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Me Hungee...

Coming Up for Air

Hey there. You miss me?

So grad school’s been taking up my time lately, but I have managed to put a shiny new bow on those promises I made you all. In the sidebar you’ll find delicious new versions of the core rules and Torata!

They’re a little rough, but they’re a vast improvement on the last version, so eat up, Internet!

Dragon #65

'The Sun, The Moon, and The Water' A Mutant Future Adventure Encounter For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

The Atlantic waters around the former state of Maine, are deep,cold, and deadly. But the port of Yor is a welcome sight to many ships who sail the waters of Altered America. A place where pirates, smugglers, and fishermen alike of all genetic makeups can put to port.Here a complete port awaits a ship and crew if they are ready to put aside their weapons and trade.The port has a fully stocked

RQ Solo Adv Log 1 Nerrip

For when my wife is at work and non one is over I started a solo adventure using RuneQuest 3rd edition. I belive the adventure is 2nd edition. Scorpion Hall.
My first character (Nerrip Evets) was a barbarian farmer. He had access to a heal spell and a chance for divine intervention. 
I decided he was a viking, as I went with an axe and a viking round shield for his primary weapons.
My first runequest encounter ever. A scorpion hunter spots Nerrip in the forest. Nerrip was prepared to throw a javelin but the hunters first sling bullet injures [...]

Tales From the Hydian Way- Episode 21 -- The Fischer Tale

We were lucky to get in contact with Andrew Fischer (@Etheral_Fish) of FFG games to talk about Stay on Target. What follows is a decent first discussion of how the book came to be and of how an FFG developer was able to get into such an interesting position.

You can find us on Twitter @DeuteriumIce and @Xphile101361

You can get in contact with us at

And you can find us as well as many other gaming articles at

The show can be found on iTunes. Ratings and reviews there would be awesome.

If you like what we do and would like to [...]

Weekend R&R: Death Frost Doom

Death Frost Doom isn't new but the version I'm looking at is.  While my many of my fellow gamers were eager to delve into Zak's "A Red & Pleasant Land" and offer their two coppers and what they thought of the work despite (or because of) some of the bullshit that hit the 'net earlier this year, I was really eager to put my hands on the new edition of this adventure.  Originally penned by James Edward Raggi IV five years or so ago, a lot has changed for Raggi and Lamentations of the Flame Princess that got its start [...]

Zombicide Army Painter Bundles

From Army Painter

News Text:

To celebrate the release of new Survivor Paint Set we have made an all-you-need bundle for all Zombicide Painters over on The Army Painter webstore.

Buy all 3 Zombicide Paint Sets and get a free Colour Primer: Skeleton Bone spray. All you need to paint the popular Zombicde boardgames series – both season 1, 2 and the forthcoming season 3.

Includes the Zombicide Core Paint Set + the two expansions: Toxic/Prison Set and the NEW Survivor Paint Set.

FREE Colour Primer!

FREE Shipping!
Available for pre-order for US customers (ships 6th February): http://usshop.thearmypainter.com/bundledeal.php

Available for EU customers (ships 26th January): http://shop.thearmypainter.com/bundledeal.php


Check out [...]

Sex Dungeons & Dragons

You wish…

Swords & Wizardry and Slumber Tsar Coloring Books - Download Free in PDF

Bouncing around the Frog God web store I noticed that the Swords & Wizardry and Slumbering Tsar Coloring Books were available for free download in PDF.

Pretty freaking cool! Just print out the pages you want to use.

The art isn't half bad either.

Urisk, Lubin

The last creature I'm going to convert from Dragon Magazine #94's Creature Catalog II is the urisk, and a variation, the lubin.  Originally by Roger Moore, I could find no other versions.
by Roger Raupp
UriskSmall fey, neutralArmor Class 13Hit Points 10 (3d6)Speed 35 feet
STRDEXCONINTWISCHA9 (-1)16 (+3)11 (+0)16 (+3)10 (+0)14 (+2)
Skills Perception +2, Stealth +6Senses passive Perception 12Languages Common, SylvanChallenge (100 XP)
Pass without Trace.  Urisk do not leave footprints or a scent trail while moving. Tracking the urisk is impossible by nonmagical means.
Animal Friendship (Recharge 5-6).  The ursik can convince a beast that it [...]

Doctor Who: Eighth Doctor Sourcebook

Doctor Who: Eighth Doctor Sourcebook



Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, this Sourcebook explores the Eighth Doctor's adventures on Earth and beyond. With detailed information on all the allies, enemies, aliens and gadgets that he encounters, as well as examining each of his adventures, the book contains a wealth of material for the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space RPG, and is also a fact-packed resource for fans of the show!

