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Star Wars Fan Film: Ruins and Reckoning...

orc master sergeant !

an orcish master sergeant surveys his skirmish lines . they run for about 3 miles (against the lines of a combined force of humans and halflings). the orcs plan an assault at dawn !

orc master sergeant !

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RPGs - Pity About the Art

No, I am not exiting my (self-imposed) hiatus. My family still requires more attention than blogging allows at the moment, but...well, sometimes something just strikes a nerve and I've got to vent my personals all over the internet.

Somewhere back in the past, I got subscribed to an email newsletter called Story Games Weekly. I probably signed up for it 'cause they do free promotion of one's gaming products and I thought "hey, easy marketing!" Of course, I've never bothered to email them a news item or publication announcement (have I not explained before how terrible I am at [...]

Gam3rCon Day 3

The fun continues tomorrow at Gam3rCon. The great prize room has lots of prizes including Magic Cards, Think Geek items, a WikiPad, USAopoly games, Steve Jackson Games, and much much more. There's a scavenger hunt, daily video game tournaments, on modern systems, a Ouya, and the retrocade. I will be running Judge Dredd from noon-2pm again tomorrow. So far I've had 9 or 10 people come by and

Across The Thin Yellow Line - Mutant Epoch Rpg Post Apocalyptic Campaign Adventure Encounter- An Actual Play Interlude

The PC's in tonight's game managed to sneak by the Skullocks and get out of the underground maze without firing a shot with their medical supplies. They got back to the Megatruck just in time for a fight with flocks of mutant scavenger birds that were more then they seemed.
The bastards closed in on the party and targeted cars, tribal members, weapons systems, and more with highly corrosive bird droppings. The various items of the PC's really took a beating including the Nomad pack that keeps running across the PC's tracks.
 It became evident that these birds were [...]

"Magical Traps Around Madness"

Way off schedule on following my OSRBA writing exercises.  I have maintained better than I expected, but have fallen out of the habit.  Onward.

"Magical traps around madness"

The Maelstom appeared three generations ago, a by-product of a mad priest's attempt to speak directly to his deity.  He contacted something immortal, to be sure. But not the intended, and not something amused to be disturbed by the incursions of some random mortal.

The immortal did communicate with the priest, in its fashion.  Its alien intelligence pulled apart the priest's mind, stripping it as a flayed criminal [...]

Inter-Dimensional Super Team Formed

We’re going to fight mad scientists and the misuse of apostrophes.

So I Guess I'm the Wizard -- Fifth Edition Style

I mentioned in a previous postthat we will be playing our first game of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons soon, …

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Long Day

Been a long day. Long week really.  The Day job kept me busy and I didn't get the posts in I wanted.

Hope to fix that soon.

Currently Active RPG Groups in the Greater Spokane Area

There are many tabletop RPG sessions happening in Spokane, posting here is fine, but folks should also consider sharing on http://www.spokanerpg.com

Here are some brief postings about currently active tabletop RPG groups in Spokane:

  • Merlyn's late night D&D Group
    (9:00 pm past midnight) every-other-Sunday D&D; group:
    Update on Merlyn's Spokane, late night gaming sessions: http://spokanerpg.com/forum/rpg-group-discussions/90369638?
    Currently playing Original Dungeons & Dragons (OD&D) White Book (boxed) edition rules, will later migrate to 5th edition when full Player's Handbook is available.
  • Jacob's Weekly Tuesday D&D 3.5 Group
    Weekly on Tuesday nights,
    Jacob's group, 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, D&D 3.5
  • Weekly Oriental Adventures Group
    Weekly on Wednesday or Thursday nights
    Oriental Adventures, AD&D 1st edition, 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
  • Discworld Campaign
    Semi-weekly Discworld campaign, every-other Friday
  • Steve's Youth Gaming Group at Merlyn's
    Steve's Youth Gaming Group at Merlyn's, every-other-Tuesday (and another group [...]

1st Adventures: Development Log #4 - Dwarfs

Previously, I wrote up my thoughts and ideas around the simplicity of B/X race-as-class philosophy vs. the variety of race-class selection in AD&D and later versions. With 1st Adventures, I'm trying to walk a middle road of presenting demi-human races with their own special limited selection of classes. Here are the ideas I'm working on for my Dwarfs.


More from the Sketchbook

Two more pieces from sketching it up... a dwarf, and an example of charm monster for the creature section...

