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Miniatures I Perhaps Shouldn't Have Sold

I bought these pre-painted about five years ago as a graduation present. They were all metal. I even painted up 10 more to boost their numbers.

The problem: they sucked in combat in Warhammer. They only thing they did was die in place.

So after getting fed up with Warhammer Fantasy Battle, I sold them on Ebay for a good price.

Now, with some upcoming projects. I kinda which I hadn't sold them.

Oh well.

Lesson: think twice before selling your miniatures--especially if they're painted.

Sidequest Saturday (Destiny Derailed): Blunder at Demon Pass

Blunder at Demon Pass occurs the morning that blasting resumes on the mountain west of Steamtown. With the pass nearing completion, an early morning explosives crew is sent to finish off the last of the demolition. However, when the workers blast open the last section of the pass, it unintentionally disturbs an incredibly large vein […]

The post Sidequest Saturday (Destiny Derailed): Blunder at Demon Pass appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

Ice Bucket Challenge

Browsing Friendly & New Generator

Several people have requested browse friendly lists of names rather than my random generator chaos. I was reluctant. Chaos is what I do. However, I do understand the desire to see a big list and select from that. So I started with the medieval name database. The starting point is Browse-able Medieval Names. I couldn’t just produce 26 pages so I wrote code to allow you browse between 3 categories * 26 letters all on the same page. It’s not AJAX enabled like I generally do but [...]

Let's Read Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3e: The Basic Rules

All right, this is where it gets a little difficult for me to set aside prejudices learned from 7th and 8th Editions.  Skimming through the book is one thing, reading the Introduction is another, but now we're really getting into the meat of the book. Unfortunately bad memories keep surfacing as I read through the chapter.

None of my opponents ever wanted to just a "basic game," even in 7th and 8th editions. When 8th Edition came out, I'd suggest starting with the basics, but they would want to play with miniatures that required Advanced Rules.

The [...]

Is D&D cool again, really? Are we headed for a D&D Golden Age?

"The Consummation of Empire" by Thomas Cole, 1836In my attempts to avoid reading news about D&D 5e, somehow I keep ending up reading articles, blog posts, and stuff on message boards. What can I say? I am curious.

+Tim Shorts at Gothridge Manor has proclaimed "5E D&D Has Been a Blast."

+Timothy Brannan at The Other Side Blog says "D&D is Back," and shared how 5e meshes fairly well with AD&D 1e modules (along with his fun times at Gen Con).

Here's an article titled "Dungeons & Dragons is Officially Cool Again."

There's a thread on EN World discussing if [...]

HJRP1215 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 12 Episode 15


Your hosts: Stu, Stork, JiB, Gina

Show Notes! We discuss preparing for the unprepared — for those moments when the preparation for the game you thought you were going to run suddenly becomes irrelevant.

Len from Miami makes the statement: players who intentionally throw wrenches in the GM’s plans are douchebags. We discuss. Michael writes us about his take on distracted players. Rob writes in about finding it difficult to get enthused about an ongoing Pathfinder game.

Charles writes in about GM Burnout. The Reverend Doctor Minnesota Gooch writes in with his mathematical analysis of the advantage/disadvantage dice mechanic in DnD 5E. His [...]

HiBRiD Junior Character Creation Rules

I was playing around with the Vim editor today and decided to use it to jot down the 10 character creation steps for playing the Junior version of HiBRiD/Ite' Gamine Engine. So for all you who want to get a game up and running in 10 minutes or less (and for all the "cousins" who play every time we have a family get-together), here they are:

These rules require the Aspect Descriptions Resource document, the Skill Descriptions Resource  document, and a director-designed Campaign Background document to complete. Email me or Message me and I will forward you a copy [...]


Illustration by Jackie Musto
for The Guide to AegyptusWe haven't included a 'What is a Role-playing Game' section in any of of our products since Terror Network and Crime Network. There are several reasons for this. Mainly it is because we assume folks buying our products are already seasoned gamers who have little to no interest in our definition of roleplaying. The other reason is I am not overly fond of defining roleplaying for other people. I don't mind describing it to those who have never gamed before, but I am not interested in establishing a definition that tells others who they should [...]

The Manor #7 Available on RPGNow

As promised, The Manor #7 PDF is available on RPGNow.The print version is available at GM Games.

And just to entice more, here is some of a cool artwork you'll find inside.

The Lost Temple of Estareth

Waaaaay back in January, Michael Pfaff of Louisville D&Dposted a nice short adventure to the Adventurer Conqueror King google+ group based around one of my maps. Somewhere along the way I lost it and forgot who had posted it. But the adventure just couldn’t sit there forgotten forever.

