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cyborg girl !

a cyborg girl busts out of the lab ! …. was supposed to be a witchblade sketch :D…but i think cyborg girl worked better anyways

a cyborg girl escapes from the lab !

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Philippine Gamer goes to Singapore!

I’ve just been recently informed that I’ll be flying over to Singapore for a Business Trip. As such I won’t be able to update my blog for the rest of the week with the same regularity as before. That said, I’m hoping to be able to sneak some gaming-related things while I’m there.

There’s just one problem though: I don’t know a thing about Singapore.

Are there any people out there willing to help me get my geek fix while I’m there? Any good stores with RPG books in particular? I’m hoping to score some extra D&D 5e books if I can [...]

Grand Duchy 28

Grand Duchy of AdventureSession 28
August 13-25, 2014

The Keeper of the CircleLunadain 11th of FlaurmontThe KeeperThe strange Human stops about 15 feet away and throws his hands in the air, calling out in Traladaran, "I said, what are you doing in my storehouse!"
Griffin tosses the bundle of herbs he carried out of the cave behind a bush. He looks at Marcel with a shrug and a quirked eyebrow. You want to field this, or do you want me to?
Marcel lowers his spear and turns to the man.
"This is a storehouse? Well, this makes sense. I'm very [...]

Space Western Comics Adventure - Hidden Valley of Death - A Warriors Of The Red Planet Rpg - Actual Campaign Play Event & Free Download

Read It Right Over

Tonight I've just resumed my old school Wars of The Red Planet pulp/Charlton comic book mash up retroclone  game. The first part of the mini campaign can be found right HERE
The Warriors Of The Red Planet mini campaign continued tonight with the PC's running smack into a tribe of Red Martian Aztec eagle warriors and their saucers tonight. The PC's had just returned the princess to the House of Loraz when they witnessed a strange golden disk saucer coming from a hidden valley just over the horizon.

 Several of [...]

D20 Dark Awakenings: Shadowland

"We had come to the end of our long trek through this vile and desolate place and the tower stood before us like some looming giant. I turned and looked at the long road by which we had traveled; a grey thread winding through the ashen ruin and splintered rocks.

Giliath coughed, spitting out the foul taste of the air. I reached down to pass him a waterskin and it was then that I noticed Alvyd was missing. Before I could say a word, the stillness of the air was broken b a shrill scream from the direction of the tower. The fool had gone ahead without us and I dreaded to learn what fate had befallen him..."

Dark Awakenings: Shadowland is the conclusion to Dark Awakenings: Guardian, a d20 adventure for 4-6 characters of levels 3-4.

The adventure comes packaged with a cd-rom containing:
* 3D scenes depicting key locations in the adventure
* The complete adventure module in searchable PDF format
* Ambient sound effects
* Printable color maps
* Printable color game handouts
* Background to the author and the development team

Ring Side Report- Board Game Review of Run, Fight, or Die

Product- Run, Fight, or Die

Producer-Grey Fox Games

Price- ~$35 here http://boardgamegeek.com/geekads/click/361282?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.coolstuffinc.com%2Fp%2F205940

Set-Up/Play/Clean-Up- 10 min per player 1-6 players

TL; DR-Zombies!!! without the annoying length/Yahtzee with Zombies! 90%


Basics- Zombies!!! meat Yahtzee! In Run Fight or Die, you play several different survivors trying to flee the zombie apocalypse while gathering up different survivors in town. Each turn, you roll the main five dice and an event die. The event die has random occurrences ranging from a sneak attack from a zombie (lose health) to an all clear night with no more zombies spawning this turn. After that you have your main dice which can be [...]

#RPGaDay Day 25: Favorite RPG That No One Else Will Play

Allegedly, nothing. My current group says "If you run it, we will play"...so I'm currently holding them to that. Nothing - presumably - is off limits.

Revised DungeonMorph Dice Available For Online Orders

Explorer set of DungeonMorph Dice in a plastic tray. (Click the picture for a larger view.)

