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Star Wars Rebels...

The Jedi have been wiped out and the Empire spreads tyranny through the galaxy. Hope runs thin. But on the small planet of Lothal a big change is looming. A group of rebels meet a 14-year-old con artist named Ezra and soon it's clear their destinies are linked. Aboard their ship, the Ghost, Ezra and the rebels embark on an adventure to ignite a rebellion and strike back against the Empire.

The Magical Item Alphabet!! K- The King's War Crown

The King's War Crown- This crown is constructed of jagged metal spikes that have been welded together. It once belonged to the great conqueror king, Tythis, as he marched across the high plains and took all for his kingdom. Anyone who wears the crown is granted +2 to AC and allows wearer to roll attacks twice and take the higher of the two.

Once per day the wearer may:

  • Summon a lvl 1d3 warrior to find beside you for 1d4 turns or until killed.
  • Summon a war steed that remains for 2d4 hours or until killed.
  • Be instantly clad in plate mail (AC 8) [...]

Let's enjoy a good disaster

I’m on a midsummer break, but in the meantime Peter (our Minister of Post-Apocalyptic Relations) really wants you to know that DC has published Showcase Presents: The Great Disaster, a 576-pages black and white collection of classic Silver Age post-apocalyptic stories.

We’d already discussed this continuity a bit in our Atomic Knights, Kamandi and OMAC entries (since our Hercules Unbound notes have been in development hell for years now), and this has almost everything (except, oddly, Weird War Tales #35). It’s great, and nearly 600 pages for $15 is hard to beat.

Ancient Sagas of Everlance 6/29-7/13

This update covers sessions played on 6/29, 7/6, and 7/13. The current cast of character is as follows:

Brother Caswyn - Priest of Gloriana
Myshkin - Paladin
Beska - Wizard
Gifilte - Monk of love

Towerday, 27th Arist, 1096 md.

Like a bolt from the blue, sudden, violent, and foretelling stormy weather, Gloriana will light the path.

The people of Caer Brennau were greatly relieved to hear of our success. So much so that we've not had to pay for a meal or a bed or a drink. I've tried to turn some of [...]

The 20 random Trials of Passage from the Scarmaw Orcs

The  king has been clear about  the mission. Locate the Scarmaw Orcs, negotiate a treaty of trade and nonaggression with the green skinned bastards, and if possible see if we could turn the tribal chiefs attention towards the dwarves in Iron Pass. Simple? No not simple. So here we are the chief refused to speak to us unless we passed the orc warrior trial, what ever that is, and  now this big brute Thagnar and his smashed up  smelly tooth is shouting in my face.
Thagnar One Tusk looked over the new recruits. Not a single one of them would [...]


After getting a good night's sleep back home at the Blackstone headquarters, we followed clues. Baradhi went to the Crow Bar and got sloshed on psychedelic potions for "research purposes", and Gorbash went to see if Ixchal was home. She wasn't.

However, Jayson flashed some Cyber-Knight armour, making shopkeepers a bit nicer to us, and we found clues that took us north east, to the Silversmith Gang territory. Apparently they're quite nice ... as gangs go.

Further on from them were the East Side Boys, another gang, a couple of whose members were seen escorting Rita roundabout when she went AWOL. The ESB were really rather concerned about our presense, because our reputation preceeded us. Their attitude was along the lines of "PLEASE DON'T KILL US". We had no plans to. Although, their leader Maria's reliance on a "powerful mage" called Lion was a bit creepy. Lion insulted [...]

The 20 random Trials of Passage of the Scarmaw Orcs

The  king has been clear about  the mission. Locate the Scarmaw Orcs, negotiate a treaty of trade and nonaggression with the green skinned bastards, and if possible see if we could turn the tribal chiefs attention towards the dwarves in Iron Pass. Simple? No not simple. So here we are the chief refused to speak to us unless we passed the orc warrior trial, what ever that is, and  now this big brute Thagnar and his smashed up  smelly tooth is shouting in my face.
Thagnar One Tusk looked over the new recruits. Not a single one of them would [...]

