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Equal portions Old School and New School, Adam focuses on all sorts of rpg geekery, as long as it's kickass.

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Metal Gods #2 Cover Art & Info!2014-07-24 23:00:02
Cradle of Sin: Classes and Hulaszi PCs2014-07-24 07:40:01
Weary Traveler, Hulasz-Arat Welcomes You!2014-07-11 07:40:02
"Up Or Down" Initiative, My Solution To Complex Init Order2014-07-09 21:40:02
Old Schooling Up 5e2014-07-07 04:20:01
Yesterday, Ann Arbor Made Me Cry2014-06-30 23:40:01
Zine Update: Incoming Art and Benefit Announcement2014-06-29 16:40:01
The Inevitable Post Free RPG Day Post2014-06-24 03:20:01
DCC Donnerstag: More Thoughts About Spellcasters & Patrons2014-06-19 23:00:02
Speaking My Language2014-06-18 02:20:02
DCC Donnerstag: Wizards, Elves and the Supernatural Patrons Who Love Them2014-06-13 01:00:01
Monster (Book) Monday: Bizarre Monsters Volume 1 by Casey Sorrow2014-06-10 02:40:01
Following Up With The East Mark2014-06-06 22:00:01
Third Rails of the OSR: Alignment2014-06-05 00:00:01
Gods of Kickassistan: The Stag-Headed God2014-06-02 23:00:02
The Starter Set Plus Free Basic and How I Plan on Using Them Or Not2014-05-28 21:00:02
Tales of Crowdfunding Triumph, Part 2: Adventures in the East Mark Red Box2014-05-27 23:00:01
Roll Your Own2014-05-21 23:20:01
Roll My Own2014-05-21 05:00:02
Stupid Dice Tricks: The Probability Rosetta Stone2014-05-09 20:20:02

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