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Another RAM upgrade done (a bit messily)

The number of visitors keeps growing so we’ve made another RAM update (yay, more expenses). The results from searching and listing functionalities were again starting to conk out during peak hours, but that should be fixed for a good while.

The upgrade induced some problems for about a day, with search results showing up without their title – but the search index was fully repopulated some hours ago. Old server is old (and not officially supported any more), though we’re still hoping to redo the site using more modern tech.

More uses for those pesky Loom Bands?

If you've got a child aged between 10 and 15 you will have probably been unable to avoid the current craze of "Loom Bands".  These tiny multicoloured rubber bands are intended to be woven together, in a form of phsychedelic macrame, to make friendship bracelets and other strap like objects.

But they have a far more useful use...  as wound markers for your tabletop miniature games!!

Loom Bands make great wound markersThey're stupidly cheap (1000 for about 3), you can find them just about everywhere at the moment and come in an astonishing array of colours.  [...]

Campaign Chunk -- The Vaults of Dunfur

Dunfur is a small estate. Nothing special about it when compared to other nearby locations. It’s owning family , the Dunfers, have lived there for almost 120 years and although some of the outlying lands have been sold for various reason, the core are has always remained in the family.

One family tradition is that any family who have died and their body can be recovered safely is interred in the family vault. The vault is very large and goes under the mansion that sits in the center of the estate. A death some 20 years ago which opened the vault [...]

Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd Edition - Core Book (video)

My review of the core book for the 2nd Edition of Advance Fighting Fantasy.

Wonder Woman Wednesday...

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice


I was reading Gavin Norman’s post on spell research and did not manage to leave a comment. That’s what I hate about blogs these days. Too often, leaving a comments has become too complicated. So now I’m posting it here. I wanted to offer an idea for spell research (which doesn’t happen in my campaign) that works like my chase rule. It’s a 2d6 test with a table of drawbacks. For example:

Research: If you're nearly done, roll 2d6. On a 2, it explodes, destroying much of your glass wares (500 gp) and setting back your research. On a 3--6, you are suffering delays. You need another week. On a 7--9, choose two points from the list. On a 10--11 choose one point. One a 12, you succeeded, no problem.

  • you need a specimen of a magical creature; choose one of aboleth, barnacle man, chimera, displacer beast, ettercap, unicorn
  • the intended range is drastically reduced; pick one lower than what you hoped for: 60 feet, 20 feet, touch, self
  • the spell’s deadly energy is spread out; double the radius and deal one third of the damage, deal one die of damage per round, it goes off in 1d4 rounds instead of right now
  • the effect is partial; invisibility only works for you but not the things you are wearing, flying only works in the absence of wind, opened doors are broken
  • the effect is flashy when it was intended to be subtle; the detection of lies work because angry ghosts appear to accuse the liars, invisibility works but you you give off a pungent cinnamon fume, the transformation works but you always end up covered in blood as you are turned inside out for a second
  • the powerful spell is tainted by demonic powers; every time you cast it, abyssal side effects happen

The list of [...]

Symbaroum: A Swedish Roleplaying Game

Jrnringen. Alter Schwede, was geht denn hier ab? Die Franzosen (In Nomine Satanis, Shadows of Esteren) machen tolle Rollenspiele, die Schweden (Kult, Mutant Chronicles) knnen es scheinbar auch. Jetzt gibt es dort das Fantasy-Fantasyrollenspiel Symbaroum zu bewundern.

Symbaroum (Image: Jrnringen)

Die Sache hat natrlich einen Haken. Schwedisch beherrschen wohl die Allerwenigsten. Doch wer nach dieser Augenweide keine Lust hat herauszufinden, worum es geht? Der hat vermutlich entweder Tomaten oder Aventurien und Lorakis auf den Augen.

Auch das Layout wirkt aufgerumt und ansehnlich.

Symbaroum (Image: Jrnringen)

Aber worum geht es eigentlich?

“The game is named after the ancient, now dead civilization of Symbaroum, and takes place [...]

