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Bits and Bobs XXIII

This week is the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters. For those like me who were too young to see it in the theater, it's back on Friday! You know I'll be there!

And if that isn't enough for you, Crooked Dice Games is releasing Four Paranormal Exterminators and (a big!) Ectoplasmic Entity.

Over at Wrath of Zombie's Blog there's a gory Blood Witch class for DCC. Like most of his stuff, it's well worth checking out.

Noah Stevens of The Hapless Henchman has a nasty deep black, tissue-paper-like monster called Noctules. Not only that, but [...]

An orgy with Jewel Staite

No, the Zhodani Base has not been hacked. I wrote about a Traveller crowd funding movie project and I thought the vanity levels looked cool. Now look at the vanity levels of this crowd funding movie project called How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town! For even less money than you would have to spend to party with the crew of the Traveller movie, you get to party with Jewel Staite (a.k.a. known as Kaylee from Firefly).

I am a fan of the Firefly since the style of that show is so close to my own Traveller gaming adventures. [...]

GM Advice: 3 Reasons to Have Wandering Monsters in Your Dungeon

The PCs should not be the only things to creep through the dark of the dungeon in search of loot and/or prey. Other things lurkin the ebon shadows of the underworld waiting for foolhardy adventurers to wander by…

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


Wandering monsters are something that has seemingly fallen out of fashion in recent years. In the Good Old Days, every module had a table of random encounters. Sometimes for dungeons with several levels, you got several different random tables! Designed to simulate the movement of monsters around the dungeon, they were a funfacet ofthe game.

Nowadays, however, they seem to [...]

TheCultDen Article -- RPG in the Digital Age

“TheCultDen has thrown its weight behind the tabletop gaming scene and is partnering up with one of the biggest marketplaces out there…

There was a time -- not that long ago, in fact -- when to buy a role-playing game (RPG), you had to visit a shop. There was one in most towns across the UK and always several in London. For many of us, visits to these shops were a weekly event to check out the latest releases, hear the newest rumours and play games.“

Read the rest of the article here

(C:tL) Once Upon a Time in London -- Of Alice and Other Things

As I said in my last Changeling post, Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass stories will feature heavily in the Once Upon a Time in London. I’ve actually used these stories before in Happily Never After. The Jaberwocky and Vorpal Sword made appearances in that campaign (you can read the game write-up here). My idea for the characters are:

Alice is one of many leaders of the Changeling resistance in Arcadia (“wut?” here) but has been captured, although no-one knows where she is being held.

The Hatter is a grizzled man living in a rundown hat shop in [...]

Wonder Woman Wednesday...

A contribution from +Kelvin Green (courtesy of Twitter)

#RPGaDAY -- Fourth Week

This is the next to the last week of the #RPGaDAY conversation launched by @autocratik. Everything comes to an end, but here we go …

#RPGaDay (image: autocratic.com/@autocratik)

#22 Best Secondhand RPG Purchase
I think a tie between Ghostbusters International (without the Ghostbusters die), Sandman: Map of Halaal and The Golden Dawn for Call of Cthulhu.

#23 Coolest looking RPG product / book
The original Skyrealms of Jorune has a few fantastic pieces of art, Feng Shui was ahead of the times and I also like Vampire: The Masquerade and the Dictionary of Mu. Finally, I would vote for Shadows of Esteren and [...]

Random Mega Generation Via 5 Room Iterations

Mega dungeons are difficult to fully detail because of their sheer size. Here is a random dungeon generation system that helps make the process easier in two ways. First, it creates chunks all at once instead of single rooms, and second it's modular so that you can design only as much as you need and have rough notes on the rest of what you've made while still allowing you to tack on additional content later and still have a coherent whole.

The basic building blocks of our dungeon are the 9 forms of the 5 room dungeon. So you don't have [...]

D20 The Malady of Kings

From the back of the book:

"I see him. He stands upon the till, facing the sea. The swell is not so great this morning and the tide pulls upon him. I can see, too, the silver-lined sail, filling now with wind, pulling the little craft into the deeper oceans. Your father is mailed in his silver armor, his great sword, Durendale, strapped to his side. His hair is free now, with no crown banding it. Your father, King no more, is passing away from us."

And the Queen saw the craft rise upon a great wave that rose from the ocean's depths. She could see her husband, her one great love, look back, and he smiled. The Evening-Swan then rose over the crest, white foam washing her bow, and slipped into the trough beyond and into Dream.