"Their literary posts are among the most substantive I've seen"

Okay, that’s coming from our own publisherthat’s got every incentive to plug us, but still. (Sort-of publisher, anyway. Site owner?) And as one commenter notes, the competition is light due to the pros thinking:Give it away for nothing? Are you nuts?! I’m still trying to lump my head around that whole “literary” bit. (Eh… seriously? You know, I was never the English major type. Should I go buy one of those corduroy jackets and putpatches on the elbows so I look the part…?)

But what about those pros, eh? I gotta say, I rarely see anything in the pressthat meets any [...]

Campaign Chunk -- Thunder Cannons of Calmview

The world is full of many mysterious sights and creatures. It is also home to a few odd sounds as well. The lake town of Calmview is one such location.

At random intervals, ranging from a day to two months, a loud boom, like a mixture of thunder and a cannon, is heard. This sound can vibrate walls and Smaller regular sounds occur at regular intervals. So exact are this small booms that you can set you watch by them, with some small booms on the hour and others every day at 6:00 am. These smaller booms can be drowned out [...]

Dungeon Design: The Dungeon's Purpose

A dungeon needs to be so much more than a hole in the ground stuffed full of monsters and treasures. A dungeon without a purpose is a poor dungeon indeed.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


In almost all cases, someone at some point made the decision to build the dungeon. An undertaking of such magnitude is unlikely to be done on a whim. Whoever built the dungeon did so for aspecificpurpose. That purpose shapes the layout and feel of the place.There are several types of dungeon:

  • Fortress or Refuge: Built as a place to withstand a natural disaster or one’s enemies the dungeon [...]

Wonder Woman Wednesday...

Lots of changes!

Quite a few things have changed since my last post on this blog. A few of note…

1. I moved from Kansas to Alaska. Big change. New people, new home, new job, etc. I like it quite a bit – we’ve been here about a year now. This did mean I’ve had to give up my gaming group of… what, twelve years? Thirteen? I started gaming with them in college in about 2000, and moved in July of 2013. That’s a long, long time, and I miss them. Still, I like gaming, so that led to…

2. I’ve been running Pathfinder Society [...]

Male, Female, and Everything In-between

When we're first introduced to gaming, we're told we can play any character we want and our imagination (and the system) is the only limit. Your character can be anyone you want them to be! Do you want to be a brawny fighter despite struggling to carry a 40lb bag of kitty litter from the car to the house in real life? Go for it! Do you want to be a brilliant scientist despite flunking chemistry back in high school? Absolutely! Do you want to be a graceful elf despite obviously being a chubby, slightly clumsy human most of the [...]

Broken Jade - AFF Campaign - Session 5 (video)

Session 5 of the very enjoyable Broken Jade AFF campaign.

Fright Night: Alpha Release

Back in April I posted a play report for Fright Night, a game that Ben, Melissa, and I were working on. The game is intended to evoke the feel of horror movies, character generation is a breeze, the mechanics are simple, and both the "monster" and a lot of the story is randomly generated on the fly (meaning that even the Director does not know exactly what will happen).

We have since played a number of games, tried to play a number more, and had a few other groups also give it a shot, and though the game is not [...]

Dead in Thay: Session 9

Guess who?  The Red Wizards are back and madder than ever. Last season the heroes temporarily set back the wizards and now the big bad Reds are back at it.

It all started when a Red Wizard comes into town to tell the players of the nefarious scheme they have planned, elemental nodes and all.....

Listen as Derek, Craig, and I talk about what happened at the table, some of the pitfalls or glorious moments, and some of the stuff that did not go so well.

Dead in Thay, a 6th Level adventure for this season of [...]

