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Have Gun Will Travel

There is quite a discussion going on in the spaced out community about who will have property rights on the moon. If company X crosses the Darkling Sea to get to the Moon and extracts a bunch of ore, and brings it back to earth. Can they legally sell it or claim ownership

Well its pretty simple. If the western nations or any nations attempt to seize it they'll just find a friendly port . . . any number of islands would be more than happy I'm sure to set up operations and not tax the company. So you'd [...]

Word of the Day -- Icebox

An icebox (also called a cold closet) is a compact non-mechanical refrigerator which was a common kitchen appliance before the development of safe powered refrigeration devices.

Iceboxes had hollow walls that were lined with tin or zinc and packed with various insulating materials such as cork, sawdust, straw or seaweed. A large block of ice was held in a tray or compartment near the top of the box. Cold air circulated down and around storage compartments in the lower section. Some finer models had spigots for draining ice water from a catch pan or holding tank. In [...]

Friday Link Dump 7/25/2014

In case you missed the memo, Marvel Comics is giving access to their online archives for just 99 cents. Definitely worth a look, I'd say. If you've ever taken a Myers-Briggs test and want to know the truth - not just the nice things they say about you to make you feel better about yourself - you should probably check this out. Apparently, I'm similar to a babbling old woman at an

The Book of Terniel Game Recap (7/22/14)

Week 7 of theBook of Terniel playtest opens with the PCs finally discovering Morrow Home, the hidden thawn giant lair. They’ve been tromping through the Fetid Bog for days searching for Morrow Home as they believe the giants are in possession of the Book of Terniel.

The Players

A new player joined us tonight bringing our count to nine players and me. It’s been a while since we had such a big group.

  • Dwarnin, dwarf fighter and lover of brawls and ale, brother to Thoric
  • Kazu, human summoner from a distant land
  • Kiryn, elf wizard and student of history
  • Rayne, human rogue
  • Rundell, human rogue and retired [...]

Fleamarket Friday: Oh, Yes, They Will Be Mine... (Part Two)

Due out in October from POP! vinyl people Funko is a new addition to their Fabrikations line: Rocket Raccoon. The six inch tall Fabrikations follow the same design aesthetic as the POP! vinyl figures, only they are described as "soft scultptures" as their bodies are made of fabric.

End-of-Week Elmore (7/25/14)

"Ha HA! My green dragon will defeat your...er...what the heck is THAT?! Is that a beak? And check out those feet! I've heard of a bird dog, but this is ridiculous!"

An Article Worth Reading.... and my own comments

  The RPGer known on Google+ as Jeffro (Jeff Johnson) has written a review of the book High Crusade that is (typical for Jeff) very good and delves into a lot more than just a great book by a great author. Other great writers have already chimed in on the piece and I am going to exploi-, uh, also comment.
  Jeff touches on some if the issues with thieves and clerics held by some gamers. I have previously touched on both of these classes, so my opinions should be clear. What I want to focus on in Jeff's insight [...]

The Online GM: Bringing It All Back Home

All good things come to an end. Campaigns end. Gaming groups disband. Even online gaming groups come to a close. After two and a half years of GMing my online 4e group, our campaign ended. We disbanded for several reasons. First, the story had come to a close. It had many twists and turns. It had a deeper and more complicated mythology than any campaign should have. But most importantly, the characters reached a point of resolution and redemption. And that really was the goal of our story. My primary reason for disbanding the group was that online GMing was [...]

Ship of Fools -- "Ghult: The Treasure Fleet"

The finale of our middle school Adventure Games Enrichment Camp tournament took us outside of the classroom and down to the school cafeteria, where the students piloted their treasure-laden sailing ships across the floor, unleashing barrages of marshmallow cannonballs at one another.Bosch of course!Before jumping into the action, however, there were ample opportunities for kids to use their brains and flex their strategic muscles.
Throughout the prior week, each of our four-student teams had earned up to 6000 points through victories in the roughly sixty individual game sessions run by myself and my high school volunteers.  Between each event, the teams would huddle and decide [...]

A Look At 5e So Far...

Perhaps the only thing on the net to rival all the talk of Johnny Football is conversations on 5e D&D. They have a lot in common with people speculating on if they are good or bad without a game being played. At least in the case of Johnny Football we have tape of him in college. With 5e we just have previous editions. But with the new game of D&D just like the NFL the rules are changed in ways that make it tough to judge them before the first snap or die is rolled.

When looking at 5e D&D I [...]

