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This unusual monument is found somewhere in Scotland. It’s a functional sundial; has been misleadingly linked to alchemy; and brings to mind a possible scientific explanation for why some medieval kings – including Edward I of England – are claimed to have funded wars through paying alchemists to produce gold from ‘base metals’.


The Evil Within

While investigating the scene of a gruesome mass murder, Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partners encounter a mysterious and powerful force. After seeing the slaughter of his fellow officers, Sebastian is ambushed and knocked unconscious. When he awakens, he finds himself in a deranged world where hideous creatures wander among the dead. Facing unimaginable terror, and fighting for survival, Sebastian embarks on a frightening journey to unravel what is behind this evil force.The Evil Within began development in late 2010 under the codename "Project Zwei". Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami served as the game's director, with development taking place at his [...]

Designing a Boffer LARP System (Part 27)

For those of you who don't know what Boffer LARPs look like, here's a few images from the session I attended on the weekend.

On a vaguely related note, an interesting rule was adapted by this group after contact witth a Canberra based LARP group. The rule is certainly something I might consider for the pirate/steampunk LARP in development, it goes like this.
Players who show up without costume have 3 hit points for their characters.Players who show up with partial costume have 4 hit points for their characters.Players who show up with full costume have 5 hit points for their characters.
The [...]

Gategully Episode 43

Mucking about with stockpiles, watching my Enormous Room reach completion, and deciding on whether or not to pull the lever on the Danger Room…

Find the playlist here!

Keep on Trucking!

A while back, I posted and then published a campaign idea and mini-game called Mutant Truckers of the Polyester Road. Illustrator Aaron Siddall is running a campaign based on that idea, and he has produced a nice map and character sheet to go along with it. Samples below, but proceed with all due haste to his website (CLICK HERE) to see more, and for all sorts of stuff related to Blood & Treasure (he's done some nice work on doing something like Spelljammer with B&T) and Grit & Vigor (and I haven't even published it yet!). Good stuff - well [...]

Talking About Magic Items...

Episode 11 of the Brainstorm Podcast released today, and we talk about some unique magic items that we created for our campaigns. Listening to the episode (which I do, because I rarely remember what I said unless I actually listen to it) got me thinking about the fun I've had in the past making up new magic items, both for posting on the blog and in my campaigns.

I've stepped away from it for a bit, but I think I'll get back in the saddle creating new magic weapons, armor and misc items again. Maybe a weekly post.

Tenkar's Wondrous and Whimsical Trinkets and Trifles

Of course, it could be the fever, head congestion and the medication on on giving me these [...]


This is the report for our first new campaign of Ogre Gate. This was also a two character session, which provided some more insight into managing an adventure with just two PCs. The villain in the adventure (Mr. Red Claw) was inspired by Black Demon from Lady Hermit, and the number two, Strange Phoenix, was an evil meld of the characters Golden Swallow and Lady Hermit (in the films both these characters are good). 

Characters Present:
Pan Hu
Yao Min

Both Min and Hu are members of Golden Dragon sect and were instructed by their Sifu to investigate the town of Bei and [...]

Magic Sets for Sale -Arabian Nights and Antiquities- to Help Sick Pets (relisted)

Started playing Magic back in Beta and my wife collected the cards for the art, we both dropped out of serious play and collecting after a few years but she kept her cards stored away. Unfortunately, a couple of our cats are sick, one is in remission from cancer and the other has FIV, so we have unexpected expenses for them.

To help cover them, she is selling her complete sets of:

Arabian Nights, with a the variant printings and a few extra cards.


Please take a look and feel free to share the links with anyone who might be interested.

Note: No luck [...]

Everyone is a winner

Everyone is a winner. If you didn’t enter the Amber Zone Opening contest, you still got 11 new Amber Zones to enjoy. Those who did enter will also win prizes from the sponsors.

All contestants will also get a goody bag with a $10 gift certificate at DriveThruRPG and a PDF copy of Technical Manual 1: Reprieve-class Escape Pod from DSLIronworks.

The winner and the Top Three has already been presented. Below is a list of what the other entries will win.

