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The 'Pay What You Want ' OSR Resource Magazine - Brave the Labyrinth - Issue #5 (PDF) From Small Niche Games On The Dark Corner Blog

Today on the blog we take a look into Brave The Labyrinth issue #5.And get into the deep end of this dark and gritty of a great resource for the Labyrinth Lord Retro clone and your old school retro clones rpg systems.Right overHERE

Succubus Sunday - Charmed-BOS

Succubus I by Charmed-BOS Succubus II by Charmed-BOS To Attract and Destroy the Succubus by Charmed-BOS

Wonders of the Wyld in Dead Tree Format (And a Sale!)

You can now get 10+ Treasures: Wonders of the Wyld, our currently latest volume of magic items for Dungeon World, in print (if you already purchased the pdf, check your mail for some discounts). You can also get all three 10+ Treasures volumes in print format at a discount.

Unlike the previous two 10+ Treasures volumes, this one follows a theme: the forest, its denizens, and the fae. We think that will make it a more useful resource, whether you are running a thematically similar campaign, an adventure features those elements, or just want a more consistent sampling of items.

There's [...]

Marmalade Dog 20 -- Final Prep

I am doing my final prep to run my first convention game, Village of Hommlet, at Marmalade Dog 20, as part of the OSR track. I think I am more nervous than I would be if I were to run a game in my home with a bunch of new players. At least in the […]

Drums in The Night (excerpt written by Shar Auvryndar, from Magics and Mysteries of The New World, vol. 5, written by Jerit McCaugh)

Drums, drums in the night. When my comrade Jerit McCaugh invited me to assist him in researching and categorizing the magics of this new world of his, he advised me to dress and pack for warm environs. By the gods, he was right! Here, in this lush, steamy jungle on what's been called The Dark Continent, five years have passed as we ingratiated ourselves into this tribe of dark skinned humans called the M'Buatu. The tribe numbered in the high twenties and on this night, they would be contacting the lower levels of reality to go to war.
 Countless sparks filled the night sky over the tribe, encircling a roaring bonfire. A throbbing drumbeat assisted the undulations of the men and women, dancing around in the living heat. Sweat glistened off writhing bodies, dancing around the flames. I look past Jerit, clad like a native in naught but a loincloth, to see the shaman step out of his but. Short, wizened, his face and drizzled hair were covered in cracked, flaky ash. In short, sturdy steps, he approached the circle, who made a space for him. Taking a shallow bowl from one of his acolytes, he took a deep sip, [...]

Analisi del 2014

I folletti delle statistiche di WordPress.com hanno preparato un rapporto annuale 2014 per questo blog.

Ecco un estratto:

Un “cable car” di San Francisco contiene 60 passeggeri. Questo blog stato visto circa 3.500 volte nel 2014. Se fosse un cable car, ci vorrebbero circa 58 viaggi per trasportare altrettante persone.

Clicca qui per vedere il rapporto completo.

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A novembre partir il progetto Secondi Figli della COPPA GDR, patrocinato da TdG Pisa e i migliori negozi e librerie di Pisa, una competizione di gioco di ruolo da tavolo tra squadre di 4/5 giocatori.
La gara consiste nel giocare un’avventura one-shot inedita, scritta da noi e presentata per la prima volta durate la coppa. Ogni squadra verr valutata (regolamento Binario Barbiglio, per chi fosse interessato ai dettagli) e le migliori accederanno alla finale, che si terr probabilmente durante il prossimo PisaCon.
Se avete il vostro gruppo di gioco e avete voglia di cimentarvi in questa prova, [...]

Finalmente ... la Coppa GdR

Con tanto sforzo e dedizione, i ragazzi dell’associazione culturale “Secondi Figli” stanno proponendo questa fantastica iniziativa: la “Coppa GdR“.

Una disfida di Gioco di Ruolo, un vero e proprio torneo a squadre da svolgersi nell’arco di 2-3 mesi con finalissima al PisaCON 2015.

In cosa consiste esattamente questo torneo? Semplice, ci sono un paio di avventure preparate apposta da un team di 5-6 writers e playtestate da una ventina di membri dell’associazione stessa. Ogni avventura prevede la partecipazione di una squadra composta da 4-5 giocatori (in genere uno pu essere usato come PNG da squadre pi piccole).

