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O is for the Orphanage of Saint Rutha

The Old World is harsh indeed, and even in the metropolitan, and highly civilised Marienburg, many young people still lose their lives way to early. As a result the city, like all others, is teaming with orphans - ejected due to ailing or deceased parents, or because they were chosen as the strongest of the children, and the most capable of fending for themselves during hard times.

Whatever the reason, the children have few places to go. The tenants of Haendryk preach that economic success is a sign of divine favour, and poverty is the affliction given to sinners. As [...]

Skill Monkey -- Hai Karate!

The Skill Monkey has been watching some of his favorite Martial Arts movies.

So naturally it occurs to him to come up with his own school of martial arts and then share that info with you.

But how? Nothing in the book is labelled Martial Arts.

I guess you’ll just have ot listen and find out.

Skill Monkey episodes can be found atwww.madadventurers.com.

Fiddleback can be found on Twitter@Fiddleback

For iTunes, subscribe, rate, and review Skill Monkey athttps://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mad-adventurers-society-skill/id735255014?mt=2

Direct Download:http://archive.org/download/SkillMonkey25/Skill%20Monkey%2025.mp3


[Cryptworld] New Thing: Tarantulord

A Giant Arachnid Thing for Cryptworld


STR: 6 (90) --- WPR: 3 (45)
AGL: 6 (90) --- PCN: 6 (90)
STA: 5 (75) --- PWR: 90
ATT: 2/90% --- WND: 15
MV: L 200 (100 if on a vertical surface)

Experience: 800

A Tarantulord is a mutated gargantuan arachnid. A Tarantulord is about the size of a horse, standing nearly 6 feet tall with a leg-span of  10 feet, and weighing about 1,000 pounds. Tarantulords can be nearly any species of arachnids, as monstrous trapdoor spiders, black widows, brown recluses, and -- yes [...]

Legacies to allow Crafting! Item crafting rules for review

I have been talking about this for years now. I know years. From the start, it was my intention to allow crafting into the Legacies campaign. The problem was always to maintain game balance. So that crafters could benefit from their choice but not overpower the game.

Game balance and crafting was always twice as important to keep in mind because one of the setting's most iconic class, the machinesmith, is greatly based on crafting. However, overfocus on game balance can kill interest in crafting.

So, how do you maintain both?

So we discussed and listened to our players [...]

Kickstarter - METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA Deluxe Hardcover Collector's Edition (Goodman Games)

There are a few points in the very early history of the RPG hobby that stick out as events that have left an indelible mark. I like to add such treasures to my collection as best I can when I can find them.

Original Dungeons & Dragons (I own the OCE)

Empire of the Petal Throne (I own a copy of the boxed set - still in it's wrap when I got it - opened now)

Tunnels & Trolls (I own Ken's personal copy of the 2nd edition of the rules)

Metamorphosis Alpha - never owned and damn near impossible to find on the secondary market

Not so surprisingly, all of the above games have gone thru a [...]

Did More Game Stuff Too

But I ain’t showing it all None of these are colour corrected yet, but they’re not way off.

Science Node (10 point Computer)

A Science Node is a computer and a lab full of apparatus, all devoted to a particular field of science. While the exact list of sciences and the functions of the Synthesis System will vary depending on what the system is dedicated to, the general build is always the same. This example is devoted to the Biological Sciences, although it does cover some related fields for when it’s analyzing things with the multiscanner systems.

Computer: 0 Dexterity (-30P), 23 Intelligence (13P), 1 Speed (0P).

(4P) Multiscanner Multipower (20-pt reserve); Extra Time: 5 min., -2; OAF: -1; Focus Mobility: Bulky, -

  • u-1 Psionic Analysis [...]

Divine Artifact-Fauxlight Stone

“What’s that there?” the Rubble muttered as the sound of a clattering stone approached through the dark and his mean drew clubs and swords.

Suddenly, a blaring light filled the tunnel they walked. It came from the stone, now at rest. “We’re lit up,” Bergs cried and they all went for cover.

Nothing happened.

“Who goes there,” Rubble began to question, but collapsed, his throat cut, before he could finish.

“Invisible?” Bergs asked as others fell, dying as he swung at empty air. Soon they were all down.