After being shot in a gang war in San Francisco, the Doctor regenerates just in time to stop the Master one more time. His eighth incarnation had much to [...]

Thoughts on a Sword of Air Sandbox Campaign (Swords & Wizardry)

I think I've mentioned before that I've been way behind on basic things like "reading email" and "reading Google + messages." I just realized today that earlier this month Frog God released the PDF to the backers of the Sword of Air Kickstarter. Yeah, I'm not even catching up with the emails that are giving me stuff.

So, earlier today I grabbed the Sword of Air PDF an accompanying map (small snippet above - 50 mile hexes) and quickly found the Stoneheart Valley. The Stoneheart Valley is a nice trilogy of low level adventures (one of which, The Tomb of Abysthor, is a manageable sized mega-dungeon.) This gives me a nice place to kick off a Sword of Air Campaign before the party starts [...]

A New World, Part 4: Mapping the Coastline

Now that I know a little about the situation of our colonists, I’d like to know what the geography is like. Usually, I make up my maps from complete stretch, but the other days I saw a map of Sumatra on the BBC News site and I decided that its eastern coast looks pretty awesome. … Continue reading A New World, Part 4: Mapping the Coastline →

Under Strange Suns - Session 1 - a Sherlock Holmes/Dark Sun/Star Wars Campaign

"There is nothing new under the sun.  It has all been done before."  - Sherlock Holmes, from a Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 
My Favorite Translations
When I first got involved with the Kickstarter for The Strange, a Cypher System Role-playing Game by +Bruce R Cordell and +Monte Cook, what intrigued me most was the possibility of adventure across multiple universes and settings.  Given the nature of the alien dark energy network (the Strange itself), and its power to create worlds from Earth's Fictional Leakage, the characters in my Strange campaigns could easily be tossed into any boxed [...]

Corps and Criminals Preview: Mafias


The last time I updated the Psi-punk blog with details of what’s insideCorps and Criminals, the Mafias section was still brand new. Now it’s fully fleshed out, and there are a lot of mafias to add to your game.

Here’s a preview of the mafias chapter, including an overview of how mafias fit into your game of Psi-punk and a sample mafia.

Mafias in Your Game

Mafias are some of the largest and most feared criminal organizations on Earth. Some of them may rival smaller megacorps in terms of power and wealth, and certainly they rival them in terms [...]

Some (Relatively) Recent Acquisitions

I've been working furiously on getting my core rules for Mythic Space finalized (I just keep finding more things to add and/or tweak), but I wanted to take a little time to tell you about some of my recent purchases. First off, I realized the other night that I forgot to mention that the final setting book from The Last Parsec KS, Scientorium, was released a while ago. This one might just be my

Mythic Skeleton

Its eyes glowing like bluish-white flames amid the shadows of its kingly helm, this skeleton wields two fearsome scimitars.

Source: Mythic Adventures (Pathfinder RPG)

Everyone who has played any type of Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder should know what a skeleton is. Your animated bones of the dead. Walking mindless low level creatures created by foul magic. They have a tiny bit of cunning which allows them to use a weapon and wear armor. That is in a nutshell a Skeleton. They are your bread and butter low level foe.

A Mythic Skeleton is a rare version [...]

Shared Nightmares: d10 Rumors You heard on the Playground

Shared Nightmares is a setting for Into the Odd.

1 | Kelli Dunston says that in the houses with no children, no one ever turns on the lights.

2 | Children who die in their dreams will soon show up to school with black stained fingers. The next day, their families move away.

3 | Billy Reed says he saw a feathered dragon soaring through the sky at dusk.

4 | Pet birds keep trying to escape their cages and go outside. (If left locked in, they will slam into the bars until they [...]

[Video-RPG] RPG Review - D&D 5E DMG

Reviewing the D&D 5E Dungeon Master's Guide

The Elder Scrolls Conversion Project; Artifacts of Tamriel: II. The Wabbajack

The Daedric Artifact of Lord Sheogorath, the Prince of Madness, is a fitting relic for any madman. The Wabbajack... Wabbajack Wabbajack Wabbajack.

The Wabbajack
Staff, Legendary, Requires attunement

This wooden staff's head is carved to resemble three human faces, in different emotional stages, one happy, one angry and a sad one. The staff's magic does not disappoint, as it can create completely random and unexpected magical effects, both harmful and beneficial.
The Wabbajack is often gifted to mortals from Lord Sheogorath, for various reasons. Maybe in his mind it [...]

