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Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day 2015

Good day, good people (and lawful & chaotic ones too.)

It has been some time since we have had a Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day.  It's high time that it happens again!  It is not secret that I love S&W (the amount of time that I spend working on Goldenrod should be an indication.)  I think that S&W Appreciation Day should be an annual event.  Therefore, I have spoken with +Matt Finch and +Erik Tenkar (who has no intention of nearly killing himself organizing this again) and taken on the privilege (burden?) of hosting S&W App. I will be hosting a [...]

Art -- No Country for Old Kobolds

This piece was created to be the cover of a Dungeon World hack focused on Kobolds.

The rest of this guy’s stuff is just as awesome. Check it out:http://mrockefeller.tumblr.com/

Not dead, just busy

Sorry I haven't been posting much. I had two projects with serious deadlines (now down to just one) and one long-term project. Between those, and Blue Collar Prepping, my time is mostly gone.

Speaking of BCP, check out today's post for some prepper-style April Foolery.

Face Off

I've been watching the practical special FX tv show on the Syfy channel from the beginning, back when they still called themselves Sci-Fi.  Since I love older science fiction, horror, and fantasy movies and tv shows that used those sort of non-CGI effects, it's always been a pleasure to see.

Last night was no different.  Although, there was one concept that totally blew me away.*  It spoke to me in that creepy voice you only hear in a nightmare.  While Adam wasn't able to fully realize his vision, that concept drawing was everything I love.  Ironically, that makeup [...]

Announcing an even Gothier Version of the World of Darkness---Now with More Historical Angst!

Today on Fish Fool's, Onyx Path Publishing is thrilled to announce an exciting change. Inspired by the success of the Dark Eras Kickstarter, the company has decided to overhaul every classic and new World of Darkness game in their catalog and will transport the entire line back to the nineteenth century, during the height of Gothic literature's popularity, to add Historical Angst!

"I was so impressed with the enthusiasm we got from fans, I turned to our developers after the Kickstarter was over and asked them if we should skip the modern day crap and focus on a more intriguing period [...]

Abernathy's Crossing


The sleepy burg of Abernathy's Crossing sits some distance south of the lake, yet it is no river-ford.  In fact, the eponymous "crossing" refers not to a physical crossing, but a metaphysical one.

Retired artillery captain Woolbert Abernathy, in his later years, "got religion" and gathered around himself quite a fervent following.  Abernathy was less a priest and more a spiritualist - he claimed to be able to see ghosts, talk to his followers' deceased relatives, and so forth.  He made a small fortune from followers and clients, and founded a village out on [...]

Weird Wednesday (Duty in Drak'kal): Undying Dino

Undying Dino CR 3 XP 800 Persistent NE haunt (10-ft-radius circle in the basement of the Drunken Bear tavern) Caster Level 3rd Notice Perception DC 19 (to hear the beast's rasp) hp 13; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day Effect When this haunt is triggered, the undying dino erupts from the aether, slashing out at […]

The post Weird Wednesday (Duty in Drak’kal): Undying Dino appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

Skin Game

Very belatedly, I finished reading Jim Butcher's Skin Game last night; the 15th and most recent entry in the Dresden Files series, of which I've long been a pretty big fan.  It's unusual for me to be so late in reading an entry in this series (coming up on nearly a year since it was first released) and it's unusual in that I read it very slowly; actually, I had been only about half way through it for the better part of four weeks when I got stuck in a repair shop waiting on new tires, a front end alignment, and [...]

Let's Play a Game: Competing Adventuring Parties

Not an April Fools’ thing.

(First round of recruitment is open, and ends April 7th. Leave a comment with your choice of divine patron to indicate your interest in joining the game.)

(A more thorough rules document will be forthcoming.)

I’ve been thinking off and on about how I could create something more — interactive — on my blog. Several ideas collided in my head this morning.

First I thought of a cooperative dungeon crawl with “adopted” PCs so players could drop in and out at will. That seemed fine until I realized it’d be easy to muck up, and how I might [...]

