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Presenting the Urban Fantasy Bundle!2014-02-06 22:00:02
The Assassin: A new class for Arcana Rising2014-02-02 15:40:02
Reflections on 2013, and Announcements for 20142014-01-13 23:40:01
Heaven's Shadow on even deeper discount!2014-01-06 20:00:02
Heaven's Shadow is on sale!2014-01-02 11:40:02
Heaven's Shadow gets a Top Six nod2014-01-01 22:40:02
Arcana Rising is now in print! (Plus, Neuro City!)2013-11-25 09:40:01
Arcana Rising is now in print!2013-11-25 09:00:01
Arcana Rising is now available in PDF!2013-11-14 00:20:02
My name is John Berry, and I have a negativity problem.2013-10-15 19:20:01
Arcana Rising Status Update2013-09-10 11:00:02
A sample Arcana Rising character.2013-06-28 20:20:02
Pay What You Want for BWP Games!2013-06-17 16:40:01
Arcana Rising is funded!2013-05-24 04:20:01
Only three days remain on the Arcana Rising Kickstarter!2013-05-21 01:00:01
[Expanding the Game #5] H&H: The Moderators2013-05-17 12:20:01
Easy dungeon generation for Hulks and Horrors, courtesy of Wizardawn!2013-05-12 05:20:02
[Expanding the Game #4] Pepper Pots2013-05-09 19:20:01
[Expanding the Game #3] The Lords of Time2013-05-08 10:20:02
Arcana Rising Q&A Log2013-05-07 03:20:02

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