Hazard the Sea of Dreams and find the fabled Isle of Blight, the magical resting places of St. Luther. Mysterious strangers, fiendish creatures, and other-worldly magics stand between the adventurers and the once and future king. Can they cure his malady and bring peace to the spirit of his Queen?

The Malady of Kings is a d20 System adventure for 4-6 characters of levels 10-12. Set in the World of Erde, it expands upon the legends and history of the After Winter Dark Fantasy Campaign Setting. Inside you will find further details on the Kingdom of Kayomar, the fall of the royal family of Pendegrantz, Daladon Lothian and the Watchers in the Wood, the madness of the White Mage, and the Troll Lord himself.

#RPGaDay Day 28: Game I'd Like To See A New/Improved Edition Of...

Me and one of my buddies even have a draft we've been working on, on and off, and I have loose commitments from artist friends that make this financially doable for me...I even had a name for it, once, but I found out there was another RPG by that name....but I have just launched my own creative imprint (Empyreal Creative), through which I have a series of comics lined up that I could release alongside this...so never say never...

#RPGaDay Day 26: Coolest Character Sheet

The Deadlands character journal (Twisted Tales) is the only character journal that I remember actually spending real money on...that's how much I loved Deadlands. It was worth dropping $5 or whatever for a book that could not only hold your character sheet, but your backstory, powers and so on, at least for a game as cool as Deadlands.

A Reloaded update of this, even in PDF form, would be very welcome.

Season 6 Episode 15 - Our Post GenCon 2014 Show

Welcome to Season 6 Episode 16 of RPG Circus
Episode Topics

  • Our Score of our ENnie Guesses
  • Our Thoughts on GenCon 2014


  • Jeff
  • Jay

Show Links

  • Gen Con 2014 report: Indy's population challenge and tips for the future
  • KS: Return Of The Monsters!
  • KS: Amazing Space Adventures
  • KS: Dragonwars of Trayth
  • KS: Steampunk & Cthulhu Soundtracks: Tabletop Gaming Soundscapes
  • KS: 28mm Fantasy Champions from Around the Ancient World
  • KS: Alea Tools - RPG Initiative Board
  • KS: Designers & Dragons
  • KS: Militia Miniatures - 28mm Modern Mercenaries!
  • KS: Fright Night
  • KS: Battle Systems Fantasy Dungeon Terrain
  • KS: 28mm Miniature Sea Monsters
  • KS: Dungeon Architect Cards
  • KS: Amazing Space Adventures
  • Collapsible Construction Facebook Page
  • Syrinscape Homepage
  • Wyrmwood Gaming
  • Miniature Building Authority
  • Hirst Arts
  • The Brabblemark [...]

Pyramid #3/70: Fourth Edition Festival in Review

Due to copious lack of time, I'm not going to do a strict review with one post per article, like I prefer to do. I am, however, going to hit each one with my usual method: rating in three categories that boil down to quality writing, quality ideas, and drop-in utility with minimal prep.

Destination Abydos (by +David Pulver)

Summary: David takes his Abydos work and extends it to include Dungeon Fantasy, Zombies, and Mass Combat.

Style, Writing, Execution [-2 to 2 points]: Recall that a score of 0 means "didn't get in the way," and doesn't represent a bad score. This article worked for me. It is terse where it needs to be, evocative where it can. 1 point.

Background, Inspiration, Epiphany [0 to 4 points]: The article presents a bit of a smorgasbord (huh. spelled that right first try) of awesome. How to blend Dungeon Fantasy at any point level with Abydos, which of course is rife with opportunities for dungeons. It's a freakin' city of the undead, after all. Plus: undead pirates. I mean, really. One could stop there. But he didn't. Between mass combat, dungeons, horror, and zombies, each comes with enough meat to hang ideas off of. 4 points.

Drop-in Gaming Utility [0 to 4 points]: I would have preferred to see some of the ideas in translating these concepts from Banestorm to Abydos to Dungeon Fantasy fleshed out (see what I did there?) with actual lenses or templates, but that's probably an article in and [...]

Spirit of '77 RPG -- The Cruise Ship of the Damned free adventure

Monkeyfun Studios, a new developer crewed by the seasoned team of David Kizzia and Bob Richardson, are releasing their first RPG: Spirit of '77. Running on a modified Apocalypse World rule set, Spirit of '77 promises plenty of awesome 70's-themed action and adventure, taking inspiration from many of the movies and TV shows of the period. What's more, Spirit of '77 is going onto Kickstarter in


Meanwhile, in Icewind Dale....

