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Starting A New Game: Character Creation

You've found a group, pitched your game, and settled on a game night. Now it's time to get into the nitty gritty of the game itself, and the best place to start that is with Character Creation. In today's post I'm going to outline three different ways to handle this, along with what you want to have in mind before you start your players off on putting pencil to sheet.

What & How?
We've gone over this before, but it is important to review before character creation. You want to know two things in specific. The first is what [...]

The Inevitable Post WinterCon 2015 Post

It feels like, these days, my gaming calendar has two calendars: con season and holiday season. Seriously, the holiday season is the only time were there's not one convention or another that I attend each month. This past weekend broke the con dearth of the holiday season with the coming of WinterCon. Now, D&D historians out there will recognize the name WinterCon. It's traditionally run by the Metro Detroit Gamers association and way back in the day (as in THE ACTUAL FUCKING DAY, the 70's) this con was some serious shit. I mean, Uncle Gary wrote 'The Lost Caverns of [...]

Part 44: "Knights Talk in Flowery Phrases"

Part 44 of a comparison of Holmes' manuscript with the published Basic Set rulebook. Turn to page 40 of your 'Blue Book' (page 39 for the 1st edition) and follow along... 

Continuing with Holmes' advice to new DMs, line by line:

"Once the game begins, try to keep the action moving at a dramatic pace. If the going gets rough, the characters have the option of turning around and going back to the surface. If time runs out the characters can always be left at some appropriate spot within the dismal depths, time suspended, [...]

Part 45: "Roll the Number and See What Happens!"

Part 45 of a comparison of Holmes' manuscript with the published Basic Set rulebook. Turn to page 41 of your 'Blue Book' (page 40 for the 1st edition) and follow along... 

After the Example of Play, Holmes' advice for DMs continues:

This example could be played with maps and pencil and paper. If miniature figures are used, they can be arranged in battle order on the table top and the movement through passages and rooms imagined, the pieces rearranged for combat or other changes of formation. Figures are available for all the character types of Dungeons & Dragons [...]

Hexographer in the News, January 2015

Occasionally (between answering questions here and our support email and working on other projects) I check the web for mentions of Hexographer. Below are links to cool uses, reviews, sample maps, etc., from the past month or so:

  • Breeyark has a Keep on the Borderlands map.
  • Bleach Kitty has a procedurally generated galaxy map.
  • Fantastic Frontier is a new blog that used Hexographer to create its background. They explain what they love about the tool.
  • The D&D Adventures Project is also using Hexographer for a Keep on the Borderlands area map.
  • Toybox has a tutorial on making a Hexographer icosahedral map into a 3d d20-like [...]

Two Weeks until the Sea of Stars Kickstarter ends and let us Help one of our Own

We are entering the final stretch and need more stretch goals for the Sea of Stars Kickstarter, would you like to help out? Please do.

The Philippine Gamer is having a bit of a rough patch with medical problems besetting wife and family, please help out if you can.

Confessions of a newbie Dungeons and Dragons player

The following was submitted and authored by Tanya Logan. Some of you may know her best for the Ugly Christmas beholder sweater which was viral this past December. With the release of 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons there is many new faces around the game table. Times have changed because of social media and our beloved hobby is growing. Thank you Tanya for sharing your perspective with us.

Confessions of a newbie Dungeons and Dragons player

By Tanya Logan

I have only played Dungeons and Dragons a handful of times. In fact I just phonetically spelled [...]

Superpowers in Supervillains

The Amazing Adventures of Holo-Man #1;
1978, Peter Pan Records; Art by Joe Giella
As one might expect from "an exciting game of super human role-playing," player characters have superpowers -- or "Abilities" as the rules refer to them.  A character's Ability is determined by rolling a percentile die and consulting the Ability Chart (sometimes called the Ability Table) and subsequent Ability Descriptions.  There are thirty-three Abilities.  Many of them are standard comic book superhero fare, some are unusual yet not without comic book precedent, and a few are original and...interesting.

There is a one to four percent chance [...]

My Blizzard Reading Collection - Breachworld, Sword of Air and Stoneheart Valley

If I somehow am not held over at work tomorrow, I will either be stuck at work in all likelihood Tuesday thru Wednesday (assuming I can get to work with the blizzard currently being predicted for NYC) or stuck at home. In either case, I'm preparing reading material.

