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Music -- Towards Darkness, The Summit2014-07-25 21:20:02
Mystery Incorporated2014-07-25 17:20:02
Music -- Tom Waits, Train Song2014-07-23 20:40:01
People need to lay the hell off Tony Dungy2014-07-23 17:20:02
Art -- St. Augustine2014-07-23 16:00:02
5e Does Not End the Edition Wars, but Promises a New Kind of Edition War2014-07-21 17:20:01
A Post in Which I Realize I'm Too Young to Feel Nostalgia for 2nd Generation Video Games*2014-07-18 16:40:01
Music -- Joe Buck, Planet Seeth2014-07-18 14:40:02
New Monster -- Several Cat2014-07-17 17:20:01
MYFAROG RPG Delay: Varg Vikernes Arrested! (Anniversary Edition)2014-07-16 16:40:02
Radical New Changes Pre-Publication to MYFAROG Skill System2014-07-16 16:00:02
Shadow Over Alfheim Pt 4 -- A Brief Foray into Basic Fantasy's Old Island Fortress2014-07-14 17:00:01
Shadow Over Alfheim Pt 4 -- A Brief Foray into the Old Island Fortress2014-07-14 15:40:01
Anal Jihad: Not Just a Great Name For an Industrial/Grindcore Band!2014-07-11 22:20:01
Democrat Candidate in Virginia Seeks Help to Slut-shame Teen Girl2014-07-11 20:20:01
"You Are Triggering Me!" The Neo-Liberal Rhetoric of Harm, Danger and Trauma2014-07-11 16:20:01
Music -- Numb, Blood2014-07-11 16:20:01
A Review of Vance and a Bit About Spellbooks2014-07-09 21:40:02
Art -- ngslvor (The Meadow Elves)2014-07-09 21:40:02
And I'm back!2014-07-08 17:40:02

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