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Almost April, Ending March

April begins tomorrow with a day of tricks and misdirections, as deception is not my specialty do not expect anything clever from me on the morrow.

The origin of the name of the Roman month Aprilis is unclear, it may refer to the opening (aperire) of buds and flowers as Spring arrives or in some way to the goddess Venus, to whom it is a sacred month. Not much to build a theme around, but it is also Blogging from A to Z Challenge Month, which I will be using to do bits and pieces of the Sea of Stars.

Work continues [...]

Mad Max: Fury Road - Official Trailer...

My Realms: Foulwater Goblin Tribe

Recently, the Foulwater goblin tribe has been terrorizing the 

farmlands north and west of Phlan and making incursions into the Quivering forest.

While the Rangers stationed at Fort Buckler did their best to protect the citizens of the area, the Fort has now fallen and most of the Green Stride are presumed dead.  Shoggoth allowed those who sought refuge there to leave, as long they warned the rulers of Phlan that his domain around them was strictly off limits.

While it appears uncertain that the city will offer any aid, the news about the Tribe has simply made things worse [...]

Toon Tuesday: Adrianne the Playwright, a Phlebus Vagabond (Rifts)

Apologies for not posting last week, first I was ill with an upper respiratory infection and then (just when I thought we were free and clear) my toddler caught it. And a toddler that can’t breathe or nurse is not … Continue reading →

Energy Swords

Referred to under a number of different names, these weapons represent the ultimate in melee weapons, and in the hands of a trained user can even defend against ranged attacks.

A common design utilizes a gravitic containment field to project a variably-solid containment sheath for a powerful continuous ion, laser, or fusion stream. The gravitic field gives solidity when blocking or parrying, and the energy stream is otherwise allowed to burn things touched. Basic models use a thumb switch to control the field's mode.

The resulting "lasersword" or "plasmablade" has incredible destructive capabilities. It can cut through bulkheads, vaporize projectiles mid-flight, and [...]

Unearthed Errata: Dracha Race

by Tim Wallace and Adam Frank

DrachaThe saurian race of the dracha are full of passion their blood running as hot as the fire of their ancestors. They are commonly seen in areas where a fight is likely. Some say that their love of combat gives them a preternatural edge to knowing when and where a fight will start, others say that they will do almost anything to start a fight. As such the dracha are feared and often avoided. The occasional dracha who is not militant may become a healer so as to mend the wounds caused by [...]

Trap Tuesday: Flagon Trap

FLAGON TRAP CR 1 Type mechanical; Perception DC 19; Disable Device DC 16 Trigger touch; Reset repair Effect target is coated with itchy glitter on a failed DC 18 Reflex save (-2 penalty to attack, save, skill, and ability checks; spellcasting requires a concentration check DC 10 + double spell level) Drink pilfering is […]

The post Trap Tuesday: Flagon Trap appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

Pallas 1: Construction and Launch

Pallas is a name frequently associated with Athena – it can be a friend, a sister, or father, depending on the particular legend. So I decided that the rovers that will service the Athena Station will be named “Pallas”.

This is the construction and launch of Pallas 1.

Find the full playlist here!

DnDClassics.com New Releases for 3/31/15

This week's new releases on DnDClassics.com are:(A shout out to this great thread on RPG.Net).

Player's Handbook Races: Dragonborn (4e)
Dragons of Krynn (3.5)
Dragon #376 (4E)
Dungeon #179 (4E)
Dungeon #180 (4E)

Also a big thanks to the terrific spreadsheet about all of the releases created and maintained by Jurgen Hubert (creator of Urbis)

System Agnostic: Fisher Binding (Epic Spell)

This epic level magic binds a specific office (a kingship, mayoral office, or other… although lesser offices can usually not afford the incredibly steep material costs of the spell) with a specific land. While this spell is in effect, the mood, health, and alignment of the office holder will have direct effects on the land...

