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Coyote Cantina is now part of the posse over at the RPG Blog Alliance!

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Just posting a couple images the RPGBA site uses for hosting purposes!

Guest Lecturer: Narrative Role Play Gaming

Today's post is a Guest Lecture from Joseph Gambit. Joseph is here to explain the concept behind a site he runs called Role Pages. Normally I don't like using this blog as ad space, but Joseph's page is more like telling you about a game then it is selling something so I figured we'd give it a shot. Anyhow, that said I'll let Joseph take over after the break. Give it a ready, give Role Pages a shot, and if you like it be sure to spread the word.

I've been playing RPG's for a long time, and [...]


Nothic, Jelly, and Ogres ... oh my!

Support Your Friendly Local Game Store

My old game store (such as it was) when I lived in the Metroplex was Lone Star Comics & Games.  The one nearest me was not big, but it was something: a store crammed with stock for its tiny size, with a friendly and fairly knowledgeable staff.  It was a welcoming, clean place and even had a free miniatures painting night that I always planned to join (but never did).  Today, Lone Star has no physical stores -- it's a web store.  I've also been in plenty of stores that were less than friendly, so I sympathize with those who [...]

The Good Guys Are Not Stupid Wimps

Rick Stump over at Don’t Split the Party has an excellent article: Good Isn’t Stupid, or weak, or nice. Paladins don’t have to be simple, weakminded, naivefools. They can have depth and edges to them that makes them both interesting and far from an easy kill. They should be a threat to evil and a […]

Miniature Obscura: Unusual miniature ranges you might not be aware of....

My fave things about miniatures, is the fact there are loads of really weird and wonderful stuff to be found, yeah I like the usual stuff too, but I much prefer the more out there and wacky. In fact, the weirder the better! I thought that I’d highlight a few of the more unusual from […]

Comic Review -- Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #6

Originally posted on The Lost Lighthouse:
Adam reads as many comics as he can afford. Every week he is going to attempt a mini review of his favourite one, with potential minor spoilers. There were a lot of great comics this week, but as it was ending (and I forgot to pick upOutcast #1) I…

Alternate Model Skins

Alternate skins for the fantasy warrior.

Support for alternate skin textures for the miniatures was implemented months ago, though I’m just now starting to paint some of them. With multiple textures and hundreds of available weapon attachments, players will get quite a bit of variety from their miniatures.

"Tribal Nations" of the US, Canada and Mexico downloadable poster maps

Hey yall,
Wanted to share a cool resource I found via Cowboys & Indians magazine on Facebook. NPR (National Public Radio) recently featured a set of nice looking reference maps showing the locations of Native Tribes and Nations in the US, Canada and Mexico, complete with those people's own names for themselves along with the more common names we use for them. Cool reference for any Old West campaign.

Just a sample image, the PDF files are poster size, high quality images suitable for printing.
The article:

The maps, direct links [...]

Model scenery & terrain addendum: A couple more unlikely sources for cheap scenery

Browsing the different minis & terrain groups I belong to on Facebook and Google+ reminded me of a couple more relatively cheap options for scenery.

Don't be afraid to browse the aquarium section at your local pet store, walmart type superstore, or even dollar store. While the scale of fish tank decor pieces varies WILDLY, and the pieces are often painted garish neon colors, our handy keychain mini trick and a quick touch up with some model paints could lead to some interesting pieces. This is also a great place to pick up nice sized bags of gravel to [...]

"Little Plastic Cowboys" toy soldiers as gaming miniatures.

To me, one of the big attractions of old west era gaming (RPG or Wargame/Skirmish Game) is cheap minis like these.


130 pieces, including some basic "scenery", for about $24 delivered, even your big Reaper Bones type deals can't beat that. Granted, they're unpainted, and the sculpts are not as fancy as the proper gaming minis, but if you're not picky and just want some cheap cowboys and indians to play out your battles with, you can't go wrong.

Now, keep in mind, the average scale of these [...]

Miniature Obscura: Unusual miniature ranges you might not be aware of....

My fave things about miniatures, is the fact there are loads of really weird and wonderful stuff to be found, yeah I like the usual stuff too, but I much prefer the more out there and wacky. In fact, the weirder the better! I thought that I’d highlight a few of the more unusual from […]

Cryx Monday: Black Ogruns arrive only on Thursday!

