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Seven magical items that would ruin your Christmas morning.

Gonzo Hollow Earth Flick Gets 15 Day Fundraising Extension...

With about 48 hours to go on its IndieGoGo fundraising campaign, Iron Sky: The Coming Race was granted a 15 day extension to help it hit its goal yesterday. The film already had over $370,00 of crowd-sourced cash in the bag (from it's target of half-a-million dollars) and is currently the fifth most funded movie in IndieGoGo's history. Check out the fundraising site for this wild, sci-fi


Lego Adventuring Party [Fate Accelerated]

"Adventurers (literally) Assemble!" While Christmas shopping the yesterday, I bought a handful of those blind-packed Legomini-figpacks for myself (becauseI love them, and I have been very good this year). After assembling my four random figures, I set them on my desk and thought "Wow, I'd really like to see an adventuring party made out of these guys." So... Bolivia Cardova High

More timed board game deals on Amazon today

Today’s deals on Amazon are all about toys, with a ton of games featured.(All times EST).

Car Wars 10am, The Resistance 11am, Sons of Anarchy 4pm, Illuminati 5pm, Rise of Augustus 6pm ,Nations at 7pm, Zombie Dice 8pm, Pirate Fluxx 9pm,Eclipse 10pm and Munckin Cthulhu 11pm.

A bunch of video games and a few other toys also there as well.

1d6 Predictions for the New Year 2015

Since I have a couple fans (thanks Lord Gwydion and Michael Prescott) who seem to like my 1d6 predictions, I figured why not give it another go. Also, I was pretty dead on with Dragon Age 3 and Green Ronin Publishing, so I can't be all that bad (See Last Year's Predictions).

Part of my reluctance in making predictions is that the scene I am interested in seems much more subdued now that 5th edition has been released. I have not warmed up to the new game and there also seems to be less going on in general. Perhaps [...]

Manor Sale Topped 100

Hey Guys, thanks a ton.  Since I put The Manor PDFs on sale for a $1 each, I've sold more than 100 copies since the 9th of December.  To be more exact, I've sold 121 Manor PDFs.  For a small time publisher dude like me it's fun to see those orders come in on email.

I'm keeping the sale up through Christmas.  If you want to grab a bunch of Manors for cheap you can still grab them for a $1 each.

Also, Starter Adventures has been doing very well.  My expectation were fairly minimal for this product [...]

Saturday Crowdfunding Roundup - Rum & Bones, Pizza Bed, & The Folio 1E Module

The Rum & Bones Kickstarter project by CoolMiniOrNot is already extremely well funded and they've had plenty of success in the past, including Zombicide in 2012.  Check out more here.

Also, the Pizza Bed Kickstarter project by Claire Manganiello looks very realistic but it's struggling with the funding.  See more here.

Finally, I've mentioned a project in the last week in passing a couple of time but to give it a bit more focus, the artwork and direction of The Folio 1E Module Relaunch! by Scott Taylor is well on its way to funding with a [...]

The Week In Superhero TV...

1) The Flash - Flash Vs Arrow: Let's be honest, the main thing we wanted to see in this episode was the much-touted battle between Oliver Queen and a mind-controlled Barry Allen. And Flash Vs Arrow certainly delivered on that score with an amazing throw-down (on a TV budget). A bank robber uses his metahuman abilities to control the emotions of people in the bank, as a distraction from his

More free/low-cost products released this week...

As the title of this posts indicates, CSP has another two products available for download this week...

* * *
The first of these is a new map-pack that depicts the interior of an Elven Temple:

This one is done in the same style as the Fortress map-packs (not the new 'into-the-city' range), and contains a pdf file featuring both a labelled and unlabelled version of the map, as well as separate image files (scaled at 50 pixels per square) that can be used with VTTs.

The Elven Temple map is available from RPGNow & DriveThruRPG [...]

Convincing the Churches

CAYDEN CAILEEN CHURCH REPRESENTATIVESaphira, Lady of Intemperance of Cayden's temple, is a Varisian who runs the wooden meadhall in the Ascendant Court district.  She is pretty rough and ready, eager to throw off the chains of lawful oppression, and finds paladins rather irritating in their arrogant sincerity.  She's certain that should the Worldwound become any more than a local blight, she would have seen the signs in her faith.  She takes Cayden's silence on the matter as proof positive that Iomedae has it all squarely in hand.  While she won't much back anyone dealing with the Worldwound, she might be [...]

Thoughts on Basic Fantasy (part 2)

This is part 2 of my look at Basic Fantasy. (Part 1 can be found here). This whole series took longer than anticipated plus a stomach flu threw me back in my writing efforts. This part of the series will deal with The Adventure and The Encounter. Part 3 will deal with "GM-only stuff": monsters, treasure and GMing advice.