Wrath of the Righteous Chapter Two, Sword of Valor -- Sixth Session

Sixth Session(12 page pdf) -- And finally we liberate Drezen and retake theSword of Valor! We relax by going to kill some grandmas.

Deeper in the dungeon, a bunch of Deskari statues do a phantasmal killer on the NPC Sosiel; he lives but is driven insane. I have to choke him out too (I choke out about one person per game session). Then, it’s a Grimtooth’s Traps moment with a pit of green slime that nearly devours Shawanda totally.

Then we find Aron Kir (Sam Winchester) under the thrall of a shadow demon. I KO him, the demon comes out and it [...]

AGE: Stunts & Saving Throws Don't Mix

One of my favorite parts of the AGE system used in the Dragon Age RPG is the stunt system. When making an ability check in AGE, you roll 3d6 to get your result. If you succeed and at least 2 of the 3 dice show the same value, then you generate stunt points that can be used to add special effects to your action. I think that this system offers a much more interesting design and play space than the critical hit rules in most games because stunts happen more often (44% of rolls get doubles vs. 5% of d20 [...]

Regarding Kickstarter

In response to This Blog Post by Mark Van Vlack, wherein he basically bemoans his relationship with Kickstarter ... I have this to say: The point of Kickstarter is for you to vote with your wallet for things you want to see succeed... I would caution against viewing it as a means for you to get a good deal. It's concept is to democratize the process of venture capitalization via a low

Ultimum RPG returns

Geek Native has been tracking Ultimum for a while. The art was so good we pushed for a sneak peak inside the book and then followed the first Kickstarter. That project was cancelled. This is the return of the ambitious game. You can read more about it on Kickstarter.

[Back this Project]

The campaign has just launched and has a whopping 56 days on the clock. At the time of writing there are already 20 backers and well over $1,250 in the pot. The target goal is $10,000.

Ultimum is more than just a sci-fi RPG. There’s an infrastructure of mobile [...]

Amazing Archery - Using a Simple Bow (Video Nirvana)

Jeff Carpenter of the Peril and Plunder blog sent me a link to the above video. It's less than six minutes long and it is an eye opener. The feats of skill done with a simple bow are nothing less than amazing and simply reinforces anecdotal information I had read in the past - ancient bowmen were deadly, even against armor. They also fired much faster than the D&D default.

Does it make me rethink the speed of bows in the typical OSR game? Not at all. But if one were to design a game where the bowman took center stage, there are some great ideas to be found above.

Trust me when I tell you the video will be done before [...]

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: Rocks Fall...

  • Felicia (level 6 human thief)
  • Gamamyr (level 6 elf wizard)
  • Kyr (level 6 living star)
  • Locum (level 6 slayer)
  • Mim (level 6 witch w/ familiar)

SummaryGamamyr poked his head through the door that the woman had retreated through. The room was spacious, unexpectedly clean, and illuminated by a crackling hearth.

A pair of large, comfortable red chairs squatted before the hearth, and an enormous painting of a woman hung above it, easily twice their height. A long red couch was positioned against the far wall, between two doors, and there was a third door in the left wall.

Three doors, and [...]

RPG Blog Carnival January 2015 -- A New Year, A New World

This months carnival topic is A New Year, A New World hosted by ContactLight and is about new worlds. It seems like a perfect opportunity to do some more work on the on hiatus Star Trek Colony game I wrote about a few months ago. Based upon the blog stats, the Colony idea seems to […]

Sidequest Saturday (Lands of Ludolog): The Skytower

Stage 1 -- The Sky Tower Entrance The first level of the Sky Tower is the grand entrance hallway. A drawbridge gate at the bottom of the tower enters into the great hall, which is completely dark save for beams of sunlight that shine down through dozens of slits cut into the high walls. In […]

The post Sidequest Saturday (Lands of Ludolog): The Skytower appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

Terraria Episode 009

I’ve gone East enough to find the Dungeon, but I’m not feeling up to dealing with Skeletron just yet, so the next step is to fight the Eye of Cthulhu, for which I should really have more health! So it’s time to prepare for a long delve to find some Life Crystals…

Find the playlist here!

Battle For Gytha: Tracking battle progress and play-testing

So with the creation and writing of "Cities of NeoExodus: Gytha", I resolved to write a major story arc to accompany the book. And to this day, I have two adventures completed. They will both be released for Winter Fantasy (and I may have a surprise or two...).

Now what makes these two events different than all of the other adventures and how did play-testing changed one of the biggest concept I had? Read on.

I won't lie to you. The Battle for Gytha series is about a war between the Arman Protectorate and the Janus Horde, and more [...]