The Berliner

The third and final installment of the "no shit, I was really there" series of tales about visiting East Berlin in the 1980s, this post would not have been possible if I hadn't found an old pamphlet while cleaning out the mess from Dad's room. This was given to everyone who rode "The Berliner," the British troop train which made daily trips from West Germany to West Berlin (and back) across the blasted landscape of East Germany.

Between 1945 and 1990 the British military train travelled daily through Soviet occupied East Germany to the British sector of West [...]

Observations And First Impressions Of The Warriors Of The Red Planet Rpg Retroclone System

Grab your copy right over
 Warriors of the Red Planet arrived today via the post office after I had gotten back from a repair job today and I unpacked and took photos. Well colour me impressed, the book and system are a reimagining of OD&D through the lens of a Barsoomian slant. There are lots of options here and add ons but its all pretty simply and nicely laid out. 
 The book clocks in at one hundred and thirty four pages of black and white beauty. This is a homage to the various science fantasy writers who immortalized  Mars [...]

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG

I've been running a Dungeon Crawl Classics game on Monday nights for about 5 months at the game store. If you haven't heard of it, DCC RPG is very similar to D&D but it has an old school flavor with an emphasis on random charts. It is awesome. And it's pretty scary how similar D&D 5e ended up being to it. This post has a lot of spoilers for the published adventures, so tread carefully!

I've been posting reports of my games on the goodman games forum and it dawned on me yesterday that I might as well post [...]

ConBravo 2014: D&D Next First Impressions

This is part two of a three part series where Michael reviews his experiences as ConBravo.

I actually didn't get a chance to play any of the multitude of table-top games available at ConBravo. Sad but true! However, former Spellstorm organizer Dominic Amann was running a newbie table of D&D Next and let me sit in for the first hour to learn the rules and get a feel for the system. I've written upsome first impressions below:

SimpleIs Good

An obvious amalgam of second and third edition, D&D Next does something its predecessors could not: it keeps things pretty simple.A lot of mechanics [...]

A Political Game

It's funny in a way how your tastes change as you grow older. When I was younger and first saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon I didn't like it. It seemed too floofy and silly to be taken seriously. On a more recent watching I could see a lot of the points people made about the movie and it was a much more enjoyable situation. At the same time, while the idea of a political/court game intrigued me, but I figured they'd be impossible to really run and I knew for a fact I'd never be able to do that. Now [...]

potelbat Ep. 56 "D&D 5e Basic -- Part V"

The final episode in our look at the new D&D Basic covers games mechanics concerning combat, spell casting, and all the other non-character niceties.

This final installment gets down to the best bits of what remains in the Basic rules. What’s new, what different, and how does it all work together?

Find out as @Vladepsyker and @Fiddleback finish things off in a manner only they can manage.

And then, finally, at long last, just what do they think of it all? Is it worth it? Is the new edition of D&D something you need to check out and play?

Most importantly, is it safe [...]

Three Takes on Sleep (DnD/S&W, GURPS, Night's Black Agents)

+Tim Shorts over at Gothridge Manor just wrote two pieces on the Sleep spell. 

It called my attention to something that I didn't pay much mind to, since I play a boring old fighter. Or young fighter. Whatever.

Tim's character Minister has used sleep to good effect before, but I didn't really realize how darn powerful it is. Rather than just start tweaking from the get-go (I'll get to that later), I thought I might first look at how such a power is handled in the two games I actively play, and one I'd love to play a game in.

D&D (5e) and Swords and Wizardry

These two really aren't that different. In S&W, you can impact a certain number of hit dice of critters. 1 at 4 HD (4 HD total), 1d6 at 3 HD (about 10 HD total), 2d6 at 2 HD (14 HD total), and 2d8 at 1 HD (9 HD total). 

For DnD 5th edition, casting this at first level you roll 5d8, and you can put that many HP of creatures asleep. Since the monster HD is a d8, by and large you'll, on the average put 5 critters to sleep, or 5 HD.