As pictured here, the revised versions of the DungeonMorph Dice look amazing! The stonework pattern is pretty and the dice have *far* fewer issues.

Currently we have the Explorer set available for sale on our website. Here is the direct link to that part of the online store. We’re working with the manufacturer to re-make the other two sets (& something new…)

Get these now and the others later… you don’t have to wait for the other sets to come in! Use the code “OffsetShipping” on the [...]


Favorite RPG No One Else Wants to Play?  Dragon Age RPG>

Unearthed Update: Sick Day

Hey Everybody! No update this week due to me being afflicted with a severe throat infection. Instead, here is some old art that Radiostorm threw together for Unearthed waaaaaaaaay back in 2008. This was long before the game's development officially began, and I was just tinkering around with PK Hack for fun.


Mitchell hasn't really changed much since this sketch (dynamite excluded), but ISAAC was totally a Skeets rip-off at this point. Naturally, they are fighting a gross jelly because that is what good RPG protagonists do!

I'll be back in commission next week, so expect a proper update on Monday.

Army Ants Webcomic for Week of 8/25/14

Kick The Box August 25th 2014 Edition

Kick The Box August 25th Edition

This week’s Kick The Box features a Clockwork KingdomwhereDead Men Tell No Tales,and I, Spy a Boss Monster!Confused? Than I suggest you read on!

Kickstarter News: Tao of Peg’s funding campaign is starting to pick up speed. Look for an interview of the producer and creators right here later in the week! Four days left in Scott King’s 2015 Gaming Calendar also! Grab your copy before it is too late! A little over a week left in another successful MAGE Company’s campaign, the reprint of Florenza. Another one you are not going to want to miss out [...]

Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual

Product- Monster Manual

Producer-Wizards of the Coast

Price- $50 but not now

System- Dungeons and Dragons (5th Edition)



Basics- Every good hero needs a better villain! This book introduces several monsters for any devious DM to throw at their players. Let’s hit the highlights!


Crunch or Mechanics-Stat blocks have been leaking out from WotC for some time, and they sleek! Even the heavy hitters like the previewed red dragon, one of the biggest foes to throw at a PC, has a pretty short stat block. Also, gone are a ton of keywords and references to other things. [...]

Lessons from GenCon

This year's Gencon yielded a number of lessons about the convention and its attendees. These are personal lessons.

Bringing food = good I brought myself enough food (bread, salami & Swiss cheese) to last me, two meals a day from Thursday to Saturday. This allowed me to lower my food costs significantly. I only had to eat at the overpriced burger place once. Good call, JP!

Attendees are mostly noobs By that, I mean new to NeoExodus or Legacies. Next year, I will only offer 2 adventures: one new and perhaps a special. Both should be definitely intro-level [...]

Quick Impressions - Hoard of the Dragon Queen (D&D 5e)

When I first unboxed this last week, my mind quickly read it as Whore of the Dragon Queen, which might be a more evoking title, but isn't accurate, at least so far as a quick look shows. No, in reality it is Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

First things first - it seems extremely readable. None of this Numenera bullshit of excessive art behind the text (yes, I know others think the presentation of Numenrea is the best thing since sliced bread. I and my aging eyes strongly disagree. And get off my fucking lawn while you are at it!)

The art is nice and appropriate and the boxed text is highlighted without being annoying so. Really well done. Some maps are [...]

Using Role-Playing Games for Autism Spectrum Participants

From a recreation therapy perspective, this activity utilizes tabletop and live-action role-playing games to help Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) participants build up confidence and competence toward improved autonomy to use the public transit system.

This adventure activity begins by using tabletop RPG for phase I, and then Live-action role-playing (LARP) (actually using the buses) for the final phase II.

Having met with some of the ASD members and their families, I am hopeful that some day we will be able to schedule an actual implementation.

Below are a few edited excerpts from the 71 page document:

Appendices 11A-11D
1. Client Group: Young adults with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum who are high functioning. How to use appropriate social skills while using the public transit system
2. Client Group: Young adults with a diagnoses on the autism spectrum who are high functioning.
3. Task analysis of: Correctly uses the public transit system and demonstrates [...]

