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A Mage from Poisonwood II Pt.5: A Day Late and a Troll Hoard Richer

The day after we fought the young Crimson Reaver in a torrential downpour we stood in the entrance passage of Black Gut's lair. Our wounds mostly healed from the previous day's battle with the young dragon. After Vorox had dropped it I managed to harvest a vial of venom from the corpse. Tweena was in the lead wielding the key-ring she snatched from Blackgut's body before we torched it. Greyshadow, Vorox's dragonsaur mount, was left to guard the tunnel entrance as he was simply too big to follow. I of course was taking up the rear of the party.

We followed Tweena down the roughly and freshly hewn stone 20 ft.-wide passage crossing a 20 ft.-wide pit crossed by a narrow but thick plank of wood at abouts halfway, past a couple of forking, primitively dug dirt tunnels and stopped briefly at a 15 ft. well-masoned archway where Tweena detected a trap door in the floor. Vorox crossed after she disarmed it and I simply teleported to a flagstone deemed safe by the dungeoneer. We found ourselves in a large rectangular chamber with stone-block walls. There were iron doors to the west and east and a large polished bronze door dead ahead. This door she opened with her keys and through the door we could see a green glow emanating poisonously from the west of the chamber behind and a large troll wearing a war-belt and wielding a warhammer near the rear wall of that chamber.

Tweena pegged the troll with a crossbow bolt and unwilling to walk into the chamber for fear of traps Vorox taunted the creature in an effort to draw it out. I zapped it with a lightning bolt and it retreated to the east out of our line of sight. Tweena quickly checked the floor in the [...]

Using Equipment Cards in D&D 5e

I use small cards to represent gear and other physical items that the PCs possess in my game.  I found that a standard index card cut in half is the perfect size for a gear/item card.

On the card I write the item's name, some important stats, such as attack and damage if it's a weapon, or it's illumination range if it's a torch or lantern.  If the item has multiple instances, like a group of torches or pitons, I write a number of circles on the card.  The player scratches out a circle as they consume an item.

Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #48: Unique Superscience Artifacts IV From Skirmisher Publishing For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic and Old School Campaigns

Grab It Right
There are times when a DM really needs a high level and sophiscated relic or artifact. This issue of the Wisdom From The Wastelands provides the DM with exactly those types of high level tools and gives even more options for a unique wasteland relic encounter during an adventure but there's more to it then that.
Many of the items in here were partially derived and created with material the appears in Goblinoid Games Advanced Companion as per earlier issues of Wisdom From the Wasteland in this series. It also means that much of this [...]


Christmas Themed Adventures

When I went looking for a Christmas one-shot adventure, I was surprised to see there was not much content of any sort out there. Here is the list of what I was able to find. I’m hoping we can add our own adventure to this list shortly.

System Neutral
  • Krangle’s Workshop(PDF)–A seasonal encounter for five 10th-level adventurers
  • Penny Arcade – Christmas Eve D&D
D&D 4th Edition
  • A Christmas Carol(PDF) -- 2nd Level adventure for 2 PCs
  • Twas the Wight Before XMAS– Encounter Level 15
Other Ideas
  • Dark Wizard Santa
    Josh Lee wrote a description for the illustation I used on this post that paints Santa as the Big [...]

Making Passive Perception more Fun

I've had a love/hate relationship with D&D 5e Passive Perception since I first read the rule.  On the one hand, it's nice to have a simple way to resolve whether or not the PCs notice something without tipping your hand as a DM and calling for a WIS(Perception) Check.  On the other hand, the static nature of the Passive Perception takes some randomness out of the game that I miss.
When I design a dungeon, I don't want to know that the PCs will notice a secret door with a DC of 15 because of the highest Passive Perception [...]

