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Sunday Inspirational Image: Tuxedo Mask

by xangedemonx

I know this isn't my usual sort of Sunday Inspirational Image, but really, how easy would it be to make him as a 5e character? There are a couple of ways to do it, but I'd go wizard. How about you?

LARP Weaponry Development

Over the past few months I've been working on a system for making "limited run" custom foam weaponry for LARPs. You may have seen a few posts from me in various places, indicating my progress, both successes and exercises in learning how not to do things. For the past two days I've been getting very close to my final production system. The moulded weapons are getting close to what I want to produce, not quite there, but good enough to start combat testing with.

This particularly piece is a throwing dagger with a leaf pattern running up the [...]

One Does Not Simply Roll A Fumble...

A New Year, A New World Roundup

January came and went and it’s time to close our “New Year, New World” Blog Carnival. With a slow start, we still got a number of really cool – and in some cases very long – entries. Posts were, in chronological order: A New World, Part 1: The New Lands here at Enderra Why Colonize … Continue reading A New Year, A New World Roundup →

How and Where I Write - February RPG Blog Carnival

As the one-year anniversary of my return to creative writing and tentative foray into blogging approaches, I offered to host this month's Blog Carnival: How and Where I Write and/or Game Prep. 
Thanks to Johnn Four for helming this project.

Years ago, I tried to be a Writer, without much success. I wrote some short stories and essays, even getting a few published. I think my crowning achievement was winning the Romance category in the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest, in spite of the fact that I have never read a romance novel in my life. But apparently I was [...]

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, pillaged.

Note: For those of you that pretend that you don’t read anything online about adventures you’re playing, this is the “required”alert that this post contains spoilers. So be prepared to take notes. Ifyou are the only person left in the universe that actually avoids information about adventures you’re an active player in, I’m going to talk about the content of the adventure so leave now.

I ran Hoard of the Dragon Queen at my local game store the past several months. Last night my players closed it out. Run as a public play adventure, I had a revolving cast of players [...]

Malaise -- D&D 5e Wizard Spell

Aspell to inject into your game through a scroll for a one-time use. Could also be used by Warlocks and Sorcerers.


6th-level necromancy

Casting Time: 1 action Range: 60 feet Components: V, S Duration: Instantaneous

Necromantic energy washes over a creature of your choice that you can see within range, draining vitality from it. The creature must make a Constitution saving throw. On a failed save the creature rolls a d4 and gains the level of exhaustion indicated by the roll. Malaise cannot inflict a level of exhaustion beyond 5. This spell has no effect on undead or constructs.

Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game 2nd Edition in April & New Lady Blackbird Sequel!

Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Boxed Set (Image: David Petersen/Boom Studios/Archaia Entertainment)

Boom Studios. Die Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game 2nd Edition soll im kommenden April unter dem Label Archaia Entertainment als Hardcover und Box Set erscheinen. Muse und andere anthropomorphe Helden stehen im Mittelpunkt der Comic-Geschichten von David Petersen.

Mit dem Erscheinen der berarbeiteten Ausgabe des dazugehrigen Rollenspiels setzt er nun die erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit Luke Crane (Burning Wheel RPG, Torchbearer RPG) fort. 2009 gewann die erste Edition den Origins Award in der Kategorie "Best Role-Playing Game".

Die Box soll $69.99 kosten. Fr das 320-seitige Hardcover sind $34.99 vorgesehen. (via: ICv2.com)

Magister Lor (Image: John [...]

What's a Quarterstaff?

Take a look at the weapon's table - a quarterstaff weighs four pounds.
LARP staff. Best I could find
Looking at my own rattan practice staff, which is your traditional 6' long, 1.13" diameter lightweight stick, you're looking at about 1.35 lbs. That's a density of about a quarter-pound per foot, or about 0.52 g/cm3.

An oak staff of similar thickness would be about half again as heavy (0.75 g/cm3), and probably weigh about 900g, or about two pounds. Still two pounds short. Lignum vitae, the densest wood, might come in at about 3.3 lbs.