Pallas 1: Landing

The approach to the Mun has been set up, so it’s just final adjustments to the Munar orbit, and then actually landing.

Find the full playlist here!

NUELOW Games titles are on sale at the usual outlets!

In observation of April Fools Day, all NUELOW Games releases are on sale at the usual outlets. Now is the perfect day to get that book or game supplement you've been on the fence about.

At RPGNow -- all of our listings are on sale!
Just one of the titles that are available!
At Wargame Vault -- all of our listings are on sale!
Just one of the titles that are available!
At DriveThru Comics -- all of our listings are on sale!
Just one of the titles that are available!

At DriveThru Fiction -- all of our [...]

April 1st -- The Silly Season

With the 1st of April once more upon us I had to find out what the latest practical jokes were being offered to the internet. It seems that the rapid expansion of the world wide web has led to April 1st being used as a media circus to promote things that sound plausible enough to […]

Altacia, City of the Dogmen (A to Z Challenge, A)


The Dogfolk did not appear in the ruins of the city of Altacia, once the stronghold of the Warrior’s cult before the Sundering, until a generation after the gods were cast down. What caused the spontaneous uplifting of the packs of wolves and wild dogs who prowled the ruins is unknown but since then, the city and surrounding area have been restored and the Dogfolk have thrived and expanded throughout the local region.

The city itself is a mixture of restored ancient buildings, surrounded by a belt of newer building that are often in the process of being rebuilt (though sometimes [...]

April A-Z Challenge, the preemptive version, or, phoning it in this month.

OK, so I've never quite done things in the right order, or with the cool kids, or whatever.

So when +Jim Magnusson suggested an A to Z dungeon project back in February, I said to myself, "Why not?"

So without any real planning or intent, I gamely hammered out my 26 entries - rooms, critters, magic items, and NPCs in, roughly, a month. I don't recommend this methodology.

So here they are, for anyone who happens upon this page...and wants to save the effort of waiting for the next 30 days to see how it all pans out...

RPG Tag | R4I

Time to kick of a tag video with a bunch of RPG related questions. I can’t wait to hear you’re replies!

Here are the questions:
1. What was the first system you played?
2. First character
3. Favorite system
4. Favorite character you’ve played (PC for player or NPC for GM)
5. Least favorite character you’ve played (PC for player or NPC for GM)
6. Favorite world
7. Favorite Die (Specific die or type)
8. Miniatures or theater of the mind
9. Worst critical glitch or failure in game
10. Best/Favorite critical success in game 11. Favorite class/type of character to [...]

March Update | R4I

March is here, time for another update video!

Women & TableTop Gaming

There have been a number of videos discussing how to introduce more women to tabletop gaming. Dawn shares her thoughts on the matter.

Music -- Amon Duul II, Toxicological Whispering

DEX Bonus Maxima for Armor?

I've seen stuff like this before, with men in full harness climbing stairs and doing some basic gymnastics.

It does make me think that the DEX penalties for wearing certain types of armor, especially very, very expensive and tailored plate harness, are overstated.

I wonder if, instead of a maximum DEX bonus for Medium armor and no DEX bonus for Heavy armor, if instead you just took a DEX penalty for wearing it, perhaps equal to the equivalent bonus you'd get from having the minimum STR needed to wear the armor (round up if you must).

So full plate, with its STR 15 requirement, would simply be -3 to DEX, or if you want, negate up to +3 in DEX boost). So your DEX 18 or DEX 20 warrior might still get a boost for being jumpy like a ferret on meth.*

This would, of course, muck about somewhat with Bounded Accuracy. A STR 15, DEX 20 guy with plate and shield would then have AC 22 instead of 20, and with magical armor and/or shields, that could potentially get pretty high.

Not sure I'd mod the game, but I saw the first video and thought (as I often do) that the notion of how limiting properly fitted armor is really could use with more dispelling.

Not that some armors aren't limiting. But good ones that you pay a fortune for? Probably not.