Dropped some coin on the full Defender's Quest

I can’t think of any better way for a game to say “Welcome to Paid Content” than having a Red Dragon join your party. Ironically, the Red Dragon may be the weakest member of my party, given how hard I was grinding to get 3 stars on all of the Demo missions. One of the things I worried about was the subsequent missions might be too easy because I’d gotten my party up to around level 16 or so; fortunately those fears seem to be unfounded. Yeah, the 1 star missions will probably stay a cake-walk for a bit, but [...]

Positive Bullshit RE: 2014

After yesterday’s diatribe, I would love to look back and celebrate some of the cool shit that happened for tabletop role-playing games this year. First, the big items: D&D 5e Hit, and it Doesn’t Suck:The new edition of D&D is one I’m going to enjoy playing for some time.It gives us some cool new ideas [...]

Daily Punch 12-12-14 Dual Weapon Work quality for Shadowrun 5e

I have far to many players who want to dual wield guns. Let’s see if we can help them.


Dual Weapon Work

Cost: 15 karma per level (1 to 3 levels)

You like to shoot a lot almost as much as you like your two guns. It’s started to rub off on you. When you split your dice pool to make an attack, and the attack is a simple action, for every level of this feet add back 1/4 of the dice you split to both pool. As an example if you would roll 16 dice, and you make two weapon attacks with [...]

Hobbit 3: Rise of Legolas

I went to a matinee showing of The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies yesterday, and I have opinions (after the cut)! 

Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!
Honestly, I enjoyed myself. I will gladly admit that my taste in movies is abysmal -- I saw and enjoyed the Rock's Hercules flick and Bard the Bowman's Dracula Untold -- but I will also defend the right of people who work for a living in this heartless, neo-feudalist world to just simply enjoy themselves when they pay their ward-earned money to be entertained. Hobbit 3 may not be a great film -- [...]

Daily Punch 12-11-14 Dark Blessing feat for DnD 5e

How about a feat for your DnD 5e warlock?


Dark Blessing

You get a little extra from the master, for good or for ill. Gain the following benefits:

  • Increase your charisma by 1 to a maximum of 20.
  • Gain one extra EldritchInvocation


Thinking About "Into the Odd"

I like looking at minimalist dungeon crawl rule sets, though I seldom would play them. “Into the Odd” by Chris McDowall may be an exception; it does what I want it to do, for the most part. Here are the changes I’d make off the bat:

  • One person said ranged attacks would be a Dex check to hit. I like that.
  • I’d likely use the light, encumbrance, and move stuff from “Crumbling Epoch.”

The rules get out of the way and provide resolution mechanics without being cumbersome. Fighting is fast and lethal and doesn’t mess around with armor class. Gear generation is delightful. [...]

Zeitgeist #6: Revelations from the Mouth of a Madman

Zeitgeist #6: Revelations from the Mouth of a Madman The first installment of the second […]

Urban Dressing: Borderland Town

Urban Dressing: Borderland Town This installment of what I’d tentatively call the “new” Urban Dressing-series […]

Prestige Archetypes -- The Eldritch Knight

Prestige Archetypes – The Eldritch Knight This installment of the Prestige Archetype-series clocks in at […]

Encounter Balance

     Yet another thought provoking post over on Gnome Stew, this time on Encounter Balance in the game.  As my players will tell you, I stopped worrying about it.  I stopped worrying about it in reaction to their behavior several years ago in a 3.x campaign that lasted three or four years.  I was originally excited by the Challenge Rating concept and wasted much time calculating CRs for encounters; which isn't straight forward when the numbers of players showing up varies from three to fourteen.  I noticed occasionally players seemed to get frustrated when their character approached single digit hit points.  From [...]

But That's Not in the Rules

This morning, I had the chance to read the excellent article over at the Gnome Stew called The Real Issues With Encounter Balance. One part really stuck me was the following.

There is also a more recent trend, and one that I will attribute to the influence of d20, which is in the absence of rules, players often don't think they can perform certain actions.

