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The Large Polyhedron Collider is a blog created to offer ideas and advice to those who play, run, and design role-playing games. It is staffed by 12 contributors, representing nearly 200 years of combined roleplaying experience, ranging from some who cut their teeth on the original D&D, first-edition AD&D, first-edition Vampire, all the way up to those who have played for many years but only recently begun to run games. In addition to experience with RPGs, each contributor brings their own knowledge of various subjects through professional expertise and personal interest to help in game, setting, story, and character design, providing advice that can save countless hours of research and analysis. Categories of articles include: Overthinking It - advice for adding more detail (arguably too much) to your settings and stories A Stitch in Time - suggestions for thoughts on saving the GM time in planning, and time saving tips during a game session Building the Perfect System - discussing the pros and cons of various systems Book Reviews - both RPG books and related fiction, with occasional Good Cop/Bad Cop reviews when two of us strongly disagree Ask the GM - readers' questions get answered in this GM advice column

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The Weight of Things: Types of Wood2015-01-10 21:20:01
The Weight of Things: Liquids2015-01-10 21:20:01
The Weight of Things -- Things you find on a street2015-01-10 21:20:01
The Weight of Things: Types of Wood2012-12-04 14:08:03
The Weight of Things: Liquids2012-11-26 17:45:03
The Weight of Things -- Things you find on a street2012-11-06 20:45:02
The Weight of Things: Earth Materials2012-10-27 02:00:06
The Weight of Things: Introduction2012-10-26 17:45:03
My character isn't a fighter -- how can I contribute to a combat?2012-09-26 17:15:03
Natural Hazards: Not the end, just a pause.2012-09-22 04:00:06
Natural Hazards: Quicksand2012-09-15 15:00:08
A New Look at Combat (Part 13): Scaling Up to Mass Combat2012-09-12 19:15:05
Natural Hazards: Geothermal2012-09-12 14:30:04
A New Look at Combat (Example 4)2012-09-06 18:15:07
A New Look at Combat (Part 12): Multiple Opponents2012-08-31 17:15:05
Natural Hazards: Caves and Other Karst Features2012-08-23 03:44:34
A New Look at Combat (Example 3)2012-08-21 21:15:04
A New Look at Combat (Example 2)2012-08-15 20:45:03
Natural Hazards: Volcanoes2012-08-14 18:00:05
The Power of Names2012-08-09 21:00:03

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