Demon: Lore of Ghosts

Speak With The DeadYou may speak and see any wraiths currently in twilight within the local area for the next hour so long as you could see them with your naked eye if they had materialised.
Action: Instant.
Cost: None.
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult + Ghosts (- Resolve for high torment).
High Torment: You can force the wraith to truthfully answer questions equal to successes.

Summon the DeadYou can call either a single named wraith (must be their real name) who are haunting a space within a mile of you OR you can summon all local wraiths within 100 feet x Faith of you.  [...]

Season 6 Episode 14 - Fantasical Realism

Welcome to Season 6 Episode 14 of RPG Circus
Episode Topics

  • Twlight 2013/Relfex Game Publishing
  • Realism vs Gameplay


  • Jeff
  • Ben
  • Max

Show Links

  • 2014 Ennie Voting Open Until July 30.
  • KS: Tact-Tiles: Modular Wet and Dry Erase Gaming Surface
  • KS: TsunamiCon 2014 Wichita's Premier Tabletop Gaming Convention
  • KS: Resin Terrain for Miniature Gaming
  • KS: RPG Mini Mods - Role Playing Games Mini Modules
  • KS: Tanks of WWI in 28mm by Trenchworx
  • KS: Dungeon Crawl Classics: Peril on the Purple Planet
  • KS: DMB Games 3D Dungeon & Wargame Sceney
  • KS: Snow White - An Adventure for Pathfinder RPG and D&D 3.5
  • KS: Fantasy Coins! Hand minted!


Champions -- The Feytouched and the Imaginal Wars

The Imaginal Realms – the astral reflections of ideals, cultures, and beliefs – simmer around any sapient race, in constant turmoil as cultures – and even popular superstitions and fads – rise and fall. Many such nexi are transient, or are associated with actual persons, places, or things through which their energies may be expressed – and grounded out. Those which achieve some semblance of enduring unity but lack such a physical focus… manifest within the astral.

The more… aware… of such entities engage in something of a competition; the more humans who think about a particular being or realm, the [...]

Social Contracts - Your Game Might Need This

Table Top Role Playing is a strange beast. It is a game. It is something people do for fun. In a very real way it is just "pretendy fun time stories" and as such not something that you should get too worked up over in any negative way. And yet, at the same time it is almost 100% pure social interaction. The game itself may be pretendy fun time stories, but how it works is by friends sitting around a table, talking, and through their creations opening themselves up to each other. Because of this, especially when you are doing [...]

potelbat Ep. 57 "I Was Once a Master"

We are happy to return you to our regularly scheduled programming, just as soon as we figure out what that is.

With that in mind, @Vladepsyker wants to know how to go about forming a Master / Apprentice relationship between two characters in the party.

So, yeah, why not answer that? It’s not as easy as it seems in the first place.

For example, what do you do about the difference in power levels?

What about the rest of the party while the story focuses on those two?

Should there even BE a ‘rest of the party’?

And how can you go about making the Mentor [...]

Review: D&D 5e Starter Set

First Impressions

At first, and after much discussion on the Haste Podcast, I was really confused as to who the starter set was actually aimed at. I was convinced it wasn’t for me. I had originally thought that the set was mainly aimed at new players, fledgeling DMs, and the “D&D-curious”. Which, it totally is. However, the assumption that veterans like myself had no business with it was dead wrong. After spending a lot of time with the starter set I have come to the conclusion that the starter set is in fact, good for just about anyone who can appreciate [...]

MA #8 Temple of Selig is Open for Business

The 8th micro-adventure Temple of Selig is posted at my Patreon page.  Go grab a copy.  It is a part of the micro-sandbox, Misanthrope Islands or is can be used alone.  I've added a player's map so if a GM wants to use it on-line they don;t have to worry about numbers or critters popping up.  I think its a cool, but very dangerous adventure.  It also has a few cool magic items.  I hope you enjoy it.

Open letters to con organizers: Tabletop Gaming is important

I have been thinking about this one for the longest time. Two major local cons: FandomFest (Louisville, KY) and ScareFest (Lexington, KY) have effectively removed all gaming from their program. In one case, gaming = board gaming, in the other gaming = mini-demos in vendor booths.

