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Magic Item: Shakara's Items

I haven’t given you magic items in a while. So here arethe magic items of a powerful death knight named Shakara who died eons ago (or did she), and herfour items were sent to the corners of the world to prevent that much power from being controlled by any single person again.

Normal Melee Weapon (Battleaxe)

The giant gave it as a gift to the death knight after she slew his rival.

Cleave:Targets dealt damage by the axemust spend 1 additional AP to move their next turn.

Comb of Beauty

This black ivory comb has pearls set in gold. This item [...]

Magic Item: Sentinel Shield

I haven’t given you magic items in a while. So here arethe magic items of a powerful death knight named Shakara who died eons ago (or did she), and herfour items were sent to the corners of the world to prevent that much power from being controlled by any single person again.

Normal Melee Weapon (Battleaxe)

The giant gave it as a gift to the death knight after she slew his rival.

Cleave:Targets dealt damage by the axemust spend 1 additional AP to move their next turn.

Comb of Beauty

This black ivory comb has pearls set in gold. This item [...]

[Mutant Future] The Danforth Heli-Sub-Tank From "The Three Stooges In Orbit"

Required crew: Cabin holds three, though one can drive solo Top Speed: Ground 40 MPH; Sea 60 MPH; Air 100 MPH Cargo: 1,000 lbs. Structural HP: 50 HP Armor: AC 4 Weaponry: Plasma Cannon - 10d6 hp damage Designed by Professor Danford as an experimental military vehicle, the Heli-Sub-Tank is an all-terrain motorized conveyance that can travel via air, sea, and land. It can also achieve escape

The Official Unofficial Announcement - Old School Quarterly from InfiniBadger Press

Some of you may have heard rumblings, but I've been given the go ahead to make the official unofficial announcement (or it an unofficial official announcement) - +Jason Paul McCartan and his InfiniBadger Press label will be putting out a quarterly RPG magazine - Old School Quarterly or OSQ for short.

Jason has set a high bar - approximately 256 digest sized pages quarterly. He's damn close to having the content ready for Issue zero too. I do need to write my regular column - it's Kickstarter related. Who would have guessed? ;)

Print on Demand and PDF versions.

Oh, and it's not going to be solely D&D / D&D Clones either - if it's old school in nature, it very well [...]

Lankhmar the Dungeon Crawl Classics Way

Goodman Games announced at Gary Con that they have been granted a license to produce Lankhmar themed Dungeon Crawl Classics products. The Dungeon Crawl Classics role playing game is the first role playing game since the original D&D rules that has been expressly designed to capture the tone and feel of the fiction Gary Gygax highlighted in his famous Appendix N.

Most early post-D&D role playing games fell into three camps. They were either designed to be easier to play versions of D&D that shared some of the inspirations (Tunnels & Trolls falls into this category), designed to emulate more [...]

More RPG Card Decks Previews

We’ve made a couple of new updates to the RPG Card Decks Kickstarter. A couple of days ago we posted three new creature card samples. See one below:

And today we posted three new adventure cards. Here is one of them:

We think these cards look great and the quality should be good (one of the prior decks was nominated for an ENnie award). Please consider making a pledge!

Battlesystem Brawl -- Krutzworth Steelbelly

Say hello to Krutzworth Steelbelly! He's mycharacter for the Battlesystem Brawl -- coming this Sunday night at 7:30 to The Tome Show's Twitch channel.

PDF Character Sheet –Krutzworth Steelbelly

Krutzworth Steelbelly’s father, Malick, was a general in the army of allied earth forces who died in a battle against the forces of air, fire, and water. Since birth Krutzworth was weak and small, but tried to live up to the Steelbelly name. He found an ancient tome in his family’s crypt one night while praying to his father for strength. This book taught him the secrets of the arcane. He has sworn [...]

Giving Away a Free Print Copy of Sword for Hire / Blue Frog Tavern (Tunnels & Trolls Double Solo - US Only)

Thanks to the generosity of Tavern patron Vlark (a finer dwarf is hard to to find) and an extra copy being placed in a package by Flying Buffalo, we have a print copy of Sword for Hire / Blue Frog Tavern (Tunnels & Trolls double solo with a fairly complete version of the T&T 5e rules included.)

Vlark is willing to ship via media mail to any address in the United States, including Hawaii & Alaska.

