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I'm Getting Married In The Mooooorning....kinda....2014-04-18 11:00:01
Here Comes the Swarm (Part 3) - Paragon Slivers2014-04-17 20:20:01
Here Comes The Swarm (Part 2) - Sliver Queen (Level 16 Solo Soldier)2014-04-13 20:20:02
Advantage Seeking Weapons (Level 4+ Uncommon Item)2014-04-06 19:40:01
Shnecke's Wolves - Fire, Deals and Deadly Ice2014-04-04 19:40:02
More from H2 The Mines of Bloodstone - Orcolla - High Priest of Orcus (Level 24 Solo Controller)2014-03-22 16:20:01
Orcus - Prince of Undeath - Level 26 Raid Solo (8-12 Man)2014-03-18 16:20:02
Ormid Et Al - Session Report - Grognob The Flatulent, Jailbreak Initiation2014-03-02 19:00:01
Session Report - Ormid Et Al - Unholy Magic, More Undead, A Summoning2014-02-28 14:20:01
State of Play - Arrival at Scarathane, Dark Presences, Old Allies, Fight!2014-02-17 15:40:01
Here Comes The Swarm - Slivers for 4e (Part I)2014-02-16 19:40:01
Unearthed Lore2014-02-15 19:40:01
Final Word Broad Sword; "Concluder" - Level 26 Unique Weapon2014-02-14 12:00:01
Final Word Bastard Sword; "Concluder" - Level 26 Unique Weapon2014-02-13 17:20:02
Gorgonic Stone Golem - Level 15 Solo Soldier2014-01-27 14:20:03
Shnecke's Wolves - Session Report2014-01-27 14:20:03
^_^ Yay! Roll20 Is Flourishing!!!2014-01-27 12:20:02
Fire Bred Hellhound Leaper - Level 19 Skirmisher2014-01-26 17:40:02
D&D 4e Combat Manager Gets an Update!2014-01-25 13:00:02
Session Report - Ormid Et Al2014-01-17 18:00:01

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