Increasing the diameter to a full 1.5" (quite stout) has the bigger impact, of course. Rattan would be 2.4 lbs, oak 3.4 lbs, and finally, hickory or LV would be 3.8 and 5.5 lbs, respectively. You could get certain kinds of teak to be betweeen 4-5.5lbs if you looked for pretty exotic woods.

Anyway, so your typical six-foot combat staff is probably 2-3.5 lbs of pure wood, which leaves 0.5 - 2 lbs of . . . what?

An alternate answer is that the quarterstaff in basic is not a six-foot "bo" type staff - which from some limited research of European weapons, it was not. More like seven to nine feet. George silver distinguished between the quarterstaff at 7-8 feet and the long staff . . . at 12 feet.

Now, a 7.5' long 1.44" staff, gripped at the back and the first quarter (one of the possible etymologies [...]

10 Days Before A King

It had been a busy and long week for Jaren and his cohort, Sarosh.  Indira, of coarse, helped run the schedule and kept people showing up on time, where ever it was they were supposed to go. In nine days, they all worked elbow to elbow moving the closest of Sons Associates and friends to the coastal city of Nimbus. Any one they transported carried a folding barrel full of arms from the  VanFleet Lost Armory of Antiquity, packing in arms and armor for 500 soldiers (detailed in its own post), though much of it was some what mismatched, coming from several different eras of the world. Any and all followers who wished it were taken to Nimbus, and most went. Nearly all surviving bards, none to many as they were, rallied to Dalia Toma and her mentor, Filis Fey, where they helped lead the experts like Pippen Toma, and the cinder block tailor family, and even a handful of craftsmen who had come to take pride in building for Jaren and his draconic heritage. All these worthy masters of craft would find great position in Nimbus, all according to plan. A few stayed behind, such as the Pauchards at [...]

HJRP1408 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 14 Episode 08


Your hosts: Stu, CADave and Tim

This episode is sponsored by easyrollerdice.com. You can snag 10% off all products right now and that means you can grab the giant 105 count bag of factory-first dice that comes with a velvet bag for less than $23. Shipping is also always free in the USA. Enter code: happyjacks at checkout and save 10% now.

Show Notes! Simon writes in to ask if a newby player should attempt to GM. We offer him some advice and encouragement. Goodmush ask about getting a player in a lone wolf Mongoose Traveller game more directly involved in the [...]

1d10 Random Waste Land Adventure Locations Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

There are places all throughout the wastelands that offer adventurers looting opportunities, weird locations perfect for a party to stumble upon. Places where wizards as well as artifacts of super science are still held just waiting for adventurers. Here then are a host of adventure locations where your adventurers might find deep dangers. Locations of high adventure and terror. 1d10

UD186: YICG -- Bad Movies/Good Games Round 1

This week we turn negatives into positives! Round one of Yea I Can Game That – Bad Movies/Good Games!

Day One: What's Available and What's Missing

Send to Kindle

I posted about the WR&M Renaissance a couple days ago and invited anyone and everyone to post something in the first twelve days of February. I am going to try to post something on all twelve days. Today, I'm going to start with making WR&M your own.

From the srd, here is what Michael Wolf says about making WR&M your own:

I can't stress this enough: make WR&M your own. GMs and players are encouraged to bring their own ideas to the table. Add new lands, create new monsters, change the rules, write up your own spells. Whatever suits your fancy, do it. A lot of creativity went into the production of the game, but it definitely shouldn't end there! This book contains several optional rules that you can use, but you can of course add your own house rules as well. And if you think there's something critical or just very cool missing from the game, let us know!

As someone that combinedfour different versions of D&D and Battletech into an ongoing campaign, I appreciate the spirit of doing whatever suits my fancy. Looking at what others have made, this spirit shines through. Some games use the same basic rules, but change the name of the game by renaming the three attributes. For example, There is no Pulp WR&M, instead you have Resolute, Adventurer & Genius. (Still looking for a more completePointman, Hacker & Thief).Some go in totally different directions genre-wise, like Senshei, Henshen & Mayo. I really do hope that this project gets finished mostly because it is something outside my experience in RPGs. Main Sequence eschews the name Soldier, Agent & Tech to give you Sci-Fi, including Ship Creation rules. (Awesome!)