The Adventure

This chapter gives you advice on general game play and especially on Dungeoneering, Wilderness Adventures, Hirelings and Character Advancement.

The rules are easy to understand and well written. The content is on par with the original source with some slight adjustments.
For [...]

Adventure Time: The Movie (Live-Action Gritty Reboot)

Interview With Gadina, Vermin Games About Bright Future

Kick The Box Interview with Gadina, Vermin Games

Kick The Box:First off, a big Congratulations on the funding of Bright Future!

Gadina: Thank you.

KTB: Before we jump into questions about Bright Future, some questions about Vermin Games.How many and who are involved with Vermin Games?

G: Currently we are 8 people -- Nicky (main illustrator, character artist), George (item designer and character artist), Sunny (character artist), Cindy (concept artist, graphic designer), Alex (concept artist), Stefano (PR), Radin (social media) and me, Gad (gameplay designer, producer, graphic designer).

KTB: When was Vermin Games established?

G: While working on Bright Future. I have worked before on smaller projects [...]

Deadlands Hell on Earth: Radiation Screen

Protect Yourself!

Hey, brainer! The Wasted West isn't the kind of place you want to wander around without taking some kind of precautions. There are all sorts of hazards, and you've got to be prepared. That's even more true for Marshals than heroes, and that's who the Radiation Screen is for.

This heavy cardstock screen features the most necessary tables from Deadlands: Hell on Earth, all in one easy-to-reference place. No more flipping through the rulebook. It's all right here.

And it looks great too. No Marshal worth his bunker rations would be caught in the wastelands without it.

It's Big Boom Time!

As if the snazzy green screen itself wasn't enough, Radiation Screen also includes "Apocalypse Now!" the first ever full-length adventure for Deadlands: Hell on Earth, just the thing to get your hardy band of survivors going on their journey through the wastelands. Someone's left an irradiated ghost-rock bomb lying around, and it's up to the heroes to find it!

This 48-page booklet also has new copies of the Hell on Earth character sheet in an easy-to-photocopy format. It's the perfect thing to launch your Wasted West campaign!

Spend Christmas with ROLF!

Get all six NUELOW Games Christmas Specials, plus the core rulebook for ROLF!: The Rollplaying Game of Big Dumb Fighters, as well as the horror- and suspense themed fiction anthology Horror for the Holidays, for half off what it would cost to get them separately.

Give yourself (or someone you like) the gift of great entertainment this Christmas (not to mention a whole mess of battle scenarios featuring Santa and other Christmas mainstays!

Click here to learn more about NUELOW's Christmas Box--and to get the goodies it contains!

100 Customer Types for Spaceport Bars From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Space Based & Science Fantasy Campaigns

Grab It Right

We're taking a look at a great little product from Fish Wife Games Today. 
100 Customer Types for Spaceport Bars is a nicely little list of space bar patrons, nasties, and scum suitible for any little space port dive, space station watering hole, or any Exo planet water tap where adventurers can get themselves into the deep end of a bar fight, interlude encounter or general point of mayhem.
According to the Rpgnow blurb: 
100 Customer Types for Spaceport BarsWhat sort of characters lurk about in that crowded, noisy spaceport bar? Roll the percentile [...]

Black Clouds over your European Indie Publishers: VATMOSS is a MESS

tl;dr: I will probably have to stop selling PDFs from the Lost Pages shop. This might make the whole enterprise of writing RPGs and selling them on the web kind of not sustainable. If you want PDFs, get them now.

New tax regulations are about to unfold over the EU. From January 1st whoever sells digital products through an automated process to a customer in the EU must pay VAT to the country of purchase and not to the country of supply. This is done to stop shady profit-shifting companies like Amazon and Apple from selling from countries with low VAT [...]

Soon from Lost Pages: Wonder & Wickedness

Wonder and Wickedness is Brendan’s Sorcery supplement. It contains:

  • anew magic system with level-less magic and rules to adapt it to your favourite fantasy RPG
  • supportfor magic duels! like in fiction!
  • seven magic disciplines and a whole lot of new spells
  • scores of catastrophes, for when spellcasting goes horribly wrong
  • fifty magic items
  • and some fine art by Russ Nicholson

I’m going through the last part of the layout. Available in before the end of the year, print version in January.More news soon.


