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Originally started to collect and publish my articles from, lately often discussing design elements of Echelon d20.

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An Account of the Gadolim: The Beginning2015-01-22 17:00:02
An Account of the Gadolim: Page 62015-01-21 09:00:01
An Account of the Gadolim: Page 52015-01-16 08:20:02
An Account of the Gadolim: Page 42015-01-15 14:00:02
An Account of the Gadolim: Page 32015-01-14 09:20:01
An Account of the Gadolim: Page 22015-01-13 09:20:01
An Account of the Gadolim: Page 12015-01-12 11:20:01
Halfling Pantheon, the Crunchy Bits2014-12-24 05:40:01
Jhesiri God: Natlot, Battlesinger, Lethal Dancer2014-12-11 07:00:03
Elemental Tetratheon, First Analysis2014-12-10 21:00:01
Elemental Tetratheon, The Crunchy Bits2014-12-10 07:00:02
Jhesiri God: Hadang Samptar, Razing Hunter, Wandering Ravager2014-12-10 06:20:02
Jhesiri God: Ramdzasha, The Five-Headed, Feeds on Devastation2014-12-09 07:00:02
Goblin Pantheon, The Crunchy Bits2014-11-28 22:20:01
Polyhedral Pantheon: Goblin Pantheon, The Crunchy Part2014-11-28 21:40:02
Polyhedral Pantheons Book Outline2014-11-20 18:00:02
Hybrid Domain: Abyss Domain2014-11-18 17:20:01
Polyhedral Pantheons in the Wild: Sycarion Diversions2014-11-17 02:40:01
Fantastic (Hex) Maps2014-11-02 17:20:01
Specialized Domain: Abyss Domain2014-10-12 00:00:01

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