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The Trollfens: Ghost Town

  • Alys Raine (Marshall, Manor of Ravens)
  • Lindel (Stalker, Crown of Destiny)
  • Ravaella Lightfoot (Conjurer, Shadow of Nerekhall)

SummarySince it's just the two of us right now, we decided to give one of the The Trollfens mini-campaign from Descent a shot.

Initially she tried with just two heroes, but after a swift and crushing defeat Melissa added a third one, swapped another out for someone with more mobility (originally both had a Speed of 3), and gave it another go; the second time around she was able to just barely limp out the exit with the one hero that was still standing.

I [...]

Quick Note - A very minor AotSH mention!

There is an article over at ENworld about the slew of Unoffical 5e products up for sale at Drivethrurpg. While very small Genius Loci Games and "5Next) are specfically named. Now I have many times in the past gotten overly giddy about any mention anywhere of GLG or one of my adventures so it should be of no surprise that my "huzzah!" woke my kids (one of which I'm currently rocking back to sleep!)

Next up actual reviews and the awakening of my entire neighborhood!

And if anyone is interested the 5Next (or 5th Edition) version [...]

The OSR for the Lapsed Gamer - Free PDFs - Basic Fantasy RPG

Basic Fantasy RPG is pretty much a bridge between 3x and the older editions of D&D. It was the first OGL based game that was meant to emulate Old School play and be used as such (OSRIC was originally written to make it easier for publishers to write old school adventures).
What Is Basic Fantasy RPGThe Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game is a rules-light game system modeled on the classic RPG rules of the early 1980's. Though based loosely on the d20 SRD v3.5, Basic Fantasy RPG has been written largely from scratch to replicate the look, feel, and mechanics of the early RPG game systems. It is suitable for those who are fans of "old-school" game mechanics. Basic Fantasy RPG is simple enough for [...]


Box Breaking 141 Panther AUSF. A for Bolt Action

Examine the new Panther AUSF.A medium tank for the German army in the WWII historical miniatures game Bolt Action from Warlord Games. Historically the Panther was created by the Germans to solve the problem of the surprisingly superior heavy and medium tanks of the Russian army. The Panther was fast, well armored, and packed some serious fire power for a tank of its size.



Stop back soon to see us assemble it.

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  • [Through Gamer Goggles] Bolt Action: D-Day Firefight Starter Set
  • Bolt Action: Tank War
  • Bolt Action: Assault on Normandy From Warlord Games

The Imaginareum: Retrospective, Part 1

The Imaginareum is over. A new convention has seen the light of day here in Louisville and Friday

I arrived a few hours before my first panel and I decided to scope out the place. I parked on the wrong side of the Crowne Plaza Airport, conveniently located off I-264 by I-65 near... the airport!

As it was "Talk like a Pirate Day I wore my pirate coat and hat. I always enjoy dressing up like a pirate and Yarr-ing through the day. One thing I noticed over the years: when you dress like a pirate, people smile and [...]

Box Breaking 140 Anti-Tank Obstacles for Bolt Action

We Take a look at the anti-tank obstacles from Bolt Action just in time for their new rules. Err I mean new game Tanks.





I look forward to throwing this terrain on the table.


Death Frost Doom

Discovery by eWKnI have a question for you my dear followers... Has anyone ran Death Frost Doom? If so, what do you think?

I've got the original version and I'm interested in picking up the updated version (which has new stuff from Zak S). I've thought about updating it to 5E and making it a part of my next campaign (which will probably be set in Greyhawk, because its a lesser known setting among my players and I have less of a problem nuking it).

B18: Three Faces of the Muse

B18: Three Faces of the Muse This module clocks in at 51 pages, 1 page […]

Paladins of Porphyra

Paladins of Porphyra This supplement clocks in at 13 pages, 1 page front cover, 2 […]

The Blessed and the Hunted: The Story of the Usa-Chan

The Blessed and the Hunted: The Story of the Usa-Chan This little supplement by Storm […]

Box Breaking 139 Robotech RPG Tactics

In this Box Breaking Matt Takes a look at Robotech Tactics from Palladium. This box set contains everything 2 players need to play the game; Rulebook, 15 Veritech’s 2 Tomahawks, 2 Defenders 12 Battlepods template, dice and more.