Dragoncon and finshing up #RPGaDay

Tomorrow I head out for my 12th Dragoncon.  I started going in 2001 and since then I've only missed two years.  I skipped 2002 because I bought my first house, and 2007 because my wife and I were on vacation in Scotland.  Dragoncon is a mash-up of every Sci-fi/Fantasy fan-run con.  It's also HUGE.   I've heard it called Sci-Fi Mardi Gras.  These days Dragoncon is a chance to see all my friends that I only get to see at Dragoncon.

Cosplay is big at Dragoncon.  I've gone all out for costumes in the past.   It's a lot of work [...]

Blitzkrieg Characterization

One of the things I did at GenCon was attend several seminars from the Writer's Symposium. I did it for two reasons. The first, as my bio says, is because I have interest in writing and would like to be doing it professionally some day (though, as of yet I'm still writing trunk novels.) The second is because there is a lot of writing advice that is also applicable to gaming, especially GMing. One of the tips I picked up, a skill called Blitzkrieg Characterization is one of those things.

How It Works
Blitzkrieg Characterization is a way to [...]

It's alive! The Fright Night Kickstarter is ALIVE!

So, hey, the Fright Night Kickstarter is live.
Well actually it's been live for a few days, now, it's just that I was so busy blasting social networks and jabbering in a chat room about it that I'd forgotten to write an actual post.
Though, I did put up a new graphic and mention it at the bottom of another post...that's gotta count for something, right?
We're almost 20% funded at about three days in. Not sure if that's necessarily a good thing (first Kickstarter and all), but this isn't a supplement or setting for an existing game, either: this is [...]

Tuesday Magic Item -- Unicorn Horn Lance

“You cannot escape, defiler,” shouted Dame Crystalthorn thrusting her spiral horn tipped lance.

The Agent of the Black Tree rocked back, avoiding the spear point and pushing one of his ash minions into the way. He ducked away, triggering his escape amulet. As the outer rampart faded, he breathed a sigh of relief.

The Agent gasped as the spiral horn punched through his chest. “But . . .”

“I told you that you could not escape,” the elf said tearing the lance free.

Unicorn Horn Lance

While the original few of these weapons were made from actual unicorn horns, later ones are made from mithril [...]

Tuesday Magic Item -- Unicorn Horn Lance

“You cannot escape, defiler,” shouted Dame Crystalthorn thrusting her spiral horn tipped lance.

The Agent of the Black Tree rocked back, avoiding the spear point and pushing one of his ash minions into the way. He ducked away, triggering his escape amulet. As the outer rampart faded, he breathed a sigh of relief.

The Agent gasped as the spiral horn punched through his chest. “But . . .”

“I told you that you could not escape,” the elf said tearing the lance free.

Unicorn Horn Lance

While the original few of these weapons were made from actual unicorn horns, later ones are made from mithril [...]

Fate & Dungeon World Creature Stats Mini-Websites Launched

As part of our Creature Decks project, we’ve created mini-websites with the stats for all 270 creatures in the card decks:

  • Dungeon World
  • Fate

Each is a pretty simple website with a creature index page and a single page for each creature with its stats and a beautiful color picture.

It’s free! So please pass it on.

Tuesday Magic Item -- Roqard's Gauntlet of Challenges

As Roqard and his clique swept through the halls of court, scattering courtiers and servants in front of them who reformed in worried groups in their wake.

Roqard at last found his prey, the young Chevalier D’Jaq who was chatting with one of the Queen’s handmaids next to the Seven Mermaid Fountain. He realized too late that he was being stalked. He looked around for a way out, but unless he retreated through the fountain, he was trapped.

“I have heard that you have insulted my prowess, Chevalier,” Roqard said and snapped his glove across the young man’s face. “Meet me on [...]

Back from GenCon, news and such soonish

Arrived safely back from GenCon last night. Had a great time, played many games and met lots of wonderful gamer people.

Still recovering and catching up at work. Hope to have news and pictures from the Con up later this week.

Should have a magic item posted later today.

Hope all of you fine people are well.

