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Grupo Martes 19 August: Rialto and Royal Turf

This week we got out Rialto after almost a year. We halfway remembered how to play, so explanation did not take long. I was lucky enough to be the starting player so I took the lead in the doge track. This strategy did not really pay off in the end. I spent my first three turns or so just trying to set myself up in the game. The last three turns I tried to gain majorities on the islands. I was able to get two of the three island majorities and had no points in the first three. Kathrin also [...]


Plagued by a dark and sinister heritage linking them to the fallen angel Asmodeus, tieflings walk through the shadows of their race's past, savoring the darkness or trying to escape it. Tieflings are scattered throughout Faern, littered geographically in a reminder of distant times when devils and demons exerted an active influence over the lands. […]

#RPGaDay Day 22: Best Second Hand Purchase

I picked up the two Dresden Files books and four sets of Fudge dice on eBay last year, as I was working through the Dresden Files books. This is the game that made Fate really "click" for me, as I finally had a context for all the Fate concepts that were eluding me. Unfortunately, I still haven't had a chance to PLAY it, though I've read the books repeatedly...and this purchase ultimately led to me supporting the Fate Core and Tianxia Kickstarters, and preordering Atomic Robo. Can't wait for the Paranet Papers to be released, now!

SHTFriday: Apocabox #1 Unboxing

Well, I went and did it.

I made a video and uploaded it to YouTube.

Go watch it for yourself over at Blue Collar Prepping.


Drow are a decadent race of dark elves whose beauty and sophistication fail to mask hearts all too often stained in evil.

Krystal's Cosplayer of the week

The Cosplayer of the week is….


Sabrina Kniseley


Sabrina Kniseley goes by Curly Girl in the cosplay world. She chose this name because of her extremely curly hair. When she meets new people they always comment on her super curly hair. Her name choice is purposely ironic “I thought it would be kind of ironic since there aren’t very many characters in anime or video games that have curly hair.”

Curly Girl has been cosplaying for about 4 years. So Tell us about how you started out?

“In 2010 I had bought my first cosplay which was Chun Li from Street Fighter. I got the costume because I was tired of buying costumes from Party City that were poorly made with cheap fabric and that charged me $45. I didn’t like the fact that someone else could just walk in and just buy the same exact outfit as me. I really wanted to stand out, so I chose her because everyone has seen her or know who she is. She is famous! Unfortunately I didn’t make that costume because it was before I got into sewing. I did however make her wristbands out of Styrofoam and paper-mache . They were kinda cheesy but I was proud of them because I had made them.”

Her very first cosplay experience was in San Japan in San Antonio, TX in 2011. She had gone as Chun Li. The one thing she said to have remembered so vividly was “the fact that it was like I was famous! Everyone wanted a photo of me or wanted a photo with me. I was stopped every 5 secs for a picture.”

Sabrina is always challenging herself, with each new cosplay she will always try to one up herself and that helps her to develop her skills. What is a big challenge she [...]

#RPGADAY: Favorite Licenced RPG

Up until recently I'd been playing a lot of Dungeon World, and while I enjoyed it well enough I didn't enjoy it for the content so much as the Apocalypse World engine; I've seen some of Apocalypse World: Dark Ages, and as a fantasy game it looks so, sooo much better.

That's what really makes it shine: not clerics with a not-as-nonsensical-but-still-nonsense magic system, or wizards with a more Vancian-then-pseudo-Vancian system, or paladins that can by default only be human, or fighters that are for some reason are all really good at bending bars and lifting gates.

Nope, it's really [...]

Quick Note - Betas and Maps

Playing a beta for a new MMO from Trion Worlds. Pretty fun so far, but then the low levels are always fun in an MMO. However, it is a beta so there are queues, lag and the like so I've taken to drawing a map while I wait ... completely free hand!

Oh and my purple-haired not-cleric (but a cleric) from the beta ... because I love taking screen shots!

Now I need to make some coffee ... or simply go to bed.

Further Thoughts on 5e

A summary of the interesting bits of the DM material released for free by WotC.
  • Monster types are pretty standard.  Hit die type (d4, d6, ...) is based off of critter size instead of type, though.
  • Monsters proficiency bonus grows with CR rather than HD, at a rate mirroring the PCs' proficiency bonuses.  Most monsters appear to have no proficient saves, but do add proficiency to to-hit and special ability save DCs (which are 8+prof+an appropriate ability score bonus).
  • Hit dice are decoupled from pretty much everything but hit points.
  • XP by CR grows with a weird progression that I haven't regressed [...]

