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Strange Stars- A Fantastic Voyage into Space Operatic RPGage! 2015-02-08 15:00:01
The Murder Hobo- A 5e Halfling Subrace2015-02-04 13:00:02
Thoughts on a New 5e Campaign- Thanks for the Inspiration Jez Gordon!!!2015-01-23 17:00:01
The Deva- the 5e Hack2015-01-21 12:20:02
The Wrathofzombie Totally Unofficial Hack of the Alice Class From A Red and Pleasant Land2015-01-21 12:20:02
Environmental Hazard Table- Desert Locations2015-01-21 12:20:02
The Wrathofzombie Totally Unofficial Hack of the Alice Class From A Red and Pleasant Land2015-01-08 13:00:03
Environmental Hazard Table- Desert Locations2015-01-07 13:00:01
The Barghest- Filled With Self-loathing and Hunter of Mortals- Monster of Hubris2015-01-05 13:00:01
The Disgusting and Terrifying Brain Grub- Monster of Hubris2015-01-04 13:00:02
The Bog Witch- A Terrible Creature Found in the Hubris Bogwood Swamp2015-01-03 18:20:01
Environmental Hazard Table- Snow- and the 600th Post for Wrathofzombie!2015-01-02 13:00:02
What's on Their Festering Dead Body Table for Hubris2015-01-01 14:20:02
5e Session Seven Recap Part II- We Don't Have Fly Paper Big Enough to Help Us With Our Problem...2014-12-31 12:20:01
5e Session Seven Recap Part I- Puzzles, Riddles, and Difficult Decisions2014-12-30 11:40:01
5e Monster Stat Block Template- Feel Free to Steal (and a stated out monster)2014-12-28 17:40:02
The Iron Maiden- DCC Monster2014-12-10 12:20:02
5e Session Six Recap- Out of the Mansion (Sinister Secrets of Saltmarsh) and Into the Evil Apprentice Wizard's "Secret Lair"2014-12-09 13:00:01
The Church of Titivilla of Vornheim- The Flesh Domain for 5e2014-12-08 12:20:02
Wheellock Weapons Master- 5e Martial Archetype for Fighter2014-12-03 13:00:02

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