Breachworld - the "not Rifts RPG." Seriously, it's not, even if it does borrow some of the basic tropes. It's built off of the Mini Six system (which in turn is a variation of the Open D6 System which has it's roots in the old WEG's Star Wars D6) we have a chance to see something Rifts-like with a system that work. Heck, I suspect with minimal work one could run a Rifts campaign using these [...]

Starfighter: Research and Development

Growing up in the age of Pong and the original Atari, I have a true appreciation for small byte games. The graphics are simplistic and often require you to use your imagination but the story and quality of many of these games, far exceeded what modern games give us. While poking around on Twitter a few weeks back, I stumbled upon Starfighter: Research and Development. The base concept of this game is that you are a scientist/engineer working for a company that use to be the best in the field of spacecraft development. Now your company has fallen on hard times and it is up to you to create the next new ship that will bring the company back into the forefront of the industry.

Your resources starting out are virtually non-existent. You get an old escape pod with no weapons and you have to use it to defend against an alien attack. Obviously your little ship dies in a fiery explosion rather quickly. The poor pilot goes to a frozen grave but you back in your lab learn from the experience. You get another pod and pilot and crank on a machine gun and send it back into space. That pilot makes it through a few of the enemy but he to dies. You check out your data and see more ways to improve your ship. Mods done, you get another pilot and send him into the fray. This goes on indefinitely and while I am not sure if there is an upper limit to what you can do,

I can tell you that in my first six hours of the game, I was thoroughly entertained. I love this simple game. The concept is sound, the mod system for improving your ship works well, and the game is simply fun. The [...]

Castle Greyhawk: Spell Talk

Welcome back Greyhawk fans! Let's get back to the third chapter of our ongoing Castle Greyhawk graphic novel. Check out page-ten and read some illuminating exposition by staff writer Scott Casper. On our site you can also check the archives and follow the entire Castle Greyhawk story from the very beginning.

Artist's Commentary: The eiger battle comes to a close and now we get a moment of levity as the magic-users critique the main spell of the encounter. Sharing spells is kind of a tradition of D&D as they are hard to come by. It may also be why all these "named" NPC wizards have their own personally created spells. Will we ever get to see any? Only [...]

Montporte Dungeon Campaign Session 45 Notes

Peter D (Dungeon Fantastic) had a nice summary of this session in his blog post, 5e D&D - Montporte Megadungeon - 1/19 Summary of Play.

Cast of Characters
Adzeer Mattiu, Hunter of the Second Circle (Half Orc, Hunter): Tim (Gothridge Manor)
Breena Honey-Badger Warrick (Gnome, Barbarian): Joshua (Tales of the Rambling Bumblers)
Dante Rathburn (Human, Warlock): Chris (The Clash of Spear on Shield)
Luven Lightfinger (Human, Rogue): Rob (Bat in the Attic)
Nosphryc Azurecoat (Human, Fighter): Douglas (Gaming Ballistic) [Played this session by Peter D (Dungeon Fantastic)]
Duncan Kern (Gnome, Rogue): Dan
Marcus Aurelius (Magic sword): NPC
Benn (Human): NPC
Lucky (One eyed, three [...]

Cyclopean Ruins

Almost two weeks ago I posted a query concerning Numenera. My interest in that book has cooled somewhat, but not the quote that I shared in that post.

I simply can not shake the image of a small band traversing a flat, windswept landscape. The wind howls, pulling at their cloaks as they clutch them desperately around their bodies. The light is failing, and in its twilight seems somehow thin, washed out. They arrive at a cliff face, not more than 10-12' high, curving away to either side, fading into the wan light.

They quickly negotiate that smooth face, [...]


I've decided to post a master list with links to all the wuxia and martial arts fantasy movies I've reviewed over the past year. It is possible I left something off this list but believe I found every blog entry. These have become popular enough that I will continue posting them in the future. I should have a review up for The Water Margin soon. I'd like to do write some Chen Pei-Pei reviews as well, but as I mentioned I reviewed every one of her films that I have a copy of and some of the others are quite hard to obtain. If I manage to outbid someone for the Jade Raksha or Whiplash (which I haven't been able to do) or find a copy of one of her other movies available for sale, I will do a review. I am going to start doing some newer films as [...]

Big Trouble in Little Phandalin: Continuing our 5th Edition Adventure

When I last posted about this campaign ...

The party's dwarven cleric had just been cursed by the ghost of his master, Sildar Hallwinter, while looting his corpse and the gang found out the hard way that they were unemployed.

