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'Pay What You Want' OSR Adventure Resource - The Howler For Your Old School Campaigns

Sometimes you need a low level but well done party crawl adventure and the 'Howler' delivers exactly that. It strikes a nice balance between a nice evenings adventure and a full blown delve into darkness. The PC's are going to be challenged here and really rolled in with some neat little challenges.J.V. West strikes a nice balance with his maps, art, and writing. The nice part about this

[HOW] Face Front, True Believers...

Just over a week ago I launched a Facebook group for the discussion of Heroes & Other Worlds, with the consent and support of the game's creator Chris Brandon.In that time we've already attracted over 20 members, but I know there are more of you out there!This is a fantastic little game, with a library of official support material, with sturdy mechanics that stand up to tweaking, houseruling

Here's a game, Your number is 5

Your Number is 5:

  • 2 or more players one of them is a GM.
    • If your character is bad at something  you roll 1d6
    • If your character is  OK at something you roll 1d8
    • If your character is  good at something you roll 1d10
    • If your character is  very good at something you roll 1d12.
      • To be successful you have to roll 5 or higher.
      • The higher you roll the better your character does at whatever.
      • The lower you roll under 5  (1-4) the  worse off your character is from whatever.

That's it.

Ground covered a thousand times before. I guess that makes this a boring post. I'm still [...]

April A-Z Challenge, the preemptive version... or phoning it in this month.

OK, so I've never quite done things in the right order, or with the cool kids, or whatever.

So when +Jim Magnusson suggested an A to Z dungeon project back in February, I said to myself, "Why not?"

So without any real planning or intent,  I gamely hammered out my 26 entries - rooms, critters, magic items, and NPCs in, roughly, a month. I don't recommend this methodology.

So here they are, for anyone who happens upon this page...and wants to save the effort of waiting for the next 30 days to see how it all pans out...

A: Altar of Set

"Snakes. Why does it always have to be snakes? Why aren't they ever pony cults?" Rathgar sighed as he surveyed the large chamber. Columns Intricately carved with coiled serpents supported the ribbed ceiling, while the walls were decorated with murals depicting every manner of snake, most of which were eating something.

Nimble arched his eyebrow "Do you really want to go hunt down a pony cult? Seriously, how horrific would that be as compared to this?"

Feris snickered while Alianora secured a rope to the banister railing. "The ceremony is due to start soon. We need to [...]

The Complete World of Greyhawk Setting

  With apologies to Gary Gygax, Steve Winter and Allen Hammack, here is a partial table of contents for each of the six missing volumes of the Savant-Sage's catalogue of the Flanaess: Volume I: A Guide to the World of AntiquityA History of Ancient Flannae RealmsProminent Olven & Dwur KingdomsMythologies of Pre-history  Volume II: A Guide to the World of Mystery Mysterious Places, Gates & Portals Artifacts and Relics of the FlanaessBestiary of Legendary Monsters Arcane Spell Casting Conventions  Volume IV: A Guide to the World of Dominion An Overview of Flanaess Military HistoryArmaments, Armor and Engines of War  An Examination of Laws, Politics & [...]

Open Notice to the Daily Caller, Weekly Standard, & National Review

I’ve apparently I can hang with the best ofyou:

If you need a tabletop games correspondent, feel free to add me to the payroll.

Upcoming Adventure: The Wrath of Zardax the Unbeatable

Coming soon!

The mighty wizard Zardax,  master of white magic, black magic, green magic, hell he's the master of all kinds of colour magic including but not limited to technicolor and smurple.  He's got a totally rad dungeon with smushing traps and weird riddles and ice warriors and things.  Also there is a totally sweet Ethereal Blade in there which is rad to the max.

Can your brave heroes best the wits of the mighty Zardax?  Can they escape his colour coded dungeon? Can you pay $7 for an adventure?  What if I got Scrap Princess to do [...]

Patreon Supported Adventures - The Teeth

  1. Journey Through the Teeth
  1. Disclaimer
This Adventure serves as a world set-up for a longer sea-based adventure that I have been writing for the patron for the last month. Since March has been rather quite I needed something to get out and this is that. While "The Remains" is firmly White Box, "The Teeth" is system neutral and can be readily plugged into any system that you feel appropriate.
  1. Adventure Background
Trade between the Western and Eastern Holdings of the Lummin [...]

