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Intel and Tech Briefs for Adventure Inspiration

Anybody who's read my blog for long knows that I am a regular reader of Strategic Forecasting, because I like to keep up on what's going on in the world. But have you considered how you can use real-world analyses to bring the complexity of geopolitics to your Traveller game?  Each planet/system in a Traveller subsector can be treated like its own nation; neighbors compete for local and regional dominance, for access to markets for [...]

Edo's Game Reviews: Garden Dice -- Episode 3


Garden Dice is Doug Bass' debut 2-4 player family game, which was crowdfunded on Kickstarter. In Garden Dice, my family and I have found an interesting and well-crafted game of farming and harvesting food! Rolling the dice to take your turn is very simple; and the spatial elements of moving pieces on a grid is what sets this game apart. Players are trying to water seeds, harvest plants and avoid those pesky birds!

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Deep beneath the surface of Canus, the progeny of an ancient alliance between aberrations and devils slumber, waiting to be awakened. The morchia, cast down and unconscious by The Reckoning Spell, have hate boiling in their sleeping hearts for the world their parents said would be theirs. Simply put,you’re not an aberrant or a devil, they hate you. The exception is of course, tieflings, whom they hate beyond measure, despite the infernal influence on their heritage. Of course, some morchia escaped the influence of The Reckoning Spell, and still wander Verda’s jungles, scheming and plotting the ways they might be [...]

More Comic Book Creatures

In a previous post, I supplied several images of unusual creatures from comic books.  Here are more specimens for your delectation, just in time for Halloween.  All of the referenced comic books are now in the public domain.

Strange Worlds #7; 1952, Avon
Periodicals; Art by Gene Fawcette

The lavender being with the antennae and tentacles is a 'xill-monster' from Planetoid 50.  They tend to become a bit unruly during "the season of their growth."  To keep them in check, one must construct barriers of 'alurium' which -- fortunately -- is plentiful on that [...]


This is part of an ongoing series of entries for the Gamandrian setting of the Sertorius RPG. 

The capital of Republic of Caelum is Cael. This is the heart of a powerful Orc state that stretches from the Varian Sea to the Caeloru Sea. While one won't find any inns in Cael for reasons particular to the region, there are a number of businesses adventurers may have reason to frequent. Among these are scriptoria, shops that produce copies of books on papyrus scrolls (codices are a rarity in Gamandria). Caelum is well known for its handbooks on engineering and written [...]

Call of Cthulhu: The Stygian Fragment -- Episode 5 Answers & More Questions

Clarence Rouse -- Brandon Williams
Julia Barnes -- Shannon Steele
Evan Leary -- Mike Bridges
Jack Houston Smith -- Jayson King
Finn Lockwood -- [...]

Guest Post: Bird Masks and Ghostly Haunts

Session 4

As novitiates, Abraxo and Guruff pair up with a level 1 mentor from the Maidens and Magi, respectively. The mentors are full members of their cults, with the PC novitiates technically subordinate to them. These NPCs were not simply meat shields doing the party's bidding. They didn't lead, but they occasionally advised or issued cautionary observations and insights.
Sativa--- fighter, HP5, AC5, short sword.
Souvlacus--- MU, HP3, AC9, silver dagger, ventriloquism.

Their first stop is the last unexplored, non-cultist room on Tier 3. They peek in, see noxious yellow fungus coating everything and poke it from the hall with a [...]

Royalty free RPG map maker turns to Kickstarter with Other World Mapper

I suck at drawing maps but what’s an epic fantasy quest without the world map to put all that travel into context? Three Minds Software is having a crack at the computer cartography market with a project called the Other World Mapper.

[Back this Campaign]

It looks like this Kickstarter will slide to success. This post is being written on a Wednesday while the campaign has over $7,200 in the bank and needs a total of $8,750 to fund. That’s 197 backers with 15 days to go. This post is due to go live on Thursday so you’ll still have [...]

FASA and Ulisses interviews @ Spiel 2014

The International Gaming Days "SPIEL '14" took place from Oct. 16th -- 19th at Essen. Like every year many RPG publishers were on site. The German DORP-TV made various interviews with German as well...

Gaming Advice: How to Use Evernote as a Player

For me, Evernote is perhaps the greatest all-purpose gamer aid ever developed. As an electronic notebook, it's unparalleled.


I previously talked about how great Evernote is and how for me it's an indispensable organisational tool. Being organised is one of the characteristics of a greatgamers. As a player, you can achieveso much inEvernote.