This really got me to thinking. At first, I sort of tried to dismiss the it. After all, as gamers do we not try to think outside the box? Then It struck me as [...]

Throwback Thursday - Picturing The Hobbit

Tor.com has a fantastic article titled "Picturing The Hobbit" by Irene Gallo showing many interpretations of Tolkien's excellent tale here.

Throwback Thursday on CreativeMountainGames.com A look back at early tabletop hobby gaming or gaming-adjacent topics of the past.Please Like, Share, Plus, Tweet, Follow, and Comment!

Happy 75th Birthday, Michael Moorcock!

Happy birthday to Michael John Moorcock, one of the most influential fantasy and science fiction writers of all time, whose influence has permeated books, comics, films, music, art, roleplaying games, board games etc.

Zeitgeist Part 2: Invasion of Axis Island

What Went On Before: The special investigative team of the Royal Homeland Constabulary, defenders of the Kingdom of Risur, foiled an attempt to destroy the military's new warship and to assassinate the King, all in one act of sabotage. But they now have a powerful enemy: The Duchess Ethelyn, sister of the King, who tried to kill her brother and set back the cause of technology in the Kingdom.Dramatis Personae:
  • Odeal Hinthunter: Human investigative bard and Docker with just a hint of elven blood
  • Lilo: Deva and former gnome, recently reincarnated as a spirit medium and fey sorceress
  • Anna R. Chi:  Human follower of [...]

On Liberation and Empowerment

Found this recently through a reblog on the deviantfemme tumblr (NSFW).

sexual liberation comes not just from having sex
but from the decision to have your sexual experiences on your own terms
which can mean deciding to have sex with whomever and however many times you want
or deciding to have no sex
the empowerment comes from the decision and having that decision respected

Source: Young Black and Vegan

I've been letting it roll around in my head ever since.

When I talk about things like how women are portrayed in games, a common response is to attack me as a person. The claim [...]

Things I Think About Games (After Hindmarch & Tidball) Part One

I'm looking back at posts from the first year of this blog ('09) and commenting on them. Today I correct a disservice. Five years on Things We Think About Games remains a book I go back to and reread every few months. I've lent it to other people and pestered them to give it back. When I wrote this post, I questioned the book's price tag. I was wrong- it is worth that and more. When I'm feeling moody about gaming I look at it again. When I've got five minutes to kill I look at it again. I don't [...]

Free Map 040: Some Underground Beaches

I started on what will prove to be a HUGE map that there was absolutely no way I was going to be able to finish in a short amount of time....and by short I mean a free day's worth of time.

It is big enough I'll probably have to do the map in sections because I don't my new computer has enough RAM to do the work...and it has plenty of RAM.

Anyway, last night I was working on something else altogether that required me to break out my colored pencils. That "coloring project" got boring way too [...]

Gifts In Gaming: Overlooked Seasonal Plot Hooks

Still Twisting… Campaign Mastery is hosting this month’s Blog Carnival. The subject I’ve chosen is “With A Twist” and anything about Surprises, the Unexpected, Plot Twists, etc, is right on topic. I started with an article on the rules interpretation of Surprise, and followed that with a two-part article looking at types of Plot Twist […]

Battle Report - GDW's Striker

Commando raid on Divisional Headquarters
A buddy and I have begun a new Striker battle. The scenario is a commando raid. Side A's division HQ was supposed to be safe, far back from the front lines, but Side B's forces found it and have sent in a platoon-sized unit to knock it out and eliminate the General. Side A is of course trying to prevent this.

The HQ is the cluster of black rectangles [...]

Hero Datafile: Daimon Hellstrom

We're one week away from Christmas -- and, completely coincidentally, today's datafile is about another, um, special offspring. Daimon Hellstrom debuted in 1973 as "the Son of Satan," and he pioneered the bare-chested superhero look decades before Stephen Amell's Arrow came on the scene.

