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Old School Kitty...

10 Signs You May Be A Geek

So it has been a while since I posted and wanted to try and start back with something simple. So I came up with a list of 10 signs you may be a geek. This is from my own personal experiences so let’s see if anyone can relate.

1. If you’ve ever lied about your test score so no one accuses you of breaking the curve. 2. If you’ve ever judged a game by the number or type of dice it has. 3. If one of your siblings discovered that the best thing to slide across the floor is polyethylene on top of [...]

#RPGaDay Day 31: Favorite RPG of All Time

There's a reason my blog tends to be called a "Savage Worlds blog". I created a Savage Worlds Facebook group. I have worked for multiple Savage Worlds licensees (Daring Entertainment, Savage Mojo, Gun Metal Games and Third Eye Games). I have ran Necessary Evil, two Deadlands Reloaded campaigns, horror one shots, a fantasy homebrew one shot, a Savage Midnight conversion and Solomon Kane, and all in the last five years or so.
Savage Worlds has flipped the way I look at RPGs, making it harder for me to enjoy games I once thought were great. 
It, in my play experience, [...]

Krel's Dwarfbusters

Dwarfbuster Coat of Arms
(Designed by my amazing friend
David Coppoletti)Inspired by tales of the Gutbuster Brigade of Mithral Hall, the hobgoblin soldier Krel's Dwarfbusters formed in DR 1480.  The mercenary company is primarily composed of highly trained hobgoblin soldiers and spiked armour-covered goblin berserkers. Despite the chaotic nature of the goblin dwarfbusters, Krel's men are totally loyal to him and follow his orders to the letter. Their unique swarm tactics are extremely devastating in close quarters and more than one dwarven hall has fallen to the goblin forces.

Krel One-Eye
Medium Humanoid (Goblin), Lawful Evil
Armor Class 19 (dexterity, half-plate, shield)

Saturday Spell-Cave In

“Get that door open!”

“It’s stuck!”

“We can’t handle this many goblins right now.”

“I’ve got it. I’ll slow them. On Ki Loa”

Right Hand:

Neta (Natural Radius): Earth (Full)

Neta (Natural Radius):

Left Hand:

Neta (Natural Radius): Wind (Indirect), Chaos (Indirect)

Ya (Earth Arc):

Ku (Physical Arc):Wind (Indirect)

saying "on ki loa"

This spell is like a mini earthquake. It has a lot less power, doesn’t have a time duration, and effects a smaller area. It is intended to do enough to make the ceiling fall a bit.

It does (3d6)x2structural damage (21 on average) at the epicenterwith minimal AoE for 25% at 8 feet from the center and 5% at [...]

Qelong hard road out of Hell

This afternoon, I ran another 5th edition D&D game for a local meetup of the geek persuasion.  You get really big groups when you forget to put a cap on attendance.  At one point there were about 12 RSVPs, then a couple backed out and one no-show.  So, it was myself and 8 players.  For someone who used to struggle getting 3 players at a table, the meetup games are a dream come true.

Anyways, I purchased Qelong weeks ago.  It's a Lamentations of the Flame Princess adventure written by Kenneth Hite.  The hook sounded alluring with Mythos [...]

D&D 5th Edition: Psychic Warrior Sub-Class for the Monk

Psychic Warrior Monastic Tradition

Way of the Mind

Telekinetic Gift
* You may use wisdom in place of dexterity or strength for the attack and damage rolls of your unarmed strikes, monk weapons and flurry of blows.
* Your unarmed strikes, monk weapons and flurry of blows have an additional 10 feet of reach.
* When using deflect missiles you may used wisdom instead of dexterity.
* You know the Mage Hand cantrip and if you spend 1 Ki point, you can lift up to your level x 10, but requires concentration.

You can spend 1 [...]

Gearing Up for Dave Arneson Game Day 2014 With A Free OD&D Download On The Dark Corner Blog

Today on the Dark Corner blog I help spread the word about an upcoming OSR celebration as we make preparations for Dave Arneson Game Day 2014! I discuss classic Darkmoor campaign adventure I'll be running and we've got a free OD&D download to help celebrate as well!
Right Over

Special Thanks to Harvard Blackmoor for bring this to my attention!
Cheers pal! 

Dragonknights -- Session #1

Tonight was a playtest run of Dragonknights, a game in the works by Travis Scott.