What are a pair of down-on-their-luck dwarves, a shy elf, an attack-hobbit and their pet goblin to do?

Head to Phandalin of course!

After alienating a few of the locals, pondering an indecipherable sign, and trying the inevitable "rob the shop" caper, the gang eventually found their way to the Shrine of Luck on [...]

Wizards Announces Elemental Evil

Sorry guys I missed this announcement.

From WotC

Today, Wizards of the Coast announced the latest Dungeons & Dragons storyline, Elemental Evil, which includes new product offerings for both digital and tabletop RPG players.


The Elemental Evil storyline will begin this March and run through mid-summer allowing players to explore the Forgotten Realms and defeat the secret cults that threaten to wipe out the Sword Coast.

Some of the exciting new product offerings tied to the Elemental Evil story line includes:

  • Neverwinter: Elemental Evil, a new module for the MMORPG
  • Princes of the Apocalypse tabletop RPG adventure, including new options and spells for players
  • Player content including [...]

Meet 71, Adv 4, 1/10/15

Talking undead.

Whenever it happens, no matter the group, it always freaks the group out. Mindless undead, snapping teeth, rotting bodies - they can take - but put a voice to that and it raises the "what the fuck is that" level to those that face it.

I have had ghouls talk and spectres merely moan. Whatever the situation, it always manages to drive the party to distraction.

Write up follows:

The group had discussed leaving getting to a split decision on pressing on "one more room" and cutting now, with a few more votes landing [...]

Frost Fir

The faint scent of pine sap accompanies this vaguely tree-shaped creature, which stands on two towering trunklike legs. Its arms resemble the branches of a snow-laden conifer.

Source: Pathfinder Adventure Path 67: Snows of Summer
     Frost Firs are evil tree creatures who are rumored to have descended from Treants. These stoic creatures are reclusive and keep to their groves hidden away in the coldest forest of the north. They have grown to hate those who defile their homelands. Tales from the north tell of entire caravans disappearing as they travel through a Frost Fir domain. [...]

Circle of Hands Clash System Shout Out

CIrcle of Hands by Ron Edward

I finished reading Circle of Hands by Ron Edwards. Thecombat/clash system is sticking in my brain.

A brief rundown:

  • Everyone states their intentions
  • Line everyone up in order of quickness (faster characters will go first)
  • Anyone can pay (in resolve/might) to jump to the head of the line...at any time
  • Actions are taken...and can pull other characters to the head of the line

It appears to be an engine that leverages chaos, imperfect information, and resource management to move combat from the poor analogue of the battle mat to a procedure fornegotiating a charged moment of fiction.

It reminds me of Diaspora‘s [...]

A "new" character creation method

I am not sure where have I seen this character creation method, possibly in Talislanta or some D&D E6 rules, but it really grabbed my imagination, and I do think it is awesome, so I will share it here, passing the word. It is a good way for players to choose their ability scores, while having both a random element, and a maintaining fairness. Behold!

So the method is the following. You create a 6 by 6 table, and start rolling the dice, filling the little brackets as you go [...]

The Role of Character Part 3 Races

The Role of Character Part 3

Last week I wrote about the importance of your ability scores, and the week before the introduction on the Role of Character. This week we are going to take a look at races and apply what I feel are some nuances that are often overlooked. Plus I hope to add some ideas that help you look at an approach to a race differently, without changing your concept of what that race is.

Below I’ll kind of define the different races; Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, and Halfling. My descriptions are going to be based off [...]

Musings Upon a Missed SHTFriday

I had a truly awful headache on Friday that culminated in me crawling into bed for 6 hours until the pain went away. Naturally, this left me unable to write my scheduled Blue Collar Prepping article.

Fortunately, I was prepared for such an emergency, and called up a guest post. Titled "A Prepping Guide for Beginners," it lists 4 easy things you can start doing right now to get prepared for emergencies and disasters, and I encourage everyone to go read it.

Entry is always the hardest part of a hobby-lifestyle, and a lot of folks are overwhelmed at [...]

Grimm Fandango

(Yeah, I stole the title from that old Lucasarts game. Sue me.)

I had planned on posting this a month or so ago, but work and rewrites got crazy (see below) and my original intention to post mkore often has fallen by the wayside. That said, here’s an interesting tale of my brush with Hollywood greatness and experiences working with one of the coolest shows on network TV right now.