If you are in the confines of the US and are looking to snag this, comment below. Tomorrow night, sometime after 8pm New York time I'll pick a random winner from the comments below.

Good luck to all :)

Zatannurday: Costume Designs

Digging through my back logs here and found a few images featuring various costume changes. I know she hasn't had the most (Wonder Woman is catching up in just last 3-4 years) but I have always liked how her "supers" costume is the same as some variation of her stage costume. So here are some official and some unofficial costume designs. Presentation by SaokoTai on DeviantArt Zatanna

Friday Night Videos: Eric Burdon, the Animals and War

Welcome once again to Friday Night Videos! Inspiration will sometimes come from the oddest places. Take for example the case of Eric Burdon, The Animals and War. I "discovered" Eric Burdon while going through a stack of old 45s back in my teens. The Animals' song "House of the Rising Sun" painted such an evocative picture for me that I was obsessed with it for years. Fast forward to the

Kickstart Your Weekend: Darkplane

Up this week is a new campaign setting in the vein of the great campaign settings of the 2nd edition of the world most popular fantasy RPG. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1509124610/darkplane-a-campaign-setting I think what attracted me first about Darkplane is really the art, it just has such a dream like sureality to it that it called to me. I like that despite the "darkness" of it

More Art in Progress

Here's a few samples of the interior of Unpleasant Encounters - a 48-page story sandbox with 25 mini-adventures. Thought I'd do something fun while waiting for more print proofs of the new color hardcovers of the Samaris companion and the Basic Game. Enjoy!

Athena I: Boosters Refit

Turns out I managed to send up empty boosters. So I took the opportunity to redesign them as well as my tug and send a new booster mission up.

More entirely entertaining docking!

Find the full playlist here!

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Session #1- Where I Don't Bother Coming Up With A Clever Subtitle

Like I mentioned previously, my gaming group decided to abandon our quest for the Lost Mine of Phandelver and roll …

Continue reading →

Sidequest Saturday: Redemption

A sidequest for four to five 2nd-4th level PCs. INTRODUCTION Long ago Sir Regenold Baraman fought alongside his close friend and comrade, Sir Marak Moldune, in a glorious, legendary battle. Both men should great courage and fought with honor, but though their side won the day, it was only Regenold whom walked away from the […]

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History is Not Boring: Cool Stories That..

Something that I posted on the GH Forums, but I thought I'd mirror it here as it's kinda cool:

History is not Boring: Cool Stories That Actually Happened (Probably)

A common argument I hear in favor of fantasy literature and games is that real history is boring. I will here defend that not only is history not boring, but it is actually more interesting than anything we could come up with. One need only look at A Song of Ice and Fire to pick out the historical inspirations - Hadrian's Wall, the Protestant Reformation, the Angles conquest (really? [...]

The Trollish Delver has been around for six years!

This one completely slipped my mind due to being busy and also finding that doorway to another realm in my closet, but March 11th was this blog's sixth birthday. Six years old! 
I just wanted to take this time to thank all my readers for sticking with me, for commenting and for emailing. Also, for everyone who is doing amazing things with USR - whether it's playing it in their weekly game, using it as a teaching aid or creating new and wonderful materials for it, I'm honoured that people are still into my little game.
Anyway, raise [...]

Character Creation: Background Stories

A guest post by Ben J. Latham My character is a first level wizard. I met my fellow adventurers a bar. Sometimes, as a DM, you will encounter characters who have written the previous line as a background story. They may come to the table with a character sheet or stat table, but lack any...

Character Creation: Background Stories

A guest post by Ben J. Latham My character is a first level wizard. I met my fellow adventurers a bar. Sometimes, as a DM, you will encounter characters who have written the previous line as a background story. They may come to the table with a character sheet or stat table, but lack any...

Inside Game Of Thrones: The Stunts...

Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- Humans and Djgga

I am gearing up to run some Strange Stars(written by the sexy Trey Causey)with a small group of players in the near future (my GM burnout is starting to wane). I am looking forward to running this as a change of pace that my group and I normally go through- which is A) taking a break from fantasy; B) and going with a more pulp/action feel VS the gritty deadliness I was doing in our 5e campaign, or the ultra high 0ctane meat grinder that is Hubris.

My Strange Stars game will be heavily inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy, Star [...]