To be totally different, R.E. Davis made a more crunchy game called REWIRED that changes the core mechanic [...]

Dragon #73

Test Material Update

I updated both the player’s and monster test guides in the downloads page, so please have a look! From the feedback I got I adjusted a few things (in addition to fixing some dumb grammar stuff). I don’t want to blindside everyone with changes so here are the explanations below.

Players Guide Items

Utility Points
Only one Utility Point can be spent per turn.
For a lot of you this may seem silly, or you may have always played this way, but this rule definitely needed to be put in. When the characters reach the higher level gameplay they have multiple Utility [...]

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Archiminima Structura Kickstarter

It’s been ages since I had a look at some KS stuff, so since I happen to be here, quiet and alone, it did give me chance to have a look at whats doing the crowdfunding rounds that would be of interest. This is one that seems to have slipped the net, not too much […]

Wonders of the Wyld in Dead Tree Format

You can now get 10+ Treasures: Wonders of the Wyld, our currently latest volume of magic items for Dungeon World, in print (if you already purchased the pdf, check your mail for some discounts). You can also get all three 10+ Treasures volumes in print format at a discount.

Unlike the previous two 10+ Treasures volumes, this one follows a theme: the forest, its denizens, and the fae. We think that will make it a more useful resource, whether you are running a thematically similar campaign, an adventure features those elements, or just want a more consistent sampling of items.

There's [...]

Adventure Hooks: Mini-game to Create your Next Adventure Beginning

About a week ago as I was falling asleep I somehow thought up a mini-game centered on how to start your next RPG campaign.

Short description: A player declares a genre and each player gets six cards (two verbs and four nouns). Then each player has up to 2 minutes to describe the beginning of an adventure using as many of the six cards as possible. Once each player describes an adventure beginning, players vote for the best and the winner scores points equal to the number of cards he or she used in the story. First player to 15 points/cards [...]

Still alive

A lot going on behind-the-scenes at Thirdwalling!

For starters, things got really official with the registration of http://www.thirdwalling.com! We’re still hosted on WordPress (for now) but we’re all pretty excited about the URL.

A few of us are working on some new series that will hopefully help new Game Masters create their first games, as well as scheming with the head of the local chapter of O.G.R.E.s on a DM101 class for the local game shop.

In the meantime, please accept this video someone sent us on Facebook as tribute:

GMX Schedule

Howdy Thirdwallers!

It has been a busy time of Birthdays and Geek stuff! A few of us on the Thirdwalling crew have started playing X-Wing Miniatures on weekends, so look for some painting tips and tutorials soon on that as well!

This weekend the Thirdwalling crew is hitting up GMX in Nashville, Tennessee! It looks like most of us will be moseying around most of the day on Saturday checking out panels and buying swag.

I’m going to check out these panelsSaturday afternoon:

3:00 Designing Role Playing Games
4:00 Gaming in the world of New Media
5:00 Swing Dancing (with TheGinger!)
6:00 Full Scale [...]

.... I know.

Today is a very special day! Five years ago today, The Ginger made an honest man outta this old Star Wars nerd.

Happy Anniversary, Princess. I love you!

Miss February: Natalie Dormer (mega-post!)

Natalie Dormer (of Game Of Thrones, Elementary, The Fades, Hunger Games, Captain America, The Tudors)

Free Old School Comic Magazine Download - 1984 Magazine Warren Publishing Issue #9 (1979) For Your Old School Science Fiction Campaigns

Grab It Right OverHERE Welcome to issue number # 9 of Warren magazine's controversial and subversive more adult title, 1984 then it's other titles either Creepy or Eerie. They went quite a bit further upon some of the sexual bits and story elements that are racy even by today's standards. Warren was competing with titles such as Heavy Metal. So consider yourselves warned! This stuff isn't

Free from Sine Nomine

I've mentioned Sine Nomine in a post about Stars Without Number. What I haven't mentioned is just how impressed I am with Mr Crawford's work, both in quantity and quality. Well, he has struck again.

