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The Bunker by John Wilson A Free Mutant Future Encounter or For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Grab It Right Over
HERE According to the introduction:  this is a drop in encounter for Mutant Future. Perfect for an intermediate group of adventurers or a beginning party. This encounter is a perfect drop in encounter into a Mutant Future campaign.
John Wilson does a good job of balancing his material with the location for the adventure. There are several advantages to this location: its an easy fit to a game, there are a ton of potentials for variation, and it can be used over and over for more play with a party. 

This is a solid [...]

Comic TPB Status Update #4

Going to post this one earlier than a week interval, since the amount of different volumes I am reading is increasing. Don’t want to lose track of where I am.

Remember, you can now see more info about the books I am reading by visiting my “Marvel Comics TPB Library” page.

Since the last update I have read:

from Avengers – Absolute Vision Book 1: Avengers Annual 11, Amazing Spider-Man Annual 16

from Incredible Hulk – Pardoned: Incredible Hulk 280-281

from Epic Iron Man – The Enemy Within: Iron Man 167-168

from Fantastic Four Visionaries – John Byrne Vol. 3: Fantastic Four 251-253

(NEXT PLANNED: some [...]

Mark Hamil: The Joker meets Luke Skywalker

I don’t really have anything I can say here other than that you should watch this.

Filed under: Random

Homebrew Supers: Bio

Bio M&M Stats PL: 11 (165 pp) ABILITIES: STR: 16 (+3/0) DEX: 10 (0) CON: 16 (+3/0) INT: 20 (+5) WIS: 12 (+1) CHA: 10 (0) SKILLS: Climb 8 (+11), Computers 4 (+9), Concentration (+1), Disguise 4 (+4), Escape Artist 4 (+4), Intimidate 12 (+12), Life Sciences 16 (+21), Physical Sciences 16 (+21), Medicine 12 (+13), Notice (+1), Search (+5), Sense Motive (+1), Stealth 16 (+16), Survival (+1),

3d6 in Order - Natural 18 Right Out of the Box - Matt Finch's Mythus Tower (NTRPG Con)

I rolled an 18 for my strength this morning in +Matt Finch 's Mythus Tower (Swords & Wizardry) this morning using "3d6 in order"- and actually had witnesses. Now, I'm pretty sure I haven't done that in 20 years or more. It really was a "holy shit!" moment ;)

Matt runs a really fun game and manages an insanely large group of players with a skill I have never seen before. We actually hit 16 players at one point and Matt handled it as if it were six - or even less. Simply amazing to see in action. Strangely enough, the only things I killed in this morning's session was giant rats. Weird how that worked out ;)

Rach and I bowed out when [...]

The Second Coming Of Sharknado...

They Can Sleep When They're Dead

What do you do when your players rest after every encounter? Crikey! That upsets game balance and makes you reconfig encounters on the fly because the PCs are fully healed, buffed, and spelled. Here are several ways to beat one-encounter days.

The post They Can Sleep When They're Dead appeared first on Roleplaying Tips.

Top 10 RPG list -- number 5.

Traveller Traveller was the first science fiction game I ever played in and was the second rpg I ever tried. I was so taken with the game that I persuaded my grandmother to purchase me a copy from Games Unlimited, it may have been a second hand unboxed copy but I didn't care about that. […]

Why do we shun escapism?

You’re looking for them, these other worlds, clawing to find the one that’s right this time. For some it’s fantascizing about moments, touches, smells, perhaps emotions. For some it’s imagining worlds ground up, and its cultures and factions.

Leaving this world for another is escapism, be it in form of fantascizing about moments of your future success or entire worlds.

It’s a human instinct. It is. Everyone’s got it, one way or another. Yet it sometimes seems like such a waste of time. So we shun it, in words at least, because we still do it and we all do it. It’s [...]

What if George R. R. Martin was screwed by Warcraft III?

Thing Martin, the writer of the Song of Ice and Fire, does the best is unpredictability of what and how will happen to his charachters. Some of the most hated charachters in the earlier novels become the most loved ones in the later novels and vice versa.

Now lets consider Jon Snow for a moment here.

He is a honorable young man who wants to protect the kingdoms of men from the wildlings.