Comparing the two, I think that the D&D version is clearly easier to adjudicate. You start from weakest to strongest, and put to sleep creatures until you run out of HP, and if your pool of HP don't cover the next critter on the list, you're [...]

A talk with Ernie Gygax and Benoist Poire about GP Adventures and Beyond

Doing interviews on Skype is always interesting. You see, I do not own a camera so I get you see my subject while hiding my own image during the interview. The subject of the interview is often animated and today was no different. I logged into catch Ernie Gary Gygax and we spoke for some time while waiting for his partner to show up. During this time Ernie was playing with his dog, throwing some kind of doggie toy, while regaling me with stories of his childhood. The stories were quite enlightening and helped me to gain an understanding of the man. I have met many in the gaming world who are complete gaming snobs. I honestly expected Ernie to be one of them. He is after all, the son of Gary Gygax and essentially gaming royalty. Instead what I discovered was a very cool dude that was open to conversation about damned near anything. It was a real joy speaking with him candidly about so many different subjects. Eventually Ernie’s partner in crime,Benoist Poire, made his appearance and we got started.

During the interview the two players took turns answering questions. Many of those questions will never make it to print but the core of what the interview was about is here for your inspection. When an answer was very specific to one person or the other I shall notate it as such but the vast majority of the interview was conducted in a manner that either Ernie or Ben seemed to play off of each other and to give the answer as a single unit instead of two separate entities.

There is quite a buzz in the convention circuit about GP Adventures. What can you guys tell me about it?

GP Adventures is the company we created in order to be [...]

Gamer Porn - Observations And First Impressions Of The Warriors Of The Red Planet Rpg Retroclone System

Grab your copy right over
 Warriors of the Red Planet arrived today via the post office after I had gotten back from a repair job today and I unpacked and took photos. Well colour me impressed, the book and system are a reimagining of OD&D through the lens of a Barsoomian slant. There are lots of options here and add ons but its all pretty simply and nicely laid out. 
 The book clocks in at one hundred and thirty four pages of black and white beauty. This is a homage to the various science fantasy writers who immortalized  Mars [...]

NPC Card: Interview with Andreas Walters

I first heard of Andreas Walters, was when he invited me to a conversation on Google Plus. I had no idea who he was, so I snooped his profile on GooglePlus to learn more about him. Turns out he is a game designer working on a set of cards.

We talked briefly, starting with me telling him I had no interest in his card game. Yeah I'm as blunt through chat as I am on this blog! But he stopped me by informing me that it was not a card game, but a deck of cards. Chatting some more, [...]

Moving into the Slow Lane for the Rest of the Week

Between the past weekend's stress, the current multitasking at work, puppy prep and safety check for the weekend pick up and getting some prep in for the recording of episodes 1 and 2 of the podcast early next week (yeah, it kinda just worked out like that) among other projects I need to work on, all of which means that the 2 to 4 posts a day are probably going to slow down to 1 to 2.

No, I haven't had a chance to check the OSR Superstar final entries yet and get them moving on to the judges - hoping for tomorrow, but in truth it may not happen until Thursday.

But hey, the puppy prep is worth it at least ;)

Tuesday Magic Item -- Godstalker's Lion Tooth Necklace

“But to hunt the divine? That would take a will of iron and a soul without fear of consequences,” said the Indigo Sage, leaning back in the heavy chair. “It is not a curse I would wish upon anyone.”

The slender woman flexed her hands. “But what if justice can only be found in such a fashion?”

“Justice and the divine?” the sage gestured for his servant to bring tea. “You have me intrigued. Please sit and tell me more . . .”

Godstalker’s Lion Tooth Necklace

These items are rare, only two or three are thought to exist, which is no surprise as [...]

The Extra Lives Show: Episode Zero(point)One!