The first thing you should do is create a new tag for the adventure or campaign you are playing. Using that tag with everything I list below makes it easy to find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

Store Your Character

Forgot your character sheet? No problem, it's in [...]

Sewer Worms

I had heard the rumors for years, but it wasn’t before one of these… things ate our remotely-operated robots during an inspection that I believed them. One moment, the dark, gloomy sewer was in the camera’s views, the next a slithering shape rose from the murk – a circular, black mouth with glistening white and […]

Numenera auf Deutsch?

Orkenspalter TV kndigt vollmundig Monte Cooks gehyptes Science Fantasy-Rollenspiel Numenera auf Deutsch an. Natrlich soll das Projekt gegenwartsgerecht via Crowdfunding, Startnext, finanziert werden. Vermutlich mischt auch der Uhrwerk Verlag irgendwie mit. Auf der Webseite des Verlags gibt es jedoch noch keine offizielle Ankndigung.

Andernorts sorgt diese Ankndigung fr Begeisterung, die ich nicht teile.

Sell me on (off) Numenera?

Numenera ist fr mich: Gene Wolfe (The Book of the New Sun) meets Cugel (Jack Vance) “fr Arme” .
Mit anderen Worten: Ich sehe in Numenera traditionelle D&D High Fantasy mit einem den genannten Vorbildern nahen Science Fantasy-Anstrich. Die ganzen pseudospektakulren Beschreibungen tuschen leicht darber [...]

Image Thursday

There are many awesome and inspirational images on the web these days. Here’s a few that were found that you may enjoy and draw ideas from.

Clicking on each image will open it in a new window.




This image feed will show the last 12 images that have been pinned and may change if you return to this post later.

1d10 Random Encounters With Lovecraftian Horrors From The Outer Darkness Table For The Astonishing Swordsmen And Sorcerers Of Hyperborea Rpg System On The Dark Corner Blog

 There are things from the Outer Darkness that have come to plague mankind upon Hyperborea, here is a small selection of these horrors to plague your adventurers with!
Right Over

DC Heroes: Project Prometheus

From the back cover:

With the help of a kidnapped scientist, the new King Minos of Crete has developed a powerful device called the Prometheus Shield.

Minos claims that the shield will be used in restoring Crete to its former glory. U.S. Intelligence sources have linked him to some suspicious characters.

Now, it is up to you to go to Create and find out just what the situation really is!

Jacket and Ale Mixer

The Sultan- Human? Male. Seizing an opportunity organized many of the Jacket and Ale attendees to hearing an idea for a Global Exchange Merchant Society. To exist wholly outside of politics and to build and strengthen individual trade ports. Each would be given hometown rule; we would support each other and dispense disciplines monetarily in the spirit of business- not politics.  Melissa Izanami- Half-dragon female. Was the one who brought up the jailer and her contention that current Stormhaven leadership was not good for its long term trade prosperity, but her expertise earns her favor with Adalwin. Melissa's expertise lies in planar travel, therefore her value with 'G.E.M.S.' comes from that. Furthermore while not from Stormhaven she volunteers herself as the organization's tie to the Dragon Docks.    Maycorth- Human male. Was every pleased and agreeable with just about everything.   Vesper- Elf female. Conveys to Durg a response from the Dwarves and Elves to Adalwin's offer of the Dirftdowns or nothing; a truce until the Jailer is defeated. Given her past associations Auge thinks she may be a viable unwitting spy for us in Africa.   Turlock- Human male. Trades with exotic sea races.   Potior- Human male 11thlevel Wizard. Former house wizard, [...]

Review 10/22/2014

We began our session during Friday night's Jacket and Ale night. This exclusive party was host to several announcements, the gifting of sipping jackets, Hogni's golem demonstration, and the planting of an African tree. White Spider was made manager of the new Dragon's Breath; Savidia was placed on the payroll, and the drow Anan was introduced to our circle of trust.
Talk at the affair ranged along current topics before The Sultan proposed an idea for a Global exchange, merchants allied during these dire economic times. The merchant society would give home rule to that individual exchange partner but is aimed at opening ports that were unreachable before.
This seems aligned with our general plan for restoring Stormhaven as a resource, so it was not long before an agreement for a Global Exchange Merchant Society was conceived.
Outside the meeting Savida and Archia Starkmore waited. Versel spoke with Savida about her expertise with nonmagical alchemy and that we collect gnomes. She will return in the morning. Potior and Hiens are given rooms in the Cinder Block.
Later than night Jaren sees this.
The next morning we speak with Savidia at length about her alchemy, bandersnatches, and [...]

