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Discussion - Your Strongest Beginning

To end our little series on starting a new game, I figured it could be a good idea to share some of our strongest beginnings that we've managed to enjoy.

For me, I think the strongest opening I ran was for a game my group did a few years back. We decided to try for something experimental and ran a game where the structure was based around creating a High Fantasy novel. One player, chosen by the group, played the main character - the child of destiny. The other players made the supporting cast. They were given the freedom [...]

Pathfinder Players Like Us on Facebook and YouTube and Win

Well I ended up with and extra copy of some books so I’m doing a couple of giveaways:

Like us on Facebook and you could win Undead Unleashed book for Pathfinder

Subscribe to us on YouTube and you could win the Advanced Class Origins book for Pathfinder.


Advanced Class Origins


If you haven’t seen these books yet he Flip Throughs are below

Thanks for all of your support. If you didn’t watch I wouldn’t be here.

1d10 Random Treasures from Beyond HP Lovecraft's DreamLands Table For Your Old School Campaigns

From the time haunted shores of the Dreamlands there have always been treasures pulled by men of renowned and ancient aspects from the minds of dreamers. But many of these weird and ancient relics and things are relics from nightmare haunted bygone ages.What weird or strange treasures will your adventurers pull from the stuff of dreams in time haunted lands? Here are are some tables to fill

Frog God puts forth a January Rune Quests (solve the riddle for large discount)

I love treasure hunts and riddles. I suck at them (just ask my family) but I do love them. Frog God has put together one that has to be solved by January 31st, 2015. There isn't much time so go hoping ;)

Here's the link to the home page.

Getting The Word Out For The 'How To Game Master Like a $%#ing Boss' KickStarter

So Venger Satanis has a brand new Kickstarter up and its manual about Dming and it looks like its going to kick ass. Which given the quality of his other gaming material and adventures is good with me.So what is this project about? Above is the cover artwork by HELMUTT. "The time has come to set down what I've learned so that you, too, can wrestle the untamed crimson dragon that lurks in

Matt Speaks RPG 8 The Role of Character 7 The BIG 3

In this session on creating character Matt talks about the BIG 3, or if you prefer the influences that help your character make decisions.


I’ve been having a lot of fun with this and I hope you have been too.

X-Men Days of Future Past

(Arrrgh blogger ate this post so here I go again in rewriting it).

After the craptastic showing that was X-Men 3 (how that piece of "ship" got a 58% on Rotten Tomatoes I'll never know, should be in the negatives...) I had zero hopes that even X-Men First Class would be good, but low and behold it was. So, it was with a bit of trepidation we sat down as a family to watch X-Men Days of Future Past on Blu-Ray after Santa dropped it off over the holidays. I have to say I think its the strongest X-Men [...]

Relic Knights: Darkspace Candy

Hello gamers! Today's pictures are for the nice monk character for Relic Knights. I like the dynamism of the pose. I painted her a while ago.


New Frugal GM PWYW Product: Tracking Drop Table

Today the FrugalGM blog has been "down"......well, not "down" like last week, but just not quite pointing right. I apologize to anyone who tried to access the site and went "GAH!" when they saw a huge picture of my mug.

After the all-too-long domain name server (DNS) issue with my last service provider I said "screw it" and migrated the domains over to Google Domains. For some reason everything got diverted to the main index file on my primary hosting account. Luckily it was an easy fix and I shouldn't ever have to screw with it again.

Because [...]

The Thor Question

A few months ago, I spoke at some length about how I wasn't terribly pleased with the news that Marvel had decided to 'make Thor a woman' and my reasons for feeling this way. I think I was rather rational about it, and it turns out that some of my concerns may have been alleviated, but some may still remain.

I encourage the reader to look back on that article, as it's relevant today when we take a look at the major factor that I could not, at the time, cover: Will it be any good?


This short, stunted humanoid is bald and has weirdly twisted limbs, its body seeming to fade and come apart at the edges.

Source: Inner Sea Bestiary (Pathfinder RPG)

     The Khaei are believed by scholars to be degenerate humans. They are awkward humanoid who shamble around with twisted limbs. As the Khaei move along their bodies trail off into shadow and mist. Their appearance is in a constant blur. Interacting with the Khaei leaves something to be desired. They come off as dull and apathetic.

     The few scholars who have studied the Khaei believe [...]

