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"Ain't No Thing Like Me, 'Cept Me!"

Friday in Freeport - Merfolk

The Magical Alphabet!!- R- Reign

Reign- This halberd was once the trusted weapon of the great King Thallus, and aided him in his fight against the undead hordes that descended from tall mountains in the frozen north.

This weapon is believed to have been created by the goddess of life and healing to aid mankind in their struggle with undeath.


The holder of this weapon is immune to the dreaded level drain effects of many undead. It does 1d10 damage to normal creatures, but to undead Reign deals 2d8 damage.


The weapon also has two other abilities:


  • Daylight (Wizard, lvl 3) 3x/day.
  • Sunburst (Wizard, lvl 8) 1x/day.

Reign is an intelligent [...]

A L.A.R.P. by any other name -- ABC's The Quest

ABC’s The Quest – Reality LARPing
Copyright: American Broadcasting Company*

Quite by accident the other night I found myself staring at a television set tuned to a channel of which I did not know and was presented with the opening scenes to a show of which I was not familiar with.

As the scenes unfolded, with contestants introducing themselves, their names in flowery almost Celtic-like patterns on the bottom telling personal stories of their earlier years, at first I thought this had to be a History channel snippet about Medieval times. Researchers perhaps? Historians or even, dare-I-say-it, Mythologists?

But as the scenes [...]

#RPGaDay: Day One "First RPG Played"

RPGaDAY August

I do like wagons with bands. The music is really quite soothing.

So, it’s August. The months are flying by and I seem to busier than ever. And as it is August, and as it has been (and always will be) #AwesoemGamerDay, time to blog about something other thanAgainst the Giants play reports.

Day One: First RPG Played

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1E) was my first game. Started when I was 7 or 8 (I usually say 8) when my dad finally allowed me to play in the weekly game he played in with my Uncles and Aunty. I think I played [...]

What a hike!

I'm back!
Did you miss me?
Presuming that I manage to avoid or overcome any random encounters, I either got home last night, or will be home later today. Either way, my feet hurt.

I'll be checking out all the entries to my Free RPG Day Module Random Table Contest, and the winners will be rolled for and announced tomorrow! 

If you haven't entered yet, there's still time! You've got till midnight to send me your random table! The clocks ticking...

Video Unboxing -- D&D Starter Set 2014

D&D has been reborn and the first thing we can see is this D&D Starter Set box. After a long time of playtest, conversation, speculation, hopes and fears, D&D is reborn. And it comes in a box! Whoohoo!!! (I like boxes!) Of course this is just the start, a little taster of what's to come [...]

The post Video Unboxing – D&D Starter Set 2014 appeared first on G*M*S Magazine.

Stumbling at the 1st Hurdle

I got too close to the first hurdle, hit it, and trying to come back from that is difficult. I hit the second one and that was it.
Andy Turner

He sat down on the track with his head in his hands. Who knew what was going on in his head. His dreams, and England’s, of him gaining another medal was at an end. It was not even the finals, it was a heat, something which he should’ve easily been able to do. It was not to be. Andy Turner’s dreams of another Commonwealth medal had ended.

We all stumble from time [...]

RPGaDAY in August

Will you join the fun?

Follow my blog for daily updates for this challenge.

Share your participating blog in comments.

Ennie Award for Best Cavern Map goes to... Fire Ants.

One of the staple RPG tropes is the "Bug Hunt", we've all done them.  There are some pretty cool bug hunt tunnel maps out there, but even the best human cartographers can't come close in complexity to these real world Fire Ant Colonies.  These stunning aluminium casts are the work of anthillart.com

Fire Ant Colony #45 - 18.5"x12.5"x13" (HxWxL)Carpenter Ant Colony #31 - 16.5"x4.5"x8" (HxWxL)The artists YouTube channel has some interesting videos showing the whole casting process which inevitably causes the destruction of the colony.  I'm rooting for Hicks and Hudson on this one and prefer to immortalize the [...]