This week we discuss old school FPS’s, Risk of Rain again, and DOOMBOTS!!!! (whatever those are) Plus we dive deep into the Yogsventure! debacle and Doom….BOTS!!!! What’s the state of the podcast? Things are still ramping up! We’ve bought some new equipment to sound better but unfortunately our internet connection was not the greatest this [...]


WARNING, MAJOR DOOM-CAVE SPOILERS AHEADParis was so remote from any shop that participated to the Free RPG Day that I had missed all the fun this year. That's why the PWYW release of The Doom-Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children was an event for me. Last year was basically the same and Better Than Any Man was quite a blast. I loved almost every bit of it - especially its long introduction about playing in a Faux Renaissance-Europe setting. I'm a Solomon Kane/The Enemy Within/Dark Ages Call of Cthulhu sort of player and always thought that Old Europe makes a perfect [...]

The 'official' OGL d20 Feather Charms is now out

Regular readers of the blog have already seen the content of this product, but if you would like a copy of it nicely typeset and illustrated, you can download OGL d20: Feather Charms from RPGNow.com for next to nothing.

For more Native American-inspired OGL d20 material, you can also check out Warrior Maiden Starlight. The book features the complete "Starlight" series by Ann Adams and Ralph Mayo, collected in one book for the first time, as well as notes and rules for running a d20 System game drawing inspiration from pre-European contact Native American civilizations.

Role Playing with YOU as the character part 3

As mentioned in previous posts, Role Playing with YOU as the character is an exploration of the game EABA and the Timelords setting.

The humility you feel when you see yourself boiled down to simple numbers is immense. But now you have gotten over it and are involved in the game. The adventure is great but it not some made up guy you want to become. You are playing yourself as the character. This means you really don't want to die. Suddenly dangers that would never even phase another character, have you taking a moment to think.

Are you good enough to get in a blazing gun fight with alien soldiers? Probably not. So what does this mean? Go home? You don't have a home left. So now you need to think. You plan. You execute. You take on dangers with the minimum possible risk to your or your friends. Suddenly you are playing with a mind towards tactics. You are seeing the game in a different light. You are growing up as a role player.

Real world relationships are complicated. When you play yourself as a character, the in game relationships take on new levels of complexity. Say you have a wife int he real world but your in game version of her gets killed. Do you move on in the game? How does the real world version of your wife take this? Are you messing with your real world life? Be careful as you are treading on tricky ground.

In our current game my real world wife is missing. Likely she was killed during the initial alien invasion a year ago. I had to think long and hard about this. I decided my character has moved on. He has new girlfriend. How I role play this new life is tricky because [...]

Alternate Trinket Tables for D&D

We liked the idea of the Trinkets in the new D&D so much, that we thought we’d make some of our own. If you feel like a little something different, go ahead and roll a d100 on this table and see what you get.

Alternate Trinket Tables d100 Trinket d100 Trinket d100 Trinket d100 Trinket 1 A small, otherwise worthless stone, that briefly glows bright white every third day. 26 A hempen anklet that cannot be untied once attached. 51 A small cube made of fish bones with a glass marble in the center. 76 Two copper coins stuck face to face which can not be separated by any known means. 2 A hand mirror that reflects an unknown [...]

Industry Pro? Sign up for GenCon 2014 Workshops!

For the first time, the Gen Con Writer’s Symposium is offering free professional-level workshops for game and publishing industry professionals. These invite-only workshops will cover building a publicity strategy, running successful Kickstarters, migrating a brand into a new genre/market, and similar topics important to your business. We will not cover the basics, but instead focus on advanced methods of marketing, publicity, and line-building. These classes are geared toward collaborative projects and businesses. They’ll be conducted by Jaym Gates.

Available GenCon Pro Workshops

Publicity, Marketing, and Public Relations (Thurs @ 3 PM)
Learn how to build and maintain a flexible, evolving marketing and [...]


Here's how it probably starts.

