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Orlando's Guide to Organized Crime is once again available in PDF. It offers a comprehensive overview of the mafia and other criminal organizations. A great resource for any modern crime campaign Orlando's Guide includes:

  • A break down of the American Mafia
  • Details on foreign crime syndicates
  • An overview of organized crime in Italy
  • Deeper treatment of Crime Skills
  • Information on the justice system
  • New optional rules for rackets and combat
  • Advice for running the perfect modern crime campaign

Of Map Tiles, Illness, and The Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation

Recently I started a Patreon to help support me creating modular tile sets that can be printed and assembled in just about any configuration to match the encounter being played. Patreon will also help me to help those who cannot afford to pay for some of the work I do. This has mostly been a labor of love and a way to give back to the hobby I love so much; I enjoy creating art and cartography and you can see my work in many different RPG publications and adventures, some paid and some just for the satisfaction of people telling me how much [...]

Review & Commentary On Dragon Foot Free OSR Adventure The Haunted Keep For Your Old School Campaigns

 Grab It Right 

The Haunted Keep was/is a collaborative effort by the crew over at Dragon's foot and clocks in at thirty five pages of low level adventuring fun filled with all kinds of monsters to challenge a beginning party or be devil your experienced party of adventurers.
 This is no non sense bare bones adventure with everything you need to start a grand OD&D first adventure including everything for a great evening's entertainment or a campaign start. This one also includes the sample PC's or NPC's to shove into the thick of some of tricks and [...]

Warlocks Journal Contest -- September

Hola! This Month the Warlocks Journal contest is hosted at Tabletop Adventures The contest this time is to come up with a pirate place, that must have a catchy title Deadline is Wednesday 17th Sep! I just sent in my entry, hurry up and send in yours! Gork ya later!

The post Warlocks Journal Contest – September appeared first on Tiny Gork's Tinker Room.

D&D 5e PHB Readthrough, Chapter 4: Personality and Background

Twenty pages of actual roleplaying-related information in a Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook? What’s the world coming to?

Welcome to the next in theseries of my D&D Fifth Edition PHB readthrough and review. We ground through all the classes last time; now, a lighter chapter.

In many earlier editions of D&D, the extent to which personality and background were covered could be described as:

1. A sentence or two telling you to “make one up”

2. The alignment section – “What else do you need?” Maybe religion and height, weight, and hair color, if you consider those “personality.”

I think both 2e (“alignment only”) and [...]

Halberd Fantasy Roleplaying: Dragon Rat

Image: Rat Dragon by deviantetienneSome said that the union of dragon and vermin was impossible, but they soon changed their tone when a great furry winged beast descended on their village and torched their homes. Dragon Rats are a rare breed of creature, with the head and fur of a rat and the wings and propensity to set things on fire of a dragon. They generally don't speak any language, so don't even try to have a chat with one. In fact, it's best to stay away altogether, in all honestly.

Dragon Rats tend to live in dank [...]

The Fellowship, Part 2

Been awhile since I posted a play report.  We'll pick up another episode of the Fellowship as they continue along the Crypts of Motha the Bloody.  My play as the group is in red, Brian, the DM is in black.

Legolas, level 1 elf fighter
Gimli, level 1 dwarf cleric
Frodo, level 1 halfling theif
Gandalf, level 1 human wizard

Part 1 is here.

Gandalf will carry the loot.  After tending their wounds and a short rest, the group will head back, in marching order.  At the T, they will head right, away from the smell...

Keeping Up the Dungeons

Thank goodness I found something to drag me away from Borderlands 2.

It’s hard sometimes to just “up and play” older games, but with a little bit of nudging from a couple different places — and yet another kick in the pants from Borderlands 2 — I started playing the classic Dungeon Keeper.

And I love it.

Part of my exuberance no doubt stems from a relief borne upon the shoulders of exhaustion wrought by Borderlands 2 and Skyrim. But there’s more to it.

Dungeon Keeper is a strategy, base-building game that — like Dwarf Fortress — does away with the tedium of assigning [...]

Meet the Jury

Now that all Contest Entries of the Amber Zone Opening Contest has now been posted the Jury has started their discussions about the Entries.

The Jury – Image from wikimedia – Public Domain

The members of the Jury are BeRKA, Anders, Dylan, Mike and Eric.

Eric is a Traveller Player since the LBBs, owns all of them (he thinks). 53 yo ex-accountant going to nursing school working at a winery in East Long Island NY.

