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Upcoming Video - Introduction Talk About RPG Research Around The World - ZoeCon 2014

Thanks to the Zombie Orpheus Entertainment folks, makers of the webisodes/movies The Gamers, Journey Quest, and many others, they hosted their second "convention", ZoeCon, in Seattle at the downtown Crown Plaza. Things were rather haphazardly arranged and chaotic, and they were unable to get one of their "Celebrity Artemis" sessions up and running, so they asked me to go ahead and fill the slot with my introduction to RPG Research and related topics.

Unfortunately none of their audio or video recording/streaming equipment was working, so I just had my laptop off to the side recording "just in case". So, the video angle is terrible, and the audio is very poor (I will try to boost the volume as best as I can), but enough folks missed the talk on Friday, and were asking more about it Saturday, so I am going to put it up on the website and the RPG [...]

human cavalier and tiefling warlock ! :D

a rather odd duo is wandering the war torn land of grollin mor … a human cavalier and a tiefling warlock . what has started out as a marriage of convenience …they were running from a murderous regiment of human soldiers, has evolved into a very well matched adventuring team. they will of course pick up more party members along the way….

human cavalier and tiefling warlock

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Party Like it's 3999: Ripping off Jeff's Gameblog

I am trying to get my game going again. Being abroad has made it difficult to keep my group(s) together for more than a few sessions. I am trying two different approaches to getting re-started: DM-ing a home mini adventuring party (my daughter and my wife) and "...getting the band back together!" i.e. getting some old buddies to play a regularly scheduled G+ game. I am focusing on streamlining and defining my D&D Home-School as much as I can before I get going again. I hope that the holiday season will give me enough of a break from work to [...]

DGP Megatraveller : Starship Operator's manual Vol. 1

From back cover:

Whether you're stationed on a merchant ship, a Navy cruiser, or a corsair...

Whether you're a captain, an engineer, a pilot, a broker, or just a hand who swabs the deck...

Whether you want to travel from world to world, start up a maneuver drive, or scoop fuel from a gas giant...

... You need to read the Starship Operator's Manual Vol. 1.

Fire in the Hole: Grenades in my D&D Home-School

My gaming tastes have changed over the years. When I was a young gamer I was compelled to create (recreate) a very Tolkien-esque gaming experience in D&D. I regularly jumped over to other games on and off to get my sci-fi fix. It was not until years later that I discovered that in its earliest days D&D was much more of a sci-fantasy game. Laser pistols and dinosaurs were not uncommon in the old days. As I have matured so have my gaming tastes and sticking to the vanilla/Hobbit canon has gone out the window.
I like guns and grenades [...]

Format and Schedule Moving Forward

Hello, Citizens!

Matt and I have discussed the issue, and our schedules haven't been all that kind to us this week. Therefore, we will not be recording this week (which has already passed anyway), or next week (November 28). Ideally, we'll be able to sit down and record again on December 5 and I'll be able to release the episode a week later so you can have more current news and analysis than you've been getting. I have to apologize for that. I was not getting you the episode quickly enough that we could give you the most up-to-date information [...]

RPG Blog Carnival, November 2014: On Races and Race in RPGs

RACES is the subject for the RPG Blog Carnival this year – hosted by Roleplaying Tips — and having perused a few of the entries, all of the entrants seem to have kept to the the safe zone of “species”, really — how to treat having dwarves, and elves, etc. in you game, along with a few excellent posts on building culture of these other races/species. But no one really has touched on race…because it’s like to cause a shitstorm if you stray outside the comfortably politically correct lines set up by critical race theory halfwits of the endless [your [...]

All Rogues Campaign

The Gamerstable gang is always throwing around ideas for new games or campaigns. A few of us recently playtested one of these ideas with 5E rules. It was a homebrew "all rogues" game and for all purposes it went extremely well. That one shot game then reminded me of a Greyhawk campaign I once started on but never got off the ground (this would've been around 2nd edition era); an all rogue Free City of Rel Astra urban campaign. It was to be a game of politics, con jobs and turf wars. Just my fortune I never throw away notes, and today I found the binder! Let's see [...]

