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Another Petty God is Born

And his name is +Jason Zavoda.  Zavoda does sound like good Petty God name.  Zavoda is the Petty God of Used Gaming Goods.  In my pantheon he would rate higher than a petty god, it is gaming after all.  Here's why Zavoda earned his deity status....

Jason asked if I wanted a couple of adventure modules that were in well-used.  I never turn down adventure modules.  I said sure.  I though maybe he'd send a couple in a manilla envelope.  Holy crap no he did not.  The package weighted about five pounds or more.

Now the amazing [...]

Assassin's Creed Unity Meets Parkour

This has to be one of the most bad ass videos I have seen this year. It combines cosplay with some crazy ass action. The stuntmen in this video are not only crazy, they are skilled beyond belief. Watch it and see for yourself.

If you dig this video as much as me, check out devinsupertramp’s other videos.

Dead in Thay: Save or Die

The Dead in Thay season of Dungeons & Dragons Encounters is over! We wrapped it up tonight with a sweet poster map printed out at Office Depot for a cool 3 bucks.

Players are on vacation, so I had a mere 4 heroes for the big finale. I was disappointed in the turnout. I was pretty excited about this one, and I wanted them all to get to experience it. Also, this thing is deadly. The more players, the better.

I don't want to harp on this too much, but I feel that I must include a [...]

halfling barbarian ! trouble at the tavern !

a halfling barbarian is snoozing at a local inn (sleeping off a bit of a binger) .. when a gang of toughs starts terrorizing the patrons ! she enters the fray :w00t:

halfling barbarian ! leaps into battle !

Filed under: concept art, fantasy, role playing game Tagged: barbarian, character, concept art, dungeons and dragons, fantasy, fighter, halfling, pathfinder, race

drow priestess ! and the ritual ! :D

sketch of a drow priestess … about to perform a ritual

drow priestess … about to perform some sort of ritual ^^;…

Filed under: concept art, fantasy, role playing game Tagged: character, cleric, creature, drow, dungeons and dragons, fantasy, pathfinder, priestess

The King is Dead: Progress!

I've finished the expanded information for the secret societies and am now working on new Edges!

Bundle of Holding - ORE: One-Roll Engine

I've heard only good things about the One-Roll Engine, especially Wild Talents, on the Happy Jacks Podcast. I also received Godlike in some bundle or other, and I really like the setting (although to be honest, I didn't look at the rules themselves, as supers is generally not a genre that I readily embrace).

This is a very tempting bundle, as I suspect if I did play a supers game, it would probably use the rules / setting of Godlike.

Ah well, I have a week to decide...

The Sun Sword for Dungeon Crawl Classics

For my Crawling Under a Broken Moon game I'm  creating both a one-shot adventure as well material for an ongoing campaign.   The one shot adventure will use the characters from Post Apoclypse archetypes.  One of those characters is Thundarr, of course, and what's Thundarr without his Sun Sword!

One of the many unique objects in Thundarr is the Sun Sword.  The shows creators were, well let's just say inspired by, Star Wars.  The Sun Sword is pretty much a lightsaber. In the show  Thundarr uses it to do all kinds of things, except actually cutting people up. I [...]

European Women in Games

The fourth annual European Women in Games Conference is to take place on Wednesday 10th September at London South Bank University. The program will feature a range of current topics including setting up your own games company, games industry career advice to how to encourage more school children to consider a career in the games industry.

Announcing the details of the conference organizer David Smith said, "The European Women in Games Conference has steadily grown over the past four years. The 2014 event will help all industry professionals' progress their careers and we are making it accessible to everyone. I'd like to thank London South Bank University for hosting the conference and making it possible for us to offer attractive ticket prices for a first rate and pertinent program both for existing industry professionals as well as those hoping to join our industry."