System Agnostic: Fisher Binding (Epic Spell)

This epic level magic binds a specific office (a kingship, mayoral office, or other… although lesser offices can usually not afford the incredibly steep material costs of the spell) with a specific land. While this spell is in effect, the mood, health, and alignment of the office holder will have direct effects on the land...

A to Z Theme Reveal--Better Late than Never!

No, you haven't travelled into the past, I'm running a bit late with this.

So, this will be the Fourth Year I participate in the A to Z Blogging Challenge (where does the time go?!).

This year I'm exploring How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Dungeons and Dragons, which also happens to be the subtitle of my blog.

I hope you find the time to follow my journey of being introduced to DnD and then learning to love it to the exclusion of all other games (my friends may well be surprised that [...]

Daily Punch 3-25-15 Loyal Servants Lifestyle Option for Shadowrun 5e

I’ve been catching up on some Shadowrun, and I thought of this as I went through Run Faster….


Be it your loving parents, a wife/husband, or the kindly butler who rescued you from the orphanage, you have someone(s) who serve you in maintaining your house, but won’t turn you over the the first goganger who offers them money. The people who maintain your house are loyal to you and will never provide an opportunity to hurt you or any information about you. This does not guarantee their safety. Increase the security level and limits by 1, and reduce the available points [...]

All The Scarlet Letters


SF Writer Sarah Hoyt describes the inescapability of politics, the stigma of not falling into line, and how non-progressives or those who are less politically inclined and might innocently associate with non-progressives are at risk of being marginalized and blacklisted.

Originally posted on According To Hoyt:

One of the most interesting things -- and by interesting I mean scary -- about the reaction to Sad Puppies 3 is that many people who are anti-puppy (always wanted to write that) were mad at Brad for "not telling people you were putting them on the slate."

Okay. The accusation is not true. Brad actually told [...]

Into the Ancient Lands: The Barbaripedia

After a lot of work of getting everything set up (and learning a lot about writing css-code), I finally got the Barbaripedia up and running as intended.

Since I’ve always been working entirely for non-profit and it also is a convenient way to get all the material written down in an orderly way, I am putting everything up online for everyone to read.

The first mostly completed pages are already up, covering the overview for both humans and elves.

Since I just got everything set up, there surely is still lots of room to improvement, so if you have any thoughts of any [...]

Lulu recommendations

Lulu often has coupons (check here & here) so you can get your RPG fix a bit cheaper than usual. But what to buy? Here’s a list of things that I like.
I recommend changing the LULU storefront to the US store because they have the best coupons. If you are able to pay in USD (via PayPal or credit card) that’s the way to go. Shipping won’t be more expensive even though you reside in another country.
I’m listing the paper book option but sometimes there are ebooks or hardcovers available as well.

  • 3d6 in Order: a small and complete [...]

Tuesday Magic Item -- Massacre Blade

Voddick turned the corner, stopped suddenly and slowly backed away. “Golloan,” he whispered, “we need to find another way.”

“What is it?” his friend asked, quickly peaking around the corner. A man stood there, framed by the light of an open door, blood dripping from the blade of his sword into the pool of it around his feet. His head jerked around as if he hear something.

“Don’t let him see you,” hissed Voddick. “He is in the midst of blood madness, he will try and kill anything he comes across. I have seen it before.”

“But he will kill everyone inside.”

“True,” sighed [...]

Special Tabletop News Interview -- Phoenix: Dawn Command

This week we’ve got something a little extra for you, as we meet up with Keith Baker and Dan Garrison to chat about their new role-playing game Phoenix: Dawn Command. Both the unique themes and the mechanics have enthralled Kenna and I for months now and kept us involved as avid playtesters. And on April 6th, you will get the opportunity to support this amazing game as the Kickstarter goes live!

Listen in and get the scoop on this great new RPG before the campaign begins!

For the latest updates, check out Twogether Studios (@twogetherstudio), or follow @Phoenix_RPG. We’ll also make sure [...]


