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Update on shipping costs

Two weeks ago I posted about the rising shipping costs. In that email I talked about ever sinceRogue Gamesstarted flat shipping is something I have used due to usingLightning Source for printing, and the fact that I can print not just in the United States, but the UK and Australia.

With the rising costs, I asked you to help me decide how much I should raise shipping.

The results are in, and I am surprised. I thought those who took the time to answer one question, would pick the lowest cost. Instead they picked the highest cost.

Thank you for your input.

So what [...]

The Making Of Mythica: Gods & Magic...

This five-minute featurette is a first look behind-the-scenes at Mythica: A Quest for Heroes, the latest production from Arrowstorm, who have been bringing roleplaying games to live-action cinema better than anyone for years.

Friday Link Dump 11/21/2014

With all the Alpha Enigma Savage Worlds stuff we've been playing (and I've been writing), this week's link dump is very sci-fi focused... If you're looking to generate a random solar system for your sci-fi universe, this is a pretty decent place to start. It isn't perfect, but it'll do in a pinch. Note: If you know of a better one, please send me a link! Need to figure out exactly what's in

Skeleton Crew RPG -- Now OPEN!

You heard me, playtesting for the Skeleton Crew rpg is now open! Click here, send us a comment, and receive a free copy of the rulebook, in all of it’s gruesome glory.

In the meanwhile, this week I’m sharing with you our feedback sheet- mostly for those who are helping with the playtest, but also in case anyone out there wants to use it as a basis for their own feedback forms. Likewise, we’re not above suggestions: is there a vital question we missed? Let us know!


Part 1: Getting to Know YOU

Name (Or, if you prefer, Internet Handle [...]

The Key to Marina

The Key to Marina The latest module by 4 Dollar Dungeons clocks in at 79 […]

The Friday Grab Bag - RPGing in the News

No surprise with a new edition of Dungeons & Dragons coming out that RPGing should be in the news now more than ever.  The pleasant surprise is just how positive the vast majority of news is.

First is an account of someone taking their first steps into RPGing and the surprising results.  Read more on BlogHer here.

Next, an Entertainment reporter from MYFOXNY explains that "Gaming unplugged: Fantasy role playing still popular."  Find out more here.

Finally, on the PBS Idea Channel on YouTube they ask, "Can Dungeons & Dragons Make You A Confident & Successful Person?" [...]

Edo's Game Reviews: Seven Dragons -- Episode 22

Seven Dragons by Andrew Looney was recommended to me after my Guillotine review and I'm quite happy I picked it up. It is a tile laying game for 2-5 players where each player is trying to be the first to connect 7 dragons of their color on the growing board. Play is fast and straight forward, but there is enough variance in the tiles and action cards that the game stays interesting. This is a great family game and it is worth note that the game comes with instructions on how to play with all age levels down to Pre-K. [...]

Adventure Skeleton: Game or not a Game at all -- Part II

Adventure Skeleton presents a framework for adventures that you can flesh out with specific details for your game. They are intended to work with as many settings and styles of game as possible.


It is the time of the year, where contestants reach for the sky in order to win the Trophy of the Spiritual. They have come from all over the place; and each team has set up their best contestants in order to stand a chance. Will the title-holder defend the title, will a new parvenu climb the throne, will there be even more scandals than last year?

The Game

In [...]

Setup for Success: Using the Calendar

No matter what day it is, it’s always a normal day. Roleplaying tends to take place mostly in environments where there’s nothing unusual going on… except for the horrible trauma. What I mean is that we rarely take into account the calendar in our games. One way of adding depth and life to your world is to use special days, seasons, and weekends. This week, we’re taking a look at what the calendar can offer to our games.

What does the calendar do for you?

People tend to make plans based around the numbers on their calendars. We look forward to holidays, [...]

