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'The Axis of Shadows' is about to Become the Next Release on Feb. 1st!2015-01-31 18:20:01
Prince Rhun ap Maelgwn Gwynedd Returns! But...where did he ever really go you ask?2015-01-09 00:40:02
Daroganau Fyrddin - Merlin's Prophecies2015-01-09 00:40:02
Just in Time for the Trinox Samonios or the 'Three Nights of Halloween' Comes my Celtic Halloween Adventure Module! The PDF is for only $0.99!2014-10-29 00:20:01
New Most Recent Adventure Module 'A Shattered Night' Has a Review!2014-10-19 17:40:02
My Progress on the 'Codex Slavorum' is Russian Along!2014-07-14 23:40:01
The First Two Modules in My 'Nine Worlds Saga' Series Are Going to Print!2014-07-10 17:00:01
My Newest Adventure 'A Shattered Night' Is Finally Released!2014-07-09 23:00:01
The Prophecies of Merlin, Mab Y Darogan and Welsh/Brythonic Vaticination.2014-06-08 22:00:01
The Sullen Queen is now published! Book One in the my 'Island of the Mighty' Series is Born!2014-06-04 21:20:01
The Codex Nordica Shall Be In Your Hands Come This Month (and Beyond)!2014-05-30 04:40:01
2014 - The Summer of Changes!2014-05-30 02:00:01
The Island of the Mighty Saga is About To Be Unleashed after 15 Centuries in Slumber!2014-04-08 04:00:02
Codex Nordica, The Sullen Queen, Within a Dark Mountain and MORE!2014-03-25 03:40:01
The Codex Nordica is NOW alive on Kickstarter! Cast your oars and bids all...2014-01-24 03:20:01
DieHard GameFAN Table-Top Game Awards Are In!2014-01-15 21:20:01
A Shattered Night - Due SOON!2014-01-10 23:00:02
The 'Codex Nordica' is at hand!2013-11-06 04:20:02
Prepare soon for Ysprydnos (Spirit Night)! Here is the cover!2013-10-23 22:20:01
The First Official Halloween Adventure Module Is On the Way...2013-10-06 05:40:01

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