I won these three black ogruns on Ebay. One of the guys was missing an arm so a quick chat with the seller got me a small rebate. WOOHOO!

I looked through my bitz box before finding an old 40k ork arm that would fit right. The lad in the back right now cheers with that arm.

As usual, I debated whether or not to give them a banner. However, the only way to get the arm to fit right was in a position not conducive to a banner. So with that...


Bundle of Holding - Scarred Lands (D20 Setting)

I was not a player (or a DM) during the "D20 Era". I was, however, a collector of sorts, and I do remember the "Scarred Lands". It's just that there was such a glut of D20 products being released those days that there were many lines I never had a chance to look at. Which is probably a good thing overall, but in the years between, I've heard good things about the Scarred Lands, although I still haven't checked it out.

Less than 9 bucks for the core and about 20 for the bonus supplements. Of course, the question then becomes, how well and easy will they convert to S&W and the like...

Quick Note - Pyramid of the Lost King Peek.

Work is going great on PotLK. I'm nearly done the wilderness areas and 3 of the sites that are pre-created to explore (the ones with maps, altogether I've 5 or the 8 down). Here are two of the sites that are on the map:

N-?. The Bulette CavernAlong the western cliffs of the lower Narrows is a hole burrowed into the stone that leads to a large cavern. The entrance to the cavern is low to the ground and dips downward into the earth.If the players come to the cavern at night they will find it occupied by 1d4 [...]

Monday Gunday: A Possibly Familiar Face

If you go over at Oleg's blog (which you might have seen already, because this post is days late), you might recognize a certain someone in one of his articles.

As it happened, I passed through Nashville on Sunday on my way home from a blogmeet, and he let me crash on his couch after having dinner with him and some friends. Since I had some of my guns with me, he said "I'd like to take some pictures of you, if I may."  Well, dang. Who's going to say no to an Oleg photoshoot? So he took several [...]

Dammit, Ubisoft

     Ubisoft is both the developer and publisher of one of my favorite game series of all times. Since 2007, there have been seven primary-platform games in the series, each tied to the overall narrative of two secret societies at war with each other throughout history. Due to the subject matter of the first game, involving Crusades, early Islam, Saracens, etc, they launched the game with a disclaimer that has since accompanied every Assassins Creed title since.

"This game was developed by a multicultural team of various faiths and beliefs."
     Basically, Ubi's way of saying [...]

A Little Progress

Just a quick post today to share some progress on the (cheap!) miniatures I'm preparing for my middle school Summer Enrichment class.

I've primed the "elven" archers and started on faces (the tricky bit) but didn't have any flesh-colored paint left.  Turns out that my gray-brown butternut with a dab of white and a dab of yellow made for a serviceable skin tone.  I'm a big fan of blacklining as it covers for a shaky hand and is a shortcut I prefer over mixing several different shades of the same color.  The result is not nearly as beautiful [...]

The Pearl 007


The boys are getting into trouble and then trouble comes looking for them.

The Pearl 007

The Forgotten Realms: A Gamer's Way Back

For many years, I've been pretty staunch in my preference of Greyhawk over the Forgotten Realms. I suppose, looking back, it was a mix of things: I adventured in Greyhawk before I ever set (a character's) foot in the Realms, and in a lot of ways, it just felt more comfortable.

The Realms? Well, sure I played in some campaigns set there, read some of the popcorn fantasy novels set in Faerun, and had a decent time doing so. However, there was always a downside to the Realms---Dungeon Masters would either be Faerun Fascists, intent on letting NOT ONE [...]

The Spell: Blindness/Deafness

OK, I had a situation on Tuesday night's Pathfinder game (which almost ended as a TPK) where the Necromancer of the party succeeded at casting the Blindness/Deafness spell on a Sorcerer that was the main enemy in the fight.  Before we proceed, let us get the definitive Pathfinder rules from the PRD and reproduce them here...
Blindness/DeafnessSchool necromancy; Level bard 2, cleric 3, sorcerer/wizard 2Casting Time 1 standard actionComponents VRange medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)Target one living creatureDuration permanent (D)Saving Throw Fortitude negates; Spell Resistance yesYou call upon the powers of unlife to render the subject blinded or deafened, as you choose.
Blinded: The creature cannot see. It takes a --2 penalty to Armor Class, [...]