I Done Did a Podcast With Some Awesome Folks- Drink Spin Run- GM Burnout

I just did a podcast with the amazing Stacey Dellorfano, the super Donn Stroud, and the sexy Adam Muszkiewicz!

In part one we talked about what we are all drinking, spinning, and running.

In part two we talked about the sensitive subject of GM Burnout.

I want to thank Drink Spin Run for having me on! I had a blast! I’m looking forward to doing that again.


The Winners of Keys to the Computer Game Pillars of Eternity Are...

Time to award the keys to Pillars of Eternity that were generously donated by a patron of this very Tavern. Three cheers and hip hip hooray!

Key number one goes to - mwschmeer

Key number two goes to - erik johnson

I need the above to email me at tenkarsDOTtavern at that gmail thing and I'll get those keys to you.

Another giveaway coming up later today - this time it's in print, US only and generously donated by another patron of the tavern :)


Some days I'm very late coming to the gaming table; in this case last night about four A.M. I found this little gem of a pdf called Adding Unspeakable Horrors From Beyond The Stars To Your Game pdf. The download looks clean and there are some real gems in the rough to add into your OD&D game or retroclone system. This should work with Moldvay '81 OD&D but with Labyrinth Lord, Swords and

Updated Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox Refsheets

I’ve created what I think is a better looking version of my Swords & Wizardy WhiteBox Reference Sheets. I based it on the excellent open document format BFRPG supplements, with two columns, and even added a few public-domain bits of artwork. I kept it to two pages of what I think are the most-used tables, but let me know if you can think of anything that would be useful to add. I’ve been thinking of incorporating my underworld random encounter tables to a longer version.

Ex-RPGNet Reviews -- Power Kill: A Roleplaying Metagame by John Tynes

Tagline: Power Kill questions some of the unspoken assumptions behind our entertainment in a pithy, biting, and utterly provocactive way.

Hogshead Publishing has, in my mind at least, successfully exploded without ever letting us hear the bang. As of this writing they are producing Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying, SLA Industries, and the developing New Style line of RPGs (including Baron Munchausen, Puppetland, and Violence). If you haven't heard of these, it is quite possible that you've been dead for the last two years.

(FYI: It's March of 2000. Check with friends and families if you're missing time. Besides temporary death, you may have [...]

Halcyon Fantasy - a USR concept game

Halcyon Fantasy

The core concept behind Halcyon Fantasy is to emulate the feeling of playing old school fantasy games using the USR engine. Consider this an 'OSR' game for USR. It's all about dungeon delving, getting loot and killing monsters.

Download the free USR 2.0 rules to get started.

Character Creation

Feel free to random roll 1d4 a character archetype, or pick for yourself:

1. Warrior
2. Mage
3. Thief
4. Priest

Warrior: Stout and hardy - great in a fight. You will be on the frontline, hacking at whatever gibbering creature you're [...]

The Week In Superhero TV...

The Flash - Out Of Time: Back after a short break, The Flash delivered quite possibly its most impressive episode to date - which is saying a lot for such a top flight show. It kicked off with Spartacus himself, Liam McIntyre, turning up as the new Weather Wizard seeking revenge on whoever killed his brother way back (six months earlier 'in universe') in the Pilot. Meanwhile, it's starting

D&D Campaign Reminder

Just a quick reminder that the poll for your input about magic in our upcoming D&D 5th Edition game will be closing in just a few days. Next Up will be what races we will be using. check back Tuesday for next month's poll to weigh in.

Flaming Centipedes of Doom!

Adventure, adventure and more adventure. That's what we have for you today. Fight a flaming centipede on behalf of the Dragon King, challenge the forces of the Abyss on behalf of humanity or build your own epic encounters. All this and more in today’s epic post. Inspired in Japan Last week we met with a […]

wideawake ep0 : Bliss Stage

Starting a Bliss Stage mini-chronicle with Marc, Meloy, Che and Rocky.  We're tremendously excited to get started and we've already begun world-building and mapping out the characters we are to play.  For our game, I decided to create two sheets to help facilitate play better.

The first is the GM Mission sheet, which easily allows the players to see later where the Fate dice can be assigned to see how a mission unfolds.

The second is the character sheet, with areas for each character (Pilot, Anchor and Support cast) as well as a nice area [...]