Perhaps I was particularly lucky in Denver where gaming cons were... well... dedicated to gaming. No panels, no massive vendor room (although there were some), no distractions. Heck! There even was Con Jr. where the kids could get groomed to do gamer-like activities! You went there for one thing: TO GAME.

Dear local [...]

Silver Screen Smackdown- Movie Review of Snowpiercer

Movie- Snowpiercer



Basics-We’ve fixed global warming by freezing the world solid! In Snowpiercer, almost no humans remain after a plot to fix global warming results in freezing the world to death, and those that do survive on a train. The train is divided into two sections: those in the head, and those in the tail. Those in the tail are second class citizens who must scratch out an existence in a hard life while those in the front live in the lap of luxury. Our hero Curtis is starting a revolution to bring equality to the train. What [...]

Tuesday Magic Item -- Cassa's Medallion

I idly flipped the medallion over and over in my hand, the chessboard design on the back appearing and disappearing to be replaced by the stylized pawn.

Then something changed, as the designs flashed by.

I stopped and slowed turned it over, now instead of a pawn, it was showing a bishop.

Cassa’s Medallion

These unusual items are crafted by or for lovers of games and adventure, they are made from a silver or gold coin that had been won through gambling. On one side, there is a chessboard pattern, on the other a pawn, though that can change.

The wearer of this amulet gains [...]

It's not the chest that's trapped... Steal this Trap

This is an entry for a contest -- tell us about one of your traps...!

Some players and GM’s may feel that this trap encounter is “dirty pool”. I prefer to think of it as teaching the party a lesson in teamwork and dependence. This works best when playing with miniatures so there can be no argument as to character’s locations. The encounter itself goes something like this. . .

The party has just defeated a monstrous foe in the dungeon of doom. They begin to scour the room for treasure and at the back of the room, sitting on the floor [...]

Become a Martial Arts expert in Swordsman

Perfect World Entertainment Inc announced that Swordsman has officially launched in North America and Europe. With this launch comes new player content -- notably the Demon Pit, allowing players a new way to fight and earn the best equipment in the game -- as well as a patch streamlining the player experience. In the monthlong Open Beta, Swordsman players began the quarrel between the Bandits and Mercenaries accumulating over 231,000 PVP kills. Players have also traveled far in the world of Jianghu as they have glided an equivalent of five laps around the globe and walked on water a total of 19 one-way trips from San Francisco to Tokyo across the Pacific Ocean.

"It's been a true joy bringing Swordsman to Western players," said Yoon Im, Senior VP of Games Publishing at Perfect World Entertainment. "Swordsman is already a beloved title in China, and we are thrilled to bring this work inspired by the writings of Louis Cha to a whole new world of players."

Swordsman is a free-to-play martial arts and wuxia-inspired MMORPG, set in the rich universe based on the immensely popular wuxia novels of award-winning novelist Louis Cha, who has sold over 100 million books worldwide. As a disciple of one of Swordsman's ten class-defining martial art schools, players begin their journey to master legendary fighting skills by engaging in fierce action-packed combat with members of rival schools and the powerful Ming government.

The Extra Lives Show: Episode Zero(point)Two!

Join the Kyles this week as we talk more DOOM, kickflips in OlliOlli, how to pronounce Anachronox, Google’s cool billion spent on twitch,and of course Risk of Rain. All this and MORE!!!!! State of the Podcast Things are coming along nicely. Kyle and I have loosened up a little bit and are starting to have [...]

Ring Side Report-Board Game Review of Fleet

Game- Fleet

Producer- Gryphon Games

Price-$25 here

Set-Up/Play/Clean-Up- 45 Min (2-4 players)

TL;DR- Fish meeples for the win! 90%


Basics- Hit the high seas for some cold cash! In Fleet, you take the role of a sea captain on a newly opened sea trying to make the most money fishing. What makes this game unique is the nature of the cards. There are two types of cards: licenses and boats. You must have a license to fish. These licenses also give you extra abilities like drawing extra cards, using fish (points) to buy more cards, or cards being cheaper. Licenses also give you more of [...]