Reavers on the Seas of Fate -- Season Three, Sixteenth Session

Sixteenth Session(10 page pdf) -- "Lair of the Vampire" -- It's back to Rana Mor to retrieve Lavender Lil from the clutches of the vampiress. I leave it up to the players how much sex and violence there will be. Hint: Lots!

Well, good thing I didn’t toss that Dungeon after they left Rana Mor, because they go right back. I tried something new this time, which was to have the group vote on how much difficulty, complexity, ultraviolence, and eroticism they wanted in this session. Go read the details of that in my previous post about Agile Session Ratings then [...]

USR 2.0 now available to download for free

Sorry for the recent radio silence - I've been super busy with various projects, the biggest one being the newest edition of Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying. I'm pleased to announce the release of USR 2.0, now free to download on DriveThruRPG.

I've been so happy with the overwhelmingly positive response over the past two years since the release of USR. I'm thrilled to have a small but active community spring up around my little game and I hope that USR 2.0 will get even more people playing it.

So what's changed? The core game is the [...]

D&D 5e: A few words on Diversity (or its lack)

When considering the races and classes for the OSR game I'm developing, I couldn't help think about the cultural impact on classes. Because my mind often follows stream-of-conscious threads, this started me thinking about diversity in D&D in a larger context... not just fictional diversity from an in-game standpoint, but how that diversity (or lack) impacts D&D culture outside of the game itself.

How inviting is D&D to a person of color? Are you a Black gamer? Asian? Hispanic? Do you feel well represented in the game? Do you feel included? My guess is probably not. My concern is that this [...]

ICON issue 2 and reorganising the blogs.

Hi internets. Whats happening, its been a while?

Couple of things I want to talk about - mostly ICON related.  First up, ICON is almost ready, i'm finalising the page order, I'll have a pdf available at the Vault early next week. DriveThru Rpg will follow shortly. I know some people have probably been wondering where their articles got to so i thought i'd get that one out there first.

The first issue went really well, there was a lot of hype behind it, i've definitely taken a more relaxed approach to the project - in that i [...]

Dungeon World: Down in the Deeps

  • Augustine (5th-level human paladin)
  • Jaya (5th-level human bard)
  • Mouse (5th-level gnome thief)

They had three choices: try to get as far away from Hell's Arch and the Autumn Monarch's army as possible, infiltrate the Autumn Monarch's army and assassinate him (which, given that they were fey and all, chances were that someone might have already done just that), or sneak over into the neighboring fortress, liberate some fey prisoners---including the king of the duskies---and sneak back.

After much discussion they opted for the third option: what it lacked in the highest chance of survival, it made up for in the amount [...]


Hate to do it, but I am selling a 99% of my games on e-bay.  Come by and take a look.

Inspiration: The Forest

Am I the only one who thinks this would be an incredible game to play?
I know I know this is a table top gaming but man this game is ripe for inspiration for horror games.  I can imagine this game being adapted with a system as simple as John Wick's Shauermarchen or one as crunchy as the World of Darkness rules.

The premise of The Forest is as follows:
As the lone survivor of a passenger jet crash, you find yourself in a mysterious forest battling to stay alive against a society of cannibalistic mutants. Build, explore, [...]

Oh, Yeahhhhh! More Guardian Goodness...

Poll: Favourite Superhero system

Rippers for Sale

I'm selling my copy of Rippers on Ebay. You can find the auction here. Rippers is a Savage Worlds settings in the style of VanHelsing or League of Extraordinary. It's a really cool setting for Savage Worlds. The pdf is 19.99 and right now my action is only around 12 bucks (plus shipping).  If you're interested in Victorian gaming, steampunk, or classic monsters, check it out.

"Everybody knows there are no such things as monsters...
...You know better.You are a Ripper---one of a secret band of monster hunters dedicated to saving humanity---and the horrors that stalk the night are [...]