Some thoughts.

Storium: I am down to playing in two games. I’m in the wrap-up phase of running one game, then I will only be running one game. That’s a serious reduction, and I’m happier with the lower profile.

Domains At War: I got the books! They are pretty, they are well done, and they are smart. However, I will never endure all the math of actually playing the system in them. I want someone to make this conscientious work into a video game so I can shove all that math under the hood and just play the game. Seriously, it is great [...]

A Wiz Dice Review (With Pics)

The other day, I came home to a pretty cool surprise--my wife had raided my Amazon Wish List and purchased a bag of 100+ Wiz Dice! There they were, on the table in all their dicely glory.

(I should explain that I am normally a Gamescience man, but the recent uncertainties, reported poor dice quality, and ownership change with Gamestation have not been easy on those of us who like our "precision" dice. As a result, Gamescience have become rare, and the price has gone way up. I have hope for their booth at Gen Con under Lou [...]

1st Adventures - Development Log #4 - Dwarfs

Previously, I wrote up my thoughts and ideas around the simplicity of B/X race-as-class philosophy vs. the variety of race-class selection in AD&D and later versions. With 1st Adventures, I'm trying to walk a middle road of presenting demi-human races with their own special limited selection of classes. Here are the ideas I'm working on for my Dwarfs.


Mapping The Multiverse

Maybe it is because I received a copy of the newly revised edition of the Supers!role-playing game in the mail today. Maybe it is because of the fact that Comic Con International: San Diegois going on and I am jealous of all of the comic-related news coming out of there. I don't make a secret that I am a fan of Grant Morrison's work. I loved his Doom Patroland Justice Leagueruns more than is

Chatting with The Big Bang Theory Screenwriters on Geekerati

Sometimes I forget how blessed my life is, living as I do in beautiful southern California. There are times when I need to take a break from grumbling that not enough people listen to the Geekerati podcast I do with Shawna Benson, or wondering why no one has spontaneously noticed that I would be perfect as a voice on their latest animated series. Today is one of those times when I remind myself that no matter how challenging and intimidating my life might be I pretty much live in "Pops Town" as depicted in one of the Hallmark puzzles by [...]

EN World Review -- Dark Deeds in Freeport by Kobold Press

It's another Happy Friday, Fellow Gamers...

... and a mere 19 more days until GENCON!!! Hard to believe how fast the time has gone this July, and in less than three weeks it'll be time to head down to Indy!

But in the meantime, I hope this week was an enjoyable one for you, and you've had many awesome gaming opportunities to have some fun. I've been feeling the time-pinch of summer schedules, and have had to cancel the start of my new Savage Worlds Campaign three times now! Thankfully, my friends are patient with me, and hopefully we can finally get [...]

The Gates of Gath

Image Source and Explanation.Behind it, the hill drops away down in a long slope to the valley floor and the the river that flows past the five cities to the sea. But the road itself ends here, between two standing pillars of warped granite, twisted and bent like outstretched wings, or the arms of a criminal condemned to the wheel.

The village of Gath lies not two miles from the gate, but the locals rarely speak them and have no apparent history or lore surrounding them. If asked, they simply shrug and answer, "They have always been there", but [...]


Here's a sample image from a series of nasty little bugs who live in the dim-spaces in-between the actual sewers, tunnels and cellars...and sometimes in-between the walls of particularly disreputable or dilapidated buildings...in Wermspittle and elsewhere. Not quite a cricket, not exactly a roach, they are an accidentally hybridized species who owe their unfortunate existence in no small part to random dumpings of Spectral Brine and other hazardous waste-products left behind by illicit distillers and the like. These verminous things fashion cuirasses from other creatures' cocoons or egg-husks and they are very adept at using mandible-sickles to catch and cut-off [...]

Sokobond -- Review

Last year I missed the release of the chemistry puzzler Sokobond, which resembles mechanics found in Sokoban. However, it has just been released on Steam which is a perfect time to take a look at the minimalistic puzzle game developed by Alan Hazelden and Harry Lee. As mentioned before, Sokobond is a puzzle game about chemistry. However, you don’t need to have any previous knowledge of chemistry. If you are like me and you always flunked at chemistry in high school, this is great to hear. As you complete puzzles, where you need to connect the atoms, you will be [...]