August RPG Blog Carnival: Devious Dungeons

The RPG Blog Carnival this month is Dungeon themed, and hosted right here on the Mind Weave blog. I was surprised to see this topic had not been broached directly in the Blog Carnival since to me it is so central to the Table Top RPG genre. I love wilderness campaigns and open encounters, but as player, I always longed for the next dungeon delve. As a GM, I find my players do the same. No matter how I work on the wilderness and towns, they just want to get to the next dungeon.

So, let’s talk about dungeons. Dungeons are [...]

Shadowed Keep on the Borderland Backstory Case Study

Last time, I talkeda little bit about the initial concepts of theShadowed Keep of the Borderland'svarious “adventure zones." Coming up with the basic themes for each area was relatively simple. What was a bit tricky was designing a backstory that both made sense and that the PCs would be able to discover during the course of the adventure.

By Marc Radle


One of my bugbears about some adventures I've run is that the adventure (or sometimes even a specific encounter) has loads of cool backstory, but essentially there is no way for the PCs to discover that story. Sure, it's a great [...]

Artist Appreciation: Alex Ross...

A selection of amazing Alex Ross covers (sourced from Brian Michael Bendis's Tumblr feed) for Marvel's 75th Anniversary.

Random List -- Old English female names

Need an old English name for your female characters? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

[table caption="" width="500" colwidth="20|100|50" colalign="left|left"]

1 , Afton Richmond
2 , Amberjill Bradley
3 , Arden Roscoe
4 , Audrey Hallewell
5 , Bailey Benson
6 , Blaine Hale
7 , Buffy Bradley
8 , Buffy Law
9 , Daralis Roscoe
10 , Demelza Hayley
11 , Eartha Beverly
12 , Farrah Wedgwood
13 , Fiona Snape
14 , Jocelyn Prescott
15 , Kimberley Haley
16 , Lindsay Ramsay
17 , Tavia Lancaster
18 , Thistle Bradly
19 , Wilona Cumberbatch

Brainstorming for 5E: Tiamat

So in a week, I'll have the 5th Edition Player's Handbook in my greedy little hands and I'm trying to figure out what setting and adventure I'm going to run.
I won't run the adventure from the Starter Set because I'm playing through it currently.
Hoard of the Dragon Queen looks really promising.  As a fan of the DnD Cartoon, anything involving Tiamat is as cool as anything involving Warduke.  And the Adventurer's League Support material is really cool (I run a WPN store, I have the kits already).
BUT, part of me doesn't want to roll back to [...]

#RPGaDAY Blogfest Day 1

I'm joining in this Blogfest, created by David F. Chapman and alerted to me by the great Timothy Brannan.

First RPG Played:  Complex answer here.  It could be TSR's Marvel Super Heroes Basic game, except my buddy Barry and I had no idea what we were doing.  It could be Battletech, because when I got to play it, we each only played a single pilot in a single Mech.  But technically, it's probably Champions 4th Edition.  First RPG I bought, made a character and then actually played.  My first PC was Captain Midknight, who was very loosely based on [...]

Bujilli: Series Four Index

A Quick Introduction to Series Four
Bujilli and Leeja finally having gotten some rest, leave Idvard's Keep and go running through the rain to visit Schroedinger & Cave's shop. They receive grudging payment for returning stolen property and over hear something that they probably weren't supposed to on the way out. They go find a place to wait out the rain and Bujilli starts putting the pieces together. Bujilli's introspection is interrupted by more shooting and a gang of Feral Children. Leeja gets bitten. Bujilli carries her back to the Academy, with a little help from Hedrard. Then they [...]

Heads Up! A Stars Without Number Bundle Of Holding Including A Brand New SWN Book - Engines Of Babylon -

Go Right Over
For The Bundle Of Holding 
Oh shiny, just when I restarted my Stars Without Number Tuesday night game, Kevin Crawford comes out with another Bundle of Holding so that you can get the entire run of SWN in one shot! But wait for it, he's got a brand new book hot off the presses for his old school sand box science fiction game set. 