As in previous years the day's conference will comprise a mix of keynote speeches, panel discussions and the European Women in Games Hall of Fame Awards. The line-up of speakers and panellists will reflect the diverse talent that exists in the games industry. Key note speakers will include Emma Mulqueeny, the founder of Rewired State and Young Rewired State and a Commissioner for the Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy and Andrew Webber, Marketing Director – Audience Acquisition at Microsoft. More speakers and panellists will be announced over the coming weeks.

"We are fortunate to have welcomed some inspiring key note speakers over the last 3 years including Fiona Sperry, Siobhan Reddy and Caroline Norbury." said David Smith. “

The conference has steadily grown in popularity since its inaugural event in 2011. This year's event is expected to have the greatest attendance yet helped by the early bird ticket price of 20 per person. This makes the conference much more accessible to [...]

Elements & Alignments brought to bear: The Rod of Law

Ephesians 2 
And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins; 2 wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: 3 among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others. (KJV)or a queen?A prince?

New Custom Card For Your Monty Python Fluxx Game: The Black Knight

Been playing a bit of Monty Python Fluxx in my home games recently. Even have the Castle Expansion and "Sir Not Appearing in This Game" promo card. But the omission of one card was driving me nuts, as it's such an obvious addition, I'm surprised it doesn't exist.

Doesn't exist until NOW, anyway!

I've created a new Creeper card for your Monty Python Fluxx games: The Black Knight! Like most Creeper cards, he's brought out and played upon drawing. You cannot win the game if he's on the table in front of you unless the current Goal says [...]

Running Pathfinder for Smaller Groups

Pathfinder, like its close cousin Dungeons & Dragons, is a fantasy roleplaying game where a group of players gather around a table to have numerous adventures within an imaginary fantasy world of either the Game Master's creation or a publish setting created by someone else. Ideally, this group contains four to five players who fill the four, classic roles (Arcane Spellcaster, Divine Spellcaster, Expert, & Martial). 
Occasionally, this idea is not met and the group only has two or three players. At first glance, this might make running the game a little harder. However, its relatively easy to adapt the [...]

Dangerous Space Jail by Phil Vecchione

On Google+, Phil Vecchione was asking for people to review his Dungeon World adventureDangerous Space Jail. I jumped.

I love Phil’s Never Unpreparedfrom Engine Publishing. It’s a guide for getting things done, with a focus on bringing awesome adventures to your gaming table.

Encoded Design’s tagline is “Weaponizing Games for Busy GMs.”It is important to keep in mind that this adventure is for Busy GMs.


Dangerous Space Jail devotes five pagesto the preamble.

One page for an introduction toEncoded Design‘s first publication as well ashow the adventure came about.

Twopagesofadventure background.Astral prison forancient foes.

Twopages explaininghow to use this adventure. There is good advice, especially those [...]

Kickstarter - Non-Player Cards: An Artful & Inspirational Generation Tool (NPC Character Generator)

I like inspirational tools when I'm brainstorming some adventure creation. It's why blogs like The Dungeon Dozen and resources like the D30 Sandbox Companion are so popular. They don't give you a finished product - but they give you inspiration for use in limitless adventures.
Non-Player Cards: An Artful & Inspirational Generation Tool is something similar, but it's for use in generating memorable NPCs (although I expect players could use it to add depth to their PCs) and includes something that most other products of the sort don't really stress - inspirational art. That is the whole point to putting this on cards, it is not?
In many cases, NPCs are one of the trickiest aspects of GMing. Questions about: What should I [...]

judge anderson !

judge anderson (from judge dredd comics )… after a brawl with some fascists ! she won of course :w00t:

judge anderson !

Filed under: role playing game Tagged: character, comic book, judge anderson, judge dredd, role playing game, sci fi, selkirk

Quick Adventure Hook "The Scarmaw Orcs"

The  king has been clear about  the mission. Locate the Scarmaw Orcs, negotiate a treaty of trade and nonaggression with the green skinned bastards, and if possible see if we could turn the tribal chiefs attention towards the dwarves in Iron Pass. Simple? No not simple. So here we are the chief refused to speak to us unless we passed the orc warrior trial, what ever that is, and  now this big brute Thagnar and his smashed up  smelly tooth is shouting in my face.
Thagnar One Tusk looked over the new recruits. Not a single one of them would [...]