Mike has been hooked on Traveller since he bought The Traveller Book in 1983. His biggest contribution was his efforts toward 1248 during its short life.

Dylan is a 2 [...]

Rolling out a book

“Once, we dreamed paradise! But the dreamers began to dream only for themselves. Decadent and ridiculous things, of no use to anyone, such as mazes of diamond and towers of gold and fountains of mercury, were all they could dream of. They needed younger races, those who still dreamed the dreams of mortal, dreams that still had vigor, to aid them in dreaming, lest they dream only a brilliant oblivion for themselves.”

I’ve never rolled out a book before. I’ve rolled out several cds, none with any success. I’m trying to figure out what the best way to do it is.

Lulu [...]

Meet Brandy Flippe -- Notorious Jewel Thief!

Here's a pair of ROLF! characters inspired in part by the Sherry Flippe comics. The Battle Scenario is references characters featured in the Battle Scenario contained in the book.

The Wide-Awake Detective Agency isn't known for taking down criminal masterminds--in fact, they generally try to avoid such cases. Lost kittens, figuring out where the car keys (and the pants they were in) were left during a night of drunken fun, and baby-sitting unruly celebrities is more their line. Agency-owner Mr. Gribbitts and his best (only) employee Sherry Flippe make an exception for Nightshade, a notorious jewel [...]

Let's Be Honest, We All Love Katniss A Little Bit, Right?

Epic trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part One), which hits cinemas in November.

Fumble Charts -- D&D 5th Edition

Now for the bad stuff. Fumbles, critical failures, epic fails; whatever you want to call them. I’ve put together some tables that provide results on a 1, or in my case, two 1s coming up on a attack roll with advantage or disadvantage. Melee with weapons, unarmed melee/natural weapons, ranged attack with weapon and spell attack tables are provided for your pleasure and pain. The link to all 4 is below the sample for Melee weapons.


Melee with weapon [...]

A Guide To Kickass Names: Fixing Bad Names With Letter Shifts.

Last week, I talked about coming up with kickass names for your monsters. Some of my ideas were well received, some were contentious. This week, I'd like to show you some of the tricks that I use to fix bad names.

Trick One: The Consonant ShiftEver notice how some languages use a "v" in one place where a similar language uses a "b?" That's an example of consonant shift, the propensity of certain sounds to get substituted for each other within different languages. Strictly speaking, consonant shift refers to the substition of certain consonants for others within the Germanic [...]

Pantheon remodeled and expanded

So, I'd like to further explore the pantheon of DARK*HERITAGE.  This isn't strictly necessary, since I downplay both religious and mythological elements in actual play, but at the same time--I love a good fantasy mythology, so I can't resist.  First, let me redraw the pantheon and other mythical or semi-legendary figures.  Then, let me add additional members, myths and elements to it.  For today, I'm only going to expand on one, but eventually I'll add more.

The Four Horsemen
  • Ciernavo (Chernavog) - The Black Pharaoh
  • Peronte (Perun) - The Thunderer
  • Culsans - The Judge
  • Caronte (Charon) - Death, with Orcus (Hell) [...]

Oath of Ruin [5th Edition D&D Paladin Oath]

I love Paladins. I always have. My first AD&D character was a paladin (Stryfe Strikehard). I love all types of paladins--the golden armored paragon of virtue, the grim and tortured vampire hunter, the boisterous orc-slaying dwarf. Love. Them. All. I also love anti-paladins. The best heroes need the best villains. Obi-Wan needs Vader. Superman needs Darksied. Eowyn needs the Witchking. In 5th

Magic Item Monday (Banlan Backlash): Thieves' Token

Thieves’ Token Aura faint conjuration;CL 1st Slotnone;Price 1,000gp;Weight--- DESCRIPTION This copper coin is slightly worn, just like every other trinket of currency common throughout Timeaus. A thieves’ tokenis a Timerian copper coin that has been subtly modified with almost undetectable indentations and symbols. Each guild has their own unique pattern and any two thieves’ tokenscan […]

The post Magic Item Monday (Banlan Backlash): Thieves’ Token appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

1919 Kickstarter Preview for Black Monk

At Gen Con I met the crew from Black Monk and they Asked me to do a preview for their new game 1919 the Noble Experiment. It’s a card game where two to four players race to distill whisky, bottle it, and deliver it to the local bars and pubs.

Here is the Box Breaking.


Here we discuss the different card components that the game uses.






This is a detailed demonstration of the first two turns.

Full Demo Game


I played 1919 about 15 times. Through those sessions I learned a few things that I’d like to share.


