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So, how about a Star Wars version of Battlestar Galactica?2015-04-11 02:20:01
Our first Roll20/Google Hangouts test session2015-03-12 01:20:01
Quick Potion Characteristics Tables for Old School Games2015-03-08 02:40:02
Hooray! My Bones II Kickstarter minis are here!!2015-03-02 23:20:01
My Bones II minis are on the way!2015-02-28 16:00:01
Some Thoughts on Converting AD&D Monsters to Old School Hack2015-02-28 14:40:01
This post over at WotC would make a good contest.2015-02-25 00:40:01
Review: The Slave Trenches of Hakotep (Pathfinder adventure path)2015-02-14 00:40:02
Review: Secrets of the Sphinx (Pathfinder adventure path)2015-02-12 01:20:01
Neo School Hack: Combat Maneuvers2015-02-07 14:40:02
A megadungeon concept based on Sword Art Online2015-02-03 01:00:01
The Journal of Katherine, Entry 612015-02-02 10:20:01
The Journal of Katherine, Entry 602015-02-02 10:20:01
Long Ride to a Short Death, an adventure for Neo School Hack2015-01-31 02:20:01
Review: Fate Accelerated Edition2015-01-24 17:40:01
How about some Order of the Stick style character portraits for Roll20?2015-01-22 02:20:01
StarCraft School Hack: a StarCraft hack of Old School Hack2015-01-14 10:40:02
How Torathiel-yng-Ulathual-min-Calaisse IV decided to become a paladin2015-01-11 16:40:01
A Pathfinder Paladin for Our Next Campaign2015-01-11 04:00:02
Review: Vornheim2015-01-10 19:20:02

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