Role Playing with YOU as the character part 5

One year in and the campaign is still going strong. A year of playing myself has taught me many things. For one, the trials of warfare have hardened my character. He no longer suffers from a reluctance to kill. He is unforgiving and has become the sort of person you never want to threaten for he will strike without warning the moment he thinks you are a danger.

The party has changed a lot over the past year of gaming, actually several years in game. They are a violent bunch who does not respect the laws of any place they travel. They do as they wish and to hell with the consequences. I have learned whom I can trust and whom is never to be trusted. Who is smart and who is stupid. I have learned that I am not as bright as I would tend to think I am and my penchant for patience is nonexistent.

When you play yourself as a character you begin to imagine life differently than it really exists. You begin to draw attachments that you might have never noticed before. You discover the things in life that matter and you discover that most of the day to day drama of the real world is just that, drama. The drama in the game gives you a release of emotions, a release of inner violence, and best of all, a chance to be something more than you really are.

For better or worse, playing yourself as a character is an experience all role players should try at least once in their career. Otherwise they may be missing some of the best gaming of their lives.

San Diego Comic Con/Gam3rCon starts TODAY

In about 2:15 minutes the wave of geekery descends upon San Diego. If you're going to Comic Con...enjoy, and be safe out there, feel free to drop by Gam3rCon as well. While not a HUGE event, it is part of the overall SDCC experience. I will be running Judge Dredd daily at Gam3rCon using my new (though not 100% complete) Karl Urban block. (So if you see Karl Urban at Comic Con, let him know...

Half Slain Me

The fun I’ve been having – tooth ripped out 10 minutes before leaving for holiday, cracked ribs after plunging off my mountain bike on holiday and a different tooth to come out this week. But mainly been having a great time.

The inevitable happened with the Pictish/ Stone of Destiny/ Sacral [...]

Lonely Coast -- On The Road To Wolverton -- Session 8

Session 8 (21st July 2014) This is the adventure log of the eighth session of my first Pathfinder campaign. Set …

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Creative Challenge, Day 23

Getting out of your comfort zone can be good artistically. It makes you think about things in a different way and see things in a different light. The challenge for tonight is to get out of your normal creative medium. If you normally paint, write instead. If you normally write, draw something! Break down some walls and explore the other creative sides of life!

Sometimes exercises like this can help you to get better at what your preferred medium is. It can help you elevate your craft and overall, it can make you better at what you do! Get out there [...]

Free Map 033: Hedgerow Countryside

This week's free map has been quite the PITA for me to put together, mostly because I set my sights much higher than normal. I've been wanting to donate a map to Matt Jackson's Maps for Heroes Campaign and I couldn't just through up a "normal" map. No....this map I had to make 100% from scratch....no borrowing texture graphics.

Last week I caught a glimpse of a 1:10,000 map of the French countryside and I was amazed at the sheer number of hedgerows. Now when I think of hedgerows I immediately think of the kind the neighbors would have, [...]

No Soul Left Behind Kickstarter launched

A full-length, 10-adventure campaign for BETTER ANGELS, the tabletop RPG of demon-possessed supervillainy.

Better Angels is a tabletop roleplaying game where you play a supervillain who got powers from being possessed by a demon --- and you play the demon who's possessing the supervillain of the player to your right.

As a supervillain, you use your superpowers to do … well, whatever you want. You're a supervillain. As the other player's demon, you tempt that supervillain with more power in exchange for greater and greater acts of evil. But beware! If you're TOO evil, your demon can drag you kicking and [...]

