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Thought of the Day -- Hexcrawl in the Underdark

An idea that I’ve toyed around with for years is creating a hex map for the Underdark. I still haven’t done it. But recently I’ve been running a huge technological complex for Numenera with a hex map that shares a lot of similarities with the Underdark. If the idea of running a hexcrawl through the Underdark is something you’d like to try, I think there are a few key points to consider:

(1) What makes a hex map work is that it abstracts the actual terrain of the game world. If you’re doing a wilderness hexcrawl, you shouldn’t try to map [...]

RPT Gems #65:Mapping Tutorial, Free Post Apoc Video Book, 50 Places Straight Out Of Nightmares

Mapping With Gimp Tutorial From MonkeyBlood Design comes this step-by-step mapping lesson for creating wilderness maps with the free image software, GIMP. The tut uses their commercial symbols file, but you can use free icons and art from elsewhere just as easily. Six Tips For Battles With The Big Bad Guys From the Adventure Maximus! […]

The post RPT Gems #65:Mapping Tutorial, Free Post Apoc Video Book, 50 Places Straight Out Of Nightmares appeared first on Roleplaying Tips.

Kickstart Your Weekend: Amazing Adventures (again!)

It looks like it is going to be a great weekend!  Kids are doing good. The Monster Manual is out at my FLGS today. The weather will be nice.  I am sure I will be spending my weekend doing fall yard clean up; but even that is ok.

Let's talk Kickstarters.

Or more to the point let me draw your attention back to a Kickstarter I featured a couple weeks back.

Amazing Adventures RPG

If you like Castles & Crusades then get this.
If you like Pulp adventures, then get this.

IF [...]

Zine-O-Morph #1 is GO!

Well, it will be once I can get to a computer that has an updated browser (I publish from work during my break times, and my work is a bit behind on updated brower versions).
Last night I finalized the deal with Jon Ascher, the DeviantArtist, and set up the possibility of his art in future issues as well.
The Zine weighs in at 29 pages, including the cover. I'm pricing it at $2.99, and should be available for purchase by the end of today.
Already hard at work on issue #2, which is probably already about 35% done at [...]

Review: Monster Manual (5e D&D)

Gamers can pick up their own copy of the 5e Monster Manual today at premier gaming stores. For everyone else the Monster Manual hits shelves on September 30. This is a tricky book to review because it's just a monster cyclopedia. If you want official 5e monsters stats then you're going to buy this book no matter what the reviews say.

To help you decide if you should purchase the new 5e Monster Manual I've listed 15 things I like about the Monster Manual and 5 things I don't like. I've tried to be fair with my praise and criticisms so [...]

Still Resisting the Temptation... sort of. (D&D 5e)

Apparently the 5e Monster Manual has been released, and apparently its stunning. 
Nicholas Berquist over at the Realms of Chirak declared: The Monster Manual -- Just killed all of the other Monster Manuals and took their stuff. 
At Tower of the Archmage, David Brawley has posted a review.
I've read both articles. It looks like the 5e Monster Manual will be quite good. I'm sure the other DMs out there will enjoy it.
As mentioned previously, I want to view 5e through fresh eyes. 
I think gamers, nowadays, devour material way too fast. Many don't appreciate it. You get through [...]

Don't be a Knee Jerk!

I’ve been hosting weekly board gaming nights at my library for about two years now and, at times, it can be difficult to provide an experience for the wide diversity of people who show up. You can get teens, boomers, millennials, hipsters, geeks, and emerging games of all types. In that sort of situation, a good appetizer game is almost pivotal to getting everyone talking and laughing and ready for the main course. With a group of people who come from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, something to break the ice can be extraordinarily helpful. Generally I break out [...]

End-of-Week Elmore (9/19/14)

Back by popular demand!

Thanks to those of you who reached out after my post yesterday, it really meant a lot to hear from you, to tell me that you missed me blogging.

