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GM_Solspiral's PAP guide to the Cavalier: Traits, Skills, and Feats

Traits:Rather than go into the extensive list of traits out there I will simply point out anything that adds +2 to your initiative, shores up one of your weak saves, helps you multi-class better for multi class builds, or opens a new class skill can be good for you.
Skills:You have all the face skills, you need handle animal and ride, and stealth is not a bad call despite being "clanky." Chances are you're going small so stealth might not be so bad.
Feats:I am not crazy enough to run through all the feats, but I'll highlight some choices. Generally [...]

The Antipodist -- Radiant Shadowsage

The Antipodist – Radiant Shadowsage This base-class clocks in at 28 pages of content, 1 […]

The Friday Grab Bag - Bill Hoyer Has Passed

William "Bill" Hoyer, a former TSR employee, has passed away after a bout with cancer.  From Luke Gygax:
"It is with a great sadness that I report Bill Hoyer has lost his battle with cancer. He was always a kind gentleman and a superlative gamer. He will be remembered and celebrated by those of us gathering in Lake Geneva at Gary Con in March. I posted his Guest Biography from Gary Con below."On Bill Hoyer:
"President of IFW; Member Castle & Crusade Society, LGTSA, & employee of the RPGA/TSR. Bill was also one of Gary Gygax's oldest gaming friends. Not [...]

Friday Favourite: Should Monsters Employ Smart Tactics?

On Friday we comb through our extensive archives to find an older article that we feel deserves another look. From June 17, 2011, Dungeon's Master once again presents:Should Monsters Employ Smart Tactics?

As the DM it's my job to control all of the monsters during a fight. Each player runs his own characterbut everyone else involved in the battle is my responsibility. In some cases the Monster Manual provides tactics (albeit very basic tactics), but in the vast majority of situations it's completely up to me to decide which monster attacks which PC and what power they use.

As the DM I [...]

Formatting, Digger, Dragon Age

Well, the entire site is now roughly to the standard that was started two years ago. The most visible part being that all images in the right-hand column of entries are now 425 pixels wide.

Over the last few weeks hundreds of pictures were redone from scratch since the old images were too low-res, and nearly 2,000 entries were reviewed for formatting issues.

The latter were often minuscule — or even impossible to notice for people not working with the source files — but they also included cleaving overlong paragraphs, which I believe greatly helps with readability.

So there was a dry spell [...]

Gork people #3 -- Desmer Snakeeyes

The Rogue Assassin known as Desmer Snakeeyes Cheers! I want to share with you a story about a lost soul i once ran into. She was a hot lil number she was, such a vixen, wicked as a spider and sneaky like a fox. Her name was Desmer Snakeeyes and she was rogue out of Arendur, once a great city that fell to ruin with hidden shrines devoted to demonic worship. The city was reclaimed and rebuilt by an adventuring band led by a minotaur Warlock who later became king...

The post Gork people #3 – Desmer Snakeeyes appeared first on [...]

Scourge of the Sword Coast: The Cleric Dies

I is for ISTEVAL - A true enthusiast in all things blandTonight, the party cleric fell not to an orc or an orog, but rather to a cruel dungeon trope which almost never pays off.

I am really going to be happy when this D&D Encounters season is over. The next one, Dead in Thay, is supposedly a dungeon inspired partly by the Tomb of Horrors. That sounds awesome.

This adventure continues to boggle my mind. The book is laid out incredibly poorly, IMO. Constant page flipping and pdfs do not mix, at least not with me. [...]

[MegaDelve] Lost River Cave (South)

While the Lost River continues on much deeper into the Mega Delve, this is the last small scale map in the Lost River Cave complex. There are still two standard scale maps to go (linked to Tuesday’s western map of the Lost River Cave) for this node of the MegaDelve, but this will be the last small scale (20′ / square) map until I get around to the Necropolis node.

Lost River Cave (South) (grid)

Linking the north with the Lost River Cave (West) map posted on Tuesday, this smaller cave shows the various paths the Lost River has taken over the centuries through the bedrock in this area. Two old riverbeds remain bare now as the river runs through a tight passage without airspace until it rejoins its old riverbed and departs off the southern side of the map. One of the old riverbed tunnels has been added to, with a small structure built into the cave walls. Further south a second similar structure has been expanded from the old cave formations but concealed from general access becauseit is about 18 feet above the cavern floor.