1, 000 Years of Jerit McCaugh

Faced with an entire new world to explore, the half-elven son of the former high mage of the Evening Isles Jerit McCaugh took up the family's quest in being the ultimate source of magical knowledge.
 Traveling the world over, creating detailed records of the magics he encountered, as well as the actual communities they grew up around, Jerit became a known figure to several of the world's societies.
 Once the McCaugh felt he had covered enough of the world's mysteries, Jerit retired to the elven dutchy of Tier na Somenhiem, the home dutchy of his mother. Moving into the forests, he created a tower by magically twisting 5 huge redwoods into a single spire. Bringing a halfling assassin, and the halfling's wife and children, into his service as a butler and cook. Jerit is now busy publishing his writings and intends on finding a wife and having his remaining relatives continue to flesh out his research.

Gearing Up

   The Marine returned from his five years in the Corps in April and has now moved back out, this time to scenic Grand Forks ND for school.  Thank those of you who are taxpayers for footing yet another college education, this time commercial pilot with a side of air traffic controller.  (They have a world class aviation program up there).
  The meaning of that for my blogging is that I have my home office back and more time for writing and playing in 'my space' in the house.  I've decided to convert my Epirus Nova campaign from 1e [...]

I'll be a guest at the Imaginareum

I will be a guest at the Imaginarium Con here in Louisville. This convention will run from September 19 through the 21st.

This is the first "writer-specific event" I will be attending, as a guest or a participant. As I look at the program, and connect with some of the author writers, I find myself more and more excited by this event. The Fanboy in me sees a lot of names I would like to meet in person. The writer in me sees a chance to learn and expand my craft.

Just like I credit the vast improvement in [...]

SFWA Booksigings at Dragoncon 2014

Are you planning on attending Dragoncon this year. If so you may want to check out the The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Table. Here is the schedule they have posted for book signings and you chance to meet some of the best SF writers in the industry today.

SFWA author signing times:

3:00 Jack Hillman
4:30 Beth Revis
5:00 Charles E. Gannon

10:30 Susan Klaus
11:00 Les Johnson
11:30 Darlene Bolesny
12:00 Lela E. Buis
1:30 Laura Anne Gilman
2:00 Tiffany Trent
3:30 Cinda Williams Chima
4:00 Mari Mancusi
4:30 Diana Peterfreund

10:30 Susan Klaus
11:30 Lois H. Gresh
2:00 Alan Gratz
3:00 Michael J. Martinez
3:30 Darlene Bolesny
4:00 Les Johnson
6:00 Charles E. Gannon

10:30 Keith R. A. Candido

Time Limited PWYW 5e Adventure - The Mines of Valdhum

Yes, if you need to add the above disclaimer at the end of the OGL page of your 5e compatible product release, maybe you shouldn't release it.

In any case, you can get more details of the time limited PWYW pricing of the 5e version of the Mines of Valdhum over at OSRToday.

Princess Pantha ala ROLF!

NUELOW will soon be releasing the first in a series of books featuring Princess Pantha, a "jungle girl" action/adventure series by Ralph Mayo and Art Saaf, the main artists behind Judy of the Jungle.

Meet Princess Pantha and her boyfriend Dean Hunter.

Art by Alex SchomburgPrincess Pantha was an animal trainer and star circus attraction who was challenged by her agent to go on an African safari to capture the legendary giant ape M'Gana. When she vanished in the deep jungle, travel writer and adventurer Dane Hunter was hired to rescue her, or, at worst, learn her fate.

Jessica Chobot stars in Pwnit! Debut Video

Pwnit! released a new debut video that shows players how to participate and win. Starring industry veteran and popular Nerdist.com host, Jessica Chobot, the video gives gamers a more in-depth look into the new social platform while providing tips. Jessica demonstrates how easy it is for players to submit their favorite video game clips toPwnit! Ladders (weekly contests), vote on videos from players around the world and win big prizing.Check out the new video here.

"Pwnit! is a new social platform for gamers made by gamers, therefore creating a community is extremely important to its success. We are thrilled to have Jessica on board to introduce Pwnit!to a larger audience of gamers, " said Shane Vorster, Founder of Pwnit!, Inc. "Pwnit!is simple in nature – it's a forum to share your greatest gaming moments, while watching and voting for your allies and friends. But the kicker is you also get an opportunity to win big prizing just by being an active participant."

The Pwnit!open beta is now live and continuing to gather feedback from the core gaming community while growing rapidly. With thousands of users posting videos, voting for their favorite clips and winning big, Pwnit! is happy to report a growing roster of triple-A games that have been added to ladders over the summer. The latest have players competing against each other's action-packed clips from Respawn's Titanfall for a chance to win Turtle Beach's official Ear Force Atlas headset. Other top Ladders include Koei Tecmo's Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. Prizing is individually crafted around each ladder and includes hardware, games, and DLC direct from the publishers and partners.