For the entry One Second to Midnight, Alegis Downport will get the Grand Prize from Greylock Publishing Lines.

“An Amber Zone adventure [...]

Gun Blog Variety Podcast #9

http://tinyurl.com/nmwoenxI'm guest host on this week's Gun Blog Variety Cast because WizardPC's wife had a baby! Congrats, Wizard family!

So naturally, this means that I bring up the topic of cute little cartoon ponies... and I get it on record that Sean Sorrentino approves of "Epic Wub Time."   ;)

Don't worry, I also do my usual Blue Collar Prepping segment as well.

You can listen to the podcast here, and the show notes may be found here.

Meet 64, Adv 4, 10/11/14

The group had the 2nd half a major fight this week, this time WITH the bandits they had been fighting with AGAINST the sudden undead horde that had assaulted them. The fight demanded that both sides fought together since the undead were indiscriminate in who and what they were killing. Both parties had their strong points in the fight and when it was over, a truce continued where the group came up with a way to integrate the bandits back into society.

From there the group then went into an investigative bent to track down what and where the [...]

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer- Give Principles for your Killers

Emm... No, I just don't know what to say. I'm just speechless, wordless, amazed, shocked, and horrified, perhaps not in this order. Henry is a strange film, a little gem and at the same time a little piece of trash. I think that in the end, it is only a matter of how one looks at the film. For me, it's mainly in the gem section, but it doesn't mean that I'll watch it again, or that I'm happy for this film to ever been made.To put it shortly, Henry is a film that tells the story of a serial [...]

Magic Item Monday (Macabre Manses): Fomalhaut's Miasma

Fomalhaut's Miasma Aura strong transmutation; CL 14th Slot none; Price 28,800 gp; Weight --- DESCRIPTION This clear glass vial contains a small fraction of Fomalhaut the Nebulous' gaseous body. Bright hues of orange, green, and purple swirl inside the vial as if it were somehow aware of your presence. When inhaled, Fomalhaut's Miasma grants the […]

The post Magic Item Monday (Macabre Manses): Fomalhaut’s Miasma appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

Charismatic Combats


Sometimes a D&D battle is a back and forth of hack and slash, the only interaction between combatants expressed in cold steel.  But often DM's can spice up combat by building in chances for social interaction to influence the outcome.  It's easiest to do this in urban encounters, like the example I'll describe now.  After running a few encounters like this, your PCs might be wishing they hadn't used Charisma as a dump stat!


The encounter takes place at a posh inn.  Three of the PCs are hiding in a cart near the stables.  The [...]

Blurbs from the Booth-What the Heck is a Throat Punch Games?!

Hi, I’m Dr. Edward Alan Kabara, Ph.D., and I, along with my wife, run Throat Punch Games (http://www.throatpunchgames.com). I started Throat Punch Games after GenCon one year. I wasn’t in a supper happy place in my life as my current job wasn’t very fulfilling, I had just moved to a town with NO board games or RPGs groups, and I just wasn’t happy. So, I decided to be creative. I’ve always loved RPG and board games, but I didn’t know how to make my own. To be honest, I still might not, but after having spent the con talking to [...]

Shadowrun 5th Edition - Queen Euphoria

We have just finished our tenth session of Shadowrun 5th edition. I ran my own home-brewed scenarios for a while, focusing on the stuff that I thought was fun in the game: Motorcycles, gangs and of course shootouts.

Once I got that out of my system, I scoured the internet to find out what the best published adventures for the game were. I ultimately decided to run these four: Queen Euphoria, Dreamchipper, Mercurial and Elven Fire. All of them are for earlier editions of the game. But I have never been shy about converting stuff for my own [...]

A quick status check

Just to let you know, I am putting the final touches on the next Colonial Gothic: The Player Companion.

A bit of a quandary

So, while working on the content for Zine-O-Morph #2, I have a bit of a dilemma.

As I have mentioned before, the focus of #2 is supposed to be Military Science Fiction. The main focus, as I have developed the content, has been on how to run a military sci-fi game that feels like a REAL military game. So, a lot of the info in there is about how the real military works, and how to work some of those details into your game to give it the right feel.

