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Weirworld--Part 9 The Secret of Weirworld2015-02-11 04:20:02
Weirworld--Part 8 Weirworld Foci2015-02-10 02:20:01
Weirworld--Part 6 The History of Krollis, Burden's Price2015-02-06 23:40:01
Weirworld--Part 5 The History of Krollis, Rise of a Holy Empire2015-02-06 02:20:01
Weirworld--Part 4 The History of Krollis, The Birth of Burden2015-02-05 00:40:02
Weirworld--Part 3 The History of Krollis, The Rise of the First Krithali Empire2015-02-04 00:40:01
Weirworld--Part 2 The Geography of Krollis2015-02-03 00:00:02
Weirworld--New Recursion for "The Strange" RPG. Part 12015-02-02 00:00:01
Gencon 2015 Hotel Registration--The Housing Hunger Games2015-01-25 23:20:01
My Tenuous Optimism Towards The Singularity2015-01-22 02:40:01
Ten Candles--The Tragic Horror RPG Kickstarter2014-12-22 02:20:02
The Strange Recursion Codex is Active--Do Not Post Anything You Want to Copyright2014-12-10 04:00:02
The Strange: Great Moments In Fast Talk Failures2014-12-08 02:40:02
Numenera: The Destruction of Neverlost2014-10-13 00:40:01
Numenera and Royal Shrovetide Football2014-09-15 00:40:02
The Sound of Carnage--Ambient Music for Role-Playing Games2014-09-02 02:40:02
Gencon 2014--Items of Interest2014-08-25 02:20:02
Gen Con 2014 Games Played2014-08-19 01:20:02
Gencon 2014 Games Played2014-08-19 00:00:02
MaricopaCon 2014 Report2014-08-08 02:20:01

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