Exemplar Avengers

I’m going to add a bunch of advice, DM tools, and sample characters to my Fictive Avengers game. This .pdf has example character concepts based on the templates (but very different than the movies and cartoons!) along with recommended “Master Menace” themes to build the campaign around. And a bit on what kind of base they might have. Check it out!

Exemplar Avengers 1

100 Random Things that just might lie in that inaccessible mountain valley the locals tell tales about.

You have traveled far, the village is a welcome rest, they welcome you and your party with good spirits.

In the village at the foot of the high mountains the  locals tell stories around open pits of coals over which  heavily spiced meats an root vegetables are roasted on crooked sticks older than you are, blackened and slick with  many nights worth of  flame. On these nights the  stories are about the stars, long revered as ancestral spirits, and bout the  history of the village , the families that live there. One story catches your ear, a long [...]

Superhero games

A recent thread on RPGnet asks why is there is a bounty of Superhero games. So why are there so many good systems on the market now when ten years ago the cupboard was bare? I can only attribute it to the fact that superheroes are cool once more and game design has progressed to […]

historical-nonfiction: Taking ships' logs from the 1700s and...


Taking ships' logs from the 1700s and 1800s, and charting each geolocated entry on a white surface, you get this map. For an interesting discussion, check out this article.

Bonus Content for Purple

This art is not in The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence.  The artist, Chad Robb, was inspired by reading it.  I'm glad he decided to share them with us.

Even though Scott Charlton of Octopus Games inspired more than a few entries for While They Were Sleeping (a random table for crazy stuff that could happen when the party beds down for the night), he wasn't done there.  No, Scott wanted to contribute an encounter that could be the seed for one or more Purple sessions.

I tweaked a couple details (blame me if you hate the [...]

Not The Gold Standard

For this month, I was going to spill some ink about earning XP for finding treasure. I had nearly 2,000 words in place, all ready to go. Something else, however, had been stomping around in my little attic and making so much noise, I felt compelled to go upstairs to find out what it was. So here we go. The post that I did not intend to write.

Here's a confession: I have a really weird relationship with D&D. It was my first RPG. It was the game that hooked me. It's the game I prefer to play over any other. [...]

Meta Thursday (Tribal Troubles): Kaiju Theater

As Tribal Troubles began with an enormous, extremely powerful creature, it's going to end with one too---we're not giving away exactly what's going to happen later on this week [keep reading on through the weekend! -MM], but we want folks prepared for the big final sequence. The tokusatsu genre has amazing opportunities for some great […]

The post Meta Thursday (Tribal Troubles): Kaiju Theater appeared first on Adventure-A-Week.

Dead In Thay: Trying to Impress New Players

We are rapidly approaching the release of 5th edition. From what I understand, WPN stores will be getting the starter sets on July 3rd. The store owner asked me if I'd run some demo games in exchange for a free starter set. My answer: Yes.

While I am pretty fired up about Tyranny of Dragons, I am a bit bummed for my players. Their characters have gotten all the way to eighth level and they'll be a little sad to start over.

I ran the latest installment of Dead in Thay yesterday. As I sat down [...]

Bujilli: Episode 95

Bujilli and Leeja have been reunited. Some purple-eyed kid has tried to ambush Bujilli with a galvanic prod. Leeja has taken exception to this...
It had stopped raining.

Bujilli reached for his hand-axe.

The boy screamed.

As well he should; his hands were wrapped tightly in writhing white hair constricting so tightly that blood was spurting out through every tiny gap.

The galvanic prod sputtered in the mud then went dead. It was very likely rigged with some sort of dead-man switch. Bujilli had no intention of touching the thing.

"Good to see you." [...]

The 20 Weirdest Dungeons & Dragons Magical Items

Over on io9, Rob Bricken just put up a great article, The 20 Weirdest Dungeons & Dragons Magical Items. I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of most of these items, though once I encountered the Robe of Vermin. Looking at most of these magical items, though, it seems like a lot of them could make for interesting roleplaying opportunities.

For example, the players stumble upon a mad wizard’s tower. Inside are dozens of magical items. [...]

Good Isn't Stupid, or weak, or nice.