The Lost Temple of Estareth (click for the PDF)

It’s a nice 24-location, 14-page site-based adventure for Adventurer Conqueror King (which in turn means it works perfectly with 1981 B/X D&D or Labyrinth Lord). Michael didn’t give a specific level for the adventure, but my read-through would make it a really rough level 1-2 adventure or almost a cakewalk of a level 2-3 adventure. So let’s call it a level 1-3 adventure not recommended for brand new characters.

Click on the picture above to get to the PDF hosted over on Louisville D&D.

Hollow Earth Expedition -- The Orichalcum Tower -- Session 1: Part 1

Session 1 (18th August 2014) 11 days after getting delivery of Exile Game Studio‘s awesome Hollow Earth ExpeditionI ran my …

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#RPGaDAY 23: Coolest Looking RPG Product/Book

The #RPGaDAY prompt was concocted by Dave Chapman of Autocratik. Grab the list and join in!

Night’s Black Agents gets the nod for coolest looking role-playing book. Nobilis‘ second edition is the stately white palace of role-playing books, but it’s not in my library anymore, so I’m putting Night’s Black Agents forth.

I wish there were more pages in the preview PDF on DriveThruRPG to demonstrate why this game deserves title of coolest looking book, because the interior is where it shines. The layout is minimalist, almost austere. Sleek sans serif fonts head up sections of text. Chapters are color-coded, to aid [...]

Adult art and RPG publisher risk taking in No Salvation for Witches

Lamentations of the Flame Princess have made their funding goal for No Salvation for Witches. This is 64 paged full-colour hardcover adventure and you can pay as much or as little as you want for it.

Curious? You can check out the Indiegogo page here. At the time of writing there are three days still left on the clock.

The book is a partnership between Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Rafael Chandler. It’s a supernatural horror adventure for RPGs and is chock full of adult art. LotFP make it clear; in Europe this would be an 18 rated game and in [...]

The Gardens of Tsing Part II - The Man From K'n-Yan - An Adventure Encounter - Astonishing Swordsmen And Sorcerer of Hyperborea Actual Play Event On The Dark Corner Blog

An unholy alliance of powers beyond the ken of men, sacrifices in the jungles, weird technology, unholy rites, and strange explorations in the jungles of Hyperborea all on the Dark Corner Blog

Against the Giants: Session 122

With the vampires defeated, the party spend time searching for treasure, looting what they find, and resting in the cellar and rooms below the tower. Nothing attacks them in the night, and after some discussion they decide to head back to Hochhoch, to spend gold, brew potions, check on the strongholds being built, and generally have a well-deserved break before coming back to the marshland to find the temple that Halmary dreamed about. In the morning Halmary restored Medmyr’s burnt hand, although it came back as somewhat claw-like.

During their search of the dungeon, they found a hidden cave, where the [...]

Frightful Fridays! (Saturnine Saturdays?) Giant Bola Beetle

Hello, and welcome back to a late edition of Frightful Fridays! I didn't catch a bad case of con crud, so I can't use that as an excuse. Instead my day job decided it would be nice to welcome me back from GenCon with an already huge assignment that gathered requirements as the week went along. It didn't stop me from putting out a monster this week, though. Admittedly, I went the vermin route, so nothing super fancy in terms of spell-like abilities and whatnot, but check out those bolas!

I hope you enjoy the giant bola beetle, and I'll [...]

Zatannurday: Zatanna Cosplay at Gen Con 2014

I didn't get a ton of pictures of Zatanna at Gen Con this year. Nor did I find any others online.
But what I lack in quantity I made up for in quality! At least I hope so.

Again, I didn't get anyone's names.

Get Out of Your Own Way, Grognard

The advice in this post’s title is mainly directed at me, but it’s advice that I’m sure many of us …

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Quick Note - The Mines Map

This is the map for my final adventure of the month for Patreon. The Mines of Saint Giles will be a Swords & Wizardry adventure to balance out the 2 Next Edition and other S&W adventure already in the collection.

As those who follow me on G+ know this was an interesting case because my computer decided it could handle the map.  Enjoy!

GenCon - Best and Worst Experiences of 2014

Whoops. Here I go promising things then not delivering. Sorry about that, but I get a bit addled when on vacation and this is the last bit of mine. Anyhow, today's post is more subjective than the previous ones about GenCon but I've had some folks ask for what my best experience was and what the worst was, so I figured I'd share. I'm going to try to focus on the why this was the case, and who knows maybe it'll help someone fix things. In the interest of ending on a high note, I'm going to start with the [...]

