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What would you do with these rolles (DnD5 character challenge)?

OK, given my choices below I think I have a fun character to play. However, given these four constraints:

  1. Your basic die rolls are 12, 15, 13, 13, 15, and 14. Nothing to complain about here.
  2. The character should be a weapon specialist of some sort - not necessarily fighter only, but a fighty-type. 
  3. He's going to need a reason to wind up miles underground in the Monteport dungeon
  4. He'll start with exactly as many XP as he needs to be 5th level

What would you do with those stats in order to provide more weapon and meat to the party.

This Is Almost Funny -- And The Pictish Hoodie

After much tidying up a good to go Alba is sitting in Kickstarter – where they are unable to identify me. Yeah, Scottish project by Scottish guy and their unusual verification can’t locate me. In fairness I have a valid but pre-pic driver’s license and a well out of date passport. Ho hum.


A Narcosmos Monster: The Pentapods

"Space is a strange thing, no matter where ya go in the multiverse. The space above and outside most worlds is big, mostly empty, hostile to life, and full of just really weird shit. And big, by gods, most of 'em is big. And when ya consider that there's practically an infinity of worlds, well it makes less sense for anything to not exist. Space hamsters? Sure, I seen 'em. Whales a'wrigglin' through the void, well, I seen that too. Worlds made of pure fire and moons o' frozen yella slime. Yep. Space is godsdamned weird."
-      [...]


I've been wanting to post this for a while now. These are my entries on a new location in Gamandria I used in my own campaign. I had to wait for my players to come here though before putting it up on the blog. The City of Qelna is fully described below in the CITY OF QELNA section. The giant, Numa, is also described at the very end with stats provided. I tried to clean up my notes to make them easier to understand. This should be enough information to run an entire adventure in the city. I will also be posting a map and description of the temple in the coming days. 

About Qelna
Qelna is an ancient ruin on a high outcropping of rock north of Palus. It  was an ancient city destroyed in the year over 1400 years ago. However Qelna is actually a Grim that [...]

Orc Labs Podcast 18 -- D&D 5e Wizard (Master of the Arcane)!

Finally we discuss the Wizard, staple of fantasy RPG’s, and icon of Dungeons & Dragons. Playing a Wizard feels like being home to all of us at Orc Labs. We may stray into the other classes but we always return to the Wizard. No party feels complete without one. The Wizard.

Quick Commentary About The Index of Mythos Society Guide to New England Bonus Content

Grab It Right Over

When it comes to Holiday Lovecraftian horror Clint Staples provides a cornucopia of  bonus material all related to his Mythos Guide To New England. This stuff is the perfect spring board for a holiday game of Call of Cthlhu or any other old school horror rpg really because much of the material is easily convertible. The monsters are clearly New England heavy but that's really part of the charm of using them. A DM can easily take and adapt as needed & work it into the background of a drop dead quick [...]

A Fox's Guide to Conlangs (Part 4)

How does the language feel?
Last post I briefly touched on the way a language might develop with regards to the environment in which it has been spoken. That basically gives an idea of the types of sounds a language might be made up from. Vowels might be long or short, they might have inflections in them halfway through their utterance. Consonants have a plethora of ways they can change the sound of speech through the shaping of the mouth, the variance of air flow, separation of lips, placement of tongue and teeth.
There has been a system of symbolism [...]

Coming to life: 12 Realms -- Ghost Town kickstarts

MAGE Company are doing well on Kickstarter. They’ve built board games with crowdfunding and now, with 12 Realms: Ghost Town they’re expanding. The company is successfully using Kickstarter, well-managed projects and good games to come to life. There’s more info on the campaign here.

[Back this Campaign]

At the time of writing there’s over $19,000 in the pot and the campaign only needs $4,000 to fund. There are over 400 backers and still 20 days to go. This is a success. A pledge of $10 unlocks 1 copy of the Ghost Town expansion and still have shipping to pay.

If you’re [...]