Religious outcasts from the caves north of the Lost River Cave have settled into these areas, [...]

Friday the 13th: Jason Xmas (Part Six)

Jason Voorhees is back with the continuation of the Jason Xmas saga! Jason is in hot pursuit of Michelle and Uncle Lou but will Jason's new responsibilities get in his way? After a short break, the nine-part web serial, Jason Xmas, continues. Click the 'Jason Xmas' tag below this article for earlier episodes from the team behind the Scared Stiff anthology of films and The Zombie Chronicles

Gategully Justice: A Dwarf Fortress Comic

A comic I did based on the events of this episode of Gategully.

Gategully Justice: a Dwarf Fortress comic

Goals and Scale in Trollbabe: Keeping things in Proportion

  Today’s article is a continuation of Ron’s discussion of goals, focusing on the interaction of goals and scale. I shall bring together topics from several previous posts. This essay is my seventh look at the ideas of Ron Edwards expressed in his game Trollbabe.   My first article considered the concept of Hero as …

Continue reading »

What are RPGs? And is our hobby really dying?

I know, that's a controversial topic and a lot of subjectivity is involved in the discussion. If you ask ten pen & paper roleplaying games fans you'll probably get at least a dozen different answers, some might even be totally contradictory. Yes, defining our hobby is difficult and has [...]

How to Run a Long-Term Zombie Apocalypse Game

In the past few weeks I've written a bunch about zombie apocalypse games (I blame it on The Walking Dead). I've also been running my regular group through bi-weekly "zombie grinder" sessions, which is basically DCC Funnel adventures but set in a modern zombie apocalypse. It's a hilarious good timebut not a basis for a long-term campaign, so I've been trying to come up with some ways to

Review: Stealer of Flesh

Stealer of Flesh is a… well, I am not exactly sure what it is. It’s not quite a novel, nor quite a series of short stories, but something inbetween. Written by William King in 2011, Stealer of Flesh tells the first major adventure of Kormak, a Guardian of the Order of the Dawn who hunts the ancient creatures of the night. It consists of four stories that are very closely linked together but each have their own distinct character and take place in four very different locations. Calling them “episodes” feels very appropriate to me.

The story follows Kormaks hunt of [...]

Cool Words for Gamers: Kakistocracy -- Killcow

No doubt, this week you’ll weak at the words on offer!

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


Last week, I tackled the “I" and the “J” words. This week, we hurl ourselves into the K's!:

  • Kakistocracy government by the worst citizens
  • Keak to cackle
  • Ken the range of vision; sight, view; the range of perception, understanding or knowledge
  • Kerfuffle disturbance, fuss
  • Kidliwink a beer shop
  • Killbuck a fierce-looking fellow
  • Killcow a braggart, swashbuckler or bully; a murderous fellow, abutcher
More Cool Words?

Do you know other cool, but odd, words beginning with the letter "K"? If you do, share them in the comments below and add to your fellow gamers' vocabulary!

Fleamarket Friday: A Tekumel Treat...

A new Tekumel fanzine has arisen, conjured from the mind of James Maliszewski. The Excellent Travelling Volume is a 28-page, print-only, digest-sized, fanzine that can be ordered direct from James, via his blog Grognardia (for $9.95 in North America and $11.95 for the rest of the world, including postage). You can also see some sample pages there.

Behind the DM Screen (Oct 2014)

Mike, Sam, and Jeff get together once more to talk about their gaming in October of 2014.
Support the show, shop below...

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Random List -- 20 Male Korean names

Need a male korean name ? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 Male Korean Name 1 Ha Wah-Bo 2 Ham Joon-Ho 3 Han Seung-Lip 4 Hung Ho-Pyong 5 Hur Ching-Ying 6 Jeon Jong-Duck 7 Jue Jeong-Hwa 8 Lee Yong-Sik 9 Min Man-Sik 10 Mong Kun-woo 11 Noh Hyong-Kim 12 Rhee Wah-Bo 13 Ri Sang-chul 14 Rim Jae-Kwang 15 Si Bum-Kun 16 Sook Seung-Lip 17 Um Lee-Sam 18 Um Young-chul 19 Won Young-Yi 20 Yee Pilk-Wan

Related Generator : Korean Name Generator

Related PDF: 100 Korean Names – Male


Back in the Saddle (I own dice older than you!)