After the undead appear in a SoIaF, Jon Snow goes to the North of the Wall in order to stop them and protect the kingdoms of [...]

Railroad to Hell

I know you and your good intentions. A story to tickle the curiosity, to salivate the – the whatever. It will be awesome. AWESOME!

But you freeze, not knowing what happens next. Completely, partially – same thing. It doesn’t turn out the intended way, lost in boring minutiae instead.

So you railroad – to summon that AWESOME story, you deny their solutions. Because something is key to the plot. (It never is.) Or to create gameplay and make the Challenge difficult enough! (Off the point.)

Railroad comes in two forms: forcing solutions and forcing avenues of progression. Both stem from the same problem [...]

The Pearl 002


So now that the introductions are out of the way, onto adventuretime! The town is preparing for the wedding and everyone wonders what’s the deal with the pearl. The boys head off into the woods to capture a boar of mythic proportion. . .


Sidequest Saturday (Tribal Troubles): Many-Handed Jakk

Besting Many-Handed Jakk Several years ago, a lone hoyrall was spit out by a gyeongsa warp storm and left alone in the wilds of the Disputed Territories---not unlike the PCs. Ayaxan gypsies came upon the stranded creature, the first they'd ever encountered. Their elders conferred and agreed: Jakk was a sign of good luck for […]

The post Sidequest Saturday (Tribal Troubles): Many-Handed Jakk appeared first on Adventure-A-Week.

Saturday Spell-Fire Dance

Talik rushedin close to the livecaps, slashing into one with her mighty sword and crying, “ki juo!”

The other livecaps stepped close enough to strike while still able to evade another swing. The goblin was casting and would not be able to dodge their attacks. They were surprised when she batted down each of their blows. And she was still casting.

Her next blow brought with it fire, tearing mercilessly through the foe before her and continuing on to fell another. “Ki juo,” and again she was casting. The spell was only interrupted by her need to pursue.

Either or both hands (if [...]

INUKAI16 Happy Jacks RPG Actual Play Game 02 Session 16 -- Saga of the Inukai 16 -- L5R


GM:Stu Venable

System:Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition

Players:Stork, Kimi, Tyler, CADave

This is the 16th session of Saga of the Inukai, part 2.

Notice:Our actual play session are UNEDITED. While we try to minimize them, sometimes these recordings will contain interruptions and tangental conversations. You have been duly warn’d.



CONSPIR02 Happy Jacks RPG Actual Play Game 06 Session 02 -- Moment of Truth Playtest


This is the second session of the Moment of Truth playtest in the modern conspiracy setting.

This session features entirely new characters, dealing with events in the aftermath of CONSPIR01.

GM:Stu Venable

System:Moment of Truth RPG (pre-release version)

Players: Stork, JiB, Gina, Dave and Hosierrob.

NOTICE:Our actual play episodes areUNEDITED.This session will contain interruptions, tangents, breaks for food, etc.


What's in the hole? (June 2014 RPG Blog Carnival)

The June 2014 RPG Blog Carnival theme is, "What's in the hole?"  Since our oft-underground adventures involve entering, falling in, reaching into, crossing, digging and/or blocking various holes, I expect many great commentaries regarding negotiating such cavities.

First, a short scene... (I'm working on another commentary as well)...

Farthing spat in disgust.  The Runelord had hired him as a burglar, not an exterminator.   Fresh burrows rent the walls of the tomb, sarcophagi were dislodged, and body parts and grave goods scattered.

"Barrow worms. The Magus was a bit too fresh when they put him in this [...]

Book of ACKSalted Deeds II: Design Decisions

Having laid out the intended structure of my religion revision, I now find myself at the tricky bit - implementation.  I have a few concerns that I definitely need to keep in mind throughout this process.
  • How difficult should it be to work minor miracles?  And at what cost should they usually come?  On the high end, what can a character with an 18 Piety and a bunch of vows make happen, and how often?  On the low end, can a character with 3 Piety even have a chance of successful prayer without vows?  Does prayer's efficacy or scope scale [...]

Campaigning in a Dungeon World

Saturday, 31 May, Man Day Adventures voyaged into new territory for most of us, specifically Dungeon World. Out of the four of us who showed up, only Gary had played DW several times. I’d GMed the game a grand total of four times, all for 5th graders. My son Christopher and friend Terry had not played DW before.