There's a slip between the input and the output of the Gamemaster-In-The-Middle. The adventure writer communicating to the GM says "This appears to be a worn stone stairway leading down, but really is a sloping passage floored with the sticky illusion-casting tongue of a Deceptive Devourer, the rest of which lurks in wait in room 15 of the next level." The GM then communicates to players,  "You see what appears to be ... an old set of stone steps leading down into the darkness." Or consulting the "appears" synonym book, "seems," "looks like," "apparently is," [...]

The Forbidden City: An Adventure Log - Part III

After a brief rest at The Century Tree, Hale the Elf was joined by two dwarves and a wizard.  The group headed for The Plaza of the Sun to investigate the shimmering magical effect that had been spotted there prior, but not long after setting out they encountered several giant bees.  One huge bee alighted upon a dwarf's helm.  The expressions and voices at the table couldn't possibly have been much different if the bee was real and not just imaginary:photo from this site"We should run!"
"Hit it!"
"No!  No, hold still ... don't move."
"Just. Don't. Panic."
"Okay, I stand still."
GM: "The [...]


Only sometimes, I am half-tempted to create a movement. Like in a fashion or a rad, like writers in the United Amateur or the Parnassians in Paris. Except I'd do it all by myself. That's right, alone. A movement which would include people I love and people I argue with, people I support and people supporting my writing and each of these people would write in a different style, look different, create different things. So yeah, sometimes, I want to do what Pessoa did. For those of you unaware of what he did, here's the shortcut: Pessoa was a Portugese [...]

David vs. Goliath

Babbling at the Counter #51 -- Pen and Paper
David vs. Goliath
I guess most roleplayers can say they've had this moment: Your party and you get into a fight (as parties are wont to do) and after the first round you realize the though brute in front of you can shrug your attacks like they are nothing. So... what to do now?
I've already covered unstoppable juggernauts before, but inspired by a recent experience and Aaron's latest Tiny d10 post (LINK), I wanted to revisit and add to the idea.
My invincible monsters had a simple [...]

Magic Item of the Week - Amulet of Perception

  Another magic item from my 11 year old.
  Usually a small piece of jewelry with an eye or lantern motif this item grants its wearer an 18 Intelligence only for purposes of detecting an invisible creature. If the wearer has an 18 intelligence the Amulet grants a +5% to existing chances of detecting invisible creatures.

Dungeon World: I'm on a Boat

  • Augustine (5th-level human paladin)
  • Jaya (5th-level human bard)
  • Mouse (5th-level gnome thief)

After some discussion it was decided that Augustine and Jaya, respectively "disguised" as Henry's recently slain companions Bernard and Squeak, would accompany him to the boat. Mouse---much to Henry's relief---would keep to the upper corridors, make his way to the skybox above the water arena, and try to find a way to sneak down onto the boat undetected.

The skybox featured numerous uncomfortable-looking stone seats and several wide windows. Mouse started across the room, but stopped when he noticed something glinting at the edge of his torchlight: in the [...]

Sometimes you get lucky


Sometimes you get lucky. I’m on this facebook group of Belgian and Dutch people who sell fantasy and sci-fi stuff. Someone posts a number of pictures, a Lord of the Rings game, Planescape Planes of Chaos box, TSR rack, … Wait, what? A TSR rack? A quick message later I have a phonenumber.

Lucky me: So did you have a store or something?

Seller: Nope, I used to work at Wizards of the Coast.

Lucky me: I see, do you perhaps have more of this stuff?

Seller: Sure, what are you looking for?

Oh boy, that’s music to a collector’s ear. So I headed over [...]

Holothom -- TWB Page 2 Scan

Here is a scan of page 2 of “Holothom – The World Base.”

The original document was 23 handwritten pages long, but 9 or 10 pages of it was just custom spell lists, which I did not bother to scan at this point.

I will try to type up transcriptions within a day or two of posting the scans of each page.