Review - Pathfinder Origins issue 1

Script by Erik Mona
Art by Tom Garcia
Colors by Mohan
Letters by Marshall Dillon

From the Dynamite website:

'An exciting new Pathfinder adventure begins! To prove themselves to the Pathfinder Society, Valeros the fighter and his companions must recount tales of their early exploits in a world beset by magic and evil. In this issue, Valeros crosses swords with the brazen barbarian Amiri when both serve as hired guards escorting a doomed caravan through the treacherous Bloodsworn Vale. Contains pull-out poster map and official Pathfinder RPG bonus encounter!'

I've enjoyed the Pathfinder [...]

A is for Angel

Were you aware that Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay had an angel (at least first edition)? I wasn't either, but when I read one description in the Demons section, it read just like an angel:


"Sometimes mistakenly called the Life Elemental, the Viydagg is a Greater Demon of Law, and is concerned with the laws of life and nature."

"The Viydagg causes fear in all living creatures under 10 feet tall. It causes terror in Chaotic or Evil Demons."

I've never used demons enough in my games to warrant the Viydagg making an appearance. I [...]

Deck of Delves Update

(Yes, it is April 1st, no this is not an April Fools gag)

Last month I posted a proof-of-concept for the “Dyson Deck of Delves”.

I figured I should let everyone in on what’s going on with said deck.

  • I have priced out several competitive quotes for getting these printed.
  • These quotes include fulfillment so I won’t have to double-ship and double-handle the product (they will be shipped directly from the company doing the printing for me)
  • The only remaining variables are based on the number I order and the shipping costs. I’ll have to get some shipping prices figured out (since I don’t live in the US, fulfillment will be out of the US from the printer to the backers).

I currently have a backlog of about 10 maps to finish off for various commissions I’ve taken on in the last few months. In addition I am almost EXACTLY one month ahead on maps for the blog, which is the minimum I can maintain if I’m going to keep the backstage pass program running.

Thus I need to keep drawing at least two maps a week for the blog, plus I can assume I’ll get 1.5 maps a week finished for the various outstanding commissions. That’s [...]

Events & Play Wednesday - Trans Gender Con

Rumor has it a certain Indy convention will be re-branding itself for August through the remainder of their contract with the convention center.  We at CMG wish to congratulate the forward-thinking leadership of the convention and add our own support to their efforts in honoring the LGBT community.  Huzzah!

Events & Play Wednesday on CreativeMountainGames.com News of Conventions and Gamedays as well as picturesfrom those I have attended and games I have played.Please Like, Share, Plus, Tweet, Follow, and Comment!

Color Spray: Stormtrooper Shuffle

Today we color spray the storm troopers in Imperial Assault! We’ll also talk a bit about stippling to create battle scars and grime effects.

Who doesn’t love a good storm trooper? Those sweet little jackbooted thugs are always there for us, ready to be mowed down by generations of role playinggroups!

But just because they’re miss happy cannon fodder, who can’t spot a droid to save the Empire, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t look good!

Base Coat

After washing and cleaning the miniatures, I primed them white. Then I base coated them with Vallejo Model Color Off White.

That’s right. I primed them white [...]

Interesting Entanglements: Natural Disaster

This week’s scene shows you how to conduct a scene using a natural disaster, and how to use natural disasters in your games.

Interesting Entanglements is a series aimed at providing storytellers with ready to go scenarios for when they've run out of ideas or time.

In order to allow for maximum leeway by the GM, few hard numbers or statistics will be given. Scenes will be descriptive rather than providing hard and fast numbers. GMs should feel free to tailor these scenes to the needs of their group.

This week’s scene

When was the last time you played a character reacting to a [...]

Finding the Fun: Misspent Youth

The Man is clamping down, tightening the grip on society. Our only hope is a group of defiant teens with nothing but distaste for authority. Will they save the day or sell out? This week on Finding the Fun, we're looking at Misspent Youth, an indie title that puts the player in the shoes of a Youthful Offender struggling against an Authority of their own making.

We're all familiar with the usual set-up for tabletop roleplaying games by now, a table of 4(ish) people, and one person telling you what's happening and calling the shots. It's a tried and tested formula, [...]

6mm/10mm ruins

Here is the new terrain piece I made for my 6mm/10mm gaming table.

In the base, it is a free model from Lord Zsezse Works called Elven Ruined Sanctuary, scaled down with option "portrait, multiple 4 by 4 pages per sheet".

I simplified the model to fit to the small scale by adding flock instead of some outer wall elements.

This Gothic structure can be used both for fantasy and Gothic SF settings.
Building is based on metal sheet to connect with my magnetized table, and then the magnetic foil is applied before paper floor - so [...]