Sore Kitty Loser

Psionic Bestiary

Psionic Bestiary This massive bestiary clocks in at 105 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 […]

WEG d6 Star Wars Roleplaying Game REUP

I've uploaded the Star Wars RPG revised, expanded, and updated document to my dropbox here.  If anyone wants to use it for their personal, non-commercial use in order to play the out-of-print West End Games version of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, then enjoy!

Even though my hardcover, full color Lulu version was taken down (thanks to an alarm-sounder on rpg.net - hope you received the Emperor's reward of 30 credits), I'm going to re-upload it presently.  Access will only be granted to those who personally make a comment on this blog post and then email me.

Enrich Your Campaign With Kingdom Events

Ed Larmore, creator of the Scabard RPG Manager, sent me a great and simple Kingdom Events table and generator.Use this to connect random kingdom events to each other and the player characters.A nice way to do a little world building and campaign prep at the same time. Download the Kingdom Events PDF

The post Enrich Your Campaign With Kingdom Events appeared first on Roleplaying Tips.

Real Life: How I narrowly escaped death

American Heart Association: Click here
Canadian Heart Association: Click here


Kiddos Game

Had our first neighborhood friends kiddos game last night. It was myself and my buddy Mike with nine kiddos. Their mission was to get the map of the doughnut chamber from the ogre brute Blizduk. I used a home brew quick d6 system for it that had three stats and some skills and told the kids they could do whatever they wanted.

They had a blast and so did yours truly. Sharing my love of the game with so many young minds was a real treat.

Highlights of the game included the Robot tossing an ogre ax [...]

Making Magic Dangerous

Making Magic Dangerous

I like it when magic is dangerous to cast... That the players know that their character is messing with forces beyond their full comprehension, but the ability to wield that power is beyond the risk. It's one of the reasons I'm so fond of Dungeon Crawl Classics.


Aside for those unfamiliar with the DCC rules: When a wizard casts a spell they must make a spell check (rolling a d20 + Intelligence modifier + level) to hit a target number. For level one spells the base success rate is a DC of 12. The higher the caster rolls, the [...]

Trail of the Scorpion has released!

Race like a pack of Terrolinian Wolves to buy it here. If you wisely decide that you would prefer to join the Order of the Scribe, pre-order a print + pdf copy here

Trail of the Scorpion is a great opportunity to get onboard Rocket Age, the radium fueled game of interplanetary adventure. You get six Episodes (one by yours truly) constructed to be played alone or in sequence as an epic campaign.

If you haven't checked it out before, now is a great time. Rocket Age won an ENnie earlier this year as the game most likely to [...]

Behind the DM Screen (September 2014)

Mike, Sam, and Jeff get together once more to talk about their gaming in September of 2014.
Support the show, shop below...

Download Standard Podcasts

[MegaDelve] The Rat Folk Tunnels

On the original node map of the MegaDelve, this map is part of the “Small Caves” node (same as the Goblin caves earlier this week, and the Cannibal Cave coming up next week).

MegaDelve Node Map

This area of the MegaDelve is inhabited by the “rat folk” who are actually messed up halflings who worship a rodent god-type-thing. They are cannibalistic, get most of their food from the “Vietnamese cavern” to the north of their lairs, and are on the constant watch for Ogres coming in from the east (which is actually goblin territory, but the ogres raid the goblins and occasionally head this way to get to the big-ass cavern). Fortunately the Ogres generally take the easy (wide) route to the big cavern, leaving the rat folk to their own devices in the smaller twisting caves around the main travel route.

Rat Folk Tunnels (with grid)

The passage to the right leads to the western exit from the goblin caves. The southern secret exit leads eventually to the abandoned dwarven city by way of the ogre base. All three passages to the top side of the page lead to the big-ass Vietnamese Cavern. The two sets of stairs lead up to the cannibal [...]

The Force Will Be With You In Anaheim...

With Star Wars Episode VII just around the corner, I rather suspect Anaheim will be the place to be in April next year for those exclusive insights into the eagerly-awaited The Force Awakens.