An Abridged Volume - A Call of Cthlhu or Old School Horror Adventure Encounter For Your Old School Campaigns

Recently a selection of volumes of Magia Naturalis(in English,Natural Magic) twenty volumes came up for auction in an estate sale. These parituclar volumes were vary dangerous due to theannotationsand noteswritten within them by a monster hunter and sorcerer. Sir Charles Baptist was an amateurhunter and adventurer of renowned who hadacquiredthese volumes from his old family mansion

WoTR: Purchases & Slavers Row (322,700gp spent)

This article is more to show the joys that a few crazy people can have spending way too much money worrying about trivialities of running a city, creating a festival and gaining population in the Pathfinder settlement of Drezen in the Worldwound.  Give me a heads up in the comments box if you're likely to do the same kind of expenditure lists as I have below. 

PurchasesInstant Fortress (50,000gp)
2 x Panpipes of Building (20,000gp)
Diamonds for later Resurrections (40,000gp)
Faerie dragons and pseudodragons - 20 each purchased from Familiar Stores* (4000gp)
Sin seekers (see Worldwound Incursion) (3,600gp)
300 [...]

Lars Andersen and Historical Archery

There is a video floating around that has gotten a good deal of attention lately. In addition to 22 million views, I've gotten a couple questions about it myself. One of which on the Grand Heresy Forums. I responded some there, but I thought I would elaborate and provide a more thoughtful answer here.

I'll start off with the same disclaimer I've made before. The video is very interesting to watch. Lars Andersen is an extremely talented archer, and nothing I say here is to discredit that skill. The issue I take is passing off extremely impressive trick shooting [...]

Anxious About Their First Time - GM'ing for Brand New Players

Running Adventures in the East Mark again tomorrow night... maybe for some new faces!

For the last year and a half I've been busy running a local game club in the Pittsburgh area called the Norwin Game Knights.  This isn't news for some of you, but for the sake of informing my new readers, we are a family-friendly gaming club that promotes and enjoys all kinds of tabletop games.  Board games, card games, dice games, role-playing games, you'll find just about anything you or your family would like to play.  Typically I am found running an RPG event each month, [...]

Avengers: Age Of Ultron - First TV Spot...

Bujilli: Episode 117

Bujilli wakes up at Idvard's Keep. His injuries were much more severe than he had imagined, but Doktor Niemann's surgery and Mildred's potions have done their work. It is a beautiful morning. He and Leeja share a quiet moment standing next to one another looking out upon the gardens below. Then Grunters attack from one of the ventilation well-shafts...Sirens shrieked. The window rattled. Something exploded down below. Another. Another.

Lurid green smoke filled the garden. Bujilli could see it streaming up from one of the ventilation well-shafts that led down into the lower levels beneath the Keep.

Am I Just Collecting 5e at This Point?

I have the 3 D&D 5e Core Books.

I have the Starter Set.

I have the Basic Rules in an early printed format.

I have the Dragonspear Castle and Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

I have the new DM Shield, still in shrink wrap, it went immediately on the shelf with the rest.

Sadly, I hear mostly good stuff about 5e but have had little time to do more than browse the pages of the books I have. Little free time to spend learning a system that isnt going to be played by my regular group anytime soon.

I literally feel I'm just a collector at this point.

Is it just me? Are others doing the same?

RPG Review -- Storm Bunny Presents: Blessed and Hunted -- The Story of the Usa-Chan

By Endzeitgeist Blessed and Hunted – The Story of the Usa-Chanis 4 pages long, 3/4 of a page SRD/editorial, leaving us with 3 1/4 pages of content, so let’s take a look! We kick off this little pdf with a short origin-myth of the new race of the Usa-Chan – who are essentially bunny people [...]

The post RPG Review – Storm Bunny Presents: Blessed and Hunted – The Story of the Usa-Chan appeared first on G*M*S Magazine.

The ICONS Wiki Is Back...

The ICONS Wiki has risen from the grave thanks to site owner Bob Bretz and game designer Steve Kenson. This is your fan-made one-stop shop for rules errata, house rules, gaming aids (such as character sheets), characters (including conversions of famous comic book characters to the rules-lite system) etc Steve Kenson explains the whys and wherefores over on his blog.

A Sundered World Update & Product Milestones

Melissa just finished coloring the deva, so here's a before-and-after comparison.

Let us know what you think about the colors (as well as the cthon and cambion, if you have any problems with those).
The final book will be available in four different options, allowing you to choose whether you want your pages and/or art in black and white or color. You'll have to choose which one you want printed, but you'll get all four options as pdfs when you buy either the pdf or book. 
The kobold was completed a few days ago, so that's what she's going to do [...]

