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Events & Play Wednesday - Upcoming Conventions, Gamedays. and Misc Gaming, October & Onward

Well, it's October and the gaming events are still aplenty this month and next.  Do yourself a favor and get away from your regularly scheduled life, and get out to a gameday or even a small convention.  If it includes a drive up into Wisconsin, the Fall colors will be an added bonus.

Let me mention right up front that this Saturday there is a gameday at Lake Geneva Games.  There will be a bit of everything including some RPGing in Next and 1E AD&D, some wargaming in the form of 40K, and plenty of boardgaming.  Don't let [...]

October Music

Cooler weather got you down?  Not me (October is actually my favorite month of the year, and Halloween my favorite holiday.  But my wife hates it when summer ends.

Here's something.  Check out some Halloween music, and use it as background music while playing your RPG games!  The two outfits that seem to be the most well known in this particular ouvre are Midnight Syndicate and Nox Arcana.


There; that's the entire first CD by Nox Arcana, Darklore Manor that someone made as a youtube playlist.  Their other CD Blood of the Dragon, with its more [...]

Figure Forge Dragonfly Hopper for Heavy Gear

In this Figure Forge Matt assembles the Hooper for Heavy Gear Blitz. The Dragonfly is one of the new VTOL’s for the Heavy Gear Blitz game from Dream Pod 9. The model is smooth, no eloquent and assembles quickly.



I only need like ten more of these!

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Kratos: Examine Purpose

It took forty minutes to upload today’s comic.


I’m looking for a new web host. GoDaddy is terrible.

RPT#623: Happy House Ruling -- How to Use Game Design to Create New Gameplay Experiences

In This Issue Happy House Ruling How to Avoid Herding Happy House Ruling – How to Use Game Design to Create New Gameplay Experiences Johnn Four Introduce constraints through house rules and game design to offer unique gaming experiences and encourage creativity. A couple of old school AD&D modules come to mind.EX1: DungeonlandandEX2: Land Beyond […]

The post RPT#623: Happy House Ruling – How to Use Game Design to Create New Gameplay Experiences appeared first on Roleplaying Tips.

[class] Innrider for D&D 3.5e

This one is from the archives, written up by me maybe 10 years ago. What’s up with the Innrider? Let me answer that with a question: In your game, has there ever been a situation where a halfling or gnome got up on the shoulders of another large and strong PC and “rode” around for […]

Dixit: Daydreams from Asmodee

Dixit: Daydreams



In Dixit, each round one player takes on the role of Storyteller, choosing one card from his hand, then telling a story, singing a ditty, or otherwise doing something that in his opinion is associated with the played card. Each other player then chooses one card in her own hand and gives it to the Storyteller in secret. These cards are shuffled and revealed, then players vote on which card was played by the Storyteller. If either no one or everyone votes for the Storyteller, then he receives no points; if he received some votes but not all [...]

Review: Don't Starve Giant's Edition (PS Vita)

As Liz mentioned towards the end of Episode 147 of the podcast I’ve been playing a lot of Don’t Starve lately, mostly on my way to and from work. When I say playing what I actually mean is running around in a panic trying to survive another night (my first game I made it to all of the 3rd night before dying) or running away from whatever monster I’ve managed to provoke this time.

But wait, playing it on my commute? Yes, for Don’t Starve is now out for the Playstation Vita!

The Game

For those who may not be familiar with Don’t [...]

How to Play Dark Gothic

Dark Gothic is card game based on American Gothic Horror from Flying Frog Productions. This game uses resource management in a unique that also incorporates deck building and management.


After getting use to the concept of building and thinning your deck during game play I found Dark Gothic to be very entertaining.

Creating a character for Labyrinth Lord

In my old blog Cradle of Rabies I created some characters, labeled 1000 and 1 characters. I begin it in here, now. I remember when I was younger player I enjoyed to create characters. Character creation was like solo-gaming, or a mini-game of the roleplaying game. Also creating characters taught me how characters work and what are disadvantages and advantages of different stats. Basically how game worked in player's point of view. I think it is also good practice to create a character or two for a game you are about to run to make character creation run smooth. At [...]

Fixing Mutant Future low melee damage

Mutant Future and Labyrinth Lord (well, basic era games in general) have similar melee weapon damages but there's a big difference; the HP.

In Labyrinth Lord you roll one die per level so your first level adventurer has enough hit points to survive a blow or three. In Mutant Future you roll dice equal to your Constitution score (16 dice for CON 16 dude) making him around ten timed -or more- resilient than his poor fantasy cousins.

Firearms and lasers do more damage, but aren't melee weapons lethal too instead of just being annoying? And in default Mutant Future [...]