Many years ago I had been only DMing for months when a guy I knew invited me to sit in on a game he played. He said it had a ranger, a cleric, a magic-user and two thieves. I sat with him and rolled up a paladin on my first try. I was very eager to play and described how my character rode up to the small country home they used as a base and dismounted, and introduced myself as So and So the paladin.
  At that point the entire party attacked my character and killed him in a [...]

Quick Review -- Suspense! The Card Game. 13 cards, one fast, fun game!

Finally got Daniel Solis’Suspense! to the table! What a fun, tight little game! We only had time to play three rounds but let me say with 13 cards, this game is still actually a game, and agoodone at that.

There’s a hidden victory condition (that face down card) every round. Only the dealer knows what it is. Based on what they play (or if they pass/fold) you have to try and guess what it is. The cards are numbered 1-6, with 6 black numbers and 6 white numbers, plus a 13th non-number, non-color card.

Umbral Blot (Blackball) - Level 27 Elite Controller

Sorry for the lack of material lately. I've been on a run of nights, and have not exactly been feeling quite myself. However, I'm back (for now), and have one of the oddest and most badass monsters from D&D's crazy history - the Umbral Blot. Originally the Blackball in "basic" D&D, this nasty beastie was revamped a number of times, the last one being in the 3.0 Epic Level Handbook. For those of you that don't know, this is basically an animated Sphere of Annihilation, that can seek you out rather than waiting to be pushed at you. 
Like I [...]

thursday -- New Release!

Hey everyone! Instead of doing a random setting this week (we have a lot of them stock-piled now) we’re announcing a new release for ther and best of all, it’s FREE!

On deck for this Freebie a new race for ther: Lizardmen! This very short PDF hits the society and culture, the appearance of the Lizardmen, as well as ther-specific mechanics, mutations, and a few suggestions on what to do with them as adventurers! Take them and plug them into any setting you want, but we suggest those in the Fantasy and Science Fiction genres!

A Catalog of Races, Volume I: Lizardmen [...]

D&DVD Of The Week: Sleeping Beauty (2014)

Years before they became a byword for cheap, blockbuster cash-ins (i.e. mockbusters), the first movie I discovered by The Asylum was a fantasy film (simply called Dragon, I believe) in the discount aisle of Woolworths in Tonbridge (which shows just how long ago it was). Since then I have remained firm in my belief that although they're not exactly known for quality productions, The Asylum are

RPG Review -- Ultimate Battle

By Endzeitgeist After the superb “Ultimate Rulership”, this would be the second one of Legendary Games' offerings to expand the rules of Ultimate Campaign". Page-count-wise, this pdf is 38 pages long, 1 page front cover, 2 pages of editorial, 1 page SRD, 1 page ToC, 1 page introduction, 3 pages of advertisement, 1 page back [...]

The post RPG Review – Ultimate Battle appeared first on G*M*S Magazine.

LYNE -- Review

LYNE is a casual puzzle game with a relaxing atmosphere, brought to us by Thomas Bowker. It manages to do what most other puzzles cannot seem to achieve by being deceptively simple yet infinitely complex when you try to connect the shapes.

LYNE is a connect-the-dots type of puzzle that most will remember from their early years, except it makes use of shapes and colors instead of those plain black dots. It seems fairly simple at a first glance but once you try to connect the same colored shapes, you will soon realize that you can only take certain paths [...]

Making Memorable NPCs: Play on Target Podcast Ep. 31

With summer comes a slightly more regular schedule to our podcast episodes. This week Play on Target takes on NPCs and how to make them compelling. We're again joined by Sherri Stewart, who brings a player-centered perspective to the question. I think we manage to get through the episode without digressing into tales of our favorite GM characters. That's for the best.
Play on Target Episode Round Up
THE RIGHT HAND OF DARKNESS?Sometimes when gamers talk about old-school I think not about system but about the kinds of stupid play we engaged in "back [...]

Thoughts on Professional Gamesmastering

I'm interested in exploring the concept of Professional Gamesmastering. I'd like to start by saying that I've done it myself several times, and it's been both a fantastic experience, and to some degree profitable. You can read my notes on it here: http://elthos.com/ProGM/ProGM.aspx I'd be curious to hear what others think of the concept, and if anyone else has managed to make money
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