*Gaming Ballistic does not endorse or condone feeding [...]

Another Lankhmar Update: Don't Forget Savage Worlds LANKHMAR!

Earlier this week, I shared my excitement that Goodman Games had acquired a license to release adventures that take place in Fritz Leiber's classic Lankhmar/Nehwon setting. Toward the end of the post, I mentioned that Pinnacle Entertainment Group's Savage Worlds role playing game was the only other game that I thought had the potential to capture the Sword & Sorcery feel of the setting. When I wrote that, I knew that Pinnacle was planning to release their own Lankhmar related products, but I did not know when that release would occur.

Now I do. The Savage Worlds setting book [...]

A-Z Challenge - A is for Arockalypse Demon

If you're hear because of Blogging A-Z, welcome! If you're one of my regulars,welcome! If you just stumbled upon this blog randomly, welcome! I'm a welcoming guy. I'm Justin. I'm a geek, gamer, and librarian. This is my gaming blog. All of my posts for this A-Z are going to be related to the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game by Goodman Games. Inspired by the music of Finnish heavy metal

Director's Briefing -- April 2015

Welcome to the forty-sixth Briefing and the fourth scheduled Briefing for 2015. As a historical note, Terry Amthor reminded me that on this day (April 1st) thirty-five years ago that at a meeting in a Mexican restaurant in Charlottesville the original ICE was founded. It seems only fitting that we celebrate that anniversary with a new product launch!
Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn
This is the long-awaited Shadow World adventure module by Terry Amthor. Set in the heart of northern Rhakhaan on the continent of Jaiman, the Green Gryphon Inn is a welcome [...]

Professor Purrman Meowvilles Dice Tonic for Better Rolls

TableTop Game &Hobby, on the Kansas side of the Kansas City metro area, has a new product. -> Professor Purrman Meowvilles Dice Tonic for Better Rolls Check out Phil’s website, and if you live in the area or are passing through, check it out. Phil was a couple of years behind me in high school […]

Supernatural: The Purge

Given Supernatural's penchant for its overarching plotlines, the occasional old school "monster-of-the-week" episode serves to remind us that while the Winchesters are off fighting angels and demons, monsters are still abroad and need hunting! The Purge saw the Winchesters investigating a couple of bizarre murders where the fat was sucked out of the victims' bodies. A bit of legwork led them

Skill Monkey --- Fwoom! Fwoom!

What’s this?

A new Skill Monkey?

About Lightsabers?

What the heck is going on around here?

Ohhhh. It’s THAT day is it…

Well, maybe, since there’s a new Skill Monkey, you might like to go over to Patreon and pledge some support for things you’ve enjoyed, are currently enjoying, and might enjoy in the future. There’s no telling what might happen at the right levels.

iTunes Link.

Direct Download: http://archive.org/download/SkillMonkey27/Skill%20Monkey%2027.mp3


Languages and HOW!

Twomore (last for now?) tweaks to Heroes & Other Worlds before I’m ready to start running it.


Languages don’t count against the IQ limit on skills/spells known.

If youwantlanguages to be a big factor in your setting, it’s counter-productive to place a tight limit on how many languages a character can know. It’s even worse if knowing a language comes at the expense of a more practical skill. If Conan can learn to speak the local tongue wherever he goes, then that’s something I want player characters to be able to do.

This also means that if you’re using my skills raise attributes [...]

Critical Miss Chart

d20 roll Effect 1 Trip; DEX check (DC15), or -2 to combat rolls for 1d4 rounds 2 Stumble; DEX check (DC20), or -1 to combat rolls for 1d4 rounds 3 Fall: DEX check (DC25), or no attack next round and attacker gains Advantage 4 Knocked prone in current space taking 1d6 damage, no attack next round and attacker gains Advantage 5 DEX check (DC15), or no attack next round and attacker gains Advantage 6 DEX check (DC20), or no attack next round and attacker gains Advantage 7 Drop weapon, no attack next round 8 Weapon breaks 9 Hit Self: roll for half damage 10 Hit Self: roll for normal damage 11 Hit Self: critical (double damage) 12 Hit Ally: roll for half damage 13 Hit Ally: roll [...]