My first D&D 5e Character

This coming Monday, I'll play in my first game with the new D&D rules, and I'm pretty excited about it. Now that I've gone through a character generation cycle, I find myself very impressed with the integrated Roll20 support for D&D. Lots of macros, auto-calculations, etc. Good stuff.

I'll get to the numbers in a moment, but I really enjoyed how the roleplaying elements of the new edition interacted with the die rolls for statistics. When I happened to roll a very nice set of stats, the ideals, flaws, and other motivational aspects pushed me to choose the Noble. That is a solid step up over the "you're on your own" support for roleplaying in, say, Swords and Wizardry. That which is measured or supported with mechanics is more likely to be acted on, and the six background elements (more later) there are a nice touch.


The Die Rolls

I started with +Ken H telling me that the die-rolling method was 4d6 drop the lowest, allocate as I'd like. I tend to start with fighters, and human fighters specifically, in games in the fantasy genre with which I'm not familiar. Also, he gave me the cast of characters, and I noted that there was only one fighter-type, and a Barbarian at that:

  • Adzeer Mattiu, Hunter of the Second Circle (Half Orc, 8th Level Cleric)
  • Breena Honey-Badger Warrick (Gnome, 5th Level Barbarian)
  • Dante Rathburn (Human, 7th Level Warlock)
  • Duncan Kern (Gnome, 7th Level Rogue)
  • Luven Lightfingers (Human, 8th Level Rogue)
So I [...]

The Venatorian Club

For: 2-6 players

Players’ Information:
Whilst sat at the local starport bar, the players are approached by a very well-dressed gentleman, looking quite out-of-place in such a grotty establishment. He introduces himself as Tristan Keeler-Maxwell and asks if he can buy the players a drink and discuss a proposition. He and a group of friends are due to leave for Urnian / Kutadis (E668214-2) on an organised hunt. Tristan and his compatriots (naming their group the Venatorian Club) are extremely wealthy and own an island on Kutadis, populating it with a number of animals and creatures which are hunted for sport. [...]

The Cave Review

I really wanted to like The Cave.

The premise caught me immediately. Start out by assembling a team of three from a rogue’s gallery of characters ranging from a perpetually flourescent time traveler, a knight in shining armour, and a pair of twins who look like they fell out of a Tim Burton movie. After making your pick, drop down into a mysterious cave and delve into the dark backstories of your party.

Oh, and did I mention the cave is alive and narrates the game?

It’s an eccentric title, but that’s to be expected from Rob Gilbert. Also to be expected is [...]

Test Documents are OUT!!

Go to the download page and test out some of the new rules including:

  • Attribute Change to just Normal and Special
  • Languages
  • New Utility Powers
  • Hopefully clearer explanation of rules.

For the Game Master please use the following to create your monsters.

1 CP per Player Character is an average fight.

CP | AP | HP |Attributes
1 | 1 | 2 | 2
2 | 2 | 4 | 3
3 | 4 | 5 | 4
4 | 5 | 6 | 6

I also [...]

Sidequest Saturday (Mischievous Meadows): Biddlywink Barrage!

Tracking after the enchanted items stolen from them the night before, the PCs unknowingly walk into a grove of biddlytrees and are attacked by a swarm of the magic consuming creatures! The biddlywinks don't actually pose that great of a threat to the PCs; the real danger is the loss of magic items and what […]

The post Sidequest Saturday (Mischievous Meadows): Biddlywink Barrage! appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

Bustthinned Episode 004

Experimenting with ways of dealing with the water in the way of my stairs, and completely underestimating trolls.

Find the playlist here!

DVR Alert

On Christmas Day, the Sundance Channel is running a marathon consisting of just one movie, The Princess Bride, hosted by Cary Elwes. Mr Elwes is also the author of a book released a couple of months ago, As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride, filled with anecdotes from the making of the movie, its initially tepid response, and its status as a cult phenomenon.

Mr Elwes sat for an interview with a local radio station back in October and talked about the book and the movie, and because of that, I'm probably not going to [...]