Upon The Streets Of Thovas Thoon - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Campaign Actual Play Event

Upon The Streets Of Thovas Thoon 

Thovas Thoon sits near the post apocalyptic Martian poles around the swamp lands and is one of the last basitons of civilization before the deep post apocalyptic Martian swamp wastelands. These areas are home to a wide variety of tribes, red men, green warriors, mutant and worse.
This area sits right on the edge of the Lovecraftian Serpent Men's territories and city states. The peaks of their ruins and temple pyramid complexes can be seen over the tops of the massive trees and the mix of  ruins that still tower over the [...]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Waaay back in the day someone in our role-playing group (called Bob’s Rent-a-Cult btw) owned a copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness, asupplement for Heroes Unlimited. Idon’tthink we ever actually played it, but the idea of role-playing a ninja turtle has stuck with me ever since andthat’s a gap I intend to […]

100 Days of Halloween Tabletop Horror Recommendations

Hey guys, for those that don't follow me on social media (or who have long since tuned me out), I was guest blogging on The Monster Guys blog, posting 10 games I think you should consider this Halloween.

Two swell dudes.

Without further ado:

Tabletop Horror 1: Zombies!
Tabletop Horror 2: Fantastic Horror
Tabletop Horror 3: Camp & Circumstance
Tabletop Horror 4: Fresh Meat!
Tabletop Horror 5: The Call of Evil
Tabletop Horror: Honorable Mentions (Michael's, not mine)


d20 Rifts - The Source of Magic

Magic works pretty much as described in the Rifts sourcebook. That is, magic infuses the world, and is drawn primarily from the power of life. The surging, teeming forces of life in the ecosphere tend to flow into rivers of energy, known as ley lines. On most worlds, these ley lines are only able to be detected by those very sensitive to magic. On the hyperactive world of Rifts Earth, however, the ley lines are giant rivers of neon blue light, nearly half a mile across and half as tall. Where two ley lines meet, [...]

October Movie Challenge: Vampire's Night Orgy (1973)

October Movie Challenge: Vampire's Night Orgy (1973)

Well after last night's suck fest (eh eh) tonight's movie was a pleasant surprise.  While searching for more Bathory movies this one came up.  I had never heard of this one before and really did not know what to expect, but the title was not giving a lot of faith.
But I have discovered that there is a certain charm to Spanish Horror of the 1970s and this one did not disappoint.

A group of travelers looking for work end up stranded in a remote village. They arrive at night and [...]

Collaborative Sandbox Design

I am a participant in the Tenkar’s Landing Crowdsourced Sandbox Setting. It is an interesting concept and it is cool to see all the ideas and how people consult their neighbors to sync up features like rivers and roads and adjust maps to flow with the ideas of others. I picked a swamp hex. In […]

Ring Side Report-RPG Review of Pathfinder Society Scenario #5-22 Scars of the Third Crusade

Product- Pathfinder Society Scenario #5-22 Scars of the Third Crusade


Price-$4 herehttp://paizo.com/products/btpy96i8?Pathfinder-Society-Scenario-5-22-Scars-of-the-Third-Crusade

TL;DR- Great roleplaying, but nothing for the combat heavy characters. 87%


Basics-Murder is afoot! Pathfinder agents have been arrested, and you are sent to determine if they are guilty or not. Can you prove the innocence of your fellow agents while in a town that already doesn't trust the Pathfinders?


Mechanics or Crunch-This one has exactly one or maybe two fights scenes in it, depending on how the players proceed. Most of the time, players are investigating the murders. If you have a combat heavy party, they will just be bored. Also, [...]

Traveller Tuesday Follow-Up: Idyll Speculation

Yesterday's post really struck a chord with some of the GMs in a Traveller discussion group. Here are some of the best comments!

Paul Nunes[Idyll Hands] Would need to be heavy in maintenance bots and a control AI.

Then separate AIs (Ghost in the Shell types) that prowl datanets at high rates.

Probably would have to link to satellites in system that are already aggregating data via their own AIs.

The time delays for light speed transmission would make collecting data [difficult] let alone the lags of a orbital satellite transmitting a ground based [...]