Engines of Babylon is a book that I've been waiting a long time for. The Engines of Babylon -- an all-new SWN equipment book, debuting in this offer, for creating vehicles and low-tech [...]

Three Covers

That's the cover for our Blue Grimoire. Volume One will round-up all the spells from our blog, add-in a few more, and give you some additional resources based on spell-casting in Wermspittle.

This is the raw cover for one of Bujilli's Little Brown Journals...which is coming together pretty well actually...

...and here is the working cover for The Toxic Tomb of Gadra, an adventure we should have ready to go within a few days.

July 2014 RPG Blog Carnival Wrap-Up

It's nearly Midnight, but instead of turning into a pumpkin or whatever, here's the Wrap-Up Post for the July 2014 RPG Blog Carnival.

The theme this month was Invasive Species. We had nine excellent entries, not counting our own contributions; two of which were by Leicester. Thanks to all of you who participated in this month's RPG Blog Carnival. It was quite a lot of fun to read all the very well written and thought provoking entries.

Leicester's Ramble gave us four minor amphibious horrors that have shown up in the kingdom recently. The Rage Salamander, [...]


Alien species that predate mankind – and usually meddle in human affairs or guide our evolution and development – are one of the big, big tropes of science fiction. There is probably no really good way of telling how this got started or even what source influenced Traveller directly – though von Dniken’s Chariots of the Gods was published in 1968 and, from what I understand, quite popular in its heydays. And then there’s 2001.

In a science fiction context there is nothing wrong with using ancient astronauts, of course. Quite the contrary, they are one of the great ways to [...]

Robot Bones

“Sir, Unit 37 is reporting strange activity.” The call came from a new technician at the duty station, so I headed over to see what minor issue was worth getting my attention at this point of the evening. As I walked up behind them I could see that something was wrong. Watching the screen I could see that Unit 37 had readied its weapon and seemed to have found something moving in the depths. “Perhaps it is just a small creature, I’m sure that there is a bunch down there…” the second-in-command said peering over my shoulder to look at [...]

Miss August: Ophelia Lovibond

Ophelia Lovibond (of Guardians Of The Galaxy, Thor: The Dark World, London Boulevard, W1A, Mr Sloane)

A Fox's Guide to Terrain Building (Part 2)

One of the key things about good terrain building is preparation.
You need to know what the game system is, what mechanisms might come into effect, how figures are placed, what the setting is. Does the system allow figures to climb on buildings, or do they just run around on the one level? Are there rules for 'full cover' or 'partial cover'? Does the terrain need to accomodate different sizes of base?
For this first project, I'm just making a simple rectangular box...okay, maybe it's not just a simple box, it's a figure carry case and it's retractable, so it needs a [...]

Learning A Skill - Mapping

Visual aids can be a powerful thing in games. There's a reason most setting books have pictures and maps of the location, because they give you something to point at and go "it looks like this" and that spares you a whole ton of description. This is even better if description isn't a core skill of yours, if some aspect of the specific appearance is vitally important, or if you just don't want to take the time to describe in intricate detail every foe or monster. With cities and buildings it can be much the same way, and maps are [...]


   This is what a play-by-post would read like in my own circle of friends. Let's pretend I'm the Narrator here, and three of my buddies play the game.
   Up on the surface, epidemiologists and religious scholars were probably scratching their bald heads trying to comprehend this most uncanny phenomenon: a Zombie Apocalypse affecting only a very specific area (Vatican City), and a very specific group (dead Popes). Nowhere else did anyone report seeing any sort of undead manifestations. No other zombies, except the 150 previous Popes buried in those vast Saint Peter's Crypt and Catacomb of Callixtus, [...]

Brian Josephson fascinates me

Years ago I got turned onto Brian Josephson’s work and have followed him ever since. He is a Nobel winning physicist who seems to be shunned by the general scientific community because of his constant questioning of traditional view points. He often says, “Take nobody’s word for it (nullius in verba)” and he always questions the established mindset. If proof cannot be given for a specific theory he meticulously tears the theory apart and shows where it breaks down. Following the many links on his homepage, will leave you feeling enlightened and baffled at the same time. Some of his work is way beyond my understanding but it never stops me from going back to read more. If you are a science geek, you will find Josephson’s work to be a delight.