Coathios (Lustrous Nightfang) and Ilfwan (Porcelain Doll with Obsydian Eyes) having tea. Courtesy Mark Daniels

The Player Characters Coathios
  • Species: Lustrous Nightfang
  • Temperment: Obsessively Entranced
  • Hoard: Porcelain Dolls (“Ilfwan” an obsidian-headed doll)
  • Wingmate: Skollis is soooo pretty
  • Bond: With the right hammer any dream is possible
Domnus Oric (Smith)
  • High Concept: Bigger & Better
  • Trouble: I Must Touch Everything
  • Mentor: Many hands make light work
  • Role: Hey, its just money
  • Bond: With the right hammer any dream is possible
  • Species: Brazen Bolter
  • Temperment: Opportunistic Hotshot
  • Hoard: Arms & Armor from beyond Indgard
  • Wingmate: Coathios takes care of the boring stuff
  • Bond: We make this [...]

Frightful Fridays! (Spooky Saturday!) Tattered Shroud

Hello, and welcome back to another slightly delayed Frightful Fridays! My friend Patrick asked for a spooky undead monster, and I hope I delivered something suitable for his purposes. The tattrered shroud is the result of a funeral shroud collecting the negative energy that animates the body it covers as an undead creature. The shroud then goes about creating more versions of that undead creature from nearby victims. It uses a surprising amount of cunning and stealth to accomplish this task. The next time a character reaches for a cloak at the inn, or pulls up the blanket that seems [...]

[Labyrinth Lord] Savage Menagerie: Floating Ooze

No. Enc.: 1d8Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 30' Flying: 60'
Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 4
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d6 + Special
Save: F2
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: None

Floating Ooze is a dungeon-dwelling slime encountered deep underground where no natural light is found. The slimy organism is pale white and about 8 to 12 inches across. The Floating Ooze also emits a foul odor that fills any area it resides in. Although repellent, the scent is not dangerous.

When first encountered, the Ooze lays motionless, appearing from a distance to be a small colony of underdeveloped Ochre Jellies (LL rulebook, [...]

It is coming...

Soon. Soon I can let the world know. 
But not now. Not yet.

D&D Announces New Digital Offerings for 2015

Today at PAX Prime in Seattle Wizards of the Coast provided a glimpse of what Dungeons & Dragons will offer in 2015, with new digital offerings set in the Forgotten Realms from partners including Backflip Studios, Beamdog and Cryptic Studios with Perfect World Entertainment.

Throughout 2014, D&D has ignited excitement in the game industry with a celebration of the brand's 40th anniversary, the launch of new rules for the tabletop RPG, and the exciting and engaging Tyranny of Dragons storyline.

Digital plans for next year were revealed at PAX Prime today during the "2015 Videogames in the Forgotten Realms" panel hosted [...]


We continued our Orcs of the North Campaign this week. A couple of players couldn't make it because of the holiday weekend so it was only the following four characters:

-Enos Ozihel (my character), an Orc who worships Ozias.
-Festus, a Halfling from the Shahr Republic who has business in the North.

-Aetos, an Orc Tribesman who died, became a Ghoul and was then blessed by Ozias of service and made into a vampire.
-Mogar, Orc devotee of Ozias.

We capitalized on Aetos' new thrall, Kolgar Harch, a Gru Sertori who was a member of the Caelcori. We discovered that [...]

Modern Weird Horror Dungeoncrawl: The Movie

So As Above, So Below was not what I expected, at all.  The trailer bills it as a straight up horror movie, but what I got was more of a dark fantasy dungeon crawl, set in modern times.   If anything, it reminded me of a Lamentations of the Flame Princess negadungeon.

The acting was shit, but that's not really what you're going for.  It proceeds at a nice clip, whizzing you along as the hapless fools are forced to go deeper, then deeper, then deeper still.  There's a magical artifact, there's characters with specialties (I'm the translator!  I'm [...]

#RPGaDAY Day 8: Favourite character

This post is probably one of the easiest to write as in all my years of gaming one character stands out head and shoulders above them all: Garvine of Shadowdale. Garvine was a second edition AD&D character created using the excellent Chronomancer source book. This was back in the day when the game was awash […]

On A Wet Road to Hell: Review of Dead Light

Dead Light on RPGNow

Survival horror in Cthulhu -- the chances seem slim, right? I mean, without even saying the words ‘survival horror’, most people who play games based upon the entities of the Cthulhu Mythos probably don’t have anything like a 10 Year Plan or bother investing in a 5 Year Diary. Investigators into the Mythos probably wouldn’t identify their career choice on an application for life insurance or medical cover.