It is [...]

New Dwarf Fortress Let's Play Episode 08

Dig dig dig dig… How big do you need a dining room to be, anyway?

Full playlist here.

Destiny and Numenera

So the boys and I picked up Destiny on Tuesday. Having already played the Beta, we had already figured out that Numenera (Cipher system) would be the best fit for an RPG adaptation. Numenera blends both Technology and Magic, just like Destiny. The setting could be the end of the 4th World. Or perhaps it's a later world where mankind was brought back a second time. So there are three classes

[Spielreport] Edge of the Empire Solo Teil 1

Als groer Fan des Star-Wars-Universums freue ich mich ber das aktuelle System von Fantasy Flight Games: Star Wars Edge of the Empire. Leider wird meine Gruppe kein Star Wars spielen und daher teste ich das System im Alleinflug.
Zur Vereinfachung hae ich die Pregens aus dem Starter Set genommen. Allerdings sind diese an die Regeln des Grundregelwerks angepasst.
Als Rahmen fr mein Soloabenteuer habe ich Rpgsolo benutzt. Dies ist ein Online-Tool, welche einen virtuellen Spielleiter emuliert. Es bietet Randomizer, Ideengeneratoren und mehr. Das Tool ist englischsprachig. Da ich aber auch die englische Originalversion von EotE besitze, ist das [...]

The Greatest Table of Contents Ever Written

From the Tesladyne Industries Field Guide based on the Atomic Robo comics by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener.  

Non-permanent magical armor or weapons

Magical items typically take one of three forms -
1) Single-use (potions, scrolls)
2) "Charged" (wands)
3) Permanently enchanted (Armor/weapons)

The creator's required level, skills, cost, and time is is likewise increased through the three categories.

Enchanted armors and weapons are typically considered to have permanent bonuses/abilities unless acted upon by a sufficiently powerful magic (dispelling, curse, etc.)

However, could there be scenarios for non-permanent enchanted weapons/armor, either by fault or design?  I'm thinking of a few possibilities:

1) Faulty enchantment - low percentage chance of failure, object not "taking" powers and they fade over [...]

Background Is Not Mandatory

I don't ask my players to write a backstory anymore. It's not that they don't know how to write good ones because not only some of them write quite a lot of stories in their free and not so free time (and a pretty damn good fiction also), they do know how to write good backstories. It's also not because I don't love reading backstories, because I really do. I stopped asking them to write backstories because I think that there are better ways to create a connection and to get a feel for the character. I still welcome backstories, [...]

Teleportation For Fun and Profit

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to outline my favorite magic discipline.

Warping space.

I forget when I wrote about this exactly, but I see teleportation as a school of magic unto itself — I think this is pretty radically different from other magic systems. Maybe it’s my fantasy/science fiction background.

Hyperspace to me, is a thing. I really liked lightspeed/hyperspace in Star Wars. I loved the wormholes in Stargate/SG-1. I just about died from the sheer joy of playing Portal and Portal 2. I have indescribable love for other dimensions.

Spaces within spaces. Non-Euclidean angles. Whatever you want to call them.

Planes that [...]

Free GM Resource: Open Game Art

I wasted this morning trying to evaluate/get working a seemingly abandoned piece of software that on the surface would appear perfect for GM's running a campaign with a non-standard calendar. The program kept crashing and bugging out and I was attempting a work-around so I could use it for my own campaign. By fiddling with the system files I could get around some odd limitations, but I couldn't get program to save without crashing.


I was about to completely give up on a post today but decided to look for a specific sound effect I was hoping [...]

Pathfinder Classes in D&D 5E

So one of things i really like about Pathfinder but don’t have in 5E is all the classes. Not so bothered about the archetypes. They are nice to have, but most are pointless or are just themes. Have statted most of the races i want, monsters are pretty easy to convert or re-skin and i […]

D&D 5E Tengu

Tengu Ability scores : +2 Wis, +1 Dex Size: Medium Speed: 30ft Darkvision: Tengu have 30ft darkvision. Swordtrained: All Tengu are proficient in all swords and sword-like weapons. Sneaky: All Tengu are proficient in stealth. Bite. Tengu have a 1d3 damage natural bite attack. They are proficient and it counts as light and finesse. Languages: […]

Kitsune (for D&D 5E)

I love kitsune. Wish their was more game stuff for them. As before, this is all from the Pathfinder ARG. Kitsune Ability Scores: +2 Cha, +1 Dex OR +2 Dex, +1 Cha Size: Medium Speed: 30ft Darkvision: can see30 ft in dark. Agile: Proficient in acrobatics Kitsune Magic: Kitsune add +1 to DC of any […]


Site of an Iron Age Ring FortThose who have read Sertorius know it is much more like the ancient world than the medieval world. It has anachronisms for sure, with some arms and armor that wouldn't be developed in our world until well into the middle ages. But these were conscious decisions in each case for the purpose of flavor (in the same way that the movie Excalibur projects many 15th century assumptions onto the 6th century). So there are instances where something creeps in that isn't quite ancient. Generally speaking though everything in Gamandria is inspired by real-world history no later than [...]