End of the Week Catch Up - D30s and Guest Posters, Oh My!

If you haven't noticed yet, it's been a busy summer, not just here at The Tavern but at my regular job as well. There have been times I've been lucky to get my daily post in.

So, first things first. Lets give away the D30 prizes that were offered up by +Richard LeBlanc of New Big Dragon Publishing.

The D30 Sandbox Companion goes out to: +John Stephens 

The D30 DM Companion goes out to: +Stu Rat 

The following 5 will each get a sheet of Order of the D30 Stickers:

G-woulf, +Sophia Brandt , Christian Kolbe, +Dennis Higgins and +Austin Schaefer 

Congrats to the winners!

Email me at tenkarsDOTtavernATgmailDOTcom and I'll make sure your info moves on to Rich.


Now, on to other stuff.

#RPGaDay #Favorite2ndHandPurchase

My favorite 2nd hand purchase is Traveller:  The New Era. Don't cry foul, just yet, gentle readers. Let me explain why.
I picked this up used, likely at the local rpg shop of the day here in South Bend. It would have been within a year of publication, because I was on Memphis the following year and I had the book before I moved to the South. At the time, the only sci-fi rpg I had played was WEG Star Wars. I had heard of Gamma World, but balked at it after it was described as D&D in space. At the time, [...]


We have some big things going on at Bedrock and hopefully some exciting news soon, so sadly haven't had time for a proper blog entry in the past couple of days. Hopefully we will get back on track over the weekend. In the meantime I thought it would be nice to consolidate all my Cheng Pei-pei reviews into a single post. Cheng Pei-pei in Legendary Amazons

For those who haven't been following the Wuxia Inspiration articles, I started doing reviews of movies starring Cheng Pei-pei. She is a phenomenal actress and is a notable wuxia star from the 60s and [...]

Pathfinder House Rules: Minions

Art by Ralph HorselyIt's no secret that I'm not the biggest fan of 4th Edition. While the system is alright and I wouldn't object to playing it, 4e just isn't my cup of tea. With that being said, there are a few ideas introduced with this edition that I genuinely like.
For example, I love the concept of minions. For those of you unfamiliar with 4e, I'll elaborate. Minions are a type of creature that die after one successful attack. While they aren't much on their own, they can be a real bitch in numbers and offer a good way [...]

Kratos: Go North

After-Action Report: GenCon 2014, Part 4

Sunday saw me up & ready on-time. I was excited to get to see my friend Chad and his wife Holly as my players. However, nine am came. Chad was running a little late (remember the lines at Starbucks?)

Then 9:10.

Then 9:20.

At that time, I decided to call it. Instead, we would go shopping. Hitting the dealer's room and find ourselves some goodies. I remember texting to my wife that any and all time spent in there would count for "shopping time". Which like many men, I strongly dislike, but my wife loves very much.

So, [...]

#RPGaDAY Day 22: Best Secondhand RPG Purchase

In the past I used to use eBay and a specialist dealer Second Games Galore to acquire games that I missed the first time around as well as scouring the dealers room at conventions. I had to think long and hard about this post for today as to what would be my favourite purchase and […]

Building Paper Buildings for D&D

As I prepare for the beginning of Hoard of the Dragon Queen on Monday, I’ve been building buildings for the village of Greenest. I’m using Dave Graffam’s Budget Bundle, which gives you a huge selection of great paper miniatures for really cheap. The models are straightforward and easy to build. In the past, I’ve printed off a ton of paper miniatures and failed to put them together, so I’ve taken some of the paper miniature [...]

Drunk post Friday! Witch Robots for USR

Ok, so there's a reason why I don't usually post on a Friday. I go out after work with colleagues and drink lots of beer. However, in my effort to post every day I want to go ahead and, well, make a post. So welcome to the first Drunk Post Friday! I have no idea what I'm talking about, except I'm talking about WITCH ROBOTS. Yep, cram that in yer maw.

Witch Robots are huge, hulking behemoths crafted from steel and magic in the depths of Afgahr, the Sorceror's Mound. Do we know where they came from? [...]

