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Slayin, Arcade Monster Hunting Madness

Review #49 -- Free Video Game
Slayin, Arcade Monster Hunting Madness
With this post, July of Adventure has officially begun! More information about the event will be available on this week's Babble.
Opening our second theme month ever, I present Slayin. In this arcade title, you take control of a hero slaying hordes and hordes of monsters. But your character is so... let's say "inspired", that he cannot stop!
You can change your hero's direction and make him jump, but that's all. The characters move constantly, and enemies also continue spawning until you kill enough to gain [...]

Nissian's Message in the Embassy Log

Greetings my children, since your presence is so much more welcome in your mother's home I'm hoping I can inconvenience you to recover these items from her hoard.  I assure you at one time they were mine and should you succeed you may keep The Tome of Clear Thought which I believe will help your cause against The Jailer.

Vacuous Grimoire: A book of this sort is identical to a normal one, although if a detect magic spell is cast, a magical aura will be noted. Any character who opens the work and reads so much as a single glyph therein must make two will saving throws. The first is to determine if a D6 of Intelligence is lost; the second is to find if two D6 points of Wisdom are lost. Once opened and read, the vacuous grimoire remains; to be properly destroyed, the book must be returned to its plane and place of origin, after which a Wish spell must be cast. If the tome is placed with other books, its appearance will instantly alter to conform to the look of these other works.
Collapsing [...]

Temporary pics

Temporary pics.

Necromancer Games Fifth Edition


Necromancer Games Fifth Edition is coming !

Necromancer Games is back ! Remember the old “3rd edition rules, 1st edition feel” slogan ? It’s back and updated to 5th edition as the Necromancer Games/Frog God Games crew teams up with some big names in the industry !

For those of you who don’t know Necromancer Games, they’re a publisher that earned a lot of acclaim publishing supplements for the 3rd and 3.5 editions of D&D. Necromancer Games brought you the megadungeon Rappan Athuk, the Tome of Horrors, Gary Gygax’s Necropolis, and the award winning The Lost City of Barakus (which was recently [...]

Oooo, shiny!

Here are two newest results of my solo board game shopping mania, and newest additions to my solo board game collection.

Board games were bought with significant discount, so I did well on my budget, but on the other hand, I am not really sure I need any of them :)
 I managed to read the rules of Duel in the dark and it seems like a quick and nice game, so I am planing to take it with me on my next business trip, and maybe this game will see some play soon.

On the other hand, [...]

5E Basic: Rambling About Fighters

I've read up through the Classes chapter. I don't really want to discuss races (sorry) except to say that for some reason the 5E dwarf speaks to me more than any dwarf ever has. In fact, the elf is appealing to me as well. I've been human-centric for a long time, mainly because I felt like the other races had become nothing more than optimization options (and this feeling goes back to 2nd Edition). With viable bonuses for all races, plus the old-school vibe (and please don't hate me for wanting an old-school vibe; I am old), I want to [...]

Got a cover image!

As of today, Mutants & Marvels has a cover with an original image.  That's a colored version of a commission I had done for my original character, Dynamo-Man, and my wife's character, Diana Cutthroat.  They were an item in the City of Heroes MMO.

Now all I need is an interior piece that illustrates something to do with a supergroup or team. I think I have an idea. I'll get to work on that ASAP. So, I would imagine that the final product will be up on RPGNow by the end of the week! YAY!

[HOW] What's Cooking In Cidri?

It's been a couple of months since Pete handed the reins of the Tuesday Knight's campaign over to me and I have to say I think I'm getting back in the swing of running a regular game. I've run two game sessions so far (both based on adventures by +Tim Shorts): Chapter Six: Who Let The Pigs Out? Chapter Seven: The Hunt For Margesh Blackblood (part one) The second session was certainly a lot

Matt Jackson, Zine Maestro

The other day I mentioned I received a zine, A Collection of Presentations, Cartographical in Nature: Patreon Maps, Vol. 1, created by +matt jackson.  A collection of his maps accompanied by flavor text to bring the maps alive.

The physical nature of the zine is incredible.  Matt pays a lot of attention to the details.  To the paper he selects for the cover and inside pages, to the stitch binding and to the rounded corners.  Matt has made his zine into a piece of art beyond the content.

His layout is simple and effective.  A [...]


The key to success lies in not biting off more than you can chew.