Lathe picked up the stone and darkness descended again. Fauxlight stones were fairly common in Diervale, but [...]

What makes The Old Ones so incomprehensible?

Have you ever struggled with explaining why just a glimpse of Eldrich monstrosities shatters the mind of a player character? How a giant squid-dragon makes your mind switch off? Well, until today, so did I. Just minutes ago, I found a great resource, that will help you describe this madness, in Reddit of all places (coincidence?).

User mikekozar_work does a great job in describing why human mind just can't handle the sight of a great old one. I am coping it over here for your delectation, but make sure to check out the whole thread for more info. It is [...]

The Arboreal Library -- the Tree of Knowledge

The Arboreal Library is one of the greatest collections of mystical, and mystically-related, works in existence – containing tens of thousands of tomes, many of them unique. At least as importantly, the enchantments of the library will bring you books on any topic it has available on request – although delving into it’s depths for an hour or two is even better. As handy bonuses, the library contains a ritual room equipped to back personal magics with ambient magic and an enchanted mirror that reveals magical threats to the earth – as well as being a wifi hot spot.

Unfortunately, the [...]

Mortality in RPG's

I have recently started following a gentleman that I gamed with (Zounds! game) called +hurdygurdymanna (John) and today he came out with a blog that prompted a little bit of thought from me.  You see, he is embarking on his first game as a DM soon and he was thinking about how he would handle death in game of characters.  He found the "glossing" over of a character death a little underwhelming and wanted to incorporate some role playing around the event (gasp!).  Now, this is not the first mortality post that I have read recently as I also read a blog [...]

P Is for Pithikosophobic

pithikosophobic: (adj.) abnormally or persistently afraid of monkeys

Mugatos are large, intimidating animals that can reach a height of six and one-half feet (not counting their cranial horn). Covered by a thick pelt of white fur all over their bodies with the exception of their faces and hands, they are similar to the great apes of Earth in their physical proportions and prehensile hands and feet. All of their teeth are sharp and serrated, and their fangs contained a strong venom that can be fatal within a matter of hours. Mugatos have large, thick horns projecting from the tops of their [...]

Vote for your favourite version of Dunnsmouth!



SHTFriday: Steel Choices for a Bug-Out Blade

The first in a series of guest posts as I prepare for a week's vacation  (and oh god, do I ever need a vacation from my family) that begins on Monday and culminates at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis.

I will try to write a post this weekend for Monday so that you, my dearest and faithful readers, will have three days of content until I get back.  However, I cannot make guarantees.

Until then, enjoy this fine hand-crafted post on "What steel should I choose if I can have only one knife in my doomsday kit?"

Good Friday

It has indeed been a Good Friday. With some messing around in Photoshop along the way.

P is for Penny Parker

Penny Parker is a child of wealth and privilege whom readers are introduced to when she rebels against her parents insistence that she honor the traditions of her social class by taking part in a debutante ball. The sixteen year-old girl gives in, but decides to show everyone up by bringing her rough-edged boxing instructor to the ball as her escort. In the process, she ends up stopping a jewel heist. Fueled by her success as a detective, and rebellious teenage impulses, Penny sets herself up in her own detective agency and starts solving crime among the upper classes. [...]

P -- Paptimus Scirocco & the PMX-003 "The O"

There were several villains at the head of several factions in Zeta Gundam, but one of the most impressive was the dashing Paptimus Scirocco. While the Jupiter Fleet was a relatively small faction during the Gryps War and the conflict for supremacy over the Earthsphere and Space, they had a number of huge advantages which made them a deciding factor in the outcome of the various arcs that came together at the end of Zeta.

“Ladies, have I mentioned I will let you use my experimental prototype mobile armors?”

The Jupiter Fleet had been absent, on their mission to mine Jupiter gas, [...]

Review and Commentary On The Free Dragon Foot OSR Resource - Dragonsfoot Book Of Names (2007) For Your Old School Campaign

Grab it Right Over

Dragon Foot Blurb:
A list of useful names of people and places.
Having to many books of Names is never a bad thing for a DM this free resource give hundreds of names that can be used for any game system. This is truly a system agnostic download and is very useful for old school campaigns.
 According to the introduction in the Pdf 
Welcome to the Dragonsfoot Book of Names! Many members of the Dragonsfoot Forums at http://www.dragonsfoot.org/forums have submitted names from their own campaigns to be included in this document. Hopefully this will help you [...]