Waves of Enchantment: Marine Magic for 5th edition

Eventhe early days of roleplaying were seeded with aquatic magic items, from thehelmet of underwater action to theApparatus of Kwalish. Almost all of these items weredesigned for surface races to spend time beneath the waves. In “Waves of Enchantment” I’ll be presenting magic items from a moreamphibious point of view. This week, magical weaponsinspired by...

Waves of Enchantment: Marine Magic for 5th edition

Eventhe early days of roleplaying were seeded with aquatic magic items, from thehelmet of underwater action to theApparatus of Kwalish. Almost all of these items weredesigned for surface races to spend time beneath the waves. In “Waves of Enchantment” I’ll be presenting magic items from a moreamphibious point of view. This week, magical weaponsinspired by...

Finally! The Big Reveal -- FANATIC The FANATICS Fanzine!

Now that it is finally April, we can announce and reveal the inaugural issue of Fanatics Fanzine! The mono-annual fanzine for FANATIC! The fanzine for real fans! To Download, Click Here ->Fanatic

A to Z of Vampires, Aswang

Welcome the the 2015 A to Z blogging challenge. This year I am going to take on Vampires. Talk some history and present some stats for various games. It should be fun. So it's April 1st. Lets get started. Aswang A creature from the Philippines. This evil vampire appears to be something like a cadaverous dog with large bat wings when in it's natural form. It can assume any shape such as a

Warlock's Journal Contest, Storm & Shield: Cosmic Crisis

  Once again, it is my turn to host the roving Warlock’s Journal contest. I am very pleased to announce the details for the fourth Warlock’s Journal contest held at Tales of a GM. The previous contest, Faerie Entrances, was hosted by Vicki over at Tabletop Adventures.   See here for a full list of …

Continue reading »

Game Of Thrones: Bastards Of Westeros...

Strange Stars Races- Savage Worlds Style, Baby- The Engineers

And yet more fun with Savage Worlding Strange Stars!


The Engineers (mnadnzat; mnaat sing.) are responsible for much of the Empire's technology. Though humanoid, they have characteristics like Paleo-Earth crustaceans, including eight limbs and a metallic carapace. All the engineers have cybernetic enhancements and symbiotic nanites. They can back up their minds for download into new bodies should their old ones be damaged beyond repair. Engineers make poor fighters, but their aptitude for technology makes them excellent technicians and (of course) engineers. Though they are essential to the Empire's function, the Vokun keep them under close control due to a fear [...]

Mythic Monsters: Guardians of Good

Mythic Monsters: Guardians of Good This installment of the Mythic Monsters-series clocks in at 34 […]

Dungeon Monthly (April 2015)

Well it's the beginning of April ...and that means another map for the Dungeon Monthly Project...

...and it's hard to believe that I'm now one third of the way through this year's project :S

Anyway, as is usual, you can also find unlabelled versions of all these maps in the following G+ albums:

(Original) 50 pixel per square album
(Upscaled) 70 pixel per square album

And as a final note, I'd just like to say a big thank you to the folks supporting the Dungeon Monthly Project over on Patreon ...thanks guys :)

A Is for The Avalon

Glittering mirror balls spin off countless spots of light above the changing, colorful glow of the dance floor. Disco drums thump out an infectious beat, the bass contrasting sharply with the falsetto croon. Full of laughing and talking and dancing, the night life at the Avalon stays in high gear.

The club’s security, high visible in their plate armor polished to a mirror sheen, keep sharp eyes peeled for trouble. The Lady du Lac tolerates no disruptions to the good times. Her boogie knights stand ready to intervene to enforce the Lady’s wishes.

The crowd parts and then knits itself back together [...]

Tenkar's Tavern Tankard - Take 2

This is the Zazzle version of the Tenkar's Tavern Tankard. I like the base color and highlights of this tankard better than the previous one. Of course, getting an in focus shot is hard as shit - keyboard reflection doesn't help either I think I needed more light. Ah well.

d10 Generals of Bastion, and their Armies

When Bastion needs an army, at least two Generals will rally to the call. Make a WIL Save for each to see if they can resist the passive-aggressive put-downs of their supposed allies, otherwise a battle breaks out between forces before the enemy is even near.