The Best Edition

This past weekend, the old gang decided to get together and play some Dungeons & Dragons. I usually DM and was casting about for ideas of what to run. Halloween is just around the corner, so running something with a horror like theme came to mind.

One of the players had a really bad play experience with Ravenloft back in the 80s. I am not quite sure of the exact story, but he really didn't like the teleporters in the module. So naturally, I said we would be playing Ravenloft.

Except, I started to think about characters and [...]

Hex 18.16, Tenkar's Landing Crowdsource Mapping Project

My modest contribution to the island sandbox...

Welcome to Hex 18.16, The Head of the Ghavor:

download(Done with inimitable colored pencil technology.)

The northern portion of the hex is forested with primeval evergreens, typically monkey-puzzle trees and similar. A Methuselah tree grows in 0502. Centuries older than the remainder of the forest, it towers over the area, allowing surveying of the northern half of the hex for anyone brave enough to climb its gnarled, spiny trunk (and deal with the giant wasp that lives there).

0303/0304/0404/0405/0503/0504: Explorers in the area will be greeted by loose rows [...]

Halloween Countdown, day 10

Yes, for the next 10 days I'm going to count down to Halloween with a set of Vampire: the Masquerade-themed My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic art.

You have my permission to start screaming.... now.

The ways of the Applevanni Clan are chthonic and mysterious, and their reasoning is unknown.

Daily Punch 10-22-14 Boss' Pet feat for Pathfinder

You’re the boss’ favorite and it shows!


Boss’ Pet

You always get the best from the boss.

Benefit:When you make a day job roll for the pathfinder society, you receive the benefits from the next level for your check. If you hit a DC 40 for your check, you instead receive 200 gp.




Sabus (Druas Marine) and Tarkus Zull (Atlantean Alchemist) hop on their ostriches and follow the rail line downward to beneath Mineous. Seemingly disconnected aspects of the story so far coalesce and converge in this session: true identities of NPCs emerge, why the seaport across the ocean at Cyrago was overtaken by rebels, an explanation for the anomalous atmospheric phenomena and - most astonishingly - reasons for the Orichalcum heist. Listen in to discover the revealing details.

RPG: Atlantis: The Second Age (Morrigan Press, 2005).
SUPPLEMENTS: The Omni System (Morrigan [...]

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - The Golden Stag

I am writing this about an hour before I leave for the store. I just finished preparing for tonight's session of episode four of Hoard of the Dragon Queen. I decided to toss in an owlbear attack in place of a weird doppelganger encounter involving "buxom" ladies which I don't think is appropriate for my group of young players.

I have amused myself greatly with this owlbear encounter. I am going to foreshadow it the previous day by having the caravan come upon a bear eating honey contentedly. I will have a member of the caravan comment that [...]

Minis for Charity: Part 2 Cowboys

Another group of miniatures for the charity event. This time we move to the Old West for a bunch of cowboys! These guys can be used for a number of conflict, from the Alamo to the Civil War, the French Mexican Adventure, or even as adventurers in distant places such as Africa or China.

And let's not forget the many steampunk or Victoriana adventures you can do with these guys!

These guys make a great start to a gang for Legend of the Old West or similar type of Western skirmish games, one band of Lawmen and perhaps one of [...]

October Horror Movie Challenge - Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi (2013)

Synopsis: Jewel thieves flee into the Basque forests and are captured by a coven of cannibalistic witches.

The Good: This movie has wonderful energy and a sick sense of humor. It also has a nice subversive streak to it. Sure you could look at the misogynistic things said and write the movie off. However, the film makers portray the men of the film as just as responsible for their predicaments. 
The Bad: There's almost no character development in this film. Other than Eva (played by the gorgeous Carolina Bang), the characters are essentially static. Now because of their ordeals, the [...]

Hump-day Hildebrandt: Octhorrorfest # 4

Sorry about the lack of posting again.  I'm hard at work on a blog post for U-con to promote the OSR Track.  So, um, enjoy this ghost and be excellent to eachother!

Reavers on the Seas of Fate -- Season Four, First Session

Welcome to the start of Season Four of our epic Reavers on the Seas of FatePathfinder campaign! We’re exactly three and a half years in. In Season One, “Shadows in Riddleport,” our PCs went to Riddleport, became aspiring pirates, and became embroiled in a cultist plot to destroy the city. In Season Two, “Eros and Thanatos,” they got their own pirate ship and confronted all manner of supernatural menace ofboth Shadow and Cthulhu types. In Season Three, “Et In Arcadia Ego,” they head out to sunken Azlant in the Arcadian Ocean and face off against the elves of the Mordant [...]