In the years since his origin, Marvel has walked back his satanic status a bit (hint: there are a LOT of Satan-types in the Marvel Universe), yet Daimon has also risen in stature, at one point even ruling Hell itself ... which caused his wife and one-time Avenger, Patsy Walker (Hellcat), to go insane. (Her datafile is [...]

My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad

Of all the backgrounds in the Player’s Handbook, the most interesting to me is Folk Hero. When I first wrote the Farmer background, a lot of people were saying it was just like Folk Hero, but I insist these two backgrounds are very different. A Farmer starts out as just that – a person working a field and/or tending to livestock. A Folk Hero already has a winning reputation and has committed some heroic deeds to earn that status. I mean, it’s right in the name! So that got me thinking that there should be unknown farmers who rose to [...]

So I bought the D&D 5th edition Dungeon Masters Guide, Here is what I think, about all of it.

Mark reads a book.
And you know what? It's pretty legit.
This is going to be a long post, you have been warned. I should split it up , but I didn't.

This blog entry will be written one hundred percent from my perspective and oppinion as a guy who runs games. Not from the stance of a review, this will be me riffing on the  new DMG. I can safely assume there will be thousands of reviews written on blogs that  are written by  people who are more adept than I could ever be at pulling apart a book [...]

Vacant Ritual Assembly #1

Vacant Ritual Assembly #1

Vacant Ritual Assembly (VRA from hereon) is a zine by Clint K. primarily about his LotFP campaign. This format seems ideal for sharing personal campaign material with a wider audience. Zines are more professional and put together than blog posts, but not ambitious enough usually to get mired in development hell. They seem to naturally lend themselves to non-comprehensive treatments, in contrast to asetting or megadungeon publication. I have been unsure for a long time about whether or how I might share my Vaults of Pahvelorn campaign materials, but I am so impressed by what Clint has [...]

Weapon Damage Vs Size - Do You Use It?

I was introduced to role playing games with AD&D 1e and weapon damage vs size was my baseline. Now that I'm playing and running clones for the most part, I appreciate the lack of a single die type regardless of monster size.

Still, I do remember the damage charts for a good 80% of the weapons from 1e. Many of them didn't make much sense to me (such as broadsword) but we didn't stress it back in the day. After all, it was canon ;)

Do you use weapon damage vs size these days?

13th Age: Eyes of the Stone Thief

13th Age: Eyes of the Stone Thief (Hardback, Full Color, 13th Age RPG Supplement)



Can you kill the dungeon before it kills you?


In 13th Age, living dungeons slither up through the underworld and invade the surface lands. The Stone Thief is the most ancient and cunning of its kind; a vast monster that preys on the cities and structures you love, swallows them, and remakes them into more deathtrap-filled levels inside itself. Now, it's hunting you.


The Stone Thief rises. Enter it, find its' secrets and defeat it -- or die trying.

Random Thoughts: The D&D War, Avalon Hill's Censorship, Rules as Written, Raising a Gamer, When Chain-mail Bikinis are Okay, and Reductio ad Absurdum

Deja Vu All Over Again: their game convention was forbiddenbecause the The Utah Association of Women convinced the mayor that playing D&D caused people to become witches.— “Think about it from their standpoint. They are a political group, out to swing public opinion. They cannot afford to look silly --- and that’s just what will happen if you stand up to them and look halfway intelligent. Besides that, they have other issues they want to wrestle with --- sex education in the schools, fluoridation in the water, censoring cable television, and regulating pinball arcades. Their style is political blitzkrieg, blasting [...]

Gloamhold: The Shard

Standing alone upon the highest point of the Mottled Spire, far above the ruins of Greystone, the Shard was once a lighthouse built to warn of the treacherous rocks and shoals lurking in the surrounding waters. However, itshistory is much older than that of Greystone or even of wall-girdled Languard standing proudly across the bay.