The 12 Geek Days of Christmas -- Day 9

The 12 Geek Days of Christmas is a 12 part series. Read the rest of it by clicking on a date below. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th This Post 10th 11th 12th   I can just about hear the bells, or that could just be the jingling of magical items over at […]

D&D 5e Monster Conversion: Barghest

Noting that the Barghest was missing from the Monster Manual, I decided to try my hand at converting the d20 version.

I'm not certain about the challenge ratings. I'm going to do some more comparisons to the Monster Manual to determine. It's hard to tell how much tougher the damage resistance makes these creatures.

I tried to make the spell selection as close to the d20 version, but I think I need to add in a "Rage" equivalent because that would appear to be an important component of the tactics of the 3.x version.


More Practice

5E Greyhawk Conversions Anyone?

Hey folks, it's been a slow week so I have a question/request for the Greyhawk community. Has anyone started doing conversions of published Greyhawk material (monsters, magic items, spells, etc) for the new edition of D&D yet? If so I'd love to check them out and possibly even feature them here on the blog. I'll eventually try my own hand at converting once I'm more familiar with the system. Happy gaming and happier holidays.

Hero Forge Backer Mini Ordered

The Hero Forge Kickstarter was one of the first Kickstarters that I backed. I got swamped with real life and missed out on playing with the beta websites. Tonight I finally made time to go online and design my mini and place the order. My Kickstarter pledge for $30.00 gets me a detail mini and […]

Neo School Hack: Wood Dragons (Leaf Dragons)

Wood dragons are creatures of the element of wood.  They appear in shades of green or brown, often with bark or leaf patterns which make them difficult to spot in the wild.
  • Chopped/innate, constant: wood dragons are vulnerable to elemental metal and take an extra wound from this type of magic
  • Saurian Soaring/innate, constant: dragons have large, powerful wings which give them the power of flight.
  • Pollen Breath/innate, focus, encounter: a poison pollen breath weapon; covers a 45 degree cone out to 60 feet; damage of 4 wounds, halved if make a Brawn save; victims take an extra wound the next round [...]

Win Some free Crawl! That's NOT Part of OSR Christmas ;)

Head over to the Channel Zero blog and win some cool Crawl! swag. +Ryan Moore is giving away print copies of Crawl! 5, 6, 7 and 9 to 4 luck winners (to be picked on December 23. +Dak Ultimak will be adding PDF copies for the luck winners.

What are you waiting for? Tell Ryan "The Tavern" sent ya! ;)

Bianca Beauchamp brings Comicbooks to life

When you think of Latex only one name comes to mind, the Queen of Latex, Bianca Beauchamp. As covergirl for Bizarre Magazine, Beauchamp holds the record for taking the lead spot with eleven covers. Recognizing her as a sex idol is one thing but discovering her NerdCred, we find that Bianca love’s Cosplay. Everything from cartoons to comicbooks to video games, Bianca is ready explore new characters and concepts on a regular basis. She has been in the hearts of minds of fans for more than a decade and her appearances at conventions like San Diego ComicCon are always met with huge approval. She has portrayed Lara Croft, Jessica Rabbit, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn just to name a few and each of those iconic characters come to life the moment she steps into the room. I wanted to know what it was that inspired such a renowned model to explore Cosplay. Her answers were fun, intriguing, and offered a better understanding of just who is Bianca Beauchamp.

What was it that pushed you towards Cosplay and how has that transition affected you as a model?

Every time I have decided to do a cosplay photo shoot is because I would find a character that not only appealed to me by its look but also with its persona. I am the type of person that don’t necessarily need to exactly and perfectly replicate the outfit that the character is wearing. So in that sense, I am not a purist cosplayer. What I like is more the mental aspect of the character. Before a cosplay photo shoot, I do a lot of research on the web to get as much information as I possibly can on the character. What is its background? Why did she turn out to be a hero or a [...]

Decos' Wretched Plight (Session 4)

These notes are originally from 12.09.2014.

A More Aggressive Incursion

As the party returned to the tunnels, they encounter some kobolds attacking from the shadows. The Men from The North are not surprised, quickly cutting the scaly lil' beast down.  Pushing forward, the party finds a fierce orc hacking away at a group of giant rats.  The party charges the rats, slaying a few and scaring the remainder down the hallway to the East.

The orc is wary, but he makes no move to attack the party.  Fnu boldly acknowledges the orc, asking of him the [...]

SHTFriday: Apocabox #3

I'm still on vacation, but go to Blue Collar Prepping to watch my third YouTube video.

Ask Dwayna About Score

RPG Retrospective 2014

Another “Year in Gaming” post! Almost as traditional as turkey, but possibly not as dry. This is my annual look at my gaming experiences over the year. As always, these views are my own and may be the result of my own warped perceptions. This year was very much one of highs and lows for me, both in gaming and in my personal life. I’m not going Emo, so I’ll focus on the gaming

Edinburgh [...]