Pandantilus - Petty God of Gong Farmers - In Technicolor!

Props to +Jim Magnusson . B&W version will be appearing in Petty Gods :)

Worldbuilding 101 - Part 13b: You Gotta have Faith (2)

Superstitions of the ColonistsGeneral Beliefs: There are many stories that form the wide range of cosmologies believed by the colonists. Some believe the old stories, some talk of a conquering spirit that destroys others with its gaze (gradually transforming the world into its own image through its observances). Some talk of spiritual cycles in the universe, others speak of a single creation and an all-consuming battle at the end of time. Most have infused an interpretation of the church's belief structure into their own, and many would prefer to get on with their own physical lives rather than deal [...]

Tuning the ACKS

The three main complaints my past players have had with ACKS are that mortality is too high, levelling is too slow, and domains are unsatisfying.  I hope that they will correct me if I am wrong.  I will be blunt - my intent is to make ACKS somewhat more forgiving.  Not as forgiving as 3.x, but a healthy compromise.

Mortality is tricky.  ACKS is pretty good about making the consequences of death sort-of-mitigatable, but my understanding of the concern is that sometimes you roll some really bad news on the RL&L table and then you pretty much have to [...]

Fleamarket Friday: Hero Kids ... In SPAAAAAAAACCCE!

Hero Kids, the great fantasy roleplaying game aimed at the junior members of our fraternity, is heading off into a whole new environment with the release of a series of outer space adventures and character cards. You can read more about the Space Adventures expansion to the game over on author Justin Halliday's Hero Kids blog You can also learn more about the three adventures: Trouble

NaGaDeMon: WR&M Pocket Edition

Over the last few days I have continued working on the project I dubbed WR&M Pocket Edition. Initially I wanted to create something which is to WR&M what Chris McDowall's Into The Odd is to D&D. Alas my first draft didn't turn out that great. In some places the [...]

Cool Words for Gamers: Ha-Ha -- Horripilation

You don’t have to be hoary to use this highfalutin vocabulary…

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)



Last week, I tackled the "G" words. This week, we hurl ourselves in the H's!:

  • Ha-Ha a sunken trench or ditch not visible until one steps into it
  • Halcyon peaceful, gentle and calm
  • Harbinger a person or thing that announces or indicates the approach of something
  • Hardhewer a stonemason
  • Harridan a scolding old woman
  • Haucepy a trap for wild animals, especially wolves
  • Hautain proud, arrogant
  • Henchpersonclose and trusty follower
  • Heptarchy government by seven rulers
  • Heterarchy government by strangers of foreigners
  • Highfalutin high-flown, pretentious (of language)
  • Hircine goatish, lewd
  • Hirsute covered with hair; plant covered with long but not stiff [...]

SS Random List -- I.T. Departments

This weeks random list from Seventh Sanctum gives you some I.T. department names,suitable for those large and bureaucratic corporations and companies you find in many a sci-fi or modern game or story.

D20 I.T. Department Name 1 Agency of Code Connectivity 2 Agency of Computer Control 3 Agency of Statistical Multimedia Installation and Connectivity 4 Branch of Applied Hardware Security and practical Application Control 5 Branch of Computer Acquisition and Connectivity 6 Bureau of Multimedia Installation and Connectivity 7 Bureau of Open-Source Programming Maintenance and E-Commerce Database Troubleshooting 8 Bureau of practical PC Connectivity and Computer Networking 9 Department of Open-Source Telecommunications Administration 10 Department of PC Acquisition 11 Division of Extranet Telecommunications Maintenance 12 Division of Internet Development 13 Division of Internet Networking 14 Division of Intranet Backup 15 Division of [...]

