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Gamer to Gamer -- Jeremy Crawford

A new episode of my podcast, Gamer to Gamer, is up on The Tome Show’s website.

Isit down with Jeremy Crawford, one of the lead designers of fifth edition D&D! Wetalk about Jeremy’s career at Green Ronin and Wizards of the Coast, the campaign world he’s been running since he first started playing, and all things Dungeon Master’s Guide, Jeremy’s latest creation. This podcast was recorded on November 12, 2014.

Links: The Tome Show’s FacebookPage The Tiamat Takedown If you like what you're reading please follow me on Twitter, check out my other podcast The Round Table, tell your friends, and/or leave me a comment [...]

Hump-Day Hildebrandt: Fantasy Cookbook and the End of the Swords & Wizardry Logo Contest!

Just a reminder that the deadline for the Swords & Wizardry Compatible Logo Contest is tomorrow!  Please have your submissions in no later than 11-27-2014.  Now, I present to you the closest thing to a Thanksgiving Feast that I could find in the Hildebrandt archives.  

An open letter to the big stores of the world who sell games

By Paco Garcia Jaen Beware, this is an opinionated rant. Last night, after our holidays, we decided to watch the only episode of The Apprentice I could have possibly had any interest in. The episode in which they have to design a board game from start to finish in 48 hours and then sell it. [...]

The post An open letter to the big stores of the world who sell games appeared first on G*M*S Magazine.

Ash Wednesday - ThanksKilling


ThanksKilling is a ridiculous holiday themed slasher movie (with two sequels) about a necromantic killer turkey named, Turkie. To get you in the proper mindset, this is how the first flick starts.

At the first Thanksgiving a topless pilgrim is killed with a tomahawk by Turkie, who has the masterful line, "Nice tits, bitch!"

Yeah, it's that kind of classy flick. I thought Turkie would be the perfect Thanksgiving villain for Army of Darkness. Perhaps the necromancy the Native American used to create him came from the Necronomicon.

Name: Turkie

Motivation: Maim! Kill! Repeat!
Critter Type:  Demon 

[RPG] Quick & dirty Accelerated vampire rules - 2nd edition

I've got a friend coming to stay with myself and my wife Hannah for a week soon, Dave was one of the players in my short original test game for the quick & dirty vampire rules so it'll be interesting to see what he makes of the revised version.
These rules are based heavily on the super powered stunt rules, you can find them here in the excellent Fate SRD website.
Essentially the way the super-powered stunts will work is that players will purchase a stunt that allows them to automatically succeed at a certain task unless they are opposed by [...]

Untested D&D -- Interrogation

Interrogation checks are made to resolve the controlled questioning of prisoners or suspects: People who have (or who believe might have) a reason to withhold information from you. Obtaining information through other forms of social interaction (questioning witnesses or chatting someone up at a social soiree, for example) is certainly possible, but may not be the right fit for these mechanics.

When interrogating a subject, the questioner can choose one of two approaches:

DIPLOMACY: These are “soft” methods of interrogation. Manipulation, seduction, a building of trust, a promise of quid pro quo.

INTIMIDATION: These are “hard” methods of interrogation. This doesn’t cover actual [...]

Not My Drawing

On occasion, I like to color other people's line art.

- Ark

Dungeonscape: The Fellowship of the Thing

If you've been attentive, you might remember that I got to sit down with three of the folks from Trapdoor Technologies, LLC back in August and discuss their upcoming suite of electronic tools for Dungeons & Dragons 5E, Dungeonscape. If you haven't been attentive, PAY ATTENTION! I don't do this s$&% for my own health. I do it for you because I'm a motherf$&%ing altruist.

You might have heard that a lot has changed since that August dinner in Indianapolis. The partnership between Wizards of the Coast and Trapdoor Technologies is kaput. Dungeonscape for D&D 5E is not going to happen. [...]

Random Thoughts: Real Life Flaming, Welcoming People to the Hobby, Your Mom Plays Video Games, and Influential Gamers

I found out about thissort of thing the hard way talking to a younger dude that was like this. He was edgy and cool, but his brain was somewhat colonized. He somehow got to talking about this thing that happened at his high school… some kid had worn a shirt that was deemed to be across the line by his type and they’d rallied and made it clear that nobody could do that there. I was surprised that he could be so positive about doing something like that. I said, “that’s the difference between my generation and your generation. People [...]

