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Compendium Arcanum, Volume 2: 1st-Level Spells

The second PDF in my multi-vairable spells series, Compendium Arcanum, Volume 2: 1st-Level Spells, is now available from d20pfsrd Publishing. It is available on d20pfsrd, Paizo, DriveThruRPG, and RPGNow.

D&D 5e Geniekin

Having read the other blood of books and ARG i was pretty excited by the prospect of blood of elementals. Shame it has very little new crunch, instead filling half the book with info on the planes. Anyway, i still think the geniekin races are great, especially for an arabian setting. So here are my […]

Monster Monday-Pacifier

“Who goes there?”

“I need to speak to the general, this war must end.”

“I’m not sure you want to go talking to him about that.”

“Trust me.”

“Well, then, um, right this way, sir.”


Hit Points: 4

Spell Points: 150, recover 8 per hour.

Special Attack: Pacifying Pulse, 1 tiring per spell point spent as with 8 Chaos (Indirect) fingers of AoE. Usable as a full turn.

Armor: By raiment

Strength: 8

Charisma: 12

Speed: 22

Special: Persuade II, Convince II, Diplomacy II, +1 to all for each minuteinteracting with a target of persuasion or convincing. +1 each 10 minutes of observation in waking activity. +1 each hour of sleep observation. [...]

Amazing Adventures Week!

I love doing posts where I take a deep dive into a particular book or system.

This week I want to cover Amazing Adventures by Jason Vey and produced by Troll Lord games.
They are currently working on a 2nd Edition (which will still be compatible with the 1st) and have a Kickstarter up to support it.

I have covered AA in the past.  My review of it can be found here.

One of the best things about AA is it is built around the streamlined Castles & Crusades rules.  So if you play [...]

Bonus Maps for The Horrid Caves from The Manor Issue 7

Click to DownloadIssue 7 of Tim Short's RPG-Zine The Manor is available via his online store Gothridge Manor Games or at RPGNow, where the pdf is currently discounted to $2.50. A print copy will set you back $4.00 ($4.50 in Canda, $5.00 elsewhere).

Tim managed to pack a lot into just 24 pages. There's a traveling potion-peddler, the Skinwalker as a playable class option, a set of gonzo Arduin-esque magic mirrors, a nifty mini-adventure involving a fire demon, a mind-bending Mind Flayer Haiku, and The Horrid Caves, which is one of our adventures, this time involving a series of [...]

Kickstart These: CAV, Battle Systems & Boss Monster iOS

There are a few cool looking Kickstarters up right now. Here’s a few that I’ve been pointed to that look pretty awesome.

Reaper Miniatures CAV: Strike Operations

Reaper is converting their Combat Assault Vehicles into their plastic Bones line. Right now, they’re almost funded and are offering 32 miniatures at $100, which is a pretty good deal. You can check them out here. I’m a big fan of stompy robot combat, and these look like they’re going [...]

Let's Read WHFB 3e: I almost forgot the magic items...

In my last power I covered the spells in Chapter 4: Magic but I didn't mention a thing about the magic items.

Its easy to see why. The magic item section is more like an addendum, as most magic items mimic/ Most notable exceptions include magic weapons, army and unit standards, and magic instruments.

The rules assume that you're playing "friendly games" where each player agrees to a specific point limit to spend on magic items (if any). For competition games, readers are referred to the Warhammer Armies book.

The designers even mention Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay [...]

Iron Kingdoms and Warmachine tales arrive at DriveThruFiction!

Privateer Press has recently begun uploading a number of eBook novels and anthologies based on their Iron Kingdoms and Warmachine games to DriveThruFiction.com. Previously Privateer Press had made the PDFs of the Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy RPG and select supplements available at DriveThruRPG.com.

This represents Privateer Press’ first foray into selling their Skull Island Expeditions imprint’s fiction titles on the DriveThru sites. A few of the newly available titles include:

Tales from the Monsternomicon: Extraordinary Zoology

Professor Viktor Pendrake is a legend in his own time and is the foremost expert in extraordinary zoology. His research demands he place himself in [...]