Bootcamp -- Galens Gamble

The end is fast approaching! I have seen Tiny Gork being deep in his work on the next book, the bootcamp project that was to result in a product is finally about to reach its destination. From what i can gather of my talks and sneakpeaks over his shoulder, Tiny Gork has researched an event concerning a mercenary band led by a man named Galen. Tiny Gork is calling it “Galens Gamble” and it’s about a band of adventurers that stood up to Galen and his mercenaries in a moment...

The post Bootcamp – Galens Gamble appeared first on Tiny Gork.

Girls play Dungeons and Dragons for the first time

I’m not sure what the big deal is. Our last group was over 50% girls. But some stereotypes don’t die so easily and thus you get videos like this. If you’re a girl and think D&D isn’t for you; have a look at this video. It should really be called …

Brand New 1d10 Random Minor Treasures Table For Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea On The Dark Corner Blog

Ancient treasures, horrible curses, valuable magical artifacts and more from ancient Hyperborea are on the Dark Corner blog today!

Check them out right over

Playing with Your Food

Anyone who has read Dracula knows vampires play with their food. Then I saw the video of a seal sexual harassing a penguin. The seals often eat the penguin after they finish. This could explain the presence of half-trolls. Occasionally, the female escapes rather instead of the troll consuming the victim. If the troll captures a male, well just like the poor penguin, the troll may decide to play with its food.

The next time the party of adventurers run into a large creature, they should fear the creature might want to play with its food.

Back This: Silent Legions

Kevin Crawford (Stars Without Numbers, Scarlet Heroes) has a new kickstarter that is a sandbox approach to the Cthulhu Mythos that are compatible with most OSR games based off the World's First RPG.

It's called Silent Legions.

And if you back it, you immediately get the beta rules!

Check it out.

DW According to Bork

So our buddy Bork ran his first DW game this past week. It was weird for me since I’ve been behind the GM screen for so long I forgot that I don’t throw my character at the enemy and if they die, oh well. I need to remember “I want to live, I want to...

Read More

The post DW According to Bork appeared first on Ramblings of Jacob and Delos.

Warlocks Journal -- deadline approaching

Hola! The deadline is approaching superfast! I am actually not home tonight, tonight is our christmas party at work. So i am extending the contest deadline till saturday. So get to work, create that artefact Remember my timezone is GMT-1 -Copenhagen. Gork ya later!

The post Warlocks Journal – deadline approaching appeared first on Tiny Gork.

Brand New 1d10 Low Level Wasteland Encounters Table For Your Old School Post Apocalypse Campaign

Part of the great thing about post apocalyptic adventures is never knowing exactly what or whom you'll encounter within the wastes. There's always something interesting, unusual, and deadly that can confront mutant adventurers & relic hunters out in the wastes. There's lots of strange or unusual things that can confront adventurers at any time. Here's a table of a few low level NPC's that have confronted my parties at various times.

1d10 Wasteland Encounters Table
  1. 1d6 mutant traders looking for adventurers to help them with an assignment for the recovery of a powerful relic from a local tribe of mutant warriors [...]

Demon Wars Gazetteer

Publisher Blurb:

Time to bring knowledge to the world...

The world of Corona is in a time of change. Its people must learn to live with each other and work together to face any future dangers. They are finally discovering the power of the gemstones, a secret the Abellican Church has been keeping from them for centuries. But through it all, they are still only barely aware of the evil creeping into their world...

Now it's time to bring the knowledge of all the races of Corona to everyone. Within these pages you will find detailed information on the history, attitudes and cultures of each of the major nations and races that call Corona home - everything you need to fashion a DemonWars campaign!

Melee Academy: Arm Lock in detail

Arm Lock as a combat technique has had a long and somewhat storied history in GURPS. As a result of a Forum thread (that I'm not going to link to here; it's not the point) I went back and looked at commentary and execution on the technique since 4e came out in 2004.

It's worth looking at - what actually happens in this technique.

Arm Lock in the Raw

So, firstly, I want to note that the use of standing arm locks has a long and well documented history. The pictures to the right are from Fiore, I believe (I really need to get the original works on that one). 