I’m super stoked about this game.

Chop! Dragon Breath (Part 1)

From the Monster Manual (Gygax, 1977):
Example of Subduing a Dragon: Two 8th level fighters, a 7th level dwarves fighter, an elven 4th level fighter/6th level magic-user, and a halfling thief of 9th level stumble upon a huge red dragon peacefully asleep upon a veritable mountain of treasure. After a hurried, whispered debate the party opts to strike to subdue as that will a) give them a dragon to use or sell, b) save treasure from destruction by avoiding the fireworks of a general melee, and c) the subdued dragon will have to point out and help carry out the [...]

Star Trek Colony

Note: I started writing this post back on 10 July 2012 and since then it fell by the wayside as things moved on. Rather than let it go mouldy and have bit rot set in I thought I’d finish it off and post it to the world. I should also mention that Starblazer Adventures is […]

Good Reads

Saw these over lunch today and thought I'd link out and give a big Bravo Zulu to The Mad Adventurers Society.  They're postings on handling prejudice against gamers that you might run into out in what we laughingly call 'the real world'.  It's not something that I've run into much in the last couple of decades, of course I was out of gaming for awhile due to life and duty stations, and since I came back in I've been in a stable albeit infrequently meeting group for the last fourteen years.

I do remember the newspaper articles from the [...]

Sexy, shirtless Headless Horseman

 As a counterpoint to being underwhelmed with Gotham, I would just like to point out that the second season premiere of Sleepy Hollow made me laugh harder than I have in... Umm...  Actually, I pretty hard and I laugh a lot, so it's probably only been a couple of weeks. 
In any case, Sleepy Hollow treated us to the utter insanity of a sexy, shirtless Headless Horseman in last night's episode.
Sexy, shirtless Headless Horseman.
I read an unusually large amount of romance novels for a guy, so I instantly recognized the scene as a classic [...]

Games that fail the Value principle.

I've completely lost track of this hence why I've not done an updated post on the value assessment of my hobby. Plus as I said in my last post there are some games which on the value scale just haven't earned their position to stay in my collection. So there's a couple of options here. Play them. Sounds easy enough doesn't it and in many respects it should be that easy. After all these are

Bridges to Reality

Let's define "autonomous fantasy": a work about a world not our own, without attempting within the text to place the created world in relation to our own world (henceforth known as "Earth").

But if you look at literature, autonomous fantasy is actually pretty rare. George R. R. Martin's wildly popular world is one such world. But most of the D&D inspiration list "Appendix N" is not. Most of the works there have some kind of link between the fantasy world and the real Earth.

Below is a list of the ways in fantasy world-building to link [...]

DungeonMorph Dice Next Sets Survey

We’re getting into the final planning stages for the next sets of DungeonMorph Dice. We may need a new name for the new sets, but the survey will tell you all about it:


We hope to launch in about a month as a couple of unrelated things wrap up, the rest of the revised DungeonMorph Dice arrive here, and once we have over 80% of the designs complete. They will still be engraved, use the same manufacturer and have the improved quality of the revised DungeonMorph Dice which some of you have and most of you have seen pictures. (See our [...]

Divine Artifact-Sun Orb

The glowing sphere hovered toward Ryhekas the goddess spoke.

“My child, you need never work in darkness. Let my light accompany you on your journey.”

He reached toward it and it stopped, floating before him. It bobbed down after him as he knelt. “Thank you, m’lady.”

Sun Orb

Sun Orbs are common gifts from Bresinda to her few followers. The Orb glows with 3000 lumens at all times. It avoids touching any surface with a dodge speed of 60 if , but tries to hover near things unless otherwise directed by Bresinda herself. This means that it will follow a person who moves close [...]

Gategully Episode 16

More migrants! I must be doing something right…

Find the playlist here!

Earthdawn 4th Edition Character Sheet

Earthdawn 4th Edition is looming! But what changes with the new rules for Earthdawn Character sheets? So I contacted Morgan Weeks to find out what needs to be changed and he was so kind to sum up...

025 AAAAAAaaaaaargh!

Hmm. Don't you hate it when someone has the great idea you had, BEFORE YOU?!? I just found a card game of Old West gunfighting going by the name of Revolver. Bummer. So now I need to think up a new name for my own Old West RPG rules set, to avoid any ill feeling. May take a day or two.