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: End Of The Beginning

I kind of feel sorry for the people who gave up on this show early on, because Agents Of S.H..I.E.L.D. just keeps getting better and better - with this week's episode, the ominously titled End Of The Beginning, clearly setting wheels in motion for the season's final run towards its (hopefully) epic conclusion. Coulson and crew, aided by agents Triplett (B.J. Britt) and Garrett (Bill Paxton)

Daily Cosplay

No Actual Play Post This Week

There will be no actual play post this week. Most of my players attended a gaming convention this past weekend, so we didn't have a game. Some people just don't know how to set priorities:).

Exploring Atlantis 9: Meet the PCs Part 4

(Here are Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3) 

I haven't finished introducing all of the player characters yet.  Next up is YD's character, Ulhurr. Ulhurr is an Uluka, or Owlman. The Owlmen are one of the Andaman races created by the Atlanteans as specialized soldiers and servants after their failure with the Nethermen race. There are a variety of other Andaman races including Nemeans (lion-men), Anubim (jackal-men), Asena (wolf-men), Balam (jaguar-men), Tritons (gill-men), and Taurans (Minotaurs or bull-men).

All Andamen share certain traits regardless of species. The blood of an Andaman, when mixed with milk and [...]

Frozen Salt Flats

The lands to the north Ursal are frozen wastes.Unklar's freezing grip and icy breath are still felt in this fell region. Once a flowering, open savanna covered in dark warm grasses and thick black firs stood here. But war came and the gods wrestled. Naarheit forbide Unklar dominance and the Horned God contested his wild power. For long days the fought, the venom of their contest spoiling all it touched. Naarheit stood his ground for he was unspoilt by the years of creation and as always his power skirted the Judgement of Corthain, but Unklar was the more powerful and [...]

Islands of Mist Session 2

Journey to Thwil Tower Cast of Characters:

Winter – a solemn, pale-as-snow she-elf warrior with a past and an ax to grind.

Four-Finger Jeff – a smooth talking male human rogue with sticky fingers.

Thurgel Bardson – a jovial Dwarven bard whose song is as sweet as his ax is sharp.

Rispah – an elusive she-elf mage with a strong talent for the arcane arts.

The Isles of Mist Hexcrawl Adventure

Session 1

Back at the Grey Pheasant the four adventurers poured over the map of the Isles they’d just acquired. Beyond the city of Thild and a few surrounding townships it was fairly empty. One of the [...]


Lucien's Guide to the Grand Stair (DICELESS)

Lucien’s Guide to the Grand Stair (DICELESS) This pdf is 26 pages long, 1 page […]

Rawr! Volume 2: Flame & Wrath

Rawr! Volume 2: Flame and Wrath This installment of TPK Games monster-series is 65 pages […]

Racial Ecologies: Canids

Racial Ecologies: Canids This installment of the Racial Ecology-series is 17 pages long, 1 page […]

Edible Monsters - Part Two

Ever wondered what the 10' pole in the Player's Handbook might be useful for? Well, perhaps one may come in handy when dealing with this week's monster...

MOVE: 3"
HIT DICE: 4 hit points
% IN LAIR: Nil
SIZE: S (1-2' dia.)
     Attack/Defense Modes: Nil

H'malo are rumoured to be the larval form of some larger monster, although no-one is quite sure which. They prefer to live in damp dark places, where they usually move around in small groups consuming slime and moulds. They are only particularly dangerous if not approached with extreme care, as they seem to be easily alarmed. Attacks, loud noises or sudden nearby movement will cause them to release a pool of liquid that rapidly evaporates, quickly filling a 3' x 3' x 3' area with a noxious, bluish cloud. This cloud causes 1-6 hit points of damage to any creature within it, although the H'malo cannot create another cloud for 4 hours. If more than one [...]

Playing Some Old School Basic D&D Tonight!

Dropping in on a friend's game tonight to play some old school Basic D&D tonight!  I am quite excited about it.

Even better than that I am going to get to play my own witch class!

I have not had the chance to play one of my own witches in a long time. So this is going to be great.

Just need to survive this work day!

