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Cool Words for Gamers: Magniloquent -- Mystagogue

I’m no mystagogue, but today’s post could save you from the mubblefubbles!

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


Last week, I tackled the "L" words. This week, we hurl ourselves into the M's!:

  • Magniloquent speaking in or characterised by a high-flown often bombastic style or manner
  • Magsman a swindler
  • Manse the house provided for a minister
  • Mantic of or relating to the faculty of divination; prophetic
  • Marcid exhausted, withered, wasted away
  • Marmoreal of, or relating to, or suggestive of marble or a marble statue especially in coolness or aloofness
  • Mausolea plural of mausoleum
  • Mendacious given to or characterised by deception or falsehood or divergence from absolute truth
  • Mendacious the tendency to be [...]

Random List -- 20 Demoic Use Names

Need a name for your demonic character to use? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 x 1 Aaadihr 2 Abrenun 3 Ainoaxal 4 Amosohm 5 Bralexal 6 Chonuna 7 Egaimohn 8 Grakiedun 9 Gusulor 10 Guzopauxor 11 Nabaodrei 12 Oiosir 13 Okimorihn 14 Oscuxuhr 15 Rumapaisam 16 Sabasuhr 17 Theimaru 18 Uakiuxohn 19 Uperaxahl 20 Xereadruu


Hero & Watcher Datafile: Daimon Hellstrom

We're one week away from Christmas -- and, completely coincidentally, today's datafile is about another, um, special offspring. Daimon Hellstrom debuted in 1973 as "the Son of Satan," and he pioneered the bare-chested superhero look decades before Stephen Amell's Arrow came on the scene.

In the years since his origin, Marvel has walked back his satanic status a bit (hint: there are a LOT of Satan-types in the Marvel Universe), yet Daimon has also risen in stature, at one point even ruling Hell itself ... which caused his wife and one-time Avenger, Patsy Walker (Hellcat), to go insane. (Her datafile is [...]

Fleamarket Friday: Boom! Boom! Shake The Room!

Come August next year you'll be able to possess your very own Mother Box - the iconic miniaturised supercomputer of Jack Kirby's New Gods, as featured in numerous DC Comics tales. Produced by Diamond Select, the detailed prop replica will be available in the UK via Forbidden Planet with a current pre-order price of 49.99. While it features a range of lights and sounds, don't expect it to

Tiamat Takedown: Mike Shea STILL out for blood

On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, a few Round Tablers got together for the second time to find out just what high level play was like in the new fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons. SoMike Sheacrafted a grueling combat experience forJames Introcaso,Chris Dudley,Joe Lastwoski,Liz Theis, andTopher Kohanto throw down with the toughest fifth edition monster known to us - Tiamat! If you missed the livestream, check out the videos below! Wrap-up Round Table podcast to follow.

Full Video Edited Video
Links: The Tome Show's Facebook Group worldbuilderblog.me The Eric Michaels - Composer slyflourish.com rulezeropodcast.com actsofgeek.com Topher's Google+
Support the show, shop below...

tiefling warlock and the zombie lord ! :D

a tiefling warlock summons a zombie lord ! be careful warlock ^^;…:D

tiefling warlock and the zombie lord !

Filed under: conceptart, creature, fantasy, tiefling, warlock, zombie Tagged: character, class, creature, fantasy, lord, rpg, summoning, tiefling, warlock, zombie

The Art Book Campaign

I recently picked up The Art of Ian Miller, a gorgeous book jam-packed with illustrations by one of my favorite fantasy artists.

I picked it up not only because I love Ian’s artwork and I’ll enjoy having the book in my collection, but because it gave me an idea: The “art book campaign,” a campaign built inspired by the contents of one or more art books.

Here’s how it works, broken down into steps with my own examples for each step.

1. Buy an art book

Type an artist’s name into Amazon’s search box, browse the art section at your local Barnes and Noble, [...]

Current Hiatus

As you’ve perhaps noticed if you’ve been following along with our tales of adventure here, we’ve taken to a bit of a hiatus from the Tsar sessions as the early part of the year has found much of our group tremendously busy! Still, Orcus is not apt to lie in waiting for terribly overlong–so certainlysome brave souls ought to contend with his wicked machinations soon! In any event, I’ve not died at least–just been considerably busy myself and have neglected this corner of the net most regrettably.

Exciting times in the realm of Kickstarters and the like, however–from murmurings of Torment [...]