No Soul Left Behind's Full Color Victory

Kudos to No Soul Left Behind for making their crowning stretch goal of a full color hardback! After the campaign launched last month, they had a strong start. As GenCon approached, it seemed that the energy of backers and the campaign organizers got diverted toward the convention. It was only in the last couple days that communication picked up and I realized the final stretch goal was significantly closer than I had estimated it would be.

So congratulations to Caleb at Hebanon Games and Shane at Arc Dream Publishing. Now please hustle that book through the final stages of creation. :)

Commentary On Nine Of The Most Fascinating Abandoned Mansions As Fodder For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Adventures & Retroclone Excursions

Go Right Over

Mansions are one of the best adventure locations and most underutilized for post apocalyptic adventures around. They can be anything from a villain's head quarters to a cult's operation location.
Mansions are also tactically sound for designing adventures within.
They can also provide a  DM a perfect area to deal with weird or strange areas for artifacts even as points for former state parks or as locations aboard space craft.
The real point when dealing with these types of locations for adventures is the state that they happen to be in [...]

Commentary On Nine Of The Most Fascinating Abandoned Mansions As Fodder For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Adventures

Go Right Over

Mansions are one of the best adventure locations and most underutilized for post apocalyptic adventures around. They can be anything from a villain's head quarters to a cult's operation location.
Mansions are also tactically sound for designing adventures within.
They can also provide a  DM a perfect area to deal with weird or strange areas for artifacts even as points for former state parks or as locations aboard space craft.
The real point when dealing with these types of locations for adventures is the state that they happen to be in [...]

R4I -- Bloopers Year 1

Things don’t always go as planned. Cue the blooper reel.

Ryan and Dawn will be at GenCon 2014. If you see us, say hello or send us a message and we can try to meet up.

Photos from GenCon 2014

Post by Tim Burns.

Paper Buildings

As I prepare for the beginning of Hoard of the Dragon Queen on Monday, I’ve been building buildings for the village of Greenest. I’m using Dave Graffam’s Budget Bundle, which gives you a huge selection of great paper miniatures for really cheap. The models are straightforward and easy to build. In the past, I’ve printed off a ton of paper miniatures and failed to put them together, so I’ve taken some of the paper miniature [...]

Marvel 75th Anniversary: The 1960's & 1970's...

Brute Men

Tribes of savage sub-human Brute Men dwell in Vulture Hills.  Historically they've been known for vicious inter-tribal conflicts, but recently an upstart warlord has begun to rally the Brute Men under his reign.

Brute Men
Medium humanoid, chaotic evil

Armor Class 13 (hide armor)
Hit Points 13 (2d8+3)
Speed 30 ft.

STR 16 (+3)
DEX 13 (+1)
CON 14 (+2)
INT 3 (-4)
WIS 10 (+0)
CHA 5 (-3)

Languages Broken Common (50% chance)
Challenge 1/4 (50 XP)

Aggressive.  As a bonus action, the Brute Men can [...]

RPG-a-Day - Playing Catch-up (Days 1-10)

As you know I came to the show late.... So here's some catch-up: <!--[if gte mso 9]> <![endif]--> <!--[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE [...]

THANK YOU for the ENnie award!

  Thank you for voting for us in the Best Blog category of the 2014 ENnies and helping us bring home the Silver! My woefully unprepared speech at this year’s ENnies does not at all do justice to you fine readers and everyone who voted for the AaWBlog this year! We are all extremely grateful […]

The post THANK YOU for the ENnie award! appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

SWGMH S05E10: Designing Edges and Hindrances

The gang gets together to discussdesigning Edges and Hindrances in Savage Worlds. Your hosts:Jerrod 'Savage Daddy' Gunning,JiB,andScott W What areEdges Designing Edges Modifying Edges Focus on Professional Edges Design Philosophy Zadmar’s Savage Abilities Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on YouTube! Links:Savage Worlds Deluxe,G+Savage Worlds GM Community,Happy Jacks RPG Podcast,Sin City Savages,Disemvowel YouTube Channel,Gamex 2014, Zadmar’s Savage […]

Classes of Dungeons

I liked Dungeonscape. For some reason, I never hear anyone reference the book unless they’re talking about the Factotum class. As cool as the Factotum is, there’s some good stuff in this book. But then, I liked Cityscape too.