Firefall is finally here

Red 5 Studios, Inc. announced today that Firefall, the open-world, massively multiplayer online (MMO) shooter, is officially available in North America, Europe, and Australia for the PC platform through Steam and Firefall.com.

"We designed Firefall to be our dream game, and now the team at Red 5 Studios is humbled and thrilled to see this dream become a reality with the launch of Firefall today," said James Macauley, CEO of Red 5 Studios. "Firefall is built from the ground up to be a true AAA MMO experience which allows players to explore a post-apocalyptic Earth through a well-narrated campaign and engage various threats through action-packed, skill-based combat."

In Firefall, players will wage war against an invading force known as the Chosen. Outfitted with customizable military-grade battleframes, players will be able to collect resources and equipment as well as craft their own upgraded arsenal of weapons and abilities. Players will also have the ability to switch battleframes and explore a different play-style at their leisure without having to create a brand new character every time.

In addition to the campaign missions, quests, and dynamic world events, players will also have the opportunity to challenge one another on a brand-new PvP continent. Known as the Broken Peninsula, players will be able to engage other players in an attempt to secure valuable resources and territory control. Firefall is completely free-to-play, with opportunities to purchase cosmetic and convenience upgrades. Special Firefall Launch Packs are available for purchase, which include items ranging from an exclusive multiplayer vehicle to a digital soundtrack and a concept art-book.

Special Launch Packs:
Digital Deluxe Edition – $99.99
- Exclusive 2-person all-terrain vehicle
- All 11 available advanced battleframes unlocked
- Exclusive battleframe warpaint
- 90 days of VIP membership
- 200 Red Beans (for in-game purchases)
- Downloadable soundtrack [...]

Tavern Radio is Live

Yep, the Tavern Radio website is live. I'd have more to say, but four pints and three shots for my 47 birthday (which is tomorrow but who is really paying attention?)

Thank God I was sober last night when we recored episode one...

"Hideous monsters arise..."

Here is a scan of page 6 of Holothom – The World Base. The 3rd of 4 pages of historical timeline.

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"The Dwarves reveal themselves..."

Here is a scan of page 5 of Holothom – The World Base. It continues with the list of historical events.

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"The Underground War escalates..."

Here is a scan of page 4 of Holothom – The World Base. This is part of a listing of historical events that took place.

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[Let's Study Achtung! Cthulhu Keeper's Guide] Part 4: Planes, Trains and Things That Go Bang

Today we’re looking at the vehicles, transportation and gear chapter of the Achtung! Cthulhu Keeper’s Guide.

A counterpart of the Player’s Guide equipment chapter, this one talks about the big stuff. Keeping with the Achtung! Cthulhu standard, the chapter is extensive, going over a great number of vehicles from airplanes, to tanks and stranger things from the various factions of the war.

Each entry has a beefy entry talking about how they look and what they were used for, and each vehicle also has a corresponding entry in the rules, in the form of tables detailing their statistics.

Needless to say, this is [...]

InSpectres Support Material

I got InSpectres, a game by Jared A. Sorenson. I’ve been spending time with it, trying to understand how it works. Here is a sample of play I generated; it covers character generation, franchise generation, and the first two missions.

InSpectres Sample Game

I also created a character sheet and a franchise sheet that fit my own aesthetic and play style better.

InSpectre Sheet

InSpectre Franchise Sheet

GM Reference, InSpectres

On the GM reference, I included house rules for advancing the characters (in a way that I feel honors the spirit and flat advancement rate of the game.) The other house rule is to take money [...]

Getting caught up

My last post from some months ago focused on what I had hoped were some new insights into the Tyranid codex.  Naturally, my experience with the list over the last few months has proven me 100% correct.  Please forgive my gloating; I don't get to be this emphatically correct this often.
Strategic redundancy really is the name of the game here.  I played a small, local tournament in April and took first place with a list that focused on this to a tee.  3 one-beast Carnifex Broods supported by 3 one-beast Venomthrope broods; massive Synaptic coverage thanks to the Synaptic [...]

