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Thoughts on and ideas for old school Dungeons & Dragons, with focus on the B/X and BECMI editions.

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How charming is Charm Person?2015-01-25 21:40:02
More secret doors2015-01-16 20:20:01
Healing potion variants2015-01-16 00:20:02
Persuasion and prejudice2015-01-11 00:00:02
NPC temperaments and interactions2015-01-09 06:00:02
Oracular dice and the 1-hp orc2014-11-16 19:20:02
A punny but useful spell2014-10-05 19:00:02
Pondering an alternative combat system2014-10-04 05:00:02
Hit Dice modifiers: More useful than you (or TSR) thought2014-09-29 16:40:02
The tight spell lists of classic D&D2014-09-21 23:20:02
Dungeon mapping with paint.net2014-08-11 05:20:01
What else can the cleric do with Turn Undead?2014-08-08 06:00:01
B/X Spell List Overhaul: Cleric spells, level 52014-08-05 00:20:01
B/X Spell List Overhaul: Cleric spells, level 42014-08-04 19:00:02
B/X Spell List Overhaul: Cleric spells, level 32014-07-26 21:40:02
B/X Spell List Overhaul: Cleric spells, level 22014-07-22 19:00:02
B/X Spell Lists Overhaul: Cleric spells, level 12014-07-21 19:40:02
A few variations for the basic magic-user2014-07-08 19:40:01
Unlocking challenges by spending loot2014-05-09 23:20:02
B/X Spell Roundup, 3rd level magic-user spells, part 32014-04-25 00:20:01

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