And so we assembled in the living room, and I plopped the stack of blank character sheets down on a table. A few minutes later, we had three heroes ready for action:

* Gentleman Starkey, human thief, played by Christopher
* Tiern Longshot, human [...]

War Has Already Begun...

New at Wizards: Innovative Settings

Over at Wizards they have posted part two of Shannon Appelcline's retrospective history of D&D when it comes to creating cultures and settings. You can read art one HERE. Beyond Feudalism: Innovative Settings covers a dazzling array of settings from the late 80's up till 2000. Among them he mentions From the Ashes' place in this era:

"From the Ashes (1992) offered a new take on the Greyhawk setting. It was still a feudal, medieval world, but like so many of the settings of the 2nd Edition era, it adopted one of the genres that TSR had played with in the 1970s [...]

Maps for play

Playing around with pyromancer map creator again. I may use these ... just not certain as for what.

Maybe for that Pathfinder experiment I've been itching at ... or something purely 5e ... or hell all three!

Game Play -- The Next Generation

I have hooked my sons on D&D, as my brothers have done with their children. My son called wanting to play again on Sunday. He also told me that I am to be a grandfather. So, how many grandfathers out there have, are, or plan to introduce their grandkids to D&D?

Cup of the Bat

http://www.dudeiwantthat.com/gear/food-drink/bat-mug.aspThis chalice is a relic of the Bat Cult that bestows echolocation bat-owers when used in the proper bat-manner.

The cup must be filled with bat blood at sundown then drunk while repeating the sacred bat-chant ("nana, nana, nana, nana") of the Bat Cult.

If successful, the person who drunk the blood now has the power of echolocation between the hours of sun-down and sun-up, which allows them to emit high piched bat-squeeks and 'see' the sound as it bounces back to their now bat-tuned ears. The potion must be drunk at preciesly sundown, or else the result [...]

Review and Commentary On The Free Mutant Future Adventure "Thundarr the Barbarian: The Wizard's Graveyard" By Tim Snider

Grab It Right Over

 This is Tim Snider aka Sniderman's latest convention adventure using the likes of Thundarr and co. in the ruins of Dee Cee. Talk about picking an iconic location. This adventure pits our favorite barbarian against the forces of evil with some familiar faces.
 This is twenty three pages of flat out cartoon fun in the post apocalyptic ruins and looks very well done as well. This is a convention set adventure and free to boot. This also makes a fantastic introduction adventure to the world of Thundarr.
 This is also a [...]

The Week In TV...

If you're not up to speed on season four of Game Of Thrones (Sky Atlantic), this post may contain spoilers for the eighth episode, The Mountain And The Viper. I can't remember ever being so shocked by the death of a single character in a TV show. Where the infamous Red Wedding was totally unexpected in its savage brutality and dispatching of characters we'd grown to know over a number of

"Thundarr the Barbarian: The Wizard's Graveyard" Now Available For Download!

(I'm actually posting this on Monday to go live while I'm at North Texas RPG Con. The mobile Blogger platform I'm using on site with my Tablet is awful when it comes to links, so I thought I'd get this ready before I left.)

As you read this, my Thundarr game here at North Texas RPG Con has just ended, and it's safe for me to post the adventure my players just ran through. Click the cover below to download "Thundarr the Barbarian: The Wizard's Graveyard" for you own home games!

A few notes:
  • I [...]

Astro City ; Wonder Woman

Another round of three articles – I’ve written a lot of entries last month so I’m going to get stuck preparing illustrations if I don’t process them ahead of the backlog.

  • ASTRO CITY. A big one and a small one :
    • Winged Victory
    • The Gunslinger
  • WONDER WOMAN. I’m upgrading the pictures quality and writing style of many of our Wonder Woman-related entries, since I now have enough digital reissues to get that done. We’ll start big with Giganta (Dr. Doris Zeul), and entry that was hugely popular some years back.

5,246 entries, by the way.

Six Bears (Wermspittle)

This time it was a bear. The bear stood at the edge of the darkness and looked into the moonlit valley with the brook running through it. He could hear no sound of Morons, no whistle of manshonyagger, as he and his kind called the hunting machines.