Today’s guest article by Gnome Stew reader Nick M. is a reflection on returning to gaming, including some tips for lapsed gamers coming back into the fold. It’s a bit different from our usual fare, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the change of pace. Thanks, Nick! –Martin

So, life eh? Gets in the way sometimes and, like many a gamer, I have had a break from roleplaying for a while. Sure I would meet up with the guys and have a one-off game, but to be honest it was mostly beer and bad jokes — great fun, but not great gaming.

There was [...]

New 1d10 Deadly Finds Table From The Death Lands Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Deep in the Death lands are certain finds that can be very deadly to adventurers, some of these items come attached to owners who will stop at nothing to track down their 'treasures', here are a few of these interesting and potentially deadly items of the wastes. Things that can change the lives of those adventurers whom they touch and run across. Don't forget to check for contamination and ruin. 1d10 New and Deadly Finds Table
From the Death Lands 
  1. Tube of space age food actually a tube of bio gel paste filled with telepathic nanites and capable of generating a psychic [...]

Haunted Sword for Sale!

A family in Texas is selling their haunted heirloom for the low, low price of $150!
Buy it Today! That I desperately want this sword is a given. That the picture above is an unforgettable NPC just waiting to happen is also a given.

However, it has also gotten me started thinking about the idea of 'magic items'. Ever notice that no book character ever has more than one, yet every D&D character above level 3 is walking around with at least a magic weapon,  a suit of armour, maybe a ring or two and an extra large bottomless [...]

Gaps in the Odd World

There's no world map for Into the Odd. No timeline. No list of NPCs that rule over Bastion, or legendary explorers of the past.

The cities outside of Bastion aren't named. You just know that they're inferior in some way. The Golden Lands are unmapped, and the Polar Ocean swallows most explorers that go into it.

The History of Bastion isn't documented, and I don't tell you about each of the ethnic groups that exist there. I tell you it's cosmopolitan, but nothing else regarding its culture.

I don't really mention anything about colonialism, slavery, or inequality [...]

UPDATED! Reviews -- D&D 5th Edition Dungeon Master's Guide

Dec 5 – Added 2 new reviews from Tower of the Archmage and The Cool Ship.

Here is an updated list of the reviews as they come in for the D&D 5th Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide. I’ve bolded the reviews that come from bigger names, but it’s great to see so many well thought our reviews popping up ahead of the official December 9 street date. If you already have your DMG, read that instead.

December 3, 2014
  • The Cool Ship – Dungeon Master’s Guide Review
  • Boing Boing – Detailed Look/Preview
December 2, 2014
  • Diehard Gamefan – Read Review

I think it’s safe to say, with [...]

1d10 New and Deadly Finds Table From The Death Lands Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Deep in the Death lands are certain finds that can be very deadly to adventurers, some of these items come attached to owners who will stop at nothing to track down their 'treasures', here are a few of these interesting and potentially deadly items of the wastes. Things that can change the lives of those adventurers whom they touch and run across. Don't forget to check for contamination and ruin. 
1d10 New and Deadly Finds Table
From the Death Lands 
  1. Tube of space age food actually a tube of bio gel paste filled with telepathic nanites and capable of generating a [...]


Delving into the internet this week I found an interesting game called Mythender. You can find it here. I wasn’t sure what I had found but with the price of FREE I couldn’t pass that up. It was written by Ryan Macklin, who had something to do with FATE, so it had that going for...

Read More

The post Mythender appeared first on Ramblings of Jacob and Delos.

sketch dump ! navis ... gnome warlord .. and a couple spiderwoman ! :D

navis , gnome warlord , spiderwoman and spiderwoman again !