I’ve noticed an interesting surge in urban fantasy shows on TV, with shows likeTrue Blood, Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time, Constantineand others rising to prominence. I think that’s a healthy trend [...]

RQ Solo Adv Log 2 (Gerg)

The first post can be found here

My next character is a barbarian fishermen named Droffats Gerg. Gerg began play with a boat and about 140 cp worth of salted fish. He also had a bunch of rope and other bulky items.

So I decided maybe he could sail down a stream to get within a couple hours walk of Scorpion Hall.

The first scorpion hunter spoted him still on his boat. Gerg decides to drift closer while he casts Strength to increase his damage.

Laying flat to use the boats sides for cover he drifts [...]

Gencon 2015 Hotel Registration--The Housing Hunger Games

Every year my cohorts and I stand by, waiting for the nanosecond that the Gencon reservation system allows us to book rooms. We all press the button and surge forth to fight off the hordes of gamers trying to get in the system first and score prime hotels. Every year, we do really well and get our first choice. We are patient, organized and highly motivated, so the surge of people does not cause us an issue.

So in 2015 Gencon changed the system to make it “fair.” Rather than rewarding those with a quick Internet connection and button pushing skills, [...]

WoTR: Convincing the Churches, part 4

Pharasmins embrace old age as a vital stage of life.CHURCH OF PHARASMA

The church of Pharasma sits at the entrance to one of the great graveyards of Absalom. An elderly half-elven woman known as High Priestess Khallease wears a hooded, robe-like dress, and has a surpassingly youthful voice. She is rumoured to be a beautiful and young woman, perhaps an everlasting beauty, but who covers up her appearance so that she would not be distracted by seducers. She is concerned about the Worldwound as it is renowned for waylaying souls -- as are the succubi -- [...]

Computer Wizards of the Present-Future

Credit where credit is due for the form of the phrase.

I was thinking more on the trouble I have with psionics in science-fiction games, and realized the solution was staring me in the face.  In science fiction, the role of magic in fantasy is best filled by gear, equipment, applied technology.  By analogy, the wizard-equivalent character ought to be the technologist who works magic.

I nominate the hacker.

The hacker-wizard is very much a live hypothesis (to use Peircian language), a live symbol, in current media.  For the hacker to 'work magic' feels much more [...]

Looking To Change Up The Tavern's Blog Header - With a Semi-Regular Rotation of Artists

I've been using +Scott Ackerman 's amazing blog header over 2 years and it still entertains me to no end. I do, however, feel there should be more.

And not more in the way of the old blog headers, which served their purpose but lacked that certain magic that Scott brought to The Tavern.

I'd like to have a stable of blog headers, rotating weekly or so and showcasing new and emerging artists in our hobby (or even established ones, if they are so interested ;) I'm really excited to see different takes on The Tavern's header.

Here's what I'm thinking.

Open call for Headers for Tenkar's Tavern Blog.

I'll pay $20 for each header that I use [...]


Leskylor are among the natural fauna of the Blessed Fields of Elysium, making their homes in the caves nestled in wind-shorn peaks. Leskylor are prone to a particular type of mutation, that of multiple heads. Up to three-headed Leskylor have been spotted by dimensional travellers in Elysium. Which of course makes them all the more dangerous, as even a one-headed Leskylor is able to breathe out cones of bitter cold. These blue winged tigers are as independent as their ordinary mortal cousins, but vastly more intelligent and a useful ally against the forces of evil. [...]

D&D Adventurers League Elemental Evil Schedule Announced -- Available March 2015

Starting March 2015, The D&D Adventurer’s League Organized Play program will be releasing a number of in-store exclusive adventures that tie into theElemental Evil storyline, including 16 brand new adventurers. As with Tyranny of Dragons, these adventures will be exclusive to the D&D Adventurer’s League program in game stores, and earlier at conventions. Organized Play...

D&D Adventurers League Elemental Evil Schedule Announced -- Available March 2015

Starting March 2015, The D&D Adventurer’s League Organized Play program will be releasing a number of in-store exclusive adventures that tie into theElemental Evil storyline, including 16 brand new adventurers. As with Tyranny of Dragons, these adventures will be exclusive to the D&D Adventurer’s League program in game stores, and earlier at conventions. Organized Play...