100 Starport Scum From Fishwife Games For Your Old School Space Opera Campaigns

Available Right Over
Right so here we are with another random encounters table from the twisted mind of Dave Woodrum. This one is right up the alley of those willing to take their adventurers into that wretched hive of scum and villainy. This is a list perfectly suited to that purpose. This simple and easy little encounter chart has all of the space scum, pirates, whores, smugglers, and jerks for your PC's to tangle with.

According to the Rpgnow blurb:
This simple 100 list is perfect for tossing out quick encounters for that shady starport visit. Included [...]

Prime Materials: Dynamo, a wand for D&D 5th Edition


Wand, uncommon
Rumors persist that Dynamo was given to the Blackstaff by his master upon finishing his apprenticeship.  However, many assume that if the wand really did belong to the archmage, he'd have sought it out at some point in the intervening years.  Darker rumors about a curse that follows the wand occasionally is gossiped about amongst mages over tea.  They story insists that the wand is the resting place of an ancient evoker who is stealing the life energy of its wielders, so that he may one day return to life.

Dynamo has 1d4 charges that reset at dawn [...]

D&D Tools Website Falls to a WotC "Cease & Desist"

I'm going to post the link to what's left at the D&D Tools website as well as their latest (last?) post, but I'd like to make some observations first.

The D&D Tools website was up for 5 years and it's only now that WotC has gotten around to a "Cease & Desist."

It's not like it was a hidden website. It's Alexa ranking is 114,870. For comparison purposes, ENWorld comes in at 44,688 and The Tavern at 237,743. It's highly doubtful that WotC had no idea that D&D Tools existed. (Google is, of course, #1)

Is it that the 3x era OGL rules that were referenced were too close to 5e? Or was there a fear that the current OGL could allow [...]

WEG Starwars is back (kinda)!

This Image has nothing to do with roleplaying or Starwars,
but wouldn't it be cool if it did?WEG Starwars may be my favourite game of all time, followed closely by WEG Ghostbusters.

In these hazy days of old school nostalgia, it was only a matter of time before someone has applied this to the classic (and best!) Star Wars RPG. Its genuinely too bad that someone tattled about the hardcover on Lulu.

Get it while it's hot!

And in the meantime, load up on these free d6 goodies from Drivethru RPG. 


I am a big fan of using calendars for my campaigns. It doesn't matter what kind of game I am running, from modern crime to ancient fantasy, I find calendars very useful for managing the flow of events, particularly when player characters or NPCs make plans and set things in motion. Calendars help you maintain consistency and breath a sense of realness to the setting. They can be daunting if you are not used to them, they can also lead you astray if you are not careful, but with a little bit of preparation and forethought they can serve you well. 

The first thing to do when setting up a calendar is decide how the passage of time is handled in the campaign. If modern day, you can just grab a daytimer and you're good to go. If the setting is more fantastical or set in the future (or in the past) [...]

forest mimic !

rumors persist that it is of fey origin but some say it is planar spawn. onward …the creature will assume the forms of prey to attract other creatures/humanoids. a curious thing happened as the creature chanced into devouring a druid…then an elf ranger …and a halfling…then dozens of other humanoids (gnolls/orcs/humans).

the personalities of these creatures overwhelmed and confused the mimic (initially the mimic was just a predator hunting for food and would emulate deer or forest creatures). but after taking the forms of various humanoids the mimic started taking on perverted traits of these beings. the mimic is now exceptionally [...]

3 new forest creatures ... plague deer ! poison udder ! blood maggot !

plague deer aka twitchers

when the planar being died deep in the forest…he exploded. his essence has infected local fauna. causing forest animals to take on weird and disturbing characteristics. the plague deer looks like a normal deer except for the deep red fleshy orb/organ on it’s forehead and will act like normal deer-but they will tremble uncontrollably. plague deer will flee from a party but if surprised or cornered they will emit a cry and the orb will cast a nausea spell on anyone within 30 feet. rangers and druids will kill these creatures on sight-viewing them to be abominations. [...]

Castle of the Mad Archmage - Session Report "Whatever" - More Fun Than a Barrel Full of Drunken Monkeys!