All of them invoke the same basic principles: put the joint in a position where further motion is injurious, and apply leveraged force such that your foe has very limited ability to actually apply his strength, both due to unfavorable angles as well as the position of the muscles and joints being difficult for the locked person to apply significant muscular force. Some of these moves are quite painful as well, though pain can be ignored and doesn't impact everyone equally.

There are two ways to apply an arm lock in broad strokes - offensively and defensively, and this is reflected in the GURPS rules for applying them. In nearly every case, you first must be in contact, if not control, of some part of your opponent, most often the arm (but a shoulder [...]

Shitty People Are Everywhere

Probably the most interesting thing about #gamergate and #notyourshield is how clearly they demonstrate the ease with which movements without centralized organization can be trivially stigmatized by selectively focusing on extremists within the movement.

You saw the same thing with Occupy a couple years ago and you're going to see a lot more of it: The rise of mass social media platforms allow large, populist, grassroots movements to spontaneously organize... but they also mean that literally any crackpot within that movement has access to the loudspeakers.

You can argue that this is a "no true Scotsman" fallacy, but it's more of an [...]

Prime Materials: Sunderstorm for D&D 5th Edition

Weapon (great club), rare

Umberlee chose the Dance Macabre, a pirate ship that prowled the sword coast, as the raw material to create this vaunted great club.  The storm the Bitch Queen raised shattered ship and crew until all that was left was a splinter of her mast.  A splinter that help all of Umberlee's ferocity and furor, that yearned to break and shatter.

You have a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon.  Additionally, you may deal thunder damage instead of bludgeoning [...]

Thanksgiving Vacation

Starting today I am on vacation and there will be no updates to the blog until after Thanksgiving. Sorry about that! Do share your holiday plans below. Is anyone going somewhere fun? Anyone planning to get a game in? I still am not sure where I'll be this Thanksgiving, but somewhere. Have a good time. We'll be back on Monday, December 1st.

Getting from There to Here

There and back again?

They say you shouldn’t focus on the destination as much as the journey, but sometimes you just really want to get where you're going.

I've been running a Pathfinder game off and on for the last three years. It's been my first foray into a long-running campaign as well as an epic fantasy game, and it's actually been going pretty well though it's taking a bit longer than I'd really expected it to. We usually play a couple Saturdays a month for a few months and then switch off GMs to play something else. Since I’ve been trying [...]

Teach Your Kids to Game gems

It'sTeach Your Kids to Game Week at DTRPG/RPGnow until Nov 20th. Basically, kid-friendly games are highlighted (although some choices are disputable). It's a bit weird because some games are on sale while others are not. I'm late to the party but here are some tips on what to buy. There are probably more good games but these are the ones I own and can recommend.

Dragon Warriors is an old school fantasy game from the UK. Originally published in the 80s it was revised in 2008 and 2011. It's reminiescient of the original game but not a clone. The game [...]

Inheritance III

Your Breath Weapons are a number of D6 equal to half your HD/Level.  (previously mentioned).
+2 Ability Points to your lowest stat including luck.
Your previous +2 bonus on caster level checks made to overcome spell resistance increases to a +4 bonus
1 Teamwork Feat
Undead Access: As a swift action spend 1 Action Die to gainone of the following abilities for 1 Round + Luck Score Modifier.  Spend 2 Action Die as an Immediate action togain one of the following abilities for 1 Round/Level or gain two of thefollowing abilities for 1 Round + Luck Score Modifier.If Luck Score is a Negative modifier you may not access this inheritance. Note magical enhancements to your Luck Score can overcome this restriction.As a standard action for non-spell-casters and a move action for spell-casters a player may dismiss their own Undead Access. 
1. Darkvision 60 feet. If you already haveDarkvision it's range increases by 60Ft. First 30 feet also sees into ethereal planeovercoming blink.
2. Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, morale effects, patterns, and phantasms). AWW THANKS DAD!
3. Immunity to death effects, disease, paralysis, poison, sleep effects, and stunning.
4. Not subject to nonlethal damage, ability drain, or energy drain. Immune [...]

