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Sad News, the Israeli Gaming Store Has Closed.2015-03-26 09:00:02
Presenting at WSTRA Conference - Role-Playing Games as Therapeutic Intervention Modality from Therapeutic Recreation Perspective2015-03-13 07:20:02
Presenting at WSTRA Conference2015-03-09 08:20:02
Using Role-Playing Games in Recreation Therapy - Therapeutic Recreation Professional Panel Question2015-02-13 08:40:01
Session 2 - The Spartan Show Adventurers Guild Broadcast2015-02-03 22:40:02
RT / TR, RPG Therapy vs. Therapeutic RPG2015-01-15 21:00:02
Traumatic Brain Injury department volunteer - RPG & Music2015-01-07 08:00:02
Upcoming Video - Introduction Talk About RPG Research Around The World - ZoeCon 20142014-11-23 06:21:48
Please contact me regarding your RPG projects for therapy or education2014-11-21 00:29:01
Volunteers Needed for Cooperative Tabletop Recreation (RPG) Participants Intake and Facilitation2014-10-03 00:46:58
Using Role-Playing Games for Autism Spectrum Participants2014-08-26 01:45:08
D&D 5 Review Part 1 - Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Review by RPG Research founder Hawke Robinson2014-08-25 22:40:01
Join Monthly RPG Research Meeting Broadcast2014-08-11 21:20:01
Currently Active RPG Groups in the Greater Spokane Area2014-07-26 04:00:02
Abantey the Roleplay Game Short Documentary2014-07-12 19:40:01
Now Playing D&D Next 5th Edition Starter Set July 2nd 2014 at Local Hobby Gaming Store...2014-07-03 07:40:02
2014 Summer Release Schedule for the New Tabletop D&D 5th Edition - "Free to Play" and Staggered Release (Grumble)2014-05-29 18:00:01
2014 Summer Release Schedule for the New Tabletop D&D 5th Edition - "Free to Play" and Staggered Release2014-05-29 17:29:01
Study Playing RPG for 5 Minutes, "Alignment" Impact on Real-world Behaviors (Computer-based RPG)2014-05-26 22:40:02
RPG Research Status Update, May 17th, 20142014-05-18 11:40:01

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