My D&D 5th Edition "House Rules" V1.0

I haven’t played D&D 5th Edition yet, but I have the Basic PDF and have read blogs and forum extensively to see what others think of it.

I’m certainly willing to give it a chance, but there are a few things that don’t mesh with my playstyle. (I skipped 3rd & 4th Editions entirely.)

So here are my “house rules” that gelled in my brain as I was just waking up a while ago, and I just had to write them down before I forgot.

“D&D 5th Edition “House Rules”

version 1.0

July 25, 1014

1) Resting & Healing: A “short rest” is a minimum of [...]

Committing to Dual-Weapon Attack

A follow-up to my GURPS-Day post from yesterday.

One concept that came up after the comment threads was whether a DWA is really an All-Out Attack (Double) and should just be left that way.

I don't think so; after all, the picture in that post is me training dual-weapon use, and getting in a strike with each hand and also parrying is explicitly what we do, and it can happen pretty fast. That's one of the reasons to use such light, balanced weapons (could be sticks, too; often is with escrima, and I have to imagine it could be knives or even machetes for something a lot nastier than a bamboo shortsword).

Still, there might be some merit to simply treating attacking with both hands like that as a dedicated variant of Committed Attack.

Committed Attack (Multi-Limbed Attack)

This variation on Committed Attack (Martial Arts, p. 99-100) allows the fighter to strike once with every limb, either simultaneously or in sequence. This type of strike is taught in any style that teaches two-weapon fighting.

Make one attack per limb, unarmed, with a ready melee weapon, or a one-handed ranged weapon like a pistol. If you've got tons of arms, you can group them. A six-limbed creature could make three multi-limbed attacks with a bow or slingshot or rifle, each of which requires two hands.

Each attack is at -4; this is not per limb, but a general penalty per group of attacks. You may [...]

Crime & Punishments

Watch as Holmes begins investigating the mysterious case of Black Peter with its various twists and turns, as you’re led on a journey of intrigue, red-herrings, and interrogations, before its release at the end of September on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Having featured in all major gaming events recently, this is the first time players will get a prolonged and in-depth look at the game and its mechanics; from dressing up in a passable disguise to gain information, to throwing harpoons at dead pigs in a test of might, this 23 minute long video – with developer voice-over – is the most complete look at Crimes & Punishments yet.

Viewers will be privy to a range of features from the title, which takes place chronologically throughout a case. However, please note the video only shows a small part of the first of the six cases the game will ask you to solve. The video is devoid of spoilers, and the ultimate conclusion shown may not be the correct one, one among many possible denouements of this specific case, designed to show the range and scope conclusions each case can reach depending on what evidence is collected, and how it’s all joined together by the player in the deduction space.

Enjoy visiting some of the many game mechanics found in Crimes & Punishments that will let you truly become the famous detective, and also the voice acting and rich atmosphere as Sherlock Holmes enjoys higher production values across the newest generation of consoles. This truncated case, shortened in the interest of spoilers and time, will teach players how to prepare their journey with Holmes’ skills, and their wits.

Art for Manor #7

The 7th issue is only waiting for me to finish my introduction.  I plan to pin that down this weekend.  The art for #7 is coming from two guys I don't think I'd spoken to until very recently.  +Jim Magnusson did the creepy cover and a handful of interior art and +Jarrod Shaw swooped in and added two needed pieces to complete the issue.  Oh, and I can't forget +j garrison.  He's in this issue with an adventure and he drew the art to go with it.

Talking with these guys, who were excited and willing to help [...]

"Camelot! (It's Only A Model...) Shhh!" -- Another New Monty Python Fluxx Card

What can I say? Inspired again to create another new card for Monty Python Fluxx, I created another new one featuring my favorite squire, Patsy, and his only line of the movie. This Action card allows you to discard any one Keeper or Creeper card currently in play on the table. After all, "it's only a model."

As with The Black Knight card, the card face should be printed out and pasted to either a spare Fluxx card or you can use one of the Fluxx Blanxx that are available. (Click the image for a higher-rez PNG file. You'll have to resize [...]

Dungeon Design: Dungeon Ecology

Surely designing a dungeon badly is a doddle -- just sketch some rooms out and randomly stock them with monsters and treasure? That’s true up to a point, but taking extra time to consider the dungeon’s ecology is design time well spent.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


I’ve previously talked about the big picture when it comes to dungeon design. Just as important, though, as questions about who built the dungeon and why are more mundane details. The devil is in the detail, after all. Ignoring the basic characteristics of a dungeon and its inhabitants can shatter the players’ suspension of disbelief.