La prima delle due avventure verr [...]

One-Page Backgrounds

Screenshot preview of Backgrounds Reference Sheet. Use the link below for download.
Last summer I posted 20 backgrounds for human characters in OD&D/Holmes, and promised to eventually make them available as a single page reference sheet. It's been a while, but here is the link for viewing/download. It's also available via the Holmes Ref page.

I revised one entry ("Orcish" aka Half-Orc) based on comments in the original thread that it was too strong. Instead of a +1 to hit in non full-daylight and 1d6 damage without weapons, they now get Infravision, -1 to hit in full daylight, and [...]

Dark Knight Of The Soul...

Ra's Al Ghul And The League Of Shadows For the longest time Rachel has been telling me I have 'too much stuff' in the gamesroom. Naturally, I took this to mean she wanted me to more buy more things and find a new focus for my wargaming habit. Of late there have been rumblings around certain dark corners of the Internet about Batman: The Miniatures Game and the beautifully detailed - but

RPG Kickstarter Roundup: Week of 1-25-2015

This is the RPG Kickstarter Roundup! We’re bringing you all the RPG-related Kickstarter projects that recently started or are about to end. The Roundup includes RPGs, miniatures, dice, and anything else that may be RPG-related. In this edition of the Roundup we’re covering new projects for the week of 1-25-2015, and projects ending the week […]

Progress Update-Complete Map Maker

Well,I hit a few snags along the way since my last post and ended up a little behind my “optimistic schedule”. I’m now kicked back onto my “reasonable schedule,” but I have plans to push for a “super optimistic schedule” that gets me back on the “optimistic schedule” by the end of February. Of course, there may be unforeseen bugs and complexities, but I think I can probably handle it.

In the meantime, the map maker is looking gorgeous! Here’s a video with a look at the diagonalizing and pit drawing algorithms, saving, loading, the works. As an added bonus, with [...]

Campaigning Again!

From 'Death Frost Doom'As I mentioned in my recent look at Death Frost Doom, I was getting ready to start up my new campaign.  Despite the understandable allure of running a D&D 5th Edition campaign, I've stuck to my guns and am sticking with Castles & Crusades.  It's been close to a year since the last campaign I ran and, subsequently got put on hold around April of 2014.  It was supposed to be a temporary hold but, next thing you know, 5th Edition comes out and different campaigns start to try out the 'new and shiny'.  Sadly, most of [...]

Review - 13th Age Soundtrack

Music by James Semple, Marie-Anne Fischer, Thery Ehrlick, Chris Nairn, Tristan Noon.

Released through Pelgrane Press

I like to think that I know something about soundtracks. I grew up with them on my favourite films, favourite TV shows and favourite games. I have a collection of 300-plus soundtracks covering every genre, from the cinema classics to the modern blockbusters, from the first faltering bleeping notes to the great gaming scores. By their nature, scores are written to suit the mood and atmosphere of the product being created. Soundtracks, if done correctly, can highlight the impact of the moment [...]

Deeper Impressions from the Edge of the Empire

This series was originally envisioned as being of technical discussions and recaps for our Edge of the Empire campaign, but that latter aspect ended up being shunted to the YouTube channel. Now that the campaign is in its 8th month, the idea of trying to catch up on written recaps is a preposterous one, and … Continue reading →

Mini Review - Far Away Land ("Adventure Time" Styled Fantasy heartbreaker)

Sometimes when you check out the most recent free releases on RPGNow, you start a journey that leads you to an awesome not free release. Such is my story when it comes to Far Away Land.

You see, when I stubbled across Far Away Land RPG Adventures: Journey Into the White I was intrigued by the cover
art. It seemed old school D&Dish with quirky as hell art. As it was PWYW, I was able to peek for free. And peek i did. And it was good. Short, but good. It also seemed to be sandboxie, which I like.

In for a penny, in for a pound. I almost bought the core book in print with PDF for $25, but then [...]

The Nedor Project: A Character Template

To document the information I find in reading through these Golden Age comics, I'm going to use a template that I put together while writing The Compleat Shemp. Appropriately enough, it's based in turn on the format of the old Who's Who in the DC Universe and Marvel Handbook series, which documented characters from those universes and attempted to create some sort of bible to writers.