I got another Underdog glass.  This makes me happy.  My mother was at an antique show and claimed this one for me.  Most know of my liking of sleestaks, but Underdog is right up there in my pantheon of childhood characters.  I had one glass I got years ago and now I have a second.  I'm thinking a Underdog glass section in the cupboard should be implemented. 

Mythica 2: The Darkspore Kickstarter Is Now Live!

The fundraising campaign for the second of the fantasy RPG-inspired Mythica films has begun. Continuing the story that begun in A Quest For Heroes, The Darkspore follows our band of heroes as they go up against a new villain intent on getting his hands on the powerful artifact known as The Darkspore. For me, this was a no-brainer, Arrowstorm Entertainment has never let me down, producing

Magical Marvels 23: Raggi's Rejects 3: The Arm of Saint Lawrence

NOTE: The above art was provided by +Moreven Brushwood. She is available for commissions at surprisingly low rates given the quality of her work. You should hire her for your tabletop project, or other project that requires art for some reason.

-The Arm of Saint Lawrence-

While not actually the arm of the third century saint, this artifact was once used by a cult devoted to him. The church purged the heretical cult long ago, but this artifact escaped destruction. The arm is covered in the dark red splotches of a burn victim. The skin is well preserved, and held rigid by its original bones. It is filled with a viscous, smelly fluid which makes it appear bloated. The arm is mounted on the end of a four foot iron staff. It is extremely heavy, and if used as a weapon suffers a -2 to hit.

The wielder of the arm can touch people with the hand, and invoke a blessing to the saint. Those who experience this feel a vague, but pleasant, sense of serenity and connection to the divine. With this power, it would not take much effort to begin the cult anew, though the church would frown on such activity.

The staff’s wielder is immune to feelings of pain. They are aware of pain, and can interpret its severity, but they are not inhabilitated by it. They can act normally while their hit points are between 0 and -3. (Though, like any character, once they have reached -3 they will die in 1d10 minutes).

If the staff’s wielder falls below 1 hit point, any damage they take after that is divided evenly between themselves, and everyone they have blessed within the last 24 hours. The effect can occur even mid-damage roll. So, if the staff wielder has 2 hit points, and takes [...]

Post-Apoc Movie Week: Day 2

Planned for Day 2 we will leave behind the “serious” works of the 1970s and move into 1980s cheese territory:

The New Barbarians (aka Warriors of the Wasteland)

2019 After the Fall of New York

Filed under: movies, retro, sci-fi Tagged: Gamma World, movies, Old School, post-apocalypse

Haste Returns! Talking All Things Demon Lord with Rob Schwalb!

| Episode 127|


Today we’re re-launching the Haste podcast, of course with a few changes pending yesterday’s news. Micah willno longer be a part of the show,but I’m currently in the works of setting up my new co-host. The format of the show may undergo a few tweaks and changes but nothing too major.In the meantime I’ll be doing interviews and news blurbs as usual until we get back to a 100% regular structure and release schedule.

It’s good to be back!

Topics Shadow of the Demon Lord

Tonight we’re joined by the illustrious Mr. Rob Schwalb to talk all about Shadow of the [...]

Lankhmar: City of Thieves From Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Lankhmar is coming to your Savage Worldsgames, and it is coming soon. The PDF of Lankhmar: City of Thieveswill be available April 14th, when the print book goes up for preorder. That is a kickass promo image. And then, you will most likely see the book in your local game stores this summer. I'll try to take a picture of it, if the book is available at Gen Conin a couple of months.

