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No, cosplaying a drow isn't racist

Is that drow on the right dual-wielding banjos?So last weekend R.A. Salvatore had his photo taken with some folks cosplaying drow, and it was posted to the official D&D Twitter feed. Naturally, some people went apeshit, because, well, racism.

The line from the Outrage Brigade was that these folks who were dressed up like subterranean elves were actually in "blackface", and thus their choice of costume was demeaning to black people, with some explicitly calling the picture racist:
--- Lesbian Boar Piglet (@teeterpyg) August 17, 2014WotC, You should [...]

Polls Are Closed and the Winner is...

Brown for the win. 
22 - Brown
15 - Blue
5   - Yellow
3   - White
0   - Red

And the winners of the free copies of Issue #7 are: 

+Rob Monroe


+Robert Miller

There is some sort of Rob conspiracy going on here, but I cannot refute the results of the dice.  Thanks to everyone who voted.  I'm printing out new Manors tonight.  I should have them go live tomorrow or this weekend.

Crunching the Literary Numbers

I just recently found out about Google's Ngram Viewer. This neat little gadget allows you to search within the books on Google Books, from 1820 to 2000, for words or phrases. It then graphs the percentage of books from these different years where the word or phrase shows up.

Let's see what we can find.

Warriors hit their heyday in 1851, but have been making a comeback since about 1978. Hmmm - what else happened around 1978. Wizards were never as popular as warriors, but they started an upswing in 1991, pre-Harry Potter even!

Speaking [...]

A Wizard's Torment

“Once we steal the scroll, who’s going to buy it?” Vanity picked at a bit of loose skin on her elbow and kicked her legs. She was sitting on the edge of the table, which was already taller than she was.

Torment gave a flat reply. “I hadn’t lined up a buyer yet.” Though her expression suggested boredom, her prehensile tail swished, betraying a certain amount of frustration with the question.

A casual flick of her fingers sent the bit of dead skin careening into the gloom of the basement where the two chatted. Vanity kicked her feet more aggressively, as though [...]

Cthulhu Claus Holiday Card Backer Button for Our Kickstarter Project

I designed the first button to hand out to our Cthulhu Claus Holiday Card project backers. It uses a piece of art from the first series of cards. What are your thoughts?

If you want to become a backer of our project, please visit Kickstarter and join in.

'Spider-Woman #1 has a special variant cover that is causing some controversy for some reason


Wow. There are no words for how awful this looks.

Originally posted on PopWatch:

[ew_image url="http://img2.timeinc.net/ew/i/2014/08/20/Spider-Woman_612x380.jpg" credit="Marvel" align="none"]

Good news: Marvel has a new comic book starring a female character! Better news: That female character is Spider-Woman, a.k.a. Jessica Drew, a severely underrated B-lister who hasn't had a solo non-limited series since the late '70s. Best news: Spider-Woman will team up Jessica with Silk, another female superhero, therefore all-but-assuring that Spider-Woman will be passing the Bechdel Test all over the place.

View original 282 more words

RPG Review -- Razor Coast Freebooter's Guide

By Endzeitgeist This player’s guide for Razor Coast is 98 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 2 pages of SRD, 1 page advertisement, 1 page back cover, leaving us with 92 pages of content, so let’s take a look, shall we? We kick off the Freebooter’s Guide with an overview of the [...]

The post RPG Review – Razor Coast Freebooter’s Guide appeared first on G*M*S Magazine.

RPG Review -- Random Encounters: Wilderness

By Endzeitgeist Random Encounters: Wildernessclocks in at a weighty 28 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page advertisement, 1 page editorial, 1 page advice of how to read statblocks, 1 page SRD and 1 page back cover, leaving us with 22 pages of content, so let’s take a look! We kick this pdf off at [...]

The post RPG Review – Random Encounters: Wilderness appeared first on G*M*S Magazine.

Gen Con 2014 - 3 Key Lessons Learned

Going to something like Gen Con is not a small undertaking when you live in the UK. For me it involved travelling 3,765 miles (give or take a few miles) each way. All of that went fine. Flights etc were without problem, we had enough time in between connecting flights to relax and take our time without the gap being tooooo long. Apartment we chose was also completely fine witha few niggles,

Designers & Dragons: RPG Histories I Like

AND I WOULD WRITE 900 POSTSThis is my 900th post. I have no idea how many words that is, but I average between 1300-1700 words per post, so that's crazy. 900 means I'm within striking distance of 1000 sometime next year. That's nuts. I ran into one person at Gen Con who followed the blog- so that nicely validating. Anyway I hope if you follow Age of Ravens you're getting some useful ideas from it!
LAND OF MISFITS' GAMESIt's '77. I'm eight years old and we're at the Arnold's house. Across from me is John M. We're still friends. This is [...]

