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Free Marshes Area d100 Table From Tales of Aeril Blog For Your Old School Campaigns On the Dark Corner Blog

There is a wonderful series of free D100 encounter tables that is perfect to bedevil your adventurers and I take a look at two of my favorites of these free downloads on the Dark Corner Blog Right overHERE

The Evil GM - Using Lego for FAL Minis?

With this week of all the stupid ice storms, me not being able to get into work, trapped inside my own house, I got to thinking about using minis in the Far Away Land.
I quickly looked at my D&D minis and thought they wouldn't make due, because they were boring and didn't show off the wacky wonders found in FAL.
Then I got to glancing over at my hundreds of Star Wars Lego figs I had, and thought let me look. I wasn't let down at the Lego site, as with these couple of examples of [...]

Dragons as dungeons and titan diving

My post at the House this week got a bit out of hand, trying to cover just a little too much. I did manage an approach to going inside the big kits, a look at character infection as a way to offset combat, and the idea of living delves and spaces.
But I had a lot more, so as a start on it, here are three related tables, for weird infections to replace more ordinary ones, for living landscapes, and for wargaming inside creatures.

Six alternatives to a typical infection (for tactical roleplaying, 1d6)
  1. basilisk stones - swelling as [...]

End-of-Week Elmore (3/6/15)

Armor Up


Cthulhu Lives...No Really

Every time I watch a movie where something is coming out of the water, it always does so slowly. Sliding or crawling up and out of the water, onto the lake or river bank, slowly moving toward the intended victim.
As demonstrated by a baby Cthulhu I'm not sure that's how that would actually happen.

There was a shark movie that  had the s hark leap out and eat Samual Jackson's character that quick. Can't remember it off hand.

Bob Barker and Adam Sandler

They have picked up the feud from Happy Gilmore. Worth the watch.

Fleamarket Friday: Pick A Card...

Shuffling from the same deck as thematic supervillain groups like DC Comics' Royal Flush Gang, The Tarot Gang is a team created by Ross Payton (author of Base Raiders) and converted to the ICONS RPG system by Walt Robillard.Published as a $2.99, 15-page PDF by Fainting Goat Games, The Tarot Gang consists of: The Fool - Master of Coincidences The High Priestess - Divinely Inspired Criminal The

A GMs Gift

March 4th was GMs day, so don’t forget to buy something nice for the GM in your life at the Drive Thru RPG GMs Day Sale. This post is dedicated to GMs everywhere, you lords and ladies rock! Secretly all of our posts are aimed at GMs, but nobody knows that, shhh. This week is […]

5E Friday - Responsive

This week we saw a new survey from WotC on 5E. Also listed there is some feedback from the first survey, mostly Ranger and other issues. I find it interesting that they responded fairly fast and did not really hedge on their response. They readily acknowledged that a good percentage of people are unhappy with certain aspects of the Ranger class. They haven't revealed how they plan to "fix" it but

Renegade Princeps Introspection 2

From nearly the first night of play, the GM has introduced an artifact into my character's possession that changes her personality. I find that I'm having a hard time roleplaying it.

This is a new character to me, one I don't know very well. I am the type of player who learns about my character through play instead of having my entire personality set from the get-go. In this situation, before I can learn about her personality, it changed.

The artifact has my elf acting more superior than I would have otherwise played. It has me looking down [...]

The Many Colours Out of Space -- Part 2: The Remnants of the Colour

Go to Part 1


"From that stricken, far-away spot he had seen something feebly rise, only to sink down again upon the place from which the great shapeless horror had shot into the sky. It was just a colour -- but not any colour of our earth or heavens. And because Ammi recognized that colour, and knew that this last faint remnant must still lurk down there in the well, he has never been quite right since." – The Colour Out of Space, H.P. Lovecraft

Sometimes also referred to as a stunted colour, the vestigial colour is that remnant left [...]

RpgGamerDad -- Story Game Sunday

In my first article for the Mad Adventurers Society three weeks ago, I wrote about using Rory’s Story Cubes to play a kind of free-flowing story game. It’s very light on rules, very strong on narrative and improvisation. In week two, I wrote about HeroQuest and other dungeon crawling board games. These are a goodfor introducingkids to more traditional roleplaying techniquessuch asexploration, combat,staying incharacter androlling dice to see if you succeed. They are also an excellent way to get kids and adults gaming together on a relatively even playing field.