Underworld Races: The Hoyrall

Yesterday we gave out a taste of the duplicitous underterror, but today the AaWBlog dares to be even more bizarre with the otherworldly hoyrall! Back in January you might remember The Blessings of Zagn, where the insectile aliens are mentioned in passing. Jacob Blackmon is turning in the rest of the artwork this week, and […]

The post Underworld Races: The Hoyrall appeared first on Adventure-A-Week.

Fragments from the Rim -- Red Shift Limit

The Mad Adventurers Society is proud to present…

For the first time ever…

From the mind of GM Phil…

Fragments from the Rim.

Who are the members of Red Shift Limit, that famous underground band that tweaks the nose of the Emperor with every release? The Galaxy may never know, unless you listen to this.

More episodes of Fragments form the Rim can be found at www.madadventurers.com

You can find GM Phil on Facebook.

Coming soon to iTunes!

Direct Download:http://archive.org/download/FragmentsForEdgeEp03/Fragments%20for%20Edge%20%20Ep%2001.mp3


Quick Note - Horus rising

I have previously mentioned that Horus Adrift is my best "selling" adventure to date. Part of this is due to it being a pwyw title, but I would also like to think that a ship-based space marine adventure is the other part.
I have made some money from the game and as I have previously mentioned, all proceeds of my sales go back into development and improvement. As such I am working on a revised "deluxe" edition of Horus:

I've been able to add art, layout direction and some other bells and whistles. I have also written [...]

OSWARP is looking for game masters!

Hey all! I wanted to throw out a reminder that registration for OSWARP (and DexCon, the parent convention) is now open. OSWARP is the Old School Wargame and Role Playing convention, to be held in Morristown New Jersey on July 4-5.

We're looking for you to run a game! If you volunteer to run enough games (64 player-hours' worth if you're getting the special OSWARP membership), you get comped into the convention altogether. Types of games we're looking for:

  • Old-school RPGs (Basic, AD&D, White Box, BECMI, Metamorphosis Alpha, Boot Hill, T&T, Runequest, Traveller, C&S, FASA Star Trek, etc. [...]

[Quick Note] Thunderscape's First Adventure Path Begins

As I've mentioned before I am a huge fan of Thunderscape's premise and was a big supporter of its Kickstarter last year. I have since gotten my hardcopy of the book (only the second time a kickstarter ponied-up what it promised for me) and have poured through it a few times in hopes of someday getting to play/run the setting.

Now the first part of Kyoudai's first adventure path for the system has dropped and I must say I am impressed by the quality. I'm still waiting for my hard copy (another KS bonus) but I have read through [...]

Today is Ingenium Day!

Tonight at 5:00 PM Central time (GMT-5), the Ingenium Second Edition Kickstarter goes live!

We’re very excited about this project. I personally have invested over a decade of my life into the development and playing of the Ingenium game, and it’s very near and dear to me. Now I get to share the evolved form of it with you!

As soon as the Kickstarter goes live, I’ll be available on Google+, Reddit, and Twitter to answerquestions and gush about my favorite RPG of all time.

This weekend, I’ll be doing some demonstrations of how the new game mechanics work and how to get [...]

The Next Big Thing is almost here!

You've heard me yammering on lately about "The Next Big Thing".  Well that is our latest Kickstarter and believe me when I tell you it is big.  It's most likely going to be called Castles & Crusades Kickstarter, because that is what it is -- the Core Kickstarter for C&C. 

We are sold out of both the Players Handbook and Monsters & Treasure and almost out of our Castle Keepers Guide.  So we are planning a whopper of a Kickstarter to get all of these in FULL COLOR.  As you may know if you have the 5th printing of [...]

Has Anyone Stated Out Humanoids as PC Races for Swords & Wizardry?

Inquiring minds want to know: has anyone stated out humanoids as PC races for Swords & Wizardry?

Pulling out some of my 2e Complete Handbooks last night got me thinking about the humanoid races. There are a handful that I think could work really well in S&W - or at least how I run it.

If no one has done such, I may just do my own and post them up here at the Tavern...

P is for Paladin

Next to bards, I feel paladins have the worst rep. However, unlike bards paladins tend to be loathed for their alignment and roleplaying restrictions, not lack of use. Paladins are champions of righteous violence. Many player's don't like having to play lawful good. Further than that I've heard the term "lawful stupid" used quite a bit with paladins. Personally, I find the class interesting. I never got to play one though (I tend to be a part of parties that I would classify as CN).