Critical Hit Chart

Sometimes you want to add a little flavor to your SimpleDnD gamewhen your characters roll a critical hit in combat. Use this handy-dandy chart to quickly add it! Note the Critical Hit Chart is optional.

d20 Roll Location Hit Consiquence 1 Hand Hand damaged, -2 combat rolls 2 Hand Lost 1d4 fingers, weapon dropped 3 Arm Wrist damaged, weapon or shield dropped 4 Arm Elbow wound, -2 combat rolls 5 Arm Arms off, -5 combat rolls 6 Leg Open wound, -5 to defense 7 Leg Knee wound, half movement 8 Leg Important artery hit, death in 2d4 rounds 9 Abdomin Guts hanging out, CON or incapacitated 10 Abdomin Guts smashed, CON or incapacitated 11 Abdomin Guts punctured, death in 2d4 rounds 12 Abdomin Guts punctured, death blow 13 Chest Lung damage, -3 to all rolls 14 Chest Chest wound, death blow 15 Chest Important artery hit, death in [...]

Rumors, Rumblings, and Whatnot

Recently, someone asked if we were alive andkicking. We are. Products still come out. I’m active on the social media outlets (mainly Twitter @realityblurs, but sometimes G+), and have been less active on the website.

It’s because the website needs work. You know this. We know this. And we’re working on it. We’ve teamed up with a great web developer to make everything nice and shiny. So, I decided to postpone talking too much on here until we got things rolling, and I could tell you guys, “Hey, look!”

But I can’t have you thinking we’re lost in the weeds. We’re not. [...]

FINAL FANTASY: Record Keeper launches in US for iOS and Android

There's another Final Fantasy-themed mobile game out in the US -- Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is an RPG set in the universe(s) of Final Fantasy. It's also a free-to-play fix for FF lovers (with some in-app purchases available, too). So, I've been playing around with the game a bit since its launch -- should you care about it? Short answer: if you really love the Final Fantasy universe (all

Thought of the Day -- Self-Driving Cars

I want a self-driving car so badly it hurts.

But there’s one frequent claim I often see from proponents of self-driving cars: That they’ll usher in an era of autonomous taxis which will cause the personal ownership of automobiles to drop off a cliff.

That’s possible. But I think it very unlikely. I think we’ll see a dramatic increase in the number of single-car families, but it won’t be because they’re ordering autonomous taxis (although they may from time to time). It will be because they’re able to time-share a single vehicle without needing to physically be in the same place.

The argument [...]

It's a Tower Defense Tuesday: Incursion 1 & 2

Since Clicker Heroes isn’t exactly a game that you actively play (at least not for more than a few minutes at a time), I’ve run through both of the Incursion Tower Defense games.

I’m not sure how I feel about them. I mean, I enjoy them, but they don’t bring anything new to the table. Yet despite not bringing anything new to the table, for the most part they are able to synthesize the pieces they borrow from into something that’s colorful and entertaining.

I’ll go right out and say “they’re no Kingdom Rush”, but the elements that are borrowed from Kingdom [...]

Orc Labs Podcast 32 -- Listener Questions!

Today we answer a couple listener questions! 1) Do you have general advice about which class to take first when multiclassing? I was thinking about Bard/Warlock when I get to create a character. But I don’t know the order in which to take the levels. 2) I’ve been trying to motivate my group of entirely […]


While there is probably a great post on environmental effects hiding somewhere behind that title, this unfortunately is not it. The last week has been simply insane and I haven’t had time to get a post together for the blog. Craziness included:

  • A cold/flu – something hit me early last week and still hasn’t completely gone away
  • My wife was out of town early last week. She was back in D.C. reviewing NSF proposals and evaluating them to help determine who got funding and who didn’t.
  • Within 12 hours of her getting home I left for the rest of the week to attend [...]

My Fourth

This past weekend was Gary Con.  All told, this was only my fourth gaming convention in my entire life.  Growing up overseas during my initial gaming years, going to things like Gen Con were not even an option, and I was barely even aware that such things existed.  So, to be so addicted to them already is pretty amazing.

As to this year's Gary Con, it was a good time.  About what I expected.  As I stated before, all of my games were second (or even third) choices, so I went in to most of them with [...]