However, I am finding that the [...]

Back to Work

After three years of focusing on raisingmy little girl and doing side work as a college prof, my schedule is starting to loosen enough that I’ve turned my attention back to writing. This week, the research and plotting started on the “sequel” (but not really) toPerseus. I’m going to take onHercules next. (I might go with the proper name,Heracles…)

To keep myself sane while going through the butt tons of mythology connected to the character, I also started research and work on a 1940s/50s spy novel. Also have a few ideas for an urban fantasy/horror book. (Not a big fan of [...]

Happy Blogoversary and 100,000 Views!

On Saturday, Tabletop Diversions turned 3 at the same time it crossed 100,000 views.

I'm also approaching the 500 article mark.

With so many milestones so close together, I should probably consider doing some kind of celebration here on the blog.

In the meantime, I'll leave you [...]

Replacment Ghostbusters RPG Cards, Ghost Die Available At Nerdy Show

 The Nerdy Show Ghostbusters Roleplaying Hub has announced the release of newly released equipment cards and laser-etched Ghost Die for use with the classic West End RPG "Ghostbusters!" The cards come is a sweet tuckbox that looks like the containment unit too! This nifty little package features new art on the cards, as well as new equipment featured in GBII and the animated series. (And the Ghost Die is impossible to find, and the etching ensures the face will never wear off). The cards and die in the GB Starter Kit are $10 plus shipping.

And for $20, you [...]

Great Games and Great GMs are Needed.

Yesterday I had a blast at my FLGS.

I played RISK 2210 A.D. with a group of friends and acquaintances and couldn't stop laughing from all the shenanigans around the table.

The first game ended abruptly because one guy had to take his girlfriend shopping. And we gave him a good ribbing for it--because knew he had to take her shopping before he started playing.

RISK 2210 A.D., just like regular RISK, just like any tabletop wargame or RPG is a commitment--you just can't leave after an hour of play, dammit.

The second game quickly devolved into [...]

Daily Punch 10-20-14 Mental Monk feat for DnD 5e

Want to up your spell casting ability as a monk in DnD 5e. Maybe there is a feat for that….


Mental Monk

You have mastered yourself and the forces of the universe and gained the following benefits:

  • Gain a +1 bonus to wisdom to a maximum of 20.
  • Your current and future ki pool is increased to 1 1/2 its current total.




Game Stories: Marvel Legendary

Whoa, what's this? The blog is back??? Yes, friends, tremble in fear, for I am posting! I may or may not have nailed down what I want to do with this blog, but at least it's improving. Ultimately, I want to talk about all sorts of ways that games involve story and narrative and plot (yes, those words can mean the same thing, but I also think of them as different things...maybe sometime I'll explain). Not just roleplaying games, either, because in some ways...well, boardgames have the leg up on them, in terms of mechanical storytelling. (I promise not to [...]

Daily Punch 10-17-14 Society Patron Vanity for Pathfinder

Played a ton of Pathfinder Society this weekend, and I was surprised by the number of people who didn’t want to roll for a day job. Some of these people just wanted to have their characters do something else. How about some support for those people….



Patron( 5pp): Be it an art collector, someone who likes to hear your stories, a leader of the Pathfinders, or a wealthy person at your church, someone has taken an interest in you. This patron will now pay for you to adventure full time removing your need for a day job roll. After each adventure, [...]

Homesteader's Stand - Amber Zone Reviews #35

Amber Zone: Homesteader's Stand, by William H. Keith

A beautiful girl, a besieged ranch and a gang of armed thugs. Welcome home Traveller!
Check out the series introduction here. 
Location: the planet Lorelei (Foreven Sector, Fessor 0108) C-668742-7 in the Greensummer valley and town of Firstfound.
The parish church in Greensummer valley.
Patron: Dawn Sinclair, a childhood friend of one of the PCs, who also calls Lorelei home. This fact is written [...]

d20 Rifts - General rules


To generate attributes, you get 36 points to spend on the following chart:
Score Cost Modifier 1 --- --5 2--3 --- --4 4--5 --- --3 6--7 --- --2 8 --- --1 9 1 --1 10 2 +0 11 3 +0 12 4 +1 13 6 +1 14 8 +2 15 11 +2 16 14 +3 17 18 +3 18 22 +4 19 N/A +4


Strength is raw physical power. It adds to your melee attacks and damage. It also determines how much load you can carry.

