14:15:04
Next! The D&D Playtest2012-10-23 09:00:07
In Karlsruhe rollen die Wrfel wieder2012-10-17 15:00:04
Rollenspieler knnen mehr2012-10-17 15:00:04
Rollenspiel im Dungeon2012-10-17 15:00:04
RPG Pitches goes live!2012-08-07 13:00:05
Master Plan podcast 2012 on Kickstarter2012-07-04 12:15:03
D&D Next Playtest: Round 2, Fight!2012-06-03 15:00:03
D&D Next Playtest: Mixed Emotions2012-05-31 15:00:04
Visiting the german independent RPG Scene2012-05-30 15:00:04
James Edward Raggi IV im Kamingesprch (Englisch)2012-05-14 01:00:04
Enter the Lost Temple of Moradin2012-03-30 10:15:03
Individual Group XP2012-03-17 16:45:03

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