Whirlwind Continues

Sitting at SeaTac about to board my (first) flight back to Paraguay. Had a good time in Seattle (great 'Hawks game last night), and will miss my friends and family here.

Ah, well. Got to get home to the wife and kids. Later!

Three Paragraphs about Dwarves

Introductory explication: This doesn't count as one of the paragraphs. Dwarves in the setting I'm working on, and should be running in tomorrow, are basically vikings. In fact, they are literally vikings. They are vikings who issue forth from their Nordic mountain fortresses, take to the sea, and plunder worthless humans settlements. Of course it's like 1750 so their chain and axes are pass and somewhat outmoded, but dwarves don't quit. A dwarf can take a musket ball to the guts and just keep churning through, axe still reaping blood. So when five or six longships show up, folks are [...]

The Savage World of Lankhmar & The Sixth Gun

The Savage World of Lankhmar naht: Fafhrd and Gray Mouser (Dark Horse Comics) & The Sixth Gun (Oni Press) (Image: obskures.de)

Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Mit The Savage World of Lankhmar kndigen die Oberwilden ihre Interpretation des Sword & Sorcery-Klassikers aus der Feder von Fritz Leiber an. Wer kennt Fafhrd und Gray Mouser nicht?

Shane Hensley (TSRs Lankhmar Box) und Tim Brown (Dark Sun, Dragon Kings) bernehmen die Entwicklung der Reihe:

“Lankhmar: City of Thieves: Our first book details the city of Lankhmar and its most important players, including Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. A full Plot Point Campaign allows a party of street-level [...]

Check This Out: Sertorius -- Beneath the Banshee Tree

Brendan Davis sent me review copies of the Sertorius roleplaying game and the Beneath the Banshee Tree scenario for the game because my Three Clue Rule was name-dropped and used in the latter.

To be perfectly honest, when Brendan sent me the PDF for Sertorius I gave it a quick glance, saw it was yet another 500 page fantasy roleplaying game, and threw the PDF metaphorically onto the stack of Things I Will Probably Never Get the Time to Look At(TM).But I’m always interested in good mystery scenarios and when I cracked openBeneath the Banshee Tree, it did exactly what good [...]

Paint Better: More Sentinel Tactics

So my last set of paint jobs was not my best work, I'll admit. So for this batch, I buckled down and actually used some technique: stains and washes, proper drybrushing, patience clean-up of mistakes, and select highlights and lowlights. That, and being more comfortable with the range of paints, made for much better looking figures.

Proletariat, the People's Hero! With 6 clones to paint at once and a mostly simple paint scheme, Prole was mostly an exercise in careful drybrushing to get a proper red torso. I was pretty intimidated by the yellow star, and initially tried to [...]

Tell About Adventure

Badass Flumph (Level 25 Elite Controller)

"Adventurers often smirk and joke about the so called 'Flumphs', regarding them as nothing but tavern talk or a joke for greenhorns to fear on their first quests. Alas, I know now that they are not only real, but that some grow old and powerful. We had been exploring the shifting corridors and endless chambers of one of Armun's sentient levels, when suddenly we found ourselves face to face with one of the strangest things I have ever (in a career severely packed with strange things) seen. It was a Flumph. However, it had somehow implanted shaped and articulated plates [...]

SUPERS! Revised Edition Print/PDF On Sale

If you saw the interview the other day with some of the crew behind SUPERS! Revised Edition, they are currently running a sale on the print and pdf together. In a cool move, it looks like Walt Robillard of HAZARD Studio essentially created the sale thanks to some potential customer feedback over at theRPGsite. I love seeing game companies interact with customers like this--in such a small community as gaming, it's amazing to me some do not do so!

I'm a big fan of print and pdf being offered together, and hope we see more gaming companies move to [...]

#RPGaDay 13: Most Memorable Character Death

The Official #RPGaDay Meme

Unlucky number post thirteen of #RPGaDay!

I’ve already discussed the trials and tribulations of my favorite character, Morvael, which you can read about here. Although his self-sacrifice was epic, it doesn’t have quite the same notoriety that comes with the way my psychic bellydancer vigilante, Scheherezade, met her doom on a Pennsylvania interstate.

It bears mentioning that our GM has since garnered a reputation for car-based TPKs (there was at least one other vehicular incident in his campaigns, and possibly a third as well). We probably also shouldn’t have given driving duties to the character who had spent the whole night DJing at the local Apocalypse Club. But the dice fell where they may, and he rolled a critical fumble on his “stay awake” roll and then botched his “don’t overcorrect” roll afterwards. Suffice it to say, we failed nearly every single roll thereafter as we tried to pull each other from the wreckage while dodging 55mph+ incoming traffic. Oh, and the car exploded after a number of rounds, too. Boom–four less vigilantes on the streets. We never did get to see what was awry in Centralia, PA.