However, don't expect a return to any big posts for the foreseeable [...]

Friday Link Dump 9/19/2014

It has been a few weeks since I've posted a link dump, mainly because the time I've had available to casually surf the Internet has been minimal. Still, here are a few sweet links that I consider dump-worthy from the last few weeks... Apparently, there is a giant Lego bridge in Germany that you can actually drive a car on... Paizo's Advanced Class Guide for the Pathfinder RPG has officially

Magic Shops Tables for Mhyrinport

With my new-to-table-top playtesters entering Mhyrinport last night with the express purpose of blowing their money on better equipment, I put together this series of tables to randomly generate magic/potion shops in the city. It’s quite extensive, and all of the magical items are tailored to serve the paranoid rich and noble. There’s self defense items, protective enchantments, and home protection traps, with items useful to an adventurer being more rare. Not that it matters, I haven’t given them enough money to make use of it.

Speaking of money, making this table brought up the question of how much things like [...]

Clannad Series Part 5: Dragons of the Folly

Because I normally run games from level 1 on, it’s rare for us to do any high-level gaming. Breaking level 10 is an epic campaign. So for the first three seasons of our Rasherochernon’s Folly campaign, dragons didn’t really make an appearance. (Season 2 had the party briefly face off against a green dragon wyrmlying before sending it packing.) That changed with Season 4, when two full-blown dragons assisted the party, mostly with transportation and as background elements in set piece combat; that season also featured our first half-dragon party member. I started thinking a lot about how dragons feature [...]

velma vs the succubus ! :D

velma has stumbled (literally) upon a succubus … a brawl ensues !

velma fighting a succubus !

Filed under: concept art, fan art, fantasy Tagged: cartoon, concept art, creature, fan art, fantasy, hero, heroine, monster, scooby doo, selkirk, succubus, velma

velma ... jinkies , it's a tentacle trap ! :D

velma , of scooby doo fame, has wandered into a tentacle trap ^^;…:D

velma and the tentacle trap !

Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: cartoon, detective, fan art, hero, heroine, investigator, scooby doo, selkirk, velma

spider woman and supergirl ... twice ! :D

a couple of sketches of spider woman and supergirl !

spider woman and supergirl … team up !

Filed under: comic book, fan art, role playing game, superhero Tagged: comic book, dc, fan art, hero, heroine, marvel, rpg, selkirk, spider woman, spiderwoman, supergirl

Tarrasque Takedown -- Crisdale The Unworthy

Most of you probably already know about The Tome Show Presents The Round Table’s Tarrasque Takedow 2014: Mike Shea Out For Blood. If you don’t essentially Mike Shea, Topher Kohan, Joe Lastowski, Christopher Dudley and I discovered during a recent episode of The Round Table podcast that we had no idea how high-level play would shake out in the new edition. So, Mike graciously agreed to DM us through a series of level 20+ encounters culminating in an all-out, no holds barred, punch you in the face, over the top battle with my main monster the Tarrasque. If you want [...]

The Friday Grab Bag - International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Today, September 19th, is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.  Enjoy!

In honor of the day, lulu.com has offered up a 25% Off discount code below.

The Friday Grab Bag on CreativeMountainGames.com Essentially, a clearinghouse for topics not covered
elsewhere or needing a particular focus.Please Like, Share, Plus, Tweet, Follow, and Comment!

Daily Cosplay (Velma and Daphne)

The Call Me Trinity

Whenever Steve and I would get bored with watching infomercials at 2 in the morning (these were our college bachelor days), we would scan the channels.  One night we came across a spaghetti western, They Call Me Trinity.  Hilarious, silly, and perfect for a late night watch.  Here's a movie trailer from those old days:

Word of the Day -- Sextant

A sextant is an instrument used to measure the angle between any two visible objects. Its primary use is to determine the angle between a celestial object and the horizon which is known as the object's altitude. Using this measurement is known as sighting the object, shooting the object, or taking a sight and it is an essential part of celestial navigation. The angle, and the time when it was measured, can be used to calculate a position line on a nautical or aeronautical chart. Common uses of the sextant include sighting the sun at solar noon and sighting Polaris [...]