Now I’m going to veer back towards the indie- story game [...]

Free Map Friday - The Pharaoh's Tomb

This week's map was inspired by Genius Loci Games' Kickstarter,http://kck.st/1AqPzqF 

Is the Pharaoh's Tomb in the Pyramid of the Lost King or is it somewhere hidden in the Saragubi Desert, a wild and unexplored place that offers adventurers a chance at fortune, fame, and of course certain death? Made with one of this month's Patreon creations and SketchUp "The Pharaoh's Tomb" is presented in both isometric and plan view.

Get it here!

The Friday Grab Bag - Social Media Myths, Perfect Presentations, & Book Awards for Self-Publishers

Toward the end of last year on entrepreneur.com, they shared "The 10 Biggest Social Media Myths for Small Businesses" here.

Also, on blogs.microsoft.com, they tipped us off to "10 tips to perfect presentation" here.

Finally, on selfpublishingadvice.org, they've compiled a list of "50 Book Awards Open to Self-publishers" here.

The Friday Grab Bag on CreativeMountainGames.com Essentially, a clearinghouse for topics not covered
elsewhere or needing a particular focus.Please Like, Share, Plus, Tweet, Follow, and Comment!

Kickstart Your Weekend: WITCH

I am really trying to cut back on my Kickstarters. But this one looks seriously cool. WITCH - a dark, modern fantasy role play game https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1568822309/witch-a-dark-modern-fantasy-role-play-game The designer is Elizabeth Chaipraditkul,+Liz C.. She is new but she has a lot of neat ideas. You can find her at Angry Hamster Publishing. http://

Tommy's Take on Interface Zero 2.0 Japan: Empire of the Setting Sun

I haven't taken a look at any Interface Zero stuff in a while...so today, we're going to Japan in the Interface Zero 2.0 sourcebook for Japan: Empire of the Setting Sun.
ETHICS IN GAME JOURNALISM DISCLAIMER: I was provided a comp copy by Gun Metal Games to review. I have previously freelanced for Gun Metal Games on Interface Zero, but I had no involvement in this book. This review does contain affiliate links to RPGNow, and purchasing this book via those links may provide me with store credit at RPGNow, which I typically use to buy more books to review. [...]

World Building -- Part 4: Making Your World Work

From Asgard to Zothique, there are many, many richly imagined worlds that have been created for books, games, movies, television and even just for fun. My favorite fantasy worlds feel like a real working place with their own currency, food, technology and magic. Last year, I decided it was finally time to tackle building my...

World Building -- Part 4: Making Your World Work

From Asgard to Zothique, there are many, many richly imagined worlds that have been created for books, games, movies, television and even just for fun. My favorite fantasy worlds feel like a real working place with their own currency, food, technology and magic. Last year, I decided it was finally time to tackle building my...

Gloamhold: The First Map

As befits a proper megadungeon, Gloamhold is huge. It has many different levels and sub levels for brave adventurers to explore.


A few weeks ago, I was asked to post a basic map showing how Gloamhold’svarious levels connect together. Here is the result:

Remember, when looking at this map that:

  • It’s not to scale.
  • I’ve only depicted the main levels, sub-levels and connections.
  • I’m terrible at mapping.

I found drawing this map tremendously useful. It really helped me visualise the possible flow of any exploration. It shows three main ways into Gloamhold: either through Rivengate, via the Shard and its cellars or through the holes in [...]

Hitting the Town (Sort of)

So one of our articles were picked up by Tribality.com. For anyone coming from there to this little site I would like to thank you for checking me out and I hope you like what you find. Here's their post:Idea Flush. For anyone that reads this blog and hasn't checked them out I strongly suggest it. They are one of my daily "go to" sites.

Tommy's Take Interface Zero 2.0 Japan: Empire of the Setting Sun

I haven't taken a look at any Interface Zero stuff in a while...so today, we're going to Japan in the Interface Zero 2.0 sourcebook for Japan: Empire of the Setting Sun.ETHICS IN GAME JOURNALISM DISCLAIMER: I was provided a comp copy by Gun Metal Games to review. I have previously freelanced for Gun Metal Games on Interface Zero, but I had no involvement in this book. This review does contain affiliate links to RPGNow, and purchasing this book via those links may provide me with store credit at RPGNow, which I typically use to buy more books to review. Also, [...]