5e Musings: Dealing With Incorporeal Undead

Fighting incorporeal undead just sucks. At higher levels, its not as bad due to most characters likely possessing a magical weapon by then. However, at lower levels, its frustrating to be a fighter and be fundamentally useless because that sword your carrying will simply pass through the ghost's intangible form. While 5e does lessen the frustration by only giving the ghost resistance against nonmagical weapons (meaning you'll still deal at least a little damage), I thought it'd be fun to create a different way you can handle these bastards without resorting to magic. 
The idea would require a little more [...]

Run, Don't Walk to Amazon for Deals on Basic Fantasy RPG!

I have no idea how long these prices will be in effect - could be days, hours, minutes.

The BFRPG Core Book for $3.85

BFRPG Adventures for as low as $2.66

All ship free if you have Prime at Amazon.

If you've been waiting to pick these up, NOW is the time.

Dragonlance Redux

On a whim I decided to reread the Dragonlance Chronicles, specifically Dragons of Autumn Twilight after buying the trilogy for less then $5 at a local bookstore. Over the years I've shied away from rereading books I originally read as a preteen or teen, worried that they wouldn't hold up, especially after reading the Game of Thrones at least three times now. But, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and the read thus far has been fast. While its not the best series ever it wasn't horrible.

As I write this post [...]

50 sHAdes of VORpal ~ The funniest kickstarter ever made

I ran across this one and thought it was a joke but then I saw how it had already made over $1000. You gotta see the stretch goals and you will be laughing so hard that your ribs will crack.This really is one of those time that I think that Kickstarter didn’t even read what they were approving. Funny shit. Many of the stretch goals are impossible to fullfill at the pricing listed and I suspect that backers will get nothing on this one.

Here are a few of the stretch goals:
$912 I run a game for you
$913 I fly out to run a game for you
$915 I drink all your parent’s liquor
$916 I actually run the game for you while sober
$917 Nevermind, forget that idea
$938 I add advanced movement rules
$957 I add super advanced movement rules, like pegasuses
$999 I add gender rules, like how boys can lift more than girls
$1000 I add rules for making sex
$1044 World map added.
$1071 World map added that matches the world of VorpaL
$1101 Join me when I win that EMnies
$1152 Join me on stage when I win it
$1210 You can accept my EMnie for me. I’ll be at the bar.
$1212 Demi-dragons with laser beam eyes!
$1235 Damn. Just looked at prices for drinks.
$1241 New pencils

Tenkar's Wondrous and Whimsical Trinkets and Trifles - Staff of Sneezing & Wheezing

Alright, time to kick off Tenkar's Wondrous and Whimsical Trinkets and Trifles weekly offering. This week, it's going to be reflective of the cold from hell (and the accompanying sinus infection) that I've been gifted with ;)

Staff of Sneezing & Wheezing - First created by the insane wizard Sinusitus, the Staff of Sneezing & Wheezing can be recognized by the nose like protrusion from the head of the staff that constantly drips a yellow like but harmless sap-like fluid.

When the proper command word is uttered by the magic-user holding the staff (often "Ah-Choo!" or "Prrfffttt!") the following effects will happen:

- Within a range of 60', a 10' radius circle will cause all within to save vs. poison for [...]

Flat Plastic Miniatures are the best new thing in tabletop gaming


Every now and then a Kickstarter comes along that is truly useful to gamers and even more useful to gamers that hit the convention circuit. This is one of those times. I cannot begin to count the number of cons I have gone to and wished that I could carry a bunch of figures for a game, but space and weight was too prohibative. Flat Plastic Miniatures fits that problem and will make my future cons, so much more enjoyable. Check it out:

The Flat Plastic Miniature (FPM) is similar to a cardboard pawn or papercraft mini, except that it’s produced on thick transparent plastic. They are artistically pleasing without any white edges and can be used to create a library of miniatures OR supplement the existing miniatures you already have.

The cost to produce a traditional miniature is quite high, and generally only those miniatures that will get a LOT of sales will ever be made. But our product doesn’t have these concerns, and we can create any style or concept for a miniature we can imagine. This allows us to specifically address the “harder to find” items like villagers, bears, wolves, children, treasure chests, spiders, etc. Of course, we’ll be bringing along a slew of classic heroes, monsters and archetypes as well!