Filed under: campaign world, D&D, Gaming, Holothom, retro, RPG Tagged: campaign, D&D, DnD, gaming, Old School, RPG, scans

A Sense of Place

io9 has a brief recap of National Geographic Traveller's photo contest. Be sure to go to the original page as well for even more photos. 

Gen Con - My Itinerary (The Thursday)

So almost 2 weeks ago (really?!) I posted about the Wednesday at Gen Con. It's now 3 weeks til we fly out to Gen Con and my excitement level increases on a daily basis. Unfortunately it also means that I'm working harder and thus having less time to create content for the blog. With that in mind I'm only going to commit to post a few more posts before we head off and those will be prioritised

Review: James Mishler Games

+James Mishler is having a big sale on all his Olden Lands products and they are worth checking out.
James runs a great blog over at http://jamesmishlergames.blogspot.com/ and Google+ Group where he posts tons of great old-school material for the price of a click.
I am partial to his works since the Mystoerth map I use is based on his work.  One day I really, really need to chat with him about this map and how he runs/ran his combined Mystara/Greyhawk world and see if was similar to how we did it back in 86.
Anyway check out his products.

I guess [...]

Oddpendium Contents Shortlist

Into the Odd's final pdf form is coming along, hoping for a September release.

Waiting on a few things to fall into place has given me time to work on the Oddpendium. This will be a hodgepodge of ideas that have no place within the core game. Nothing that necessarily aims to improve the original game, just a set of extra tools to play with if you want to. 
It isn't even in first-draft form yet, but here's the current table of contents. 
The Oddpendium
Using this Book

Alternate Character Groups - Underground Mutants, Deep Country Bumpkins, Oceanic [...]

HiLowBrow does Kirby

I came into my appreciation for Jack Kirby's work late in life, and I'll always regret not appreciating how good, how perfectly this artwork is in its medium. Big, blocky and exagerated, it dynamically captured the magic that comic books bring; of turning art into action.
So I'm thrilled that HiLowBrow is doing a restrospective of Kirby's Fourth World books, my personal favourite. That level of mythology and storytelling is almost infinitely deep. No matter how deep you delved into every character, plot and setting , and you know that Kirby would be eagerly waiting to show you another story... [...]

Two New Products and a New Notion

Hey folks. Three items today ...


Bloody Basic - Classic Edition is now up for sale as a soft-cover book. A game with characters levels 1 to 6, with elves, dwarves, halflings, fighters, clerics, magic-users, thieves and all the rest of the classic fantasy elements, for $8.99. I'm working on getting the Contemporary Edition out pretty soon as a PDF, and then a hard copy, and then the other editions will follow - Fairy Tale, Chaos, Apocalypse, Jules Verne, etc.


ENnie Awards 2014


It’s that time of the year again. The ENnie Awards 2014. And a lot of my favorite games and publishers on the list. You can still vote for the ENnie Awards 2014 until the 30th of July. Take a look below at all the nominees.

Best Adventure

  • EPOCH: War Stories – Imaginary Empire
  • Razor Coast: Heart of the Razor – Frog God Games
  • Rise of the Drow – AAW GAMES LLC
  • The Sense of the Sleight-of-Hand Man – Arc Dream Publishing
  • Trail of Cthulhu: Eternal Lies – Pelgrane Press

Best Aid/Accessory

  • Fate Dice -- Eldritch Dice – Evil Hat Productions
  • Kobold Guide to Magic – Kobold Press
  • Noteboard – Pelgrane [...]

Trap Tuesday (Wonders of NaeraCull): Igneous Rock

Eons of lava flow have created layers of igneous rock on the side of Mount Mahangua. In many places this has created treacherous footing where hard to see holes in the rock are surrounded by razor sharp rock edges. Igneous Rock (CR 1) The side of the hill is treacherous, as it is mostly formed […]

The post Trap Tuesday (Wonders of NaeraCull): Igneous Rock appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

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