Game Mechanics Metamorphosis Alpha

So following my post about how I am not a big fan of the OGL (even though I do think it is a step in the right direction). I got to thinking about how I (or we) could do something about it.

Basically, what the Industry could use is a license that supersedes the OGL and spells out in very exact terms how the law works. What I mean by that is, the license is really not necessary in the eyes of the law, but the license would spell out in no uncertain terms that it would be perfectly [...]

Guessmith - Master of Riddles and Ryhmes

This was from a forum contest on the giantitp website a few years ago.


Uname looked at the gynosphinx as if she had three heads. The riddle she had rhymed off made no sense to him. If only the bugger had horns instead of the upper body of a woman, he could be justified in striking the beast down. But she had given him a reasonable request to pass into the pyramid, and as much as he would have liked to, he could not bash her head in. This was her duty, just as it was his [...]

Sleeping While Studying

#RPGaDAY Day 4: Most recent RPG purchase

The last RPG I bought was the One Roll Engine from Bundle of Holding. A collection of books and supplements using the One Roll Engine system. I guess I really wanted it for the Better Angels RPG, a game where you play a supervillian granted their powers after they struck a deal with a demon. […]

Game Day in Niederklingen

We visited our friends Anke and Ralf on Sunday. We had been hoping for good weather to go on a hike, but rain clouds kept sweeping over the landscape. Oh well. Let's get out the games!

To warm up, we played Fluxx. The German-language version is a little different from the English-language one, but basically the same. Anke won this by stealing my Toaster to win with Bread and Toaster.
Anke and Ralf playing Fluxx.
We followed Fluxx with a game of Love Letter. Andrea, Anke, and Ralf had never played before. We really had a good time with [...]

D&D 5 Review Part 1 - Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Review by RPG Research founder Hawke Robinson

This is part 1 in the series of review by RPG Research ( http://www.rpgresearch.com ) founder Hawke Robinson.

With an eye towards ROLE-playing over ROLL-playing, as an RPG player since 1979 and from the background of recreation therapy, looking at the potential therapeutic and educational benefits and uses of role-playing games. How does the latest version of D&D compare to previous versions of D&D, and other role-playing games?

Thanks for Listening: A Ruthless Farewell

Thanks so much for all of your support. It has been fun.

The post Thanks for Listening: A Ruthless Farewell appeared first on Geeky & Genki.

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  • Interview with Lester Smith: Poet, Game Designer, Pumpkins Fan
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Much Ado About JPFO

Which is not to say that I think the organization titled Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership is "nothing"; not at all.  I just have difficulty coming up with good article titles at times...

Anyway, for those of you who may not have noticed, there is currently a deal being made whereby the Second Amendment Foundation will acquire JPFO.   This has pissed off two bloggers whose opinions I respect, Claire Wolfe and Nicki from The Liberty Zone blog, who not incidentally are writers for JPFO (or were, in Claire's case; she resigned in the wake of this [...]

Super Capsules: Hazard, Criminal Intent & Corporations

I'd like to get through my backlog of smaller superhero support products. Good non-core supplements can get lost in battles over new editions and revisions. I'm always looking for books offering great superhero ideas and advice, regardless of system. For these micro-reviews I'll note the relative balance of mechanical to non-mechanical material. I calculate character write-ups into the mechanical side of things. I'll also note the number of these characters present, counting only those with full presentations in the game's system.

Hazard IPSP/ISIS Official Map 7 (1980, Superhero 2044)Reading through Designers & Dragons' history of Judges [...]

Leveling the Dungeon

Not to be confused with destroying the dungeon.

I rather enjoy the Goliath-leveling mechanic in Borderlands 2. Among other things, it gives you something to amuse yourself — altering the objectives of combat — and access to pretty good loot. You’re guaranteed some Eridium, at least.