Pathfinder Society Core Campaign

With the announcement of the new Core Campaign option for Paizo's Pathfinder Society Organized Play comes a new way to play. The Core Campaign only allows the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, the Character Traits Web Enhancement, and the Guide to Pathfinder Organized Play. This is a perfect opportunity for new players to jump in on the fun and learn the game without being overwhelmed with all of the different options and tricked-out characters of current players. It is also an opportunity for veteran players to take the challenge to create characters with less mechanical fluff and play characters with [...]

HeroPress: Top Of The Pile: Star Wars #1

You can’t throw a virtual sheep in the geeky quadrant of the Interwebz this week without hitting a review of the first issue of Marvel’s new Star Wars title, but that’s not going to stop me from injecting my two pence in to the discussion.

via HeroPress: Top Of The Pile: Star Wars #1.

A quick, brief review of Marvel’s first release in their Star Wars comic book treatment of the franchise. Enjoy!

The System Mechanic has been hard at work transforming the appearance of my first published adventure module for Mutant Future, Gamma World, Metamorphosis Alpha, (insert your favorite post-apocalyptic science fantasy [...]

The Icons Wiki Is Back...

The Icons Wiki has risen from the grave thanks to site owner Bob Bretz and game designer Steve Kenson. This is your fan-made one-stop shop for rules errata, house rules, gaming aids (such as character sheets), characters (including conversions of famous comic book characters to the rules-lite system) etc

The Pearl 025


The hiatus has ended, the scheduling Gods have stayed their hand and allowed the lads of Lassaran to further explore their fate.

The Cast:

Andersson Del Domili – the Human Fighter
Leyva (Drew) – theWood Elf Ranger
Penlomion “Pen” Galmagli – theHigh Elf-Mage
Kyrik “Kyr” Kilbin, – theMountain DwarfCleric
Drake Pyke – theHalf-Elf Rogue

The Pearl 025

Gam3rCon Gam3Bowl THIS weekend

10th Avenue Theatre and Arts Center 930 10th Avenue, San Diego, CA (map) This event will be on the Main Stage! The Gam3rCon Family is back for 2015 with our first event of the year, the Gam3rBowl. Do you enjoy watching the Super Bowl? Do you wish you could game AND watch the Super Bowl? Would you like to be with like-minded Geeks and Nerds while watching the Super

Terraria Episode 014

Okay, so I’m not *really* ready to take on the Eater of Worlds, so I work on putting together the beginnings of an arena, and working on the timing of breaking my second Shadow Orb.

Find the playlist here!

Story Locale (Lands of Ludolog): The Dig

Each miniworld in Ludolog is connected to one another by the Nexus, but deep down beneath the surface of each is "The Dig", a strange phenomenon known to link the demiplanes together through hidden lateral channels. Entrances to these hidden channels appear at random near the end of some miniworlds, and others might be hidden […]

The post Story Locale (Lands of Ludolog): The Dig appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

The Sea of Stars Kickstarter is now bigger!

We have hit the $2,600 stretch goal which increased the final Sea if Stars Campaign book size by about 20% to around 150 pages!

There are also new stretch goals, but there is only ten days left to get in on this, so please take and look and toss in some support if you like what you see.

Sea of Stars Campaign Sourcebook Kickstarter

Commentary & Review On Dwimmermount (ACKS version) From Autarch Part I For Your Old School Campaign

It is the place where adventure begins, the ender of lives, and the legend itself.Dwimmermount (ACKS version) From Autarch is all that and more. And it almost broke me. Well not really but this is the first of a multi part review in which I take a look at one of the most massive products in PDF to come across my hard drive. So lets dive right intoDwimmermount (ACKS version) Grab It Right

Edo's Game Reviews: Chopstick Dexterity MegaChallenge 3000 -- Episode 47

Chopstick Dexterity MegaChallenge 3000 Game Review

CDMC 3000 designed by Greg Lam and published by Mayday Games is the perfect execution of an idea -- "What if we made a game where you played with Chopsticks?" A blast of fun for 2-3 players with solid components – highly recommended.

Please like, subscribe, and share with your friends!