TheUltimatein [...]

A very Quick post with a great link.

Ever see something you wish you had thought of?
A simple idea that's just great?

For me Pulp Covers Blog is one of those ideas.

It's just covers of pulp adventure books, without much editorializing, just  great images.
I wish I had thought of it
I love it.
IT's  Here

Also Thank you to every one who said nice things abut the  map I uploaded yesterday. I'll upload a few more ASAP.

Thanks for reading this  quickly
Leave any comments in the Altoids box below.

(for kicks)
Reaction Check of ad&d 5th
Roll 1d6 add [...]

[Friday Map] The Dreamer's Tower

Along the island shore, no more than a few hours walk from Ravenson’s Landing is another tower standing alone, jutting out above the sea. Made of a soft green stone, it appears to have been carved from soapstone or something similar and was evidently once part of a much larger construction. There are two entries into the tower, neither of which is very convenient. And one of which seems to make no sense whatsoever.

The obvious entry is the doorway 12 feet off the ground with the ruins of a bridge or similar structure jutting out from it. The other entrance is to climb to the top of the tower where there is a stairwell that descends down to the lower levels.

The problem is that these two entrances don’t seem to go to the same tower.

Dreamer’s Tower

Anyone entering through the doorway finds themselves in a circular chamber with no stairs up or down, but containing old metal bookshelves and chairs and a single trap door that leads to a set of three rooms that evidently lay outside of the are of the tower itself. Entry from the top of the tower presents the explorer with stairs that lead down, but not [...]

SR5: First Impressions

Ran my first SR5 game last night. It was sloppy as SIN rules-wise, but I don't feel bad considering the size of the rulebook. There's a lot to digest, and it's going to take me a while to become blind-proficient with the rules. The group likes it; we've always talked about doing something cyberpunky and the disintegration of the Wednesday D&D game has left an opening for just that flavor. I'm

5E Friday

Finally I'll take a look at the Starter Set and Basic Rules... -What is the "job" of the Starter Set? To provide those who have not played D&D an easy to handle and comprehend method to learn what D&D is and how to play it. Does it do its job? Yes. All the rules needed to play are laid out. The only thing missing is the character generation rules, but characters are provided including how to

The Mundane Misadventures of Phillip Odinson, Former God of Thunder.

Hello, all! It has been far too long since I posted something to Age of Ruins. In order to ease myself into blogging again I plan on posting a few, silly things just to get my creative juices flowing.

As it turns out the recent announcement that Thor is now a woman has intrigued me. After some debate online with friends of friends I’ve decided to post my thoughts here.

The main argument I see is that “Thor” is a title as well as a name. This, to me, is patently ridiculous. Even though there is precedent in the comics previous to [...]

She Stole Eleanor's Clothes

Friday In Freeport - More Preview Art

Eudokia Kasovar by David Hueso
Art by Mark Bulahao
The Great Betrayal by David Griffith

On the Phandelvers, Part II: The Town of Phandalin

The first review is here.

Liveblog! First section, PRETTY GOOD.

Now we get to town which is where I predict things will go haywire. OR WILL THEY?

The towns are a reclaimed ruin?! (+1)

Noting at this point that the players being from the extremely cosmopolitanism Neverwinter means they have a very good excuse for knowing a lot of random D&D tropes.

"When the characters explore Phandalin, you don't need to keep track of how much time is spent at each location. Instead, imagine that you're directing an old-style western movie. . . To begin, [...]

The Magic Item Alphabet!!- M- Mask of Ancient God of Fallen Civilizations

Mask of the Ancient God of Fallen Civilizations- This ceremonial mask was worn by the high priest of the God of Fallen Civilizations, who rules over history, death, and ruins. The ceremonial mask has many strange and powerful properties.

While wearing the mask in a dungeon or ruin, the wearer always knows which way is north. The wearer also has a 25% chance of understanding any written language they come across (while the mask is on only).


Once per day the wearer can speak the name of Ancient God of Fallen Civilizations and open the gateway to His power. The user [...]

The King is Dead: Player's Packet Preview - The Wild Hunt

A perfect synthesis of cultures...from the in-progress players' packet...The Wild HuntFrontiersmen and natives
"The shadow of the blood-drinker darkens the forest.  The People flee toward the sunset, but where will they go when they reach the ocean?  If we are a wolf at bay, if we are the panther treed, if we are a bear in its den, then let us bite and claw and kill." -- Wooden Knife, chief of the Mahikander Cruthin, quoted in Journeys Along the Neuhammer.
Wild Huntsmen live close to Nature.  They see the cycle of life and death and rebirth firsthand.  They know that even the mighty cave bear [...]

