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The Haunted Valley

Of the Lost City of Gaxmoor and the World of Aihrde....

The blood was hot, and sticky. It clung to him even as it oozed across his palm and down his wrist. Flinging it off he continued his cutting. The kill must be bled first, to lighten the load if nothing else. Besides, the hunt was long and hard and the boy was hungry. The others could wait. He cleaned his hands in the dirt.

As the beast's warmth spilled into grass he gathered some deadfall from the scant brush that grew in the long narrow [...]

PDF Paper-crafting Power! Okumarts, Kev's Lounge Papercraft Dungeon, Inked Adventures and some waffle about layers in PDFs

Flammable paper civilians do
well to run from the 
Alien Death Ray / Gojira
/ Supervillain-heat-vision.
DTRPG $0.99
http://bit.ly/okumcivsOkay. Super quick post, I promise, on one of my favourite topics: printable tabletop accessories.

First up - I'm really liking these Panicked Civilians minis by Okumarts (99c on DTRPG).  Twelve unique double-sided designs of the kind of fleeing people you'd expect in almost any contemporary action setting - I'm mainly thinking of superheroes and B-movie monsters, almost unaware of the "little people".  Interestingly, when printed to card or paper, I'm assured that they burn faster than real people. Not a bad [...]

Please Support Alice, Rachel And I On A Sponsored Walkies...

Alice has signed us up for a sponsored walk at the end of April to raise money for Burrswood Hospital and Pets As Therapy. The latter charity is particularly important to us as we know how much pleasure PAT dogs can bring. They were an important part of life at Mount Ephraim House, in Tunbridge Wells, where mum spent seven very happy years, before she died in 2013. Bark For Burrswood is a

Session LXXII: Apes That Talk Like Men?

Current Player Characters:Torion Fulvousmith (Dwarf)Minimus (Cleric)Su (Cleric)Thenus (Ranger)Wang Du (Monk)
Centari (Elf) 
Hirelings and HenchmenBiggs - Mercenary
Kray Rouis - Magic-user Puma - Mountain Lion
Leaving the hall of the young Dragons behind, the party back-tracked they way to more familiar hallways.  Coming upon a chamber with three sarcophagi, which they have usually avoided, decided to open and were immediately attacked by the three mummies within.  Using fire they defeated the ancient foes but not before the mountain lion Puma fell.

Continuing down some unexplored hallways they came to a chamber where dwelt intelligent mutant [...]

"Meet and Marry a Gorgeous Russian Queen" or Why White Feminists Never Get Invited to Rap Battles

The first lady’d be all:
“You’re gettin all triggered while you don’t have the mic
Cuz some other lady’s here sayin stuff you don’t like
I don’t even know you but you’ve taken offense
You need to get off the stage if you’re really that dense”

And then the other lady would be all:
*points & screams like a pod person*
*mic drop*

Some feminist lady wrote some snarky poem* about a loser dude who gets a mail order Russian bride. It gets read at an open mic at a feminists-only convention. Some other feminist lady identifies with the mail order bride [...]

Mundane Items Table

There you are writing your Pathfinder encounters for your weekly campaign, and you've got to come up with 1,070gp worth of treasure.  You could just give the PCs 21 pounds of gold, but you want the treasure to be interesting, connected to the story, and varied.

So you turn to the Designing Encounters chapter.  There's some guidance for what to give out for treasure, but it keeps giving general categories like "Jewelry, Minor" and "Mundane Gear."  You find yourself looking for more inspiration.  And a list that has all the different nonmagical items ranked by value.

Well, look [...]

Gary Con 2015

Now this was a fine vintage!

Although I attended in a most relaxed fashion, I spent more time at the convention than I ever did.  Then again, it was the first year that I hosted events.  I showed up Thursday and played a. . . game.  Imagine that!  (I forgot the title of course).  Sitting in the open gaming area, facing toward the lake  in back of the resort, I enjoyed the mist-shrouded landscape as much as the game itself.  We all finished within one victory point of each other.  I was brave enough then to drive away for [...]

Silent Legions, a game of modern-day Lovecraftian horror

The world is broken in hidden ways. The truth is concealed for the sake of mortal minds. The unendurable reality that boils behind the stars is veiled by the pleasant blindness that human sanity requires. Yet every comforting shroud must fall in time, and for these investigators, that time is now.

