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UFO Files

Colorado witnesses picked up some interesting footage in the early evening of October 14. It appears a small silver/white globe hovering in the sky until it slips behind a cloud. It apparently comes back several times and they get more footage of it. You can see all three videos here.

The witness felt it was more than one object, captured at different times. He filmed it all from his front porch.

The Other World

The Ends Makes it All Worth While

If your a toy collector, you might want to snatch up those Break Bad toys while you can. They are about to become a hot commodity I suspect, as Toys R Us is pulling them from the shelves. This after  a woman in Florida started a petition drive to force the store back to being kid friendly.

The figure in question is the title character, played by Bryan Cranston, is carrying a satchel of cash and a bag of blue crystals.

In protest to the petition protest Bryan Cranston announced on a tweet that he's so [...]

Dangerous skull chairs for gamers

We’ve seen some chairs for evil GMs. There’s this sinister shadow chair and this scorpion of doom chair. Where do players sit?

Why don’t the players perch themselves in the silent mouth of the dead.

Don’t see the chair? Here it is.

Good enough for your gaming group? Pop over to Etsy and Chics in Design dotcom to make your purchase.

Underdark Campaign Log #19

When we last left our heroes, they had just defeated the last of the enemies standing between them and the surface world: a drider, its xorn minions, and a strange ice golem. Cast: More of Jake's artworkhere. As we have grown in number and changed characters, this image is only 60% accurate at this point. Blue, Human Fighter (Jake) Rurik, Dwarf Barbarian (Stetson) Mercy, Half-Orc

Top 5 80s songs

The other day, I was talking to some of my kids about 80s songs (I was probably listening to Pandora on the stereo smart TV too.)  My kids always want to rank things.  I have a harder time actually doing it.  I like stuff.  I like some stuff even more.  I don't like other stuff.  But forced rankings?  Those are hard for me.  That said, we had a discussion about our top 5 80s songs, and I thought for the heckuvit, I'd post them here.

Given my predilections, it shouldn't be surprising that for the most part, I'm going [...]

Events & Play Wednesday - Lake Geneva Area Gaming, Late September through Late October

Good times were had by all gaming through this last month!  The Gaming Hoopla kicks off this blog post followed swiftly by a Lake Geneva Gameday, then the Northeast Wisconsin Gameapalooza, and right on through the third weekend which included Game Like a Viking Day, the Burlington Gameday, and the excellent Pizza Ranch Gathering.  Sprinkle in a pile of Tuesday and Friday Taco Bell and Culver's midday gaming lunches, and it's hard to imagine how anyone could do much more.  I've added some photos to Facebook here and Google Plus here but below are some highlights.

Stunts & Tactics

During Gen Con, I discussed the Dragon Age RPG a bit with my brother and Scott Rehm (The Angry DM). I had mentioned how I liked the stunt mechanics, but both of them had reasons why they didn’t like the stunt mechanics in AGE. They felt that the random post-action declaration nature of stunts made it hard to be tactical during a game. My brother and I had played Iron Kingdoms earlier in the weekend, and he said that he really preferred how that system used feat points to the stunt points of AGE. Since that conversation, I’ve been brainstorming [...]

Edo's Game Reviews: Lost Cities -- Episode 2

Lost Cities has become the classic in 2-player games that work great for couples! It's based on a simple card mechanic where players take turns playing one card at a time into various "expeditions". The trick is that cards may only be placed on a card of the same color, but a lower value. Very tight gameplay without too many frills, and surprisingly beautiful art! The math at the end of each round is a little heavy-handed, but it certainly doesn’t take a way from the fun. Play it before dinner and let us know what you think in the [...]

Armor Up ~ Upon the Wall

 Archontis Kitsios

Orc Labs Podcast 08 -- 5E Fighter (Hit me in the face)!

Do NPC’s treat you like a pinata? Do you like to hit things, a lot. Hit them in the face if you can. Hit them in the face a lot, and repeatedly. If you like the sound of that you might want to be a fighter! Oh yeah, and umm, you might get hit in […]

No Boundaries

Word of the Day -- Globe

A globe is a three-dimensional scale model of Earth (terrestrial globe or geographical globe) or other celestial body such as a planet or moon. While models can be made of objects with arbitrary or irregular shapes, the term globe is used only for models of objects that are approximately spherical. The word "globe" comes from the Latin word globus, meaning round mass or sphere. Some terrestrial globes include relief to show mountains and other features on the Earth's surface.