Session 52: Citadel -- Return to Tsar

For backgrounds on the characters played in this campaign, look here~

Having recovered from their descent through the hidden sanctum of Nex and having retrieved the errant essence of Arazni, the adventurers gathered together and made exodus from the vault–returning via powerful teleportation to the pleasure palace above. The course had become clear–with the group’s next destination the Isle of Eternal Winter, that they may seek an audience with the ‘witch queen’ there in pursuit of another alternative exit from Kakishon. Taking to the Nexian galley once more, the party sailed for hours once more before arriving at a fog-enshrouded pier, [...]

Session 51: Sidetrek -- Kakishon (Part II)

For backgrounds on the characters played in this campaign, look here~

Concluding their visit to Nex’s mausoleum, the adventurers embarked upon the galley once more with their next destination clear: the Pleasure Palace of Nex at the very heart of Kakishon, built into a mountainside overlooking a vast overgrown jungle below. Upon nearing the site, Brother Vang facilitated the party’s ability to traverse the air and soon they landed together upon a crumbling plaza balcony–greeted there by a cadre of large djinni eunuchs; escorted inside, the group was greeted by a peculiar woman who introduced herself as Dilix invited them to [...]

Jedi Guardian- A Class Warfare Reskin

Been thinking about Star Wars a bit lately and I thought that for fun I’ll write up the Jedi Guardian for Dungeon World using the Class Warfare book. For those of you wondering the Guardians of the Jedi Order are the Jedi that focus on Lightsaber combat and physically stopping the Sith whenever they can....

Read More

The post Jedi Guardian- A Class Warfare Reskin appeared first on Ramblings of Jacob and Delos.

golem meets golem ! :D

a simulcra has gotten free in the golem labs and stumbles across another simulcra ! :D

simulcra meets simulcra !

Filed under: conceptart, fantasy, golem, rpg, simulcra Tagged: concept art, creature, cyborg, fantasy, golem, selkirk, simulcra

maya ... simulcra lost ! :D

a sketch of maya … a simulcra who was damaged when the kingdom was overrun by dwarves…she has gained consciousness but lost all of her original programming and now imagines herself to be a human woman !

maya … simulcra

Filed under: cyborg, fantasy, golem, maya, rpg, simulcra Tagged: concept art, creature, cyborg, fantasy, golem, maya, rpg, selkirk, simulcra

Deadlands: Hell on Earth - Iron Oasis

Publisher Blurb:

Journey to Junkyard, the only free city in the Wasted West and the main setting for Hell on Earth! Iron Oasis contains a complete description of Junkyard as well as rules for aerial combat and bionics for living heroes.

Five for Friday 31: New-To-Me Games in 2014

I had a groovy gaming year in 2014. With the exception of a rough patch at the end of the summer when work kept me from gaming, it was an outstanding year. The best part were the friends in our Monday Night ber Gaming Group gathering on Monday nights and, as a group, at Con on the Cob. Happily, at least for the purposes of this edition of Five for Friday, I had a chance to play five new games (not counting playtesting for +Tim Shorts and +Rob Conley).
  • Cryptworld: I had a chance to play this at Con on the Cob, with +Tim Snider as [...]

The 12 Geek Days if Christmas -- Day 8

Ho ho ho, here we go… On the eighth day of Geekmas My guild mates gifted me 8d8 + 8 damage Seven “likes” on Facebook Six Heroic Avengers Five Dwarven rings Four Kung-Fu Turtles Three Jedi Classics Two turtle doves And a cartridge on a red tee Now, I wonder if Amazon will deliver before […]

Discussion: What Is Your Strength As A GM/Player?

Everyone has strengths. Everyone also has weaknesses. With the end of the year approaching it feels as good a time as any to take stock of our strengths and weaknesses so we can see where we are good, and what we could improve on.

In the interest of starting on a high note I thought today we could discuss our strengths. So what are yours?

For me, I think one of my key strengths as a GM is I am able to set up and run situations where the player gets to feel like a bad ass, or [...]

We've Cleared the Lost Mine of Phandelver or One Door Closes and Another Door Opens

Our Thursday group, run by the wonderful Ben B. just wrapped up the Lost Mines of Phandelver and stabilized the village of Phandalin.  We started this game right around the release of the DnD 5th Edition Starter Set.  And we just finished it.

And it was awesome.

Sure we joked about other groups that "cleared" it in a week or two.  But we didn't.  We investigated and bickered and built in-game relationships and we have a pretty clear idea of who are characters are and what motivates them.

As a a matter of fact, when the game [...]

Rats are nasty!