Setup for Success: How to be a Wonderful Player

This hobby sees individuals from all walks of life, with all sorts of social skills. Some people are decent players, seat fillers. Some players are fun individuals but fairly mediocre at the table. Some individuals are horrible with social skills but groups always want them around. And a few rare individuals are so highly prized that groups tend to form around them, and GMs work hard to keep them. What makes these individuals so well loved? Let’s take a look at a few things you can start doing that will make your tablemates adore you.

Be the first mate

Every ship is [...]

Stumpy Pony

5E Friday - DMG

WotC announced that the Dungeon Master's Guide is being pushed back 3 weeks... -Good. From the article this decision was made because they are incorporating feedback from the Player's Handbook and late DMG playtests. I like the fact they did not write the DMG early and set it in stone. They have a chance to really "connect" with their buyers with this. -If people are upset it is because they

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 -- Avast! -- First Session: Achors Aweigh!

In Attendance:

Player 1/Scel the Halfling Ranger
Player 6/Niema the Aventi Wizard
Player 11/Voormas the Human Druid
Player 12/Xander the Human Fighter

Session Writeup:

We join the PCs as they walk through the Culloden docks toward the ship they’ve signed up to serve aboard. The ship is not moored in the nice docks of the Culloden merchant and noble districts. The Antelope is docked in the slums and it is instantly apparent why. The Antelope’s sails are slightly torn and it lists slightly to the port. The other assembled sailors seem as bad or worse than the ship itself. [...]

The Evil GM - "I'm the DM, My Campaign, My Rules."

DM Fiat, we've all experienced a game where the person running it changes the rules to fit the situation at hand. Maybe you don't care much about it as long as the game is fun or maybe it drives you up the wall to the fact you've moved on from playing with that DM.Either case, does the DM have the right to say, "Well this is my campaign, so we are going to follow these rules."

You look over these rules and he is restricting various classes, races and even alignments. Examples of this would be: 
  • No Evil [...]

World War Fhtagn: A Review of Achtung! Cthulhu: Investigator's Guide

Achtung! Cthulhu Investigator’s Guide on RPGNow

Alternate worlds provide heady potential for gaming groups. With a little knowledge and a wealth of imagination, you can turn something commonplace in an extraordinary gaming experience. Sometimes, those experiences go to dark places, but then we need to show some respect and understand the difference between reality and the fictional world. When it comes down to it, medievals times had plenty of disease, malnourishment, and abuse going on… but we don’t tend to dwell on them when dungeoneering.

Over the last ten years, interest in Lovecraft’s fiction centred on the Great Cthulhu and his kind [...]

Indiegogo Has Effectively Done Away with Campaign Deadlines - To Infinity & Beyond!

You know about Indiegogo's "Flexible" campaigns - those are the ones that keep your money even if they fail to fund.
Now Indiegogo is taking it in the other direction - funded or not, the campaign no longer ends.
Continuing Your Success on Indiegogo We have heard from many in our community the desire for and positive impact of the ability to keep their campaigns open beyond the deadline.  Since our mission is to democratize funding, we believe we must continue to pioneer this industry through innovation until all people can fund what matters to them -- whatever it is, wherever they are or however they'd like to do it. To that effect, we've launched a new pilot program that will let campaigners continue raising money even [...]

Why You Also Need To Be A Player

One thing I hear frequently from my fellow GM's is that they are always a game master and never a player. Allow me to drag out my soapbox and say that if all you ever do is GM then you are doing yourself a large disservice. You are, in many ways, limiting your ability to grow as a GM. If you want to run the best games possible, sometimes you have to get out from behind the screen and pick up a character sheet.

GMing is not Playing

There is a school of thought that the GM is also a player, just [...]

