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We've Cleared the Lost Mine of Phandelver or One Door Closes and Another Door Opens2014-12-19 05:00:02
Hard Times in Jarlsburg: A Task Worth Undertaking2014-12-18 22:20:02
Primeval Thule: Tribal Outcast for D&D 5th Edition2014-12-16 23:40:01
Hard Times in Jarlsburg: Hellfire Rages through Coppertown2014-12-13 18:20:02
While I was Sleeping...2014-12-13 06:20:01
In the Shadow of the Demon Lord2014-12-09 23:40:02
My Appendix N2014-12-09 17:40:02
Primeval Thule: Starlore Adept for D&D 5th Edition2014-12-06 17:00:02
Jarlsburg: Earthquakes and Lightnin'2014-12-03 23:20:01
Daughters & Dragons: Greti for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Editon.2014-12-03 23:20:01
Hard Times in Jarlsburg: Vigilantes Prowl Quagmire2014-11-30 22:00:01
I got to Play Shadow of the Demon Lord with Robert J Schwalb...2014-11-29 20:00:01
Daughters & Dragons: Hobble Gobble for D&D 5th Edition2014-11-29 19:20:02
Happy Thanksgiving!2014-11-27 16:20:01
Primeval Thule: Soothsayer Background for D&D 5th Edition2014-11-26 19:40:01
Prime Materials: Medium Armor for Druids in D&D 5th Edition2014-11-25 20:20:02
Masters of the Universe Monday: Stereoacative for Eternia and D&D 5th Edition2014-11-24 16:40:02
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Chapter 4: High Holy Day (Trade Way Event)2014-11-23 20:00:02
Prime Materials: Dynamo, a wand for D&D 5th Edition2014-11-23 03:20:02
This Way to Jarlsburg2014-11-22 16:40:02

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