Fronts Backs

Fall of Otalin

The Fall of Otalin was once a place often visited for rituals and ceremonies by the local people. Now, the surrounding caves are claimed by a Black Dragon and his hoard.

Medusa's Labyrinth

Medusa's Labyrinth is a first person horror game with Oculus rift set in ancient Greece. The games primary focus is to convey the feeling of dread and anticipation to the player. This setting has been created to reflect the themes of the Greek tragedies and the more you learn the less you want to know. The player will have to crawl through narrow catacombs filled with bones of the dead, sneak past horrible creatures spawned from the deepest pits of Hades itself and unveil the horrible truth about what has happened on Temple Island.

The Oculus Riftwill bring this game to a whole new level of immersion with features tailor-made for the technology. Peak around corners, look behind you while running from your fears or guide your arrows on their way to find their mark. The technology has been part of the design process from day one, although the game will be a great experience both with and without the Oculus Rift.

$50,000 prize for winner of Halo Competition

ESL, the world's largest independent esports brand, is set to host a US$50,000 Halo: The Master Chief Collection competition in their newly built ESL studios in Burbank, California. The Master Chief Collection Launch Invitational will see 32 of the best Halo players battle it out from November 8-9, ahead of the game's release on November 11th.

Timo Karamustafa, Product Manager Pro Gaming ESL, said, “We are thrilled to host the Halo: The Master Chief Collection Launch Invitational at the ESL Burbank studios in collaboration with 343 Industries and Twitch TV. We are kicking off the launch for the most anticipated shooter in 2014 and continuing to support Halo esports with the best players and a kick-ass show! $50,000 on the line is the only way for us to do it right."

Eight competing teams will undergo a double-elimination bracket in a best-of-three series, in the hopes to get to the final and take home US$20,000 in first place winnings. The winners will also be the first to play the all-new Halo 5: Guardians Mulitplayer Beta, yet to be released to the public. Tonight, over on HaloWaypoint.com, team captains for the competition will be announced. The competition in Burbank will be commentated by Andy ‘Bravo’ Dudynsky and Alex ‘Goldenboy’ Mendez, and will be streamed live over Twitch.

Andy ‘Bravo’ Dudynsky, Community Manager at 343 Industries: “We are excited to continue in partnering with ESL and Twitch TV for the launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The Launch Invitational tournament will feature 32 of the biggest names in eSports, $50k in prizing, and a full weekend of Halo eSports. I can't wait to commentate the matches, and I'm excited see who will take home first place."

More Halo action is scheduled for November 10 in the Avalon Theatre (Los Angeles), with some first-look footage of [...]

October Horror Movie Challenge: The Monster Squad (1987)

Directed by Fred Dekker and co-written by Shane Black, The Monster Squad is a horror comedy film that acts as a humorous love letter to the Universal monster movies. Sean Crenshaw and his best friend Patrick are monster movie fanatics. Along with their portly friend Horace, junior high bad boy Rudy, Sean's little sister Phoebe, and little Eugene they come together in Sean's treehouse and talk about monsters. 
But when Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, and The Mummy come to their small town to retrieve a mystical amulet that will allow them to take [...]

Lizard Volk!

JB over at B/X Blackrazor had some thoughts on lizards (he doesn't like them) and Lizardmen (which he likes).  But he was musing on the change in terminology from Lizardmen to Lizardfolk and gave his opinion that Lizardflok evoked them as a culture rather than a race.  Softening the edges you could say.  But then the thought popped into my head the Lizard Volk!  As in 'ein volk, ein reich, ein fuerher!'

Think about it, great big lizard man stormtroopers kicking your door down.   I wonder if  Achtung Cthulhu! has them in it?  The concept also reminded me [...]

A Grand Day Out At The British Museum

Hark and I went to the British Museum earlier this week. Here are some things I saw; they are all things in which I am aesthetically or culturally interested, and many of them are also things which I see as plunder or booty to be used as influences upon gaming, some less directly than others. […]

Short Film: A Tale of Momentum and Inertia

An old friend

I drew this sometime in the mid-90's.Today, I am going to talk about someone who is near and dear to me. And in so doing, I am going to do that thing that all D&D geeks do, but that we all hate when others do it. I'm going to talk about my favorite character. (If you're not interested, get out now. I will completely understand.)
In the beginning...
Sometime around 1985-86, my friend, his sister, and I decided to start a D&D campaign using the Expert Set. In looking back, I had thought that the Expert rules had introduced the [...]


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