Kratos: Examine Remains

dollhouse ep0 : Orpheus


Everyone dies.
For some it's age.  For others, it's sickness.  Or accident.  Or murder.  Or choice.  But given all these deaths, there are times when the resulting death still requires one's attention.    Perhaps a last conversation is still needed with the one who passed on.  Or perhaps the ghost is terrorizing the home.   Or answers are sought for questions only those beneath the grave can say.

episode 144 -- Put on your Mask and Improvise!

Episode 144 with your hosts, Mike and Liz! This week Mike talks about Unframed – a new book by engine publishing, Liz talks about a new board game she FINALLY got the chance to try and finally, Liz grills Mike about how on earth does she fit character backgrounds into your obviously well polished game!? As always your feedback and comments are greatly welcomed!

Geeky Week!


  • Liz has mainly been running 13th Age – now on hiatus
  • M15 is out! Woo!
  • L5R – a new town, a new PC, and new problems...
  • Liz is getting excited about Doomtown: Reloaded!


Mike's Topic!

Mike reviews Unframed - The Art [...]

"Hideous monsters arise..."

Here is a scan of page 6 of Holothom – The World Base. The 3rd of 4 pages of historical timeline.

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July of Adventure - El Fin

Babbling at the Counter #52 - Blog

July of Adventure - El Fin

Ok, so today, we are closing up our second event, July of Adventure. Hope you all have found it fun, and check out the event page to make sure you didn't miss any post! Until the next event!

- The Storeman

Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd Edition - Introduction (video)

Introducing my forthcoming series of Advanced Fighting Fantasy reviews with a brief talk about my history with AFF.

Why I Hate Traveller 5 In One Easy Concept

It's the return of Traveller Tuesday!

Most of you know that I and several confederates savaged the Traveller5 rules last year. Perhaps some of you (I'm looking at you, Faoladh) felt I was being unfair in my assessment of it.  At this point, I believe I wasn't harsh enough, and will explain how I came to this conclusion.

T5 introduces the concept of Extensions for planetary systems. Those Extensions are listed as Importance, Economic, and Cultural.  A picture is included for the Kinorb system from The Traveller Map as an example of how they are [...]

Mad Max 4 - Fury Road Comic-Con Trailer

There's only one word for it...


Another Jeffro Retrospective

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it needs to be said again and attention drawn to it. Some of the most important Appendix N analysis going on today is being done by Jeffro over at Castalia House publishing.

With a new edition out and the game some 40 years out from its humble origins, this work is almost that of a literary archaeologist. So removed we are from the game’s textual origins, we may have forgotten why the game is the way it is.

Whether you’re curious about the books that shaped gaming or looking to step your game up when [...]

Never Just A Cave

If you’re going to use a natural cave as a dungeon setting, don’t let it be “just another cave.” Don’t make yet another featureless, gray-stone cavern. Do some research! Make it exciting! Make it memorable! Work those set pieces!

Original Link
Izi Travel: 15 Most Beautiful Caves

There are some great photos here, and more are just a Google Image Search away. And if you want to more information about the individual caves, I’ve gone ahead and linked relevant Wikipedia (or other) articles where I found them.

Georgia – Deepest cave in the world
Wikipedia: Krubera Cave

Wikipedia: Melissani Cave

France – caves [...]

The "notes" from our first Dungeon World Game

I think I need to go see somebody.
I'm not sure this is what the designers attended.Shrug
Thanks for stopping in!

Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons is Weird

The new D&D is weird.  It's this Frankenstein's monster of old games.  When you peer into it, there bits and pieces from past D&Ds scattered around.
I'm sitting here with rulebooks piled up on my desk - everything from Moldvay to Pathfinder, trying to figure out what makes 5e tick, and why it ticks in the way it does.
For anyone who's played a bit of D&D over the past 40 years, the archaeology can be confusing.  Some things are so similar to our favorite versions of D&D, and some things are not.  It can look broken and strange at [...]