Sharpen your holy blade and say your prayers, P is for Paladin...

Skull Cave Preview

This weekend I will be putting the finishing touches on the next release from Iron Tavern Press – Skull Cave! Here's the blurb from the title page:

A Swords & Wizardry compatible adventure for 4th to 6th level characters.

Centuries ago nomads found a cave and felt drawn to perform their death rites to dark gods within its confines. Years of ritualistic blood offerings to malevolent forces has fed demons deep below the cave. The nomads have long since disappeared, but a recent earth tremor has freed the demon spawn from their prison deep below the surface. Seeking blood [...]

Adventure Hooks: Politics

A casual watching of any of the "news" channels on television will show you how passionate many people get about politics. Why should that be any different in the D&D world? Murder In Baldur's Gate showed us a brief look at Ducal elections, but overall the inner-workings of various groups in a fantasy city or town are overlooked by many setting writers (unless it's the murderous politics of a Drow city). With recent films like the new Captain America: Winter Soldier bringing political thrillers back to the forefront of our minds, we thought you might be interested in playing with [...]

Important Information For Tourists...

via Thanks, Cal, for the warning. I shall be contacting my travel agent about a possible refund.

O is for Osteomancer

The Osteomancer is a 3rd era prestige class that appeared in the March 2004 issue of Dragon Magazine. While the idea of a bone mage seems like necromany it's actually a specialized version of transmutation magic. These hearty mages manipulate there core (as they call their skeletons). They can extend and retract bone spurs to create armor or natural weapons.  I never got to play one, but I always loved the idea. It reminded me of Spyke and Marrow from the X-Men.

(insert juvenile quote about boners) because O is for Osteomancer...

Osteomancer by Pyridoxine Jack the Osteomancer

Campaign Design: Set Pieces

In a screenplay, a set piece is a pivotal scene in the film. Most of the time it's a scene with a dramatic payoff, typically where some big reveal happens, a big game-changer to the plot is presented, or the main problem the characters have been faced with is resolved. It's called a set piece because it often involves some elaborate location that's costly to build, and requires either meticulous camera work or carefully planned special effects of stunts to pull off. Screenplays are often built about set pieces, building up to those moment in the film, and the rest [...]

Campaign Design: Set Pieces

In a screenplay, a set piece is a pivotal scene in the film. Most of the time it's a scene with a dramatic payoff, typically where some big reveal happens, a big game-changer to the plot is presented, or the main problem the characters have been faced with is resolved. It's called a set piece because it often involves some elaborate location that's costly to build, and requires either meticulous camera work or carefully planned special effects of stunts to pull off. Screenplays are often built about set pieces, building up to those moment in the film, and the rest [...]

Word of the Day -- Oubliette

An oubliette is a dungeon with an opening only at the top.  I tried to find out a little bit more about the word as it is very interesting to me, but all I could really find is the etymology, which makes sense after reading it:

French, from Middle French, from oublier to forget, from Old French oblier, from Vulgar Latin *oblitare, frequentative of Latin oblivisci to forget

"Gaming" Fiction

My current read.Erik Tenkar, over at Tenkar's Tavern, brought up a subject a while back that had me thinking about stuff (this happens a lot). The idea that some modules, or series of modules, can be ruined by novels that are written based on them. I have never had any personal experience with this, as I have never played in a game or campaign based on a series of books I have read. But, this is mainly due to the fact that most people share Erik's view.

Case in point, I am an unabashed fan of the Dragonlance Chronicles. [...]

Red Riding Hood

Great Imagery in this shot . . .

Red Sonja News

Dynamite Entertianment is releasing a hardcover art book highlighting the really cool work of veteran artist Frank Thorne. Mr. Thorne is the one who decorated the early RS books in the 1970s. It was and remains some fantastic work.

It was certainly part of our early experiences in reading comics...conan, green lantern, red sonja and so forth...which all lay about with our AD&D books, war games and Marx toys (best toys the world has ever, or will ever see).

At any rate, the full color book weighs in at 120 pages, gloss for 150.

Pick or pre-order [...]

Movie Trailer ~ Edge of Tomorrow

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