After the Rain ep11 : Houses of the Blooded

After the Rain|

Episode Ten
"Blunda Most Foul"

A man in yellow babbles in the streets of the Quarterhouses, mumbling about the truths and about hidden secrets.  He stares at the windows of the Ork Ven and excitedly smiles at the thoughts of what is to come.  He is mad.  Insane.  His words are twisted with impossible meanings.  And yet... the Ork Ven are real.  What if that means he is sane?  What if that means he is right?


A week has passed since the group had first arrived in The Greatest City in [...]

New Mods for the Gungineer!

First of all, let me say that I'm genuinely humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response to the Gungineer alternate class. It was fun to make and I hope it will be equally fun for all of you to play. In response to the requests of two reviewers, I've decided to make a number of new mods for your gun freely available here on the blog. This is the first of two planned installments. Have a mod you wish existed? Talk to us over here or in the comments. Don't know what I'm talking about? Buy a copy of Into the Breach: [...]

SHTFriday: Making a Paracord Rifle Sling

Between the weather, barfing dogs and squabbling parents, the universe has made it clear that I am not to get any writing done today.

Go enjoy a guest post by Firehand about how to make a paracord sling.

Creativity Challenge and a Product Spotlight

We have two things for you today, so let’s get to it!

Creativity Challenge, Day 25
Welcome to Day 25! Don’t be afraid to link us up if this is your first time finding us, we’re giving everyone a shot at a prize at the end, no matter how many entries they have, but you have to link us up to your blog at least once to be eligible!

Today let’s look at cartoons. Some are serious, some are not, some formed our childhood, and some may have dominated our formative years. Whatever their subject, they inspire us. From Disney classics like [...]

The Lovecraftian Bestiary

I'm getting ready to leave for a gaming session (finally getting the chance to run Fifth Edition), so I unfortunately don't have the time for a normal length post. However, I wanted to share something anyway. I found this on Tumblr the other day, thought it was pretty cool, and figured others might find it interesting as well.

The Sharquitogator!

You thought you were safe in the water, the sky, and the swamp?  Ha!  Turns out, you're screwed in all three, noble adventurer.  The Sharquitogator spells your doom (albeit, with some difficulty).


HD:  13
HP:  87
AC:  16 [3]
Attack Bonus:  +10
# of Attacks:  5
Damage: 1d4 x 2 (mosquito arms), 2d6 (shark fin), 3d6 + poison (mosquito stinger), and 4d8 (alligator bite)

Special Attacks:  Its poison reduces victims to a quivering mass of uncontrollable itching for 10 minutes or until healed by magic.  1 in 6 Sharquitogators are natural rogues (thieves), doing an [...]

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas by Jules Verne - Roleplayer's Library Review

Cover Art and Design by Jim Tierney

In this time of steampunk love, I though it would be apropos to review one of Verne's best remembered tales of wonder, science, and adventure. When a ship is sunk by a mysterious attack, made by either a "massive narwhal" or something else, the U.S. Navy launches the Abraham Lincoln, and the celebrated naturalist Professor Pierre Aronnax, his ardent manservant Conseil and the burly Canadian whaler Ned Land, are serendipitously aboard. When the vessel finally encounters the culprit behind the sinking ships, a pitched battle pitches them into the brine, and [...]

Music -- Towards Darkness, The Summit

What is my dream job?
It is to play keyboards for a metal band like Towards Darkness. The kind of metal that just makes youwant to jump off the blackest tower of the blackest obsidian castle built on the blackest mountain into the blackest ocean.

(Anyone interested in having me, drop a line!)

Shadow of Alfheim part 5 will go up monday. Plus, I have someone interested in playtesting my Monk!

The Non-Marvel Film I'm Most Excited About Next Year...

Seven Deadly Champions - Gluttony

I've always been fascinated by the idea of the seven deadly sins (and to a lesser extent the seven godly virtues). I've been reading through Green Ronin's The Unholy Warrior's Handbook and have been inspired to create a group of sinful champions for 5E. I'm going to design them to be challenges for lower tier parties (between challenge 4 and 8). Each champion will have a simpering toady, an imp-like servant that compliments its abilities and must obey the commands of its champion. Though they must obey the commands of their masters and can never harm them directly, all simpering toadies loathe [...]

My POD Copy of D&D 5e Basic has Arrived!