Review and Commentary On The Idea From Space Adventure From The Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg System For Your Old School Campaigns

If your looking for a cookie cutter adventure this isn't the one for you, but if your looking for a review of an old fashioned Weird Tales style pulp filled tale of high weirdness then take a look at my review and commentary of the Idea From SpaceRight OverHERE

A Tasty Little Evening

The bartender was absent from the local joint last night, so I was able to instruct and supervise Melisa in the proper construction of a delicious dry gin martini. "Ooo...it's so blanco!" she said. By which she meant "clear" (instead of yellow or pink or brownish which has been their last few attempts). Very, very nice...I'm going to have to get her to make me a couple-four more of those over the next week so that she can solidify the instructions in her brain (Melisa's our regular waitress at the place).

By the time we got home, I was pleasantly [...]

Sigil PD Interlude: Chapter 14, Part 1

  Gothic setting, dream-eating dhampyr & holiday prep time   The brainstorming on Saturday was another example of imaginative collaboration with the Players. In preparation of the interlude using My Life with Master, we are creating a suitably gothic setting. We combined some classic gothic tropes with a few fresh elements to keep the game …

Continue reading »

Corsets are like Chinese finger traps

Here's a collection of quotes from our Victoriana game, played over a few weeks in July and August 2012. It's what's known as a filler post, as we boardgamed last week and the week before that.

Nothing in particular happened in this episode, because basically, we were just generating characters. It means that things are pretty sane, as opposed to what happened when we finally started playing.

The demonologist didn't end up joining the game in the end, but anyhoo.

Courtesy of 24 July 2012's 2nd Edition Victoriana adventure at Chimera.

"We live on a proper street. When it was the Jubilee, there was a street party. There was jam and everything. Okay, maybe not jam. Hamburgers. And children. And you wouldn't bring kids to a drug bust."

"Corsets are like Chinese finger traps for peoples and torsos."

"How do you sell [...]

There's Always Room For Another Cheesy Viking Movie...

Banished from their homeland by their own king, a group of ruthless Vikings bear down on Britain, intent on plunder and pillaging. Under the command of their daring leader, Asbjrn (Tom 'Black Sails, Merlin' Hopper), they embark on a dangerous mission: to rob the monasteries of their treasures and with it buy back their freedom. Their journey is disrupted, however, when they are caught in a

Squirrel Soup

Raid on Innsmouth: The Miniatures Game

 Sketches for a game I want to play, but don't think I'll ever have time to put together. I wrote this up a couple of years ago. I know we have Escape from Innsmouth the BG, but this is a little more about the later Federal Raid (with the assist of idiotic brave investigators). 

J****- you were talking about how much money Cthulhu stuff makes on Kickstarter.
Here's an idea someone needs to do- a Cthulhu miniatures game, but with a very specific map and set up. The game includes a big Zombiecide-esque map- maybe modular, maybe printed [...]

Three Reviews

For today's post I have three reviews. Two are for adventures, while one is for a short story anthology.

Sails & Sorcery

The short story anthology is one I found while searching online, and I ordered it used. (It's even autographed by the editor, albeit to someone named Jeremiah.) This book includes twenty-eight tales. Some take place in mostly historical settings, while others are more fantastic. All share the common element of centering on sailors and their vessels, and in this way it can be source of inspiration for a GM running a nautical campaign. While some of [...]

Gearing Up For a New Game

Last time I talked about the need to learn how to GM the new game you are running. This time, I wanted to look at another aspect of running a new game: GMing Gear. That is, what gear do you need to bring to the table as a GM to run the game? Having the right gear to ease the play of the game is an important component to running a good game. If done well, your games will run smoothly, whiledone without thought and you may be stumbling through your sessions.

Your GMing Gear

Let's put this on the table: I [...]


Inspired by A Red and Pleasant Land's Pseudoturtle, which is presumably inspired by Wonderland's Mock Turtle. Further inspiration came from my ongoing musings of the nature of animals in the fiction of A Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppet Treasure Island.