In the proverbial can

...more or less.

Issue #1 is all done. I even wrote a short, 1-page afterword for it today. All I need to do now is get the final artwork from the DeviantArtist. I had initially given up on that, thinking he had decided not to do it, since he hadn't responded as I thought he would. But, last night I was pleasantly surprised to find a first draft of the drawing in my email. It looks fantastic. And after a couple of aesthetic modifications, it should fit in quite nicely. I think in the future, if I decide [...]

Looming Deadline for the September Contest

As mentioned previously, September sees a new home for the Warlock’s Journal.   It is now with Vicki at Tabletop Adventures. As usual, a new home means a new Contest. This round of the Warloack’s Journal Contest is tied to International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and requires you to design a location suitable for …

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Artorius (Weird Wars Rome: Dux Bellorum)

In the late 5th century CE, the colony of Britannia finds itself defenseless after Rome recalls her legions.  The Romano-British hire Anglo-Saxon mercenaries to defend their borders, but soon find themselves at war with their erstwhile protectors.  As the light of Rome begins to die in the west, a leader arises -- a man history will call King Arthur, but whom history knows as the...
Russell Crowe in Gladiator
Heroic Wild Card
Ambrosius Artorius Aurelianus is the descendant of a long line of respected military leaders.  As Britannia devolves into petty kingdoms in the wake of the Anglo-Saxon uprising, Artorius [...]

The Campaign Proceeds Apace

So my players' characters have stormed a pygmy village and slew everything that moved, in the pursuit of a Jade Idol that a strange and spacy masked tower-hermit asked them to retrieve for them. They did this without attempting to bargain, converse, or make a deal, which surprised me; to their credit they did attempt to infiltrate the pygmy's huts to see where the coveted Jade Idol was. Of course as soon as the burglar was discovered, he decided to punch the poor pygmy to death with his fist, thus escalating the situation directly to "ultra-violence." Oh, well. Sometimes [...]


I've been pretty quiet of late, and really I haven't been working on much of late. This time of the year gets more than just a little crazy schedule-wise, and we're not even into the thick of it yet. However, there are some things in the hopper that I just need to find time to wrap up. First off is going to be a write up of Marvel's Dire Wraiths for my Mythic Space setting. From there, I plan

Shadow Over Alfheim pt8 -- The Road to Portsdam

Sometimes the fish just don’t bite, and that’s okay!

Suddenly having two players have to cancel right on the verge of starting a mega-dungeon crawl can seriously throw a wrench in the plans of an under-prepared DM, but I managed to wing it best I could on Friday.

The hooks were in place: a ruined elven metropolis somewhere off the road north of Alfort, rumors of a goblin war brewing in the lands to the north, and two incredibly valuable artifacts, the elfstones, which needed to be taken to Portsdam.

Beginning this session, the heroes would be on the road, the goblins would [...]

Review and Commentary On Skirmisher Publishing's "Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #17: Artifact Conditions" For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Just over the weekend in my Mutant Epoch game several questions were raised about artifact conditions and some military hardware. Fortunately, I had Issue #17 of Wisdom of the Wasteland on hand to help. Here's why.

Grab It Right
Issue Seventeen of Wisdom From the Wastelands brings some really nice material to the gaming table. Skirmisher Publishing brings in new post apocalyptic hardware, new mutations, and a host of gadgets to deal with your mutants and adventurers. And this issue  does a nice job of hanging more great add on systems to [...]

Pride of the Lion - Amber Zone Review # 32

 Amber Zone: Pride of the Lion, by John M. Ford 
This time the Aslan are the prey, not the hunters! Check out the series introduction here.
Location: Grizel (C-768400-6) No location is given for Grizel in the OTU, other than it is an Imperial world, near to Aslan space.
Patron: Martin Trelane, an old acquaintance of the party.
Mission: Rescue a family of Aslan from a local rancher, who has [...]