Silent Legions is a game of modern-day Lovecraftian horror, one carefully designed to support sandbox adventures by hard-bitten investigators and fearless hunters of the dark. Its clean, lightweight old-school rules are compatible with the free Stars Without Number sci-fi game and give both GM and players a steady framework for [...]

Battlesystem Brawl

Last night was the Battlesystem Brawl.John Fischer DMedAllison Rossi, Rudy Basso,Alex Basso, and me in a massive battle of the elements. Using the newDungeons & Dragons Unearthed Arcana Battlesystem,Unearthed Arcana Eberron races,Elemental Evil Player's Companionit was a livestreamed D&Dencounter like no other!

You can checkout the battle on The Tome Show’s new Twitch channel or on YouTube.

In the coming weeks, we’ll release the audio as a podcast on The Tome Show’s feed and post an edited video on YouTube for ya!

If you like what you're reading, please check out my podcastsonThe Tome Show, follow me onTwitter, tell your friends and sharethis [...]

On Being a Better Con Gamer

Here in the snowy wilds of Canada, winter is loosening its grip on the land. Which means all the introverted nerds like me can come out of our winter hibernation and start taking in that most glorious of gaming activities: the gaming convention. Locally, GOBFest was just this past weekend, a mighty collection of board gamers gathered together to share the hobby we love dearly. With the gaming con season starting back up (not that it ever really ends, but spring is as good an arbitrary starting point as any), I thought I’d share some tips on being a good [...]

1970s -- 1980s Post-Apoc Movie Week!

This week is my break from clinical training, so am planning to watch a slew of post-apoc movies from the 1970s and 1980s. Almost none of which I have ever seen before.

Today’s schedule, 3 works by Gene Roddenberry that were made as TV pilots in the mid-1970s:

Genesis II

Planet Earth

Strange New World

Filed under: movies, retro, sci-fi, TV show Tagged: Gamma World, movies, Old School, post-apocalypse

Game Trailer Progress

I have finally got all the settings configured for Open Broadcaster and have captured the first hour or so of game footage for my trailer. You may find this to be unusually short for a blog post from me, but I have to say something.

If I capture at least an hour a day, I can have the whole game in about a week.

Not a long game — but it feels long if you enjoy the grind and don’t avoid combat. I find the grind to be cathartic nowadays. Not sure what changed.

Saturday’s playtest went well. I may be ready for [...]


Do you loveFritz Leiber‘s Lankhmar? Do you love Dungeon Crawl Classics? Then prepare to get your mind blown…

Goodman Games announced at GaryCon thatthrough the Fritz Leiber estate, they have acquired the rights to publish a new way of playing Dungeon Crawl Classics, with the world of Nehwon as it’s setting: DCC Lankhmar.

I was fortunate enough to get in on one of the first official playtests and I have to say it was downright amazing. Michael Curtis and Goodman Games have seamlessly melded the two properties into one. I really don’t want to spoil anything, especially considering thatit is still a [...]

Monday Morning DM: Can Murder-Hobos Belong and Other Thoughts on My 5e Experiences.

I used the term "murder-hobo" in public the other day and I realized that to anyone who does not play D&D, they might seriously think I was endorsing lethal bum fights. I was on a college campus, so this seemed extra likely. The context of my comment though, as it would make sense to gamers, […]

Item Power Sets: Fear Itself -- Weapons of the Odin-force

In the face of darkest oblivion, what hope does humanity have? When overwhelming fear fells gods and our greatest heroes cannot even stand against the rising tide of darkness, extreme measures must be taken. But will even the power of the All-Father’s raw might be enough, or will the world burn even in victory?

Use these item power sets either in the Fear Itself event or perhaps become some great threat has arisen in your own game that only the night of Asgard can stand against. The first is the All-Father’s own armor and the sword of Ragnarok, which is reserved [...]

'Pay What You Like' OSR Resource - Hack & Slash Compendium II For Your Old School Campaigns

So Hack and Slash Publishing has for a limited time a complete reworking of their famous Treasure compendium. It contains articles byJohn Bell, Arnold Kemp and Tom Fitzgerald as well as many others. This is an old school well organized pdf of all things treasure for your old school campaigns and its on 'pay what you want' and my suggestion is to do exactly that. This is solid old school take

Ghostbusters ... Male ... Female ... Racoons

I'm not even sure what to make of this but another Ghostbusters is in the works, this time with an all male cast. There are quite a few names on the list..Dany Aykroyd, Ivan Reitman and some other folks (see full line up here).