Daily Punch 11-25-14 Martial Training feat for DnD 5e

I liked the feats that gave you a splash of another class’ powers in Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition. There are powers for the caster classes (wizard, cleric, et al). How about some for our martial friends? How about the fighter?


Martial Training

You might not be an impressive warrior, but you have learned a thing or two. Gain the following benefits:

  • Increase your strength or dexterity by 1 to a maximum of 20.
  • Gain one fighter style (PHB page 72).



Day 348

Fiction by Patrick King, inspired by our recent ideas for a post-apocalyptic RPG setting.

Andy is still not back from the latest foraging trip. I'm concerned, usually he's only gone for a few hours but night passed and there's still no sign.

I heard some of them last night, the unmistakeable sound they make when they move; it was right near the bunker door. I hope they didn't discover the entrance. I suppose if they did they'd try and get inside, unless they're going to come back in greater numbers, they're smarter than we first thought.

Wow, I just realised, three hundred [...]

Citadel of Eight Illustrated

Tenser, level 7Over the years I've gathered quite a collection of old Greyhawk material, from various sources including many things one would never expect. Digging through the archives I found one such item that piques me both as a Grey-historian and as an artist. This pdf is the tournament characters for a Greyhawk game ran at some unknown GenCon during the 3rd Edition era. I don't have any information on the adventure itself except what is hinted in the character backgrounds.

The pregenerated characters are of the famous Citadel of Eight during their mid-level careers; Mordenkainen the Mage (Wiz10), Tenser (Wiz7), Robilar [...]

Borderland of Adventure #38: The Army Marches

At the end of last session we left one party of adventurers deep in the Loftwood. Having destroyed the main defences of Xul-Jarak, they began their return journey. However, now we turn to the fortunes of the adventurers who decided to join Ratik's Volunteer Borderers to help push back the orc host.


While resting at Ratikhill and waiting for Ratik's army to fully muster, Adoven, Klara and Krorz were busy. First Klara threw a party for several people they knew well, including the city's mayor. The adventurers were also busy in the town -- Adoven and Klara finally finding a smith [...]

[Pathfinder Society] A Harrower's Tale Part I

Greetings stranger, from a stranger!

In May, Paizo released The Harrow Handbook and the Pathfinder Society Campaign legalised most of the book and many, previously disallowed harrow options. There was one caveat, however: a player requires an actual Harrow Deck when using any ability that calls for drawing Harrow cards. Having been intrigued by the Harrower prestige class for about as long as I’ve played Pathfinder, I immediately placed my order at Fanaticus and picked up my deck just a few weeks ago. That’s when I began to seriously consider my Harrower character-to-be.

After running through a few different build permutations (druid, [...]

If you haven't got the XP, it's not dead

We continued our foray into the Wave Echo Cave system. There were skeletons and bugbears and stuff in there. It's a good thing we have Malinda in the party - she whittled five bugbears down to one in one round of burning hands. Result!

We also managed to find a door that said bugbears had barricaded. Turned out there was a big, flaming skull behind there. We decided to close the door and explore one of the other directions ...

Courtesy of Tuesday 25 November 2014's 5th Edition Dugeons & Dragons roleplaying session at Chimera.

"Your face, right now, is like Windows 95 trying to load Excel 2013."

"He has a code of honour."
"Don't worry, we'll beat it out of you if we have to."

"You're the kind of guy who'd run into his children's room shouting 'Santa's not real'!"

Player: "Just [...]

Subterranean Enclave: Severed Umbra

Subterranean Enclave: Severed Umbra This first installment of Raging Swan Press’ Subterranean Enclave-series clocks in […]

The Genius Guide to More Ranger Talents

The Genius Guide to More Ranger Talents This pdf clocks in at 11 pages of […]

Sorceror Bloodlines

Sorceror Bloodlines This pdf clock in at 15 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page […]

Campaign Chunk -- Northern Goat-Antelope

English: Domestic goat smile. Crimea, mountains near Balaklava. . , . Latina: Capra aegagrus hircus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Campaign Chunk – Northern Goat-Antelope

The Northern Goat Antelope (NGA), is a ruminant mammal – That is it is a mammal that acquire nutrients from plant-based food by fermenting it in a specialized stomach prior to digestion, much like a cow does. The NGA typical stands around 70-80 cm when fully grown and has a distinctive pair of curved and spiral horns on both sides of its head. It is not uncommon for a male NGA to have [...]