If nothing else, the template gives me an idea of things I want to look for while reading. I don't expect to find everything; Golden Age comics were notoriously light on character development. The missing [...]

The Nedor Project: A Character Template

To document the information I find in reading through these Golden Age comics, I'm going to use a template that I put together while writing The Compleat Shemp. Appropriately enough, it's based in turn on the format of the old Who's Who in the DC Universe and Marvel Handbook series, which documented characters from those universes and attempted to create some sort of bible to writers.

If nothing else, the template gives me an idea of things I want to look for while reading. I don't expect to find everything; Golden Age comics were notoriously light on character development. The missing [...]

Coming soon to Kickstarter Capture

Frome Game Salute

Londonderry, NH – 2/1/2015: Andrew Hunzicker designed Capture – A Medieval Wargame in the 1980s, when he was in his early 20s. The story of the game is quite an extraordinary one, as the now 50 year old first time designer details in a video on the game’s Kickstarter page.

Capture isn’t a “War game” it’s a family strategy board game, with a simple but timeless game play that feels like a classic game, that we just never got to play! Capture grew from Andrew’s desire to make a next generation strategy board game in the 1980s, and the [...]

Behind-The-Scenes On Penny Dreadful Season Two...

A Teaser (and we know how those go)

The release of issue #1 of The Sandbox from Sine Nomine has me totally jazzed for Mr Crawford's work for the nth time. My gaming ADD drags me away from it as readily as it drags me to it. The plain truth is that Sine Nomine's line covers all the bases I like in gaming: fantasy with Scarlet Heroes, Red Tide, and An Echo, Resounding. Of course, he has sci-fi covered in spades, including Darkness Visible, which also covers the espionage genre. Then there is Other Dust, which scratches my post apoc itch. There is also a number of free supplements [...]

When is it the Player's Turn? - Mouse Guarding Your Favorite RPG

Do you remember that time when I wrote a blog post as part of an amazing circle of fellow adventurous bloggers?  

Guess what...

We're back! 

So this month, the Game Master's Roundtable of Doom (aka the Roundtable formerly known as the Cypher System Bloggers) is tackling role-playing game system mechanics an an inter-system, cross-dimensional kind of way.  Specifically the main man himself, +Lex Starwalker, posed the following question:  

"What is a favorite mechanic or idea you've encountered in an RPG that you think would work well in other games?  Please explain the mechanic/idea, tell [...]

Trail Rations: Healthy Dips

Replacing junk food at the gaming table with healthy, home-cooked options is a big part of my group's attempt to game healthier. But let's face it, sometimes you want chips and nothing else will do. When that craving strikes you can still make your chips a little healthier by making the dips and salsa yourself. Heck, if you have the time you can even make the chips yourself.

Below I have three recipes for healthier snack alternatives you can make at home. Two of them don't even require cooking! And if you know how to turn on your oven the third [...]

Extra Life 2014

Once again I am taking part in Extra Life, raising funds for the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Alberta with Team #Knifeshoes. If you’d like to make a donation, please do so through my secure donation page. I’m really excited to be taking part again this year, and with your donations I’m hoping I’ll beat last year’s total.

With the expansion of Extra Life in to the table-top realm, I’ll be heading up Team #Kinifeshoes’ board and role-playing game special teams. I’ll start the day at a local gaming convention, InrigueCon, running a table of Kobolds Ate My Baby! Then a quick [...]

Campaign Creation: What's Dead Can Never Die...

Looking back through the logs, and it has been a while since I did one of these. So let’s start with a quick recap of what I’ve done so far:

  • created a starting location(The Ruin and environs)
  • created some NPCs important to the party
  • picked the main monsters/monster types the characters will encounter first
  • figured out what the party will discover once they dig a little deeper, literally

Let’s have some fun, and figure out my first layer Big Bad Guy. ‘First layer’, you ask? I like to start with a nasty antagonist the party can grow into, sort of a ‘Starter Big Bad’. Depending [...]

Sunday Funnies - Early Mobile Phone, Spaceship Parody T-shirt, & Murder Most Artful

Firstly, someone was sharing this silly image on Facebook so I decided to share it here as well.