Bastion is a creative city, and many of the creators are fascinated by animals.

Despite some similarities to Animal Sovereigns, Mockeries are very obviously different. Limbs might be carved from wood, faces molded out of clay, and skin from felt. They may be dressed in special clothes. Think of how you might move a puppet, in place of [...]

Fated by Serpentfall: A Review of The Day After Ragnarok

The Day After Ragnarok on RPGNow

The Day After Ragnarok is a What-If scenario that probably didn’t come up in the early risk assessment sessions of the Second World War. When the Governments and Intelligence Services of the West knuckled down for some blue sky thinking on defeating the Nazi menace, they possibly discounted the possibility of mythical world-consuming serpents. For me, however, the bizarre concept had me engaged from the outset – if only because in my minds eye I had some weird Michael Bay slash Roland Emmerich doomsday image of rescue helicopters flying toward the viewing as explosions crackle [...]

Bringing In The Backstories

When I start a campaign I know the story I want to tell. I generally know how I’d like to see things begin, how they might end, and a few good plot twists in between. It takes a lot of hard work to craft my tale and come up with something that isn’t too clich or totally and completely stolen from somewhere else. Then my players come along with six separate, bizarre, interesting back stories full of NPCs, plot hooks,and villains THEY created and they want me to work them into MY story?!? What’s a DM to do so he [...]

The Return of Blue Rose

Green Ronin has announced the return of Blue rose for the AGE system. http://greenronin.com/blog/2015/03/23/ronin-round-table-blue-rose-returns/ And as you can imagine there are posting of varying degrees of interest. http://therpgpundit.blogspot.com/2015/03/blue-rose-is-meaningless-until-someone.html http://towerofthearchmage.blogspot.com/2015/03/blue-rose-review-part-1-again.html http://

Tech Tuesday - Warrior Purse, Old School Patch, & Bookshelf Framing

Over on geekxgirls.com, they show how a "Warrior Pack Purse Can Be Worn 8 Different Ways" here.

Also, on jerichographics.storenvy.com, they have a lot of nifty patches including some Old School gaming ones (coming soon) here.

Finally on pinterest.com, check out the wonderful way to make "A bookshelf that looks like a huge painting" here.

Tech Tuesday on CreativeMountainGames.com News focused on Technology
as it might interest gamers.Please Like, Share, Plus, Tweet, Follow, and Comment!

Gaming in the Wild: Not Knowing What You Know You're Not Supposed to Know

Last week I sat down "behind the screen" and did something I have never done before, in all of my years of gaming. I did something I have talked about a little bit here and there, but actually did at the last gathering of our homegrown community of local gamers. I filled in for our Star Wars GM, who was down in Toronto, attending a training week for his job in the insurance industry. It was foreign and natural all at the same time. So this week I want to reflect a little on what it is like to be [...]

Warrior Prestige Archetypes: Holy Vindicator

Warrior Prestige Archetypes: Holy Vindicator This pdf of the Warrior Prestige Archetype-series clocks in at […]

MAS Spotlight: From Here to Eternity --- The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The world is a beautiful place, but something sinister and dark has entered it and Ethan Carter might be the only answer. If you can find him. How far will you have to go?

You can find MAS Spotlight and other Society video content on YouTube and in it's own playlist for easy following.

Follow David on Twitter @AkaAgentShades

If you enjoy this show, please consider supporting us on Patreon so we can continue to bring amazing content to you.

The Mad Cleric: Teaching Players New Games

Occasionally, we learn from succeeding (as I talked about last week). More often, we learn from making mistakes. Today, I will chronicle one of those mistakes---nay, failures---that I recently experienced as a Game Master.

Teaching a new game to players is something every GM will do at some point. Maybe you're getting tired of the same old genre or the same old mechanics. Maybe the newest edition of your favorite game has just been released and you'd like to check it out? Regardless, if you've never taught players a new game, you will one of these days. Let me see what [...]

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