Worldbuilding 101 - Part 18: Racial Appearances

(Quick one today because I'm running late...)
One of the things I've learnt from years (actually decades) of LARPing is that people who get involved in this sort of thing love to dress up. Costuming is a part of it (and we looked at the various cultural costumes in this world in the last post), but so is make-up and quite often prosthetics and latex masks. In order to know what type of make-up would be used to portray our characters, we need to get a few racial trait descriptions. It probably makes best sense to connect these to the [...]

Wonder Woman Wednesday...

The Dark Valley - An Austrian Cowboy Movie, WTF?

Well that's what I thought initially but being the self confessed fan of European cinema (and my missus being a cowboy movie fan) I thought "What the heck, I'll give this a go".

Dark Valley (2014)Directed by Andreas Prochaska (Dead in 3 Days), "Das Finstere Tal" is set towards the end of the 19th century in a village in the Austrian Alps.  Sam Riley (Maleficent, Byzantium) is Greider, a lone rider, who enters the eponymous valley in search of shelter from the approaching winter.

The villagers are a bedraggled bunch of peasants who are kept firmly at [...]

Diablo II: Diablerie

From the back cover:

Smite the minions of evil!

Forget courtly intrigue -- this is about stabbing straight into the heart of evil!

Based on the popular computer game by Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo II: Diablerie recreates the world of DIABLO using the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS roleplaying game system.

Between Diablo II: Diablerie and the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Player's Handbook, you have all the information you need to play your favorite computer game world:

- A step-by-step guide to creating Amazons, Barbarians, Paladins, Necromancers, and Sorceresses!
- A complete list of weapons and gear!
- Loads of DIABLO II spells and magic items!
- Enough monsters for adventure after thrilling adventure!
- A ready-to-run adventure with three different lists of monsters!

Why are you still looking at the back cover?

You can't free the land from the clutches of an ancient evil by browsing! Get in there and grab some gold and glory!

Review of Outbreak: Deep Space

The folks at Hunters Books recently sent me a review copy of their newest RPG, Outbreak: Deep Space, a sci-fi survival horror game in the vein of movies like Event Horizon and Aliens and video games like Resident Evil. Like their first game, Outbreak: Undead, Outbreak: Deep Space tweaks what you might typically expect from a traditional RPG (insomuch as “traditional” is a useful descriptor, etc.), particularly from a GMing standpoint. Given that GMing is our focus on the Stew, that tends to be something I look for when I do reviews, and Outbreak: Deep Space piqued my interest.

A bit [...]

Jeremy Crawford (Gamer to Gamer)

James Introcasosits down withJeremy Crawford, one of the lead designers of fifth edition D&D! They talk about Jeremy's career atGreen RoninandWizards of the Coast, the campaign world he's been running since he first started playing, and all thingsDungeon Master's Guide, Jeremy's latest creation. This podcast was recorded on November 12, 2014.
Links: The Tome Show's FacebookPage The Tiamat Takedown worldbuilderblog.me

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RAW Grappling and Technical Grappling: Grab Him Better

Finally getting back to the four steps of grappling. In previous posts I talked about grappling from the perspective of someone totally unfamiliar with the concept and application, which was sprung from a SJG Forums thread on the topic. I followed with a note about how to achieve an initial grab using both the Rules as Written (RAW), as well as my expansion, GURPS Martial Arts, Technical Grappling. Along the way, I digressed into defending yourself from grapples and while grappling.
I proposed what is effectively a loose four-step model. Like all models, it's wrong, but hopefully useful ( "All models are wrong; some are useful." G. E. P. Box).
The steps (and the post titles) are:
  1. Grab him
  2. Grab him better
  3. Achieve a dominant position
  4. Win
Grab Him Better - RAW
The concept of step 2 here, where a grapple is improved, hinges very importantly on what rules you are using. Improving  the grapple has limited meaning using the basic rules, since any successful attack with the intent to grapple toggles the "grappled" state. When your options are "zero" and "one," can there really be "one, but better?"
Turns out yes, in some cases, but definitions might have to be a little tortured to get there.
The Moose in the Room: Pin Him
I'm going to come right out and say it. I consider winning the Regular Contest of ST between the two grapplers (you succeed your roll and your opponent fails his on the same turn) an application of Step 4: Win. 
If [...]

Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut - The Soviet JS-1 Tank

This is the second session of the adventure. You might want to read the first one in case you missed it. I am running the 1e Dragon Magazine version enhanced by the 4e version, which fills in details and has great maps.

The Store Was Very Loud and Annoying

We got through a bit more of Baba Yaga's Hut last Monday, but wow were there some problems.

Usually the game store that I run this campaign in is pretty full of Magic players going through a tournament. This time, there wasn't much Magic going on at [...]

punisher face ! :D

a punisher head sketch …


Filed under: character, comicbook, fanart, supehero Tagged: comicbook, fanart, marvel, punisher, superhero


With my venture into Apocalypse World, I’ve found a fantastic tool that I want to bring to your attention. ApocWords It’s a fantastic site for randomly generating people, monsters, events, and groups. It also has some generators for Dungeon World, but for some reason a few of them are down. If you need a tool...

Read More

The post ApocWords appeared first on Ramblings of Jacob and Delos.

The Val A'l Harng Trading Post - A Post Apocalpytic Mars Adventure Location For Your Old School Campaign

The Val La Harng Trading Post

Val A'l Harng is the beacon of trade, commerce, and resources within the Martian wastes. Here adventurers can buy, trade, and sell the relics and artifacts that they pull from the deepest Martian death lands and wastes.

Situated in the low lander Martian territories along the old canal routes is the twelve story Ancient Val A'l Harng trading post. The ancient water exchange station has been converted into a hang out, refuge, and trading post for adventurers,drifters,con-men, the desperate, and all kinds of marginalized Martian populations.
Val A'l Harng is where they all come to trade, buy, exchange information, [...]

Let me tell you about my character!

Cringe! That phrase is probably the most frightful thing a game designer can be cornered with. On the one hand, it’s your game, and you want to reward the player’s enthusiasm for your game. On the other, your brain is screaming “Dull! Boring! Painful!”.

Why is this? Where is the player’s enthusiasm for the thing they’ve built, failing to come out as an interesting story? You have people that pride themselves in complex back stories and acting out what their character would do, telling a painfully dull explanation of their character.

Maybe it’s because we’re given tools for playing the games but [...]

potelbat Ep. 73 "Choose Your Own Misadventure"

Choices, choices, choices.

We pay tribute, of a sort, to the cherished line of Choose Your Own Adventure books and the passing of R. A. Montgomery.

How? By taking on an abbreviated version of the acid trip that is Journey Under the Sea.

Yeah, it’s pretty amazing.

Afterwards, we talk about the art of giving your players a choice in their actions; methods both good and bad.

You can choose to listen. Right here.

Please check out our Patreon Campaign, where you can ask for show topics, too.

Find us on Facebook at:https://www.facebook.com/groups/MadAdventurersSociety/

You can rate, review, and subscribe to us on iTunes at:https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/potelbat/id670505406?mt=2

Our website is:http://www.madadventurers.com

Direct Download: http://archive.org/download/Potelbat73/potelbat%2073.mp3


New iconics for Legacies?

For the last while, I have been thinking about a lot of things regarding the Legacies campaign. Since we came up with the original 8 or 9 character, these characters have evolved through a number of adventures. But I wonder if it is time that we add a few characters to our own suite of iconics.

Question is... WHO?

A P'tan ranger? A kalisan oracle? A gevet male?

So many exciting choices. Which ones do you wish to see? Which ones should I worry about?


Aim for the Wires! Aim for the Wires!

I’m watching George Pal’sclassic 1953 “War of the Worlds” starring the enigmatic Dr. Clayton Forrester, who later went crazy and imprisoned Joel Robinson on the Satellite of Love. Though I love the old 50s SFX, my new crisp and clean digital copy of the movie is of such high resolution that it clearly shows the wires that support the awesome Martian war machines, thus messing with the whole suspension of disbelief thing. Sigh.

Character Idea: Hawkgirl

I was just spitballing a version of the Hawkgirlcharacter that DC has been floating around in their Bombshell series. We have the classic redheaded tomboy in a flight suit, lace-up boots, and a winged rocketpack, with a hawkman helmet. It’s a great 30s/40s image and I thought I’d do a basic write up of a pulp-period aerobat.