On Designers & Dragons: Q&A with Shannon Appelcline

A few weeks ago Evil Hat launched the Kickstarter for a new edition of Shannon Appelcline's Designers & Dragons, a four-volume comprehensive history of the role-playing industry. Appelcline, a designer with roots at Chaosium has become an important historian of gaming. He's presented historical notes for the digital releases of classic TSR materials, offering insight and putting these products in context. Appelcline generously offered to answer a few questions via email about the books and his research. You cna see my thoughts about Designers & Dragons in a separate, parallel post here.  

1. I rode down to Gen Con with a gamer [...]

USR Cyberpunk: The Surgeon

The surgeon probably isn't, let's say, qualified, to do what she's about to do. Sure, she has the know how - look at the way she sharpens that scalpel. That's a pretty big scalpel, come to think of it. Never you mind, the Novocaine will kick in soon.

Meat rooms are dotted throughout the city - cheap places to get yourself a biological enhancement. Sure, they're hit and miss. Some surgeons will even take your limbs from you and hold them to ransom, but that only happens 10% of the time. Meat rooms aren't exactly legal, as [...]

Just like Harry...

Changes: It's amazing how in gaming you can get stuck in a rut, which can be very hard to get out of. Many people spend most their time playing the ONE game. I'm definitely ADD when it comes to gaming. So much so that sometimes it's hard to stick to a single system for any length of time. I have hundreds of ideas racing through my brain, but it's hard to get the entire idea out and accomplished

#RPGaDAY: What Game In 20 Years & Favorite Licensed RPG

I missed RPGaDAY yesterday! I feel so ashamed. So, so ashamed.

So! Yesterday’s question was what RPG I’ll be playing in 20 years’ time. Based on my current experience, I’ll likely be still playing both D&D and Star Wars. With Star Wars being my first game, and D&D being the one my wife and I both love, I imagine in 20 years I’ll still be battling the Empire and slaying dragons. By then I’ll be 49, [...]

Further Thoughts On Using 'Aliens' As Fodder For Mutant Future Rpg or Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

Just the other night I was playing the Fallout video games with a friend and we were going through some of the 'special encounters' in the games. This reminded me of a series of posts that Chris Van Deelen has been doing on his D - Infinity blog for Mutant Future about the Aliens movie.
Because of the vary nature of the Xenomorph threat and their origins these monsters might easily show up in a derelict out the middle of the post apocalyptic wastelands quite easily in Mutant Future.

Chris has done a series of Colonial marine weapon [...]

Story Locale (Destiny Derailed): Railcar City

Railcar City is the name given to the 2-3 spurs of track that lead off the main track on the construction side of Steamtown. This area is home to the several on-site high ranking officials, as well as the jail car and payroll car. At any given time there are half a dozen or more […]

The post Story Locale (Destiny Derailed): Railcar City appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

Dungeon & Dragons Background -- Zealot

It’s time for another background for 5th Edition D&D. I give you, the Zealot.




There are believers and then there are zealots. Utterly devoted followers of their god, a zealot's driving force is his belief in the rightness of his deity.

Skill Proficiency: Religion and Persuasion

Tool Proficiency: Choose one of Calligrapher's supplies or one musical instrument.

Equipment: Common clothes, a vial of Holy water, 2 blocks of incense, book of your deity's lore, holy symbol

Feature: Evangelist

Your aggressive approach to conversion can be a hindrance at times. Once you start spreading the word, if your audience is of other faiths, people disperse to avoid [...]

Quick Note - Two Things

Been a quiet week over here at Genius Loci. The little guy broke his leg and Code Name: the Wife has been working crazy hours ... so why it has been quiet on the blog life itself has been anything but. So, I wanted to say sorry for that and also say two other things:

1. To the 4 or 5 people who donated money through my paypal for the purpose of buying a 5e phb: Thank You! Seriously guys, you are the awesome and deserve so much thanks that I cannot possible relate!

2. The muse at [...]

Aasimars and sub-races

So for Aasimars i have basically done a copy of Tieflings…because, well they are like the good version ,right?   Aasimar For more information see the internet, Advanced Race Guide or Blood of Angels. Aasimar names (copied from Blood of Angels, from paizo) Female Names: Adonia, Amethyst, Arabella, Arken,Arsinoe, Ayako, Bretheda, Calanthe, Castrovei,Davina, Delphinia, Drinma, […]

After-Action Report: Gencon 2014, Part 3

Friday came too quickly. I was up at my usual Seven, showered and headed out to the games room. No coffee (the line was too long).