Retired / Conspired

It's been some months since I've updated Total Party Kill. My inspiration ran somewhat dry. I needed a kick up the arse.
That kick had been provided by some friends over at The Illuminerdy, who have invited me to come blog with them.
I've accepted, and as a result am kind of retiring this blog.

I hope you'll join me over there.

Daily Cosplay

The Weight of Things Wonderful

The Troll Dens are a'hopping.  And that is a good thing.  Keeps us busy and smiling.  Last night, Jason and Tim did a Q&A on rpgnet where they (mostly Jason) talked about Amazing Adventures, the Kickstarter and how Tim's dog needs to go out a lot.
We also released a PDF of Monsters & Treasures to the backers of the Castles & Crusades Kickstarter.  That will be looked over for the next week, then if all is good it will go to the presses.  If you backed and you were due it and didn't get [...]

GenCon Adventure 2014, Part the Second

Part 1 here.

Day 2

Up early for shower and breakfast before my first game, at 1pm in the afternoon, but I had gotten my schedule mixed up and thought that I had a morning game so I suddenly found myself at loose ends and so, back to the dealers hall I went. Which gave me a chance to drop by and say hello to my artist friends Drew Baker and Talon Dunning (who was selling commission like they were going out of style) and picked up a print of I’m the Villain from NEN (who also did all of the art [...]

The Players just roll the Dice...

One of the most common problems that I've seen in games is a lack of understanding about the distinction between what the players do and what their characters do. Let's explain this strange sentence with an example:It is a D&D session, and a fight erupts. Fighter raises his axe and attacks Orc Number 1, while Wizard shoots Orc Number 2 with a magic missile.Now, let's analyze this scene. What do the characters do? Wizard casts a spell, Fighter attacks with his spell. What do the players do? They roll the dice, and... that's about it. And that is the problem [...]

Feiya, Pathfinder Iconic Witch

I have been thinking and working a lot in Pathfinder for the last few weeks.  Gearing up for the release of Strange Brew.  I have been reading over all their witch material and that includes material on their iconic witch Feiya.

She certainly has an interesting background and one tailored to the Pathfinder/Golarian world.  But I have wondered, on a few occasions, on how she would fare in one of my worlds where witches have, how shall I say it,  a bit more freedom of expression.

So here is the Pathfinder Iconic Feiya as a Basic Witch.

Trap Tuesday (Banlan Backlash!): Automatic Eviscerator

Automatic Eviscerator CR 13 Type magical; Perception DC 37; Disable Device DC 38 Trigger location; Reset automatic Effect spell effect (elemental magic missile; 1d4+1 acid, 1d4+1 cold, 1d4+1 electric, 1d4+1 fire, 1d4+1 force; 10% chance to become sickened [acid], fatigued [cold], confused [electric], lit on fire [fire], or deafened [force] for 1d6+2 rounds, DC 21 […]

The post Trap Tuesday (Banlan Backlash!): Automatic Eviscerator appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

A Sundered World: Island Sketches

Given that A Sundered World is the somewhat stabilized result of numerous collapsed planar realities and accompanying rules, the word island has changed to become a kind of catch-all term that includes---for starters---chunks of rock, metal, ice, or bone, a cluster of root-entangled trees or ships that have been tied together, a massive creature, the corpse of a massive creature or entity like a god, primordial, the burnt out husk of an aberrant star, or a combination of the above.

Similar to steadings, islands have tags that describe what they are, how big they are, what lives there, and [...]

Multi-Variable Spells -- 6th-9th Level Spells Beginning with D & E

by Tim Wallace

DEADLY FINALESchool evocation [sonic]; Level bard 6Casting Time 1 standard actionComponents V, SRange close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)Targets 1 creature/3 levels no two of which can be more than 30 ft. apartDuration instantaneousSaving Throw Fortitude partial; Spell Resistance yesYou must have a bardic performance in effect to cast this spell. With a flourish, you immediately end your performance, dealing 2d8 points of sonic damage to each target. In addition, each target takes 3d6 points of bleed damage for 1d6 rounds. A save negates the bleed damage but not the sonic damage.Diminished EffectsThe spell's target [...]