D&D 5e Monster Manual Review

Today, the newest version of the Monster Manual is released, or at least it is for those lucky enough to have a FLGS that gets them today and not a couple of weeks from now.

Are you jealous?
I already have mine. I got it early as a thank you from my FLGS since I'm taking over as DM on Wednesday nights. Adam, the DM who's been running us is feeling a little bit of DM burnout with too many games going on. I get that. I've been there! And since I've already covered for him before, I'll [...]

How to deal with "That Guy" or do we need a Social Contract?

During the years I have been active in the RPG scene (offline and online) the topic of "social contracts" has come up from time to time. In the light of recent events I've been thinking about this particular subject a lot.

A social contract is a set of rules, [...]

Gotham: "Drop The Bat!"

Campaign Components: Arius' Watchtower

Once the home of a mighty conjurer, this ruined tower acts as a magnet for goblins, bandits and other foul things that creep forth from the nearby caverns of the Twisted Gorge.

By William McAusland (Outland Arts)


This impressive ruin stands upon the crown of a hill that struggles above the Tangled Wood's dense canopy. Set astride the headwaters of a minor tributary of the Arisum, several faint game trails lead to the ruin's general vicinity.

Arius was a mighty conjurer of little morality, skilled in binding otherworldly creatures to his service. Eighty years ago, a ritual went terribly wrong when he lost [...]

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Y’aaaar it be talk like a pirate day today (september the 19th), so holster your main salls or i’ll make ye walk the plank to Davey jones locker

*cough* Sorry about that, what I meant to say was why check out what your pirate ship and crew is with this handy pirate themed generator

Random List -- Female swedish Names

Need a female Swedish name? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 Female Swedish Names 1 Anne Wegraeus 2 sa Parmander 3 Botildis Stefansson 4 Ebba Szalkai 5 Elzaby Jarrel 6 Emelia Rudkilde 7 Henrike Stigsson 8 Ingird Lillkvist 9 Ingla Rask 10 Janne Kron 11 Katena Samuelson 12 Maja Melin 13 Mirjam Apell 14 Ragnhild Svinhufuud 15 Rigmor Carlquist 16 Ruth Lagerspetz 17 Serafia Ohman 18 Susann Adolvsson 19 Thyra Melin 20 Tyrvi Engberg

Want more? Then get “100 Swedish Names – Female” pdf today


DreadBall: Azure Forest Limited Edition from Mantic Games

DreadBall: Azure Forest Limited Edition



Held deep in the jungles of Azure IX, the best teams in the galaxy have gathered together for a glorious summer event -- a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to take to the glorious pitches of the Yndij and partake in the prestigious PrimalBall league. If you're a fan of DreadBall, you do not want to miss out on this.


DreadBall is the futuristic sports board game set where you are the Coach of your team, testing your skill and luck against other Coaches in one-off matches or long-running leagues. This special edition set also includes the Galactic Tour Series: [...]

DCC #0: Legends Are Made, Not Born

From the cover:

For the past few years, an ogre that lairs in a cave near the wilderness town of Dundraville has demanded tributes of ale and supplies. The villagers were happy to comply, lest the brute attack them or destroy their property. But recently, the ogre changed his demands. Now he wants gold, building supplies -- and captives! When the ogre walked into town only to have his request denied, he flew into a rage. The brute dragged two townsolk off to his cave, to be eaten for sure! The villagers have no heroes to protect them -- so someone must rise to the challenge! Six determined townsfolk have taken decided to take justice into their own hands. Can these village commoners defeat the ogre in his own lair before their fellows are eaten?

Advanced Basic Moves

Something we have in Apocalypse World but not Dungeon World is advanced versions of our basic moves. The idea is that when you unlock the advanced version of a move you have a chance for a critical success by rolling 12+. If you want to add these to your game make these options open as advancement to all characters at level 6-10. Most of these are inspired by AW (and one is completely ripped off) so credit goes to those guys.