First, inAtomic Robo‘s Fate-powered system:


Concept Aspect: Rocket-Powered Aerobat; Omega Concept: Yearning for Adventure!

Stress: Mental – 3, Physical – 4

Pilot Mode +3: Contacts +4, Notice, +4, Vehicles +4; Aspect: Fly It Like I Stole It

Action Mode +2: Provoke +3; Aspect: Wingwalker

Banter Mode +1: Rapport +2, [...]

Hari Ragat: More Viking Parallels

I'm branding Hari Ragat as "a game of Southeast Asian Vikings," drawing on the obvious parallels of two maritime warrior cultures with similar reputations and values. Chinese annals telling of Malay raids on the Fukien coast sound a lot like the chronicles of British monks lamenting Viking activities. But I didn't know just how strong that resemblance was until I saw this article in The Mirror online.

Not only were the Vikings far-ranging raiders and traders, they also valued bling (valuing the same kind of detailed workmanship), tattooed themselves extensively, and ... decorated [...]

Tuesday Magic Item -- Elegant Eyes

The dowager duchess entered the ballroom, still elegant and commanding for all of her advanced age. Her quizzing cane was not in evidence and she moved with a confidence that she had not displayed in public for years.

Intrigued, I approached. Giving her a deep bow I was unsurprised to see her eyes were still white from their cataracts, but today she wore a headband set with two eyes made of opal.

“Marquis,” she smiled, “how good to see you again. You remain as handsome as I remember.”

I returned the smile. “It is delightful to have your perceptive gaze back upon us, [...]

Goodman Games PDFs 30%-70% Off (Black Friday)

Goodman Games just sent an email announcing their Early Black Friday Sale. Here's the details:

30% off all DCC RPG, 5E, Xcrawl, and Age of Cthulhu titles. And a few "even better deals" are 50% off, including the DCC RPG core rulebook, and DCC #68: People of the Pit, #69: The Emerald Enchanter, and #70: Jewels of the Carnifex!

40% off all 3E products. This includes our huge library of third edition Dungeon Crawl Classics modules, plus the Complete Guide monster books, DragonMech, and more.

50% off all system-neutral products, including the fan favorites GM Gems, Dungeon Alphabet, and the Points of Light series.

60%-70% off all 4E titles and everything else.

Daily Punch 11-24-14 Magic to Muscle Memory adept power for Shadowrun 5e

Let’s post one more adept power for Shadowrun 5e.

Magic to Muscle

Cost: 0.75 per level (max 1/2 ranks in skill rounded down)

Some times it’s training, some times its luck, and some times…. it’s a bit more. You may buy as many levels of this power are you want. However, you may only apply as many levels as equal to half your ranks in a skill to that skill (rounded down). For every level you have applied to a skill, you gain an extra die to skill rolls with that skill.



Daily Punch 11-21-14 General Expertise adept power

Been reading some Shadowrun. How about some love for the adepts?


General Expertise

Cost: 0.5 PP

You’re magic give you power. It might not be focused, but you get enough power to get by in just about any situation. When you roll your default dice for a roll you are not trained in, you do not take the -1 die penalty to the roll.



The Pilgrimess

The Pilgrimess
STR: NA     WPR: 7 (105)
DEX: NA     PER: 6 (90)
AGL: NA     PCN: 6 (90)
STA: NA     PWR: 130
ATT: 1/*      WND: 0*
MV: F 75 (incorporeal)
Experience: 1,000
Ghost Powers (as per Ghost in Cryptworld page 60)
Excise Living
Supernatural Touch
Weakness: can be held at bay with ghost script engraved glass
The Pilgrimess is the ghost of Isabella Smith. In 1675, Isabella sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in search for a warm comfortable home in New England, but the tight-knit townsfolk didn't trust outsiders and isolated [...]


I am beginning to think the word "Don't" is my least favorite in the English language. Recently it seems like this is largely what I encounter online in the form of advice articles on gaming or writing, and it feels like this is just creating an ever-expanding list of things people are not supposed to do for often vaguely explained reasons. I worry that we are simply in the habit of critiquing with a dose of snark and in danger of throwing the baby out with the bath water. Whether it is an essay on tropes that need to die, or things game masters should stop doing, I think rather than inspiring people to game better or write better, it just creates paralysis where people hesitate with each step as they navigate a maze of new taboos and fashions that separate the elite from the everyday. It makes people overly self conscious about [...]