Also, there is a "Spaceship Parody Sci-Fi T-shirt" available on fabrily.com here.

Finally, from The Toast, there is a collection of "Gleeful Mobs Of Women Murdering Men In Western Art History" here.

Sunday Funnies on CreativeMountainGames.comHumor, often gaming-related,
to start the week with a chuckle.Please Like, Share, Plus, Tweet, Follow, and Comment!

Tales of a Married Gamer -- Black Hole

Greetings and welcome back to another Tales of a Married Gamer, the gaming article where I discuss things like relationships, gaming, and how to avoid sleeping on the couch. Sometimes when we are gaming in my household we invite someone over who just is not that interested in gaming. I can understand that there are people out there who do not want to play games, and so I see no need to force them to play.

What really has come to bother me lately is a group of people who I will call “Black Holes.” Who, or what is a Black [...]

Trick or Treat -- October 2011 RPG Blog Carnival

The topic for this month's RPG Blog Carnival is Making Loot Part of the Plot being hosted by Campaign Mastery. For more details about the RPG Blog Carnival visitthe archive of past blog carnivals over at Nevermeet Press. October is … Continue reading →

D&D Chess (with 4e framework)

I totally missed the time-frame on Speak out with your Geek out, but this gave me a chance to test this a bit more. Chess is a games that I picked up at my grandfather’s. Chess teaches you to think … Continue reading →

Psionics in 4E

The psionics system in 4e D&D is much better than that presented in the previous edition, but I still have a few issues with how it works in play: Psionic characters have At-will powers with Augment abilities. They also have … Continue reading →

[Brittanis] What *IS* Dark Arthurian Roleplaying, Anyway?

Cross-post from the newly-live Brittanis.com website.

What is Dark Arthurian Roleplaying, Anyway?


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D&DNext: Please Stop Whining, 4E Fanboys

This is what people reading your comments see in their heads. Really.

Ahh, the shoe is on the other foot and the whining and nerdrage from the 4E fanboys can be heard throughout the internets. Thing is, if they’d actually READ the rules, they’d realize that 4E is all over the place in there.

So here is what I see: a conversation about 5E comes up, and before you can count to 20 (seconds or posts, depending on your conversational medium), somebody who loves 4E and only 4E pipes up about how their version of the game is getting screwed. They complain [...]

RPG Dice Tower Molding Part 1

So if you haven’t been paying attention, I’ve got a bit of a Semi-Secret Project going on. Once the website is up and running, I’ll go full-on public with it, but for now, I’m still putting the pieces together slowly, one at a time. One of the pieces of that plan happened today, and I’m going to share it with you.

Part of what I’m working on is a Small Business, tentatively named Lionheart… something. Might end being Lionheart Crafts, or Lionheart Smithy, or… any number of other ideas, but one of the main things I want to be offering is [...]

Bamfsies Winners Announced...

The winners have of the The BAMFsies, the light-hearted, informal awards focussing on superhero roleplaying games, and promoted via the BAMF podcast, have been announced. GCore Prime (an updating of the classic FASERIP system) took the Gamers Choice Award, while ICONS Assembled Edition won the Best New Edition award. To see the full run-down of the winners visit The Bamfsies website, where a

Found my 2016 calendar in an old box!

So, it turns out that 2016 has the same calendar (generally speaking) as 1988 did. And while digging through old game boxes looking for my BattleTech rule books (which I didn’t find), I came across an awesome 1988 calendar (well, it didn’t have the googly eyes on it when I found it, but it does now!) :

Uncle Albert’s 2038 Calendar

Okay, I was hoping it would be good for 2015, but 2016 is close enough that it will do (although it won’t actually work in 2038 as marked on the product).

This gem includes great stuff like Quebec Libre Day on January 9th, where we celebrate the establishment of the Republic of Quebec that happened back in 2010. Or we can remember the day that Utah seceded from the United States on August 15th, 2004, establishing the Republic of Deseret.

More frightening, it warns of the upcoming “Great California Earthquake” at 8.2 on the Richter scale that will be occurring on May 7th of this year (2015).

I love reading games set in the near future that were written 20+ years ago for stuff like this. It creates cool “alternate histories” instead of “believable futures”. Which makes suspension of disbelief even easier for me.