Now onto the video, in Josephson’s own words, “This video was prepared for the conference celebrating the 75th. birthday of Prof. George Sudarshan at the University of Texas in November 2006, and is based on the 2006 Pollock Memorial Lecture of the Royal Society of New South Wales, given by Brian Josephson of the University of Cambridge, at Sydney University on March 17, 2006. Captions are available using the CC button, and the slides themselves can be seen in full detail at http://www.tcm.phy.cam.ac.uk/~bdj10/l…”

Transformation spell -- Form of the Iron Juggernaut

I’ve had this spell in mind for years, perhaps decades, and never written it up. An NPC wizard of mine in a 1990s Ars Magica game used to transform himself and also animate statues, but I’d never written it properly. In simple terms the person is transformed into a living statue, or as I like to think into an almost unstoppable juggernaut.

An animated status is almost unbeatable by mundane means. Normal weapons are not designed to damage creatures like this, and likewise defending against one would be a terrible challenge.

Given the effect that transformation has on targets with magic resistance [...]

Parma Civile, an idea for a major breakthrough

After reading about the potential breakthroughs in the True Lineages sourcebook I was pondering how the Gift makes everyone uncomfortable, except for magi who have their Parma Magica (PM) to provide a pseudo-shield from the negative social effects from the Gift of others. In RAW Magi using Parma Magica (basically all hermetic wizards) do not suffer that effect because of a special side effect of PM, and it seems to me to be an interesting area to investigate for why. I came to the idea that perhaps there is a way for a wizard to re-fold their PM in the [...]

This is me!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to start off by telling you all about who I am. Basically I love all things nerd! My best childhood memories include playing Nintendo! Duck Hunt baby! I like to try everything. I bike, hike, camp, cosplay, photograph and play world of warcraft! I'm a very balanced kind of girl. I hope you all enjoy what I bring to the table! You will be hearing more from me soon.

Krystal Clear Photography

New Big Dragon puts D30 Sandbox Companion and D30 DM Companion on Sale - Limited Time

I'm on a bit of a posting tear today. No, it's not because I suddenly have hunkered down and I'm working on my projects. Instead, I've had puppy duty much of today / tonight, which means (mostly) supervised play time in an area she won't get into too much trouble. Yes, I've been posting in those moments she passes out from exhaustion. I've also been listening to way to much classical music in the hopes of keeping her relaxed when she's in her crate.

In any case, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that +Richard LeBlanc has put the D30 Sandbox Companion on sale for $3.95 and the D30 DM Companion on sale for a mere 2 bucks. Both are in PDF and [...]

The Pearl 012


So, there’s this creepy squid faced dude with a calm demeanor asking questions.



The Pearl 012

RDD - A Tale of Mormecar the Haunted (video)

A voice-over/slideshow covering a brief version of my character background from Sean Connor's (https://www.youtube.com/user/TheOutsiders68) WFRP campaign "The Ties that Bind."
Please note: With the exception of the RDD logo none of the images in this video were created by me, sound effects were acquired from the Soundbible website and the music was sampled from the Freemusicarchive website. No challenge is intended to any copyright, this video was created for purely non-profit making purposes.

Outclassed: Hybrid & Specialist Classes

Classes. The backbone of many a role-playing game. Whether you are a brave warrioror an ingeniousspellcaster, your class is what defines the things youcan or cannot due throughout the course of the game.

I've always been fascinated withclass systems -probablydue to my obsessions withPathfinder,Final Fantasy Tactics, andBaldur's Gate -and as a result I often toy with the game design aspects of class design. One of my favourite exercises is to imagine how game classes relate to each other, and what factors dictate a player character's lot in life.

For part two of my sure-to-be-sporadically-updated series Outclassed (part one can be found here), [...]