Fun fact: despite her anticlimactic demise, my character Scheherezade is in the [...]

#RPGaDay 23

Day 23 - Coolest Looking RPG product/book

I know that part of this is because it's shiny and new, but the 5th Edition D&D Player's Handbook has some of the coolest artwork I've seen in a long time.

The reason I decided to go with it though is pictured below. There's something about it.  I never thought a prismatic spray picture would make me stop and say "whoa."

Atomic Robo RPG At Gen Con!

So as you may have gathered from previous posts I'm a bit of an Atomic Robo fanboy. Perhaps you can imagine my fanboyness reaching exponential levels when+Liz Mackieand I played in a game of Atomic Robo run by+Mike Olsonwho only went and wrote the game! Ok so I think I actually played it kinda cool and didn't have any fanboy moments but I'll let others judge me on that! So the game - "

When will this dungeon end? - Oolong the Scarlet Hero part 6

Continuing story from here.

Upon descending down the stairs, Oolong noticed a tunnel leading north-east to the next cave. The cave was empty, except for the long extinguished remains of the camp fire in the middle of it. The only exit from the cave was west, into more twisted tunnels. Upon walking through them, Oolong found herself where she started. The tunnel closed into itself.
Knowing from the wizard's story that the dungeon is bigger than this, she decided to look for the secret door. Then she had an idea. She returned to the camp fire and checked [...]

R4I Update -- We're Still Here

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve posted new content and I am sorry. We just got back from Gen Con earlier this week and still have to unpack. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will have several videos up about our adventures at Gen Con, our game haul, and a few extra topics.

There are two main reasons for our lull in content.

#1 we moved. It was not a major move in distance, but we did move into a larger space. Packing, painting, unpacking and organizing took quite a lot of time and most nights we were simply [...]

Alice Has Arrived - And Taken Over!

There is a new bundle of fun in our house - 13-week-old Alice Colin Knight, the hyperactive puppy we took ownership of this week. She's been running Rachel and I ragged, but we don't care because it was love at first sight. Cue sleepless nights and early morning toilet trips to the garden as Alice gets used to her new home. Every new discovery is a cause of enormous, Tigger-esque

GURPS Dredd need marketing, badly

Very interesting Twitter thingy.

Munchkin Apocalypse: Judge Dredd is going to be a thing.

The money quote from +Phil Reed in the the tweet above is:

philipjreed @philipjreed  Aug 21@PseudoFenton @2000AD @SJGames Now you have me wondering if there would be enough demand to make GURPS Judge Dredd worth considering .
GURPS doesn't get too much licencing love anymore, though there are exceptions.

Dredd would be interesting. It plays to a lot of GURPS' strengths, and if given the "self-contained game" treatment, where rules could be stated in ways to suit the genre, it is right in the middle of GURPS' sweet spot. All those ammo types?

Saturday Enchantment-Balrick's Heavy Yoke

Derrick’s eyes squinted against the sunlight streaming onto him through the prison window. He groaned and turned away from it, trying to fall back to sleep. Surely he had been sleeping for days, but he felt still more tired than when he had begun. This prison was going to kill him. He only hoped the others could clear his name before it did.

If you don’t know the Mind Weave enchanting rules, this resource will help you keep up:Enchanter’s Almanack.

Balrick’s Heavy Yoke

Balrick stands among the most renown of enchanters, famous for the pieces he created long ago when he was charged [...]

Skorne: Warlock Hexeris

Part of the Cryx mega-lot included a few odds and ends, including this Skorne Warlock. He is a really cool figure, one I will definitely use in NeoExodus as a Khaynite warlord.

I am particularly happy with how the face came out. He looks very evil. Love him!

Player Tip #5 -- On Absentia

The past few weeks have been a hectic time for the Thirdwalling staff. The turmoil has reminded us of one unequivocal fact: Life happens. Whether it's schoolwork piling up, vacations, family obligations or stress from the day job; players will occasionally miss a game session. The way you handle that absence as a player can mean the difference between a seamless night of play without you or a polite invitation for you never to come back! This week's player tip explores the steps you should take as a player to minimize the impact of a missed session for a long-running [...]

Saturday Crowdfunding Roundup - Star Trek, Dungeon Architects, & Pirate Loot

The Kickstarter for the Star Trek: Axanar film is nearly over but you can get in on this already well-funded effort if you move quickly.

Dungeon Architect Cards by Simian Circle Games looks like a neat GMing accessory but has other uses outlined on the Kickstarter here.