Now he is producing his own free e-zine. This inaugural issue is 15 pages. It has a very nice wrap-around cover. Articles include a new class for Scarlet Heroes, two one-roll generators, one for backwater spaceports and one for abandoned structures. There is also a rather lengthy article detailing the development timetable of Sine Nomine kickstarter projects. All in all this looks to be [...]

Coconuts Duo from Mayday Games in February

Coconuts Duo



In this game, you use your monkey launcher and your skill to fling coconuts into cups, claim them, and place them on your board. By stacking a pyramid of six cups you win the game and can claim the title of the monkey king,but beware of the new powerful magic cards the other player may use!


Coconuts Duo can be played as a tense two-player game with ten new special magic cards, or it can be combined with the original Coconuts to play a five- or six-player game. Either way, you will have a lot of coconut-flinging fun!


Coconuts Duo is [...]


This is a report of the eighth session of our Vaaran Kingdoms Sertorius session. You can see session seven HERE. 

The party: 
Gaius: A Ronian-blooded aristocratCaela: An Orc soldier from Caelum Garoff: A Gru Bounty HunterDreckergael: A human hunter who casts spells randomly when woundedTauq: A human tribesmen from the march between Palus and Apprea, serving in the house of Alu-Bora under Archon Emmanuel

This session resumed mid-battle from the previous. The party had just killed Nutesh in the caverns of the blood cult and faced a beast made of dead Sertori. 

Tauq had already fallen, and when the beast unleashed another wave of crackling bolts, Garoff passed out and Dreckergael transformed into a badger. The beast lifted Caela up to throw her down the hole but she grabbed onto the edge (with a successful Athletics roll). It towered at the edge of the hole and tried to pry Caela's hands from the rim. Gaius and Uloff failed in [...]

Grand Duchy 46

Grand Duchy of AdventureSession 46
January 16 - 28, 2015

Starting the DriveTserdain 27th of FlaurmontLeaving SusikynIn the end, it is determined that a side trip to Kelvin is just not going to work out. It is too far and out of the way to make such a trip. Pytor is in too much of a hurry to get the horses sold so he can purchase needed supplies for the homestead. Stephan tells the Company that they can buy most of the mundane supplies they need at the Gnome's Ferry and other stuff can probably be purchased in Rifllian or [...]

Wargaming Aspirations for 2015 (better late than never...)

It’s not often that I have the time or concentration lately to consider my gaming aspirations for the new year ahead. Still, there are shed loads of random ideas knocking around in my skull, that may or may not come to fruition in the next 12 months, one can still dream on. I thought I’d […]

Free OSR - The Sandbox #1 - (Sine Nomine)

Do you enjoy the various Sine Nomine / +Kevin Crawford games, such as Stars Without Number, Scarlet Heroes and all the rest?
Do you like sandboxes?

Do you like free RPG supplements?

The Sandbox #1 is for you.

From the blurb:
Welcome to The Sandbox, a free irregular journal from Kevin Crawford and Sine Nomine Publishing. Sine Nomine fans have noticed the regular flow of freebie material I've produced, such as the Mandate Archive series for Stars Without Number, Black Streams for the Red Tide setting, and other free releases for other systems and particulars. The Sandbox is meant to be an umbrella for these free resources, packed with the short articles, quick-roll tables, and GM helps that others have found so [...]


I received this message from Benoist Poire today and wanted to share it with everyone:
To all our gaming friends: Jeff Perren, the co-author with Gary Gygax of the Chainmail war game in 1971 which would spawn, a few years later, the Dungeons & Dragons game we all know and love, needs our help.

His leg amputated, he now lives away from his family, in a nursing home, and you know how hard it can be on one's morale. Now his daughter, Victoria Ricks Perren-Cserep, has a plan to get him to live in her house, but since he is wheelchair-bound, this means making the house accessible, and this means a stair lift to start and make this workable.

This could mean a big change for Jeff Perren, and that would help greatly in all sorts of ways, psychologically, physically, you name it. Feeling good [...]

Wargames Supply Dump get set to release the Draxxon!