Fleamarket Friday: Monster Book Of Marvel...

This book - 75 Years of Marvel - was my main Christmas present from Rachel last year and it is a monster! The enormous tome needs its own lectern to read safely, being both bigger - and heavier - than puppy Alice (check out the picture of her at Christmas, posing next to the book, in its dedicated carrying case), but it is a 'must have' for the dedicated Marvel Comics fan. You can read a

Friday Feature: The Stronhold and a GIVEAWAY!

A little over a week ago I received The Stronghold, a new zine on the gaming scene created by none other than +Boric Glanduum of The Dwarven Stronghold.  Boric and I have been going back and forth about him putting out a zine.  And I've been nudging him in that direction as much as I could.  I was so glad when he told me he was going to go ahead with it.

Then Boric goes out and gets +Jay Penn to do the cover.  And +Jim Magnusson to do the interior art.  Boric went all out for [...]

[Friday Map] The Summoner's Lair

While there will always be wizards who are popular due to their fireworks and other magical manifestations, there are others who find no solace in civilized society. Necromancers, demonologists, witches and practitioners of foul arts.

The Summoner’s Lair (with grid)

This small hillside excavation is the lair of such a wizard, witch or warlock. One who keeps generally to themselves, along with perhaps an apprentice or a skilled swordsman along with a few additional toughs who can handle most problems should they arise.

The Summoner’s Lair (no grid)

This map was drawn using Sakura Micron pens (a 03 for the walls, a 01 for doors and crosshatching and such, and a 005 for fine detail work) in anA6 wiro-bound gamer’s notebook from Squarehex (a really lovely and tough notebook perfect for carrying around and drawing in while at meetings, in waiting rooms and so on).

This map is made available for your free use thanks to the patrons of the Dodecahedron Patreon Campaign that keeps me fed and sheltered while I draw these fancy doodads for your enjoyment.

One step further – because of the incredible generosity of my patrons, I’m able to make this map free for commercial use also. Each month while funding is [...]

Visual Inspiration: Castles

Dungeon Font Expansion 3

The fourth part of the dungeon font series (and the third expansion to the core set), has just been uploaded onto RPGNow/DrivethruRPG.

These have seen a steady stream of sales, and hopefully this new addition to the series will see a few more people interested in what the series has to offer. This time I've focused on furnishings and doors, which will make a wider range of underground environments possible.

Writeups.org 2015 project updates

Current rough planning :

  • The search engine still has one bug (display issue when there are too many categories to list), work’s under way
  • The database will have been fully recreated on the new server on the 16th of March
  • The 5-day UX/UI engagement will be signed this week-end and will extend from about the 20th of March to about the 31st (which, again, means that people on the Yahoo! group who want to give their input will have to react quickly)
  • I’ll start writing the redirects on the 17th of March and will likely go on until mid-April, hard [...]

Bujilli: Episode 122

Back at the Keep negotiations between Idvard and the weird little Unchild representing the Grunters proceeds apace while Bujilli and Leeja attend to some other matters...
Hedrard's amulet pulsed three times.

"So; should we stay or should we go?" Leeja closed the door behind them. The negotiations would go along just fine without them for now. They'd check back later.

"Go to the mirror, boy."

Bujilli paused in mid-stride. He could feel the warmth of the amulet on his chest. Hedrard's amulet. She was trying to reach him. It was time to go see her. Almost.

Fleamarket Friday: E Is For Environments...