Dec. 2013
Link: Dungeon Classes
Link: Dungeons As Characters
Jan. 2014
Link: A New Breed of Dungeon

As you can see, this has been a comparatively recent effort on my part to codify some “dungeon classes” — eight months is pretty recent in the lifetime of this project — and this week I started hacking together some actual classes.

Instead of relying on [...]

August RPG Blog Carnival: Devious Dungeons

  My previous contribution to the RPGBA Blog Carnival was a post about the Albino Blood Leech, for the July Carnival hosted by Hereticworks.     This month, the Carnival is hosted by James Eck at Mind Weave RPG. James describes the theme for the latest Carnival as follows: So, let’s talk about dungeons. Dungeons …

Continue reading »

Friday in Freeport - Harbor Bandit

Harbor Bandit by Jesper Ejsing

The Chronicles Of Heavenly Artifice CLXXV -- Death and the Sleeping Duty

In Yu-Shan, Charles was still popping about via his transport amulet – which was the only reason he was remaining ahead of the ever-increasing delegation from the divine bureaucracy that wanted to talk to him; he was stirring things up with a lot more than Hipparions! A visit to the Hannya was still in order, his cult in Tarvail was attracting a good deal of attention, the governments of Earth were getting a "little" on edge what with all the changes, and at least some of the Yozi and elder Exalts were likely to be taking an interest…

Not to mention [...]

#RPGaDAY Day 2: First RPG Gamemastered

The first game I ever decided to run was the red box edition of DND with a group of friends who got me involved with gaming in the first place. I sat down with them and ran them through the classic dungeon module B1, In Search of the unknown. I can’t really recall if it […]

Elthos Web Application Overview

This does not represent all of the features, but does give a basic overview of the primary features. The purpose of the application is to help the GM organize their materials and make game preparation faster and easier. There are a number of time saving features that are not shown above that should be noted. Here are a few: Auto Generate Adventure Groups, Monsters and NPCs including

Castle Greyhawk: Mutual Respect

Welcome back Greyhawk maniacs! Because of Gen Con and reporting on the con, I'm (of course) a week behind on promoting the thirty first page in the second chapter of our ongoing Castle Greyhawk graphic novel. Follow the links above to get expansive exposition from wordsmith Scott Casper. Alternatively you can view the pages HERE, courtesy of Maldin's Greyhawk.

Artist's Commentary: Chapter two is starting to wind down and after a lengthy all night struggle, Gronan and Robilar are too bushed to keep fighting. It's been a wild ride since the first page where we meet Robilar and his trusty bow and later pages with [...]

ATOW Ninth and Tenth Sessions -- Back in Business

I took a long hiatus over the summer to deal with school and some personal life issues. Now I’m free to return and get cracking again. Expect some stitching updates shortly – but for right now, since this blog is serving as our log for our ATOW RP, I’d better get this entry in first!

A recap of our dramatis personae:

  • DAVRIK, recently a Star Commander in Clan Nova Cat and holder of the secret Remembrance, now on the run from the Nova Cat Watch on Schuyler, romantically involved with Exetea
  • EXETEA, a Star Captain, also on the run but adjusting to life [...]

Tonight in Alfheim

Where will the story go?

Things have settled down in Stull for the moment, but there is still plenty to be done and adventure to be had. The heroes might stick around for a bit, help pick up the pieces of the damaged town, scribe some scrolls, or brew some potions. The elf has a new spellbook. But the longer they stick around, the more likely they are to discover the true nature of the elfstones.

Up north, a goblin war is brewing. One tribe has failed to dislodge the inhabitants of the old Fortress, and the winners are going to press [...]

#RPGaDAY 22: Best Secondhand RPG Purchase

The #RPGaDAY prompt was concocted by Dave Chapman of Autocratik. Grab the list and join in!

The same used section at Barnes & Noble that introduced me to Feng Shui also held a battered, heavily dog-eared copy of the first edition of Changeling: the Dreaming. Someone used or read that book a lot, and then decided it wasn’t for them anymore — or maybe they moved up to the second edition.

Changeling was a super muddled game. Science was generally evil, except when nockers abused it to build stupendous gadgets. Changelings were parasites who commandeered human bodies, except it was okay. And [...]

Gotham In The UK...

Gamecast -- Ep 45 -- Happy Belated Birthday To Us!

Topic -In this episode, we talk about games that we hate and how to make them better. Also, we take a look at the last 2 years of podcasting and the misadventures that came with them. This is not a standard episode of the Gamecast, so if this is your first time listening, be sure [...]