There are also globes, called celestial globes or astronomical globes, which are spherical representations of the celestial sphere, showing [...]

Naming our Narrators

Here's a thought that I can't guarantee will leave us in a productive place: I can't believe that meta-fictional narrators in RPG texts are neutral.

As I was working on the right up to the drau, it occurred to me that the strongest part of the article was when the drau got to speak for themselves. The third person description in the first part was less compelling. And why was that? I didn't know who was telling you about the drau. If I don't know who talks to you about these people that I'm describing, how can I give you the [...]


I don't usually do press releases, but this one has me very interested. I'm not a huge fan of Skyrim but I do enjoy it, and the world created for the game has always been interesting and incredibly well realised.

I've always wanted to experience the lands of Tamriel without slogging through the game and fiction is usually the way to go. Titan Books are well known for their excellent 'Art Of' boks and this combination of art and story sounds like a winner. Based on the press release below, it's certainly on my to-do list for next year.

The Appendix N Podcast - Episode 9 - The Complete Works of H.P. Loveraft

For the month of October, in honor of Halloween, I bring you selected stories by H. P. Lovecraft. In this episode, I'm talking aboutThe Doom That Came To Sarnath, From Beyond, The Temple,andThe Music of Erich Zann.With my special guests, of course.


Lovecraft, H. P.The Complete Works.

H. P. Lovecraft

born 1890, died 1937

Born in Providence, RI, son of a traveling salesman and a woman who could trace her ancestry back to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. When Lovecraft was only 3 years old, his father was placed in a psychiatric institution and died 5 years later, as Lovecraft himself claimed, of paralysis brought on by "nervous exhaustion." Lovecraft's mother suffered [...]

86 Building Floorplan Battle Mats

As part of our Cityographer project, we created battle mats of 86 buildings. Many are houses of various sizes and styles, but the set also includes inns, taverns, shops, jails, a guild house, a gate house, and more. Some of these were part of our “Monday Maps” feature earlier this year.

You can download the JPG images as a zip at this link.

Cityographer lets you instantly create a city map and details (residents, store inventories & prices, etc.) You can have the program do it all in one step, or run it in a step-by-step fashion and edit the map and [...]

Article -- Religion in your board game

By Paco Garcia Jaen At Spiel I saw a game called "Walk to Jesus". Yeah, it is a very Christian game with a Christian theme, Christian teachings and Christian people behind it. To start with I was indifferent about the game. I am not into organised religions, have no affiliation with Christianity whatsoever and I [...]

The post Article – Religion in your board game appeared first on G*M*S Magazine.

Legend of the Five Rings: The New Order Booster Display

Legend of the Five Rings: The New Order Booster Display


In the heart of the Colonies, the two sons of the Divine Empress each make their case to the Great Clans concerning who should eventually succeed their mother and sit on the Emerald Throne of Rokugan. Although the brothers do not seek conflict, their followers are all too eager to wage war on behalf of their patrons, and the battle between the Traditionalists and Progressives has reached a fever pitch.

Who shall prevail and ascend?



The New Order is the third expansion following Ivory Edition, the current base set for the Legend of [...]

Original Modules

I wonder why WotC hasn’t released more of it’s original modules to PDF via D & D Classics? The answer is most likely the bean counters and management at the VP and higher level have revenue targets that must be met and the percentage of expenses to revenue must be low so that profits are […]

Borderland of Adventure #33: Survivors

At the end of last session, we left our heroes yet trapped in the bowels of Xul-Jarak. They had climbed through several levels and had despatched many orcs. However, at this point, they suddenly decided to turn around, retreat back deeper into the dungeon and try to find a place to rest overnight.


Without incident, they retreated to the lowest level (after ascertaining that no safe locales existed on the upper levels) and set about searching for a secure place to hide. Oreal went ahead scouting out a stream that led away from the pool into which the waterfall fell. The [...]