[Review] The Undercroft zine #2

Hear me out. If you like weird fantasy, horror and/or Lamentations of the Flame Princess you should not waste your time here reading this review. The time you spend reading this review you could spend reading The Undercroft issue 2. You'll get it from HERE in print and PDF. Now go.
You are still here? Alright. Either I was not convincing or you really want to hear what I have to say.
For first, look at the cover to the left. It is fucking sweet! +Cdric Plante is a guy I found in G+ and have been following him. He is a [...]

Daily Cosplay

The Elves of Fontenouq

The lands of Fontenouq are wild, inhospitable places, consisting of rocky outcrops atop steep hills, whose slopes follow wild descents into ever darkening woods. In the valleys the trees and bramble grow close. They are fed by many small streams, pools and ponds. There are no roads here, only trails, and these seem to crisscross the country in no particular pattern. A plentiful amount of game is available for the wary hunter, but there are many predators, both magical and mundane.

The spired castles of the Fontenouq Elves dot the countryside. Though some went to great lengths to [...]


Altering the Rules

This page will serve as a running list of all the rules alterations we use in the 10th Age. Anyone is free to adopt them, and in many cases they're simply optional rules from various 2e books that we've welded together. Kits Dwarven Defender Dwarven Sharpshooter Kits that have been ruledimpermissible Troubleshooter (thief) NWP/WP Rules Characters cannot trade NWPs for WPs. However, due to

October Horror Movie Challenge: The Thing (1982)

Synopsis: Scientists in the Antarctic are confronted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of the people that it kills.

The Good: 1982's The Thing is a masterpiece. It has the perfect mix of horror and paranoia. The creature effects are fantastic and still give me chills to this day. I love Kurt Russel's MacCready (okay... I honestly just love Kurt Russel).

The Bad: I can't really say anything bad about this one.

Final Thoughts: This movie is probably the best aliens among us flick out there. I've seen it 20+ times and I still [...]

Gotham: Bruce & Alfred...

You can't really go wrong with Sean Pertwee...

The Look of Horror

Movie Trailer ~ Taken

They call it the final one, but there really is no reason for that. They should make this a franchise where he helps other people who have been 'taken.'

But final or not, the first two were sweet music, this one will be too, no doubt.


For years I've struggled with carrying crap from car to house, house to car, room to room and other rooms to rooms or where ever I'm going. Why? Because I'm always carting around a Dr. Pepper. Its always in my hand, like Linus's security blanket. I have a Dr. Pepper. Which means I've only one free hand to carry crap in.

At last . . .

The Justinian

West of the Hall of Illuminationand at the base of the mountains is another ancient place of worship. Over time, followers of different deities have occupied the area, but most of the fortress was built by followers of Lyseana on top of the original dwarven chambers. The fortress was named in her honor: The Justinian.

The dwarves originally built it as a Northern entry point to their undermountain empire, but expanded around it to include forges dedicated to Duethain when valuable ores were discovered nearby. Eventually, the vein was exhausted and the Duethainian smiths moved to other locations, taking much [...]

The Appendix N Podcast - Episode 8 - The King of Elfland's Daughter by Lord Dunsany

Jeff Wikstrom and I discuss The King of Elfland's Daughter by Lord Dunsany. A prince of the normal world brings home an Elf princess to be his wife, but it doesn't turn out quite like everyone hand planned.
Dunsany, Lord. The Book of Wonder, The Essential Lord Dunsany Collection, The Gods of Pegana, The King of Elfland's Daughter, Lord Dunsany Compendium, and The Sword of Welleran and Other Tales.
Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron of Dunsany born 1878, died 1957
Lord Dunsany was an Irish writer and dramatist, notable for his work, mostly in fantasy, published under the name [...]

Calidar Softcover Approved

After many troubles related entirely to internal issues at DTRPG and Lightning Source (the printer), the softcover version of Calidar's book has finally received its approval.  I received a clean proof copy yesterday, Oct 30th, and straight away ordered the copies for the backers who wanted them.  It'll take a few weeks for everyone to receive them. General sales on DTRPG will be available later today (I'll amend the related page on this blog this morning). Here are a few pictures.

The Manor #8 Tease

I'm tight lipped and no hints...except the one above.  Not going to say a thing.  Nothing.  Not a peep.

Door Murderer - Scourge of the Side Quests!

We finished up in the caves/tunnels/dungeons and decided to burn assorted weaponry in a room. How the weapons would manage to melt in an enclosed room with limited oxygen supply ... well, never mind.

In the cellar under the Redbrand mansion, we found the wife and children of a man who had been murdered. We tried to be reassuring and sympathetic, but it perhaps didn't pan out very well.

At any rate, we got rid of (in an Al Pacino way) most of the Redbrands, strongly suggested others might want to skip town and never return, and took a few as prisoners. Said prisoners were then hastily juged by the person we saved from that other cave, who assumed control of the town and Mayor Spineless didn't mind this at all, and executed.

Pats on the backs all 'round.