I’ve been trying to come up with some ways to make dungeons dynamic — consequences for entering and messing about in dungeons — and should the PCs leave, for there to be some kind of recovery or transition period for a dungeon.

Just… it can’t be too complicated, whatever it is. I mean, the PCs might never [...]

The Magical Item Alphabet!!- W- The Wondrous Bag of Holding

The Wondrous Bag of Holding*-

This 60 pound thick tattered leather backpack is a highly sought after treasure. It has the ability to hold an immeasurable amount of objects. The mouth of the bag is wide enough to fit a canoe or similarly sized objects or smaller. When someone attempts to retrieve something they must stick their hand into the bag and concentrate on the object for one round. The person then must succeed at a Luck roll to find it. Failure means that the object is swirling in the nether of the bag for 24 hours. Burning a point of [...]

Gen Con 2014 - The Good, The Bad, and The Other

Everyone is already done with their Gen Con write-ups so I figured it would be time to get around writing mine. It was a great convention on the whole personally, professionally it was just kind of okay but I didn't really push for any kind of interaction in that way so that's way more on me than it was on the convention. Anyway, onto the events that I ran! 1. Critical!: Go Westerly: Growling

Achtung! Cthulhu -- The Secret War Movie Announced

ACHTUNG! CTHULHU Movie – The Secret War (Image: Modiphius Entertainment)

Modiphius Entertainment. Chris Birch will seine pulpige Melange aus H. P. Lovecraft inspiriertem Horror und einer Fiktion des 2. Weltkriegs auf die Leinwand bringen. beraus ambitioniert wird in der Pressemitteilung sogar von “Achtung! Cthulhu is envisaged as a series of films following the exploits of various characters through the Secret War and will beaccompaniedby a special web series for fans.” gesprochen.

Im Sommer 2015 soll mit dem Film Achtung! Cthulhu – The Secret War begonnen werden. Neben ihm mischen noch Dirk Vandereyken (Autor/Script Writer) und Raine McCormack (Director) mit. Alle drei mehr [...]

Magic Item Monday (Destiny Derailed): Alligotonium

Alligotonium (metal of binding; demon ore; the floating metal) Availability exceptionally rare This dense carmine-swirled black metal is nearly three times the weight of solid iron and just as strong, but becomes lighter when agitated---if exposed to a violent enough transfer of energy, the metal becomes lighter than air for a time. This loss of […]

The post Magic Item Monday (Destiny Derailed): Alligotonium appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

Edition whoring; fifth and seventh; and things unseen

So we've lived to see a fifth D&D and a seventh 40K. Who'd have thought it, back in 1974 or '87?

I've been reflecting. The more editions, the more I think the magic, and the truer quality, was in the first, in OD&D and Rogue Trader; and the more I think that after any new thing appears, if we love it, the way to honour what it represents is to carry on truly developing, to push the limits in corresponding ways, not just rework.

Some, like the producer of the game, may have an incentive only to tinker, [...]

Oceans Three

Written by Chris (alcoholandaphorism) Gumshoe: Nights Black Agents: Session 5 A train snakes through the landscape, away through open countryside and pine cone mountain valleys. Away from Serbia, and away from the revelations that took place there. It has been four days now. Four days since they set out, keeping themselves anonymous on public transport,…

The Metamorphosis of Magic: The Gathering

Since its no secret that I love card games, it should come as no surprise that I'm a Magic: The Gathering fan (at least, a casual one). While I don't enter tournaments or keep up with the game as vigorously as some people I know, I enjoying building different decks and playing matches with friends & family. 
Wizards of the Coast made an announcement about the game today, an announcement that promises some big changes to the game and its release structure. Due to some problems associated with the current release format, Wizards plans to change the three-set block [...]

#RPGaDay 25

Day 25 - Favourite RPG No One Wants To Play

I love the DCC RPG. I read my books all the time and create new material. None of my regular players want to play it though. I understand why, we don't get to play often, so they want to play something they know they'll enjoy. DCC isn't for everyone. Still, I'd love to get a regular group together.