The fifth of Steve Kenson's fortnightly ICONS' supplements has been published this week: E Is For Environments. The $1.50, six-page PDF - available from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow - looks at looks at different environments for superhero adventure, including aquatic environments; extreme heat and cold; underground environments; and environmental qualities. It also has some Assembled Edition

Random List -- 20 Female Armenian Names

Need a female Armenian name? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 Female Armenian Name 1 Alidz Mesropian 2 Annman Markarian 3 Arousyag Kasbarian 4 Arshalous Gamburyan 5 Erato Taslakian 6 Isabel Garcha 7 Khosrovidookht Paboojian 8 Nunuphar Assarian 9 Parantsem Mechigian 10 Parantzem Stepanyan 11 Rehan Zeitunlian 12 Rozin Arslanian 13 Sara Kassarjian 14 Shoushanig Dermovsesian 15 Siranoush Azadian 16 Sylva Zornakyan 17 Tsoler Zakaryan 18 Varvara Khederlarian 19 Zarmouhi Ardashessian 20 Zmroukhd Ovesian

Need more? The get the PDF or check out the generator

Dragon #108

Behind the DM Screen (Jan/Feb 2015)

Sam, Andy, and Mike get together to talk about their gaming in January and February of 2015.
Support the show, shop below...

Download Standard Podcasts

Map Alignment Preview

It’s no great secret that creating tutorial videos is always a great motivator to add features that have “been on the back burner” and to fix some workflow issues.

Working on the map editing videos, I’ve finally added the map alignment tools. The image options dialog will also be used for selecting parts of images for miniatures.

You ... save??... a tavern??

A few weeks back, in my itinerant internet wanderings, I came across an interesting video where a steampunk tavern is attacked by some undead cowboys and then saved by a few of the customers and a native american warrior. The violent, cgi driven, epic, and gratuitous music video gave rise to an interesting twist on getting a party together.

Instead of having the group meet in a tavern, or bringing them together in some forced way, why not have them be present at the site of an attack for a location that could become their homebase? If the attack is somehow [...]

Cthulhu Wars: First Play

Kieran's visit fit well with our inaugural playing of Cthulhu Wars. I first tried out this game back in October 2013 at Essen. There were four of us playing: Kieran as Cthulhu, Kathryn as the Crawling Chaos, Mark as the Black Goat, and me as the Yellows Sign.

The game puts Kieran off by himself in the South Pacific, while Mark, Kathryn, and I were fairly close neighbors. Kieran and Kathryn set about creating gates. I summoned the King in Yellow and tried marching about the map. I went to harass Kathryn, but she scared me away by summoning [...]

1d10 Random Street Contacts Of The Urban Ruins Encounter Table For Your Old School Campaigns

There are always contacts, beggars, thieves, snitches, and those willing to turn upon their fellow men. Here is a random encounter table of these wretches and scum within the ruins that dot the wastelands. All is not as it seems with these strangers and fellows, for sometimes they offer far more and less then they seem.Here then is a list of possible nemesis or party allies from among the

13th Age Soundtrack

(Above is the 13th Age Main Theme. You can listen to it for free on 13th Ages Soundtrack page so I figure it’s ok to have it hear as well. Give it a listen as you read.) Today I picked up the13th Age Soundtrack. I’ve been listening to it while at work and I have...

Read More

The post 13th Age Soundtrack appeared first on Ramblings of Jacob and Delos.

Ancestral Humans

The sageHekabe claims that the ancestors of humans had two heads. It is pleasant to be kissed on the neck, she says, because it mimics the feeling of having a second head.

Qelong By Kenneth Hite For The Lamentations Of The Flame Princess rpg System And Your Old School Campaigns

Imagine your party of adventurers caught up in a blood soaked land of an alternative South East Asia where two armies of incredibly dangerous beings of divine aspect are engaged in an eon old struggle. And your party is caught within the shadow of the forces of these beings.This is a wilderness adventure in a world torn apart by war, strife, incredible devastation and very deadly forces

One Page Dungeon Contest -- 2015

Last year about this time, I wrote about the 2014 One Page Dungeon Contest, and thought about an entry, but none of my ideas would gel. I am thinking about the 2015 OPDC with just over two months until the deadline. It is a single page, what’s the big deal, right? Well a single page […]

In Defense of Social Stats and the "Can I Just Roll For It?" Play Style


I know Friday is normally our discussion day but something hooked my brain and I decided I would get it out here rather than let it sit and simmer. See, on Wednesday a friend of mine linked me to this article. I've read it before, but something about it this time stuck with me. Now, to be clear, I like John Wick. I like his style. I think he is a great game designer and a very intelligent mind when it comes to the philosophy, psychology, and tactics of GMing. But there are things in here that I [...]