This is head spinning.

On the one hand we have people raving that the new female line up is ruining their child hood memories, and on the other hand, we have people raving that a female treatment of the movie will make it more appealing to the female demographic. To fix that we are [...]

Daily Cosplay

Free GM Resource: Microlite78

OK, I'll be the first to comes right out and say this.....do we really need another version of 1st Edition AD&D? Normally I'd say "no" as we already have a plethora of retro-clones to choose from. Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to put them here for others to possibly find useful, but I'm more excited about retro-clone supplements and not their core rules, which I'm generally not going to be using.

Of course I don't really think these games really fracture the overall RPG community any because....and I could be off-base here...I think most GMs end [...]

This Was It

Extra Fabulous

Extra Fabulous Comics

Armor Up (Saxon)

David Powell

Moving On Up

Feast your gaze upon the new homestead
and the fearsome guardian hound they call Dakota!!I am the Warden!!

The transformation begins. As of the moment I write this, we are a little over 48 hours away from taking possession of our new house and, more importantly, our new lives. This weekend alone has been a mad dash of packing, purchasing and perseverance with the calendar carrying on at such an incredibly slow rate, I'd swear a 32nd day has been added to March. 
All of this and its significance brought to light because of Timehop, the flashback app, [...]

More Atomic Robo RPG Characters, '70s Edition

Blaxploitation time!

Napoleon Jones

Concept Aspect: Undercover Brother; Omega Aspect: I Ain’t No Sell Out!

MODES: Martial Artist +3: Athletics, Combat, Notice +5, Physique, Stealth: +4, Will +3; Aspect: Bad-Ass Mutha f@#$er

Action +2: Provoke +3; Aspect: When you need me, I’ll be there…

Intrigue +1; Brother can’t be too sure…

STUNTS: Dragon Style: +1 combat in hand-to-hand, Weapon 1; Jive Talkin': Use Will for Deceive or Rapport when “being bad.”; Lightning Reflexes: Go first in combat; Pain Ain’t Nothin': 1/scene, check two physical stress and add, soak that value of physical harm; Ten-Oxen Punch: Fate point to break inanimate object

STRESSES: Physical: 4, Mental 5

Harry Milquetoast

Concept [...]

Movie Trailer ~ Jurassic World (new)

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad (Max) World...

Stride The Earth in 7-league boots: Travel (and Maps) in FRPG Pt 2

I’m taking a scheduled break from the New Beginnings series before the big push to conclude it. It will be back next week, all going according to plan. This article is a sequel of sorts to one I published a few weeks ago, The Gradated Diminishing Of Reality -- Travel in FRPG. I recommend that […]

Word of the Day -- Massif

In geology, a massif is a section of a planet's crust that is demarcated by faults or flexures. In the movement of the crust, a massif tends to retain its internal structure while being displaced as a whole. The term is also used to refer to a group of mountains formed by such a structure.

In mountaineering and climbing literature, a massif is frequently used to denote the main mass of an individual mountain. The massif is a smaller structural unit of the crust than a tectonic plate and is considered the fourth largest driving force in geomorphology.

Undead Dragon

Sandara has some great dragons. Check em out!

Advanced Races: Werelions

Advanced Races: Werelions This installment of the Advanced Races-series clocks in at 14 pages, 1 […]

House Rules - Assist Rules for Dungeon

Teala the cleric had done it. After facing the various trials of the upper levels she was now secure in the knowledge that she and she alone stood before the dank warrens of the 5th level of the twisted dungeons of the fell Necromancers of Klean. Taking a breath she pushed open the large double doors and nearly gagged. The scent of fetid blood and offal assaulted her delicate elven nose and worse the sounds of the dying retched things on the tables made her want to weep. She whispered out a prayer to Erathis and stepped through the door [...]

Holy Week

Yesterday was the 29th of the month which, as everyone knows, is Gnocchi Day here in Paraguay. I'm certain I've mentioned the Paraguayans love of holidays and fireworks (and any excuse for either). The 29th of every month is Gnocchi Day, and since the dish is so ubiquitous in Paraguayan restaurants (a pasta made from a root vegetable? That is smack-dab in the center of their wheelhouse, baby!) most places offer a special gnocchi dish to celebrate.