Courtesy of Wednesday 24 September 2014's 5th [...]

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Session 7

The new season and format of encounters is upon us.  Dungeons and Dragons have officially released their new edition and Derek, Craig and I are back to talk about what happened at our table during the week.  Join us as we readjust to the new rules, the new public play rules and the rise of the Dragon Cult.

We are back for another season of Adventurer's League.
Click HERE for the podcast, or click on the bar below.  
If you like this article, head over to the site for more great articles, or just keep reading the feed. Cheers Alton [...]

Bits and Bobs XXIV

Zak S is a well known figure in the OSR, and one I enjoy reading most of the time. I don't usually bother including his posts here, but he's gone above and beyond with a 10 part art history overview that's probably 10 times better than anything you'd get in school, if only because he ties it in with D&D, and also doesn't spend any time worrying about the minutia that no one reading his posts cares about. This post is the overview of the course. I'm linking to it here for myself as much as for you.

Eric [...]


The Glimmering Bow

Work-in-Progress: A Counter Called Audrey...

Still working on some counters...

More Than Set Dressing: Handing Over The Reins

Over the past few weeks we’ve delved pretty deep into the theory behind starting the story of your character with the technical aspects of making them. But, throughout our journey, we haven’t yet looked at the one part everyone associates most with storytelling: the backstory.

Often, as @TheAngryDM wrote earlier this week, backstories players write provide an ultimate end for the GM to use (Strongnar was destined to slay the greatest threat his village would face) but not adequate motivation for the characters in the meantime. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that in my opinion, trusting your [...]

Elthos RPG Rules Book Drawings

A few drawings that I made for the Elthos RPG Rules Book. We're working on final layout now. What I really love about this hobby is how many different arts it brings together. Between the story writing, improvisational acting, history and science study, map making and artwork, well, its just a fabulously creative endeavor.

October Horror Movie Challenge: Witchfinder General (1968)

This poster is pretty awesome.Let's kick off the month with a cult classic from across the pond.

Witchfinder General is a British horror film set during the English Civil War. Matthew Hopkins (Vincent Price), an opportunistic individual, tours the land offering his services as a 'witchfinder'. Aided by the incredibly sadistic John Stearne (Robert Russel), Hopkins tortures people suspected of witchcraft, charging the local magistrate for their work & leveraging the occasional sexual favor from those desperate to see their loved ones found innocent of such heinous crimes.

After executing a priest and taking advantage of his niece [...]


October 2014 Blog Carnival: Things that go bump in the night

  From goulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties And things that go bump in the night Good Lord, deliver us! – The Cornish and West Country Litany, 1926 Once again into the darkness of the All Hallows Eve the RPGA … Continue reading →

On Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Episode III Remix, Part I

A moment before we get into the work of remixing Episode III.

I've seen a lot of people giving Wolfgang Baur and Steven Winter a hard time for this adventure path.

I don't think it's fair to say that the module is bad or a failure simply because it compares negatively to some of the best adventure modules ever written (e.g. Masks of Nyarlathotep). This was written on a deadline as work for hire. Wolfgang has written one of the best modules ever written (Kingdom of the Ghouls from Dungeon Magazine #70). HotDQ is a huge project on [...]

5E Birthright - The Cold Rider (Warlock Patron)

The Cold Rider (Warlock patron) Is your patron one of the Lost, an aspect of Azrai, a liche, a god, an awnshegh, a part of the Shadow World brought to life? You do not know but it whispers to you in the night and you listen, gaining new magics others fear. Expanded Spell List Spell Level Spells 1st detect evil and good, false life 2nd blur, gentle repose 3rd

More Thoughts on the Cypher System

Over the last few weeks I have posted several times about Numenera and praised the so-called Cypher system which powers the game. The same rules have also been used in The Strange, Monte Cook latest game he has written together with Bruce Cordell. What really amazes me about the [...]

Plot Crawl Campaign - Running my Cthulhu game with a pile of props

As I blogged about a while back, I am running a 1920s Cthulhu game on the side along with my regular Weird West campaign. I lifted an idea from the Secret Cabal Podcast which I found rather inspiring. Rather than your typical game where someone would initially approach the investigators to tackle a specific mission looking into the supernatural, instead it would be based on what the players wanted to look into. It's a plot crawl campaign.

It's much like your good old fashioned hex crawl game. While there isn't a map of randomly generated content, it's open ended [...]

More Dungeon World in Fate

I would like to preface this entire article by saying that this is purely an idea and not something I would take seriously.

After everything that happened with the Counter-action articles, I was inspired to take Fate a step further into Dungeon World territory by making it so that everything that enemies accomplish are from bad player rolls.

So, I present to you a revision to Fate’s actions to be more suited to Dungeon World’s playstyle:


Can be used like Defy Danger from Dungeon World where the character attempts to accomplish something while avoiding danger from enemies.