When I saw the tagline for Dead Light -- "Surviving One Night Outside of Arkham" – it didn’t seem necessary to raise anyone’s hopes that this might be a walk [...]

Mercy Me, The Fantasy Ecology

When scientists cracked the DNA code, and started re-mapping the Tree of Life, they found some pretty interesting things -- animals one would not think were related, it turned out, actually were. Goats and whales, for example, share some strands. Heck, just looking at a Chihuahua and Great Dane will tell you that nature is pretty mutable.

This led me to thinking about how one could randomly create weird, fantasy ecologies. Imagine dividing the animals in an ecology into broad categories -- large predators, small predators, small scavengers, large grazers, for example -- and then randomly picking from the [...]

Condensed Comparision: D&D5 and C&C

Many similarities exist in the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons and Castles & Crusades.  A more detailed review can be found HERE.  However, if you looking for some quick answers, go no further.  Bear in mind that these are some larger differences aside from a bunch of the bells and whistles you might see in either game when looking at some specifics and is there to give an idea for the purposes of comparison.

Ability Score Generation:3d6 for both.  Ability modifiers from -4 to +3 (18-19 Strength) in C&C.  Ability modifiers from -5 to -4 (18-19 Strength) [...]

Weekend R&R: D&D 5th Edition and C&C

Well, it's safe to say that Wizards of the Coast has a solid success on its hands with the release the new Player's Handbook for the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons.  Many people seem to really like the new ruleset and, I know of people were were not at all impressed with the Basic Set were won over by the contents of the PHB.  Simply put, D&D5 is a great system and had it come along when I was ready to toss in the towel with 3.x Edition back in 2006, I would probably be still playing D&D to [...]

#RPGaDAY 22-31

22nd - Best Secondhand RPG Purchase

Dungeon Crawl Classics. I picked it up last Christmas for $25.

23rd - Coolest looking RPG product / book

I'm going to again go with the DCC core book.

24th - Most Complicated RPG Owned

3rd Edition D&D with splatbooks. It really just got to be too much, which is why I stopped playing, and was thrilled with 4e.

25th - Favourite RPG no one else wants to play

Star Trek. As much as I love the show, I've never gotten anyone that's been [...]

#RPGaDAY: Rarest RPG Owned

A few years back, for the RPGGeek’s Chain of Generosity, I won the original Traveller boxed set. I mentioned it earlier in the month, so there’s not much more to say about it. Hmm… The game uses hexidecimal! Nope, I already mentioned that… Well, it’s a good thing I had a more substantial post this morning. Have a good rest of your day everyone! Only one more day of #RPGaDAY to go!

#RPGaDay 30 - Rarest RPG Owned

I dont think I have any rare RPGs, let alone a rarest one. I guess... technically it'd be my copy of 2nd ed. Paranoia. Bit of a poor answer for the penultimate question but there we go!

Sidequest Saturday (Destiny Derailed): God Press

While Steamtown is being packed up, ready to move down the rails for its new site, Borys approaches the PCs for a final mission. After the recent hellion attack, several items have been possessed. One of these items, however, poses a major problem and has just come to light. A printing press, worshipped by the […]

The post Sidequest Saturday (Destiny Derailed): God Press appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

Episode Two of Mike attempts to reclaim a Dwarf Fortress!

Here is Episode Two of me trying to reclaim a failed Dwarf Fortress. More of the same, with me trying to move more workshops into the fortress, as well as having to deal with a small ghost problem…



Red Scents and Sound-Seeing

I wanna talk a little about descriptions. I talked about it quite a lot, up until now, but mainly because I do believe that it is one of the most important tools in the GM's arsenal. Together with portraying the NPCs, it is the most important tool in the arsenal.On Wednesday I GMed a game, a D&D game. It was something that I haven't done in a long time, perhaps a year and a half, maybe even more. I used there quite a number of descriptions' techniques, from using references to my "3 things in 20 seconds" rule. I even [...]