1: Len Python - STR 16, 13hp, Flanged Mace (d8), Green Plate (1), Endless Black Beard. Wants somebody to invade Bastion so that he can defend it and earn glory.
The War Machine
3 Axe Blocks - 8hp, Pole Axe (d8), Snake Banners, Tin Whistles
2 Musket Blocks - 7hp, Musket [...]

New Dice -- The d1!!

Today I have begun work on something that will shape the industry to it’s core…I call it the d1!

Need to make a choice from a long list of one item? The the d1 is for you!

Here is a close up image of the revoltionary design!

But what can this amazing new technology do for YOU?

  • Do I need to breathe right now? Roll the d1 and take that breath with pride! (Asthma sufferers may need to keep their inhalers on standby. Those with other Lung conditions are advised to follow the instructions of their medical practitioner)
  • Do you exist? Roll the d1 and [...]

Wonder Woman Wednesday...

Announcing Gamer Romance Novels

We here at Gnome Stew are excited to announce our newest Engine Publishing project, and a bit of a departure from our regular fare -- Gamer Romance Novels! Realizing, at a recent strategy meeting held over G+ hangouts, the untapped crossover market between romance novels and gamer supplements, Engine Publishing set out to utilize our writing resources to fill the gaps and create our new line -- Gnomance Novels!

Our new line will be a semi-interactive reading experience of Gnome and Fantasy themed romance novels. Much like Choose Your Own Adventure books, Gnomance Novels will be interactive fiction pieces released primarily [...]

Autoscaling Magic Items

Many players ofDungeons & Dragons expect the power of magic items to be roughly commensurate with character level.

On the one hand, this can be pretty important to party balance. If one PC in a first-level party has a +5 weapon he will be muchmore powerful than the other PCs. If all the PCs in that party have +5 weaponsthey will be immensely more powerful than the monsters they are ‘expected to face’… while at the same time being no more resilient. Balancing encounters so they can be challenging without them being overwhelming becomes quite difficult because the party’s power in [...]

Dungeon World: The Oni, New Bundles, and More Sales!

The Oni is now up on DriveThruRPG!

This one took waaay longer than expected, what with the---among other things---art commissions, a semi-exclusive adventure for Mythoard, working on A Sundered World (almost got some more art to post, and Melissa's giving it a thorough proofread), and tweaking a few other games.

I guess one of the upsides is that Melissa was able to take it for a spin.

Not only does the oni start out tougher than other characters (even without armor, maybe even especially without it), it can change its shape, turn invisible, and take hapless victims out Predator style [...]

The fools of Aprilstown

Aprilstown is a small and remote village of farmers and few traders. Once a year, in the first day of the spring, they have a big festival. The purpose of this festival is to please the God Of Random to keep the spring coming and to keep the cold spell in spring away. The reason why they don't sacrifice to the goddess of spring or weather, is unknown. Maybe they think that as spring is unstable it is God Of Random to be blamed.

During the festival the chief of Aprilstown, uses his sacred Springcrystal granting special powers for [...]

The fools of Aprilstown

Aprilstown is a small and remote village of farmers and few traders. Once a year, in the first day of the spring, they have a big festival. The purpose of this festival is to please the God Of Random to keep the spring coming and to keep the cold spell in spring away. The reason why they don't sacrifice to the goddess of spring or weather, is unknown. Maybe they think that as spring is unstable it is God Of Random to be blamed.

During the festival the chief of Aprilstown, uses his sacred Springcrystal granting special powers for [...]

Dragon #134


Our heroes have been sent into the enemy stronghold of Skyreach Castle with orders to bring it down. The Castle is a floating iceberg acting as a barge to transport a huge collection of treasure to the Well of Dragons. Sabotaging the Castle will deny the Cult of resources and help to subvert the Cult's plan to release Tiamat from the Nine Hells.

Wheel of Time Classes for Dungeon World: Aes Sedai

It’s been a little while since I’ve given an update for Wheel of Time stuff. This is because I was unable to spend the needed time with my friend that I was usually spending with him to work on them due to the lenten season. It’s still going to be iffy for a while until...

Read More

The post Wheel of Time Classes for Dungeon World: Aes Sedai appeared first on Ramblings of Jacob and Delos.

Miss April: Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen (of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Godzilla, Oldboy, Silent House and Kill Your Darlings)

Without a Plan, the Keep Burned, the Party Lives and the Revolution Just Got Serious

Last night our Monday night gaming group's siege of a keep came to a semi conclusion.  +Douglas Cole's optimistic title, The Siege Ends goes into way more detail than I will.  I play an ex-gladiator named Leshar, a lizardman.  There is a connection to +Rob Conley's historical background to his game, but I won't go into that.