  • Advance 3 of the basic moves
  • Advance the other 4 basic moves
Advanced Basic Moves Advanced Hack and Slash

On a 12+ you hit [...]

Journal Entry : Indira. The Return of Sarosh

Friday morning came much more relaxed than the other mornings of the past week. Indira was, of course, delighted with the return of Master Jaren on Monday, but she felt somewhat rebuffed. Master Jaren had so many irons in so many fires that it left precious little time for them to meet or discuss the treasures she had waited four months to give him. Naturally she had briefed him on affairs of business, both on the docks and at the Cinder Block, but it seemed that Sarosh had detailed much of what they had done together when he was able to re-connect with them some ten days ago. Also, she was sure that she could not hide her worry and disappointment when it was revealed to her that Sarosh had not returned with Them, but instead was heading yet another strange mission in a place she had hardly even heard of - The Evening Isles. Still she decided to be patient and bide her time, knowing her service was valued, and her loving caresses missed.

The two books she had kept had proven to be absolute gems. Both were masterwork quality tomes, but constructed very differently. Both books were [...]

Review and Commentary On The Seclusium Of Orphone Of The Three Visions For The Lamentations Of The Flame Princess rpg system on The Dark Corner Blog

Grab the matchlocks, sharpen your steel and roust the wizard once again we're going to review another title in the Lamentations of The Flame Princess rpg line.
The Seclusium Of Orphone Of The Three Visions awaits right over

First Day In: iOS8

I gave my initial impressions of the new iOS8 in this post, but after living a day with it, here’s some reconsiderations and updates:

1) Battery life, for me, seems to be much improved. I played with the phone pretty steadily — mostly watching the coverage of the Scottish independence referendum — over the last 30hours or so and finally plugged it in about at 18% power. Not seeing a dramatic change on my iPad Mini, although it seems to be charging more slowly.

2) On my iPad Mini, I’ve noticed a glitch that seems to lock up the Mail app if [...]

This Actually Happened

I keep telling people I am a massive nerd, and yet whenever a situation where I need to demonstrate that fact arises, they usually look startled or surprised at the breadth of my nerdiness.

Case in point:

Today I was at my church like I am every Thursday, arranging the powerpoint display for the hymns we sing. After I finish up, I go to the church office (to tell them that I'm done and to turn in my folder) where I encounter our church secretary talking to some woman I'd never seen before.

"This is Erin," [...]

YALP Ep. 22 "Star Wars: Age of Rebellion -- The Clanker Trail, Part VI"

The squad has finally finished it’s business on Taris and gathered the information they need to make it to their next contact.

But what secrets does Ord Rasmok hold in store for them, and why is a place already known for it’s droid manufacturing hiding yet another droid assembly line?

It’s all very confusing and unlikely to be sorted out before something else gets blown up.

And why can’t some people control their children?


Tune in and try to figure out what’s going on in:

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion "The Clanker Trail, Part V"

Featuring the Gaming Talents of :

Sam Bigum as the GM

Brent Brown as [...]

Technical Longsword: GURPS gets it right

I seem to be riffing off of +Peter V. Dell'Orto a lot, but in this case we both got forwarded the same neat clip at the same time.

Peter made a lot of good points in his post. What I'm going to do is break down the iconic exchange in this video in roughly one-second intervals. And try and ascribe GURPS mechanics to them. I'll use some screen captures to illustrate my point, but the entire video is also linked below.

Ready . . . fight!

We'll pick up the action at roughly 2:46, where one of the featured interviewees is talking about how points are scored. The real action picks up a few seconds later, with the red-socked fighter closing, and then starting the exchange.

The times given are in milliseconds!

The First Turn: 0-1000ms

000 milliseconds - Time startAt the point where I decided to start turn-based combat, we have Red-Socks (the combatant on the right) advancing to close the distance between the two fighters.