Nine for Ten - Reviewing my own stuff for the 10th anniversary

I've been published nine times in GURPS Fourth Edition. One major work (Technical Grappling) and eight articles in Pyramid. 

Having just reviewed Pyramid #3/70, I thought I'd go back and revisit my old stuff, using the same format, and applying the same scale. Granted, I could be pretty biased - but that's what blogs are for.

A decent article with enough background to get the point that inspires a few ideas, that can be dropped into a reasonably popular genre with little fuss, and doesn't leave you scratching your head wondering what the author was talking about would rate about 5/10 on the scale presented here. Anything more than that, in the range of 6-8, is going to likely please its target audience very much. Something that's in the 8-9 scale will delight it's target audience, and be a fun, entertaining, illuminating read for everyone else. I've never given a 10 yet.

So, here we go:

GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling

Summary: A replacement for the current grappling rules in GURPS. +Sean Punch wrote a very kind blurb when it was published. You can find many blog entries about it in these pages, of course. Ultimately, TG replaces the current Contest-based grappling rules with the attack-defense-effect roll paradigm dominant in every other aspect of GURPS combat. The effect is called Control Points, and they have the result of lowering the ST and DX of your foe. There are other things you can do with them, such as spend them, [...]

#RPGaDay Day 30: Rarest RPG I Own

I'm going with Marvel SAGA, in part because I own the entire line, including the four promo cards.
The only thing that would compete, as far as I'm aware, is the complete Star Wars Saga Edition set, including Starships of the Galaxy and the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide.

#RPGaDay Day 29: Most Memorable Encounter

So it was Marvel SAGA, right? The Sideliners had made their way to Castle Doom to confront Stryfe, who had deposed Doom and imprisoned him in Limbo, where he was battling waves of demons sent by Sym and N'astirh. Stryfe deployed his new henchmen, the Mojoverse Death Sponsors (Cancellator, Deadair, Sweepzweak, Timeslot and Lead-In), who were soundly thrashing the Sideliners.
As the team got beaten down, one of the PCs (an angel, Sophitia, who had been infected with a technorganic virus) was mystically contacted by Doom, who had been imprisoned in Limbo via the Space Gem, which Stryfe was [...]

AMBER ZONE: One Second to Midnight

Players Information:

Whilst sat at a bar in between jobs, the players are contacted by a rich business man named Kalas Henderson, whose daughter Annalisa is currently resident on another world. Annalisa wanted to study the political situation there as it was very similar to a number of historical records dating from early Terran history and its proximity to her homeworld made this an easy option to better her studies. The world (named Thebis) has been classified as amber zone planet, due to the two powerful superpowers pitched against each other and a ‘cold war’ that has been running for a [...]

#RPGaDay Day 28: Scariest RPG I've Ever Played

Not from Deadlands, but you get the point.
Going off of player comments, I will have to go with Deadlands, specifically the one time I used an animated hand, which totally creeped one of my longtime players out. He had dealt with all kinds of crap over the years, but this severed hand running around and attacking him just give him the willies.

1d10 Random Robo Cab Encounters Tables For Your Old School Science Fiction and Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

These cabs are some of the most mundane seeming objects traveling through the space ports and byways of the science fictional future but they can be jump off points for entire campaigns.
These robo cabs have been encountered out in the deep wastes of the post apocalyptic world as well. These encounters are never completely what they seem or sometimes they are. 

1d10 Random Robo Cab Encounters Table
  1. This robo cab has been reprogrammed to take passengers on a random route to a waiting serial killer. They will be sprayed with sleeping gas and need a save vs [...]

[Review] Vampires Of The Olden Lands - The Chronicles Of Mhoriedh

Vampires of the Olden Lands is a supplement for The Chronicles of Mhoriedh campaign setting. There are two stats. For Castles & Crusades and for Labyrinth Lord.

The PDF is 26 pages including the cover, credits, a colored hex map, a page for OGL and three pages of advertisements. Within you'll find one page with general info on vampires including nice list of vampire warding and hurting objects. Rest of the pages are different types of vampires and a new playable character race.

Monsters Monsters

Yes, all the monsters are different kinds of vampires. Hag-like soul suckers, [...]

#RPGaDAY 30: Rarest RPG Owned

The #RPGaDAY prompt was concocted by Dave Chapman of Autocratik. Grab the list and join in!