Filed under: conceptart, fanart, gnome, navis, sketch dump, spiderwoman Tagged: character, comicbook, concept art, fanart, fantasy, gnome, heroine, navis, sketch dump, spiderwoman, warrior

Axe Lady

Bloodbath! Battlestar Galactica After Action Report

After a week off for the holidays, a couple of simmering plot thread finally came together tonight. Between the president having been sick and uninvolved, the interfleet gang war that left the Salamir Cartel in charge of the black market, the loss of important characters on Kobol (and the finding of Lord of Kobol — Athena — inhabiting the daughter of the heretofore unknown head of the cartel), the putting Boomer and another turncoat Cylon back in uniform, and the discovery that the fleet has been working with a faction of the humanoid Cylons running from the centurions…one of the [...]


Villians are meant to be hated.

Dangerous Journeys: Mythus Magick

From the back cover:

Well over a thousand magickal Castings!

You've never seen a magick book like this before!

Within these pages, you'll find more than 1,400 different Castings for your Heroic Personas and their evil enemies! There are Eyebites, Charms, Cantrips, Spells, Formulas, and Rituals, divided among more than a dozen different types of magick use. Herin you'll find Dweomercraeft Castings (general, plus fiver different colleges) and Priestcraeft Castings (those held in common, plus five different ethoi), as well as Castings from 15 other types of practice - Alchemy, Apotropaism, Astrology, Conjuration, Divination, Exocism, Fortune Telling, Heka Forging, Herbalism, Mediumship, Mysticism, Necromancy, Sorcery, Spellsongs, and Witchcraeft - everything you could imagine for use by heroes and villains, and others too.

But that's not all!

Also included are rules for designing your own Castings, allowing magick in your campaign to grow as far as you can imagine!

There are scores of magical devices detailed herein: Wands, Rings, Rods, Cloaks, Pyramids, and a guide to devise your own items
Plus, a full treatment is given of inate magical Powers: Petrifaction, Shapeshifting, Flight, and Weather Control, just to name a few. There are even rules for making Psychogenics, from other Dangerous Journeys genres, work within the Mythus game!

One look through these pages will show you why the Mythus Magick rules desrved a volume all their own. Whether you're a gamemaster or a player, you'll want this book for your reference. It will show you magick like you've never seen it before!

Precision Guided Firearms - GURPSing the Tracking Point

What you are looking at here is a .338 Lapua Magnum custom built XS-1 Precision Guided 338 LM, put together by Tracking Point.

For the low-low Price of $27,500, you can take this bad boy home.

For the low-low price of reading this blog, you can learn how to do it in GURPS.

Tag your target

Ironically, the first thing one is going to need to do is to make a Guns skill roll - though perhaps Beam Weapons should be allowed at no penalty - because you have to tell the scope where to shoot. This seems to be done by a laser, perhaps. But the process will give you an exact range to target, as well as the target's velocity. The targeting computer will then give you a dot to aim at, somewhere on the scope.

The specs of the system state that the designator is good for 0.047 Minutes of Angle. Goodness gracious - that's 4.7" at 10,000 yards, more or less. A skull shot at more than five miles.

More importantly, it's about Acc 9.5, using my MoA to Acc conversion guideline.

So you're looking at +9 for the inherent accuracy and spread of the beam, and (depending on the model) about +4 (scope bonus for 16x-31x) or even +5 (the .338 LM rifles have a scope that goes up to +5). Furthermore the thing can cancel out penalties for constant movement (no jinking or even run/walk) of up to Move 10-12.

What Does Your System Focus On?

To find out what aspects a system focuses on you don't have to look much further than the skills chapter. Why is this? Because the breakdown of skills will tell you where and what the developer expects people to be most interested in.

For example, an L5R character I have right now has - among other things - 5 skills at rank 1. Four of those skills cover different types of fighting. He can fight unarmed, with knives, with staves, and with a bow. The fifth skill covers dancing.

Think about that for a second. With one skill [...]

And now...The Bamfsies!

I was recently recruited by Mike Lafferty of Fainting Goat Games and the Bamf! Podcast to join the governing body of The Bamfsies, alongside Cam Banks, Chris Helton and Dan Davenport.
What are the Bamfsies? They are a fairly light hearted award series for Superhero Gaming, which all of the above, plus myself, have a love for. We already have the Hall of Fame up, and voting is ongoing right now for your picks for the Gamer's Choice award. We're going to attempt to coordinate a podcast for the awards next month, so you should get your vote in for [...]