DC Heroes: Night in Gotham (sw)

From the Introduction:

"The purpose of this book is to provide the DC Heroes Gamemaster with the relevant information on Gotham City. This volume concentrates on the night side -- the criminal element -- of Gotham. Sections of the book include descriptions of the city's entrenched crime, its bosses and ringleaders, and the various targets for crime in the city. There are also statistics for villains and details of their conflicts with Gotham's most famous crime-fighter, the Batman. Gotham's law enforcement apparatus and its relationship with both Batman and any other Characters who might consider operating within Gotham is also covered in this book. There are also sections that can be used to generate an adventure or an ongoing campaign."

This book is intended for any Characters of any power level.

Worldbreakers in Fate Part 1: The Narrative Side


“Worldbreaker” is not a term I came up with. I got it from the At-Will D&D blog. If someone from the blog would prefer I not use the term, I will change it.

What is a Worldbreaker?

A Worldbreaker is a monster or creature that is so powerful, that they, often literally, break the world around them. Much of the time, they shape the world around them without even doing anything, since their power is felt through their mere presence. The most powerful dragons fall into this category, as well as creatures such as Cthulhu. Demon kings and elemental ‘gods’ can often [...]

Sneak preview for my 1000th post

I've been doing this now for a few years, and have finally reached 1000 posts. There have been a few good sequences of ideas in that time, and I've released plenty of different games using a variety of game engines. I've reviewed stuff, I've thrown ideas out there, I've provided mapping tutorials, I've explained my methodology of game design and critiqued the design methodologies of others, I've thrown random stuff in here and there just to break things up a bit.

I've gone from less than a dozen views on a typical day, to an average of a couple [...]

Killing Characters is Fun!

We tried the Walking Dead-style Funnel last Friday and I think it went really well. It was a welcome change after my recent GM-relatednegativity- I personally had a ton of fun running it, and I hope the playersdid to. The best part of it, that I didn't even think about when I came up with the idea, is the freedom it gave the players to try weird things and to play out horror-movie style

Twilight 2000 Must Be Eaten

Or All Flesh 2000 While looking for the pdfs of Dark Conspiracy I got from the Bundle of Holding I came across the pdfs of Twilight 2000 I purchased a little while ago. I bought them with the intention of running it with the group as I thought it may make a change of pace […]

Blights and Crabs - 5e Weird New World: session 3

Session 3 of the weird new world campaign was played on Friday 10/3

The party consisted of the following:
Max, Human Bard 1 (Yann)
Verdt, 1/2 Elf Wizard 1 (John)
Nessendra, Wood Elf Cleric (Erindale)
Kethra, Human Fighter 1 (Nikki)
Riia, Human Ranger 1 (Hanna)

Not in attendance:
Embara, Wood Elf Fighter 1 (Erica) - left the campaign
Bach, Dragonborn Warlock 1 (Erik) - sick

Descending the stairs, the party found the lower chamber mostly empty, with a collapsed wall opening into the garden. Through the hole numerous roots intruded into the chamber, some thicker than a [...]


Holy cow.  Ars Ludi linked to Trilemma yesterday, and this guy knows what's what.  Good posts I've read so far:
  • Useful Dungeon Descriptors accurately expresses my difficulties with random room contents tables, and takes a clear stance in favor of informed dungeoneering and informative dungeon design.  Monstrous Effects on Terrain applies the same ideas to the wilderness.
  • Non-Mechanical Difficulty Levels for Monstrous Threats, the post originally linked by Ars Ludi, provides a good explanation of why my players feared wyverns so terribly, as well as a good mental framework for making things scarier then their raw numbers would otherwise indicate [...]

Dear gamer; is this how you sleep?

This Gunshow by KC Green worked its way up to the top of a Reddit roleplaying thread. Conclusion? Maybe some of those traditional RPGers sleep like this. Do you?

Campaign Chunk -- The Mobius-Strip Roller Coaster

Balder rollercoaster at Liseberg amusement park, as seen from The Liseberg Tower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Mobius-Strip Roller Coaster

Theme parks are a fun location for almost all the family. They can have exciting, wild rides or more simple ones for the youngsters or those who prefer things more slow-paced. In one such theme park is one called the Eternity, also called the Mobius-coaster.