Lonely Coast -- Retribution Epilogue -- Session 7

Session 7 (7th July 2014) Note if as a player your GM is likely to runRetributionbyRaging Swanplease DO NOTread any …

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Marvel is letting you access 15000 comics for 99c, here's what you should be reading

To co-incide with the opening on San Diego Comic Con, Marvel is giving you a week to pay 99 cents to access 15,000 comics. That's a hell of a lot to read in a week - so where do you start? Well, I'm here to make it a little easier for newbies to dive in and start enjoying Marvel's back catalogue.

Invincible Iron Man Volume 5 (Matt Fraction)

Iron Man has come up tops in the movie-verse, with Iron Man 3 borrowing more than a few cues from this epic run by scribe Matt Fraction. [...]

Prelude to a War: A Review of The Sixth Doctor Sourcebook

The Sixth Doctor Sourcebook on RPGNow

There’s every possibility you’re one of the people who considers Colin Baker’s tenure as the nadir of classic Doctor Who. It might be hard to pin the problem down to one thing, but the foul temper, hideous outfit and general dislikability of the Sixth Doctor’s personality didn’t help. After just two short seasons, Colin Baker disappeared. His appearance in images within the old FASA Doctor Who vanished and Sylvester McCoy doubled up for Colin in the regeneration scene at the start of Time and the Rani wearing an unconvincing blond wig.

The Sixth Doctor, it would [...]

Heals Please

I only just recently started talking about this.

During a short rest, one PC regains hit points. A short rest must be called for by a PC who’s bloodied or whose death spiral has moved beyond “Normal.”

I’ve been trying to come up with a method to discourage resting in the dungeon, and previously I’d come up with exhaustion/exposure mechanics that dealt damage based on when and how the party rested. This might be better.

Exposure worked on the premise that adventuring was hard on a body, that it caused stresses that would build up — resulting in psychic damage (which would scale [...]

Holothom -- TWB Page 3 Scan

Here is a scan of page 3 of “Holothom – The World Base.”

Holothom was my second major homebrew campaign setting. I started working on it in 1988 or 1989.

Filed under: campaign world, D&D, Gaming, Holothom, retro, RPG Tagged: campaign, D&D, DnD, gaming, Old School, RPG, scans

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun : Monsterhearts


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


This was to be a first time game experience for Lanchie and Miguel, two friends of ours whom we've had over for game nights for months now.  Being fans of Dr. Who, Charmed and American Horror Story, we decided that a Monsterhearts game might be the easiest for them to jump into.  (Oh and I used the images from this gaming blog for the game, just because it made it feel more like a tv show)

Miguel plays Cordelia Gray, a Witch.
She stars the game with the (BLAMED) [...]

Now You See It, Now You Don't...

We capped off Rachel's third day of holiday with a meal out at a new(ish) restaurant in Tunbridge Wells. We were both rather taken aback by the size of the portions ("half a farmyard" was how Rachel described my meal). But that didn't put me off finishing it all. And we're now back home in time to watch the Opening Ceremony of The Commonwealth Games with a cold beverage.

Thor and Cap: Big Changes? Big Deal

Beta Ray Bill as ThorThere's of course been a ton of churn in the last week or so about Marvel's announcements that their comic book versions of Thor and Captain America are going to be changing, specifically being replaced with a woman and a black man, respectively.

A lot of people are either deeply upset by these changes, or are hailing them as some progressive victory for diversity, or whatever. But honestly I don't see what the big deal is; these characters have been "played" by different people for years. The latest changes aren't anything special, and they are [...]

Intimacy in the Dungeon

So, I’ve been hacking Bliss Stage.

My question is: “How do I achieve the aesthetic of interpersonal relationships and social mechanics from Bliss Stage within the context of D&D, while at the same time adding as little complexity to the existing ruleset as possible.”

I started by drawing parallels between the mechanics.

“Stress” and “Horror” — the latter of which I prefer to think of as ‘peril’ — can both use the hit point mechanic in D&D. As an added bonus, both effects can actually be represented by psychic damage to hit points.

Why do I think so… well, both horror and stress accumulate [...]