Today would be different. I would run only the two regular adventures and be free to play an Arcanis premiere in the evening.

The first game had the Barron family as my players. Great people. We had a lot of fun. Again Dousing Fire With Blood in the morning. I certainly hope to see them again, and with any luck run some NeoExodus for them. IIRC they are local to Indianapolis.

Between [...]

Quick Review - Raiders of the Forgotten Treasure

Raidersof the Forgotten Treasure by the Middle Kingdoms Adventure & Company is a short 8-page dungeon crawl that is compatible with Swords & Wizardry and can be easily moved to any of the OSR systems. Raiders is an interesting adventure because of the writer and the premise of the adventure. From the title page:
"The adventure you see before you was created from the imagination of a 7-year-old Game Master known as the "Inkling." The Inkling doesn't need a backstory and doesn't care what level your characters are. The only thing the Inkling cares about is stocking the dungeon with [...]

Where Have I Been?

It's been a pretty long time. For the past month and a half or so I've been kind of absent from Google+, gaming forums, and other type activities.

I announced a number of months back that we are having a baby, who is due any day now. Preparations for the baby and a few other changes prompted some lifestyle changes for me. I'm a lot more active now, walking at least a couple miles a day. I'm going to bed earlier, waking up earlier, and just a lot busier in general.  +Ingress is definitely a contributing factor there - but [...]

The Lost Mine of Phandelver: Adventurers Assemble!

It begins.

Calling on old friends (some of whom I haven't rolled dice with since the early half of 4e) to answer the call for adventure, we set about crafting a party of young and eager adventurers. Yep, we started up our new D&D campaign last night. 
Originally designed as a Skype-only campaign, it quickly became a split between live at the table and Skype (not my preferred Google Hangouts but I never expect people to create accounts for anything and Skype is what they know). Dangnabbit if one of the players insisted on driving to my house every [...]

RPG-a-Day Day 21 - Favorite Licensed RPG

I'm a bit late coming to this party. (I will play catch-up this weekend.) Favorite Licensed RPG. This is one of those categories where it's very difficult to make a decision. There are so many amazing products for licensed properties. I have to make my decision merely based upon, how well the system emulates the IP. My Favorite is definitely Dresden Files. The FATE system seems to emulate

Creepy Housekeeper (Gothic Tropes NPC)

Now that I feel greatly rejuvenated after a fantastically productive block of writing on The King is Dead yesterday, I feel I can finally return to sharing some of the work on that setting on the blog.  I'm going to start a series of posts taking Gothic archetypes (courtesy of TV Tropes) and stat them up for The King is Dead's somewhat truncated version of the Savage Worlds Skill list.  Keep in mind that The King is Dead is an action-horror setting, and so Guts and Sanity are not used; GMs wishing to work these archetypes into a more traditionally [...]

Select Painting Competition Models from Gencon 2014

The Gamer Wife is a big fan of painting miniatures. It helps that she's a much better painter than myself, but we both appreciate a pretty mini. She likes her some speed painting as well, and if you're a hobbyist when it comes to miniatures, Gencon has a wonderful area with tons to do, including the fun paint-and-take where the group gives you a mini to keep and you can use all the supplies you might need to make it pretty!

I decided to take some photos again this year of the competition miniatures. Check out the photos below!

D&D 5e: Player's Handbook Art - Quick Critiques

Disclaimer: This started out as a general critique of the Player's Hanbook, but the art seems to have gotten under my skin, so this article focuses mainly on the artistic oddities in the PHB. Your mileage may vary.

In general, I've liked the art direction of the new edition. However, on paging through the book for the first time, there are number of foibles that really bother me.

The Cover
This has been revealed for some time and plnety of people, myself included, has already commented... But, I wanted to take another critical look. The art is reasonably [...]

Gaming Snobbery -- My Flaws!

Gaming snobbery. I’m a gaming snob: I admit it. Well, to a certain extent. I’m sure that a lot of people would claim they’re not.

I don’t play LARPs (Live Action Role Play). I occasionally play video games (both PC and console). I play wargames or boardgames sporadically. I don’t play collectible card games at all. I play RPGs largely and don’t have much interest in the others. To all intents and purposes that makes me [...]

Cosplaying Drow

I am not sure what everyone thinks about this, but there is a good post on Cosplaying Drow.