Dark Paths 46

Grand Duchy of AdventureSession 46
January 16 - 28, 2015

Starting the DriveTserdain 27th of FlaurmontLeaving SusikynIn the end, it is determined that a side trip to Kelvin is just not going to work out. It is too far and out of the way to make such a trip. Pytor is in too much of a hurry to get the horses sold so he can purchase needed supplies for the homestead. Stephan tells the Company that they can buy most of the mundane supplies they need at the Gnome's Ferry and other stuff can probably be purchased in Rifllian or [...]

Top 14 Old School D&D Modules

So there have been a TON of modules that were created by TSR for Dungeons & Dragons over the years. The list is truly amazing once you see it, because of all the work and time that went into each adventure module. If you don’t believe me, check out a compiled listing here: List of...

Top 14 Old School D&D Modules

So there have been a TON of modules that were created by TSR for Dungeons & Dragons over the years. The list is truly amazing once you see it, because of all the work and time that went into each adventure module. If you don’t believe me, check out a compiled listing here: List of...

Tutorials & Features

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Part V:

Prepare Yourself For Coming Of The Army Of The Twelve Monkeys...

Daily Punch 1-29-15 Expert Social Edge idea for Shadowrun 5e

In Run and Gun on page 126, there are several combat edge ideas added to Shadowrun. What about being able to use edge in a non-combat setting? How about being an expert in something? (Most likely to bull drek about it latter!)



You’re an expert. People know your an expert because other people say your an expert. That’s how it works. When you make a social test and have ranks in a knowledge skill, you can spend a point of edge to add those ranks to your dice pool. You must explain how being an expert in the specific skill adds [...]

Kerbal Orbit!

Yeah, got kinda bored trying to do that survey mission! So, to Orbit! With a little bit of help from a tutorial, in the end…

Find the full playlist here!

Think of the Former Children

Thankfully most examples of people saying "Childhood ... ruined" are in a jokey, double-entendre-finding, Captain Pugwash kind of vein.

But there are enough people who say it with a tone of outrage (usually about remakes) to get College Humor to produce a point-stretching, heavy-handed video about the phenomenon.

Travis Pitts: Childhood ... improved, actually
As someone who studies moralization I often ask myself why and how the hell people pour outrage into fiction, movies, music or games. I think I can explain this one.

"Think of the children" is the emotional trump card in moral arguments, right? [...]

Announcing the Dark Eras nWoD Kickstarter

Today, we are pleased to announce that FlamesRising.com editor-in-chief Matt M McElroy and long-time contributor and project manager Monica Valentinelli are featured in a new World of Darkness supplement for Onyx Path Publishing. The book, which has been put together by senior developer Matt McFarland, is called Dark Eras, and the full, unedited text is available for fans to read on the Dark Eras Kickstarter page. The Dark Eras Kickstarter is for a prestige edition of the book for both fans and retailers.

Dark Eras presents nine chapters reflecting a historical era tailored to each of the nine New World of [...]

History of Post-Apocalyptic RPGs (Part Seven: 2000-2002)

HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE '90sThese lists enter a new century and leave behind the '90s. That decade saw the public- and by extension gamers- facing a new political order. The Fall of the Berlin Wall set off geopolitical changes which made some doomsday scenarios obsolete. At the same time we found new scenarios, many soaked in a religious fervor. The approaching millennium brought with it a kind of dread. But more readily reflected in games, especially in the late 90's, was the world's crash potential. By the end of the decade Y2K hung over everything.

Troll Lords Games Sale

Castles & Crusades is guilty pleasure of mine.

I love the game, but I rarely get a chance to play it.
To me it is the best of D&D 3.x and AD&D 1, all in a really awesome system with great writing and art.

Sadly I hardly ever get to play.  So you can imagine my irritation when Troll Lords puts everything on sale at 60%!


The great thing about Castles & Crusades is that given it's 1st ed and 3rd ed genes it can be used with any OSR or New School game. [...]

A Mage from Poisonwood II Pt.8: The Tower of the Lotus

Near the advent of spring and the end of winter at the first melt, I had another vision from the life of the spirit, the Druid Norolk, which inhabited the emerald around my neck. I saw him saving villagers from an attacking white dragon during a harsh winter long ago. I contemplated this and decided what I would do about the artifact. I had to set those plans briefly aside however when the owner of the property directly adjacent to my tower forced me to purchase it as my tower was directly up against it and may have impinged a little bit onto his land.