This piece was lying at the bottom of my bitz box and I just had to paint it. It is just a nasty mini. I added it to the lot of auction minis. It was fun to paint it.

I have no idea who made this mini... It is very old is all I can say.


Games to run for 2015

Given the changes in my life with the upcoming kid (very soon now!) I’m looking at how I’ll be working some gaming into my schedule. At the moment I don’t really see myself running long campaigns just yet, which makes me more than a little sad. However, it does open up the possibility of running all sorts of one-shot using game systems that I’ve not really had the opportunity to try.

Foremost among these would be Kuro and Numenera, two games that I’ve been very impressed with but have not had time to run. Also on this list is Fantasy Craft, [...]

Petty Gods "Minions Speed Rounds," continued...

Richard offered up a few more beings for backstories, abilities and deities served:
Art via Jason SholtisMilduitic

No. Encountered: (2d4)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 120'/50'
Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 3+1
Attacks: 1
Damage: Glaive (1d10+1) or Falchion (1d8+1)
Save: F5
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: nil, however, typically guarding temple or similar
XP: 90

The Milduitic are found impassively guarding remote desert tombs and temples in honor of various insectoid gods and godlets.  Created for, and tasked with, this role, they are above bribery and will resolutely defend their responsibility with force of arms. Additionally, their mysterious creators took [...]

Soon We Will be Back on Pace - OSR Christmas, OSR For the Lapsed Gamer and More

Left for work at 530 AM. It's a bit after 8PM and I just got home. It's been that kind of a month. I've fallen behind on lots of planned stuff, but I'm on vacation for a week starting whenever I get home tomorrow, so yes, there will be some catching up to do.

There should be a bunch of gifts for OSR Christmas going up tomorrow night. I'm thinking PRINT and INTERNATIONAL shipping. That is, of course, assuming I get home at a reasonable time. If not, Saturday morning. I expect the pace of the posts to pick up.

I'll be getting back to the OSR for the Lapsed Gamer series of posts this weekend too. I've been away for it for [...]

Scatter Bases: Seasonal Trees

"Nock those arrows but quick, knaves - or the gobs will have our wenches for their pleasures!"I really enjoy "area terrain".  By that, I mean I like to base terrain abstractly on a base sometimes.  Less clutter to fiddle with.  "True" line-of-sight is neat and is the norm for drawing LoS on the table, but I think that area terrain still has a place in today's world of "true" LoS.

We have a lot of large area pieces.  A lot of them are forests.  So, when our buddy Buff Bagworm showed up with some awesome Hobby Lobby trees, [...]

(12 Days of Sweet) Christmas is Canceled

I thought I had several good ideas for posts, but I think my idea of 12 Days of Sweet Christmas was too ambitious. I may still post a few of the holiday M&M things I come up with, but my heart (and creativity) just aren't in it like I thought they would be. I will leave you with these two cool Marvel Christmas pages I found though.

Ask Marion About Score

A Fox's Guide to Conlangs (Part 2)

Languages can generally be divided into "Subject -- Verb -- Object" languages ("SVO", such as English and most European forms), and "Subject -- Object -- Verb" languages ("SOV", such as Japanese, Hindi and Korean). An SVO language might state that "I (subject) run (verb) to the house (object)", while the same concept described by an SOV language might be that "I (subject) to the house (object) run (verb)". As long as the verb comes after the object, it generally works in an SOV language...it sounds a bit awkward to say "To the house (object) I (subject) run (verb)", and only [...]

New Faction for Atomic Robo RPG

Majestic 12 a bit too fast on the trigger and under the radar for you? Here’s a faction for our upcoming “pilot” game to see if the group is interested in running theAtomic Robogame:

Office of Scientific Intelligence:

Formed out of the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ Strategic Science Division (SSD) in 1946, Office of Scientific Intelligence was the more legitimate face of superscience research and was immediately tied to the new Atomic Energy Commission with the passage of the McMahon Act. The “theft” of their science division led the intelligence and military community to push Majestic 12 on the president [...]

D&D 5e: Monster Manual Quick Critiques

Let me start this article like I've started all my Quick Critiques...

I love 5th Edition. Everything about it so far has been a breath of fresh air. For me, it really has combined all of the best parts from AD&D, 3.x and 4e. It's not perfect, but for me, its the best version of D&D in its 40 year lifespan.

That said, now I'm going to nit-pick the s#!t out of the Monster Manual over stupid little stuff that likely doesn't matter to most people... It's just what I do, but at least I name it for [...]

Extra Lives Show: Live Stream!!