Statblock Sunday (Wonders of NaeraCull): Tide of the Undead

Waves lap up against the shore with an unusual frequency, and upon closer inspection you see the surf forming bony claws that drag away the sand under them before disappearing into the waters nearby! TIDE OF THE UNDEAD CR4 XP 1,200 CN Huge undead (incorporeal) Init +2; Senses blindsight 40 ft.; Perception -2 fear […]

The post Statblock Sunday (Wonders of NaeraCull): Tide of the Undead appeared first on Adventure-A-Week.

RPG Kickstarter Roundup: Week of 6-29-2014

This is the RPG Kickstarter Roundup! We’re bringing you all the RPG-related Kickstarter projects that recently started or are about to end. The Roundup includes RPGs, miniatures, dice, and anything else that may be RPG-related. In this edition of the Roundup we’re covering new projects for the Week of 6-29-2014, and projects ending the Week […]

At the Cafe #1

Is It Today Again?

Who, What, Where, When, Why, How to improvise - part 2

In Part 1 of this article we established that a key to successful improvisation is to "Ask questions and use the answers". If you want to create more fleshed out details you should ask yourself more than one question. Feel free to use a variant of the 5Whys technique. Don't concentrate on just the Whys - use any open ended question word (Who, What, Where, When, Why, How) you can/want to get more interesting answers. 
Before we move any further, try improvising some content for your current game from one of the questions below. Ask yourself a chain of at least 3 [...]


"Anyone who hasn't experienced the ecstasy of betrayal knows nothing about ecstasy at all."

Your First Time Game

Never ran a fantasy role-playing game like Dungeons & Dragons before? Get yourself the D&D Basic Rules, Labyrinth Lord or the Basic Fantasy RPG (or any of the other role-playing games out there). Find some friends and volunteer to run a game for them. Here’s some excellent advice by Greg MacKenzie which he left on a Google+ post by Davin Asiala. I made some slight edits, too.

The important thing to realize is that unless you have a command of the material, an overview, you may have difficulty getting a sense of where it is all going. You are also treading in someone else’s footsteps. My personal advice is reduce your scope: make your own 6-10 room dungeon, and roll up the monsters for each room.

My early adventures went something like this: The adventurers start out at a local tavern where they meet. They hear a few rumours about some horrible hole and are offered either a guide to the spot or a map for a few coins. At which point they set off for the entrance. When they get there the guide leaves and they enter the dungeon. Now note that I provide no obstacles, save that for the dungeon.

You should have a few words of description for the entrance to set the mood. Each room should have a description and may or may not have a monster 1 in 6. The dungeon should be on one sheet of paper. The idea here is to make sure there is something to do. You don’t have to be terribly original here as the game takes on its own life as you play it.

The monsters should have treasure, and make sure to allocate a few magic items among the treasure. You want the players to gain experience points and get a [...]

GM Tips - Creating NPCs that the players trust (video)

Attempting to answer Eric Sheldahl's query about creating NPCs that the player characters trust.

From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga - Parts Eight & Nine (Of Nine)

Parts One To Four can be found here. Parts Five To Seven can be found here.

Review -- Improbable Tales, Volume 1

If your Icons game is light-hearted, mostly four-color adventurism thenImprobable Tales, Volume 1 Compilation should provide an excellent set of short adventures for your campaign. These adventures are fun and have a great spirit of comic adventure, only a few taking dark turns, if such fits you campaign style (and if you are playing Icons, it probably does) give this collection a look.

Improbable Tales, Volume 1 Compilation, from Fainting Goat Games contains eleven adventures for Icons, each designed to be done in a session or two. Each short adventure includes several scenes, full statistics (and art of) the major characters [...]

Slicing Even Deeper Into Wisdom From The Wastelands Issue 41 From Skirmisher Publishing For Mutant Future Or Any Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaign

Grab it Right
Radiation is one of the corner stones of the Mutant Future rpg game (or so it would seem but there have always been other apocalyptic events that could trigger the PA 'future' of  the game), radiation is however is key to the WWIII 1950's sci fi pulp ethos that we all know and love. This issue by the Skirmisher Publishing folks delves deep into the various real world basis for using radiation and the comic book style energy sources that can give teens the powers of a mutant spider and beyond.
This is all done [...]