Fire World

The next in the series of environment-specific, d20/d20/d20 tables. Hot enough for you? Water is next ... actually fresh water, as my plan calls for separate "water" and "sea" tables.

As a reminder, the table is also available in pop-up format.

Hero Datafile: The Living Mummy

Wrapping up (oops, bad choice of words) our salute to Marvel’s monsters is N’Kantu, the Living Mummy! First appearing in Supernatural Thrillers in the ’70s, he’s popped up since in Daredevil, the Legion of Monsters miniseries, and even Civil War. He’s gotten new un-life recently in Marvel’s animated series as one of the Howling Commandos, but this datafile I’ve put together focuses on the comics N’Kantu, a warrior forced into servitude and, ultimately, eternal (and unwanted) life 3,000 years ago. He’s a noble hero who’s much more interesting than the walking, moaning, ancient gauze pad he appears to be. Check [...]

Hero & Watcher Datafile: Daimon Hellstrom

We're one week away from Christmas -- and, completely coincidentally, today's datafile is about another, um, special offspring. Daimon Hellstrom debuted in 1973 as "the Son of Satan," and he pioneered the bare-chested superhero look decades before Stephen Amell's Arrow came on the scene.

In the years since his origin, Marvel has walked back his satanic status a bit (hint: there are a LOT of Satan-types in the Marvel Universe), yet Daimon has also risen in stature, at one point even ruling Hell itself ... which caused his wife and one-time Avenger, Patsy Walker (Hellcat), to go insane. (Her datafile is [...]

Hero Datafile: Werewolf By Night

Happy Chanukah from all of us at Plot Points! As we continue Monster Week, we come upon another "hero" from the heyday of Marvel Horror in the Seventies: Jack Russell, the Werewolf! After about three dozen issues of his original comic, Jack gained some control over his lycanthropic curse, which finally allowed the character to break out of the "emo" mold and have a little fun. (P.S. Don Perlin was one of comics’ most-underrated artists. His long run on Werewolf By Night was superb.)

And it's this in-control/Legion of Monsters Werewolf that I've statted up here. His milestones reflect his family's [...]

Santa Clause

He’s making a list. Checking it twice. Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice. Santa Claus is coming to town.

With Christmas and the Holidays right around the corner I thought a post for the seasons as in order. Tomorrow I will give the last post of the 2014 year since I’m taking the last week off. The post will be random, but fun.

Anyhoo, enjoy the seasonal creatures, and have a happy holidays everyone.

Reindeer(group of 2)

CP 1, Init 7, AP 1
Normal 2, Special 0, HP 3
Talents:Hauling, Endurance
Traits:Flight, Natural Normal Attack (Hooves), Natural Light Armor
Fast: +2 initiative [...]

The Aihrde Kickstarter From Troll Lord Games

The folks at Troll Lord Gameshave another Kickstarter running, this time to get out their Aihrde setting out. For those who have followed the work of the Troll Lords, this setting has been a part of their games (d20 and Castles & Crusades) for a number of years. From their Kickstarter page: Aihrde is a complete campaign and world setting for your favorite RPG. Whether your playing Castles &

Building a Monster

Continuing off of the last post. I am still playtesting the reduction of attributes down to normal and special. Part of this update is updating the monster’s. So here is what I am currrently using. If you want to learn more about how to play the game, please head over to the download section and have a look around.

1 CP per Player Character is an average fight.

CP | AP | HP |Attributes
1 | 1 | 2 | 2
2 | 2 | 4 | 3
3 | 4 | [...]

Big Changes!. . . . .Possibly

Hello everyone! Now, before you read the rest of this post please be aware of two things:

  1. These are possible changes, and nothing is set in stone, and
  2. I am trying to address issues in the game to make it better. I don’t change things for change sake.

I am well aware that every RPG has its issues, but that doesn’t mean that I should just leave them there or ‘patch’ it. As a very awesome theme song once said ‘I wanna be the very best. Like no one ever was.” In order to be the best I have to be willing to [...]

Last Reminder: Comment for Free Copy of City at the Top of the World

This is the last call for anyone who wants a free copy of City at the Top of the World! Leave a comment here or on the stickied post. Your comment must be associated with a valid email. A “Like” doesn’t count, because there is no email address associated with the Like. Commentby no later than Sunday (or the wee hours of monday morning). I’ll be sending the free copies out Monday.