The Century Club ep05 : Spirit of the Century


The Century Club
Spirit of the Century

Episode Five
"The Final Transmission"

Whilemina Wheeler awakens to find herself still held prisoner by the Century Club.  She remains in one of the rooms that formerly belonged to the late Aleister Crowley.  It has been a week since the events on the Silver Line.  The first three days were spent interrogating Lady Shi.  Walter Le'Frogge and the assassin banter back and forth at worst, with one talking about the Brotherhood and the other about the Sisterhood. She reveals to him that the Sisterhood has in many ways the [...]

Fritz Leiber: Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser

As a big fan of Robert Howards Conan and fantasy works with the common themes and features of Sword & Sorcery, I still never got around to read anything by Fritz Leiber. He was the man who introduced the term Sword & Sorcery for the already existing type of fantasy literature, that with the massive impact of Tolkiens Lord of the Rings needed to identify itself as its own distinctive niche. (In hindsight, Leibers attempt to define a fantasy subgenre might have been the only one that was actually successful.) He introduced the term of Sword & Sorcery referring to [...]

Bresinda-Daughter of the Sun

Bresinda-Daughter of the Sun(Deity)

She adores light and joy, but especially beauty. She is horrified by the ugly and cruel. She is joyful and careless.

While possessing great powers, Bresinda is somewhat weak of personality. The other good gods seek to support her for her great potential for light. Her worshipers are few, though groups of High Elves serve her with the ideal that she will be key to the battle against evil. She sees all on which rest the rays of the sun.

Alignment: NeutralGood(-2, 9)

Worshipers:High Elves, Satyrs, Centaurs, and Plant Druids

Symbols: the Sun

Colors:yellow, gold, white

Blessing: Emits 700 lumens of light at [...]

The Story of Warcraft

I played Warcraft 2 and Warcraft 3, and I played Frozen Throne.

That was it for a while. I eventually played the original Warcraft and I liked it well enough. I can’t really say that I’m a fan of the series because I’ve always found them to be on the “shallow” side, both gameplay and storywise.

I think the point where I really stopped caring was with the announcement of the MMO and my mind hasn’t changed much in all that time. Diablo 2 and Starcraft also drove a nails into the coffin of my interest. I realized after playing a couple [...]

September Blog Carnival

I've been doing this for about a month now, and have started reaching out to the greater blogosphere.  I've been reading a pile of blogs for awhile now.  Always been a fan.  Never thought of starting one until recently.

What changed?  5th Edition D&D.  I'm a big fan of the new edition, but here at the beginning of its life cycle we are short on crunch.  Those fiddly bits that all DMs love to add to their game.  A new spell cast by the necromancer that is terrorizing town.  That unknown monster lurking in the shadows, that rare [...]

Cheap Graveyard Terrain

I found some great terrain pieces for my D&D minis at a local Dollar Tree. I picked up four cemetery gates, 4 mausoleums, and a pack that had three gargoyles for only nine bucks! While I can't tell you the exact scale they look great next to minis (as you can see below). You can order a mixed bundle of them here.

A will-o-wisp hovers between Mojo and the gate.Rogar and Rolen vs the necromancer and his zombie horde!Saarkson has a bone to pick with some skeletons.

The Year in Horror RPGs 2013: Part Two: It Came from the Stars to World War Cthulhu

UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN SPIELEHere are the rest of the horror rpgs published in 2013, a pretty huge number. The genre remains strong and compelling, paling next to fantasy but beating out many others. It's worth comparing that success to its presentation in other kinds of gaming.

Board GamesFor this I looked through the BGG rankings of games published in '13. I skipped a couple of foreign-language games and some "kids" games with cartoonish horror elements. And I'll admit I got exhausted after about the tenth page of game listings and stopped. I've included base games and major expansions. As you [...]

God Machine Chronicles: Session 11: To Not Choose Is A Choice

WARNING Strong language Written by Chris (alcoholandaphorisms) Romford Station. London. The air hangs heavy, a warm day without wind to move it. What was once a human body lies scattered across the tracks, dragged along with the halting train, carried with transferred momentum. Nate is dead. Suicide. The screaming will start soon.   The steps…

OK, So Your Sword is Smart - but What Kind of Smart?