Supernatural [...]

Doxxing, Dwarf Fortress, and Defense via Towers

What broke this little girl so badly that she felt that the best thing she could do to help feminism was to send highly specific and threatening messages to some man on the internet she’d never met?

At least this story has a happy ending and maybe she learned something,

In non GG news, I reinstalled Dwarf Fortress to mess around with for the first time in three or four years. The main thing I noticed was that it felt even more unplayable than before. Now, when I used to play it with a bit more regularity, while I was never able [...]

Inked Adventures Blocks

This is a shameless self-promotory cross-post (from Inked Adventures) regarding my new Inked Adventures Blocks.  Especially, since trying to go full time with Inked Adventures, I'll be lucky to meet the rent this month. ;)

These printable blocks are designed for the more casual builder of dungeons - for those us who can barely glue a tab without needing a proper grown-up to be present.  They also may appeal to players who prefer dry-erase mats to tiles.  The L-corner pieces are especially useful for delineating the area of larger rooms.  This idea was borrowed from the Indy Jones RPG [...]

Zombies! #6MMRPC

This week's minimal update is brought to you by Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. However, in spite of the dark side's temptations, I did manage to get some paint on some minis.

I made a little progress with the Death Knight and the Ghost King. I'm still working on making the runes on the sword awesome. Not sure how it's going. This is attempt 2 in progress.

I also worked on some of the Mantic zombies. This is the blond squad.

They look a little less purple in person. I still need to [...]

Free GM Resource: Icar (It's a Space Opera!)

There are a few free RPGs out there, and I'm always happy to discover a new one, like Icar, from Rob Lang.

Billed as a "Space Opera" (something I'll admit I double-checked to make sure I understood it right), Icar is not only free, but appears to be well supported. It has its own website, forum, blog, and is on its 4th (?) iteration.

I was really surprised by the blog. This appears to be a living, if not thriving game. If you like the genre, you should really check out the game.

Review of a Zombie Hunter's Guide

I just finished reading Zombies a Hunter’s Guide. My copy is the limited edition version, it a nice cover with silver gilded pages. Osprey Publishing did a good job with the production of this book, but not as well as Joseph McCullough did writing it.

The first thing that caught me about this book was the style it was written in. Joseph wrote from the point of view that the Zombie Apocalypse was very much alive and well. I loved the approach. It made the book very entertaining.

Even though he’s very entertaining the book includes a lot of information. Joseph includes [...]

Monster Monday-Black Dragon

“I don’t like this,” Perry murmured. “This cave is huge, the dragon could come from anywhere.”

“Keep your eyes peeled,” Argus ordered without looking at the halfling.

“But it’s getting darker,” he replied, looking up at an opening where the sun barely shone through.

Suddenly their was a cry behind them. Ryan! Whistling filled the cave and Perry felt a stab in his side as something thunked against his shield. Garret grunted as more whistling sounded in the darkness.

“I found the dragon!”

Mind Weave Dragons are greedy and weak-willed. They are however very powerful, growing only [...]

Daily Cosplay

The Red March

The Red March comprises that region around the Rilthwood that lies at the foot of the Grundliche Mountains. It refers to a wilderness area that is claimed by no king, but is distinct for its stone mounds and friendly thickets. The land is fresh, the ground fertile, the winters mild, and the trees abundant.

What distinguishes this land most though is its people. Hospitable beyond words, these sturdy farmers offer house and home to stranger and friend alike. It is a safe respite for those weary of the world and its dangers. Hearty food, heady ales, and comfortable feathery [...]


More thoughts on "The Strange"

It was a weird night for Max Morgan Ayers.Which says a lot, since he’s a pretty weird guy. The man has seen and done some odd things in his career as a hacker, especially when he discovered he could hack reality just as easy as he could machines. Hell, he only recently put together that [...]


