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Why the DnD5E DM Screen is Almost Perfect (perfect is impossible, BTW)2015-01-22 07:40:01
What Can We Learn from #GamerGate?2014-10-13 08:00:01
GenCon 2014: What I learned.2014-08-18 20:20:01
2014 RPG Podcasters Award Winners2014-08-16 03:20:01
PC Back Story Example2014-03-21 15:40:01
The Perfect Backstory2014-03-20 23:40:01
The Firewall is Dead2014-03-05 05:40:02
Interview with TPK Games about Laying Waste: A Guide to Critical Combat2013-11-26 17:00:02
TPK 22013-11-22 16:20:01
PSA for Publishers Part 2: How to do it right.2013-11-21 12:20:01
PSA for Publishers Part 1: New media and you.2013-11-18 13:00:02
My Experience Asking Companies For Con Support2013-11-14 19:00:02
Prisoners2013-10-10 04:40:02
Interview with Silver Gryphon Games2013-09-27 17:00:02
Blood Blade and Tusk and a Moment of Truth RPG Playtest2013-09-08 10:00:01
A look at my con-game prep.2013-09-06 21:20:02
Drama Tension Conflict -- Name Change and Con Playtests2013-08-28 21:00:01
Lessons From My First Playtest2013-08-10 00:00:02
My edition is older than your edition2013-08-03 18:20:02
The Doom That Came to Kickstarter2013-07-25 00:20:01

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