Fear Of Girls At Gen Con...

The creator and cast of Fear Of Girls will be at Gen Con next month for a screening of the brilliant RPG comedy series - including the brand spanking new, paid-for-by-Kickstarter, Episode 4: The Party Bus of Elemental Evil - in the Westin Ballroom I & II on Saturday, August 16, at 2pm.

A Few Robots More T-Shirt

Robot Line-Up 67z Tshirt by hereticwerks
Make your own custom tee at Zazzle

House Rules - Do You Do Them and Why?

Recently I was asked if I had my house rules for S&W in one place, and the answer I wanted to give was "Yes. In my head."

It's not that I don't have them written down - most if not all of them have been posted and discussed here at The Tavern - I just don't have them all in a single post, let alone a downloadable document. Maybe with next week's mostly staycation I'll have a chance to rectify that.

The thing is, with me, I find it damn near impossible to run any game, especially an OSR game, as written. With nearly 35 years in the hobby, I have my own ideas of what works best. These days, with all of [...]

Remixing D&D is Still D&D

Send to Kindle

Charles McEachern posted on his site some ideas for reworking D&D. The roll-under idea reminds me a lot of Searchers of the Unknown, so I wanted to see what all the ideas in one place would look like.

To make this easy, we’ll start with my favorite D&D in miniature ruleset, Microlite 20 Legacy. If it looks like it works well, maybe we’ll expand it out to my ruleset of choice, Swords & Wizardry.

Reworked M20

There are 3stats : Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), and Mind(MIND).Roll 3d6for allstats.

Per the original article, there are no stat bonuses. That means that rolling 4 dice and dropping the lowest makes feels too powerful. More on that in a moment.

There are just 4 skills : Physical, Subterfuge, Knowledge andCommunication. For each skill, a player has ranksof advantage, disadvantage, or zero. Advantage allows the player to roll extra dice in their attempt to succeed at a task. Having advantage means you roll a number of extra dice and use the lowestresult. Disadvantage also allows the player to roll extra dice, but this time the highestresult is used. If a character has a skill of zero, no additional dice are rolled, the result of the lone die stands. There is a maximum of 5 dice of advantage.

For example, if a character’s Skills are Physical 2A, Subterfuge 0, Knowledge 1D, Communication 1A. Any task that is Physical allows the player to roll two extra dice and have advantage. The lowest result of the three dice is used. However, any task that tests a character’s Knowledge adds one extra dice to the roll, but the highest result is used. Any task that require Subterfuge adds no extra dice to the roll.

The GM chooses which stat applies to the character’s chosen task. Climbing, for example, would provide extra dice per [...]

Backpacking the Maryland Challenge

I'm heading off into the woods on Monday to tackle a 41 mile section of the Appalachian Trail from Pen Mar PA to Harpers Ferry WV... and then 41 miles back in a really ambitious 4 days. The total mileage is going to be something closer to 90 miles by the time I'm done. I expect that I'm going to have more to say about hex crawls, weather, and encumbrance after I get back!

I do have a couple of posts queued up, but don't expect any replies to comments or e-mail for a few days.

The Repositioning Session

Your group has just completed a major story arc. They have been down in the depths of the Dungeon of Ultimate Sorrows for weeks. You are ready to start off the next delve, into the Tower of Unimaginable Anguish, but are your players ready, and more importantly are their characters? Perhaps all they want is some R&R, to head into town, spend some of that hard-looted gold, and find out the latest gossip. Before their assault on the Tower, they need a repositioning session.

Come Aboard. We’re Expecting You

The repositioning session gets its name from the cruise industry. Some cruise ships [...]

Alladin Technique

Inspired by Daniel from Puzzled Vikings, I just started playing Scarlet Heroes campaign.

One of the tools I am using in this campaign is The Aladdin Technique by John Fiore.
What is The Aladdin Technique?
Well, I do not want to invent hot water, so I will just share original post by John from G+ solo RPG group:

"The "Aladdin" Technique - an easy way to spontaneously spice up RPG encounter ideas, solo or otherwise

STEP 1: Write an encounter set-up in a single sentence. Bracket-off each key element, action word/phrase, and descriptor, but [...]

Fleamarket Friday: Oh, Yes, They Will Be Mine...

Spotlight: The Second Greatest Damn Art Resource Ever...

So, it's been a little while. I have quite a bit to tell you.