Warriors from Our Collective Past

Not So Sure

That this will catch on!

Tour of ISS

Here's a pretty cool tour of the International Space Station. Astronaut Sunita Williams gives you a pretty humorous and very cool tour of living in space.

A different take on mini's for Colonial Gothic

One of the most often asked question I get, either in email or via the Colonial Gothic Facebook page, is this: where can I find miniatures for the game to use?

I always answer with this following list:






Yet now I have something new to add to the list:


Now for some, these may look to kid friendly, but I disagree. When you need a lot of redcoats, or the like, this is a perfect stand in. I love these and I am really happy that Jay Hafner pointed these out in the Colonial Gothic Facebook Group.

Race To The Moon -- a lesson in story structure

I was catching up on a Documentary series recently aired on Australian TV over the weekend just passed, called “The Sixties”. Each episode attempts to encapsulate one aspect of the singular decade of my birth, whether it be the Civil Rights Movement, the War in Vietnam, or – in this case – the Space Race. […]

Orc Labs Podcast 07 -- 5E Classes Rangers (Hire one today)!

Do you like chasing bears through the woods? Do you serve out justice in Texas like a boss? Can you find food in the desert? Do you really, really, hate one specific type of creature for no reason at all?! Then apply to be a Ranger today! Rangers getting the party from A – B […]


Very busy working on two campaigns and Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate, but I just want to talk briefly about one thing: Brian Blessed and Castle Lords. 

Ever since I first saw The Black Adder (series one of the Blackadder with Rowan Atkinson), I've been a fan of Brian Blessed's bombastic voice. And in my campaigns every castle lord who hasn't been fleshed out before hand, somehow becomes Brian Blessed. I suppose his King Richard IV had such loud appeal it branded my mind with his image. This is certainly a bad habit and something I work to correct by delineating minor NPCs [...]

Angry Rants: Video Games

You know what really pisses me off? The snobby, elitist disdain for video games that some DMs seem to harbor. There seems to be this general disrespect in some circles for video games as baby toys, as lesser things. I mean, I can accept that smug, superior attitude from non-gamers because what do they know. But when DMs sniff with derision at video games as some sort of "lesser thing" not worthy of respect, I know never, ever to sit at that person's table.

Play All Games, Respect All Games

First and foremost, every DM is a game designer. Even the DMs [...]

Adventure-A-Day Challenge, Day 10: Secret Order of the Space Cabbies, a Traveller Adventure

Wallach Colcha, Military Police Officer Required: Deception, Investigate, Streetwise, Broker ...

The Dueling Definitions of Sexism

An image has been going around that I think helps show one of the fundamental disconnects. Someone, while talking about Anita Sarkeesian, says the following:

my biggest problem with anita, is that if I used her logic i could see sexism everywhere.

For myself and my friends, the reaction is often along the lines of "so close but so far." However, this very real disagreement on the meanings of words and the reasons for critique form is part of the so-called "culture war." I'd like to go into it further.

Let me first say, I think there's something to what they are saying, [...]

Media News Monday - Star Wars VII Concept Art, Star Trek III Teases, & Exodus: Gods and Kings Trailer

Over on starwarsunderworld.com they have gotten wind of some Star Wars VII Concept Art and they have no compunction about sharing it with fans.  See more here.

Also, the Star Trek III cast has been teasing their fans about the upcoming movie.  Read more here.

Finally, early this month, they released an official trailer for Exodus: Gods and Kings and it looks awesome.  Enjoy.

Media News Monday on CreativeMountainGames.com News for Movies, Television, and more
of gamer-relevant Media.Please Like, Share, Plus, Tweet, Follow, and Comment!

Round Table 39 -- DnDnG, Dynamite, and Rise of Tiamat Release

A new episode of my podcast, The Round Table, is up on The Tome Show’s website.

I sit down with Sam Dillon, Tracy Hurley, and Liz Theis to talk about the short film DnDnG, Tracy’s awesome discovery about an old article in Dynamite magazine, and the push back of Rise of Tiamat‘s release date. This podcast was recorded on October 7, 2014.


The Tome Show on Facebook



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