A Viking Adventure Kickstarter: Into the Wintery Gale

AdventureAWeek.com isknownfor amazing adventure modules that captivate PCs and give GMs an epic saga within which to tell their own tales of heroism, redemption, or whatever it is they're about. Most of these are extremelycollaborative works and while many innovations and wonderful encounters are designed in this fashion, it's extremely rare---almost unheard of!---for a single […]

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An exploding damage die for GURPS?

Some of the recent threads and comments about armor as dice have led me to think about alternate ways to get what I want out of Armor as Dice - less variable penetration so that if you armor rated for X (and GURPS defines X as 3.5 points per die for both penetration and resistance), and a bullet hits you with basically less energy than X, it won't go through.

Some of these distinctions don't seem like much, or important. And to a certain extent, they're very much not. If you have (say) a DR 8 bullet resistant vest, in theory it should be proof against a .45 ACP (2d pi+) but not a 9mm (2d+2 pi).

Turning to AnyDice (and we'll be doing that a lot this post) we see that the .45ACP will punch through DR 8 with 1 point or more of damage potential remaining just over 27% of the time in round numbers. The 9mm, which should always go through, will go through 58% of the time.

This is very easy to rationalize. Poor angles, uncertain coverage, and other variables make armor less certain. The tendency to treat an armored vest as if it fully covers the entire torso (a legit simplification) makes the push to make every thing just work out neatly less mandatory.

Still, players buy armor to buy protection, and some armors really are that good. The "solution" tends to be "if you want full protection in a gamist [...]

Hypothetical "Other Strangeness" Mutant Animal Derivation Listing

Here's the general listing of animals I'll be using for Other Strangeness... I know there are gaps in the list, I'm just trying to make sure I cover most of the interesting types. Are there any cool animals you'd like to see that I've left out? Note that some of these animals have been detailed far more than others, and some have outdated verb sets attached to them because they were added to the list earlier.

VERTEBRATESMammalsAardvark -- [claws], [burrowing], [good smell], [small x1]Agouti -- [], [small x2]Ape -- []Armadillo -- [hard armour], [], [small x1]Baboon -- [], [small [...]

Fantasy Safari: Monster Manual (D&D 3rd Ed.), Part 1

To me, and probably lots of other people my age and younger, the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition Monster Manual is clearly the one and only true monster book. It was the one I started with and unlike the later monster books for the edition, it had all the normal monsters, like orcs, goblins, ogres, owlbears, manticores, yuan-ti, beholders, gelatinous cubes and so on. Well “normal” for Dungeons & Dragons. But it also had quite a number of creatures that always made me think “did anyone ever use this?” and that never seemed to make any appearances in any other [...]

Empire of Imagination - Gary Gygax and the Birth of Dungeons & Dragons

I've just been made aware of an upcoming book, Empire of Imagination, all about one of the father's of Dungeons and Dragons, Gary Gygax. This book promises to be 'a comprehensive biography of the mythic icon among geek and gaming culture, Gary Gygax - and the complete story behind the invention of Dungeons & Dragons.'

That's quite a bold claim, but from what I see it's a claim that the author, Michael Witwer, appears to be able to deliver on and the detail he's going into - from birth to untimely end - is astounding. Besides that, the AD&D-inspired [...]

Saturday Crowdfunding Roundup - The Folio #2, EZPainter, & Descent: Underground

It has been funded but there is still time to get in on "The Folio #2, 1E & 5E Module Launch!" Kickstarter project from Scott Taylor.  Learn more here.

Also. have a look at the "EZPainter - Miniature painting tutorials" Kickstarter project by Arthur Charles here.

Finally, it's only half way home with two weeks to go, have a look at the "Descent: Underground" Kickstarter project by Descendent Studios here.

Saturday Crowdfunding Roundup on CreativeMountainGames.com Keeping an eye on those Kickstarter & IndieGoGo
projects plus other crowdfunding efforts.Please Like, Share, Plus, Tweet, Follow, and Comment!

James Bond: Spectre...

The Lower Level of the MegaDelve

I just threw together this quick graphic that puts all the lower level maps from the MegaDelve into one place.

It should fit almost exactly on to three sheets of standard US letter sized paper at this size.