Unearthed Errata: Arcana Evolved Races Overview

by Tim Wallace

After talking to some others on the Arcana Evolved conversion thread at Paizo.com, I decided to do a base conversion of all the Arcane Evolved races, and then I will flesh out each of the races with more options in future posts.

Update (8/13): Due to my need for small break, I am going to take a week off and wait until 8/26 to publish the next post. --Tim

DrachaDracha (pronounced DRA-kah, both singular and plural) are draconic humanoids magically created by dragons to serve as their messengers and soldiers amongst the lesser [...]

Ulic Razorwing - 5E Conversion

"I've been away,
Searching for a reason,
Another purpose to find.
I've sailed the seas,
Fought my many demons,
I've looked to gods in the skies.

Kickstart Your Weekend

With record numbers of families hitting Gen Con this year this next Kickstarter is not a huge surprise.

The Baby Bestiary by Andreas Walters

Infant and young versions of classic monsters.

This is exactly something my kids would have loved a couple of years ago and it would make a great gift to a younger gamer.

The art so far looks great. They are offering a book, a calendar, desktop wallpapers and post cards.
They have 3 weeks left and are already funded. So check them out.

Frugal GM Review: King for a Day Map Pack

My home game players are about to venture forth into a new area and while I had some very specific ideas about the maps I needed to make, I also had a map pack saved in my DriveThruRPG wishlist that looked like it would fit the bill.

The King for a Day Map Package is a $4.99 download that I decided to gamble on because the preview looked like it would fit my needs. There are three downloads to this product:
     A 24" x 18" jpg map that is 100 DPI
     A a set of [...]

Microadventure: The Necromancer's Lab

I've been working on microadventures lately. It looks like my target word count is right around 200 words, which fits on one side of a 3x5 card. I want something that I can throw in a backpack and pull out for a one-session adventure if the party takes a hard left and charges for the edge of the map.

Here's the question: Will that brief 200 word description give enough detail to run an adventure?

Hopefully you can help answer that question. Here's a sample:

The Necromancer's LabPremise: The necromancer Braxas stole a Sun Shard from the [...]

Something Rotten In The Dark - A Stars Without Number Rpg - Actual Play Encounter - Part Of The Shadows Of The Lemuria Campaign

The PC's found themselves with a bit of a mystery this week. They decided to take a look at one of the smaller ships that was flying with the Battle Star Lemuria first rather then tackle the larger ghost ship. 

Tuesday night's Stars Without Number game found the PC's exploring one of the minor ships in the wake of the ghostly Battle Star Lemuria. The PC's got some very odd sensor readings and were unsure if they were seeing sensor ghosts, partial reality images, or some thing far weirder. The local space time continuum was stable however. With a [...]

Navigating a Fantasy World with Google

I was looking at some paintings this morning by British artists working during the Victorian period. The painting below was painted by Richard Parkes Bonington in 1826. It depicts the Rialto in Venice.

From this great blog
Since the Rialto is a landmark, I decided to have a look on GoogleEarth ...

Not the same angle, of course, but close enough. This got me wondering how useful it would be to use GoogleEarth's street view for fantasy gaming. I've used it in the past for a Mystery Men! game, mostly to stage a chase and fight in [...]

Assumptions of a 5e World: Races, Part I: Subraces and Dwarfs.

So, I've had the 5e Player's Handbook for about two weeks now and I have slowly been getting a feel for it and the world that it implies. I'm going to start with the races, since that's the first thing that the PHB discusses. As always, your feedback is encouraged.
1. Subraces are back!I am no expert on some editions of D&D, but it seems like every other major iteration of the game either adds in or subtracts out subraces. I don't recall hearing about them before Unearthed Arcana, and they seemed to be gone when 2e came around. 3e brought them back, [...]

Fan Expo 2014 - Panels and Game a Go Go

Gen Con is behind us, and Fax Expo is in front of us. If you're going to be in the downtown Toronto area next weekend you'll be able to hang out and talk about things because there are plenty of panels here. Friday 11:00 am - Room 709 - Finding Your RPG Style Panel 12:00 pm - Room 709 - Kicking Off your Campaign Panel 03:00 pm - Room 703 - Publishing your RPG 07:00 pm - Room 709 - Geasa: An
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