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Just your average gaming and geekery blog, featuring an all-female writing team. Featuring regular columns spotlighting females in gaming, Kickstarter funds that you'll want to keep your eye on, convention tips and tricks, board game reviews, actual play reports, opinions, and more.

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TitleDate (GMT)
The Ladies Table: Shanna Germain, Vorpal Blonde2013-08-25 14:40:01
Crowdfunding Spotlight: Edu-LARP by Seekers Unlimited2013-08-13 16:00:02
Gen Con Preview: Off the Beaten Path2013-08-08 19:40:02
Book Review: A Gen Con Murder Mystery?!2013-08-06 23:40:01
TableTop and the Drawbacks to Enthusiasm2013-08-02 01:20:02
Leveling Up to Be a Gaming Couple2013-07-24 16:20:01
Actual Play: Getting Started With Vampire: The Requiem2013-07-17 17:40:01
Crowdfunding Spotlight: Sveidsdottir2013-07-14 20:40:02
Saying Yes to the Story2013-07-12 00:20:02
Crowdfunding Spotlight: Double Feature!2013-07-07 21:20:03
Actual Play: Getting Started With Dungeon World2013-07-05 10:20:01
Actual Plan: Getting Started With Dungeon World2013-07-05 09:40:01
My Bull@#!% Adventures in Writing2013-07-04 21:40:01
Casual Roleplaying Encounters: Untapped Opportunities2013-07-01 18:40:02
Back to Basics2013-06-25 22:20:01
Damsels and Dragons: Review of "The Legend of Drizzt: Neverwinter Tales"2013-06-25 22:20:01
Back to Basics2013-06-22 06:00:02
Play-By-Post Talk: Writing Sex, Smut, and the Freaky Deaky2013-06-22 06:00:02
Ladies Table: Lillian Cohen-Moore, Writer & Editor2013-06-22 06:00:02
Resolving to Play More Games2013-01-01 21:40:02

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