Lower Levels Combined Map

Free RPG Day 2015

Free RPG Day 2015 (Image: Impressions Game Distribution Services)

Free RPG Day. Dieses Jahr wird diese Veranstaltung am Samstag, den 20. Juni 2015, stattfinden.
Impressions Game Distribution Services organisiert diese weltweite Rollenspielpromotion mit exklusivem und kostenlosen Material seit 2007 jhrlich. Die Initiatoren legen wert darauf, dass ihre Aktion weder eine Restrampe darstellt noch tote Produkte verbreitet.

Der heute stattfindende Gratisrollenspieltag (#GRT2015) bernahm diese Grundidee kurzerhandvor ein paar Jahren fr den deutschsprachigen Raum, geht aber ansonsten eigene Wege. Die Wrfelgtter wissen warum? Das Original interessiert mich persnlich mehr, doch jeder nach seiner Fasson.

Seit dem Niedergang der 4. Edition von Dungeons & Dragons untersttzt [...]

The Trolltooth Wars Graphic Novel

I bought 'The Trolltooth Wars' novel back when it was first published and enjoyed it immensely. The adventures of Chadda Darkmane were fun and exciting and I got to explore Fighting Fantasy's world of Titan even more.

This graphic novel is going to be produced by writer PJ Montgomery (Stiffs, Dynamite, The Pride Adventures), and artist Gavin Mitchell (Santa Claus Vs The Nazis, The Samurai Slasher, Stiffs, The Pride), and has the full backing of Steve Jackson.

This is still on Kickstarter and, as of this blog post, still has four days to go so get on board and [...]

Mumbai Madness (Mickey Mouse Shorts)

Dragon #130

1d10 Random High Level Sarcophagus Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are extensive weird sarcophagus in many of the crypts out in the wastelands for adventurers to find, some of the most dangerous inhabitants of crypts and other extensive grave yards and ancient cemeteries are simply waiting to claim adventurers to their own final rewards. Here's a listing of some of the most unusual and dangerous horrors out in the middle of the Accursed Atlantis wastes.

March's Pictoral Phantasamagoria...

Giving the Immolator the Cold Shoulder

Sometime last August there was a charity that you could donate to in order to get early access to the immolator, a Dungeon World class made by the actual creators of Dungeon World. Sounds exciting, right?


I can't find the link anymore, but it was yet another charity aimed solely at getting women into tech, because as we know all men are privileged and the real reason there aren't just as many women in the field is because of Teh Patriarchy, and not at all because what women tend to want isn't what men tend to want.

Except for [...]

The Children of Tekeli - A New Lovecraftian Monster For Your Old School Campaigns

A brand new horror from the pages of Skywald horror magazines from the 70's is a monster that I've adapted for an upcoming Fantastic Heroes and Witchery campaign. With new artifacts, sinister facts, and a whole new spin on The Children of Tekeli Right Over HERE

Clean up of New Purple Game Science Dice

I tried using my camera for better pictures to show the burrs on my new Game Science dice, but it is a cheap camera and better suited to taking pictures of people and larger objects. The burrs turned “white” and did not come off in big pieces, so what I ended up with were flecks […]

Kickstarter - Darkplane (a 5e Setting)

I fully blame +Timothy Brannan for pointing me at this.

Darkplane is a "weird" horror setting for 5e. More importantly, the art is awesome. Damn, I'm really becoming an "art" guy, even if it's just as someone that appreciates awesome art.
Here are a few ways that the Darkplane setting changes the core assumptions of a campaign.The World Appears Mundane. To the everyday inhabitants of Vinramar, magic is only a dark legend. Half-believed traditions of the supernatural prevail among commoners---whispers of spirits, strange magic, and unexplained terrors---but few people come in contact with such things. Darkplane campaigns focus on those special few.Perilous Horrors Hide Under Every Stone. Beneath the facade of the everyday world lies a nightmare realm, the true reality that would drive common folk [...]

D&D 5e: Problems in the Warlock Design

In case you aren't already reading it, I'm still writing a weekly column on Tribality.com exploring the history of D&D's classes. Once I got to the end of the Druid, I took a vote on what I'd write next. It looked like the Paladin would score an easy win, but after I had started writing, the Warlock cut some kind of dark bargain and surged from behind. But, well, there were already words on the page, so I'm writing about Paladins first, then Warlocks. Anyway, the point is that I perceive some key problems in the design of the Warlock [...]
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