And So It Begins - Play Testing On The Seventy Seven Worlds Old School Post Apocalyptic Rpg

Get In On The Action HERE

From what I've been able to gather over the last couple of days, James Ward of Metamorphis Alpha First Edition fame has been working with Fireside games on a whole range of rpg systems product.
Many of these will be covering the fantasy, science fantasy, and post post apocalyptic phases of their various campaign worlds and using a brand new character generation system that Fireside has developed.
Looking deeper into the ideas behind some of Fireside Games here we see a definite old school idea with some pretty interesting takes on PC generation [...]

Girls on Games Kickstarter

It’s not often that I promote other people’s Kickstarters, but this one is near and dear to my heart as a woman in the gaming industry. Check it out, pass it on, and perhaps even back it if it means something to you.

A compilation of essays by women in the tabletop games industry about past and current struggles and secrets & tips for new designers.

Our chapter topics include:

  • Anecdotes or stories about being a woman in the game industry
  • Advice for women on overcoming challenges women face in this field
  • Advice for men on how to make inclusion a reality in our great industry
  • Glass ceilings, male co-worker dealings, and general inequality of women in the field
  • Creating balanced game design for both men and women
  • Why games are important for girls
  • Dealing with “fake geek” or “real gamer” comments when playing games (or just existing) in mixed company
  • Two words: Booth Babes.
  • Female representation in games
  • Being taken seriously as a professional in a male-dominated category
  • Tips on getting your foot in the door at a game company
  • The pros and cons of Games “for girls”
  • and so much more!

You May Also Like:

  • Wild Card Creator: Go for the Ace and Raise
  • Kickstarter: Wild Card Creator
  • Peas-o-Matic for DCC RPG
  • Six Degrees

Leonardo da Vinci on Simplicity [Quote]

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication Leonardo da Vinci

Free GM Resource: Book of Low Level Lairs Volume I

This week's Free GM Resource is a quick one...sorry guys, but I'm phoning it in today.

Today is Labor Day and the first time since....I was going to say Christmas, but that isn't right...it's been forever since my entire gaming group has had the day off at the same time, so we are going to be making a bit more of a day of it.

We'll fire up the grill, I'll GM, my wife will GM, we'll play some board games, and we'll probably have a decent amount of libations.

That means I have more cleaning (OK, [...]

#RPGaDAY Round Up

A big hand to everyone who participated in the first #RPGaDAY blogathon, and to Dave Chapman for coming up with and promulgating the idea.

#RPGaDAY represents the single most sustained run of writing and posting I’ve ever pulled off. My regular schedule for Held Action runs Monday, Wednesday, Friday, which makes it easy to queue up posts. So while I could apply the same workflow to #RPGaDAY, the volume was more demanding. The usual stream of posts wound up taking a backseat to the #RPGaDAY topics about halfway through the month when my buffer ran low. Still, I was satisfied in [...]

RPT Gems #1

What Do Players Want Most? In his Engaging Characters and Stories video, Troy Alford from Nerd Rage tells us why players show up to sessions. He makes a great point I’ve not heard elsewhere. And you can leverage this point immediately in your designs. Troy also shares excellent advice about how to make your players […]

The post RPT Gems #1 appeared first on Roleplaying Tips.

A Population Of Dinosaurs and the impact on RPG ecologies

How many types of dinosaurs were there? And how can a theoretical examination of the question be applied to RPG games? This is going to be one of the more unusual posts here at Campaign Mastery. For a start, it’s full of maths, and for another it’s about real science (at least at first). But […]

GM Jam: Changeling the Lost: Play on Target Podcast Special Ep. 3

This week Play on Target tries a new experiment where we "Take Aim At" a particular rpg or setting. To explore that we've gather several experienced GMs who have run the game. This first episode looks at White Wolf's Changeling the Lost. We open with the elevator pitch for the game and consider what draws us to it. Then we dive into the nuts and bolts of what we actually do at the table: what elements are most difficult, which do we focus on, how to players react to the ideas, and where do our campaigns actually go.
For [...]

Into the City: Map 3 (the bath-house)

My (somewhat ambitious, and possibly a little foolish) plan to draw enough building maps to eventually populate an entire settlement, continues to take shape with the release of another map-pack for the Into the City range...