After the spring was in full gear and business in Rockhollow was preparing to roll forward I paid the local woodcarver to craved a small superior quality box which I could enchant later (with the Temporal Stasis spell I recently acquired) to assist in the mastery of the artifact. Unfortunately it would take 3 weeks to be finished. A few days later I was busy getting things arranged and stocking my tower while both Tweena and Vorox were away putting in orders for an anvil, probably to be imported from the west coast, and hiring laborers and buying lumber to build a fully functional forge next to the longhouse/lodge when I heard someone yelling their fool head off outside.

I poked my head out of the only available aperture in my place, the single arrow slit above the gate. It turned out to be one of Keenor's servants summoning me to the suspect merchant's warehouse on the other side of town. It turned out to be a meeting working out the wedding plans and dowry for his daughter, apparently I agreed to a spring wedding over some freshly imported and very strong Hill-Lander whiskey. The wedding was [...]

The Awesome Plan Montage

There are a lot of reasons for a GM to use a montage scene in an RPG: Training montages, character backstory montages, travel montages, and split party quick-cut montages are all popular techniques.  But today, I'm going to talk about the Awesome Plan Montage.

The Awesome Plan Montage replaces most of the planning and preparation for a mission, in a scenario where the PCs are assigned a difficult task that gives them the freedom to choose how they approach it.  It's a quick montage of what each character is doing in preparation for their risky raid.  Players take turns [...]

Kaiju Super Fun Time Go! character

It's been an interesting and insightful experience guesting on Savage Worlds GM Hangout (On Air!). I'm really impressed with the way Jerrod Gunning stuck to his guns (pun intended) and managed to come up with a way to do combining mecha and keep it interesting. I really didn't think it was possible.

The most recent episode was character creation time for the short (2 episode) demo campaign of Jerrod's Gatchaman/Super Sentai-influenced Kaiju Super Fun Time Go! setting. Part of the premise to the setting is the unabashed releiance on such henshin tropes as the Five-Man Band. Honest to goodness, I [...]

Race & Gender Based Stat Tweaks and the Elder Scrolls

I was thinking about this because some article aboutnegative stereotypesin video games was all “Black folks are too stupidto usemagic in Elder Scrolls” as one of the several examples.

Just how bad are the starting racial and gender based stat tweaks?

There are no racial (or gendered) limits in any stats. All Races can eventually get 100s in all stats (except for Luck; that shit is hard, yo).

The differences in racial and gender based stats can be overcome within a single level with a little bit of effort and determination.

Racial and gender bonuses may reflect the base societal norms within each “race”. [...]

Check This Out -- City Generators

Since we’re talking about urbancrawls lately, my attention was immediately arrested when I saw a couple of pretty amazing city generators over at Last Gasp.

Both of them are dice-drop generators, which reminds me of the fun you can have with Vornheim, but they’re integrated with prodigious random tables. The first is a generator for small, Lovecraftian-style fantasy towns: The dice drop generates a layout for the buildings and the faces of the dice are used iteratively to form factions, feuds, leadership… It’s fantastic. Check it out here.

The other generator creates a particular iteration of the ever-shifting magical city of Crpathium, [...]

Slow Session Prep

GMing once per month is turning out to be a really good thing. Rather than hammering out sessons and scenarios in rapid-fire mode, having several weeks to plan is fantastic.

After our first CyberTex game session, I decided to re-read William Gibson’s Neuromancer for inspiration. During this time I started working on game session #2, and had probably six false starts. Each false start, however, got me closer to a good outline for the next session. I want everything to make sense, and this becomes harder when you try to interweave the lives of four PCs into the overall arch of [...]

Review 01/28/2015

As we spend the day preparing for our attack through the breach several truths became apparent to usin regards to time, scrying and our ties to Stormhaven. The only success wrought through scrying came when a time was looked upon where we would be; furthermore, theoretically we could be scryed on by someone when we and the diviner are outside Stormhaven. And on a side note, the Undefeated are also victims of the time-trap of Stormhaven.

Scores of dire sea monsters, sharks, were-sharks, and unique beings were gathering relying on us to successfully take them through the breach. As Anan Viator prayed to Tiamat she took on a draconic aspect, Jaren attempted to discern the jailer's location to no avail. Layers of timelines streamed before us as we led the sea army though the breach into violent waters drenched with blood and gore. It was a battlefield filled with storm giants, and the jailer's minions; it was the first offensive by the thing that should not be.
It seems that there is either several aboleths or one with different versions of itself; either way what we encountered was a gargantuan aboleth bearing down on one of the Storm [...]

Daily Cosplay

Well now, Daphne...

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