Said the bear in perfect German, 'You are at the edge of the Unselfing Zone. You have been rescued by a Moron. You have stopped a Menschenjger very mysteriously. For the first time in my own life I can see into a German mind and see that the word manshonyagger [...]

Daily Punch 6-6-14 Half-Draw Ancestor Feat for DnD Next

How about a half-drow ancestor feat?


Drow Ancestor (Ancestor)

Back in your family line, someone was a full blooded drow.

Prerequisite:You may not take any other ancestor feat.

Benefit:Gain the following benefits:

  • Gain a +1 to dexterity.
  • Gain a +1 to charisma.
  • You are Lolth-touched. You gain access to the faerie fire and darkness spells as the drow race. You do not gain the dancing lights cantrip.



Podcast Episode -- The Boardgame Review Room; 1775: Rebellion

Academy Games and its charismatic leader are well known for producing historical games that are, as it happen, easy and fun to play without compromising on historic accuracy. In this case 1775 deals with the the start for the American Revolution after Britain imposes unwelcome new taxes. Yeah... that was me being understating. Anyway, there [...]

The post Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room; 1775: Rebellion appeared first on G*M*S Magazine.

Conpulsion 2014 - The negatives.

This post has taken a wee bit longer than I had originally thought it would, in part because of "real life" but also I wanted to make sure I wasn't just coming across as a moaner. No guarantees on that front though! Couple of scene settings comments before we leap into the detail. I take no pleasure out of this. I believe that Scotland should have a thriving tabletop gaming convention scene

Daily Punch 6-5-14 Draconic Ancestor Feat for DnD Next

How about a half draconic feat?


Draconic Ancestor (Ancestor)

Back in your family line, someone was a full blooded dragon.

Prerequisite:You may not take any other ancestor feat.

Benefit:Gain the following benefits:

  • Gain a +1 to strength.
  • Gain a +1 to charisma.
  • Choose a dragon type, once per day you may use dragon breath following the rules for a dragonborn.



Experiments with one-shots

I’ve begun fooling around with one-shots over hangouts again. This time around I’ve been asking for feedback on my GM’ing, and boy, people don’t hold punches, do they?

After having my selfesteem destroyed a few times over (yes, I’m overly dramatizing), I have learned a lot of things, about what mistakes I make when GM’ing.

There’s a very fine line, I’ve noticed, about how much improvisation is good improvisation. Yes, that’s right; there actually seems to be an upper limit! For me when I run one-shots at least.

The thing is, when I GM a totally improvised session, I get exhausted near the [...]

d3 Strange Worlds

The dX charts continue, with those weird Gamescience dice...

So the PCs have just stepped through a random portal or crash landed onto an alien world? Roll 1d3...

Click to Enlarge

From the Con - Lloyd Metcalf - Original Ink and Print - Whisper & Venom

I'm just scoffing up art here at the NTRPG Con, aren't I? First it was a +Doug Kovacs original pencils and some prints, and now it's a Lloyd Metcalf original ink (with watercolors) and a print from Whisper & Venom.

This truly is an amazing convention for fantasy art.

Origins news! The Mastiff of the Baskertons to Premiere

Well I have cried, whined, griped and despaired over it, but finally, I got it done. What at first seemed to me like a simple distraction turned into something much bigger. And now that it is done, something I am very proud of. Of course I am talking about my Witch Hunter: The Invisible World adventure.

The adventure now has number and a release date!

SP1-2 The Mastiff of the Baskertons will be offered at Origins! That's right! If you have a ticket for SP1-2 at Origins, you will be playing a twisted tale from the recesses of my [...]


Osprey WWII D-Day Sale

Osprey Publishing's D-Day Sale, 30% off on all WWII books, ends soon.  See more here!

Quick Note - The Devil You Know

For the last fifteen minutes (as my son watches a 19-year-old girl ballet kung-fu in a seedy space bar) I've been staring at this. I've been debating it for the last three weeks, even unpacked the core book and monster book from their box in the attic.


Elessia, Changeling Wizard

So this weekend just gone we finished the Pathfinder campaign I've been DMing for the last few months. It went off with a bang! You can see my previous post on the whole business here.