  I've been talking about intelligent swords for a the last week or so and I want to move on to a question that I don't think was ever addressed in the main books - where does a sword's intelligence and alignment come from and what is the nature of its intelligence?
  Since I like to be contrary, let's start with - what is the nature of the intelligence within a magical sword?  Personally, I can think of four broad possibilities:
  First, it is a fully sentient intelligence from 'elsewhere'.  Second, it is a semi-sentient or barely-sentient intelligence [...]

New D&D setting noodling

Creating a new tag, SOLNOR, for a new campaign setting noodling project.  I previously did this with ODD D&D, a setting noodling project that I'd like to add a few more details to still, and maybe even run someday.  By setting noodling, I don't mean to imply that I'm actually developing a setting that'll be ready to use.  Rather, I'm developing a high concept, kicking it around a bit, maybe discussing a few implications of it, and then setting it loose.  By that standard, ODD D&D could be considered complete, although--like I said, I'd like to do a bit more [...]


Aboard the seagoing vessel Lady Mestea, Sabus (Druas Marine) and Tarkus Zull (Atlantean Alchemist) travel northward up the eastern Atlanean coast to the Kingdom of Mestea. Whilst in transit, something frightening from the deep blue waters below emerges, attempting to take over the ship. A blood bath ensues. Afterward, a ship noticed along the horizon appears to be following the Lady Mestea. Why? What happens? Listen in to find out.

RPG: Atlantis: The Second Age (Morrigan Press, 2005).

SUPPLEMENTS: The Omni System (Morrigan Press, 2005), Atlantis: [...]

Looking At Little Wizards - An All Ages Fantasy RPG

After a brief pause,+David Rollinsgives up some opinions on Little Wizards, an all ages fantasty RPG from Crafty Games. There is also a free preview available of the game on RPGNow. By David Rollins Another Gen Con has come and gone and as the dust settles down on this year's ENnie Awards you may be sifting through the winners looking for gold, but if you are a parent looking for a good


My players have expressed an interest in 5e, and I must admit, after spending some time reading through the final rules, and thinking about my life at present (and how much prep time I don't get any more), we agreed that the next games may well use that system.

....Actually, that's not entirely true. The other group are actually looking at trying Pathfinder once Shnecke and the gang have finished their adventures,

Anyway, as well as 4e stuff on here, you can start expect to see 5e stuff too.

Hope this isn't a problem...I'm pretty sure we [...]

firestar ! flame on ! :D

a sketch of firestar , of xmen and spider man cartoon fame :D .

firestar ! flame on !

Filed under: comic book, fan art, superhero Tagged: character, comicbook, firestar, heroine, marvel, superhero, x men, xmen

[Tuesday Map] Serenity's Roots

What do you do when you find the stump of a supernaturally large tree? Noting that the outer edge of the stump made for strong natural walls, the townfolk of Serenity’s Roots moved in.

Serenity’s Roots

The massive stump of this tree is all that remains of it now. Some believe it was a younger version of the tree that is the foundation of the City of Flowers far to the north. The townfolk like to think of it that way instead of as the near-prison it sometimes feels like as they moved here to avoid the wild nocturnal predators of the region.

Alternately, it can be used as a map of a small wild elf village or similar structure.

Top 5 Pieces of Advice for New Tabletop Gamers

Tenkar's Tavern is Planning a Series of OSR Posts for the Lapsed Gamer. (Actually, he's already made a couple posts, distinguishing the various old school D&D retroclones out there).

After a new player showed up to my Warhammer Skirmish Scenario last Sunday, it got me to thinking: what about new gamers? What are the top 5 pieces of advice would you give to somebody new to tabletop RPGs and wargames?

Here's the five I could come up with:

1. Try it before you like it. 
Get a couple games under your belt with your friends and acquaintances [...]

Virtuacon 14 Player Sign-Ups are Live

Reserve your space now! Player sign-ups for Virtuacon ’14, RPGGeek’s premier online gaming convention, are now live. The convention runs three days, from October 10th through October 12th, and is completely free; all you need is a webcam and a couple of hours to spend playing some amazing games!

Do you know what the best part of an all-online gaming conventionis? I mean, aside from the fact that you can drop inand out all weekend, don’t have to rent a hotel, don’t have to pay for transportation, and can eat outside food or drink whenever you’d like?

Yeah, asidefrom those.

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