Thanksgiving Smoked Cockatrice

There are many ways one can cook a cockatrice but smoking it for Thanksgiving Day maintains the moisture and flavor the best. The cooked appearance will be different but don't let that deter you. If you do not want to attempt hunting your own cockatrice and smoking it the Adventurer's League will be selling 20lb smoked cockatrices by pre-order. This great deal is by market pickup only the rest of the month for 1000 gold pieces.

If you're smoking your own cockatrice, here's what you'll need:

*    Fresh cockatrice. Be careful when hunting!
*    Smoking pit. Arcane vessels [...]

Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut - "The Dancing Hut" Dragon Magazine #83

I've been branching out in my Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG World Tour game lately. The DCC RPG is great for running fantasy adventures of any system. I ran SlaughterGrid with it, and it worked great.

I have this shelf of D&D adventures I want to run some day. Some of the adventures on this shelf include:
  • Labyrinth of Madness 
  • Vault of the Iron Overlord 
  • Crypt of the Devil Lich (I even have a mini of the villain for this)
  • A tattered, cover-less copy of Dragon Magazine #83 from March 1984
The Dancing Hut
In that magazine is the original "Baba [...]

Let's Open our Books to Chapter 7 - Centerstage Miniatures Files for Bankruptcy (No Surprise There)

Our New "Fucked up Kickstarter Mascot" thanks to Jim MagnussonSo, remember they fiasco otherwise known as CenterStage Miniatures various Kickstarters, in particular Tome of Horrors Complete - 28mm Heroic Scale Miniatures. Well, it appears the final shoe has dropped - Chapter 7 bankruptcy has been filed. Now, like true venture capitalists, backers can expect to get back pennies on their dollars - if they are lucky. Woot!

From the comments on the Tome of Horrors Complete Kickstarter from earlier today (not my comments - I didn't back this train wreck):
After filing a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General's Office last week, I received 2 correspondences from the attorney Matt has retained to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. It was clear in the letter, and [...]

New Adventure: Bitterbark's Circus

Hot on the heels of the best-selling Adventures Dark and Deep GM's Screen, BRW Games is proud to announce the release of Bitterbark's Circus, an adventure locale designed for characters level 8-9.

Because it's written for the Adventures Dark and Deep rules, it can be used with most Basic or Advanced-compatible rules almost as-is. And for those people who are playing games that don't feature a jester character class, the entire class (including lots of new spells) is included as an appendix. Jesters feature prominently in the adventure, and it only seemed fair to include the whole class for GMs who [...]

Dragon, Dungeon, Adventurer and Other Magazines Archived and more (AnnArchive)

So, earlier today I was looking for a cover picture of Dragon Magazine #68 for my post on weather in RPGs. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on an archive of Dragon Magazine, Dungeon Magazine, Adventurer (mid 80's RPG mag from the other side of the pond) and a whole lot more.

I give to you:


Scroll down and I see Amber Diceless

A hardcopy for cheap

Full color books are great, but what if you’re strapped for cash? What if you already have the full color book, but want another for passing around the table? What if you have a son like mine that destroys books?

For you, I introduce The Artifact RPG Economy Edition. The same great game, in black and white. You get the full book for less than half the price!

Pictures of What's on My Gaming Table and a Zen Moment

I was asked to give a picture or two so here it is.  There is the 1st ed DMG.  Heavily used and I put tape on the bottom of the pages I used the most to keep them from tearing.  The random table which I will show you more in a second.  The Treasure Hoard Generator on the screen.  I highly recommencement it.  I've been using it for years.  And lastly some dice.  Real dice. 

Here's my amazing random table.  Amazing is it not?  Surprisingly it helps me out a ton.  I roll a d12 and let [...]
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