After Hours - Prepping To Run a Game at a Convention (or any one-shot really)

Convention gaming is very much NOT like gaming with your home or regular group. While open ended sandbox styled gameplay is my favorite style at home, for convention play, you generally do need some rails to keep the session on track.

While I'm the only one of the three hosts on The Brainstorm Podcast that hasn't run a convention game, I've played in my share. Successful convention games generally have a few features in common, at least as far as I'm concerned:

- A knowledgeable GM - Know thy system. There is a good chance that you may be running a game where one or more of the players art your table don't know the system well, or even at all. If [...]

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised 5: The Curious Tale of David Pakman

Part 1: An Introduction
Part 2: A History Lesson
Part 3: Born in Fire
Part 4: Factions Form
Part 5: The Curious Tale of David Pakman

In Which I Tell You a Story

More like "show you a story," as this is one better told in moving pictures. This story mirrors my own research of the topic of #GamerGate, but is writ larger and grander. And with a slightly different ending, at least as far as I can tell, given that this thing is hardly over (going on four months now!), and the story still unfolds a [...]

After Action Report: Battlestar Galactica RPG

This week saw our last game of the year, most likely. (Damn you, holidays!) However, we did get the chance to start a new arc for the fleet, post mutiny and coup.

The first half of the night was concerned with picking up the pieces after the whole of the elected government was killed off. Rather than reconstitute the tradition set up of a quorum, there will be a council of ship captains, who will report their concerns to the small bureaucracy that is still mostly in place. Logistics Minister to handle food and other supplies; a morale and welfare minster [...]

Krampus After action report (actual Play)

First off here are my notes form the game. Everybody does it this way. Right?
On a 9"x 12" piece of  70 lb  drawing paper with a uniball micro.
an awful scan,The characters:
  • Damascus: Played by Neal, A self disguising magic wielding, energy sword having nano from Numenera. Made for this game specifically, I think.
  • Reginald: A Paladin 5th level from A&D second edition.  This character has been played by Russ for a long time.
  • Howard Bristleshield: Another 2nd ed Paladin played to the hilt by Chris, originally made for my 2nd ed game this was Howard's first real run.
  • Rik: Another long time character this [...]

Zatannurday: March Movie Covers

The March covers for DC are out now.

Here is the Beetlejuice inspired one for Justice League Dark.
I rather like it.

Makes me wish that we could get some Plastic Man in the comics for some levity every so often.
Aquaman with a shark on his leg was a nice Easter Egg too.


Seven magical items that would ruin your Christmas morning.

Gonzo Hollow Earth Flick Gets 15 Day Fundraising Extension...

With about 48 hours to go on its IndieGoGo fundraising campaign, Iron Sky: The Coming Race was granted a 15 day extension to help it hit its goal yesterday. The film already had over $370,00 of crowd-sourced cash in the bag (from it's target of half-a-million dollars) and is currently the fifth most funded movie in IndieGoGo's history. Check out the fundraising site for this wild, sci-fi


Lego Adventuring Party [Fate Accelerated]

"Adventurers (literally) Assemble!" While Christmas shopping the yesterday, I bought a handful of those blind-packed Legomini-figpacks for myself (becauseI love them, and I have been very good this year). After assembling my four random figures, I set them on my desk and thought "Wow, I'd really like to see an adventuring party made out of these guys." So... Bolivia Cardova High

More timed board game deals on Amazon today

Today’s deals on Amazon are all about toys, with a ton of games featured.(All times EST).

Car Wars 10am, The Resistance 11am, Sons of Anarchy 4pm, Illuminati 5pm, Rise of Augustus 6pm ,Nations at 7pm, Zombie Dice 8pm, Pirate Fluxx 9pm,Eclipse 10pm and Munckin Cthulhu 11pm.

A bunch of video games and a few other toys also there as well.

1d6 Predictions for the New Year 2015

Since I have a couple fans (thanks Lord Gwydion and Michael Prescott) who seem to like my 1d6 predictions, I figured why not give it another go. Also, I was pretty dead on with Dragon Age 3 and Green Ronin Publishing, so I can't be all that bad (See Last Year's Predictions).