Location: Torinsk 0108, (A-0007AE-D), Xenough sub sector, Avalar Consulate
Patron: Scout
Required Equipment: None
Required Skills: Starship Skills -- Pilot, Eng, Nav, Gunner, Medic

The players are contacted by Chev Grinnel, a retired, 70-year-old Scout. It is clear that he is in poor health -- he is thin, and his features are gaunt. He is discretely looking for ship crew members for a "business project". He is a pilot himself, but he will accept another pilot, along with Navigators, Medics, Gunners, and Engineers for this project. "The Project", as he calls it, will take about 6 weeks to complete, after which [...]

A Fox's Guide to Conlangs (Part 3)

Despite what you might think from looking at the English alphabet, there are more than 5 vowel sounds in regular use, and more than 21 consonant sounds. When it comes to vowels, there are long vowels and short vowels, monophthongs (single vowel forms), diphthongs (changing vowel sounds when two vowels follow one another), they alter their sound patterns based on open-ness of the lips and placement of the tongue as air passes through the mouth. When it comes to consonants, sounds change based on the way air stops, is interrupted, or redirected in its flow. It's not really as simple [...]

Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.: ...Ye Who Enter Here

Anyone expecting an easing-up on the action in this penultimate episode of the half-season will have been in for a few surprises. ...Ye Who Enter was another thrilling episode, moving all the pieces into place for what promises to be a blockbuster mid-season finale. May and Skye are dispatched to rescue Raina from a Hydra snatch squad led by Agent 33 - who appears to be permanently stuck

Converting High CR Monsters into PC Races

I’ve done a few conversions now of Monster Manual creatures into PC races, both here and at www.gameschangelives.com and the vast majority of feedback has been great. There have been a few conversations about various abilities or choices I’ve made that have been very insightful, so I wanted to take a moment to talk about the challenges and viewpoints of designing high CR creatures forPC races.

There is one major challenge with designing MM monsters as races; often the reason they aren’t core races. They are far more powerful than normal PC races.

Keeping that in mind, you can approach developing themfrom [...]

5E Friday - Codename: Morningstar

This is tangential to 5E in that WotC already cut their ties with Trapdoor and their Codename: Morningstar aka Dungeonscape digital product. However, 5E put their name in the public eye and I feel their Kickstarter is a continuation of their 5E work. And that is what I want to talk about today, their Kickstarter. As most people know, they have a Kickstarter to update the software they were

1d10 Twisted Christmas Encounter Table 'The Ourskirts' & 'Byways' For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaigns

Between November 12th and December 30th, the gates of Zebulara burst open as monsters, lunatic Fey creatures, and the souls of a million dead explode upon to the 'Byways' and 'Outskirts'. These realms of the dead border the astral and the Plane Prime of a billion alternate worlds. They hunger for the living and no force can deny them. Or so they think.
The holiday of Christmas originally marked a feast day of the dead for myriad of alien and alternative civilizations, but the dead far out numbered the living and were never given their 'Final Rewards'. 'The Christmas' was [...]

Christmas Comes Early for Anti- #GamerGate

Anti-GG got two massive Christmas presents between the ZQ fanfic and Jimmy Wales admitting that evidence of wrong-doing is not requisite to be known for wrong-doing.

No one was talking about the ZQ ebook (as a self-published ebook on amazon, anyone could have put it up there) or knew it existed until the Techcrunch article came out about it. Yesterday, completely off the radar. It may not have even existed yesterday and today it no longer exists at all. It’s ridiculously unlikely that anyone in GG had anything to do with this precisely because of how obvious it is how it [...]

Interview with Two Teen Game-Writers

As mentioned in a previous post, two of my 8th grade students, Katherine and Alexandra, have been inspired to write and run their own role-playing games for their peers.  Recently I sat down to talk with them about their games ...
JP: Hey Katherine and Alexandra, thanks for taking some time to talk about the role-playing games you created.  To start off, what are they called?
K: "Radaria (pronounced 'ruh-DARE-ee-yuh').  It's a mix of the word 'war' and something else in a different language ... I don't remember which ... that's where the 'rad' came from, I added the 'aria'."

[Review] Fetishistic Arcana by Violent Media

Fetishistic Arcana by +Edward Lockhart is a 25 pages supplement introducing magical fetishes for OSR rulesets.

Fetish is like a magical item but instead of being powerful alone it enchants or power-ups spells cast using or through the fetish. These trinkets are a nice addition for normal "plus this and that" or "get a spell or power wearing it" magic items. There are 14 of them.

All are very nice and there's plenty of variety between the fetishes. Almost every fetish has description how to create one. The creation is more like witchcraft than clean laboratory or library work. [...]
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