Music -- Tom Waits, Train Song

D&D 5e, Part Two

So this is part two of my observations about 5E started in my last post. I’ve spent a little more time with the Starter Set box contents and the free D&D 5e PDF – which you should take a moment to download and read if you love RPGs and haven’t done so yet. Let’s not […]

Weird Wednesday (Wonders of NaeraCull): Shrine of Mahangua

The Shrine of Mahangua XP 600 CN haunt (10 ft. by 10 ft. area centered on altar) Caster Level 2nd Notice Perception DC 20 (to notice the thin rock near the altar) HP 4; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day The cooled lava near the edge of the lava has been carved to resemble flame. Sharp […]

The post Weird Wednesday (Wonders of NaeraCull): Shrine of Mahangua appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

Kickstarting Goody White's Book of Folk Magic

  The previous Kickstarter I recommended was Barbarians of Lemuria: Mythic Edition, created by Simon Washbourne.   July continues to be a fruitful month for Kickstarter. Hot on the fur-clad heels of Barbarians of Lemuria comes Goody White’s Book of Folk Magic. This is a Pathfinder supplement from the great Sean K Reynolds.   Otherwise …

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The Water Shrine

I cleaned off my desk this morning, and now I have some space to work. To celebrate, I broke out my kit and made a map. I'm still working freehand, so the lines aren't as sure as they could be, but overall I'm happy with it.

The Water Shrine map, created 23 July 2014.I used a Sakura Micron 05 to draw the walls, and I went over them twice to give them a little more thickness. I used a Micron 01 for the room contents and fill.

Feel free to use this map if it's useful to you. [...]

Owl & Weasel Wednesday #3 April 1975

Owl & Weasel #3 takes us back to April of 1975.
We are still at 8 pages and 10p but there is more "layout" now.

Ian Livingstone's first Editorial is a sample of what we will see later in White Dwarf, only much more verbose and more personable.  It get the feeling that Ian and Steve knew their subscribers personally or at the very least knew where they were coming from.

There is still a lot of "Subscribe to us" and "Advertise with us" through out the zine.  This is not unexpected.

If you [...]

Seaward Campaign - Urusula's Diary Part 1

Real time:
Part 1, July 19
Je. plays Ursula, a hafling thief
J plays Hans, a hafling fighter
A plays Starfalcon, a half-elf ranger
S plays Blackstar, a human wizard
N plays Talnar, a human cleric

  Backstory: We are here in Timberlake, my cousin Hans and I. We came from our home in
Riverhearth, looking for adventure - he and I have always shared a certain wanderlust. After we
arrived in the city, we got to know Starfalcon, a half-elf ranger, and his human friends, Talnar the
cleric and Blackstar the wizard. We all want to explore the [...]

Short Rests in D&D 5e

Campfire by Temarinde

Oneof the relatively few things that bothers me a bit in D&D 5e Basic is the decision the player is presented with during a short rest of how many hit dice to recover as a result of the rest. As people who’ve been following along know, I really prefer “diegesis” in my game mechanics… that is things that present decisions and options from the character’s point of view*.

So while I don’t particularly object to the notion that the characters can get a substantial part of the HP back after a “Short Rest” of an hour or more, I [...]

Kratos: Animate Remains

The Impossible Mission

I didn’t have a name for this until yesterday.

I read the Airstrike Impossible trope, and realized what it was I was struggling with in Bliss Stage that I knew didn’t exist in D&D.

When a task overwhelms a character in D&D, they often die — this may be monsters, a trap, or whatever. The world of D&D is perilous but you ultimately answer the question of whether the characters will overcome the challenge. Individual encounters are less about “will” they win, and more about “how.”

And yet, Bliss Stage is somehow more perilous. Why?

Partly, I think it’s because the dynamic is reversed. [...]