Part of my reluctance in making predictions is that the scene I am interested in seems much more subdued now that 5th edition has been released. I have not warmed up to the new game and there also seems to be less going on in general. Perhaps [...]

Manor Sale Topped 100

Hey Guys, thanks a ton.  Since I put The Manor PDFs on sale for a $1 each, I've sold more than 100 copies since the 9th of December.  To be more exact, I've sold 121 Manor PDFs.  For a small time publisher dude like me it's fun to see those orders come in on email.

I'm keeping the sale up through Christmas.  If you want to grab a bunch of Manors for cheap you can still grab them for a $1 each.

Also, Starter Adventures has been doing very well.  My expectation were fairly minimal for this product [...]

Saturday Crowdfunding Roundup - Rum & Bones, Pizza Bed, & The Folio 1E Module

The Rum & Bones Kickstarter project by CoolMiniOrNot is already extremely well funded and they've had plenty of success in the past, including Zombicide in 2012.  Check out more here.

Also, the Pizza Bed Kickstarter project by Claire Manganiello looks very realistic but it's struggling with the funding.  See more here.

Finally, I've mentioned a project in the last week in passing a couple of time but to give it a bit more focus, the artwork and direction of The Folio 1E Module Relaunch! by Scott Taylor is well on its way to funding with a [...]

The Week In Superhero TV...

1) The Flash - Flash Vs Arrow: Let's be honest, the main thing we wanted to see in this episode was the much-touted battle between Oliver Queen and a mind-controlled Barry Allen. And Flash Vs Arrow certainly delivered on that score with an amazing throw-down (on a TV budget). A bank robber uses his metahuman abilities to control the emotions of people in the bank, as a distraction from his

More free/low-cost products released this week...

As the title of this posts indicates, CSP has another two products available for download this week...

* * *
The first of these is a new map-pack that depicts the interior of an Elven Temple:

This one is done in the same style as the Fortress map-packs (not the new 'into-the-city' range), and contains a pdf file featuring both a labelled and unlabelled version of the map, as well as separate image files (scaled at 50 pixels per square) that can be used with VTTs.

The Elven Temple map is available from RPGNow & DriveThruRPG [...]

Convincing the Churches

CAYDEN CAILEEN CHURCH REPRESENTATIVESaphira, Lady of Intemperance of Cayden's temple, is a Varisian who runs the wooden meadhall in the Ascendant Court district.  She is pretty rough and ready, eager to throw off the chains of lawful oppression, and finds paladins rather irritating in their arrogant sincerity.  She's certain that should the Worldwound become any more than a local blight, she would have seen the signs in her faith.  She takes Cayden's silence on the matter as proof positive that Iomedae has it all squarely in hand.  While she won't much back anyone dealing with the Worldwound, she might be [...]

Thoughts on Basic Fantasy (part 2)

This is part 2 of my look at Basic Fantasy. (Part 1 can be found here). This whole series took longer than anticipated plus a stomach flu threw me back in my writing efforts. This part of the series will deal with The Adventure and The Encounter. Part 3 will deal with "GM-only stuff": monsters, treasure and GMing advice.

The Adventure

This chapter gives you advice on general game play and especially on Dungeoneering, Wilderness Adventures, Hirelings and Character Advancement.

The rules are easy to understand and well written. The content is on par with the original source with some slight adjustments.
For [...]

Adventure Time: The Movie (Live-Action Gritty Reboot)

Interview With Gadina, Vermin Games About Bright Future

Kick The Box Interview with Gadina, Vermin Games

Kick The Box:First off, a big Congratulations on the funding of Bright Future!

Gadina: Thank you.

KTB: Before we jump into questions about Bright Future, some questions about Vermin Games.How many and who are involved with Vermin Games?

G: Currently we are 8 people -- Nicky (main illustrator, character artist), George (item designer and character artist), Sunny (character artist), Cindy (concept artist, graphic designer), Alex (concept artist), Stefano (PR), Radin (social media) and me, Gad (gameplay designer, producer, graphic designer).