Sunday Inspirational Image: Tuxedo Mask

by xangedemonx

I know this isn't my usual sort of Sunday Inspirational Image, but really, how easy would it be to make him as a 5e character? There are a couple of ways to do it, but I'd go wizard. How about you?

LARP Weaponry Development

Over the past few months I've been working on a system for making "limited run" custom foam weaponry for LARPs. You may have seen a few posts from me in various places, indicating my progress, both successes and exercises in learning how not to do things. For the past two days I've been getting very close to my final production system. The moulded weapons are getting close to what I want to produce, not quite there, but good enough to start combat testing with.

This particularly piece is a throwing dagger with a leaf pattern running up the [...]

One Does Not Simply Roll A Fumble...

A New Year, A New World Roundup

January came and went and it’s time to close our “New Year, New World” Blog Carnival. With a slow start, we still got a number of really cool – and in some cases very long – entries. Posts were, in chronological order: A New World, Part 1: The New Lands here at Enderra Why Colonize … Continue reading A New Year, A New World Roundup →

How and Where I Write - February RPG Blog Carnival

As the one-year anniversary of my return to creative writing and tentative foray into blogging approaches, I offered to host this month's Blog Carnival: How and Where I Write and/or Game Prep. 
Thanks to Johnn Four for helming this project.

Years ago, I tried to be a Writer, without much success. I wrote some short stories and essays, even getting a few published. I think my crowning achievement was winning the Romance category in the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest, in spite of the fact that I have never read a romance novel in my life. But apparently I was [...]

Hoard of the Dragon Queen, pillaged.

Note: For those of you that pretend that you don’t read anything online about adventures you’re playing, this is the “required”alert that this post contains spoilers. So be prepared to take notes. Ifyou are the only person left in the universe that actually avoids information about adventures you’re an active player in, I’m going to talk about the content of the adventure so leave now.

I ran Hoard of the Dragon Queen at my local game store the past several months. Last night my players closed it out. Run as a public play adventure, I had a revolving cast of players [...]

Malaise -- D&D 5e Wizard Spell

Aspell to inject into your game through a scroll for a one-time use. Could also be used by Warlocks and Sorcerers.


6th-level necromancy

Casting Time: 1 action Range: 60 feet Components: V, S Duration: Instantaneous

Necromantic energy washes over a creature of your choice that you can see within range, draining vitality from it. The creature must make a Constitution saving throw. On a failed save the creature rolls a d4 and gains the level of exhaustion indicated by the roll. Malaise cannot inflict a level of exhaustion beyond 5. This spell has no effect on undead or constructs.

Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game 2nd Edition in April & New Lady Blackbird Sequel!

Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Boxed Set (Image: David Petersen/Boom Studios/Archaia Entertainment)

Boom Studios. Die Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game 2nd Edition soll im kommenden April unter dem Label Archaia Entertainment als Hardcover und Box Set erscheinen. Muse und andere anthropomorphe Helden stehen im Mittelpunkt der Comic-Geschichten von David Petersen.

Mit dem Erscheinen der berarbeiteten Ausgabe des dazugehrigen Rollenspiels setzt er nun die erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit Luke Crane (Burning Wheel RPG, Torchbearer RPG) fort. 2009 gewann die erste Edition den Origins Award in der Kategorie "Best Role-Playing Game".

Die Box soll $69.99 kosten. Fr das 320-seitige Hardcover sind $34.99 vorgesehen. (via: ICv2.com)

Magister Lor (Image: John [...]

What's a Quarterstaff?

Take a look at the weapon's table - a quarterstaff weighs four pounds.
LARP staff. Best I could find
Looking at my own rattan practice staff, which is your traditional 6' long, 1.13" diameter lightweight stick, you're looking at about 1.35 lbs. That's a density of about a quarter-pound per foot, or about 0.52 g/cm3.

An oak staff of similar thickness would be about half again as heavy (0.75 g/cm3), and probably weigh about 900g, or about two pounds. Still two pounds short. Lignum vitae, the densest wood, might come in at about 3.3 lbs.