Boston in the Cthulhu Mythos

With the Call of Cthulhu RPG most commonly being set in the fictional Miskatonic Valley of Massachusetts (with trips all over the world a possibility), it always surprised me how comparatively little Boston has featured in the Call of Cthulhu RPG. In the United States there are sourcebooks for San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, and New Orleans. Cubicle 7 has been doing a fantastic job showcasing the British Isles in their Call of Cthulhu supplements. Miskatonic River Press published a fantastic book of adventures for New York City and Golden Goblin Press followed in their footsteps with a [...]

[Review] Stuper Powers!: The First-Class Game Of Third-Rate Heroes

I have a soft spot in my heart for superhero RPGs. My first real RPG was Villains and Vigilantes, and I'm no stranger to FASERIP. But my favorite superheroes are the ones who aren't exactly "super," per se. You see, I'm a huge fan of the "D list" superheroes -- those characters who have weak, useless, embarrassing powers, but who somehow manage to save the day in spite of their abilities. I'm sure everyone's seen the movie Mystery Men, which has a great cross-section of super-incompetents. And in the comics world, you have joke teams like the Legion of Substitute Heroes, Hitman's Section [...]

Max Damage: Tempest Cleric

a 5th Edition D&D Build by Steve & Matt Hey folks, this is the first post in a series taking quick looks at different builds, each focused on a specific mechanic or theme. We are going to start off with a very simple idea: doing high amounts of damage within a round. One class specialization […]

Flip Through The Dungeon Master's Guide for D&D 5th ed

In this episode Matt spends some time going over the Dungeon Master’s Guide for D&D 5th ed. He comments on how he sees the change of disposition for this ever popular game. The Dmg has shifted its focus, I think, from a rules heavy book to the creation and storytelling side of the game.



I will be using the random dungeon generator to make an adventure – who wants to play?


More Gamergate Nonsense

Game designer and blogger James Desborough has published #Gamergate: The Card Game through PostMortem Studios. The sell-copy for the game describes it as "by taking the piss out of all sides," something which we delight in here at NUELOW Games. So, that's a plus in James's favor in our book.

Cover art for #Gamergate: The Card GameA minus against him is the fact it's a game making fun of #Gamergate. I have been disgusted by the various factions in that particular fight for a long time, and Hundal has been bored by them. The only thing #Gamergate confirmed for me is [...]

How We Grow -- Part 1

This is Part 1 of 2 about coordinating organized play for D&D Adventurers League. Getting Rid of Bad Apples

Sifting the wheat from the chaff. Culling the herd. Not letting a bad apple spoil the barrel. There are different ways to say it, different ways to think about it. It's the reason why we have a Code of Conduct. There are bad players out there. At my store, we learned quickly how bad players influence new players and how to act on and remove such negative influences promptly to ensure the overall health of our organized play program.

We expect a lot of [...]

Bujilli: Episode 112

Hedrard, in her shiny new cocoon and accompanied by her entourage of Marching Morons has gone off to her rooms. The authentic Sprague has left. That old Rat-Tosser Putney has made his exit as well, leaving Ex-Headmistress Shael, Bujilli and Leeja behind in the shambles of what used to be the residence of Gnosiomandus with the bodies of four dead mercenaries scattered across the floor...

Shael coughed. A trickle of blood rand down her chin where her flesh melted into hazy glass. She struggled to get up off of the couch. Her quilt slipped out of her grasp, [...]

Monster: Scaled Rat

The unfortunate side effect of a sorcerer's attempt to make a more challenging plaything for his pet smilodon, the scaled rats have become a scourge to the farms along the hinterlands, as well as to delvers in the local underground labyrinths, where they aggressively scavenge and harass.

The scaled rats were bred with interlocking keratinous plates, giving them a somewhat armadillo-like appearance.  Larger than the familiar 'giant' or 'dire' rats, explorers are often taken aback by their armored visage and aggressive nature.

The scaled rats have also developed a rudimentary intelligence, most likely due to some arcane leakage during [...]