GURPS Technomancer might be one of the rarest role-playing books I own. At the time I was interested in reading it, I certainly recall the general consensus was “This book is out of print, not common in the second hand market and tends to be marked up when it appears.” If that was true then, it’s even funnier that I got a copy through Paperbackswap for the low, low cost of sending someone else a novel. I didn’t expect to get the book. I just [...]

On the Hack & Slash Compendium Volume I


You know all those backgrounds I wrote? I collected them in a Pay What You Want .pdf, and affordable hard copy!

Hack & Slash Compendium I at RPGnow at Pay What You Want (Including 0$)!
Hack & Slash Compendium I at Lulu in affordable print! (4.99$)

  • 62+ Pages of content!
  • d30 Table of Backgrounds! (Including the ones from the PHB)
  • Hotlinked .pdf!
  • New illustration of the Quantum Ogre
  • Public domain illustrations for the backgrounds!
  • A Guide for New Dungeon Masters!
  • The Scene in Adventure Design!
  • Avoiding the Deadly Difference!
  • Objective Design, Player Types
  • The complete Quantum Ogre series!
  • 17 backgrounds (19 for Patreons)
  • Costs 0$ for [...]

Zatannurday: Nerdee Lennox

Nerdee Lennox is a model and cosplayer from right here in Chicago! She loves cosplay and works with Cosplay Deviants.
She was at Gen Con and I got a pic of her, but here are some more.

You can find her on the web here:

Note: Not all links are SFW.
my original
Nerdee Lennox
by Robert Johnston Jr.Cosplay Deviants
And because I love the tattoo,

Tattoo by InnocentlyNerdee on deviantART

Kickstarter - Secret Machines of the Star Spawn

+Mark Taormino has a new kickstarter that looks badass: Maximum Mayhem Dungeon #2: Secret Machines of the Star Spawn.

If the adventure is anything like Mark's previous adventure  The Hanging Coffins of the Vampire Queen (which I will post about later), then it's well worth the price of admission. The adventure is Expedition to the Barrier Peaks-like with it's mix of sci-fi tech and swords and sorcery, with a healthy dose of camp, exploitation, and humor. Sounds like an great time to me!

The project is funded. The new goal is to get more backers to make this project even [...]

Primeval Thule: Dhari Hunter Background for D&D 5th Edition

Backgrounds here are bases on the Narratives in Primeval Thule, so they will gain abilities as a character levels.  They are only intended for use in the Primeval Thule setting and are not designed to be mixed with standard Backgrounds.

Also, some of the abilities require the expenditure of a resource, for this reason and for how dangerous the setting is, each character gains the Lucky Feat for free and may take the Lucky Feat one additional time.

Dhari Hunter 
Skill Proficiencies (1st level): You are Proficient in Animal Handling, Stealth, and Survival.

Langauges (1st level): Dhari.

Tools [...]

Review and Commentary On The Hammers of the God Adventure From Lamentations of the Flame Princess For Your Old School Campaigns

Grab It Right
I finally got a chance to check out a physical copy of Hammer Of The Gods from James Raggi and the first thing that like is the artwork by Dean Clayton (you can see more of that right HERE ).
The physical copy of this adventure clocks in at thirty six pages but the pdf clocks in at about 86 and this adventure is compatible with most of the major retroclones including Labyrinth Lord and OSRIC.
This is a case where having a pdf on hand could help with maps of this location driven adventure. Ramsey [...]

#RPGaDay 30

Day 30 - Rarest RPG Owned

I honestly don't know what the rarest RPG I own is. Typically if I do find something hard to come by, I sell it for a bit of profit.

For this reason I'm going to say that the rarest rpg I own is my 5E PHB signed by Tribe One and Mikal kHill. Why is it the rarest? Do you know anyone else that has a 5E PHB autographed by indie hip hop nerds?


Classroom Activity: Map and Setting (part II)

I'm continuing to develop lesson ideas for my middle school game-based enrichment class.Right now I'm focusing on Unit Two: Creating a Setting
Key Unit Objective: Students will extend their knowledge of geographic tools by generating maps and map keys.Activity 2: Whole-group Setting Design.Working first in whole-group, next in small groups, and finally in whole-group again, the class will collaborate to develop a single adventure setting. Finally they will evaluate the setting as a whole.
Sub-Objectives for this activity:
  • Students will practice using a map key and interpreting maps

  • classroom Smartboard & projector
  • class votes on type of [...]