Doctor Who Day

Cover by Jake EkissWhile this kind of sounds like an April Fool's Day thing, this actual event is actual.  My small home town will be officially celebrating Doctor Who Day on April 4th.

It all started when someone convinced someone else that it would be a good idea to have an alternate cover of the the first issue of  "New Adventures with the Ninth Doctor" that features the Denton County Courthouse in Texas.  No clue why or who, but someone did it.  My FLGS, More Fun Comics and Games, made it happen, I think.

The idea snowballed, and "Doctor [...]

Where's My Next Meal Coming From?

Someone recently asked me how Bastion would feed itself, being a city of millions with only a backwards Deep Country and a few Failed Cities as potential trading partners.

It's easy! Again, look no further than the three principles of Bastion (Everything is Here, Everything is Complicated, Nobody Knows Who's in Charge). If you can think of an idea for feeding the city, somebody is doing it, and they have a dozen rivals with different approaches. By the time the food has come from source, gone through processing, been packed into a tin, and cooked up on a stove, [...]

Wall of Text

I am guilty of writing massive posts that fall under the heading of Walls of Text. I think I have some good ideas in there, and since I tend to write stream of consciousness usually with as few notes as possible, I end up with a massive wall of text. I came up with an […]

Datafiles: Fear Itself -- Odin All-Father

Of all the mighty of Asgard, one stands tallest. Odin son of Bor, lord of Asgard and father of Thor rules the realms of Yggdrasil and grants his boon or wrath on those he deems worthy or not. If you find yourself facing the lord of Asgard, your prayers may avail you not, for his temper is legendary and his wrath dreadful. There are many circumstances where facing Odin may be an endgame for heroes of the Marvel Universe.

In Fear Itself, Odin resigns himself to the loss of Midgard and stays out of the fight until the bitter end against [...]

Post-Apoc Movie Week: Day 3

Up for watching today is something I didn’t know existed until about a year ago – the 1982 remake of “She” starring Sandahl Bergman set in a post-apocalyptic world.

She (1982)

I managed to find an old VHS copy, but it has bad tracking issues and I don’t have the equipment to make it viewable (all I’ve got is a DVD / VHS combo unit without any sort of manual tracking adjustment).

So eventually turned to an “unofficial source.” Didn’t want to, but since never released on DVD in Region 1 had no other viable option. Would have gladly paid more for an [...]

'Pay What You Want' OSR Adventure Resource - The Howler For Your Old School Campaigns

Sometimes you need a low level but well done party crawl adventure and the 'Howler' delivers exactly that. It strikes a nice balance between a nice evenings adventure and a full blown delve into darkness. The PC's are going to be challenged here and really rolled in with some neat little challenges.J.V. West strikes a nice balance with his maps, art, and writing. The nice part about this

[HOW] Face Front, True Believers...

Just over a week ago I launched a Facebook group for the discussion of Heroes & Other Worlds, with the consent and support of the game's creator Chris Brandon.In that time we've already attracted over 20 members, but I know there are more of you out there!This is a fantastic little game, with a library of official support material, with sturdy mechanics that stand up to tweaking, houseruling

Here's a game, Your number is 5

Your Number is 5:

  • 2 or more players one of them is a GM.
    • If your character is bad at something  you roll 1d6
    • If your character is  OK at something you roll 1d8
    • If your character is  good at something you roll 1d10
    • If your character is  very good at something you roll 1d12.
      • To be successful you have to roll 5 or higher.
      • The higher you roll the better your character does at whatever.
      • The lower you roll under 5  (1-4) the  worse off your character is from whatever.

That's it.

Ground covered a thousand times before. I guess that makes this a boring post. I'm still [...]

April A-Z Challenge, the preemptive version... or phoning it in this month.

OK, so I've never quite done things in the right order, or with the cool kids, or whatever.