So I’m here briefly to talk about the Draxxion sculpts I sold on a while ago to Roger at Wargames Supply Dump. I’ve not had much time for the net lately, trying rather to get back on track with stuff, mostly painting and planning designs and such. Roger kindly sent me some finished castings of […]

The Ancient Lands: The lay of the lands

The Ancient Lands lie on the eastern coast of a large continent, which runs approximately from North to South for about 2,000 miles. The northernmost parts, bordering the arctic sea, have a cold climate with long winters and don’t see the sun for about two weeks. The very south is covered by huge jungles experiencing heavy monsoon seasons. Most people live close to the coast and no more than a hundred miles from the sea, with civilization reaching farther inland only along the major rivers that run from the highlands and mountains in the west to the sea in the [...]

Missed Lethal

Castle Greyhawk: Search For Loot

Welcome back faithful Greyhawk readers! I'm on a roll doing the third chapter of our ongoing Castle Greyhawk graphic novel. Check out page eleven and read some witty banter by intrepid author Scott Casper. On our site you can also check the archives and follow the entire Castle Greyhawk story from the very beginning.

Artist's Commentary: I have a bad reputation for not handing out treasure. Random encounters like the eiger battle here, are when creatures are away from their lairs. It only stands to reason they could only carry what loot and gear that's practical on their way back. Only the players (or in this case Robilar, Tenser and [...]

A Sundered World: Kobold Art & Some Other Stuff

So Melissa just finished coloring the kobold, which means that it's time for me to get back to drawing. I'm going to do the tarchon next, because one of the players in our current Sundered World campaign---play report is nearly done---is playing one and I haven't really decided what they're going to look like.

Quick question: which coloring style do you prefer? Flat colors (as seen above), the water-color look of the cambion and deva, or maybe something in betwee? We're going to offer the book in four different styles (depending on whether you want the pages and/or art [...]

RPG Review -- Advanced Options: Slayer Talents & Lethalities

By Endzeitgeist This installment of the advanced options line, now dealing with the slayer base-class from the ACG, clocks in at 12 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page advertisement, 2 pages editorial/SRD, leaving us with 8 pages of content, so let’s take a look! Now first of all, even if you do *not* like [...]

The post RPG Review – Advanced Options: Slayer Talents & Lethalities appeared first on G*M*S Magazine.

Until next year

This site will resume with all new material after January first. In the meantime please enjoy reading through the material all ready here. Have a great holiday season and thanks for reading!

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Caervolds' Elven Village

The "Elf Village" is a forest of stone trees. The designer built towers of various sizes, the dimensions of which vary based on the structures purpose, and built arches at random spots to simulate branches. The simulated branches have grooves on the top filled with soil and living greenery (an attempt at leaves). These are the homes and shops of the Elves of Caervold.

The effect is not whollyunpleasant. The streets are well shaded, the buildings are weather proof, and the area has a charming Sunday afternoon quality to it. The trouble is that in order to build these immense tree [...]

The "Villages" of Caervold

The Villages are demi-human ghettos. They were built based on human misconceptions of what each race would find comfortable. The human sections of Caervold are eclectic, fashioned too each humans particular tastes while blanket assumptions about each race were made during the construction of the villages. This attempt to make each race happy (sedate & mollified) resulted in a slap in the face with the stereotype stick.

Dwarf Village- The Dwarf Village is entirely interconnected with above ground stonework tunnels. at each entrance/exit there areguardianstatues carved into the artists vision of a Dwarf. These crude statues are chubby and cheerful, wearing [...]

Weekend R&R: Spelljammer - AD&D Aventures in Space

With Second Edition came an never ending expansion of settings, supplements, and other types of cash grabs in TSR's ongoing attempt to grow and make increasing amounts of money.  Ravenloft, which was initially a couple of modules became it's own setting, and other settings like Darksun, and Al-Qadim were also introduced.  And then there was Spelljammer.

I never liked Dark Sun probably because of psionics.  My attitude with Ravenloft was pretty much neutral and failed to capture my attention the way that either of the first edition modules did. I never needed an expansion of the planes that Planescape [...]