This is Your Brain on Slugs: a Review of Brain Slugs from Planet X

Brain Slugs from Planet X!

For the GM on a tight time-budget, the internet is overflowing with adventures for just about any RPG system, many of which are very affordably priced. Buyer beware, however, as many of these adventures are a "you get what you pay for" deal. "Brain Slugs from Planet X" is one such example.

"Brain Slugs from Planet X," for the Savage Worlds roleplaying system, is a one-shot standalone adventure. "Brain Slugs" takes place in a high school, where the players play typical teenage stereotypes like the jock, cheerleader, nerd, and so on. The plot involves alien slugs crash-landing [...]

Inked Adventures Crypts Tombs and Catacombs

Apologies for the lack of posts. I was going to moan sometime about the poor durability of the Age of Rebellion box set components and maybe say some nice things about the new D&D Starter Set. But, other things have been happening and one of them was ...

Crypts, Tombs & Catacombs is now on sale on the OBS sites (including DriveThruRPG) $7 USD reduced price.


Apologies for the cross-posting if you're following any of my other feeds etc. :)

RPT Gems #3

Combat Manager For Pathfinder For Windows XP, Vista and 7, and requiring .NET 4.0, this software is an: Initiative and Combat Management for Pathfinder with searchable Monsters, Feats, Spells and Rules database, Monster Advancer and Treasure Generator. I installed the program and it works well. The database on NPCs alone is worth the download for […]

The post RPT Gems #3 appeared first on Roleplaying Tips.

Star Wars: Far Horizons Review

Before we get to the review, Asheville Comic Expo is this Saturday! Your favorite local gaming bloggers (FLGB?!) will be organizing and running a lot of the RPG tables. If you haven’t reserved your seat for a game or two, check out the warhorn! Never signed up for any public games on warhorn before? Check out our handy guide from last week.

The most recent sourcebook for Star Wars Edge of the Empire is Far Horizons, which expounds upon the colonist career. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know if I would pick this one up. Out of all the careers [...]

Still Alive

I am still here.

Have had a couple of sick kids (must be the start of the school year) so my "free" time has been reduced to nothing.  Plus we didn't do our planned gaming this weekend.

I am sure it is only a matter of time before I get what they got.

Daily Cosplay


As a beardling, Olchobar ventured from his people, living upon the Sea of Erun. He traveled into the distant west. He crossed vast plains and climbed the staggered slopes of hills until he came to a snow capped chain of mountains. Finally, he settled in a small cave upon a ledge overlooking the western valleys and the never ending forest of the Ethvold. He lusted for a power he did not possess. He saw the eastern Kings in their halls of stone and the lords of dwarf and man, and he cursed his common fate.

He lived thus, steeped [...]

Hugo Reviews 2014 -- John W. Campbell Award

The 2014 Hugo Awards have been awarded at Loncon, but I wanted to share one last round of reviews for the John W. Campbell Award nominees because there’s some really awesome works among them that I want to share with you.

For those unfamiliar with it, the John W. Campbell Award is given to the Best New Writer whose first work appeared within the last two years. (This means that some of the nominees are in the second year of eligibility, whereas other nominees could be nominated again next year.)

Due to time constraints, I mostly limited myself to the works provided [...]

Star Wars: Far Horizons Review

Before we get to the review, Asheville Comic Expo is this Saturday! Your favorite local gaming bloggers (FLGB?!) will be organizing and running a lot of the RPG tables. If you haven’t reserved your seat for a game or two, check out the warhorn! Never signed up for any public games on warhorn before? Check out our handy guide from last week.

The most recent sourcebook for Star Wars Edge of the Empire is Far Horizons, which expounds upon the colonist career. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know if I would pick this one up. Out of all the careers [...]

The Impact Of Polished Text: The Secrets of Stylish Narrative Part 4

This entry is part 4 in the series The Secrets Of Stylish Narrative This series is predicated on the belief that the real difference between game prep and a lack of game prep could be summarized as felicity of style: better-presented maps and illustrations, better thought-out plans, better characterization of NPCs, better depiction of that […]

Lounging on the Job

Philae Landing Site (a Comet's UFO)

Philae has a place to land! The landing craft that has hitched a ride on the probe Rosetta has a target to set boots to the ground. Ten years ago the craft set off from earth and arrived at the target comet about a month ago. Rosetta has been circling the comet looking for a suitable place to send down the Philae landing craft.

Its done. Now all they have to do is send the probe down.

Of course there are aliens living on that comet trying to figure out what is circling in the heavens above and [...]
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