I can't tell you how bad I need this shirt.

Leshar found himself in a burning keep and last session he found the wife of the (now dead) sheriff, and other female members of his family.  Leshar, while he posed it [...]

1d10 Random Occult Casket Finds Table For Your Old School Campaigns

Adventurers and outlaws like stumble unto weird and strange finds in caskets and other strange containers for treasures and relics. Some of these objects and devices are of strange and unearthly origin, they have weird and strange ways of defeating those who would violate they're contents. Many are the property of higher dimensional beings who have laid their objects and treasures in our

Daily Build v0.235 Shader Update


  • FIX: Shader update. Framerate in GMs map view increased 2x.

Shader and lighting update thatroughly doubles the framerate and provides better visual fidelity.

New shader: 45 fps

Old shader: 19 fps

New shader: 42 fps

Old shader: 21 fps

If you are a Kickstarter backer or pre-ordered through BackerKit and you do not have the links for download. Send an e-mail to backerkit@tabletopconnect.com

(Special thanks to Gherrion Lonestrider for the sample map.)


Day 1 A is for Aqueducts

A – Aqueducts/pipes/fountains/cisterns/wells/artesian wells/water towers/flood control basins/drains/Archimedes Screw/Dippers/Reservoirs Without water to drink, a city cannot arise. There won’t be more than a large village or small town without plentiful water. A few collected homes can manage with a nearby stream, river, or lake that does not run dry. More reliable sources of water to avoid […]

Playing To Expectations And Varying From Them


On Monday we talked about the expectations our players have when we run a table top game. We talked about where those expectations come from, and how to set expectations for the players through communication before the game. Today we're going to follow up on that with talking about how you want to play in to those expectations, and how - if you feel the need - you can break from them and bring the game in a new direction.

I should have done an april fool's joke....ah well!

Why Are Expectations Important?
To [...]

20% off (or more!) on all titles!

I’ve reduced thecover price on all my books on Lulu and on RPGNow by 20% through April 2nd.

Don’t forget that Lulu is offering an additional 20% off coupon (FOOLME) and also 50% off ground shipping (automatically applied).


potelbat Ep. 87a "Seems Short"

One question. From a listener. Answered.

There’s no @vladepsyker this week, due to complications. You’ll just have to make do with me.

@Fiddleback is going to Gen Con! Thank you for your pledges! Now, you can force him to play Monopoly! Keep cool stuff coming to the podcast and The Mad Adventurers Society. This episode of potelbat is sponsored by @deuterium-ice, @ericthegeneral and the mysterious Mr. X, all of whom pledged their support on our Patreon Campaign.

Find us on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

You can rate, review, and subscribe to us on iTunes.

Our website is:http://www.madadventurers.com

Direct Download: http://archive.org/download/Potelbat87a/potelbat%2087a.mp3


Daily Punch 3-30-15 Personal Problems positive quality for Shadowrun 5e

I have a few ideas for my character, and I want to take more then the 25 karma worth of problems. Sure I can roleplay it, but let’s make it official and give me some starting karma for it!

Personal Problems

Cost: 5 karma

You’re pretty beat to heck. For everything you got going for you, you’ve got two that make it worse! You can take up to an extra 25 karma worth of negative qualities, and instantly gain that much karma.


Daily Punch 3-27-15 Astral Burnout negative quality for Shadowrun 5e

I have a character that I want to be burned by magic so bad, he’s not magical. Let’s make that happen in Shadowrun 5e.

Astral Burnout

Bonus: 20 karma

Magic is fickle. Sometimes people do something to make it more so. Some get amazing powers, while some get this. You now count as dual natured for magic. You gain none of the magical benefits to being dual natured, but all the negative effects of dual natured creatures now apply. You do not gain the ability to enter the astral plain fully or the ability to persevere astrally from this quality, but other effectsmay [...]

Daily Punch 3-26-15 On the Cheap positive Quality for Shadowrun 5e

I grew up in the country, and we learned how to do things cheap. Let’s roll that into Shadowrun!

On the Cheap

Cost: 5 karma per rating, see text

You know how to make things happen when you don’t have much. In fact, you can make a whole month of food, matrix access, and electricity from one case of soy-Ramen and a space heater alone! Characters who have this quality have their monthly lifestyle rating cut by one-quarter per rating of this quality. You may only have one rank in this quality at high lifestyle, two in medium lifestyle, and up to three [...]

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