If players don't feel like submitting their own clips, they can still watch, vote, make Allies and win big. Each month, anyone that votes also gets entered into a monthly drawing where they [...]

Welcome to Grumpo Games Blog

This blog has information on subjects related to games currently in development at Grumpo Games.

Can the Table Top Turn System be improved with Action Points?

Action Point systems in PC games are becoming more frequent in turn based combat. The advantage of implementing Actions Points for a turn based system is its simplicity and flexibility.








It is easier for a new player to understand they have an allotment of points to be spent doing actions in a single turn, compared to a turn being divided into a movement phase and a combat phase. In addition, having point cost for all actions is easier to understand for new players then having a list of different action types, some of which can only be used during certain phases [...]

My thoughts on the Neuroglyph / Mike Mearls interview (part 2)

Like the post earlier today, I'm responding to this.

Mearls:  And if you think back to the Red Box in '83, when we had that choose your own adventure text... that heavy reading, right, so like a person that wants to play a role-playing game, they probably read a choose-your-own-adventure book. And that's why when we thought about the 5th [Edition] Starter Set, should have a choose your own kinda adventure thing? Where for 90% of the people this like the first time they encounter a choose-you-own-adventure style play, they've never seen this before. But they've probably played a role-playing game... they've [...]

A "WTF Were They Thinking?" Kickstarter - The Secret Machines of the Star Spawn

Timing is everything. The Secret Machines of the Star Spawn has already funded and will probably hit it's share of stretch goals, but in the wake of the protests in Ferguson, do we really need a bikini wearing, afro headed babe named Chocolate Thunder in an OSR adventure?

I'm not one to be hung up on being politically correct, and I understand that the adventure is meant to be over the top, but this makes even me a bit uncomfortable.

As a side note, I am amazed that the creator, Mark Taormino, has backed over 737 Kickstarters. That is literally an insane number.

Strangely enough, this has raised over $750 in less than a day. The Gor RPG Indiegogo hasn't [...]

Learning From Other Games: Dungeon World

I love to collect RPGs. I can remember buying my first non Dungeons & Dragons RPG, it was 1986 and the game was RuneQuest. I really loved the idea that a character could "build" a class by learning skills and improving on pre-existing skills. Alas, I never was able to convince my gaming group to play it and to this day I have not played any version of the game.

I still collect games that I have yet to play including the latest version of RuneQuest. Some of the games that have caught my attention lately are Fate, both [...]

MetAnon Ep71 -- Your Charisma is WHAT?

In our seventy-first regular episode of Metagamers Anonymous, the cast explores the controversial application of social skills in an immersive roleplaying scenario. They also touch on the new D&D Players Handbook and retooling their 5e characters, evaluate the definition and role of player agency,and announce the year’s final upcoming Tsunami GameDay event.Metagamers Anonymous is a weekly podcast dedicated to tabletop roleplaying games and (mostly) related material. Join in the fun by posting comments or questions to our forum, or drop us a line at feedback@prismatictsunami.com.

Hosts: Erik, Jonikka, William, and Jason

Links from the show:

TsunamiCon 2014
TsunamiCon Facebook Page
Tsunami Quarterly Review [...]

Podcast Episode -- The Boardgame Review Room: SOS Titanic

The Titanic is probably the sea tragedy that's capture people's imagination the most up to date. Movies, books, museums, songs... and games have been created around it, like SOS Titanic. And my favourite French games design company, Ludonaute, has done just that, create a game around the that very theme. Designed by Bruno Cathala and [...]

The post Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room: SOS Titanic appeared first on G*M*S Magazine.

Episode 12: Plagiarism

This Episode:A Quick Guide to MLA Formatting and the Annotated Bibliography

This episode Tim and Chrispy sit down and tell you how to steal stuff THE RIGHT WAY. Intellectual Property Rights Owners Hate Us: Check out these weird tips to help you pull a fast one on your players with no work at all!

This Episode Also Known As:“Deep down, Chrispy really wants to play Sephiroth in a D&D game“

Like the Show? Consider supporting us on Patreon! http://patreon.com/CriticalWits

Check out Tim’s successfully funded video game!http://rena.battlestudio.com

Numenera -- The Art of GM Intrusions

The design ethos of Numenera is focused on providing the GM with a strong mechanical structure for making rulings while keeping those mechanics minimal so that he GM is free to make those rulings. That, all by itself, pretty much lands the system right in the middle of my sweet spot. But what really elevates the game to the next level -- the thing that really makes it shine -- is the GM intrusion mechanic.

