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Coping with a general malaise2014-11-02 20:20:01
I'll come back when I have something interesting to say2014-11-01 01:00:02
Great Games and Great GMs are Needed.2014-10-20 18:20:02
In Retrospect: D&D 3e/3.5e (and an Ebay Auction)2014-10-15 16:40:02
Hundred Years' War Battle Report2014-10-08 21:20:01
The Sturm und Drang of Quitting (Take it to the moon or walk away)2014-10-06 16:40:01
Where to go from here... (A rough 6 month plan)2014-10-03 01:20:03
Did I give up on a good thing? (d20 Dark Ages vs. The Word of Stelios)2014-10-02 01:20:01
Titanhauer ("Titan-hewer"): Part 32014-09-30 23:20:01
Titanhauer ("Titan-hewer"): Part 22014-09-29 22:40:01
Keep Gaming: Things will Sort Themselves Out.2014-09-29 16:40:02
Ambush on the Hotflats: Battle Report2014-09-26 16:00:02
It's Banned Books Week (Go Ahead and Ban Some More)2014-09-24 22:00:03
"Titanhauer" (Titan-hewer): Part 12014-09-24 18:00:03
Top 5 Pieces of Advice for New Tabletop Gamers2014-09-23 17:20:02
The Confession of Till Wilderwine2014-09-23 00:40:02
Gaming Miscellany: D&D 5e, WHFB3e, and a New Player.2014-09-22 17:20:02
Still Resisting the Temptation... sort of. (D&D 5e)2014-09-19 15:20:03
What's your threshold to quit a gaming group?2014-09-18 14:40:02
Let's Read Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3e: Final Thoughts2014-09-17 21:20:01

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