To even the most casual observer it is obvious the Shard’s architecture has two distinct styles. The lower--- and undeniably older--- portions are built in a time-worn cyclopean style.Such architecture is familiar to those who have gazed upon the gloam-filled precincts of the Twilight City.Oddly laid [...]

The Real Issues With Encounter Balance

This past week, I was listening to the new and excellent podcast, Gaming & BS. The episode was about Game Balance, and the hosts, Sean and Brett, had an interesting discussion about Encounter Balance in RPGs. Their discussion was solid, but as they were talking I realized that Encounter Balance is not the root issue. There is more lurking beneath the idea of Encounter Balance, and if you want to solve the problem you have to find the root cause. So let’s go digging…

Encounter Balance

Let's start with a definition. Encounter Balance, for this discussion, is a concept that the adversaries [...]

Review: The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies

I saw The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies yesterday in IMAX 3D, and it was amazing.

To be fair, I'd watch paint dry in Middle Earth if it was Peter Jackson's Middle Earth. I am that in love with the way he has brought that world to life over these 6 movies. Do I approve of all the story choices? No. Do I think he overused CGI at some points? Yes. Am I willing to overlook those issues for 3 more hours of hobbits and dwarves, wizards and wraiths? Hell yes!

Should you go see The Battle of [...]

Swords & Wizardry Spell Spreadsheets and More

Send to Kindle

Some time ago, I posted a S&W Spell Database in a spreadsheet shared through Google Drive. I've finished my work on them, so here they are. One spreadsheet for Clerics, one forMagic Users, and one spreadsheet that has all spellsBoth Arcane and Divine.

Here is some explanation to what the different worksheets mean.

The Cleric spreadsheet has many worksheets, the first one is named Total List.

This is a list of all the Cleric and Druid spells, with descriptions. Spells that have tables in the description were translated as best as possible, but some of the tables had to be left out. This worksheet is a straightforward list ready for folks to analyze, adjust, and add. It also serves as a database to do a mail merge into a Word document.

When I add spells to a particular campaign world, I make them common in a specific area of the world. Adding a column to denote a specific area of the world, I can not only make a list of spells available, but generate a list of potential scrolls that might be found as treasure in a specific geographic area of the world.

If you have Priests of Different Mythoi, you can add a column for the various deities/pantheons and have a ready resource for player handouts. The possibilities are endless.

The next three worksheets break out the spells by the three types of spellcasters in the S&W Complete rules. For Clerics and Druids, there is an extra column for Spheres. Spheres group spells together by a common theme. If a spell has more than one Sphere in the column, it belong to each sphere listed in that cell. For example, the Cleric spell Animate Object, is in the Summoning and Creation Spheres.

For Magic-Users, the worksheet adds a School column. This shows the 2e [...]

One Review to Rule Them All: A Review of The One Ring

The One Ring

“It is the year 2946 of the Third Age, and the lands east of the Misty Mountains are astir. From the cloud-shrouded peaks above the High Pass to the spider-infested gloom of the forest of Mirkwood, paths long-deserted are trodden once again. Busy merchants carry their wares to new markets, messengers bring tidings from foreign realms, and kings send forth armed men to extend their influence and the rule of law. Some say that a new age of freedom has begun, a time for adventure and great deeds to reclaim glories lost in long centuries of oppression and [...]

Auge Journal: Escape Plan

Not long after the meeting with the Seawillow family and the Dwarves of the World Disk, Auge retreated to the souk to contemplate the recent developments. Tomorrow will be a watershed moment, he thought, when Auge and his brothers would present Adalwin Joscelin with a treaty to end the petty warfare in Stormhaven and focus the efforts on the one universal enemy, the thing that should not be.
Either Adalwin will agree and focus his efforts on defeating the jailer thereby earning the right to rule Stormhaven; or refuse and bring about unknowable events, possibly involving father. Right now Jaren is scribing a greater teleport scroll for Diedre and later one for Auge with the idea that if something were to happen our most important people would have an escape plan. It was also why Auge put the call out to a select number of people on his payroll.
In the Vial and Flask Hogni Bluesafe was organizing the new batch of items up for sale minus the headband, staff and ring Versel sold to the elves earlier as Auge was sending messages using Hogni's small constructs. The Hogni was more than happy to oblige his employer but was [...]