Red makes a deliberate advance - in fact, he does a step and attack, thrusting at his foe's head. It would appear that, given the position of his foe at 0ms, he is starting from Reach 2.

373 ms - starting the thrustBy the time 373ms have elapsed, Red is making a very deliberate thrust for the face. He has advanced just about as far as he's going to for the rest of the [...]

Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy Small Box Expansion in October

Legendary: Guardians of the Galaxy Small Box Expansion


Over the course of the game, recruit increasingly powerful Hero cards to add to your deck, building a stronger and stronger deck of the ultimate Marvel superhero combinations.

Players can create their own powerful combos on the fly, combining their heroes' awesome abilities to take down nasty Marvel Masterminds like the Kree Supreme Intelligence!



100 Total New Playable Card Set

1 page color rule sheet

Feedback to Back -- Part 2

It’s been Nearly a month after GenCon, but I am determined to finish my synopsis of the play testing. So, I’ll skip to the good parts.

Dungeon Tours - So far, at most of my games, the average age of players was 20ish, and the gamers were pretty green. Even beforeI started my game of Dungeon Tours, a caper / construction game set in a Fantasy-Adventure world, I could tell this would be different. The average age around the table was older than me, and some had probably GMed before I even knew what an rpg WAS. When picking characters, they [...]

The Ammo Stash for DCC Firearms

One of the biggest headaches in RPGs that employ firearms is tracking ammo.  In my modern campaigns like Delta Green.  I assume everyone has access to plenty of ammo. I don't worry about them running out unless they really start pumping out the lead or it suits the story.  In post-apocalypse games ammo is very scarce and a valuable commodity. I hate having to track every single bullet though.

Way back in 2011, +Jeremy Deram wrote a great article on his blog about tracking charges for magic items.  He expanded it into a full article in Fight On! [...]

Peace and Quiet

Folderol Campaign, The Gully Dwarf Chronicles #2

Bodunk blinked a few times and wiped the sleep from his eyes. He didn't remember falling asleep, and he certainly didn't remember it being this dark, or this itchy. He was lying on a thin bed of hay, atop a cold stone floor. He squinted, trying fruitlessly to see better through the darkness. He stood on shaky legs and stumbled a bit as the feeling of pins and needles let him know the blood was

Foretold from Legion Supplies

FORETOLD: Rise of a God

$50.00 SRP

Foretold is a strategic free-for-all game based on Greek mythology and history, designed from the ground up for a great multiplayer experience! Prepare to build a unique temple, raise an army and form alliances – as you strive to become a deity of legend!

Players take on the role of an aspiring deity. They must build up a Temple, gather Faithful followers and collect powerful Relics in an attempt to wipe their opponents off the map -- only one deity can reign eternal in this free-for-all of legendary proportions!


2-4 players

Ages 12+

Roleplayer Library Review: A Princess of Mars and the Barsoom Series by Edgar Rice Burroughs

John Carter needs no armor!!!!ISBN-13: 9780307430458*
John Carter of Mars has been said to be seminal (Google says that word means "a work, event, moment, or figure that strongly influencing later developments". Take that as you will...) series in science fiction, and one of the shining stars of the planetary romance genre and pulp era. I don't think that applause is off base. For me, it stands as a distinct type of adventure, and is one of the best I read.
More importantly than that, they are great novels, full of action, romance, sexism, possibly some racism, violence, nakedness, [...]

Lords Of Light! Thundarr The Barbarian At Con On The Cob!

Okay, okay, I've had more than one person email me, begging me to run a Thundarr the Barbarian session at Con on the Cob next month. I had not planned on doing so, but I've decided to run a game on Friday morning. However, to do so, I'll need to cancel the Cartoon Action Hour game I had planned to run at that time. (I'll plan to run CAH at a future event in 2015.)

Anyway, here at the details for the game if you're interested in playing:

Friday 8 AM -- Noon Mutant FutureThundarr the Barbarian: "The Wizard's [...]
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