Someone uploaded the D&D 5e Basic Rules to Lulu last week. They were only up for a day or so, but I snagged a copy while they were there.

All I can say is this: WotC should seriously consider putting up an at cost POD option for the D&D Basic Rules at the DnDClassics storefront. This is a much more table friendly version than the PDF.

Pacing 2 - Elements of Pace

This is a series of posts on pacing.  Here's the index:

  • Pacing 1 - What Can Pacing Do For You?
  • This post, Pacing 2 - Elements of Pace
  • (This list will update as the series goes on)

Elements of Pace

Today we're going to look at the elements of story pace.  In Pacing 1, I said the fun of an RPG comes from how the story generates problems that create exciting tension.

Story -> Problems -> Tension -> Excitement -> Fun
The pace of the story is the rate at which story problems establish and relieve tension, and [...]

Wonders of NaeraCull Brochure #3: The Fire-lit Mountain

If you'd like to download a copy of thisFREE PDF head on over to the Storepage, butAaWBlog Presents: Wonders of NaeraCull Brochuresare available on RPGNow.com, DriveThruRPG.com, Paizo.com, and d20pfsrd.com as well! We're keeping it short and sweet again today; enjoy your free PDF! Oh, and the ENnies Awards are going on and we’re up for […]

The post Wonders of NaeraCull Brochure #3: The Fire-lit Mountain appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

The Year in Superhero RPGs 2013: Part Two The Mighty Six to Triumphant!

FINAL ISSUEWe come to the last of my superhero rpg chronologies until next year. I'm still amazed at the variety of supers games out there. I never expected this many. I'm also struck by how many people feel a sense of dissatisfaction with the existing tools and turn to writing new superhero games. I would expect that with fantasy, but haven't seen nearly the same level of creation/reinventing the wheel in Horror games, Westerns, or some of the other genres I've been looking at. I don't know why that is- perhaps superhero games invoke more specific nostalgia. If players love [...]

July RPG Blog Carnival: An Invasive Species

  My previous contribution to the RPGBA Blog Carnival was a post for the June Carnival about Holes, hosted by Fitz at Moebius Adventures.   The July Carnival is hosted by Hereticwerks. The blog introduces the Carnival as follows:   Through the month of July we will be presenting a few posts that feature a …

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Podcast Episode -- The Boardgame Review Room: Titanium Wars

Iello released Titanium Wars at Spiel 2013 and the theme and looks were enough to get me very interested. Then I found out it was also a resource management game and also a card game. I like all of that. The subject? You must expand your galactic empire to win the game. You do that [...]

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Euryale and the Deck of Destiny

Wheel of Fortune
Pompeii Mosaic from Naples National Archaeological MuseumI've been thinking about Euryale for a couple of weeks, but it was only last night while incubating upon my bed that the pieces came together for me.  In the ancient world, the decrees of Fate where absolute.  Even the head of the pantheon was subject to Fate's decree. Thus Fortuna or Fate's rule over the destinies of gods and men was absolute.  That Gygax (and Kunz?)'s inspiration for the Deck of Many Things comes from the Tarot as well as the general idea of a magic deck of cards is obvious. What [...]

Frightful Fridays! Kitteye Tyrant

Hello, and welcome back to a new Frightful Fridays! I had a marvelous vacation the past week, and it was a little tough to get back into things, so that might explain today's entry, whose illustration comes courtesy of my friend Flash. Rather than go with the obvious spider-kitten mashup, I decided to do an odd little (so to speak) take on the . The next time your characters go up against a solitary sorcerer with the strange kitten familiar who can only muster a single magic missile, that pushover fight will become terrifying when the familiar starts flinging prismatic [...]

Frightful Fridays! Kitteye Tyrant

Hello, and welcome back to a new Frightful Fridays! I had a marvelous vacation the past week, and it was a little tough to get back into things, so that might explain today's entry, whose illustration comes courtesy of my friend Flash. Rather than go with the obvious spider-kitten mashup, I decided to do an odd little (so to speak) take on the . The next time your characters go up against a solitary sorcerer with the strange kitten familiar who can only muster a single magic missile, that pushover fight will become terrifying when the familiar starts flinging prismatic [...]