It gained it nickname for the fact that over-all the track loops and turns resembles a so-called Mobius loop. That and the fact the track is easily reconfigured into an infinite number of configurations and can do so in [...]

Wonder Woman Wednesday...

Tommy's Take on The Last Parsec: Eris Beta-V

Hi guys, remember me?

I'm not dead, just started a new job, and that plus illness plus baby have pretty well sidelined me recently.

I recently got a chance to take a look at one of the books in the Kickstarter for The Last Parsec (now in its final day), and I thought I would give you a brief overview.

It's only a brief overview for one huge reason, which is that it's a Plot Point Campaign, and I try not to spoil TOO much in my reviews.


October Movie Challenge: Mama Dracula (1980)

October Movie Challenge: Mama Dracula (1980)

Oh gods. This one is so bad.

I love a good tale involving Elizabeth Bathory.  This is not a good tale.

Ok. Lets focus on what is or at least could have been good.
Well, Louise Fletcher is good, but she is an Oscar winning actress. Good, but not great.

The vampire twins (played by Alexander and Marc-Henri Wajnberg) are way creepy.  If the camp was turned down and their vaugley homoerotic, twincest was turned up they would positively uncomfortably creepy and great for a movie involving one of history's [...]

Part 39: "The Wand Produces a Fire Ball Which Will Travel"

Part 39 of a comparison of Holmes' manuscript with the published Basic Set rulebook. Turn to pages 36-38 of your 'Blue Book' and follow along... (pages 35-37 for the 1st edition)

Wands and Staves

Holmes has ten wands and staves in his list, all of which are found in the original list on page of 25 of OD&D Vol 2. Nine of these make it into the published rulebook, with only the Staff of Power being swapped out for the Rod of Cancellation from Greyhawk.


The introductory paragraph is adapted from the [...]

Attacking Past Victories

This Friday sees my L5R game once again being played and the conclusion to the first major political event in the game - the party to announce the PCs to the Courts in the Imperial city the game is set in. The first part of the party was mostly setting the stage with the PCs getting ready, showing to where the party would be held, and the order in which the various NPCs arrived. I'm playing it up with the same drama as I would a major battle scene, because that is - in essence - exactly what this is.

potelbat Ep. 68 "D-D-D-Dragons!"

Look out! Dragons!

Surprisingly, not THOSE kinds of dragons.

The other kind.

Every BBEG has his dragon, the guy responsible for enforcing your Bad Guy’s agenda.

Or scheming on his behalf.

Or running his army.

Or really screwing up an otherwise brilliant plan.

We give you some pointers on how to make him effective, menacing, and most importantly of all…

…a genuine threat to your players.

Please check out our Patreon Campaign and support the content you enjoy.

We're on twitter:@Fiddlebackand@Vladepsyker

Find us on Facebook at:https://www.facebook.com/groups/MadAdventurersSociety/

You can rate, review, and subscribe to us on iTunes at:https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/potelbat/id670505406?mt=2

Our website is:http://www.madadventurers.com/

Direct Download: http://archive.org/download/Potelbat68/potelbat%2068.mp3



Book Bout-Book Review of The Atrocity Archives

Book-The Atrocity Archives

Author-Charles Stross

TL; DR-90%


Basics-Cthulhu is real, Turing’s death wasn’t a suicide, and the world’s fate rests in the hands of the guy from the IT department. The Atrocity Archives follows Bob Howard as he deal with monsters from beyond time, creatures summoned from hell, illegal software updates, and a boss who really isn’t from hell because he’s seen what the real hell looks like. This is the first book in a series called The Laundry Files.


Characters-This book has a large cast, but most of the book focuses on Bob Howard. He’s as a fun character who is a tech [...]

Update: The Face of Mystara, Part II (Session 1)

From the Journal of Methra the Magus:

After the ship was destroyed by the Kraken, the survivors crammed into the only remaining dinghy.  The last remaining lifeboat had sprung a leak, and Todd the Fighter swiftly began to bail the water out.  The situation appears rather bleak.


The halfling Wickwar Davis and the Magic-User Blanith for the Mind were sailing for the mainland.  Landing in Specularum to sell some spices, art work and other items they had managed to hold on to from the Isle of Dread.  They trusted these sales to Captain [...]