FiNCK, Fire Nuclear Crocodile Killer

Review #74 -- Free Video Game
FiNCK, Fire Nuclear Crocodile Killer
Yeah, the title doesn't make any sense, so don't worry too much about it.
FiNCK is a platformer in the same style as Lyle in Cube Sector and Alex'sAdventure, and one of the best I've seen, I might add. Why? Because it's so darn simple.
After a short tutorial, you familiarize yourself with all the commands: moving, jumping, and using boxes. Listo. After that, the game consists in figuring out a complex and labyrinthine world, and interacting with a few special "boxes" that can have unique properties or [...]

The Lost Treasure of the Bone Soldiers

The Lost Treasure of the Bone Soldiers is my latest Patreon offering.  To get players interested in the adventure I was thinking of just throwing a treasure map in the way.  A crude thing that mentions buried treasure. Simple, but effective.  This adventure is short, but thick with character ending possibilities.  First there is the simple you fall a 100' and turn into broken meat sack.  Then there is the harpies charm ability, depending on the game this could be a permanent situation.  And lastly, the life draining ability [...]

Dungeons & Dragons - A Guide to Modrons

Modrons are little magic clockwork people from the plane of law known as Mechanus. They've been around in D&D for a long time.

Not For Everyone

Modrons are definitely a creature that some game groups like and other game groups hate. Are they too cutesy? Too weird? Too steampunk?

Somethingawful spent a number of pages gawking at the AD&D modrons. The comment that sticks out the most to me is this: "Nobody knew what the heck to do with modrons."

Creative Origins

I was wondering where they even came from in the first place. Apparently, [...]

Reaching for a knife in a LARPer's kitchen....

Visiting geeky friends and helping out in the kitchen always has other bonuses. Whether you’re popping into to visit someone into their re-enactment, their LARP or just a gamer boosting the atmosphere of their home you can expect a pleasant surprise or two.

For example, imagine reaching for a knife in this kitchen.

(Via Imgur)

How charming is Charm Person?

Nothing earth-shattering today; just some thoughts on the ever-popular Charm Person spell.  It happens that in my intermittent game with my brother's family, my wife likes to play a dryad who makes liberal use of her innate Charm Person spell.  So far she's only got one spell per day, but she keeps a retinue of the enemies she's charmed as sort of de facto henchmen, though I have set a limit of one per level plus Charisma bonus.

Anyway...Charm Person.  What does it do, what doesn't it do, and what are its limits?  The Moldvay Basic Rules tell us [...]

Shakespeare Sunday -- Richard and His Uncles: Discovering the Public Soliloquy

One of the more difficult passages to untangle in Richard II is found in Act II, Scene 1. Immediately following the death of the Duke of Lancaster, Richard announces that he’s claiming all of Lancaster’s property for himself in order to pay for the Irish wars:

RICHARD And for these great affairs do ask some charge,
Towards our assistance we do seize to us
The plate, coin, revenues, and moveables
Whereof our uncle Gaunt did stand possess’d.

The Duke of York’s response is immediate:

YORK How long shall I be patient? Ah how long
Shall tender duty make me suffer wrong?
Not Gloucester’s [...]

Kerbal Campaign Episode 03

Doing some more missions, earning some more cash!

Unfortunately, right after I finished recording, I accidentally hit “Load Game” instead of “Save Game” and ended up erasing today’s play! So we will resume in a slightly altered timeline next episode…

Find the full playlist here!

"Storm Castle Ustarda "


This is part one of the audio  Dungeons and Dragons game I ran today Sunday the 25 January.  I haven’t listened to it yet as I hate the sound of my voice as I hear it every day.  Tell me what you think of the game.

Holding Off on Day 11 of OSR Christmas Until AFTER Snowmegeddon 2015 ;)

The latest update for Blizzard Juno is 20-30" in NYC with wind gusts of up to 65 MPH at the height of it.

The odds of me being stuck at work for an extended period of time time (24-48+ hrs straight) is significant.

I'm sure I'll squeeze in time to post, but I'd rather not post something I need to keep tabs on until after this "major snow event."

I DO have something I'd like to post, perhaps later today, not a contest but something that certainly would desire entries. It would also be open for a while.

Blurbs from the Booth-Do I really love Dungeons and Dragons?

Well it’s Sunday, and that means option time. And today, I’m going to write about Dungeons and Dragons. In the comments below, you can start your own edition wars, but today I want to talk about something I’ve been thinking about for a little bit. I’ve written a ton of RPG reviews, but what’s really strange is most of these I think I like more than DnD. But, I play more DnD and Pathfinder than any other RPG. So my question today is-Do I love Dungeons and Dragons?