I know there are some people out there reading this that are not going to "get it".  And to be honest my understanding is academic at best.  I belong to the power class. I am a well off, hetero, white male in a hobby predominated by white males. But that doesn't mean I don't have empathy or understanding.

To me a universally despised race that is inherently evil being depicted as dark skinned seemed to smack a little [...]

I see the light!

Zine-O-Morph #1 is cruising along nicely. All of the content is done, and reads fairly well. I decided to ditch the idea of fiction for this first issue, as I am still trying to figure out how best to do it in such a publication. But the articles are all done, the new monster/race is done, a few new magic items have been created, and an adventure has been written.

I have three more pieces of art I need, plus a cover. One of them I am negotiating with one of my favorite DeviantArtists right now for. One has [...]

Commentary and Review Of The Free Comic Book Download SwordQuest Mini Series From 1982 For Your Old School High Fantasy Campaigns

I was asked by a friend for a fast setting that he could use for an upcoming kids Labryth Lord game over the weekend and one that would be kid friendly but could twisted into a high end fantasy world. I thought of  the Swordquest comics from way back in 1982.

Download Issue #1 Right

So here you go Peter, a quick setting that you can play with the girls and your older players. Welcome to the world of Swordquest. 
SwordQuest is one of those dimly remembered  and really strange cross over comic [...]

Impromptu Mutant Future

With our OD&D campaign on hold recently, I’ve been looking for games to run for two players with little to no prep work. One Sunday afternoon in late June, with but three hours before our weekly session, I looked at my gaming shelf and on a whim pulled out Mutant Future, Goblinoid Games’ post-apocalyptic retro-clone.

I had not run or played it before, but always wanted to. “Hmm, why not?” I thought. Looking for a quick scenario to embellish, I pulled out a recent acquisition, Tim Snider’s One Year in the Savage Afterworld and started flipping through it. I found a [...]

RPG Book Club - How We Came To Live Here

A few weeks ago, after months of planning, we had our first RPG book club meeting in June. I know it's late to the game for this, and I'll have more to write about later but I need to play catch up for now. Basically a bunch of friends decided that we had a whole shit-tonne (that would make them metric, for the record) of games that we didn't play and wanted to at least try them once. That lead

Shades Of Suspense Pt 2 -- Fourteen Types of Cliffhanger Finishes

For those who came in late: Cliffhangers are a wonderful way to end a gaming session. Ending play at a moment of high drama leaves players anxious to get back to the gaming table, and makes a gaming session memorable. They serve as milestones within the adventure. In Part 1, I listed eight general tips […]

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Session 1

The new season and format of encounters is upon us.  Dungeons and Dragons have officially released their new edition and Derek, Craig and I are back to talk about what happened at our table during the week.  Join us as we readjust to the new rules, the new public play rules and the rise of the Dragon Cult.

We are back for another season of Adventurer's League.
Click HERE for the podcast, or click on the bar below.  
If you like this article, head over to the site for more great articles, or just keep reading the feed. [...]

#RPGaDay 21 - Favourite Licensed RPG

Annnnnd again, Firefly. I think it'd be better if I just did a review of the Firefly RPG at some point but not today. I think my only major quibble with this game is the layout of the book - rather than settle for the more traditional "system broken down into appropriate chapters", the designers opted for a more fluid/story style approach. Instead we get the actual Firefly episodes broken down into game sessions.
It kind of works well, in the sense that if you're doing something which is similar to a scene in an episode, you can quickly find [...]

Daily Cosplay

The Flash!

The Flash! Very cool!

The Judgement

Corthain turned then to the hosts of men and cast judgment upon them. "In your greed, you sought the gifts of immortality. You sought to become what you are not. You sought aid from the Val Eahrakun, and they gave it when they should not have, for that was not the will of the All Father. For this, I lay my judgment upon you. You were made mortals who saw many years before the Stone Fields, and mortals you shall remain but your years I cut short. Not even as the chosen peoples will I suffer you to live. Forever [...]

D&D Encounters: Hoard of the Dragon Queen (Week 1)

Hoard of the Dragon Queen marks season 19 of D&D Encounters and it's the first to use the new 5e D&D rules. The adventure is available in two formats. The first version is the complete adventure bound in a beautiful hardcover book that you can purchase. It brings characters from level 1 to level 7 as they play through seven chapters (each called an episode). The second version of the adventure is available as a free PDF download for DMs running this as part of the public play Adventurers League program at their FLGS. The PDF only covers the episodes [...]