Finally, Pirate Loot looks to be a fun dice game by Jason Bulmahn and is well on its way to its goal with nearly four weeks left.

Saturday Crowdfunding Roundup on CreativeMountainGames.com Keeping an eye on those Kickstarter & IndieGoGo
projects plus other crowdfunding efforts.Please Like, Share, Plus, Tweet, Follow, [...]

#RPGaDAY Day 23, Coolest looking RPG product / book

#RPGaDAY Day 23, Coolest looking RPG product / book

Not really sure.  There have been so many.

I loved BESM 3.0 when it first came out. Colorful and really captured the feel I wanted.

I loved the way the Dresden Files RPG looks too.

But for my money the coolest RPG books are still WitchCraft and the 1st Ed. Monster Manual.

These two books fill me with all sorts of geek-related joy.

Strutting Fat Man

OSRGAMING.ORG Domain Actively Being Shopped

+Vincent Florio has told me that OSRGAMING.ORG, a domain that he holds and which hosts the forums of many RPG podcasts, is actively taking offers. Vince refused to state why the domain is being shopped, but he did say he had received at least one credible offer thus far.

Not a bad domain to own if you desired to be a hub in the community.

Shit - maybe we could crowdsource the funds to make a viable offer.

Dropped Like a Stone -- Oh, the Humanity!

In a previous post, I mentioned that choosing Blood & Smoke as the rule-set Dropped Like a Stone will be used with presented me with a small issue when it comes to Humanity. Here I explain why.

The original Vampire: the Requiem rules presented a character’s Humanity rating as a reflection of how virtuous they were. For example, a character with Humanity 9 would have to make a Humanity roll if they merely committed minor selfish acts whereas one with Humanity 5 could get away with everything except wanton destruction or murder.

Blood & Smoke, however, completely changed Humanity and made it [...]

Dropped Like a Stone -- Oh, the Humanity!

In a previous post, I mentioned that choosing Blood & Smoke as the rule-set Dropped Like a Stone will be used with presented me with a small issue when it comes to Humanity. Here I explain why.

The original Vampire: the Requiem rules presented a character’s Humanity rating as a reflection of how virtuous they were. For example, a character with Humanity 9 would have to make a Humanity roll if they merely committed minor selfish acts whereas one with Humanity 5 could get away with everything except wanton destruction or murder.

Blood & Smoke, however, completely changed Humanity and made it [...]

Review: The Chained Coffin

Michael Curtis is one of my favorite game writers. From The Society of Torch, Pole, and Rope to The Dungeon Alphabet to Stonehell to the various DCC adventures he's written, it's all quality stuff. Beyond that, every interaction I've had with him has been positive.

I'm sure he's tired of me asking about Stonehell 2 though... :-)

Given that he just had to write a TON of extra material for his successful kickstarter The Chained Coffin, and that he's written three 5e adventures, and he's involved in a number of other upcoming projects, it's probably going to [...]

AMBER ZONE: Kellan's Heroes

Player’s Information:

The players stuck are on a balkanized world awaiting repatriation at the poor-quality starport after their contract is fulfilled in yet another of the planet’s wars between two rival factions. While imbibing the swill that passes for whiskey at the starport’s only bar, a party member spots an old friend, and sometimes rival, named Kellan. Years of merc work have left Kellan a shaking shell of the young Marine Officer of 20 years ago. A disastrous mission during this ticket saw Kellan busted to Private for dereliction of duty. Furthermore, Kellan has been severely wounded in both legs. He [...]

Star Wars Rebels: Art Attack...

D20 Nile Empire: War in Heliopolis

1570 B.C. The Hyksos have been cast out of Egypt and the New Kingdom begun, but the Nile Empire is in danger. Twice, the evil god Set has murdered his brother Osiris, King of the Gods. Now the gods of Egypt are split into rival pantheons, waging war through their Avatars.

This is a D20 System source book on the New Kingdom of Egypt, detailing gods, weaponry, character classes, feats and skills needed to role-play in the Valley of the Kings. A bevy of new monsters appear, plus the outline for a 10-adventure campaign set amidst the war of the gods.

Review and Commentary On The Pay What You Want Wasteland Treasures 1 From Outland Arts For Mutant Epoch Or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Grab It Right

There's lots of fiddly bits to post apocalyptic old school gaming but one of the heart and soul parts of the game is all of the neat loot that can be retrieved from the ruins. In tonight's game I got the chance to try out the brand new product that just came out Wasteland Treasures 1  From  Outland Arts. 
This is a slightly different set of treasure tables then the generic ones found in products for Mutant Future but this one could be used with that game or any old school PA game with a bit of adaption and work [...]
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