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Magic Candles for Low Level, Non-Instant Area Effect Spells2015-04-16 04:20:01
Early Geomorph Design Contest Entries; Rules Update2015-04-14 04:00:01
More Creature Previews for the RPG Card Decks Kickstarter2015-04-12 21:20:01
Geomorph Map Contest Launches2015-04-09 23:00:02
More Creature Card Previews for the RPG Card Decks Kickstarter2015-04-03 05:00:02
More RPG Card Decks Previews2015-03-28 21:40:02
NPC Card Samples for our New RPG Card Decks Kickstarter2015-03-25 13:20:01
New RPG Card Decks Project (NPCs, More Creatures, Adventures) Goes Live!2015-03-22 18:40:01
Mythoard's March Sign-ups End March 24th2015-03-18 22:40:02
DungeonMorphs (Dungeon/Cavern Geomorphs) PDF Now Available!2015-02-27 03:20:02
Make an Icosahedral World Dice Drop Map with Hexographer2015-02-26 00:40:02
Make an Icosahredral World Dice Drop Map with Hexographer2015-02-25 16:40:01
Easily Create the Coins for Your Kingdoms2015-02-17 20:40:01
Creating Settlers of Catan Maps Using Hexographer2015-02-13 04:00:01
Cityographer & Dungeonographer: 35% off Through Feb 72015-02-04 01:20:02
Cityographer & Dungeonographer: 25% off Through Feb 72015-02-04 01:00:02
Cityographer & Dungeonographer: 25% off Through Feb72015-02-03 23:40:02
New Survey on Inkwell Ideas Next Possible Projects2015-02-02 18:20:01
Adventure Hooks: Mini-game to Create your Next Adventure Beginning2015-02-01 04:20:01
Hexographer in the News, January 20152015-01-26 04:40:02

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