Like those before it, this map-pack includes:
  • a pdf booklet containing a labelled version of the map.
  • an unlabelled jpg image of the building (scaled at 100 pixels per grid square
  • and a miniatures scaled battlemap of the map.
Into the City: Map 2 is available for $1.50 from RPGNow & DriveThruRPG

2014 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

I’ll be participating in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in Albuquerque on September 28th. The proceeds are going to prostate research. Photo to follow.

If I get up to $250, I’m riding the event in my kilt. That’s right, I’m risking burning my knees on the heads of my Triumph for your entertainment and SCIENCE!

There will be photographic evidence posted, so pop over to my DGR HOME PAGE or cut and paste this into your googlamatic whatsinator — http://www.gentlemansride.com/rider/BlackCampbell — and give generously. Or stingy-like!

D&D 5th edition Background (The Archaeologist)

Here is a quick background for the  d&D 5th edition game called the archaeologist.An explorer of ancient ruins and a keeper of ancient lore, as you might expect this is more  Indiana Jones than Zahi Hawass.
This inspiration for this  was two fold one , my Dungeon world game is going into the  hulking ruins of a city  and a character like this might be handy  in such a situation.Second and more directly the archaeologist Kit provided on page 20 of  Dragon magazine #241 (Written by Steve Berman,) is one of my favorite kits from that time period. 
The [...]

On Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Episode I Remix: Part I

People have already covered at length the problems with Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

I'm going to run it, which means, I'm going to fix it. I'm not going to do it alone -- I'm going to blatantly steal from +Daniel Davis, writer of Detect Magic, +Bryce Lynch, writer of tenfootpole and premier reviewer, and pretty much anyone else who comes up with a half-good idea. It's for my home campaign, you should do this too.

I'm also going to talk about what's wrong design wise, why it's wrong, and what I'm doing to fix it. I'm not [...]

Azandir Campaign Log #5

Characters: Fash - Whisper Gnome Fighter-Rogue (Stetson) Snapdragon - Kender Wizard-Alchemist (Jammie) Telamar - Half-Drow Ranger-Cleric (Me) Fjury - Human Fighter-Paladin (Jake) Master Meatbeard - Human Fighter-Rogue (James) The sewers were dim and cool, and I might have felt more at home if not for the smell and having to watch my every step. Fortunately, it didn't take long to get out of

This Means War...

Welcome back to the Front. Have you ever notice that when open up a history book or browse a multitude of news media sources odds are that it tends to be filled with wars and conflicts? The reasons for war (or "conflicts") are very diverse. A few that come to mind are 1) that they happen in the name of religion, 2) in hopes of acquiring better resources/land, 3) national pride, or 4) due to one race wanting to eradicate another race. They may also happen in the form of revolutions against the reigning government and civil wars. (In some [...]

Round Table 32 - Sexual Harassment at the Table

Round Table 32 - Sexual Harassment at the Table
PARENTAL/TRIGGER WARNING: Just a quick heads up to our listeners, this podcast discusses topics of a sexual harassment, abuse of DM power, and other subjects of an adult nature and may not be appropriate for children.
James Introcasosits down withTracy Hurley, Liz Larsen, and Barak Blackburn to discuss a recentVicearticleand the history of sexual and gender harassment in tabletop RPGs. This podcast was recorded on August 6, 2014
Links: worldbuilderblog.me sarahdarkmagic.com
Support the show, shop below...

Download Standard Podcasts

Hobby Bunker Game Day 2014 -- Wargaming Recon #121

Hobby Bunker Game Day 2014

Boston Trained Bands hosts a successful annual game day at the Hobby Bunker in Malden. Jonathan attended their fifth annual game day in 2014. Listen to this episode to learn what games were played, what games wowed the gamers, and 5 reasons why game days are important.

  1. Help promote the local wargaming community
  2. Allow wargamers to find each other and form bonds
  3. Gives wargamers a chance to grow the hobby
  4. Introduces wargamers to games they don’t normally play
  5. Supports Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGS)

List of Games Played

  • All Quiet on the Martian Front
  • Fenway Park (Homebrew baseball)
  • The Battle of Belmont – Grant’s [...]

