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PDF Paper-crafting Power! Okumarts, Kev's Lounge Papercraft Dungeon, Inked Adventures and some waffle about layers in PDFs2015-03-30 18:20:02
Ponies!?2015-03-07 07:00:02
Happy GM's Gygax Day (and Sale on DTRPG)2015-03-05 07:00:02
$20 for so many games - RPC's GM Memorial Fund Charity Bundle2015-02-28 00:00:02
Dungeons & Dragons Anniversary Sale2015-02-13 16:20:01
Adventures in the East Mark PDF on DTRPG $10 usd2015-01-07 15:20:02
Bargains for grown-ups2014-11-17 22:40:02
All Hallows E'en DTRPG Sale, Free Ravenloft, Fighting Fantasy, Big Jars2014-10-31 01:40:02
Inked Adventures Blocks2014-10-20 17:00:03
Basic Fantasy Adventure Anthology 12014-10-20 03:40:01
Inked Adventures Dungeon Map2014-09-26 16:40:02
Inked Adventures Crypts Tombs and Catacombs2014-09-15 16:40:01
DnD 5e Basic Rules free to the brave2014-07-04 19:40:01
Preordered the DnD Starter Box -Wizards need my money- It can't hurt too much surely? I don't have to buy the rulebooks as well?2014-05-26 01:00:02
Photos of MM Traveller RPG2014-05-14 01:40:01
May contain ninjas...2014-05-09 23:40:01
Marc Miller's Traveller RPG2014-05-07 01:20:02
GMs Day Sale 2014 ODnD Methadone and Maps on Paper Plates2014-03-08 01:20:01
Running out of 2013 and still addicted to RPG reblogging on Tumblr2013-12-04 22:20:02
Zombie Week Shotguns and Credit Cards2013-10-19 23:40:02

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