Which is why it's unfortunate that I've seen so many GMs struggling to grok the mechanic.

I understand where they're coming from: I was skeptical about intrusions, [...]

My thoughts on the Neuroglyph / Mike Mearls interview (part 1)

This is the latest from EnWorld.  An interview with Mike Mearls that took place during GENCON 2014.  I'm going to take this in stages because I'm about to leave work...

Neuroglyph: As one of the main Lead Designers for the new edition of D&D, how did you find your experience with the whole design process, and what was it like to work on the project?

Mike Mearls: I think the biggest difference... I mean obviously there's the playtest... and I think what the biggest difference, say, between 2005 and 2011... 2012... was that when we started this [...]

New Character Sheet

A month ago, I posted an early version of the character sheet.
Link: The Character Sheet

Here is the New Character Sheet:
Link: v.1 download

(I only started counting versions starting with the first “live” sheet.)

There’s a lot of new stuff here, not to mention a great deal of reorganization. Some of the stuff listed on this sheet doesn’t have proper mechanics yet, and currently serves as a placeholder (of sorts).

First, I’ll talk about organization.

Everything’s stripy now! That should help readability.

I… oh dang. I forgot this revision changed the ability and defense score names. Well, they shouldn’t be too hard to [...]

5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Review, Part One

Here's the short review. I'm a fan. The basic system design is solid, the classes are just cool, and the new magic rules make me very happy. When I got ahold of the 5th edition Players Handbook I was already excited by what I'd read in the free PDF released by Wizards to whet our […]

Against the Giants: Session 123

3rd Reaping, 593 CY Hochoch, tavern of the Black Stag, early hours of the morning

I have no idea who drew this and google failed me. Anyone know who drew it so I can credit and link to them?

On the eve of their journey back into theRushmoors, to follow up on the prophetic dream Halmary had, the adventures are well rested and sleeping soundly in the rooms that they have at the local tavern/inn,The Black Stag. It is dark outside, but warm, the summer heat slowly dissipating into the cooler air. Stars glitter and twinkle in the firmament, and the city sleeps [...]

Hollow Earth Expedition -- The Orichalcum Tower -- Session 1: Part 3

Session 1 (18th August 2014) Parts 1 and 2 of this session can be found on an earlier blog post …

Continue reading →

DragonCon 2014: Just Popping My Head Above the Water

With slightly less than 3 days to go until DragonCon, you'd think I might be all set. But no.

There is still much to do, although mostly now it's just reviewing the encounters and making sure I know the adventures solidly. 

I've identified a few possible issues - [...]

A Special Message

A special message from Fiddleback.

We’re launching a Patreon campaign on September 1st and we hope you will be involved with it.


The Geekin' Weekend

I had an extended weekend of awesomeness. I was able to get the Goodman Games 5E adventures for me at Gen Con. I saw a great nerd rap show at my favorite comic shop, Super-Fly Comics & Games. The shop was running a sale so I grabbed my 5E PHB, Hoard of the Dragon Queen, and some minis, including the premium ancient copper dragon.Planeswalkers: Mikal kHill, Garruk, yours truly, and Tribe One
Orc, pegasus, female rock gnome wizard, mane, kobold and human red wizard minis
Green and Bronze Dragons
An ancient copper dragon mini
Leftover Free RPG Day Swag given [...]

Introductory to Miniature Painting, Lesson 1

We've started an irregular class at the Wargate designed to teach novice painters how to begin in the hobby from the ground up.  These introductory lessons will impart all the necessary techniques needed to begin painting gaming miniatures, and we've had a pretty decent turnout so far!  Today's article also begins a new section of the website:  the Painting Log!

Some of our Gatekeepers hard at work during the class.
Lesson 1 - Base Coating and Flow Control

We began today on a set of old archers for medieval battles.  The models were cleaned and basecoated, and provided [...]

RPG-a-Day Day 26 - Favorite Character Sheet

By far, my favorite character sheet is the Numenera Character sheet. It's gorgeous!

Why Charisma and not Intelligence and/or Wisdom?

A while back I received this rather intriguing email from Demiurugs: Kevin, As so oft happens late(ish) at night, I started having creative thoughts, and was wondering about some of the implication of your more off-handed statements regarding D&D stats. … Continue reading →
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