More City State Art

A few more illustrations for the upcoming City Stat of the Invincible Overlord book.  First one is a City State Wizard, second are some Thunderhold Dwarves and the third is a Rat Catcher.  I had a lot fun doing these illustrations.  The City State really came to life in my imagination!


Third Level Spell Sheet

Click for a larger view. Follow the link to download

Above is a screenshot of a new single-page reference sheet for use with Holmes Basic, providing descriptions for the third level spells. Download the 1-page pdf here. There's also a link on my Holmes Ref page, where you can find other reference sheets.

Use these spells for NPCs, scrolls, or to take your Magic-User up to sixth level. See my Holmes/OD&D Bridge Sheet for M-U spell progression beyond third level. In fact, with this information you have most of what you need for 4th-6th level. (Perhaps for a [...]

Superhuman Display Of Archery...

As an archer Lars Andersen puts Green Arrow, Robin Hood, Legolas, Katniss Everdeen and Hawkeye to shame! This breathtaking six-minute documentary shows what Lars claims is possible with a bow and arrow, as he strives to dismantle the myths created by Hollywood. Highlights include, at around the three minute mark, catching an arrow shot at him, then firing it back at his attacker. Can't wait

Review: Fate Accelerated Edition

Okay, so I'm usually drawn to rules heavy rules-complete games like Pathfinder or D&D 3.5.  And as a player I prefer lots of stuff on my character sheet to work with.  But as a GM I tend to run things in a more rule-light fashion, even with crunchy rule sets.  And so I'm always forcing myself to check out rules-light games because they're more the Real Me.  The game Atomic Robo recently caught my eye, which led me to check out the underlying rules, the Fate system, and so last night I bought the "extra light" version of Fate, Fate [...]

Words for Evil -- Review

Words for Evil is a fast-paced word game that combines our favorite genre RPG with a classic word game in amazing bit graphics. The game, developed by Dylon Loney, is available on Steam for PC and Mac as well as iPad. For this review, we’ve looked at the PC version of the game.


As mentioned before, the visuals of the game are amazing pixel art graphics. The sceneries often change from beautiful green landscapes to the icy scenes of winter and others, providing a good variation of colors and sceneries to discover.


The ambiance sound is dependent on the region or realm [...]

Tome of Horrors 4 - Free with Purchase of TOH Complete or 1/2 Off on It's Own - Print

I should have passed this on earlier, but I'm behind in reading my emails:

Very good deal, whether you play Swords & Wizardry (or other old school RPGs) or gods forbid - Pathfinder.

I love my Tome of Horrors Complete for S&W - almost worth it for the adventure seeds alone.

The Frog God website can be found at this link.

Sale ends tomorrow.

Lamenting my relationship with Kick Starter.

Once it's done.This is not about bad kick-starters or failed kick-starters, I have never been burned on a kick-starter project. Not that I remember.
Failed Kick Starters and the fear of being a failed kick starter I covered way back here on Nov 15 of 2013.

Kick Starter I do love thee, conceptually.
I want to back all of the  things. I want to give money to the people in my G+ groups who are making fantastic things.
I want to buy work, even before it's completed..
Still I don't back much.
I want to love kick starter.

Against the Giants: Session 144

Cavern of Fire

The battle continues…

Behind thewalls of fogthe giants gather, while Calibos and Ungrid retreat to join the others at the bottleneck by the cave mouth. The paladin gets knocked by a boulder as he withdraws, but it is a mild irritation to the tough fighter. The leader of the giants shouts for them to surrender, and Ungrid replies by hurlinggrontdrengi at a giant poking his head around the fog. As soon as everyone is back together, Xellos throws up anillusion of more fog and Halmary creates aglobe of darkness, blocking the view of the cavern from both sides. Beyond [...]

Free OSR Mega Download - The Basic Fantasy Field Guide From The Basic Fantasy Rpg For Your Old School Campaigns On The Dark Corner Blog

Have a huge ruined pile and need some dangerous creatures of the depths to populate it? As a DM do you have a need for more monsters of mayhem and horror? The Basic Fantasy Rpg line has you covered with this mega monster download! Today we take a look at The Basic Fantasy Field Guide on the Dark Corner Blog right overHERE

From the Inkwell: Tech vs Magic -- The Balance of Power

Valhalla @ DTRPG

John W. Salvage runs Valhalla Productions, created the game Murder Made Marry, designed the Valhalla Adventure Game and writes fiction. In this From the Inkwell article John shares his thoughts on the tricky issue of getting the balance of power right between technology and magic. This is a struggle many game designers and GMs have faced.