TsunamiCon Blog #1: How It Began

During a recent appearance on Happy Jacks RPG Podcast, Stork suggested I somehow record the details of the convention planning experience for posterity. I’ve actually always been a fan of trying to include the outside world in my more unusual endeavors… When I went into the studio a few years ago to record a blues [...]

Game Night Independence Day 2014 -- Starter Sets, Basic Rulebooks, New Editions

In a great intertwining of destinies, this Friday saw the combination of the celebration of the birth of America combined with the birth of the new 5th edition of the worlds most unbelievable game, dungeons and dragons. What better way to celebrate than to invite friends and family over for a gathering of fun, food, and fiery explosions both mythic and real. On the menu were grilled dogs and burgers, a house specialty.

The new edition of the game fifth edition began its staggered publication schedule the day before, July 3, by releasing the “Starter Set,” containing a [...]

[PaizoCon Announcements 2014] Is Paizo phoning it in?

I was expecting a lot of new, good things from Paizo at PaizoCon. However, for the third year in a row, I cannot say that I am Wow-ed by anything they announced.

Let me start by saying that I don't care about the Card Games. I don't play them, so my money is safely in my pocket. Don't care about it, don't care about any card game. The only two ones I own are Guillotine and Munchkin and I don't think I played them since 2010-11. If that. So whatever they announce for the CCG is wasted on me.

So [...]

Additional Random Starting Items

For my next campaign, I wanted to go back to giving the players a random starting item for their character. To that end, I polished up my random starting items list, and put it in pdf form for anyone interested. (I was discussing this over on the OSR Google group, and I'm not sure it can touch the one Doug Kovacs put together). Some items are very clearly useful from the get-go; others, somewhat less so, but I like to think resourceful types can find the utility in whatever item they may roll.

Anyhow, it's made for Castles & [...]

Dungeons and Dragons, Episode VII

It’s no secret that this new edition of Dungeons and Dragons is up against a mountain of ill will, and …

Continue reading →

Tales of a Married Gamer -- Preparing for Independence Days

Greetings and welcome back, as always, to another Tales of a Married Gamer. I’m back safely in the flat area of the Midwest where I am less likely to fall off a mountain or get into a dance-off with a mountain goat. That said, the Tales of a Married Gamer household is busy as ever as we prepare for the wild time that is the summer. By wild time, I of course mean that I will be traveling around to potentially be a television game show contestant, teaching high school students how to run advanced statistics, and my wife will [...]

Creative Challenge, Day 6

Welcome to day 6 of our creative challenge! If you haven’t participated yet, there is no time like the present! All you need to do is use the links below to link to your blog entry for today, a piece of artwork that you put in your online portfolio, or simply a piece of creative writing! Whatever it is that you do, we want to see it and we want to help you share it! Of course, we’re not doing this for nothing…every entry you have will give you an opportunity for a prize, and the person who enters [...]

Wuxia Inspiration: The Swordsman II (Film) and Swordsman (TV Series)

I have been going back and watching a lot of movies from the shelf that I haven't seen in a while as we work on Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate (a free RPG based on Sertorius). In that stack are a bunch of Jet Li movies from the 90s. The Swordsman II (sometimes called The Legend of Swordsman) is my second favorite Jet Li film from that period right after Tai Chi Master (Twin Warriors). Watching this film also prompted me to finally track down and view a chinese TV series from 2013 called Swordsman, because they are both based on the [...]

Transformation into Gargantuan Creatures, Part Four. The Dragon

Continuing from Part One, Two and Three.

Part Four – The Dragon, the supreme lord of the air.

Transforming into a Dragon was one of the primary forms which started my investigation into this set of blog posts. It is a favorite of mine. In older Ars Magica editions I’ve seen dragon forms in play through expensive Bjornaer Heartbeasts, and there has also been a few lengthy posts on the ArM forums about these style transformations.

In terms of physical shape a dragon might be viewed abstractly as giant lizard with wings and an extended tail. Certainly the European style dragons are meant [...]

Sunday Funnies - Undead Teds, Plus Toilet and Holiday Humor from Dork Tower

Sometimes what is funny is also horrifying.  Case in point, the offerings from UndeadTeds.com.  See more here and "enjoy" the video?

John Kovalic of Dork Tower fame was kind enough to make up a sign you can frame and hang in your bathroom . . . full-sized version here.

John also made sure to honor the holiday weekend here.

Sunday Funnies on CreativeMountainGames.com Humor, often gaming-related,
to start the week with a chuckle.Please Like, Share, Plus, Tweet, Follow, and Comment!