The End of a Personal D&D era.

I have pretty pristine copies of AD&D second edition considering  their age and amount of use. The day I bought them I made cardboard book sleeves for them and to this day they rest in those sleeves. Sure the  PHB has a few bent corners and a bit of  yellow here and there, and perhaps the  Monster manual was dropped a few times, but all in all I have seen worse on store shelves.
I treated them better than I treated my  poor old Basic rules cyclopedia, and the hardcovers have held up better than the red or blue [...]

Trap Tuesday (Wonders of NaeraCull): Wrath of the Effigy

Wrath of the Effigy CR 2 The Stone Sentinels of NaeraCull are mounted upon the southwest side of a steeply inclined mountain face. There are several natural outcroppings and ledges that dot the landscape as well as piles of eroded debris and large boulders; trap takes place on that mountain face. Type magical; […]

The post Trap Tuesday (Wonders of NaeraCull): Wrath of the Effigy appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.


Bops are a magical creation similar to golemns or homunculi that were created by an ancient twisted sorcerer to serve as guards and watchmen over his lair and treasures.

After his death, a team of delvers sacked the lair and with heavy looses, finally defeated the guardians and then proceeded to loot the place clean.

That would have been the end of it, but during the looting, the party's mage found the sorcerer's spellbook. It contained instructions on how to create more of the insidious fiends.
The mage then made copies and sold the spell to other [...]

Unearthed Errata: The Akashic

by Tim Wallace and Tarnah Wright

The akashic first appeared in Arcana Unearthed, Monte Cook's variant D&D 3.0 system, and then was updated to 3.5 in Arcana Evolved (where I was introduced to it). I don't know whether it was its versatility or its mystic background, the class clicked with me; despite my never getting a chance to play it. When I decided to start converting bits of Arcana Evolved to Pathfinder on this blog, I knew that the akashic needed to be near the top of that list. --T. W.

AkashicSome call it the Astral Plane. But others know it [...]

D&D Next, My First Session

Last night Rob Conley ran a 5e session.  It's the first time we played the system since its 'release'.  We played two or three sessions in various stages of the playtest.

We used Roll20 and Google Hangouts.  They had 5e character sheets for Roll20.  There were very cool, some of the buttons didn't work, but over all it helped.  The only problem I had was the sheet covered the map.  So I had to keep closing/shrinking then reopen it.  It would be great if Roll20 could get to where we could use two screens.

The game itself, was [...]

D&D 5e: The Bard is Back!

... and you're going to be in trouble.

Yesterday, Wizards of the Coast leaked details of the Bard. which has gotten a bit of an upgrade since the play test. Bard love is back in D&D.


DnD 5e: The Bard is Back!

... and you're going to be in trouble.

Yesterday, Wizards of the Coast leaked details of the Bard. which has gotten a bit of an upgrade since the play test. Bard love is back in D&D.

Souce: Paizo PublishingThis class is now one of the most versatile of all the classes listed in the Player's Handbook. The Bard now gets 4 Spells and 2 Cantrips right at level 1. She can choose any 3 skills.  The College of Lore allows a broad ranges of skill proficiency while the College of Valor adds additional melee options. Add a high [...]

Interviews -- Ep 13 -- Erik Carl

Special Guest -Erik Carl Topic:I had the great pleasure of sitting down with my good friend, host and Executive Producer of Metagamers Anonymous, and patriarch of the Prismatic Tsunami community, Erik Carl. We discussed gaming with kids and his latest venture, TsunamiCon! Support! Support! Support!     Media -   Be sure to check out [...]

Star Wars Is Back Where It Belongs...

No disrespect to Dark Horse - they've done an amazing job with the Star Wars license for decades - but I grew up with the Marvel Star Wars comics, that came out with the original movies, and so am squeeing nostalgicly that come January we'll be getting Marvel Star Wars comics again. I'm hoping for a return to the childlike innocence of the old comics - without being childish (which
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