Coming up next week -- Let's Study AMP: Year One

After the historical horror of the amazing Achtung! Cthulhu I think we could all use a little break from the bleakness and try out something different.

Thankfully, I was fortunate to have received a review copy of AMP: Year One from prolific game designer Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games. Rather than just stick with a single review post, I figure I might as well give it the full Let’s Study treatment like I did Wu Xing: the Ninja Crusade.

For those curious, here’s the blurb for AMP: Year One

The year is 2015 and the world is getting its first taste of [...]

Transformation spell -- Form of the Iron Juggernaut

I’ve had this spell in mind for years, perhaps decades, and never written it up. An NPC wizard of mine in a 1990s Ars Magica game used to transform himself and also animate statues, but I’d never written it properly. In simple terms the person is transformed into a living statue, or as I like to think into an almost unstoppable juggernaut.

An animated status is almost unbeatable by mundane means. Normal weapons are not designed to damage creatures like this, and likewise defending against one would be a terrible challenge.

Given the effect that transformation has on targets with magic resistance [...]

[Let's Study Achtung! Cthulhu Keeper's Guide] Part 6: Conclusions and Review

Today’s entry is the wrap up of the remaining chapters of the Keeper’s Guide. Not that these chapters are somehow less noteworthy, but because they are essentially a no-nonsense list of GM resources that will be of use in any WW2 game involving the Cthulhu Mythos.

After the special rules chapters, the Keeper’s Guide has several chapters that cover magic and artifacts, a spell list, horrors and monstrosities and important allies and nemeses in the setting.

Beyond those, the last few chapters include Adventure Seeds, and a Quick Play Guide and resources for the GM’s use.

Each of these chapters goes into excellent [...]

Ghost Recon Phantom ~August giveaway

Today, Ubisoft announced the Phantom Heist event for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms that will take place throughout the month of August. The event kicks off with a Steam giveaway this weekend, the launch of a new web comic series on August 6 and Mad Loot weekends, where up to approximately 23,700* worth of in-game items will be distributed each weekend this August. This fills me with great excitement as I play this game so fraking much that it has become a part of my nightly dream cycle. The gifts they gave out during the last steam giveaway were very nice and enhanced my gameplay. I am hopeful that with the new round of goodies I will be able to win some of that expensive gear that the pay to win guys are running around the board with.

Following the success of the Steam giveaway weekend, Ghost Recon Phantoms will offer a free downloadable package from 6pm UK Time on August 1 to 5am UK time August 4 that rewards players with a 30-day 100 percent boost. This will help players speed up their progression and increase their in-game income which can be used to purchase new weapons and gear.

Every weekend, Ghost Recon Phantoms will increase the amount of mystery boxes that are awarded at the end of every round. All tiers of boxes will appear more frequently, with the Gold box appearing 60 times more often. Each box has a chance of containing a limited edition weapon or one of the legendary weapons which are only available through boxes.

To delve further into the story behind Ghost Recon Phantoms, a new eight-part comic series will reveal the untold backstory and identity of the Phantoms. Starting on August 6 and running [...]

Bundle of Holding Brings Back Stars Without Number Bundle

Bundle of Holding has brought back the Stars Without Number bundle from last October.

If you are looking for an OSR based scifi RPG, THIS is the way to go. It is an excellent system.

If you pay beyond the average, you also get get Other Dust - a post apoc RPG using the same core system. Think Gamma World for modern sensibilities.

The expanded bundle includes Engines of Babylon, which isn't available anywhere else (and should be linked to your account if you got this bundle back in October.)

#RPGaDAY Blogfest - Why Not?

I like blogfest and this one seems pretty simple, so I'll be taking part. 

1st - First RPG Played
2nd - First RPG Gamemastered
3rd - First RPG Purchased
4th - Most recent RPG purchase
5th - Most Old School RPG owned
6th - Favourite RPG Never get to [...]

Kratos: Go North

Sewer Tiles WIP

If you've been following my recent posts over on G+, you'll probably know that I've been playing around with a few sewer maps this past week (due to me being inspired by a recent submission to the Age of Shadow wiki).