What is Missing from D&D 5?

So the D&D 5 lovefest is continuing across the internet and assuming the world (it was Amazon's #1 best seller in all books for a bit).  It seems to do everything everyone wants.

But is it missing anything?
Now before some snarks off and says "yeah the Monster Manual and DMG" take a moment to think about it.

I have played it quite a bit now and really it does everything I think it should do.
Though I have to admit I miss "Bloodied" as a condition.
Part of what I want here is covered under Exhaustion. [...]

RPGaDay 25: Favourite RPG No One Else Wants to Play

Oddly enough, I can't get anyone to play Fairy Meatwith me (technically it's a miniatures game, but it can be played in campaign mode and has character sheets, so I'm broadening the definition). Given the sense of humor shared by my particular group of friends, I'd think a game involving cannibalistic fairies would be right in their wheelhouse. But anytime I’ve suggested it, the response is lukewarm at best. I might have to drag it along to a convention one day, just to find players.

For actual RPGs, finding a group to get together once isn’t hard. I have a plethora [...]

5E Monster Conversion: Thork

I'm a big fan of obscure monsters since they keep the players guessing and surprised. I decided to update the much maligned Thork from the AD&D Fiend Folio for 5E. This is a monster that inevitably has been passed over by DM and player alike for decades. It also has made several lists as one of the worst monsters every created and yet I think it has a certain charm. Resurrection challenge accepted!

In trying to create a good background for the Thork I kept thinking about the 6th labor of Hercules. The task was to drive away a [...]

On Fundraising and Original Content

Updates, Questions, and A Huge Thank You!

I’m sure its not news to any of you that I’m running an IndieGoGo to help updatethe site, I’ve been trying to keep it classy around here while still promoting but not shoving it down everyone’s throat. I wanted to take some time out today to talk about the fundraising, where the site is headed, to talk about Extra Life this eyar, and to ask you a question or two.

Crowd Funded!

First and Foremost, the fundraising has gone far better than expected. We’ve raised enough for a new camera (1080p, 60fps!), a blog theme subscription [...]

Reevaluating Roguelike DnD

One of the reference points I’ve revisited throughout development:
“Can I use this system for a solitaire game?”

It prompts me to ask the following question, “what do I want from a Roguelike?” I like Roguelike games, but I find many of them hard to play — whether it’s the lack of user interface, nonsensical dungeon generation, or what… I mean, somewhere between Borderlands 2 and Skyrim are the closest I’ve gotten in some time.

When I say “between,” I mean… playing one game like the other.

I don’t really know how to explain it. I developed this sort of “gaming persona” that [...]

Onslaught at Arda I Review

A quick note before the review, Asheville Comic Expo draws nigh! Due to popular demand yet another DCC Funnel table has been added: Nebin’s Perilous Pantry! Back to the review:

Once again, Fantasy Flight has taken the Star Wars ball and run with it! The first module set in the Age of Rebellion chapter of the most recent Star Wars RPG is very well balanced between railroad and sandbox, combat and exploration/investigation, and foot and ship encounters.

I’ll try and avoid spoilers for those who plan on playing this. While it is meant for a band of fresh rebel recruits, it can [...]

Asheville Comic Expo (A.C.E.) 2014 Preview

Just one month until the 3rd Annual Asheville Comic Expo! Once again, the Skyland Games crew is organizing the RPG gaming, and just like the rest of the show, tabletop RPGs will be bigger and more diverse than previous years! We’ve got a warhorn going so you can reserve your spot at the table. This year we’ll have Star Wars Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion, as well as several Dungeon Crawl Classics tables, a 5E starter set table for those eager to try the newest edition of D&D, and of course the ever popular Pathfinder tables.

In addition [...]

5E & Me

Last week, Scott D wrote his ARTICLE about the pleasant surprise he experienced with the D&D 5TH EDITION STARTER SET. Well, I was there! He was the Dungeon Master and I was actually playing; enjoyingit all. (Having been unable to consistantly play RPGs for a little while, it was refreshing to be able to play.)