The November Man (review)

 An ex-CIA operative is brought back in on a very personal mission and finds himself pitted against his former pupil in a deadly game involving high level CIA officials and the Russian president-elect. (from IMDB.com)

The November Man stars Pierce Brosnan (Remington and Mrs. Steele), Luke Bracey (G.I.Joe:  Retaliation), Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace), and Bill Smitrovich (Millenium). You will likely recognize several of the other actors playing second string characters.

The movie is based on the book There are No Spies by Bill Granger. I have not read the book. If anyone has, please speak up as to [...]

"No Matter the Odds or the Consequences": Marvel Comics as a Counter-Consensus Art Form: An Introduction

The genius scientist who risked his life and the lives of all he loved in pursuit of his research; the gangly, awkward teenage boy who is prone to arrogance and ill-timed jokes; the egotistical, alcoholic inventor who flies a mobile tank; the war hero, displaced from his own time: These are the deeply flawed heroes of Marvel Comics. From early on in their creation and existence Robert Genter asserts, "Fantastic powers aside, most Marvel heroes [...]

Sentinel Tactics: Actual Play 1

So having punched out tokens, painted and repainted miniatures, and constructed some 3-D terrain, I finally had a chance to make it up to Emerald Tavern and play Sentinel Tactics.

Omni-Tron sends out drones to menace Ra while Absolute Zero
puts up an ice wall to block the robot mastermind's line of sight. My friends and I started with a couple of simple skirmishes: Omni-tron (with drone deployment) versus Absolute Zero, Legacy, and Ra, played to 3 incapacitations. This was not a balanced skirmish, since Omnitron could just spam drones faster than the heroes could stop him, and once Omitron's [...]

Thrice Keep [map]

Depending on who you ask, the origin of the Thrice Keep’s name will vary. Geographers will point to the three sharp crags with their respective towers and explain that “thrice” is obviously a reference to the number of structures.

The local residents of Thriceborough, the village situated in the shadow of Thrice Keep, will tell a different story:

The Thrice

Three generations ago, baron Bernhard Thrice, newly appointed lord of these lands, moved into the keep and dubbed it Thrice Keep. The village below he named Thriceborough. A just and prudent man, he guided his fief into propsperous times. Then, not long after [...]

The Week In TV...

There's a new Doctor is in the house. Peter Capaldi, as expected, was superb in Deep Breath, last Saturday's opening episode of the new season of Doctor Who (BBC1) - although perhaps not as great as I might have hoped (I expect he's keeping a few tricks up his sleeve to give the character room to grow and develop). Of course you can never go wrong by bringing fan favourites Madame Vastra,

Mutant Size Discrepancy

I'm really getting stumped on the disparate sizes of potential mutant animals, with characters potentially ranging in size from smaller than mice to larger than elephants, how do we address the issue of characters hitting varying sized characters (and the respective damage their might do)...and when I do this, how do I keep it from getting too crunchy when the rest of the game is predominately narrative in spirit.

At this stage I'm thinking of allocating a limited "size class" mechanism.

Each character has a size class from 0 to 14 (typically), where 7 is a regular human [...]

The Thrice [map]

Depending on who you ask, the origin of the Thrice Keep’s name will vary. Geographers will point to the three sharp crags with their respective towers and explain that “thrice” is obviously a reference to the number of structures.

The local residents of Thriceborough, the village situated in the shadow of Thrice Keep, will tell a different story:

Three generations ago, baron Bernhard Thrice, newly appointed lord of these lands, moved into the keep and dubbed it Thrice Keep. The village below hed named Thriceborough. A just and prudent man, he guided his fief into propsperous times. Then, not long after his [...]

Printer's Proof Received

Calidar takes another step forward.

The printer delivered the book's proof copy yesterday.  The UPS fellow left the box outside, at my door, and drove away without ringing my bell.  Since it was a stormy day, this could have been bad.  But I was expecting his visit, so I rushed downstairs and grabbed it.  Before going further, I'll post a few pictures of the book for a sneak preview of the real thing.


Finally, I'm very happy to hold the real thing in my hands.  The good news is that the initial printer's hardcover proof [...]
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