Well, I've since decided to take it one step further, and I've just begun work on a range of high-res sewer tiles for the 'Basic Dungeon Tiles' range.

However, I'm still in the early stages of the design process at the moment, but I thought I would share a quick picture of the two tiles that I've [...]


So for the past couple weeks my Thursday group and I had been unable to play our regularly scheduled Torchbearer game because of attendance issues, myself included at times. Last Thursday for instance, I went on a last minute jaunt up-island to Tofino with a couple of co-workers (one who's also a player in our TB game). The weather was awesome though the trip was far too short/rushed/unplanned for my tastes.

A panorama I took of beautiful Long BeachDuring a stopoff at the Coombs Country Market (the renowned 'Goats on the Roof' locale) we picked up a bunch of [...]

Conflating Resource Types

Digaea, Magic: the Gathering, Risk: Godstorm, Settlers of Catan, the Decipher Star Wars CCG, 4e D&D, Ogre Battle, and Final Fantasy Tactics.

Besides me, what do these games have in common?

Each game features resource accumulation and conversion. Many also include character recruitment, customization, equipment, and development as core elements of gameplay. As an aside, most of them also include combat.

Right, I forgot to include Lords of Waterdeep in my last post, which has been a pretty significant influence lately. It combines gold, character recruitment, land management, building construction — and also questing.

What would happen if we mashed all these games together?

And [...]

RPG BUGBEARS - Describing Characters (video)

Talking about the strange way in which some people default to describing their characters.

Bujilli: Episode 100

Bujilli and Leeja were brought before the Queen of the Soulless by an ancient killing-machine. There before the Throne of Opals they watched as representatives and agents of the Triumvirate, who may or may not be the secret masters of Wermspittle, argued among one another even as Outside Forces laid siege to the remnants of the ancient Redoubt. The Soulless Queen was betrayed by her Grandmother who was conspiring with a Morlock Elder-Gardener to reactivate or reconfigure the cubic World Engine. The Queen escaped and Gazbonti the Jester now offers Bujilli and Leeja an opportunity to escape using a [...]

Texts from Kobold

Imagine the scene. An evil wizard is just trying to stock his tower with suitable monsters and minions. As the evil wizard manual says you start with the weak minions first, by the entrance, and then add progressively more powerful beasts.

Our wizard puts a single kobold in the first room by the door. He’s a modern wizard though and provides the kobold guardian with a mobile phone, on the Wiznet network, so emergency texts and updates can be sent if needs be. What could go wrong?

With apologies and inspiration to Texts from Dog.

The post Texts from Kobold appeared first on [...]

#RPGaDAY Blogfest

Maybe it is all the allergy drugs I am on or maybe it because I know August is going to be a busy month.
But I am going to take part in the #RPGaDAY Blogfest dreamed up by David F. Chapman over at Autocratik.  Dave is the main guy behind the Doctor Who RPG and Conspiracy X 2.0; two games I adore.

Since Fall term starts are coming up for me and Gen Con this will be something cool to do.  Plus I am a sucker for a good blogfest.  Yeah I think many of these I have answered [...]

Gamecast -- Ep 44 -- Is Another Man's Treasure

Topic -In this episode, we talk about reward mechanics, loot, and ways to make them interesting in game. Hosts -Dan, Mack, Steve, and Lucas           Media -Be sure to check out and support the Tsunamicon Kickstarter, a National level gaming convention based in Wichita, Kansas and being organized by our sister [...]

Mana Recruit, Mana Ritual

In this post, I’m going to list games that feature multiple resources, and describe generally how those resources are accrued and how they interact. I will follow up with another post about combining all of these into a single, massive game.

Mana … Disgaea
An accrued resource gained by defeating enemies in combat. Your recruits also gain XP in combat and level up, learning new skills and stuff. They can also change classes — of secondary importance, but noteworthy nonetheless.

Mana is spent to recruit new units and motion for various effects through the Dark Assembly. Effects which include but are [...]

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