Mini Review - Brave the Labyrinth - Issue #5 (OSR / PWYW)

The latest Brave the Labyrinth released this weekend and as always it's filled to the brim with OSR goodness (Labyrinth Lord is the particular flavor.)

I'm a big fan of +Pete Spahn and if somehow you haven't grabbed a copy of the Guidebook to the City of Dolmvay, click the preceding link and do so. It is "Pay What You Want" and it's a great example of a crowdfunded project giving back to the community. Heck, the Tavern even makes an appearance.

Back on target. Brave the Labyrinth Issue #5. See the cover art above? That's part of a multilevel castle for you to use and drop into your campaign, including a dungeon level. Nothing is state out. All the rooms are yours [...]

Wizards of the Coast Cannot Win

There has been quite a bit of discussion, some negative, over the release schedule WotC has revealed through the coming summer.
Before we get into that, we need to realize that since 5th Edition's launch we've had six table top rpg products, a DM screen, several spell card, and miniatures releases from Gale Force 9, blind box miniatures and a miniatures game from WizKids and two novels (not counting the Sundering), as well as an expansion for an MMORPG, all of that in a seven month span.
This does not include the Adventurer's League Expeditions or Epic convention events, and [...]

If you've enjoyed "Marvel's Agent Carter," you'll like these NUELOW Games offerings!

People have been loving the latest Marvel Comics-inspired series on ABC, Agent Carter, for its female lead and 1940s setting.

If you're liking the televised pastiche, we think you'll enjoy the REAL 1940s Fighting Females that are at the heart of NUELOW Games' line of comics/rpg hybrid books.

The characters are perhaps have the most in common with Agent Carter are probably Jill Trent and Veiled Avenger.

Cover of Science Sleuths #2Jill Trent is a scientist and inventor who puts her gadgets to use in fighting crime. She is assisted by her loyal gal pal Daisy, and [...]

On to February with a look back to January

February is just around the corner and the first month of 2015 is nearly over.

February gets its name from Latin term februum, which means purification, via the purification ritual Februa performed at this time of year. The Romans considered February an ill-omened month which is why it is only twenty-eight days long. For this month we return to the theme 0f curses, cursed items, ill-fortune and, perhaps, defense against such terrible things. As usual, suggestions, comments and ideas are welcome.

The Sea of Stars Campaign Setting Kickstarter ends on the 8th of February (my birthday!), please look and support if it [...]

Roleplaying in the Dark Elf City

Last Saturday's session concluded the campaign (here's the session before that).  A succession of adventures that started with interaction, talking with non-player characters (what some people roleplaying); gradually moved towards exploration, seeing what was in the caverns; and increased the amount of combat until it seemed silly not to use some kind of large-scale map with miniatures or markers.  I wanted to bring it full circle by focusing this session on interactions with NPCs.

In return for acquiring the indigo crystal for the dark elves of Trehallvyn, their queen, Elaryss, insisted on holding a celebration in the adventurers' [...]

Reviews, Previews & Overviews of MYFAROG


Sidequest Saturday (Lands of Ludolog): Retrieve the Ship!

After defeating Queen Medusa, the Archon King introduces the party to a short, funny looking little man wearing an orange cap. "This, my friends, is Marcus. I think you will find him very interesting, and believe that he can help you get your ship back and return home." With that, he and his entourage take […]

The post Sidequest Saturday (Lands of Ludolog): Retrieve the Ship! appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

Terraria Episode 016

Back off to the East again, to see if I can find enough Tattered Cloth to make a Goblin Battle Standard and thus provoke a Goblin Army to attack.

Find the playlist here!

The Elder Scrolls Conversion Project; Divine Blessings, The Nine Divines

Although there is no divine magic in the classical D&D sense in the world of the Elder Scrolls, the divines can influence the mortals. This occurs most commonly through blessings acquired in chapels or at altars, or in rarer cases amulets and relics. Below you will find the blessings of the Nine Divines.

Only the kind hearted, noble, and pious individuals may receive a blessing at an altar. Evildoers, thieves, murderers, daedra worshippers cannot pray at them until they have atoned for their crimes.
Praying at an altar is free, and the needy shall always [...]
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