YALP Ep. 38 "The Land That Fate Forgot!" Episode 2

The volcano is active and our characters are concerned for their safety in this pre-historic world. While half the crew has gone up the volcano to check things out, the others have elected to stay behind and secure the transport.

What will they discover? What amazing things will occur?

Find out in:

YALP Fate, "The Land that Fate Forgot!" Episode 2

Featuring the gaming talents of:

Brian Casey (@Fiddleback) as the GM
Joshua Brown (@Joshua) as Dr. Grant Challenger
Sarah "the Gremlin" (@Gremlinzrus) as Dr. Beverly Killdare
John Ariosa (@ariosa) as Jessup Jones
Tiffany Ralph (@TheOneTAR) as Jordan Scott
Shane "Mundangerous" (@Mundangerous) as Mark [...]

Wandered Roads 38

Wandered Roads of Varisia
Session 38
January 31, 2015

Campaign Timeline

Take a Closer LookFireday, 5th of NethChecking Out the Love ShackAfter a good long rest in one of the bedrooms, the group is ready to continue their search for the next fragment of the shattered Sihedron Star. Vexeron summons another magical servant. This one looks unmistakably like the Elf, Daellin, but wearing a butler's outfit. He is lovingly named D'jour Ch'ker and is instructed to go down the hall and open each door. They open without incident Carefully, the party examins the rest of the rooms in this [...]

Fate NPCs -- Chimera Little Closer

After a month detailing Kickstarter set-ups, it’s time to get back to the fun stuff. This week: Chimera-mobs, a new format for Fate NPCS.

The Background

When creating NPCs for the Skeleton Crew Bestiary, I quickly ran into the following problem:

In order for an opponent to be a competent threat in a combat situation, it needed to have a few key skills. In my Skeleton Crew setting, these generally equaled:

  • Fight (to Defend against fight)
  • Agility (to Defend against shoot and fight)
  • Will (to defend against mental attacks)

Notice nearly makes the list- it’s not as essential, but too many NPCS without Notice basically means the [...]

Pushing Prices to The Edge

There's a new Kickstarter in town that has gotten people who love miniatures excited.  Then again, when isn't there a great miniature related Kickstarter happening?  They seem to happen pretty regularly.  This one caught my eye earlier on when it was showcased as a preview over at Spikey Bits.  I went over and clicked the video link, checked out some of the pictures and everything I saw look positively awesome.  I didn't care for the game it was for -- I wanted a couple of these to paint and showcase.  But when I first looked, they hadn't released any [...]

Map Request (Challenge)

On Tuesday, March 3, 2015, I posted on my G+ page a desire for the OSR mapmakers to map the Phuktal Monastery. This picture so captured my imagination that I immediately started wishing I had a cool map and thought how and where I could work this into my campaign. I shared the image and […]

Random Red Shirt Thoughts Disrupted by "Emergency" Meeting

So, I was reading more Hawk & Moor today (bathroom Kindle reading if I must confess) and I was reading about the use of men at arms - "red shirts" in Star Trek parlance - and it was noted that the use of men at arms had lapsed in later play of D&D.
This lead to some random thoughts about abstracting the use of men at arms as some sort of ablative armor.
I was still technically on lunch, about to type out this amazing post (I suspect it was amazing although I have no proof of such) when I received a call from my boss about an emergency meeting to address complaints that my unit had received from the outside agency we are the [...]

Talented Powers!

This past week Iasked the Facebook community what they would like me to post on (If you haven’t already please support D12 by liking the Facebook page; that would be awesome of you) and I was presented with the question:

How cantalents and Utility Powers effect each other? (Their actual question was much longer but that is the summation)

Temporary Talentswhen using a utility power
Example: If a players has been describing theirFortify as turning invisible and are now attempting to use this to sneak past some guards. there is no harm in giving them the stealth talent while using fortify. This [...]

Words With Erik Mona on Pathfinder Origins Comic Books and PaizoCon

In his interview I get to talk with Erik Mona about the Pathfinder Origins comic book series. his is a very special series to Erik because he wrote issues one and six. Erik shares the experience with us and he chats a little about the 12 iconic characters that are involved with the story. Then we move on to PaizoCon where he announces (for the first time) some of the the guests that will help make the con explosive. Plus he shared a little goblin friend with us.



Thanks to Erik Mona and Paizo for everything.

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