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A blog about roleplaying games, with a focus on Pathfinder RPG and reporting on Finnish and Nordic roleplaying games in English. Occasionally discussions of other games as well, such as the currently running article series discussing Planescape.

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My Ropecon Schedule2014-07-23 15:20:02
Review: Dangerous Games Trilogy, by Matt Forbeck2014-07-22 10:00:02
Finncon 2014, Part II: The Obligatory Literary Snobbery2014-07-17 15:20:02
Finncon 2014, Part I: A Little Song, a Little Dance...2014-07-15 16:00:02
The Secret Treasure of Raguoc in Acirema Dungeons!2014-06-03 10:00:01
The State of the Scene2014-04-01 16:20:01
The State of the Scene2014-04-01 15:00:02
Happy Birthday, Hobby2014-04-01 15:00:02
Happy Birthday, Hobby2014-01-26 20:00:02
Greyhawk Lives! River to a Sea of Choices2014-01-10 18:20:01
New Year, New Tricks2014-01-10 18:20:01
Paranoia Drinking Game2014-01-10 18:20:01
Greyhawk Lives! River to a Sea of Choices2014-01-10 12:40:01
New Year, New Tricks2014-01-06 11:00:03
Paranoia Drinking Game2013-12-25 14:40:03
Murderhobos!2013-11-11 06:00:02
Murderhobos!2013-11-11 05:20:01
News from the North2013-10-18 16:20:03
News from the North2013-10-18 15:00:02
My First Worldcon: LoneStarCon 3, Part II2013-10-18 15:00:02

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