Zero Hit Points: Dismemberment, Dying, and Death

Christian has given me some more inspiration... His own house rules inspired this recent addition to my own S&W game. Thanks again, Christian.  
So what's the deal with getting beat up (or down) by a gang of Bugbears?  
Bugbear Face Smash by David TrampierWhen a character is reduced to zero hit points; is he really dead? Or is it just a way to beat up on him as he lingers, getting closer and closer to death's door? If he makes it he might have some cool scars and maybe some missing body parts... And certainly a good story [...]

Big News From PaizoCon 2014

What happens at PaizoCon, stays on the internet...forever...Another PaizoCon (Paizo's annual fan convention) has come and gone. Since I'm a broke bastard that lives nearly 1,898 miles away from Washington, I couldn't attend the con. Thankfully, people who actually made it to the con have been posting updates about the big announcements throughout the weekend. Here are a few that I felt were of particular note: 
  • In Spring 2015, Paizo will be releasing a supplement entitled Pathfinder Unchained. It's being described as the book where the designers have been "unchained" and can do whatever they want, giving a big middle finger [...]

Progress Update-Rules Questions

In the course of play testing, we’ve come up with some interesting questions. A lot of these come from the Talik Capbane VS Glud Alumb fight, but they’ve come up in our games from time to time as well. Today’s questions center around casting spells while fighting, something that comes up like crazy with gishes like Talik and Glud.

  • How is attack time counted, particularly when a character attacks on his turn before attempting to cast a spell? Is it really a full second?
  • How is kick time counted? Is a kick simultaneous with other attacks? What if I’m kicking and using [...]

[HOW] Worldbuilding 101: The Two Daves...

I don't like running games set in other people's worlds. Now, that might sound a bit contradictory given that our current campaign takes place on Cidri, the world created for The Fantasy Trip RPG back in the day. But the canon details of that world are so scant that it actually makes an interesting experiment making that is known fit with what I have in mind. But as I said (generally) I don't

Succubus Sunday

Queen of Pain by kunkaAlu-Fiend by myarSuccubus by Teddy WrightSmoldering Succubus - Graysun-D

Western Knights - The Twin Gunmen

Drawing by Milo Barasorda This is my character Flint Westwood, and Chad, his evil twin. Or is Flint the evil one? At this point it's a toss up. You'll see why. The story thus far... Flint and Chad were Shanghaied in Britain by the Imperial Merchant Marine, and put to work as galley slaves. Arriving in New Albion (America) they discovered that the town of Kennsington was ruled with the

Square Disks

These bizarre artifacts are often found in great quantities around certain ancient ruins.

No one is sure what they where used for, what they were made from, or how they got the name of 'disc'. Some denizens of the deep dark places use them as currency, though they rarely have any value on the surface and are primarily seen as cheap curious.

For that reason, it not uncommon to see these strewn about the lairs and strongholds of experience delver where they are used as coasters or bookmarks, or stuffed into bags, ready to be used on [...]

The Tale of Bartobras Hedgewarden: Part 24

A hundred years ago two armies clashed here in Hyothdal. The two generals decided to have a duel to end the war. One of them was the paladin Magalent. Both generals managed to kill each other and the war just petered out. Our information told as that the scene of this last battle was where Fey's niece was headed.

We left the Copper Kettle and headed out on the road. We noticed that Athlan's lion, Sikka, had done some growing in the last few weeks and was now rather large. This did not endear the lion to me any [...]

Necromancer Games Returns with a 5e Kickstarter of mostly New Material

Necromancer Games, which I believe is fully owned by Frog God Games (but I could be wrong, and perhaps I am) just launched a Kickstarter in the early morning hours for new 5e material.
Yeah, there is currently no licensing agreement / OGL specifically for D&D 5e at the moment, but much like The Wizard's Amulet update and release for 5e, I suspect this Kickstarter will be working under / behind the OGL. Time will tell, won't it?

Three books are in the mix (below is from the Kickstarter page)
5th Edition Foes. It's going to start with 200 monsters in it. Quests of Doom, an adventure book we estimate at 180-260 pages, depending on stretch goals achieved. It will contain two updates [...]