Gam3rCon continues Day 2

Gam3rCon proper may be going on right now, but every month this year, there's been a Gam3day as well. Usually just a 9-hour event (noon-9) on a Sunday (YEAH! Free Parking!!!!) Gam3rCon.com for location and costs. (Dress for heat, as the building is OLD, and it gets HOT.) Join the Gam3rCon meetup to watch for those days. ($5 if you're just there to play, but FREE if you're running a game)

Castle Greyhawk: Surrender

Welcome back Greyhawkers! Let's get back to my all important promoting of page twenty-nine in the second chapter of our ongoing Castle Greyhawk graphic novel. Follow the links above to get bonus words from dedicated scribe Scott Casper. Alternatively you can view the pages HERE, courtesy of Maldin's Greyhawk.

Artist's Commentary: Well we saw the defeat of Drake last episode, so now we focus on Gronan. The surly mercenary is more shrewd than the temperamental captain however. The story begins to curve back toward Castle Greyhawk. I can't wait to see how this turns out!

The Glacial Forge

I had a few minutes listening to a conference call at work today, so I sketched out another quick map. It's a true 5-minute effort, so no bells and whistles. I call it the Glacial Forge.

The Glacial ForgeDrawn with a cheap "Gel Mini" pen from Staples - I picked up a box of a dozen for a buck - on the back of a meeting agenda. I scanned it in through the copy center at work and cropped it in Paint. Unlovely, but functional.

The icy passage widens into a chamber with stone and wood barricades. [...]

DVD Of The Week: Rigor Mortis (2013)

A suicidal film actor (Chin Siu-Ho), separated from his family for reasons that are never explained, moves into a run-down tower block with the aim of taking his life. However, just as he is about to hang himself he is saved by the block's resident chef - and out-of-work vampire hunter - Yau (Anthony Chan). Meanwhile the elderly husband of another resident dies in a fall and his widow

Shamosk, Alien Swamps and Lifeforms, Facing the Soul of the Splinter

(For a description of the Crystal Villa, click HERE. Also, I know that fungi are not plants, but belong to their own kingdom. However, for the purposes of magic, they are considered plants - I'm fairly sure I'm the only one that cares about this lol)
(2/9/1472) 20:20 -- 21:40: His name is Shamosk, and he is a Chattur -- a humanoid raccoon like creature. He speaks in a high-pitched, rapid fire manner, communicating using the Gorgoth language (the closest thing to a universal language there is due to its immortal source). Although there are many merchants in the vast [...]

Daily Punch 7-24-14 Elemental Focus feat for DnD Next

I want to be a wizard that focuses on fire wizard…let’s make it happen!




You’ve studied the elements and found yourself drawn into one in particular

Benefit: gain the following

  • Gain a +1 to wisdom, intelligence, or charisma to a maximum of 20
  • Pick an element damage type (acid, force, sonic, cold, fire, necrotic, radiant). When you cast a spell that does that damage type, add double the spell’s level to damage or double the duration of the spell. Cantrips add +1 to damage.




Zaza the Mystic ala d6xd6 CORE

One of the characters that we have tapped for the NUELOW Games comics/rpg hybrid treatment is Zaza the Mystic. We haven't quite scheduled her yet, but we will be making the decision as to when one of these days. We find her interesting, because she has all the skills of a con-artist spiritualist, but she uses her "powers for good" by busting phony mystics and exposing other crimes.

While we decide how and when to present some of her best adventures, here she is as seen through the lense of Lester Smith's d6xd6 CORE RPG.


Dungeon Mastery-Romps

Several months ago at a conference, Robert Defendi, maker of Echoes of Heaven, introduced me to the idea of “romps” in table top RPGmodules and games. I’m not sure if this is a new idea, but it was new to me and a recent experience made me decide it was definitely worth sharing.

The concept of a romp is to give the players a scenario, usually an encounter, where they can win pretty easily and feel awesome doing it. This has a number of positive effects when used properly and is really important to the pacing of the game or module.

Let [...]

The Friday Grab Bag - My 5E D&D Starter Set Playthrough Keeps Going (and Going!)

Our playthrough coverage continues from here!.

Before we jump back into the adventure, I have some added information to share.  One of the things I wanted to try and work out before our next game are inserts for a customized GM screen.  To that end, I discovered a thread on EN World where user ren1999 was building one for himself to use with 5E Basic D&D.  While I hope to make mine with more group-specific and Starter Set specific info, I'm keeping an eye on that thread for ideas for content and how to prioritize the layout.  See more here.

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