We had a blast during last night's session of the "B" Team's adventuring in the Castle of the Mad Archmage.

+Douglas Cole says it was six weeks since out last session - it felt longer than that. Our last session was postponed due to me being sick and rescheduling wasn't easy to do. To make up for it, we are aiming to get our next session in in two weeks.

+Peter V. Dell'Orto , +Tim Shorts and Doug rounded out our regular trilogy and +Joe D and +Reece Carter brought out numbers to five for the night. First time in a long time that all four core class rolls were covered even if three of the five are pure fighters.

The group descended from level 3 to 4 last [...]

50% off Dyson's Delves and MORE!

Lulu 50% off Sale!

Seriously folks, Lulu has to be losing money on this sale. On the upside, I’m not, and you… well, you’ll still be spending money, but you will be getting some serious returns on your investment.

30% off softcovers is a nice deal, but 50% off at Lulu is an unheard of deal. Like the kind of deal they never offer. Ever. Except today. Well, today, tomorrow and Monday the 24th of November.

So head on over to the Lulu store and pick up my books at crazy cheap prices ($15 each for hardcovers of Dyson’s Delves I & II), and then keep on shopping.

  • Dyson’s Delves (1981 D&DMaps & Adventures)
  • Dyson’s Delves II (More 1981 D&DMaps & Adventures)
  • Magical Theorems & Dark Pacts (Classic 1981 D&D Spellcasting sourcebook with 10 new classes, new spells, new magic items)
  • Narcosa (Full-colour drug induced hallucinations of the OSR, including one of my adventures!)
  • Teratic Tome (It looks like an AD&D Monster Manual, but it’s more of an AD&D nightmare manual)
  • The Dungeon Dozen (A whole book of random tables using d12s and Jason Sholtis’ pure genius)
  • Labyrinth Lord (Dude, it’s 1981 D&D all over again, trust me!)
  • LL Advanced Edition Companion (Adds all the cool stuff from AD&D to 1981 [...]

RPG Blog Carnival November 2014 -- Races

This month the Blog Carnival has a new home over at Johnn Four’s site http://www.roleplayingtips.com/races-rpg-blog-carnival-november-2014/ and he has the honour of hosting this months topic : Races. I’ve got quite a few systems sitting on my shelves and for the most part all the pseudo-European Medieval fantasy worlds have the same sorts of non-humans inhabiting […]

Worldbuilding 101 - Part 15: Immigrant Song

I saw a post on another blog about the concepts of race as a trope in RPGs
So that's lead me back to races in this setting.
Races don't need to be a part of fantasy worldbuilding. Take Game of Thrones, where everyone is basically human (except for those giants north of the wall, and a few other notable exceptions). I even neutralised the notion in the setting of my Goblin Tarot deck by making every race in the labyrinth a variant of a highly mutagenic core goblin race. 
I've deliberately avoided details for races so far because [...]

Con of the North 2015

For anyone who's in the area and enjoys nautical fantasy adventures, I'll be running a couple of Freeport scenarios at Con of the North, on Valentine's Day weekend in the Twin Cities.

Con of the North


Nareg Gargoyle

A Nareg is usually a lonely figure on either an abandoned or lonely area, quested into service for short period of time as a guard or part of an attack force. Over time, as individuals grow, they can summon other kin to help them in their tasks and grow in their damage reduction capacity. The most powerful ones are leaders who make meticulous plans to take down and dominate structures.

These gargoyles rarely attack those who are not deemed enemies. While they have sinister reputations, very few ever threaten more than a particular building. They can be brought into service by powerful domineering [...]

Gategully Episode 76

So how did the silk farming go? Was it a success? Did the clothes maker go insane?

Plus, I start to get the Great Dump Shaft operational.

Find the playlist here!