Fail Miserably (by 3 shifts or more): [...]

Blog Watch: M3, Obsessive Body Covering, Punches in the Face, Dead Scouts, and Appendix E

Appendix N (Castalia House)RETROSPECTIVE: Creep, Shadow! by Abraham Merritt — “While it would be possible to borrow elements of this book in order to embellish the happenings around, say, the Chapel of Evil Chaos from the classic module B2, the events and characters presented here are beyond the scope of the typical D&D session. As a scenario for something like GURPS Horror, however, this is almost perfect.”

AD&D (Don’t Split The Party) Are Only Swords Smart? And, if Not, What does this Mean? Part II — “So it looks like the low average hit points of magic-users (and to a lesser [...]

How Important are Ability Scores in the Games You Run?

White Box D&D had, at most, + / - 1 for high or low ability scores, but later supplements changed that. By the time we got to AD&D, the + / 1 range was 4, and don't even mention Exceptional Strength for fighters and their sub-classes.

I tend to favor a range of + / - 3 for the games I run these days, but taking a step back from DMing (not completely, but in large part) for the summer-plus, has gotten me to look at ability score bonuses again.

When a 13-18 is a "plus one", actual scores become much less important. Depending on how heroic of a game you want to run, that plus one might be all you need. Conversely, it keeps the [...]

Savage Eberron: Weapons of Sarlona

Continuing the exploration of weapons and equipment of Khorvaire, I present here seven new weapons imported from the continent of Sarlona.

Again, special thanks to +Ron Blessing for assisting with some of these, particularly the monk's cane.
Weapons Many of these weapons are ideal for adepts or ascetic psions (the psionic adaptation of the adept), especially those who are of Sarlona. When wielded by a character with either of those two Edges (and at the GM's discretion), the cutting wheel, monk's cane, monk's spade, and hook sword can be treated as though the character were fighting unarmed for the purposes of including [...]

Kill the Bug - Oolong the Scarlet Hero intermezzo

Continued form here.

This is just a small adventure to connect the loose threads.

After leaving town of Earl Grey, Oolong entered wildernesses and approached a lair of the giant bug that is needed as ingredient to wizard Darjeeling.

Oolong tied Guan Yin a little bit further from the bug's lair, and then she approached the giant insect.

Potions are really powerful in Scarlet Heroes, and I decided to use two - Invisibility in order to make surprise attack and Furious Might to further increase our hero fighting ability. It was enough to kill monster with [...]

Campaign Chunk -- The Emperor's Delight

Campaign Chunk – The Emperor’s Delight

The Imperial vineyard is well know across the world for its unique grape that produces a distinct flavor when made into red wine. First made over 300 years ago, the wine, know as Emperor’s Delight, is a fruity red and is considered by connoisseurs to be the finest of its type. This, in addition to the fact it is only grown in one region by one company, makes it one of the most expensive as well, with bottles fetching prices into 4 figures or more.

Collectors from around the world buy up the bottles, with certain [...]

GM Advice: How to Design 3-Part Adventures

At its heart, an adventure is a story -- a story shared between the players and the GM. As everyone knows, a good story has a distinct beginning, middle and end.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


Deciding on an outline and structure is a vital first step in crafting an exciting, compelling adventure. A three-part adventure (shockingly) comprises three parts:

  • Introduction
  • Main
  • Conclusion

As a rule of thumb, both the Introduction and the Conclusion should each comprise about 1/5 of the total material (be it encounters, word count or whatever). This leaves 3/5ths of the material for the main body of the adventure.

This structure works with [...]

Wonder Woman Wednesday...

Creating a character for Labyrinth Lord

In my old blog Cradle of Rabies I created some characters, labeled 1000 and 1 characters. I begin it in here, now. I remember when I was younger player I enjoyed to create characters. Character creation was like solo-gaming, or a mini-game of the roleplaying game. Also creating characters taught me how characters work and what are disadvantages and advantages of different stats. Basically how game worked in player's point of view. I think it is also good practice to create a character or two for a game you are about to run to make character creation run smooth. At [...]



Much like a movie or a novel, a roleplaying adventure depends on the flow of information. A game can grind to a halt when players don't know where to go or what to do next. If players are exploring or clearing out a dungeon, this may not be a big problem. However, most GM's will want to run an adventure with more of a plot at some point. Even in a dungeon, you may want to lead up to a big fight at the cultists inner sanctum or the evil wizard's laboratory. Just for clarification, I use the term "plot" [...]

Three Map Drafts from the Sketchbook

Mollified only a little since my rage began to blossom, I’ve decided that there is, perhaps, a use for ‘real’ maps, provided that they’re rotated in the same way that the real places and moments that make an impression are; i.e. turned sideways through the ‘why does this bit of geography appeal? what’s interesting about […]
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