Sneak Peak style? Lots of work, lots of WFRP, and two weeks in Japan. I shall tell you all more soon!

However, in the mean time, I have another Art Spotlight recently discovered, in the same vein as the last one.

May I present Lidrael's Gallery!

Check it out, weep over the artworks, and let me know what it inspires you to create.

Good gaming, everyone!

Five Old School Cult Classic Post Apocalyptic Movies As Inspiration For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

HERE's a quick look at five of my favorite post apocalyptic films from yesteryear that continue to get the old PA brain box in the right frame of mind for Mutant Epoch and the Mutant Future encounter I've got coming up folks.

Escape From New York 1981 
Mad Max 1979 The Road Warrior 1982 

Wizards 1977

A Boy And His Dog 1975

So I'm cranking up the old Beta Max player once again to take a look at a few of the old school classics. Tomorrow I've got my Mutant Epoch rpg campaign game and I [...]

File Sizes in Free Word Processors

From my lovely and intelligent wife I just learned that there is a significant difference in the resulting file sizes when using OpenOffice and LibreOffice, so I decided to test it myself since I currently have the newest version of both installed while I decide which to use in the future. I am also testing Free Editor, which can open a ton of different formats just as OO and LO can, so I included it in the test.

I should mention that I have been using OpenOffice since it was called StarOffice, so I have a great deal of brand loyalty, [...]

ConBravo 2014: Vendor Profiles

This is part threeof a three part series where Michael reviews his experiences as ConBravo.

As has been evident in my Nerd Tour Of Toronto series, I am a big fan of gaming stores. They occupy an specialplace in nerd culture, where members of the community can gather to play games and share ideas. When I'm at conventions, I like to take some timeto talk tothe vendors there to learn more about their operations, and their thoughts on the retail games industry.

The Blue Gryphon (Gatineau, Quebec)


The Blue Gryphon had a large booth containing a bevy of video games and other gaming [...]

Discussion: Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Life is, in a manner of speaking, all about learning lessons. Some of these lessons we learn the easy way - it is taught to us directly, gently, and in a manner we're comfortable with - and some of these lessons we learn the hard way - fire is hot, for example. This is no different when it comes to GMing and Playing in table top RPGs.

Today I'd like to hear about some of the lessons you've learned the hard way as you've gone through your various games. Was it a positive lesson? A negative lesson?

For [...]

Time for Pain: Logo

It is that time of the year again... and I was lucky enough to have my good friend Lucas offer to do us another logo for this season! My dearest players gave me the theme "Legacy of Pain" oh do I love you so, so much. Seems you like me to do bad things you.

So Lucas sent me two logos. The first one is blue and red, just like last year's logo and the second is red and purple.

Accompanying this blogpost, I will be running a poll as to which one we should use... Again, on our [...]

Fragments From the Rim -- In Sickness and in Health

Ji’em Fil is so far under the weather he can’t even see the local sun.

Getting ill in a galaxy far, far away is no fun, especially if you have no immunity to whatever the equivalent of the local crud is.

You have to be careful out there, sometimes the littlest things are the most dangerous.

There are options though.

You COULD get lucky and find a miracle cure.

But odds are you won’t go unscathed.

Be careful where you go and who you meet, there’s just no telling what kind of ick you might get.

More episodes of Fragments form the Rim can be found atwww.madadventurers.com

You [...]

Whatever Happened to the Teenage Witch?

I don't talk much about Sabrina the Teen-age Witch much here.

I never read the comic, I never watched the Melissa Joan Hart TV show or movies.  I do remember seeing a cartoon of it back in the 80s.

A while back I did do a post about her as a potential Queen of Witches.  But that was it.

Well, not just content with zombies, Sabrina has a new adventure in the Afterlife with Archie comic.

Check out these links for more information.

Sabrina Spellman, Queen of Carcosa.

I have [...]

Public School, the Perfect Training Ground of Prison Life

How many ways can there actually be to compare the public school system in America to prison life? Obviously not every school is created equal, so for the sake of argument we shall use the Baltimore City School system as our Petri dish and see what we can discover. The first thing I remember about going to school in Baltimore was the violence. It seemed that every day I was in a fight or looking over my shoulder for the next attack. Violence was a way of life and even though the school did not allow violence, it also failed to stop it. Most fights were over quickly with a few hits and perhaps some humiliation or degradation. Then you would get the three or four days of followup bullying from everyone who got a sadistic thrill from the experience. The loser almost always was picked on in a cascading sort of motion that went through all of the popular kids. So what was I able to learn from this? Simple. Violence makes you a star. The meaner and more violent you are, the less likely you were to be hurt or picked on. The pretty girls like the guy who wins the fights and the kids who are not as tough as you, line up to be your friends as they don’t want to be on your bad side. Violence in the Baltimore City school system was the key to the kingdom. Isn’t it interesting that in prison that rule holds true. The Baltimore City Schools train kids to survive the violence of prison. They teach them how to respect the pecking order, how to climb in that pecking order, and how to thrive in a place where your very life may be in danger. Another aspect of violence [...]