Homeguard Campaign: More Puzzles

Our Homeguard BECMI D&D campaign group met again recently, this time exploring vintage TSR adventure The Horror on the Hill.  I glossed over time spent at the fort / base camp, distributing a few rumors and then fast forwarding to the party's first approach to the ruined monastery.  We tied this location into our campaign thematically with the idea that, like The Shrine of the Sacred Spring, a four-level homebrew dungeon we explored last year, this monastery may also have been built to guard a potent magical fountain -- it's exact location now forgotten.wikimedia ccThis group loves puzzles and so I worked out some extra material [...]

Free PDF: 10 Magic Wands

Click Here to DownloadFree. One Page, Ten Lesser/Minor Magic Wands; suitable for nearly any OSR-style Games of the Imagination.

Space Babe and International Game of Throne Covers

My page views doubled a few weeks ago, proving once again that the internet is all about boobs and cats. In honour of this effect, I present space1970: July's Space Babe ... the magnificent Virgina Hey who has stared in Mad Max and Farscape. To tie this into gaming ... just think of the NPC she would make!

and for a little extra awesome in your morning, a gallery of international Song of Ice and Fire Covers. Why is this stuff always so much better than the stuff we get?

Superhero Week: Create a Powerful Sojourner's Moon Science Fiction RPG Character

Sojourner’s Moon Player’s Guide

Last year, during Superhero Week, Randall C Ellis wrote about What’s in a super hero character?. We’re pleased to have Randall back this year.

The 2014 challenge – can you adapt a sci-fi game to suit super powers? Guardians of the Galaxy, for example, is that a sci-fi title or a superhero one? Both?

Randall is well placed to tackle this challenge as he’s the author of the Sojourner’s Moon Player’s Guide and Sojourner’s Moon, Journey Master’s Guide.

Sojourner’s Moon is a science fiction role playing game. It uses standard polyhedral dice set, and is a tabletop game of missions [...]

Sunday Inspirational Image: Castle

One thing that I've never used in D&D is the wilderness castle encounter from page 95 of the Rules Cyclopedia...

Castle by Maciej Kuciara

MC2 Spider-Girl baddies, and Outlaw

The following Marvel MC2 entries close the big spike of Astro City, Fables and MC2 Spider-Girl entries, though there’s still work left for these arcs. With the next batch we’ll be back to cruising speed, unless we swing too far in the other direction because I’m too busy playing Dragon Age: Origins (and making articles about it, natch – which takes way more time than playing the game).

Anyway :

  • MARVEL MC2. A triad of useful low-powered villains :
    • Earthshaker, basic but dangerous super-bruiser.
    • Crazy Eight, a juggler with trick projectiles.
    • Funny Face, a surprisingly tough jester type.
  • And as [...]

Lies! All lies!

I’ve been going over my ideas for my campaign setting again, this time specifically with a look at what kinds of reactions and emotions I want to evoke in the players. (Something I’ve read here, but never consciously gave much of a thought before.) Some themes I want the setting to encourage are trusting in what you think is right, and always questioning what hidden motives both enemies and allies may have.

And that of course means that NPCs will be lying a lot. Which interestingly, villains in fiction rarely do. When an enemy gets defeated and cornered and the protagonists [...]

'The Game' he said, looking down his nose..

So, as i'm sure you'll be aware - theres been internet controversy (read: no big deal really) about the new edition of 'The Game' and who spoke with the designers a few times about playstyles they enjoy. Im hoping most of you are, like me, of the opinion that you really couldn't give a fuck. I wont re-tread ground about the issue, everyone else is re-hashing the same viewpoints so you'll find it somewhere on the web, but I do want to talk about my thoughts on the game, and how its going to impact my home group over the [...]

Wil Wheaton's Game Of Thrones' Title Sequence...

Borderland of Adventure #22 (continued): The Thing in the Graveyard

Four days after leaving the Monastery of Montelegron, the party reached Ratikhill. The balance of their journey had been uneventful and they were eager to reach Sampo Masterson's house. (The party had previously rescued Sampo and most of his family from bandits and the tailor had promised them a warm welcome if they should ever come to Ratikhill.)


The party comprised:

  • Krorz (male half-orc rogue 3)
  • Hemgor(male human fighter2)
  • Adoven(male dwarf cleric [Moradin] 3)
  • Belivar(male halfling summoner 3)
  • Klara (female half-orc cleric 3)

Reaching the city, they discovered that great events had transpired over the last six months. It seemed the Sword Lords had desired to send [...]

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