Kick The Box October 20th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box Oct. 21st Edition

After a long weekend with the family in Vegas for my daughter’s 21st birthday, it’s time for me to hit the week running a day later than usual. This last week, I spent quite a bit of time early in the week searching through Kickstarter to see what looked intriguing.Now to share with you what I had found!

Kickstarter News: Spell Saga is a single player story driven card game that has relaunched on Kickstarter!Hooch, unfortunately, did not meet it’s funding goal, but look for a relaunch in February for this mob themed game. Lanterns is doing [...]

Overpriced items for your campaign

5 sp, Rust Monster Repellant (it’s really cheap cedar wood essence and it doesn’t work)

40 gp, Left Handed Dragon Fire Diverter <tm> (a 5×5 tin sheet of metal with arm straps, will melt in fire or acid breath, causing extra damage to those behind it)

5 gp, Bendy potion straw

1 cp, Map of snipe nests

5 cp, Nine foot pole

50 sp, 320 page tome

All prices are based on the silver standard (1gp in most games = 1 sp here)

Table of Wilderness Traps

Scrap Princess requested a table of wilderness traps.

Number Bait Mechanism Direction (1d6/2) Effect 1 None Snare Above Save or Die 2 Pool or spring* Tripwire Below Immobilize 3 Food Pit Even Dismember 4 Chased into Trap Crushing Object Confuse 5 Honey Gas Gunfire 6 Opposite Sex (real or illusory) Spiked Panel Arrow or spear 7 Weapons Box Unable to move without slipping 8 Gold Ore Net Sleep


*Immobilization begins process drowning according to your rule set.


Look, this table is OK, but you really should read this:


Table of untested, untrustworthy and somewhat incompetent henchmen

Johnonsaid: Actually I just got done rewriting CSIO to give it a slightly more low-magic, swords-and-sorcery feel… a table of possible henchmen for hire…

Here’s a table of untested, untrustworthy and somewhat incompetent henchmen.

Roll 1d20 for each column Former Occupation Incompetence Motivation Attribute 1 Barkeep Bad at fighting Sick relative Nervous 2 Gravedigger Equipment upkeep On the Lam Tells bad jokes 3 Town Guard/Jailor Falls asleep on watch Just greedy Overconfident 4 Headsman Coward Pride (wants to jump class/caste) Obsessed with bathing 5 Prostitute or madam Easily confused Owes money to a wizard Glutton 6 Knight Clumsy Under a spell Drunkard 7 Farmer Sociopath The thrill Angry 8 Shepherd/cattleman Easily discouraged Spoils of war Young 9 Bard Hero worship Tales of old Religious 10 Sailor Oblivious Misplaced sense of chivalry A witch 11 Craftsman Wooden leg Redemption Sings off key 12 Librarian/scholar Loud Prove self/earn money to marry Good medic 13 Clergy (non adventuring) Very stupid Daddy/mommy issues Insomniac 14 Sewer cleaner Physically weak Just crazy Afraid of or dislike of non-humans 15 Printer Wanders off No other options [...]

The Game With No Name Math Trade

Matt Golec of the Penny Press design team has hosted a no-ship math trade at Carnage for some years now, coming up with thematic names to make us grin as we figure out what games we don’t want to own anymore. This year, it’s the Game With No Name math trade.

A math trade is a method of swapping whereby people list what they don’t want, list what they would like to get in return from other swappers and a computer figures out the details. The “no ship” part means no one ships anything. Show up to Carnage, drop off what [...]

October Horror Movie Challenge: Silver Bullet (1985)

Directed by Daniel Attias, Silver Bullet is a horror film adaptation of Stephen King's novella Cycle of the Werewolf. Normally, the small town of Tarker's Mills is an incredibly peaceful place where nothing extraordinary happens. However, this changes one night when a series of bizarre murders begin. The townsfolk believe a maniacal killer is one the loose. Marty, a young handicapped boy, believes the killer is something else entirely: a werewolf. After encountering and wounding the creature, Marty and his older sister Jane hunt all over town for the man they believe is the werewolf.

At first glance, Silver [...]