So when +Jim Magnusson suggested an A to Z dungeon project back in February, I said to myself, "Why not?"

So without any real planning or intent,  I gamely hammered out my 26 entries - rooms, critters, magic items, and NPCs in, roughly, a month. I don't recommend this methodology.

So here they are, for anyone who happens upon this page...and wants to save the effort of waiting for the next 30 days to see how it all pans out...

A: Altar of Set

"Snakes. Why does it always have to be snakes? Why aren't they ever pony cults?" Rathgar sighed as he surveyed the large chamber. Columns Intricately carved with coiled serpents supported the ribbed ceiling, while the walls were decorated with murals depicting every manner of snake, most of which were eating something.

Nimble arched his eyebrow "Do you really want to go hunt down a pony cult? Seriously, how horrific would that be as compared to this?"

Feris snickered while Alianora secured a rope to the banister railing. "The ceremony is due to start soon. We need to [...]

The Complete World of Greyhawk Setting

  With apologies to Gary Gygax, Steve Winter and Allen Hammack, here is a partial table of contents for each of the six missing volumes of the Savant-Sage's catalogue of the Flanaess: Volume I: A Guide to the World of AntiquityA History of Ancient Flannae RealmsProminent Olven & Dwur KingdomsMythologies of Pre-history  Volume II: A Guide to the World of Mystery Mysterious Places, Gates & Portals Artifacts and Relics of the FlanaessBestiary of Legendary Monsters Arcane Spell Casting Conventions  Volume IV: A Guide to the World of Dominion An Overview of Flanaess Military HistoryArmaments, Armor and Engines of War  An Examination of Laws, Politics & [...]

Open Notice to the Daily Caller, Weekly Standard, & National Review

I’ve apparently I can hang with the best ofyou:

If you need a tabletop games correspondent, feel free to add me to the payroll.

Upcoming Adventure: The Wrath of Zardax the Unbeatable

Coming soon!

The mighty wizard Zardax,  master of white magic, black magic, green magic, hell he's the master of all kinds of colour magic including but not limited to technicolor and smurple.  He's got a totally rad dungeon with smushing traps and weird riddles and ice warriors and things.  Also there is a totally sweet Ethereal Blade in there which is rad to the max.

Can your brave heroes best the wits of the mighty Zardax?  Can they escape his colour coded dungeon? Can you pay $7 for an adventure?  What if I got Scrap Princess to do [...]

Patreon Supported Adventures - The Teeth

  1. Journey Through the Teeth
  1. Disclaimer
This Adventure serves as a world set-up for a longer sea-based adventure that I have been writing for the patron for the last month. Since March has been rather quite I needed something to get out and this is that. While "The Remains" is firmly White Box, "The Teeth" is system neutral and can be readily plugged into any system that you feel appropriate.
  1. Adventure Background
Trade between the Western and Eastern Holdings of the Lummin [...]

Review - Pathfinder Origins issue 1

Script by Erik Mona
Art by Tom Garcia
Colors by Mohan
Letters by Marshall Dillon

From the Dynamite website:

'An exciting new Pathfinder adventure begins! To prove themselves to the Pathfinder Society, Valeros the fighter and his companions must recount tales of their early exploits in a world beset by magic and evil. In this issue, Valeros crosses swords with the brazen barbarian Amiri when both serve as hired guards escorting a doomed caravan through the treacherous Bloodsworn Vale. Contains pull-out poster map and official Pathfinder RPG bonus encounter!'

I've enjoyed the Pathfinder [...]

A is for Angel

Were you aware that Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay had an angel (at least first edition)? I wasn't either, but when I read one description in the Demons section, it read just like an angel:


"Sometimes mistakenly called the Life Elemental, the Viydagg is a Greater Demon of Law, and is concerned with the laws of life and nature."

"The Viydagg causes fear in all living creatures under 10 feet tall. It causes terror in Chaotic or Evil Demons."

I've never used demons enough in my games to warrant the Viydagg making an appearance. I [...]