[RPG] Coining It In...

The two shipments of prop coins I was waiting on have turned up, a large quantity from Fantasy Coins and a selection of coins from "Eastern Realms". Both were acquired through smoothly-run Kickstarters, with the coins arriving in good time and more than measuring up to the levels of goodness promised. These new coins nicely supplement the small treasure chest of coins I already had to use as

Image Thursday

There are many awesome and inspirational images on the web these days. Here’s a few that were found that you may enjoy and draw ideas from.

Clicking on each image will open it in a new window.




This image feed will show the last 12 images that have been pinned and may change if you return to this post later.

Hero & Watcher Datafile: Morbius

Holiday shopping has brought out the beast in us, so it's time for Monster Week on Marvel Plot Points!

Kicking things off — both for the week and as my first datafile here — is a personal favorite, Morbius the Living Vampire. He's fought everything from one-eyed aliens to satanic cults to Spider-Man, but all he really wants is to be left alone -- with a handy supply of blood, of course. More recently, he's been in positions of leadership, both as a sort of mayor in the subterranean Monsteropolis and as a squad leader for the zombie-fighting extradimensional force, A.R.M.O.R. [...]

Review 12/17/2014

Struttn to the EmbassyOur session began with Durg's meeting with the Broken Coven, its members keen against Adalwin who (it was revealed by Durg) is using souls to deliver Stormhaven to Hell. Sniper said that most of what remains outside the Crown is against the insane motivations of Adalwin. As this was taking place, the Doctor was slowly making his exit. To appear at the Vial and Flask, where we have new items on display, the Doctor escaped both Auge and Versel's attempt at taking him alive.
Assuming his retreat was to the Crown; Durg flies to the location and parleys for the Doctor and his happy to wait. The communication was through Durg and a lower devil by witch Adalwin spoke through. After an hour the lower devil was replaced by a shaven and severely beaten individual who was NOT the Doctor. The individual was taken to the Cinder Block.
Once back at the Neutral Grounds the Sniper brings three spell books and Jaren gifts Sniper with a weapon crystal, a weapon and the sale of another (+2 flaming great axe and a +2 flaming burst whip.) In the meantime the Broken Coven was told to hide [...]

slave leia ... i shall be free ! :D

leia stares at jabba with steely determination … she will be free ! :D

slave leia …!

Filed under: fanart, leia, slave leia, star wars Tagged: fanart, heroine, leia, princess, princess leia, slave, slave leia, star wars

Task Resolution Using Dice Pools: Heavy Lifting

Last night I wrote about switching Echelon to using dice pools instead of a single roll with modifiers.

I had an intuitive sense it would do some good things for me, but I thought I’d do some math and see just how it behaves.

Overall, I think it’ll do good things.

Dice Pools in Echelon

The draft rules at this point are:

  • One eight-sided die plus one die per tier, for all abilities.
  • Training or other improvement lets you improve dice ‘up to that tier’ by one size.
  • Double training or further improvement lets you improve dice ‘up to that tier’ by one size, and stacks.
  • Roll dice, each rollequal to or greater than ‘5’counts as a success, each roll of ‘1’ counts as a ‘complication’.
  • You may choose tospend successes to buy off complications, but are not required to.
Superficial Examination

It’s worth doing a quick examination of the mean number of expected successes.

For each die size, the number of expected successes is equal to (chance of success – chance of complication) * (number of dice).