In Our Sights: Changeling the Lost: Special Episode #3

Welcome to Play on Target where this week we trya new experiment taking aim at a particular rpg or setting. To explore these games we'll gather several experienced GMs who have run them. This first episode looks at White Wolf's Changeling the Lost. We open with an elevator pitch for the game and consider what draws us to it. Then we dive into the nuts and bolts of what we actually do at the table: what elements are most difficult, which do we focus on, how do players react to the concepts, and where do our campaigns actually go?

For this [...]

What's This Patreon Stuff?

Hi. Welcome. Whether you are a first time reader or a long time member, we’re happy to see you here. I expect you are wondering about this Patreon word you keep seeing us talk about. I’ll explain.

Today we launch a Patreon campaign to support this very website, The Mad Adventurers Society.

Just click to go straight to the Patreon Campaign


The first question from most of you is probably going to be, "Why?" Fair enough. We’ll get to that answer, but first I want to talk to you about some other things that lead up to the why.

What I want to talk [...]

Angry Rants: Theater of the Mind

You know what really pisses me off? The phrase "theater of the mind." Holy crap can you think of a more pretentious way of saying "I don't use miniatures and a battle mat?" If a phrase could wear accessories and drink beer, "theater of the mind" would be wearing Buddy Holly glasses, a beeper (ironically), and drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon. Can't we just call it "narrative combat" or "boring combat" or "intentionally confusing combat" instead?

Okay, okay, calm down. Don't get your vintage Alf boxers in a twist, gaming hipsters. I don't hate narrative combat itself. I'm cool with it. I'm [...]

[Repost] Introducing Perilous Ages

This post was originally posted on August 8 2013 on nuked Perilous Path blog. I decided to repost it to give you more info about my Medieval Fantasy Non-D&D Simulacrum.
Well, this time everything started with a... cover image! Last week I saw this amazing piece of art in the art gallery in Cracow and immediately I thought "damn, I need to make a new game, just to use this on the cover!" So I decided to mix the ideas from the Perilous Path (game mechanics) with the form of my Towers of Krshal (almost pure content, [...]

Head #6

Media News Monday - Action Comics #1, LEGO Fawlty Towers, & Ridley's Ready

First off, if you are in the USA, enjoy the day off if you get it for your labors.  If you never wish to labor again, simply sell your copy of Action Comics #1 for $3.2M like the collector here.

Over on the Nerdist website, check out he featured LEGO Fawlty Towers setup here.

Finally, there is an article over on Entertainment Weekly where it is revealed that Ridley Scott seems to have a sequel ready for almost anything he has made.  Read more here.

Media News Monday on CreativeMountainGames.com News for Movies, Television, and more
of [...]

The Evil GM - 5th Edition Rules: 1st Edition Feel! Necromancer Games Kickstarter!

Only a few days left to get in on this Kickstarter by Necromancer Games. They are a great company and if anyone remembers, they did quite a lot of stuff for D&D 3e and it did have that 1E feel to the product. 

Here is what they are saying:

#RPGaDAY -- Fifth and Final Week

@autocratik‘s #RPGaDAY conversation has officially ended yesterday. I was on vacation and had no time to conclude my contribution.

#RPGaDay (Image: autocratic.com/@autocratik)

#28 Scariest Game you’ve played
In Nomine Satanis/Magna Veritas (Not the pacified US version!): Violence is not the last resort and the lines between good and evil blur. Superficially, INS/MV offers black humor, but on a second thought the laughs can stick easily in your craw.
Kult: A game that feels “more real” (authentic?) than Hellraiser to me.
Call of Cthulhu: A “good” Call of Cthulhu game is about doom. Everybody has to die screaming or at least insanity is [...]

Sunday Funnies: Hockey imitates life

It's been so hot here in Kentucky, that I find myself thinking about the cooler days... and HOCKEY! This closes out August.

Suits for Decks of Many Things

 Lately, I have been thinking about how the Deck of Many Things would play into mythopoesis of the game world and not play and mechanics only.  You can see one result of my thoughts here.