Sidequest Saturday (Uralicans Uncut): Mad God's Gateway

After the PCs have stocked up on xyrxcrystals and are either on their way to the Ancestral Gateway or exploring the demiplane, flying out and across the endless void they spot 1d4 god spores with a DC 18 Perception check, enticed to approach the traps by the rare treasures and gems hidden within them. At […]

The post Sidequest Saturday (Uralicans Uncut): Mad God’s Gateway appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

Housing Crisis -- Preview

Name - Housing Crisis Players - 2 Difficulty - 8+ Time - 5 mins Cost - 9.99 (Projected cost) Available - Unreleased as yet. (Soon to be a Kickstarter project.) Game Company - Rack & Pinion Games Credits - Ashley Yeates (Game designer, artist & developer) & Hannah Pazza (Assistant designer) In this exciting 2…

UPDATE! New Prize Support! Swords & Wizardry Compatible Logo Design Contest


I have received more prize support for this contest!  I have an extra set of dice, as well as Pacesetter Games OSR modules!  Now we have three tiers of winner.  The ideas that we like best will all be played with, possibly combined etc. in the forming of the logo.  The three winner tiers prizes are as follows:

1st place - 8 pc set of out of production Windmill Hobbies dice, Pacesetter Games & Simulations modules: TM4 - Legacy of the Forbidden City and Q1 - The Screaming Temple.

2nd place - 8 pc set of out of [...]

Countdown to Dragonmeet: 2 Weeks

  The Countdown is running, and now there are only TWO weeks left.   Dragonmeet is on Saturday December 6th at Ibis Hotel, Earls Court, London. Their website has details about games, an impressive list of guests and you can buy tickets online.   I began my Countdown to Dragonmeet two weeks ago.   My …

Continue reading »

Steamscapes: Asia -- Strider

Strider has been published! If you're a Steamscapes: Asia backer, you should have an e-mail waiting for you with a link to download the PDF.

This is my first time writing a long-form adventure, but I think I did a pretty good job. (I certainly hope I've picked up something after 25 years of gaming.)  I'd love to hear your feedback, though, so please feel free to comment here or on Google+. Send me an e-mail if you like!

Steamscapes head honcho Eric Simon tells me he's pretty pleased with the whole thing.  I'm happy to hear that, [...]

Gostor: Not bolted down released!

Anyone who plays with me or who has read this blog for any length of time know that I find the idea of storing any form of wealth in coins like uncle scrooge is simple ludicrous. Wealth has to be found in things, in items that one can use. This Gostor product, like most of them so far all come from personal charts and tables I generated over the years. This product brings them all together into a consistent whole. The writing was tightened and the tables made clearer.

This product is available now from RPGNow.com for the sum of [...]

In Line At The Coffee Shop

We Laughed Like Manly Men Who Wore Flannel

Last night the B-Team of +Douglas Cole, +Peter V. Dell'Orto, +Joe D and some crazy Australian named Reece who fit right in.  Oh yeah, and +Erik Tenkar ran us through +Joseph Bloch's Castle of the Mad Archmage.  I think we bullshitted more than played.  Which was completely cool and much needed after a long week.  I can't say enough how good it is to sit around slinging some virtual dice, being completely inappropriate and laughing a lot.

This time out the B-Team found the stairs to the 4th level.  We quickly ran into a group of men training for the arena.  At [...]

Surviving a reality twisting apocalypse: Legacy -- Life Among the Ruins

[Back this Campaign]

Legacy is a post-apocalyptic RPG with a twist. The twist is that players take on the role of one character and one family. The game has built-in support for multi-generational play. Once you short out the dramas and dangers of the age, Legacy provides rules to see what happens next, how Families change, add in new threats, factions and opportunities. You get a new character, from the same Family, for the next age.

You can read more and back Legacy: Life Among the Ruins over on Kickstarter today. The project concludes on the 5th of December.

Legacy is [...]

The Artifact Pits of Val'hun - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Adventure Location For Your Old School Campaigns

The Artifact Pits of Val'hun

Deep in the wastes far from the Neo canals of the Martian city states are the  Artifact Pits of Val'hun which were one of the main loot signs for the once shining  colonies of  Earthling and Martians. Some speculate that this was once possibly one of the main space ship yards and manufacturing centers.
There are rich fields of red sand filled with wire, sheets of psychically sensitive metals,space ship wreckage, and worse. There are often scores of adventures, Martian children, and countless people picking through the artifact pits. Because of the [...]