Of Feats and Saves

As I've been reviewing the core rules draft (I really want to finalize this before I get too deep into books 2 and 3... ), I find that many abilities end up working similar to saving throws... a thief's ability to pilfer an object or foil traps is based on his level modifier + his dex modifier +4.
But so is his saving throw.
So do I need two mechanics?
Actually. I don't.
As of right now, a save has been defined as a defensive/resistant ability. Thief abilities are generally active. However, I've already layered sense into your save, and [...]

Korgaran's Megadungeon-The Antedungeon (Hall of Altars)

This is the first of 7 dungeon segments that I will post over the next 7 weeks as part of Korgaran’s Megadungeon, built into the side of Mount Call above Tripik at the height of his power. Korgaran’s Succession, as the massive complexhas come to be called, was built as part of a deal he worked with some of the mightier deities at the time, considered to rule the four elements: Glaineth, Omalin, Grethgan, and Quudala. He brokered the manipulative deal with the help of Mythalis(a young god), presumably as part of a bid to rule the gods, given his [...]

People need to lay the hell off Tony Dungy

How can people be expected to respect a man’s sexual preferences if you can’t be arsed to respect a man’s coaching preferences?

Not all coaches want a media circus around their 2nd and 3rd string players. For the same reason that sane coaches stayed the hell away from Chad Johnson and for the same reason that Moss got kicked off the Vikings only a couple games into his return, Tony Dungy is saying that in his preference as a coach he does not want to have to deal with the drama-llama circus lined up (that originally was supposed to include an [...]

5 ENnie award winners already announced as voting opens

5 ENnie award winners already announced as voting opens

Team EN World opened the voting booth for the 2014 ENnie Awards this week. Voting started with 5 winners being announced for the 2014 Judges’ Spotlight award.

So, who won?

Hobomancer Companion from Hex Games
Deep Magic from Kobold Press
Rocket Age RPG from Cubicle 7
The Demolished Ones from Chronicle City & Rite Publishing
Weird Wars Rome from Pinnacle Entertainment Group

You might be wondering what’s left to vote for given that list of winners. Fear not. In addition to “Fan’s Favourite Publisher” there are plenty of decisions still to be made.

Best Adventure

  • EPOCH: War [...]

A Quick Peek at my Workspace for Jack

This is a photo of my current work-in-progress this morning, not counting the writing-chores, editing, revision and lay-out stuff, but you get some idea of what I'm up to: Critters, counters, caverns, cut-up critters, mucoids...yeah, more mucoids...and Octopos, or rather Octosoldiers over there on the upper left.

Here's a web-friendly version of the raw scan of the sketchbook on the left...

If the counter set works out, we're going to look into converting some of them into tokens for one of the virtual table-top services, as well as convert a few into paper-miniatures.

Oh, I forgot to [...]

On a Sail and a Prayer (Part Three)

There is so much to tell about the next skyship I decided to put much of it in the form of a short story.  Even then, to do justice to the subject matter, at least one more blog post will be needed.  You will soon find out why.  So, without further delay, I present you the mighty:

The Rat-Hunter
Kai Chang raised his lantern as he examined the cadaver sprawled on the hold's dark and grimy deck. Perplexed, he rubbed the scraggly fuzz on his youthful chin.  The victim was the Second Eunuch, an officer attached to the Imperial [...]

A new comics/rpg hybrid for 'new comics day'!

Comic readers all across the land know that Wednesday is tthe day new comics arrive at the store. Well, we actually got our act together here at NUELOW Games, and we've released a new comic book on New Comics Day!

Feary Tales is our latest addition to our line-up of comics/rpg hybrid books. It contains six short horror stories, all twisted adaptations of fairy tales, and most of them from the brilliant mind of Steve Ditko (in his pre-Marvel Comics days).

For RPG gamers, it presents an all-new race of monsters--the Faery Ghouls. They can be dropped [...]

D&D 5e, Part Two

So this is part two of my observations about 5E started in my last post. I’ve spent a little more time with the Starter Set box contents and the free D&D 5e PDF – which you should take a moment to download and read if you love RPGs and haven’t done so yet. Let’s not […]
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