Of course, I wasn't celebrating Gnocchi Day...I was kind of "gnocchi'd out" round about our 2nd month of living here (interesting factoid [...]

On the Hack and Slash Compendium 2

Guys, I want to show you something:

Yeah. That's the second blog compendium.

It's basically a complete reworking of Treasure. Oh, you should see this->

It's thick. 100 pages thick. Treasure was 13 pages.

Oh! Oh! You know what? John Bell, Arnold Kemp and Tom Fitzgerald wrote for it! I paid them, actual real world money for their articles. Well, I paid everyone but John, only because Canadian banks apparently only accept moose as payment, so there have been some delays. But he has money coming to him. So if you like Retired Adventurer, Goblin Punch, [...]

Pathfinder Advice: How to Handle Zero Ranks in Knowledge

Knowledge is power, and canny adventurers learn all they can about their foes and where they live. However, sometimes it's not that simple…

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


In my Borderland of Adventure campaign we’ve recently started running the Shattered Star adventure path. We’ve been having a blast. Part 1---Shards of Sin by Greg A. Vaughan---is very well written, and the various mini-dungeons and encounters are inventive, atmospheric and engaging.

However, we’ve run into a problem.

During character generation, I encouraged my players to create characters dedicated to saving Ratik from a growing, ancient evil. They took to this with gusto and the party [...]

April Blogging 2015

I had it in mind to take part in the April A-Z Blogging Challenge. I always have it in mind to take part in the challenge, all year long. But again the time has come, and I'm far from prepared.  Either I'll throw up a tiny nugget each day, or, more likely, I'll be more silent than usual this next month. Real life is catching up with me, and my fantasy life needs to take a backseat. Hopefully I'll be back with session write-ups (I have two that need to be done) and game introspection before anyone even misses me.

Media News Monday - Animated Batman, X-Files, & Fraggle Rock

Over on collinsporthistoricalsociety.com, they announced "Adam West, Burt Ward return for BATMAN feature in 2016" here.

Also on tvline.com, they shared "X-Files Revival Officially Ordered at Fox, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Back for 6 New Episodes" here.

Finally on variety.com, we're told "Joseph Gordon-Levitt Starring in 'Fraggle Rock' Movie " here.

Media News Monday on CreativeMountainGames.com News for Movies, Television, and more
of gamer-relevant Media.Please Like, Share, Plus, Tweet, Follow, and Comment!

Dwarfs on the roll

One of my projects at the moment is to play solo some scenarios form One-Hour Wargames book by Neil Thomas, using different rules and armies.

For my first try, I opted for Scenario 5: Bridgeahead, using orcs as players army (blue side) and dwarfs as system driven army (red side). Ruleset of choice was Song of Blades and Heroes, and since the red army have clear objective, I played using Dogui's simple rules for enemy activation.

The game was fun, although it was mostly decided by dice. It was the worst dice rolling I have ever seen, as [...]

5 Tips to Pick the Right Games to Play at a Con -- Wargaming Recon #132

Have you ever wanted to go to a gaming convention but didn’t know what to play? This episode shares 5 tips to help you choose the right games for you to play.

Support Jonathan through PATREON

  1. What time is the game?
  2. Who is the GM?
  3. What rules are used/Have you played this before?
  4. How many people can play/Who else is playing?
  5. How involved do you need to be to play?

Via our Facebook page:

  1. Listener pbeccas commented about episode 131 on Youtube saying”I always imagined Jasper looking like a viking.”
  2. Listener Josh sent a Facebook message saying “I am a former radio presenter from Australia and long [...]

The Toolkit: Magic Items

I’m getting pretty tired of rolling up potions or scrolls for my home group’s loot. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a potion of healing or a scroll of magic missile, they’re useful items but not particularly interesting ones. Let’s see what we can do to fix that!

I drafted out a few ideas for this week’s table, abandoning several of them just for the sheer amount of pettifogging work involved. There were shades of colour and scales of material, at one point the table became a non-euclidean nightmare of geometry, where the dice fell through the lines on the page because [...]

Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- Smaragdines

Here’s some more fun from the Savage Worlding of Strange Stars.