"If you're not confused, you're not paying attention."

     Hellblazer is a series that has always been held dear to my heart. I've got the first 5 or 6 trade collections of the comic, and a few later volumes. One day, I'll get around to picking up all the collections, but it has been a rather long-running series. It'll take a while. In the meantime, there's been the occasional adaptation that's cropped up. There was a film about a dark-haired and dark-coated American man named John Constantine that had some rather good points to it (save the presence of Shia LeBouf, whom I maintain there has not yet [...]

Dual-Weapon Attack and Rapid Strike

I'll just start by assuming the conclusion: Dual-Weapon Attack should die.

I'm not saying it doesn't serve a purpose, but I think Dual-Weapon Attack should be relegated to a special case of Rapid Strike, rather than a separate thing.

What you say?

Let's look at DWA vs Rapid Strike, and see what gives.

First something I'd really forgotten, which assaults my initial premise right away: DWA is an optional rule to begin with, found tucked into a box on p. B417. Except for one obscure edge case involving throwing lots of shuriken at someone, you may not Rapid Strike on the same maneuver in which you DWA.

But again, what does DWA do?
  • It allows two attacks with a single Attack maneuver instead of an All-Out Attack (Double). This allows the attacker to retain defenses, a big deal.
  • It requires the use of both hands, using two different weapons or fists.
  • Each attack is at a base -4 to hit, but your off-hand penalties (if you have them) stack, making the usual attack -4 in the primary hand, and -8 in the off hand! 
  • DWA can explicitly be used with unarmed or armed melee weapons . . . or with a pistol.
  • You can buy it up as a technique to the point that your -4 is at no penalty. You need ambidexterity or off-hand weapon training to deal with the other -4.
  • The foe defends at -1 if both attacks are at one target.
  • You may attack more than one [...]

Interview: Greyhawk Reborn's Dave Guerrieri

I'm on an interview roll, it seems. I've known about the Greyhawk Reborn project, which is an attempt to keep the old Living Greyhawk campaign alive with a new and continuing "living campaign", as it is active in my neck of the woods, and I've seen mentions of it at conventions and online. At this past Dexcon, I got to meet its founder and lead, Dave Guerrieri, and he graciously agreed to answer some questions about the project.

You can find Greyhawk Reborn online at their Yahoogroups email list and their Facebook page.

* * * * *
GG: What's [...]

Kickstarter - RPG Mini Mods - Role Playing Games Mini Modules

What can I tell you about +Lloyd Metcalf ? Well, he was the main artist doing work on Whisper & Venom (a NTRPG Three Castles Award Finalist and ENnie Award Finalist for 2014). I actually own one of his original pieces of work. I truly do like his art. I have no idea about his adventure writing, but I'm willing to make a bet (with my own money) that Lloyd writes a decent adventure. I guess I'll find out with his RPG Mini Mods.

$24 for print copies of all three mini mods, $32 if you want a set of three 5"x7" prints of the covers. Can you guess what level I'll be ponying up for?

Let's face it, not every GM has time [...]

From the Sketchbook

I tried to channel my inner Mike Mignola/Jeff Smith, and these are what I came up with. I'm not sure if any are keepers for the core rulebook, but it was fun to stretch my legs a little. I think that my style is coming along in terms of hybridizing what I do with what I want to do... getting closer all the time.

Now, I need to start thinking about actually signing my art! I realized that I never even put my initials on anything...


I've re-read some of the old demon lore write ups and realised they need a bit of an edit to make them read more nicely.  Unfortunately I'm still knee deep in LARP preparations and Home Front sourcebook revision so that's diverting time, attention and resources away from this blog.  I figured the rules are the thing so I'll keep putting them up for now as I do them. 

They haven't been playtested (sorry) but I have extensively played through the original rules so I have a pretty decent idea of what I don't like about them.  I've also [...]

Now that's a Delve! Krubera Cave

Krubera Cave, deepest known cave on Earth
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