Gencon 2014 -- A Quick Retrospective

I mentioned a couple days ago that I’d just returned from Gencon and a few people asked me to talk a little bit about my experiences there. As I mentioned, I ran 5 games and played in 4:

  • Numenera: Into the Violet Vale (ran 3 sessions)
  • The Strange: Eschatology Code (ran 2 sessions)
  • Cthulhu Masters Tournament (played in 2 rounds)
  • Eclipse Phase: Detente
  • Eclipse Phase: Overrun

This was more intense but considerably less varied than last year, when I played in 6 games (including Call of Cthulhu, Lady Blackbird, Eclipse Phase, Shab-al-Hiri Roach, and Numenera).

The sessions of Numenera and The Strange I ran were actually the [...]

Life on Mars

I'm not sure this is news, or why its making the gambit now as we've had this discussion before. But scientists studying a meteorite that struck earth in 1911 and originated on Mars have determined with a high degree of likelihood that the peculiar structure within the rock is not the remnants of microbial life. Read more here.

I know we've had this conversation before. Not certain if this is a new one they discovered or applied new research techniques to it or what. The have determined its a bubble or some other anomaly.

Or it was a [...]

Confessions of a Newb GM: Making NPCs That Care.

Getting a group together and sitting down to play can be fairly nerve wracking for a GM. Building the world that people are living in is a weird sort of skill to expand. I see the expectation time and again in many RPG products, GMs are expected to be able to go create something and make it wonderful for players off the top of their head.

This is not a normal skill for people to have. Creating a scene that is evocative of players' senses is much more than just a spreadsheet. An RPG scene is made up of certain things: [...]

Fragments from the Rim -- Five Finger Death Watch

Ji’em Fil deals with a ‘celebrity’ on board his station.

Except not everything is as it first appears.

And there are certain people you just do NOT impersonate.

But it goes deeper than just a case of mistaken identity, it rubs up against the long traditions of the Mandalore.

And Death Watch.

That’s a whole barrel of trouble you don’t want.

But just how much of all the rumors surrounding Mandalorians are true? Or true enough?

More episodes of Fragments form the Rim can be found atwww.madadventurers.com

You can findGM Phil on Facebookand now Twitter@DarthGM


Direct Download: http://archive.org/download/FragmentsForEdgeEp19/Fragments%20for%20Edge%20%20Ep%2019.mp3


Character Thursday-Worshipers of the Whistling Spires

Given the great danger in the Whistling Spires, due to the Rocs, and the isolated, monastic life style practiced there, those who are not serious about Glaineth worship have taken opportunities to escape into the woods to the South and get far away. As a result, all of those Osprytes remaining in the Whistling Spires are either recently hatched or fanatics of Glaineth, the Source of Gentle Winds.

As fanatics of Glaineth, the Osprytes living in the Whistling Spires have access to certain abilities. Almost all of them will have Prayer, and maybe even Pray on Behalf. Most of them will [...]

Armor Up (Khalgrim Gunnarson)


World of Warcraft

If you look closely, very closely, you can see the echo of the original World of Warcraft in these orcs. Its a kick ass video (but I must confess I miss that old game!)
Blizzard needs to do a movie!

Throwback Thursday - Fortune Telling Device

The Retro Dundee blog reminded me of a humorous little device that some folks used to make in grade school.  They would fold up some paper, write on some of the exposed faces, then manipulate the device based on an odd numerology.  I wonder if it could be used in a tabletop RPG as a puzzle of some kind.  See more here.

Throwback Thursday on CreativeMountainGames.com A look back at early tabletop hobby gaming or gaming-adjacent topics of the past.Please Like, Share, Plus, Tweet, Follow, and Comment!

Draugen, Unity 3D Powered Survival Horror.

Lately I have been spending a lot of my off work hours trying to learn the Unity Game Engine in an attempt to create my own video games. This has led me to check out what some other creators in the Unity community have been making. Below is a link for one of the hundreds (or thousands?) of games being produced.

From the developers website comes this description : 
Inspired by Scandinavian literature, legends and fairytales, along with Norse mythology and the Icelandic sagas, Draugen is set in the early 1920s and delves into the deepest, [...]

Actual Play 5e Initial Review

Last night I finally got to sit down and play 5e. Titan Games is running D&D Encounters with 2 full tables. 2 hour sessions, running through Horde of the Dragon Queen. I was under the impression that the Encounters sessions were going to run something in the Tyrany of Dragons story line, but something other than this adventure. Which is why I didn't worry about picking up Horde of the Dragon Queen a couple of weeks ago, and reading through it.


Clockwise around the table, starting with me at 12 o'clock:
Dwarven Wizard
Dragonborn Thief
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