Watch live video from ExtraLivesShow on www.twitch.tv

RoboRally -- The Ultimate Collection

RoboRally is 20 years old this year. It remains one of my favorite boardgames of all time: The combination of clever puzzle-solving, long-term strategic thinking, and half-crazed chaos is brilliantly balanced. I wrote a detailed review of the original edition of the game back in 1998.

One of the things I always wanted to do back in the day was pick up the three expansions that were released in the ’90s: Armed & Dangerous, Radioactive, Crash & Burn, and Grand Prix. Unfortunately, I was a poor high school / college student back then and I couldn’t afford to snap them [...]

Hard Times in Jarlsburg: A Task Worth Undertaking

The Hard Times is Jarlsburg's premier source of news (not necessarily the full truth) and routinely outsells it's competitor, The Kryer.



The Oleander Council and High Inquisitor Lot have been extra busy.  In the wake of the devastation at the Caliban Club, a Task Force has been created to oversee the slew of cult related activity within the city over the last year.

I guess the citizens should be thankful that the activities have finally affected our richest and most powerful?  Perhaps the Caliban Club should have been amongst the first casualties in these [...]

It's All Done with Mirrors and Painted Smiles

Last week, I had some time off, and since the nanny was here during the day to take care of the Young Lord, I spent much of those two days painting:

Fearless Men Who Jump and Die!

The Flames of War Open Fire! box is a [...]

Elegance Never Forgotten

Patron: Entertainer
Required Skills: None
Required Equipment: Starship

Players' Information:
While looking for passengers on Regina, the PCs are approached by a frail old woman. Still striking and modestly dressed, she is accompanied by a tall, impeccably-dressed man with a conceited air. She politely offers the crew high passage for the two of them to Extolay. She mentions she is going to visit her son, but surprisingly does not have much in the way of luggage; just a pair of worn travel bags.

As the duo boards the ship, several passengers do a double-take upon seeing them. If questioned, the incredulous passengers [...]

Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Movies

It's been awhile since I did a top 10 list for movies.  So, here's another.  The theme: guilty pleasures!

Now, some people just don't get this concept.  Why feel any kind of guilt at all about watching something you enjoy?  Well, it's complicated.  While I don't actually feel bad or dirty watching a fun movie, I know these aren't the best films. Sometimes, they aren't even good films.

If a friend came up to me and said, "Hey, Venger, Tango & Cash is pretty cheesy, full of imperfections, and just plain not good."  I probably wouldn't [...]

Help Choose The Superhero RPG Of The Year...

The BAMFsies are light-hearted, informal awards focussing on superhero roleplaying games, and promoted via the BAMF podcast. The winners will be announced in early January on an episode of the BAMFcast. Fans of the genre can take part in the awards by voting for the Gamer's Choice - Best Superhero RPG of 2014.

New Product - Five Henchmen

I added a new PWYW supplement today, it is called Five Henchmen

  And, yes, it is about 5 NPCs.


Most recently played: Numenera, OVA, Pathfinder

Most beloved: Dungeons and Dragons 3.x, Mage: the Awakening, Rogue Trader

Want to play: Dark Heresy 2e, Dungeons and Dragons 5e, Mistborn RPG

See more #3X3RPGs lists here.

Things I Think About Games (After Hindmarch & Tidball) Part Two

I'm still looking back at posts from the blog's first year ('09) and commenting on them. Here's the second half of a post I started here. This concludes my thoughts on rpgs in the spirit of Things We Think About Games. I recommend that book for any gamer. I present this post "as is," with comments. These are, as always, personal preference. In retrospect I wish I hadn't been so negative with many of these. I suspect several of these could be turned around to be positive statements, rather than condemnations. 
Things We Think About Games at RPGNow
Things I Think About Games [...]

Hating on the Browns

Some days, I just can't help myself.

When it comes to Blood Bowl (or most things miniature and wargamey), I'm a big lover of "fluff." Some people love the tactics involved in crushing one's opponent (I like this, too); some folks are downright obsessive about modeling and painting (I've been known to while away a few hours myself). But really, without the fluff, the game would lose most of its character, coolness, and humor.

I started with Blood Bowl back in the 2nd edition, when the teams used to be arranged like the NFL (two conferences of three [...]

Bustthinned Episode 002

Quickly getting temporary accommodations set up, while I dig down, down down. The plans for this fortress are to establish the main base way, way down near the magma, so I can have magma forge-y goodness without the bother of hauling things up and down hundreds of steps.

Also, I find out why people hate keas so, so much.

Find the playlist here!