As I continue to play with these ideas, it struck me that the DoMT, unlike the Tarot or the standard deck of playing cards, does not have suits.  This seemed an unfortunate oversight to me.  I like the idea of assigning suits according to the Lawful-Neutral-Chaotic alignment axis, since I use that for the cosmic level of struggle in my game worlds to [...]

Freelance Advice: 7 Reasons You Shouldn't Do Freelance Game Design

It's sad to say, but some people should most definitely not pursue a freelance game design career. Are you one of those people?

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


When a publisher contracts you for a job, he is not just buying your talent. Being good at your job is important, but equally important are your attitude and motivations.

I’ve previously talkedabout why you should take a stab at freelancing. Now it’s time to talk about the reasons why you shouldn’t.

  1. You Want to Earn a Decent Wage:I’m sure some folk earn good money in the roleplaying gameindustry. The vast majority of freelancers don’t earn [...]

2014 RPG Podcasters Peer Award Winners

In addition to the larger Diana Jones and ENnies award ceremonies this weekend (16th/17th August) saw the announcement of the 2014 RPG Podcasters Peer Awards, which was voted upon by the hosts and producers of the shows that make up the community. The awards announcement is quoted below:

Announcing the 2014 RPG Podcasters Peer Awards

The RPG Podcasters Community would like to recognize the following RPG podcasts for excellence in entertainment, content and production quality for the year 2014.

For Best New Podcast for 2014: Numenera: The Signal -- http://numenerathesignal.blogspot.com/

For Best Actual Play Podcast for 2014: RPPR Actual Play -http://actualplay.roleplayingpublicradio.com/

For Best Industry News [...]

#RPGaDAY Day 10: Favourite tie-in Novel / Game Fiction

The Fiddleback Trilogy by Michael A. Stackpole

Episode 132: Actual Play - Lukewarm Welcome

This Episode:  Returning to the settlement and being welcome by less than open arms, our group now has some decisions to make.  Decisions that will effect them for the immediate, general,...

A group of friends who ramble and shamble while dice rumble and tumble. Call us casually-hardcore role players of Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.

Map-A-Monday: The Multiverse...

For a full map - click here However, for a comprehensive look at Grant Morrison's Multiverse map and what it all might mean to the DC Comics Universe, you could do worse than study Siskoid's incredible Multiversal Geography series over on Siskoid's Blog Of Geekery.Meanwhile, here's a link to ComicBook.com's "Eight Key Stories About DC's Multiverse".

Object of the Princeling's Quest

In "The Scavenger's Tale", the scavenger keeps rescuing a young man who is looking for a princess to rescue. Since the scavenger is that princess, and since she keeps rescuing him, maybe be should show an image of the "idealised princess" that the  young man is looking for.

A little bit Disney, a bit not...using exactly the same female stock model who I've been using for all the scavenger shots so far.

RPG Round Up

What’s been going on in the world of RPGs and gaming this week. Covers the latest posts from my favourite other rpg related blogs, comics and more

Alien Profile: The Vel'takzThe following alien profile was submitted by Jake Salter as an entry to the Alien August competition. Name: The Vel'takz Home-World: Macaburus The Vel'takz are one of the universe's most infamous races. They are a hunter-gatherer species, who kill, salvage, steal and pillage almost anything for money. They look like humans and they have [...]Sun, Aug 31, 2014
Source: Sci-Fi IdeasNew Paths Compendium for Hero LabWe are extremely excited to announce that Hero Lab [...]

Warlock's Journal August Voting Deadline

  As explained previously, the latest home for the blog-hopping Warlock’s Journal Contest is with Rabbitball at Fields of Blood and Honour.   Rabbitball is running a contest to design a group of gladiators. The deadline for entries has passed, and the voting window is closing SOON. There is a short pdf of the entries …

Continue reading »

August RPG Blog Carnival Round Up

You guys had me worried that I’d picked a topic too taboo to even talk on, but the community came through with several great posts on the topic. Speaking of which, the topic for September, starting tomorrow over on Dice Monkey, is about The RPG Blogging Community, so head on over there in the next couple days to get your wonderful creative juices flowing on the topic.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at what the community had to say about devious dungeons:

Liecester’s Ramble shared a one page dungeon, the Pyramid of Esslor, complete with a base-8 Fibonacci sequence and [...]

