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a fantasy sketch blog ....sketches of characters and a free monster sketch every friday

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thor and loki ! the frost giants will be stopped ! :D2013-11-07 22:00:01
rowena the cutpurse ! with lootz ! :D2013-10-29 20:40:02
white dragon rages !2013-10-24 23:40:03
briar runner ! at rest ! :D2013-10-22 19:20:02
red sonja vs the mummy creature ! :D2013-10-15 06:00:01
vampire lord ! level one paladin riding a war pig ! :D2013-10-14 23:20:02
i wanna be an elven ranger ! ...:D. the forest shall be free !2013-10-09 21:20:01
duergar nobles ! house rou-hema !2013-10-08 15:20:01
rihal , duergar blackguard ! ^^;...:D2013-10-07 19:40:02
beholder and the duergar !2013-10-07 19:00:01
duergar ! assassins of house ghiri !2013-10-07 00:20:01
orc mages ! orcish cleric and the war ritual ! ^^;...:D2013-10-03 23:00:02
hellknight ! orcish cleric ! :D2013-10-02 02:00:02
orcs ! an orcish skirmisher ...and a sketch of orc nobles !2013-09-29 23:20:01
zombie royalty ....aka court zombie ... faces ! :D2013-09-25 01:40:02
i can still has blog ...savage halfling returns ! more nsfw ^^;...:D2013-09-23 23:40:01
more of house eritheii ! :w00t:....decadent undead nobles ftw :D2013-04-27 22:20:01
house eritheii ...cenobite / vampire designs !2013-04-27 07:00:02
faerie scout vs. toadstool ! aka faerie scout misjudges her landing ^^;..:D . mildly nsfw2013-04-27 03:40:01
mesmer , leader of the local thieve's guild visits the jailhouse ....mildly nsfw ^^;...:D2013-04-22 07:00:01

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