The Valhalla RPG is one which lets gamers play characters from any time or place. Mashup characters are possible too with a shot-gun wielding Roman Centurion, a Gnome computer hacker and Aztec vampire being the first three examples suggested on the website.

Tech vs [...]

Another WTF Kickstarter - Batman Legacy (because with $3k I can convince DC to give me a license)

Another tip of the hat to the Kicksnarker Community over at G+.

How screwed up is "Batman Legacy?" Let us count the ways:

1 - "picture is not my design" - so, the art used to pitch the project? it's copyright DC.

2 - Another person that does not believe in using "."

3 - It's going to be a graphic novel or series of comics, but we don't get a sample of the artist's work. Hmmm, above would have been a good place to show that sample.

4 - After reading the above synopsis - no, I won't donate.

5 - "burbank?" Why is he going to fly to burbank (he has trouble with [...]

Casting Runes 6: A Season for All Things -- Session 15 Recap

This post continues the exploration and implementation of RuneQuest 6th Editionin a sword and sorcery campaign setting. This was areturn to play after a lengthy hiatus brought on by a sudden lack of schedule cohesion, and the rise of the end-of-year holidays. Sadly, this session also marked the end of involvement by the player who … Continue reading →

Ex-RPGNet Reviews -- Dice Wars

Tagline: "Have you ever wondered what your dice when you're not using them?" You're about to find out -- whether you want to or not.

A couple of days ago an interesting e-mail cropped up in my mailbox: Seth Ben-Ezra, lead designer and publisher of Dark Omen Games, was inviting me to review their new game — Dice Wars — which was freely available from their website. Well, hell, who am I to say no to those who seek me out? Besides which he was groveling (no, really, he told me he was groveling), and I just hate to see that [...]

Mecha Against the Giants Session 6

My group's regular GM vacation was unavailable again this week, so we continued on with Mecha Against the Giants. Specifically, we continued the big fight against a giant fortress filled with giants.

Further Experiments in OverpenetrationI had cleverly pre-rolled all of the HT checks for poison and IQ checks for recovering from stun for all the giants, and just noted down when they would activate. That didn't simplify this battle, but it sped up play a bit.

The pilots continued fighting the giants in the main room, using automatic weapon fire to take out multiple foes [...]

Aspects of Worldbuilding: Introduction

Aspects of Worldbuilding is an ongoing project that examines the various ways that imaginary worlds are constructed. It looks at the assumptions, approaches, and techniques used by various media, including fiction, television shows, and fantasy roleplaying games to create a consistent and coherent setting. Over the course of the project, I'll create and expand upon a setting of my own, serving the duel purpose of exploring the process of worldbuilding while adding to the breadth and depth of my own world. Whether you're a fantasy roleplayer, a game designer, a novelist, or a screenwriter, Aspects of Worldbuilding offers useful advice [...]

Aspects of Worldbuilding: Introduction

Aspects of Worldbuilding is an ongoing project that examines the various ways that imaginary worlds are constructed. It looks at the assumptions, approaches, and techniques used by various media, including fiction, television shows, and fantasy roleplaying games to create a consistent and coherent setting. Over the course of the project, I'll create and expand upon a setting of my own, serving the duel purpose of exploring the process of worldbuilding while adding to the breadth and depth of my own world. Whether you're a fantasy roleplayer, a game designer, a novelist, or a screenwriter, Aspects of Worldbuilding offers useful advice [...]

Constantine: Quid Pro Quo...

People - including Chas's young daughter - across Brooklyn are falling into mysterious comas in this week's episode of Constantine, Quid Pro Quo. John's investigations reveal that the victims are having their souls stolen by the alchemist Felix Faust, who is using them to boost his own magical powers. Along the way, we also discover in Quid Pro Quo the secret of Chas's seeming immortality

Push: A Plan to Publish

Well, the heat just turned up a tad this week as the HiBRiD Logo and the designs for the It coins were completed. (You can see them on the It Gaming Engine Page), it is time to start the marketing push for injecting this game into the world.
As I have said all along, HiBRiD is a philosphy of gaming, not a plan for financial gain. The ultimate goal is to play the game I want to play and share my way of playing with others. While we play the Shades of Silver (the more detailed version which shreds the [...]

Zatannurday: Zatanna Bishoujo Statue

Once again, I have to give a shout out to my buddy Calvin up at the Cave of Cool for finding this for me.

It is not due out till late September of 2015.  But I am thinking pre-ordering is a good idea.

I noticed there was a Batwoman one as well.  But I can't justify getting two. I can barely justify getting one!  At least there is a good reason for Zatanna to be wearing high-heeled boots; she is a stage performer and this is a costume.  Batwoman [...]
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