Ghost Busters in DW

This year is the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters. Here is a compendium class for all of you paranormal investigators and eliminators that dwell in Dungeon World.


Though most people tell ghost stories, most have never seen one. Not you. You’ve seen ghosts. Hell, you’ve fought ghosts. They are mean, spiteful, sad, pitiful, hurtful, and with out mercy, but you’ve spent time fighting and studying these apparitions. You’ve learned the ins and out of ghosts and now you are ready to put them to rest. Using the art of Ectomancy and Artifice, you are equipped to deal with these restless dead.

Once you’ve [...]

"Reynard's Cave"

Well, it's the evening of the 31st, and I told myself that I'd post up an entry for this month's RPGBA Blog Carnival theme, 'Devious Dungeons.' So I worked up, and revised, a mini-dungeon I had been noodling around with...

Grymvald Gazetteer always has a good find regarding history and archaeology.  His recent blog entry on a discovery of a small cache of Roman and Iron Age coins in a cave in north-central England is good imagination fuel.  Although the cache is 'only' 26 coins, it has potential for being a good lead-in or adventure seed.

I'm all about [...]

Hello September!

It seems only like 2 weeks ago it was middle of january and i was buying my second car, a week later i began sleeping over at my girlfriends appartment daily… now it is September and i have been living here officially for 3 months and Christmas is soon knocking on the door again. I took the last 3 weeks off from work, spending my time with my girlfriend, her kids and my friends. My birthday also snuck in there, so no less than 2 saturdays was dedicated to honoring...

The post Hello September! appeared first on Tiny Gork's Tinker Room.

Fate Core vs. Dresden Files RPG

Hello there! How is your labor day weekend going? For me, I'm working all weekend (minus Saturday) as it is Move In day/weekend at the University. Anyhow, with that in mind I figured I'd talk a bit about FATE and how comparing FATE Core to Dresden shows you just how much you can do with the system, provided you're willing to put in the development work.

Comparative Sizes
Fate Core as a book is about the size of a hard cover novel. Not a huge GRRM Game of Thrones novel, but just a regular about 300 page novel. Dresden [...]

Tales From the Hydian Way: Episode 0 -- The Tales of Two GMs

Thanks for joining us with our first episode of our Story-centric Star Wars RPG podcast.

We touch upon what brought us to the Star Wars galaxy for story telling and a few things we’ve come to like about the system from the dice to initiative, but mostly the groups and families that you create with other players.

We’re off to a start and looking forward to getting the ol’ CR-90 off in a good direction and ready for trade, misbehavin’, and maybe even some of that weird glow rod swinging.

We're on twitter:@DeuteriumIceand@Xphile101361

Find us on Facebook at:https://www.facebook.com/groups/MadAdventurersSociety/

You can rate, review, and subscribe to [...]

#RPGaDAY -- Catch Up (Days 18-24)

And my quest continues... at least I got more than half done before the last day...  Here's a few more rest of it:

18. Favorite game system
19. Favorite published adventure
20. Will still play in 20 years
21. Favorite Licensed RPG
22. Best secondhand RPG purchase
23. Coolest looking RPG product/book
24. Most complicated RPG owned

My favorite game system is some sort of flavor of D&D and, for the past 8 years or so, it's been Castles & Crusades.  Why C&C?  Frankly because it retains that 'old school' feel but does away with how certain things [...]

Elder Scrolls Adventure Set

I will be running a few adventures set in the Elder Scrolls universe with some Demon: the Fallen mingled in using a thoroughly mongrelised system borrowing heavily from a variety of World of Darkness sourcebooks.  I'll post up a few of the adventures and some of the character generation and mechanical considerations in later articles but this one is mostly focused on The Same Page information tool that I will be showing my players so that they know what to expect play-wise (rather than rules-wise).

Do you play to win?
-ish.  It's assumed that you will [...]
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