This seems like a pretty no brainer question, right? Ya, you play a [...]

Some Thoughts on the New Dungeon Master's Screen

Here are some things that I like, dislike, and find interesting about the new Dungeon Master’s Screen. I think the …

Continue reading →

Kickstarter: Darkraven Soundscapes:Redux + Cthulhu-Fantasy & Horror Music

In my post Gaming with an iPad I mentioned before that using a tablet has many advantages to tabletop gaming but I was reminded that I had forgotten one; music and ambience. While this is within the realms of using an iPad to play atmospheric music the inability to multi-task may hinder the smooth running […]

Found a Use for My OGRE Oversized Tote Bag - Winter Storm Juno "Go Bag"

If tomorrow's blizzard predictions hold true, I may be stuck at work tomorrow night (or held over preemptively to stand in for those that can't make it in.) If I do go home tomorrow night, assuming trains are running Tuesday morning I may get held over until Wednesday.

Yeah, I expect lots of not much fun over the next few days.

So, in the bag I have:

- a light sleeping bag

- a cheesy pillow

- a towel

- a change of underwear

- a pair of clean dry socks

- 6 single serve mac and cheese bowls

- 6 single serve instant oatmeal bowls

- 4 single serve trail mix

- [...]

The Spidergoat for DCC

The Spider Goat is such a cool monster. I'm going to use it in my DCC Post-Apocalypse game. I converted it over to DCC.  The hardest part was coming up with how to do the web.  As near as I can tell the rules for webs are different for almost every monster that has one.  I'm also not sure about the saves but I figure they are close enough. Comments and suggestions, as always, are welcome. 

Spider Goat: Init +2; Atk Gore  +4 melee (2d4+poison) , Kick +4 melee (2d6), Bite +4 Melee (1d4); Web +4 Ranged (no damage see [...]

Daily Punch 1-22-14 Arcane Master arcane tradition for wizards for DnD 5e

I mentioned a player really loved the arcane familiar, but wants to expand the creature she can get. Let’s make that an arcane tradition.


Arcane Master

You have bound creatures to your service. They work for you and do your bidding unquestioningly.

Master Manipulator

When you select this school at second, you gain the arcane familiar as an extra known spell. Once per day, you am perform this spell as an action with no cost instead of its normal time and cost. You do not have to have the spell prepared to cast the spell in this way. Your familiar can be any type [...]

The 3 Legged Stool of RPG | R4I

Every game needs 3 things: world, story, and mechanics to stand up.

Inspired by FaunTrodden’s video: http://youtu.be/50doPh8jVxs

What is your priority in a game?

Cthulhu Wars: Playing the Yellow Sign

The Yellow Sign is a...different faction, and not just because they have two Great Old Ones and a few "do this, then do something else" spellbooks.

When we started learning and playing the game I handled it just like I did the Black Goat: I sent out a pair of Cultists to build some Gates in adjacent zones, and then on the second round I Awakened my Great Old One and started Summoning monsters to defend myself.

This was a huge mistake that cost me the game, as by the time I amassed a horde of Undead and started [...]

Daily Punch 1-21-15 Improved Animal Companion feat for DnD 5e

If a wizards familiar can get better, then so can a rangers! How about this?


Improved Animal Companion

You can master the toughest beasts. You beast companion can now be any size, and it’s challenge rating may be up to 1/2 your hit dice. It may be any type, but must be alive and non-humanoid. It may not have an intelligence above 6. It does not gain your proficiency bonus to AC, attack, or damage rolls. If you beast has the multiattack power. It may only make multiple attacks when you use the Beastial Fury power.


Thoughts? Is 1/2 to much? Would 1/4 [...]

Found a Use for My OGRE Oversized Tote Bag - Winter Storm June "Go Bag"

If tomorrow's blizzard predictions hold true, I may be stuck at work tomorrow night (or held over preemptively to stand in for those that can't make it in.) If I do go home tomorrow night, assuming trains are running Tuesday morning I may get held over until Wednesday.

Yeah, I expect lots of not much fun over the next few days.

So, in the bag I have:

- a light sleeping bag

- a cheesy pillow

- a towel

- a change of underwear

- a pair of clean dry socks

- 6 single serve mac and cheese bowls

- 6 single serve instant oatmeal bowls

- 4 single serve trail mix

- [...]
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