Meta Thursday: Confessions of an Evil GM (Sandbox vs. Railroading)

When I started playing RPGs, railroading was the only way ahead. Then something called a sandbox came along. I initially thought, “isn’t that where children play and cats do their business?” That’s only partly accurate; sandbox design is a way of making the campaign world more alive. More alive? I just wanted to kill things […]

The post Meta Thursday: Confessions of an Evil GM (Sandbox vs. Railroading) appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

Pre-order German Earthdawn Player's Guide

After some Polish Earthdawn news, I can report about some German news released by Ulisses Spiele too. As the title says, the German Earthdawn Player's Guide can now be pre-ordered at Ulisses...

Review: A Red & Pleasant Land

I picked up a copy of +Zak Smith's "A Red & Pleasant Land" on PDF recently.  I like enough to also pick it up in dead tree version as a post-Christmas present for myself (35.75 or about $45).

I want to say off the bat that when I heard Zak was doing an Alice in Wonderland-ish sort of adventure my expectations were high, but guarded.  I have seen Alice done a number of bad ways; mostly ones that relied on a one to one translation between story to game.  That is all well and good, but ends up robbing the [...]

Christmas 2014 Interlude: Part 2

    Day After Ragnarok, session framework and prep-lite   The game prep for the Christmas Interlude has not progressed as well as I wanted. Despite a new, prep-lite technique, I have not yet achieved enough for the game.   Some of the framework has been done, and I even watched The Polar Express as …

Continue reading »

Black Clouds over your European Indie Publishers: VATMOSS is a MESS

tl;dr: I will probably have to stop selling PDFs from the Lost Pages shop. This might make the whole enterprise of writing RPGs and selling them on the web kind of not sustainable. If you want PDFs, get them now.

New tax regulations are about to unfold over the EU. From January 1st whoever sells digital products through an automated process to a customer in the EU must pay VAT to the country of purchase and not to the country of supply. This is done to stop shady profit-shifting companies like Amazon and Apple from selling from countries with low VAT [...]

Two Dragon Brigade novellas from Margaret Weis Productions

Margaret Weis Productions has just released two novellas based on the Dragon Brigade series by Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes in eBook formats!

Dragon Brigade: The Day Is Ours

Read the novella that started the latest series by Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes – Dragon Brigade.

When the magically reinforced flying fortress refuses to surrender after many days of shelling, the Rosian Royal Navy calls in the famed Dragon Brigade to help defeat the stubborn enemy.

Lord Captain Stephano de Guichen and his dragon, Lady Cam, brace themselves to face enemy fire, but soon discover that court intrigue is dangerous than cannon balls.

Dragon Brigade: [...]

Chthonian World

Carcosa is on my mind, I know its a swirl of "controversy", I guess...and I see that, but I still am fascinated by the idea of a world over ran by evil and Mythos creatures of Damnation. I have been doing some research, trying to decide if this is something I want to meddle with, and to be truthful it is. However I will tone down the more controversial elements in my setting...well because they are too disturbing for me, and I am just not willing to dip my toes in those elements.
I really don't have anything "Mythos" that [...]

Darras - God of the Poor and Sponsor of Charitable Acts

While not a god that openly sponsors adventurers, they can be requested for aid. An urban force, that monks and cavaliers often join as they assist the common-man. A good source of cheap potions and reduced costs for spells, if adventurers share their wealth when they have it. They turn no one down, especially those of other races or creeds, one must be open to be apart of the community.


Alignment: Neutral Good
Follower's Alignment: Any non-evil
Associated Colour: Brown
Holy Days: Twice a week (Alms)
Sacrifice: Tithe (25%) or fifty days of service every year
Patron: [...]

Eyes Up: A Trouble with Terms

Never talk to me about adventures, because if you are trying to it'll be a book in length and I'm going to be bored, or it's going to be a about something that isn't all that long but I’ll be wondering where the rest of it is because I’m expecting the whole novel. Adventure is a meaningless term that could be anything from going and building a snowman to throwing some jewelry into a volcano, or even following the adventures of a naboo ship-repair droid as he goes through the galaxy orchestrating the overthrow of an evil empire.

Linguistic twitches are [...]

Entries Invited For Star Wars Fan Film Awards 2015...

Entrants can submit their films now through January 16, 2015. The best selections in the categories of Animation, Non-Fiction, Comedy, Spirit of Fandom, Visual Effects, Audience Choice, and Filmmaker Select - chosen by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy -- will screen in a special ceremony at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration event in Anaheim in April 2015.
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