Game Companion ~ Every Gamer Needs One

I watched the short film, Game Companion over the weekend and discovered a delightful little film that I hope eventually becomes a full length motion picture. The film reminded me of a what I imagine a mash up of Weird Science and Video Girl Ai might have produced.

The story is written by Brian Morelan and Directed by Jeff James Monson. So what is it all about? Well lets break it down without giving away any real spoilers. As geeks we love to game and this short is about that love of gaming and taking that love to new levels. Imagine that if you mastered a game that you could get yourself a kick-ass companion to help you on your adventures. Now imagine that this companion is a bit more than a simple AI. Essentially this is the set up for what makes a great story with an end that was not what I expected.

Lucky for me I was able to corner Brian Morelan and get him to answer some questions about his awesome little project.

The concept is sound and reminded me alot of Weird Science and Video Girl Ai. What inspired the writing of this story?

I tried to find some common themes in anime and use them in a short film. I wanted some great costumes and I knew cosplayers would probably be the key. When I had a chance meeting with Kari Klyne (a big local cosplayer), who ended up being one of the costume designer for the film, I knew we could make the project.

Ah My Goddess strongly influenced some of the make up and music in the film, though if you look carefully I am sure you can see others.

In your own words, summarize the film in a single sentence.

Bob’s greatest accomplishment is mastering a video [...]

Con on the Cob Post-Convention Post

Now that I have been to my first gaming convention, Con on the Cob, I can no longer consider myself a casual gamer. I wasn't sure if I would enjoy my convention experience, but I figured I should go at least once in my life. Now that I have been to a convention, I can say that I had an absolute blast. I am ready to go again.

Characters and SessionsI played in five sessions--four of them official convention sessions and one unofficial. Five of our Monday Night Ubergoobers gaming group were able to attend and we had three [...]

Nazi Werewolf Den Discovered

The soviet newspaper Pravdivost released a report today detailing alleged lycanthropy within the highest ranks of Nazi Germany. The report, accompanied by a series of grainy photos, is said to be proof that the Waffen SS Standartenfuhrer Claus Fleischer, and a number of individuals under his command are indeed werewolves. The photos, individual frames are reportedly all that are left of a ten minute film which was destroyed shortly after Herr Fleischer and his cohorts shifted into lupine form.

A study of the images by experts affiliated with the Indie Times Network vouch for the image's authenticity. On condition [...]

Review - Player's Companion (for Swords & Wizardry)

+James Spahn and Barrel Rider Games have released their first Swords & Wizardry product, and they didn't aim small, either. The Player's Companion adds a virtual ton of optional rules for your S&W campaign.

Attributes over 18? Got you covered.

Appearance and Luck as optional stats? There if you want it.

Missing out on racial attribute modifiers? They're here.

Additional class features for the classes in S&W Complete? Yep

New Classes? Damn but yes.

- The Anti-Paladin would make a decent BBG but I don't see it as a player class. YMMV

- Another take on the Bard. I want to play this class so badly. It reminds me of the original class from 1e AD&D days, without [...]

Ring Side Report-Board Game Review of Tiny Epic Kingdoms

Product- Tiny Epic Kingdoms

Producer- Gamelyn Games

Price- ~Not out yet, but ~$20

Set-up/Play/Clean-up-30 minutes (2-5 players)

TL; DR- Truly a pocket-sized, quick 4X game! 94%


Basics- Tiny Epic Kingdom is a 4X game where players try to out expand, out exploit, out evolve, and out build there opponents. Each player starts with some resources (corn, ore, and mana), a territory card in front of him/her, and two meeples on one location within that territory. What makes this game interesting is the way these actions are handled and the game speed. The current lead player chooses an action: move a meeple within a territory, move [...]

Ringing the Doorbell

Having survived the Night of the Owlbear, the party pressed on to Wyvern Tor in search of some orcs that needed slaying.

Things went pretty smoothly at first -- the sharp-eyed hill dwarf led the way up into the highlands, the party soon noticed smoke from the orc lair, they went into sneaky mode and spotted an orc lookout.  The group tiptoed around to set up a crossfire and managed to drop the sentry with ranged attacks and then ... used Thaumaturgy to loudly announce the group's presence ... ?

Granted, a loud challenge [...]
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