In commemoration of this I decided to make a post featuring my redesign of the campaign setting's Big Bad, Elessia. Spoilers on the campaign progression/ending below!
Elessia, though barely 20, is a wizard of no small power. Orphaned by the Nirmathas-Molthune war, she was taken in by a guild of Nirmathan mages after showing surprising amounts of innate magical ability (perhaps owing to [...]

NTRPG Con Day 2: "What We Have Here Is Your Basic Giant Tick Infestation..."

Got a good night's sleep last night and enjoyed a bracing breakfast. You'd think with plenty of rest and plenty of food that I wouldn't be as sore and tired as I am this afternoon. But you'd be wrong. Gotta shake the drowsies as my Cryptworld game is running this evening. So time to hammer some Mountain Dew as I get today's daily NTRPG Con Missive started. And here we go:
* I had an epiphany during last night's Timemaster game. I realized that character names are very rarely used in modern setting games, as we were just using [...]

Size Is Important...

A handy guide to sword variety from American Deviatntartist The-8-Elements, who explains: "Using Wikipedia and my own knowledge, I created this guide for swords. There are multiple variations for each sword (e.g. rapiers may have different hilt styles), however, I should have captured the essence of each sword type in this guide. "There are a lot of older swords that I left off the guide

Zatannurday: No Theme Today!

I wanted to get a review up for Bloodspell for today, but I have not had any chance to read it at all.

Zatanna by kudoze on deviantART

Zatanna by abstruseGlitch on deviantART

Ashley Green's Zatanna - Colors by StacyRaven on deviantART

Tadaaaa by MarioChavez on deviantART

Zatanna II by LexiKimble by cerebus873 on deviantART

Zatanna: One by walker1812 on deviantART

Zatanna by ChameleonCosplay on deviantART

Commission: Zatanna Oops. by ArcosArt on deviantART

Zatanna by DarthTerry [...]


We've been playing the Firefly RPG by Margret Weis Productions.

I Got A Goodie I Am Allowed to Share from the Syrinscape and Paizo Collaboration!

I thought I would make this a two part post so everyone gets excited about the new Syrinscape situation.  Benjamin Loomes sent me an audio file of the Goblin Song!  That is right, in Rise of the Runelords when the Goblins invade the festivities with a tune of their own...  well here it is!  Click on the play button below to listen to the sterling rendition of the Goblin Song!

Then, being all multi-media savy and all we also have the promo video for the combination of Syrinscape's Fantasy Player and Paizo's awesome content for Pathfinder!

The Punisher: Dead Of Night (Fan Film)


YALP Ep. 11 "Deadlands: Reloaded -- The Doom Train"

The YALP crew heads into the Weird West in this frankly amazing true one-shot adventure.

On a train headed East, things begin to go wrong deep into the night and it is up to our heroes to sort it out.

Can they do it, though?

Will the odds prove too much for them?

There’s only one way to find out, faithful listener.

Tune into this full length, done-in-one episode and hold on to your ten gallon hat in:

Deadlands: Reloaded – The Doom Train

Featuring the gaming talents of:

Cameron Calka (@Xphile) as the GM

Ben Yendal (@Deuterium-Ice) as Doc Lightning

Jason Hawver (@TheHawv) as “Shady” Doug Liveaux


Brian Casey (@Fiddleback) [...]

Whisper & Venom and some Red Dragon Inn with Doug Kovacs Himself

Tonight was a damn good night of gaming... and beers afterwards with +James Aulds ;)

+Zach Glazar ran a Labyrinth Lord adventure in his Whisper & Venom campaign setting. Strangely enough, I have a real distaste for gnomes now ;)

In all seriousness, Zach ran an excellent session, and Rachel now how her first D&D clone under her belt.

+Doug Kovacs then invited Rachel and myself for a game of Red Dragon Inn. It was a blast, and in the end I was victorious. This is a game Rach and I may need to pick up for play with the family.

Oh, before I forget, some more of +Doug Kovacs's work that we picked up, although this time it's only prints. Still some amazing work. [...]

ALAYNA THE LITTLE PRINCESS by Victoria Lynn Photography

Photo copy rights belong to Victoria Lynn Photography. If interested in prints or digital copies, contact Victoria by leaving a comment or message or at vlynnphotography@live.com or 814-577-2260
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