Increasing the diameter to a full 1.5" (quite stout) has the bigger impact, of course. Rattan would be 2.4 lbs, oak 3.4 lbs, and finally, hickory or LV would be 3.8 and 5.5 lbs, respectively. You could get certain kinds of teak to be betweeen 4-5.5lbs if you looked for pretty exotic woods.

Anyway, so your typical six-foot combat staff is probably 2-3.5 lbs of pure wood, which leaves 0.5 - 2 lbs of . . . what?

An alternate answer is that the quarterstaff in basic is not a six-foot "bo" type staff - which from some limited research of European weapons, it was not. More like seven to nine feet. George silver distinguished between the quarterstaff at 7-8 feet and the long staff . . . at 12 feet.

Now, a 7.5' long 1.44" staff, gripped at the back and the first quarter (one of the possible etymologies [...]

10 Days Before A King

It had been a busy and long week for Jaren and his cohort, Sarosh.  Indira, of coarse, helped run the schedule and kept people showing up on time, where ever it was they were supposed to go. In nine days, they all worked elbow to elbow moving the closest of Sons Associates and friends to the coastal city of Nimbus. Any one they transported carried a folding barrel full of arms from the  VanFleet Lost Armory of Antiquity, packing in arms and armor for 500 soldiers (detailed in its own post), though much of it was some what mismatched, coming from several different eras of the world. Any and all followers who wished it were taken to Nimbus, and most went. Nearly all surviving bards, none to many as they were, rallied to Dalia Toma and her mentor, Filis Fey, where they helped lead the experts like Pippen Toma, and the cinder block tailor family, and even a handful of craftsmen who had come to take pride in building for Jaren and his draconic heritage. All these worthy masters of craft would find great position in Nimbus, all according to plan. A few stayed behind, such as the Pauchards at [...]

HJRP1408 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 14 Episode 08


Your hosts: Stu, CADave and Tim

This episode is sponsored by easyrollerdice.com. You can snag 10% off all products right now and that means you can grab the giant 105 count bag of factory-first dice that comes with a velvet bag for less than $23. Shipping is also always free in the USA. Enter code: happyjacks at checkout and save 10% now.

Show Notes! Simon writes in to ask if a newby player should attempt to GM. We offer him some advice and encouragement. Goodmush ask about getting a player in a lone wolf Mongoose Traveller game more directly involved in the [...]

1d10 Random Waste Land Adventure Locations Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

There are places all throughout the wastelands that offer adventurers looting opportunities, weird locations perfect for a party to stumble upon. Places where wizards as well as artifacts of super science are still held just waiting for adventurers. Here then are a host of adventure locations where your adventurers might find deep dangers. Locations of high adventure and terror. 1d10

UD186: YICG -- Bad Movies/Good Games Round 1

This week we turn negatives into positives! Round one of Yea I Can Game That – Bad Movies/Good Games!

Day One: What's Available and What's Missing

Send to Kindle

I posted about the WR&M Renaissance a couple days ago and invited anyone and everyone to post something in the first twelve days of February. I am going to try to post something on all twelve days. Today, I'm going to start with making WR&M your own.

From the srd, here is what Michael Wolf says about making WR&M your own:

I can't stress this enough: make WR&M your own. GMs and players are encouraged to bring their own ideas to the table. Add new lands, create new monsters, change the rules, write up your own spells. Whatever suits your fancy, do it. A lot of creativity went into the production of the game, but it definitely shouldn't end there! This book contains several optional rules that you can use, but you can of course add your own house rules as well. And if you think there's something critical or just very cool missing from the game, let us know!

As someone that combinedfour different versions of D&D and Battletech into an ongoing campaign, I appreciate the spirit of doing whatever suits my fancy. Looking at what others have made, this spirit shines through. Some games use the same basic rules, but change the name of the game by renaming the three attributes. For example, There is no Pulp WR&M, instead you have Resolute, Adventurer & Genius. (Still looking for a more completePointman, Hacker & Thief).Some go in totally different directions genre-wise, like Senshei, Henshen & Mayo. I really do hope that this project gets finished mostly because it is something outside my experience in RPGs. Main Sequence eschews the name Soldier, Agent & Tech to give you Sci-Fi, including Ship Creation rules. (Awesome!)

To be totally different, R.E. Davis made a more crunchy game called REWIRED that changes the core mechanic [...]

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