The Smaragdines are the visionaries of the Alliance, known for their psi abilities. All citizens are required to have at least rudimentary skills because the crystalline megapolis of Smaragdoz is ruled by a group-mind Consensus: The captured thoughts and desires of the citizens form an entity of pure thought that makes laws by decree. All Smaragdine children are tested for psi abilities, and the most promising are sent to one of a number of academies (SS, pg 11). Here’s a post by Trey on the Smaragdines.


Consensus: The great group-mind bestows [...]

Angry Rants: Encumbrance

You know what's a s$&% ton of fun? Math. Everyone loves math. And charts. And spreadsheets. And little columns of numbers. And that's why no one ever hated encumbrance and carrying capacity in D&D and why there's no point in even writing about it. So, instead of writing this column this week, I can just go jump on my winged unicorn and fly to the land of Elyisum where chocolate-covered topless men and women deliver infinite supplies of zero calorie, zero hangover beer that even diabetics can drink. Because I am obviously living in the World of Dreams.

Everyone hates encumbrance. [...]

Revised history chapter from Earthdawn 4th Edition

While we're still waiting for the Earthdawn 4th Edition Gamemaster's Guide, one part of it fans were really asking about was shared by FASA Games. The part explaining the events leading to the...

Round Table 62 -- Acquisitions Inc. and Elemental Evil Player's Companion

A new episodeof my podcast,The Round Table, is up on The Tome Show's website. I sitdown with Topher Kohan, Andrew Timmes, and Wade Kemper to discuss the latest installment of the Acquisitions Inc. live showsat PAX East 2015 and the free D&D Elemental Evil Player’s Companion PDF. Pleaserate and reviewus on iTunes, it helps a boat load! Links: The Tome Show on Facebook Battlesystem Brawl worldbuilderblog.me TopheronGoogle+ Topheron Facebook Titan Games and Comics The Adventure Zone podcast Elemental Evil Spell Cards If you like what you're reading please follow me on Twitter, check out my other podcasts, Bonus ActionandGamer to Gamer, tell your friends, and/or leave me a comment and let me [...]

Paizo's "The Emerald Spire" for 5th edition, Part 3

Late last year, Paizo Kickstarteda superdungeon called "The Emerald Spire". Along with the characteristicly beautiful production value and stunning art, each of the 16 levels of this detailed module has its own fold-out map in the style of Paizo's other excellent flip-maps, making it a very easy crawl to run. I recently decide to host...

Paizo's "The Emerald Spire" for 5th edition, Part 3

Late last year, Paizo Kickstarteda superdungeon called "The Emerald Spire". Along with the characteristicly beautiful production value and stunning art, each of the 16 levels of this detailed module has its own fold-out map in the style of Paizo's other excellent flip-maps, making it a very easy crawl to run. I recently decide to host...

Next Tavern Header - Work in Progress by Jim Magnusson

As I've mentioned previously, the goal here at The Tavern is to have a series of blog headers / banners from different artists in rotation. It keeps things fresh as well as highlights some of the work of my favorite OSR artists.

Currently, +Jim Magnusson is working on the next Tavern banner. Somehow, I think he's caught the proprietor of Tenkar's Tavern in an awkward moment...

Reading Around: 10 Influential SF books

  The site io9 has returned to the topic of SF books with an article titled ’10 Science Fiction Books that Changed the Course of History”. I have previously used io9 as a source of images, but today I want to consider their reading recommendations.   Art from io9 in GM on Pinterest.   The …

Continue reading »

Strife: Legacy of the Eternals from New Vision 3 Games

Strife: Legacy of the Eternals



Once more, conflict rages across the world of Aerim. You are one of the Eternals, a group of immortals forever waging war from the shadows. Call forth your champions to battle against those of your timeless foes. Harness the legacy of each champion's deeds as they echo across time to empower the next. For the Champions of Aerim, this cycle continues, as it always has and always will. For the Eternals, there is only…strife.

Strife, a two-player strategy card game that plays in around an hour, is a game where you always know your opponent's options. Aside [...]

Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge: March Reviews

Here are the reviews for February for the Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge. First up this month is a continuation of last month. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Ok this is the book where everything changes. The saga of Harry Potter stops being a "boy's adventure" and becomes something deadly serious. We are treated to generous helpings of lies, betrayal, pain and death. Time to

I have been working on new Rogue Games branding the past few...

I have been working on new Rogue Games branding the past few weeks. It was time to do a little clean up on the look, as well as get ready for convention season. Above is the new color scheme, as well as new logo.

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