Deck of Delves Update

(Yes, it is April 1st, no this is not an April Fools gag)

Last month I posted a proof-of-concept for the “Dyson Deck of Delves”.

I figured I should let everyone in on what’s going on with said deck.

  • I have priced out several competitive quotes for getting these printed.
  • These quotes include fulfillment so I won’t have to double-ship and double-handle the product (they will be shipped directly from the company doing the printing for me)
  • The only remaining variables are based on the number I order and the shipping costs. I’ll have to get some shipping prices figured out (since I don’t live in the US, fulfillment will be out of the US from the printer to the backers).

I currently have a backlog of about 10 maps to finish off for various commissions I’ve taken on in the last few months. In addition I am almost EXACTLY one month ahead on maps for the blog, which is the minimum I can maintain if I’m going to keep the backstage pass program running.

Thus I need to keep drawing at least two maps a week for the blog, plus I can assume I’ll get 1.5 maps a week finished for the various outstanding commissions. That’s [...]

Events & Play Wednesday - Trans Gender Con

Rumor has it a certain Indy convention will be re-branding itself for August through the remainder of their contract with the convention center.  We at CMG wish to congratulate the forward-thinking leadership of the convention and add our own support to their efforts in honoring the LGBT community.  Huzzah!

Events & Play Wednesday on CreativeMountainGames.com News of Conventions and Gamedays as well as picturesfrom those I have attended and games I have played.Please Like, Share, Plus, Tweet, Follow, and Comment!

Color Spray: Stormtrooper Shuffle

Today we color spray the storm troopers in Imperial Assault! We’ll also talk a bit about stippling to create battle scars and grime effects.

Who doesn’t love a good storm trooper? Those sweet little jackbooted thugs are always there for us, ready to be mowed down by generations of role playinggroups!

But just because they’re miss happy cannon fodder, who can’t spot a droid to save the Empire, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t look good!

Base Coat

After washing and cleaning the miniatures, I primed them white. Then I base coated them with Vallejo Model Color Off White.

That’s right. I primed them white [...]

Interesting Entanglements: Natural Disaster

This week’s scene shows you how to conduct a scene using a natural disaster, and how to use natural disasters in your games.

Interesting Entanglements is a series aimed at providing storytellers with ready to go scenarios for when they've run out of ideas or time.

In order to allow for maximum leeway by the GM, few hard numbers or statistics will be given. Scenes will be descriptive rather than providing hard and fast numbers. GMs should feel free to tailor these scenes to the needs of their group.

This week’s scene

When was the last time you played a character reacting to a [...]

Finding the Fun: Misspent Youth

The Man is clamping down, tightening the grip on society. Our only hope is a group of defiant teens with nothing but distaste for authority. Will they save the day or sell out? This week on Finding the Fun, we're looking at Misspent Youth, an indie title that puts the player in the shoes of a Youthful Offender struggling against an Authority of their own making.

We're all familiar with the usual set-up for tabletop roleplaying games by now, a table of 4(ish) people, and one person telling you what's happening and calling the shots. It's a tried and tested formula, [...]

6mm/10mm ruins

Here is the new terrain piece I made for my 6mm/10mm gaming table.

In the base, it is a free model from Lord Zsezse Works called Elven Ruined Sanctuary, scaled down with option "portrait, multiple 4 by 4 pages per sheet".

I simplified the model to fit to the small scale by adding flock instead of some outer wall elements.

This Gothic structure can be used both for fantasy and Gothic SF settings.
Building is based on metal sheet to connect with my magnetized table, and then the magnetic foil is applied before paper floor - so [...]

Waves of Enchantment: Marine Magic for 5th edition

Eventhe early days of roleplaying were seeded with aquatic magic items, from thehelmet of underwater action to theApparatus of Kwalish. Almost all of these items weredesigned for surface races to spend time beneath the waves. In “Waves of Enchantment” I’ll be presenting magic items from a moreamphibious point of view. This week, magical weaponsinspired by...
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