TierDiced6 (1/6)d8 (3/8)d10 (5/10)d12 (7/12)Pre-Basic10.170.3750.50.583Basic20.330.7501.01.167Expert30.501.1251.51.750Heroic40.671.5002.02.333Master50.831.8752.52.917Champion61.002.2503.03.500Legendary71.172.6253.54.083Epic81.333.0004.04.667

It seems pretty clear that where d8 is the baseline, having to roll d6s is bad, and rolling d12s is good. On average, though, the mean number of successesrarely differ by [...]

A sale everyone who likes rpg maps should check

Just a short heads-up - Heroic Maps is having a sale, giving -75%(!) off it's EXCELLENT maps! I wasn't happy to see it this late, as the sale is a christmas calendar sale, one product at a time being sold at a fraction of it's cost. Today's item is Lostwhere forest, which look to be forest terrain I tried to find before settling for D&D wildeness tiles, which are handy but far from the looks of this map!


Using minis in my 5E game.

It looks like we are going to be using minis from here on out in my main 5E game. My players want them. I tried to pull them all and just use "theater of the mind" combat. My players have resorted to either drawing out the scene on paper or laying out dice to represent everyone. Even using my dry erase board to track movement. So I'm giving in, I got them, so I might as well use them. We have never used grids and played like it was a mini game, We dont plan to start now. But my [...]

jem .. kiss me deadly ! :D

jem performing at six flags over georgia ! :XD:

jem performs at six flags over georgia ! :D

Filed under: cartoon, fanart, jem, redesign, selkirk Tagged: cartoon, fanart, jem, punk rock, redesign, singer

A Fox's Guide to Conlangs (Part 1)

Conlang is an abbreviation of "Constructed Language", the practice of creating such things is referred to as "conlanging". Conlanging is a hobby as old as fantasy literature, and perhaps even older if you work on the assumption that superstitious folk might have made up languages spoken by the gods and the faeries at the bottom of their gardens. Some of the most famous conlangers include JRR Tolkien with his creation of the Elvish and Orcish tongues of Middle Earth, George RR Martin with his rudimentary formation of the Dothraki tongue (which was expanded and refined far more thoroughly by linguistic [...]

HiBRiD_20 Spellslingers Part One: Creating Your Spellslinger

Over the years, I have been asked to write a spell system for HiBRiD. But as I have been focusing my attention between refining and streamlining the rules, editing the final version of the book, and playtesting at the various GenCons, I have not really had the resources to give it the attention it deserves. There are even several people who have taken to working on such a monumental tasks and are still working on the project! 
But you don't wanna wait, do you? You wanna put one or more of your old game books or issues of Gygax or [...]

Melee Academy: Unarmed vs. Knife - Technical Disarms

Thursday is GURPS Day, and what better way to spend it than with another cross-blog installment of Melee Academy. Spawned by a thread oddly enough called Unarmed vs. Knife on the SJG Forums, hopefully a lot of people will contribute their own thoughts.

Others will probably hit the GURPS RAW pretty well, and hopefully still more will be inspired to give their favorite tactics from other game systems.

Me? I'm getting Technical.

Other Blogs, Other options

I wrote this one pretty late. I'm sure I missed a few things, made some suboptimal choices, etc. Good thing you can either comment or choose to post your own - I'll link to it! Here are the list of all the Melee Academy posts made by other bloggers . . .

  • Hopefull
  • Bunch
  • Of
  • Good
  • Stuff

The Combatants

The thread in question takes the right perspective - unarmed disarms vs a guy with a weapon are dangerous, and should only be resisted through a disarm if you have a skill advantage. The thread posits someone with Knife-12 (about a 75% chance to stab the torso) vs. a guy with some sort of unarmed skill at an impressive 18. However, since TG depends a lot of ST, let's get picky with a shortish character description.

Mack Dagger [18 points]

Mack is a seasoned fighter, with some experience.

ST 11; DX 10; IQ 10; HT 10
Knife [DX+2]-12; Knife Parry-9
Trained ST 11; Grip ST: 5
1H Control Point roll: [...]
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