KTB: When was Vermin Games established?

G: While working on Bright Future. I have worked before on smaller projects [...]

Deadlands Hell on Earth: Radiation Screen

Protect Yourself!

Hey, brainer! The Wasted West isn't the kind of place you want to wander around without taking some kind of precautions. There are all sorts of hazards, and you've got to be prepared. That's even more true for Marshals than heroes, and that's who the Radiation Screen is for.

This heavy cardstock screen features the most necessary tables from Deadlands: Hell on Earth, all in one easy-to-reference place. No more flipping through the rulebook. It's all right here.

And it looks great too. No Marshal worth his bunker rations would be caught in the wastelands without it.

It's Big Boom Time!

As if the snazzy green screen itself wasn't enough, Radiation Screen also includes "Apocalypse Now!" the first ever full-length adventure for Deadlands: Hell on Earth, just the thing to get your hardy band of survivors going on their journey through the wastelands. Someone's left an irradiated ghost-rock bomb lying around, and it's up to the heroes to find it!

This 48-page booklet also has new copies of the Hell on Earth character sheet in an easy-to-photocopy format. It's the perfect thing to launch your Wasted West campaign!

Spend Christmas with ROLF!

Get all six NUELOW Games Christmas Specials, plus the core rulebook for ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters, as well as the horror- and suspense themed fiction anthology Horror for the Holidays, for half off what it would cost to get them separately.

Give yourself (or someone you like) the gift of great entertainment this Christmas (not to mention a whole mess of battle scenarios featuring Santa and other Christmas mainstays!

Click here to learn more about NUELOW's Christmas Box--and to get the goodies it contains!

100 Customer Types for Spaceport Bars From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Space Based & Science Fantasy Campaigns

Grab It Right

We're taking a look at a great little product from Fish Wife Games Today. 
100 Customer Types for Spaceport Bars is a nicely little list of space bar patrons, nasties, and scum suitible for any little space port dive, space station watering hole, or any Exo planet water tap where adventurers can get themselves into the deep end of a bar fight, interlude encounter or general point of mayhem.
According to the Rpgnow blurb: 
100 Customer Types for Spaceport BarsWhat sort of characters lurk about in that crowded, noisy spaceport bar? Roll the percentile [...]

Black Clouds over your European Indie Publishers: VATMOSS is a MESS

tl;dr: I will probably have to stop selling PDFs from the Lost Pages shop. This might make the whole enterprise of writing RPGs and selling them on the web kind of not sustainable. If you want PDFs, get them now.

New tax regulations are about to unfold over the EU. From January 1st whoever sells digital products through an automated process to a customer in the EU must pay VAT to the country of purchase and not to the country of supply. This is done to stop shady profit-shifting companies like Amazon and Apple from selling from countries with low VAT [...]

Soon from Lost Pages: Wonder & Wickedness

Wonder and Wickedness is Brendan’s Sorcery supplement. It contains:

  • anew magic system with level-less magic and rules to adapt it to your favourite fantasy RPG
  • supportfor magic duels! like in fiction!
  • seven magic disciplines and a whole lot of new spells
  • scores of catastrophes, for when spellcasting goes horribly wrong
  • fifty magic items
  • and some fine art by Russ Nicholson

I’m going through the last part of the layout. Available in before the end of the year, print version in January.More news soon.


The 12 Geek Days of Christmas -- Day 9

The 12 Geek Days of Christmas is a 12 part series. Read the rest of it by clicking on a date below. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th This Post 10th 11th 12th   I can just about hear the bells, or that could just be the jingling of magical items over at […]

D&D 5e Monster Conversion: Barghest

Noting that the Barghest was missing from the Monster Manual, I decided to try my hand at converting the d20 version.

I'm not certain about the challenge ratings. I'm going to do some more comparisons to the Monster Manual to determine. It's hard to tell how much tougher the damage resistance makes these creatures.