Refueling My Creativity & A New Pet Project

The one thing good about being unable to run a game lately is the fact that it’s giving my subconscious a chance to actually start generating ideas again. Without the pressure of needing to come up with a game every weekend, I’ve been able to watch a few TV shows (mainly The Flash and Constantine so far, along with some Gundam Build Fighters Try.)

There’s an acute feeling when you know that you’re getting good ideas and your brain is stowing them away somewhere. It’s like an itch of sorts as your mind looks for ways to fit it into the [...]

Know Your Audience

When I read through gplus posts, enworld discussions, and game related blogs, I am often left with the impression that the players and game masters that are interested in actually creating a blog, creating an account to post on a bulletin board or on social media... Well, I often feel like that audience has very little in common with the people I play role playing games with.

As a case in point, I will relate the Ravenloft adventure I ran right before Halloween. I say it was Ravenloft, but really that was window dressing to get the players in [...]

Figure Forge All Quiet on the Matian FrontTripod Grenade Launcher

In this Figure Forge Matt assembles the Grenade launcher version of the tripod assembly used in All Quit on the Martian Front.

All Quiet on the Martian Front is a truly scary looking miniatures game that reminds me of my childhood.

Getting Stoned With Orcs

Current Adventure: Homebrew

Rolen Moonshadow (Remy) - wood elf ranger of the Emerald Enclave
Mojo ar Meisce (David) - human monk
Saarkson (Paul) - tiefling warlock and Zhent agent
Rogar Lighttalon (Adam) - dwarf cleric and member of the Order of the Gauntlet

The party decided to make it's way to Neverwinter to purchase a wagon to transport the green dragon corpse. While on the road they were ambushed by a party of orog's led by a wereboar. The group were raiders of the Broken Tusk tribe (which the party has had previous dealings with).

Rolen used his woodland [...]

Season 6 Episode 23 - Going Solo

Welcome to Season 6 Episode 23 of RPG Circus
Episode Topics

  • Roll20 Review/Thoughts
  • Answer a few questions


  • Jeff

Show Links

  • D&D Tools Website Closed
  • Fantasy Flight Games to Merge into the Asmodee Group (TM)
  • Library Will Digitize 10,000 Classic Sci-Fi Fanzines
  • KS: BattleZoneP Old School RPG Floor Plans
  • KS: Exclusive Numenera Boxed Set Edition
  • KS: Silent Legions: A Sandbox Horror RPG
  • KS: Shotguns & Sorcery RPG
  • KS: Masks of Nyarlathotep Prop Set for the Call of Cthulhu RPG


Saving Some Gold Pieces (and a Spell)

Boys and girls, if you've been waiting to buy some of my print products, you may be in luck. Lulu is running a sale through November 27th ..

And on November 27th, I'm going to throw in some markdowns of my own for the holiday season. You'll find the link to my storefront on the side over there.

Don't forget, if you buy a hard cover book, I'll send you a free PDF of that book.
And now, to keep this post from being nothing but a commercial, I will make up a magic spell ...


Today we are checking back in with the Ed Greenwood Incantatrix article from Dragon Magazine #90 and updating a spell, Maladweomer.  In keeping with my making the incantatrix a sorcerous bloodline, I'm adding this spell to the sorcerer spell list.
Maladweomer3rd level transmutationCasting Time 1 reactionRange 60 feetComponents V, S, M (a small, clear glass or crystal prism, which is smashed)Duration 1 minute
You cause all spells and spell-like powers cast by the target to operate at their lowest efficiency.  The target gets a saving throw using its spellcasting ability (Intelligence for wizards, Wisdom for clerics and druids, Charisma [...]

Material Culture in your Campaign

An interesting article floated across my Facebook feed the other day, with the ridiculously lengthy title of: The Truth about Vikings: Not the smelly barbarians of legend but silk-clad, blinged-up culture vultures. The article is interesting itself, though nothing particularly new to me. It's been one of my favorite quirks of history that the Norse actually did seem to go around dressed as metal-heads and goth rockers.

As always, it got me thinking on the subject of gaming. One of the things I think most frequently neglected in world-building and setting creation is the material culture present. In [...]
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