I will say that I purposefully did not partake in the playtest of 5th edition in the last year or so. First off, I was playing other stuff like Pathfinder and Edge of the Empire and Dungeon Crawl Classics. Secondly, I did not want to be [...]

Supers Revised: a not-review

Disclaimer: A look at Supers RED without having played it. Thus, not a review but impressions.

2014 is a good year for superhero-roleplaying fans with a new edition of Icons RPG, the release of Valiant Universe RPG and the upcoming releases of Worlds in Peril, Extreme Earth Superhero Campaign Setting and probably other games I'm not aware of.

One of the new titles for this year is the revised edition of Supers!, a game originally written by Simon Washbourne from Beyond Belief Games. The copyright is now in the hands of Hazard Studios who successfully crowdfunded the new edition via kickstarter.

The original [...]

Musical Monday Bonus: Manic Street Preachers - Faster...

My favourite Manic's track!

#RPGaDAY 25: Favorite RPG No One Else Wants to Play

The #RPGaDAY prompt was concocted by Dave Chapman of Autocratik. Grab the list and join in!

“Role playing gamers” by Diacritica – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

There are days when it feels like no one wants to play my favorite games. Part of that is self-fulfilling prophecy, in that I haven’t tried to run a game in several years now, so there’s been no opportunity for someone to decide one way or another whether they would like to play. Further, I and my fellow players have been deeply embedded in Pathfinder adventure paths for [...]

Shadow Over Alfheim Pt7 -- Interlude

There was a respite in the action in our last session. A lot of story-related stuff needed to be handled as did some in town resource management.

The cleric fired off a letter to Lord Richmond, which would be taken by one of the refugees from Stull, informing him of the situation. Ironically, the party may overtake this letter.

With little to do in Stull but pick up the pieces, the party decided to return to Alfort and figure out what to do with the Elfstones. In regards to their ill-fated agreement with the saw-mill, Mayor Barclay handed them a letter to [...]

What is Your Favorite Adventure Setting?

Over on my Patreon page, I ask my dudes once in a while what kind of adventure they would like to see.  What's going on in their campaigns and maybe I can churn something out.  I got a couple of requests.  One for a graveyard adventure.  Probably my favorite adventure setting.  The second request was for a swamp adventure in Corcosa.  How fricking cool is that?  So I've been trying to come up with something suitably twisted. 

I know its not Friday.  Not even close.  But here goes.

What's your favorite adventure setting?  And what is your favorite [...]

Small Cargoes - Amber Zone Reviews # 31

Everybody knows "small packages" is a Trader euphemism for smuggled goods.Amber Zone: Small Cargoes, by J. Andrew Keith

Location: the planet Karin (SM/Five Sisters 0504)

Patron: Kyle Veristan, a businessman from Penelope, a planet one hex from Karin

Mission: Quietly deliver a package to his sister on Karin, avoiding import duties -- in other words, smuggling.  The smuggled goods are pharmaceuticals which the sister needs.  Short Shelf Life, [...]

Monster Monday-Brown Dragon

Imgilidriss woke. He could hear something not far off. Picks on stone? How long had he slept? He needed to investigate. With an effort he turned toward the surface and began to dig. He reached it more quickly than he remembered, and there he saw it. Humans with a castle in the plain above his home. Now that simply wouldn’t do. As they cried out, he set about removing the eyesore from the plain.

Mind Weave Dragons are greedy and weak-willed. They are however very powerful, growing only mightier with age until they plateau at around [...]

D&D 5E is Inclusive..

I've never really seen this word inclusive used SO MUCH in an RPG before. Now it seems to be popping up in Wizards of the Coasts D&D 5E, it's like everywhere as if we need to be reminded. Now before you go off in a tirade and start posting nasty comments, keep reading.
I've never had a problem with ANYONE playing in my games or playing at the same table with me. I have never seen anyone else have a major issue either. But apparently I am wrong, as there are major issues going on.
Here is an example [...]
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