I tried to make the spell selection as close to the d20 version, but I think I need to add in a "Rage" equivalent because that would appear to be an important component of the tactics of the 3.x version.


More Practice

5E Greyhawk Conversions Anyone?

Hey folks, it's been a slow week so I have a question/request for the Greyhawk community. Has anyone started doing conversions of published Greyhawk material (monsters, magic items, spells, etc) for the new edition of D&D yet? If so I'd love to check them out and possibly even feature them here on the blog. I'll eventually try my own hand at converting once I'm more familiar with the system. Happy gaming and happier holidays.

Hero Forge Backer Mini Ordered

The Hero Forge Kickstarter was one of the first Kickstarters that I backed. I got swamped with real life and missed out on playing with the beta websites. Tonight I finally made time to go online and design my mini and place the order. My Kickstarter pledge for $30.00 gets me a detail mini and […]

Neo School Hack: Wood Dragons (Leaf Dragons)

Wood dragons are creatures of the element of wood.  They appear in shades of green or brown, often with bark or leaf patterns which make them difficult to spot in the wild.
  • Chopped/innate, constant: wood dragons are vulnerable to elemental metal and take an extra wound from this type of magic
  • Saurian Soaring/innate, constant: dragons have large, powerful wings which give them the power of flight.
  • Pollen Breath/innate, focus, encounter: a poison pollen breath weapon; covers a 45 degree cone out to 60 feet; damage of 4 wounds, halved if make a Brawn save; victims take an extra wound the next round [...]

Win Some free Crawl! That's NOT Part of OSR Christmas ;)

Head over to the Channel Zero blog and win some cool Crawl! swag. +Ryan Moore is giving away print copies of Crawl! 5, 6, 7 and 9 to 4 luck winners (to be picked on December 23. +Dak Ultimak will be adding PDF copies for the luck winners.

What are you waiting for? Tell Ryan "The Tavern" sent ya! ;)

Bianca Beauchamp brings Comicbooks to life

When you think of Latex only one name comes to mind, the Queen of Latex, Bianca Beauchamp. As covergirl for Bizarre Magazine, Beauchamp holds the record for taking the lead spot with eleven covers. Recognizing her as a sex idol is one thing but discovering her NerdCred, we find that Bianca love’s Cosplay. Everything from cartoons to comicbooks to video games, Bianca is ready explore new characters and concepts on a regular basis. She has been in the hearts of minds of fans for more than a decade and her appearances at conventions like San Diego ComicCon are always met with huge approval. She has portrayed Lara Croft, Jessica Rabbit, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn just to name a few and each of those iconic characters come to life the moment she steps into the room. I wanted to know what it was that inspired such a renowned model to explore Cosplay. Her answers were fun, intriguing, and offered a better understanding of just who is Bianca Beauchamp.

What was it that pushed you towards Cosplay and how has that transition affected you as a model?

Every time I have decided to do a cosplay photo shoot is because I would find a character that not only appealed to me by its look but also with its persona. I am the type of person that don’t necessarily need to exactly and perfectly replicate the outfit that the character is wearing. So in that sense, I am not a purist cosplayer. What I like is more the mental aspect of the character. Before a cosplay photo shoot, I do a lot of research on the web to get as much information as I possibly can on the character. What is its background? Why did she turn out to be a hero or a [...]

Decos' Wretched Plight (Session 4)

These notes are originally from 12.09.2014.

A More Aggressive Incursion

As the party returned to the tunnels, they encounter some kobolds attacking from the shadows. The Men from The North are not surprised, quickly cutting the scaly lil' beast down.  Pushing forward, the party finds a fierce orc hacking away at a group of giant rats.  The party charges the rats, slaying a few and scaring the remainder down the hallway to the East.

The orc is wary, but he makes no move to attack the party.  Fnu boldly acknowledges the orc, asking of him the [...]

SHTFriday: Apocabox #3

I'm still on vacation, but go to Blue Collar Prepping to watch my third YouTube video.
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