Matt Speaks RPG 2

In this episode Matt covers the agenda that will hopefully bring us into the new year. That agenda will include developing the role of character in at least five parts. ability scores, race, class, alignment, and personality. it doesn’t matter what role-playing game you play there will be something in these videos for you.


I know this session wasn’t super exciting but thanks for watching.

#Gamergate -- The Card Game RELEASED!


Grimachu made a cardgame satirizing the whole Gamergate debacle. It was swiftly complaint bombed off Drive-Thru by Antis and folks threatening to pull their own products from Drive-Thru. You can still get it through an alternate channel, but man, that’s messed up. I thought that we were the ones harassing developers and trying to get their products out of the marketplace.

Anyway, check it out. #RebuildInitiative

Originally posted on Postmortem Studios:

UPDATE 3: For the time being you can by the PDF of the game HERE.

UPDATE 2: As well as complaint bombing, part of the problem seems to be [...]

Quick Review: Rock Island 1911A2 .22TCM/9mm

So I got a hold of aRock Island 1911A2 .22TCM today and had a chance to take it straight to the range for a break in. I only got 100 rounds of .22TCM and a box of 50 9mm through the gun, but it was enough to get some initial impressions on the weapon.

First, the look of the pistol is very nice. Unlike the usual natty RIA finish (very practical for a workaday gun), the TCM is beautiful with a nice black to the receiver, the underside and the flat top of the slide. The sides are polished and look [...]

An Interview with the Man of OSR Gaming!

Recently, Angelic Doctor Games, that is me, had a great kindness done to him. Vince Florio, the producer of Wild Games Productions and the man behind the OSRGaming.org forum site graciously agreed to be the subject of a small, informal interview to discuss the Old School Role-playing (or Renaissance) community he helped to build. Encouraging involvement in all manner of “old school” tabletop pen and paper games notably though his many podcast shows, Roll For Initiative, Save or Die!, THAC0’s Hammer, Dead Games Society and his latest, The Brainstorm Podcast – “The Think Tank”, DM Vince, as he is affectionately [...]

[RPG Blog Carnival] Campaign Idea: Putting a twist on transport circles

Campaign Idea: Putting a twist on transport circlesContinuing the December Blog Carnival idea of putting a twist on things (the original post can be found here), this blog post is an idea for a campaign setting that puts a different spin on the transport circle; this idea will work best in a fantasy-style campaign where magic is available and their is some reliable means of magical transporting available, whether this be transport circles, portals or whatever, for convenience i'm going to refer to them as transport circles in this blog post.
Click here or on the title of this blog [...]

Worldbuilding 101 - Global Map Interlude Part 3

Let's play with some map effects to get this looking a bit more like the island map we've got for the setting.
The first thing we need to do is take a duplicate of the basic threshold layer (where everything darker than a certain shade is blackened, and everything above that shade is whitened). Then we manually go through it with the "magic wand" tool selecting everything that's black...the seas, the inland lakes, everything. Then delete it.
Duplicate this, and basically treat it like a mask layer. The topmost layer will blank out everything beneath it, the layer just under [...]

How to Run (Part 2)

Just picking up where I left off...

Let's get right to it.

The book being discussed.How to Run comes in at a bit more than 350 pages, though that includes an index, table of contents, and bibliography. After the introduction, it is divided into five sections including an appendix, the total comprising fifteen chapters (the last chapter, a bit of an epilogue, is in the appendix). The first four sections are comprised of the following:

Part 1: The Art of Presentation
Part 2: Managing Yourself as DM
Part 3: Managing Your Players
Part 4: Worldbuilding

Each [...]

Tech Insider Hails Ineffective and Libelous Blocklist as Future of Twitter!


Tech Insider is actually lauding this.

Randi Harper’s blocklist was put together based on whether or not certain individuals whom she deemed toxic were followed by twitter users. The way I understand it, if you followed two or more of the people she deemed to be leaders of gamergate, you were on the blocklist that people were floating the idea of using as an industry blacklist.

Of course because of the poorly thought out method of blocking using, accounts that typically do follow-backs ended up on Randi’s list of women-hating harassers. Prominent accounts included both Kentucky Fried Chicken and Roberto Rosario, who [...]

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