Across the Pond : Review of The Astounding Antagonists

I read and reviewed (and enjoyed) Rafael's "Hexcommunicated" so I was excited to hear he had written another book "The Astounding Antagonists" and bought it from Amazon the day it was released. Of course, life got in the way so I only got around to reading it last week.

It was worth the wait.

Unlike "Hexcommunicated" which involved vampires and Fae folk, this book creates a world of superheroes, some of whom were manufactured by alien artifacts known as Prisms. Each Prism gave one person a 'power' – some very useful, others not apparently so. Of course, not all were super & [...]

Campaign Style and Developing Cultures

Here are a couple of articles about space fantasy campaign design and developing interesting cultures.


A Question of Style---Star Wars vs. Star Trek, or Something In-BetweenIn planning a space fantasy campaign, a GM can look to two great sources of inspiration: the franchises of movies, TV shows, novels, comics, etc. for Star Wars and Star Trek. For one thing, the sheer mass of material for each of these titles should provide plenty of ideas. For another, the differences between the two represent different theories in campaign design.
Star Wars: One Overarching PlotA rebellion against an [...]

Against the Giants: Session 135

The Seal of the Earth

The Spires

24th Sunsebb, 593 CY

The heroes leavePest’s Crossing, travelling through theHornwood and into theBarrier Peaks, hiking along the lower reaches of the mountains,and after several days arrive at the place known asThe Teeth of the Earth (also known asThe Spires). The small valley ends in this mass of jutting crystal spires, opaque quartz that surrounds ruins and a stairway leading below. Somewhere down there, according to the Duke’s Advisor-- Malachi-- is the Vault, wherein the Seal of the Earth lies. Not knowing what to expect, Sidni--invisible as usual-- scouts around the spires, then begins to make [...]

The Gorgoth Player Race (for 5e)

Arbel'Verdaniss' Gorgoth (Orcs) are a tough and brutish lot, with more in common with those of the Warhammer world than traditional D&D. Now I am finding my feet with the system, here are the stats for three distinct versions of the Gorgoth; your vanilla greenskin, the Deep Gorgoth (a pale, stealthier version with slight ties to the shadow planes) and the resilient Mountain Gorgoth. Enjoy!

GORGOTH TRAITSGorgothi are brutish and resilient. They are not the brightest beings in the multiverse, but they know little in the way of fear, and tend to be too dim to realise [...]

The Caverns of Questamundo: Part the One

Ever since he could remember, Thakko wanted to be a barbarian. Raised in the small village of Slow Kitten tucked away in a sunny, forgotten valley of the Small Mountains, young Thakko would devour any news he could find of the exploits of the more famous, and notorious adventures of the day: King Krudd, The Dog, Crazy Kra, Nonose the Leper and Bastard Mary, all the while dreaming of the day he too could venture forth to battle foul beasts, best brave warriors, defeat mad sorcerers and of course, rescue innocent, yet nubile [...]

The internet gaming subject of the moment, inclusiveness in gaming.

I read this over at Dyvers and it drove me to thought.
It's Saturday so I have time to write a bit.

I stay out of the  current issues of the internet gaming community. This is not for lack of opinion but more for lack of desire to engage the internet at large in any discussion beyond the issues of rpg mechanics. *

So let me be clear before I break my own rule.
I am 100% in the corner of inclusiveness, fairness, and equality  for everyone in every phase of life. Gaming being  just about the most [...]

History and Religion in RPG Settings

I think we have all encountered this somewhere in our experience with Roleplaying games. You thumb through the pages of what promises to be an interesting setting, but among the first things to greet you is an extremely lengthy and detailed "history of the world." In addition to being something of a dry read (timelines are never, never fun to read) it's interesting that these generally present theological elements as well. Together, these form two things that tend to annoy me in prewritten settings.

The first issue I tend to take is that history is always so complete, and [...]

This Way to Jarlsburg

As I go about planning my next Jarlsburg game, I'm leaning toward moving the set up away from focusing on the Ironcloaks and going in a different direction.

First idea for the set up would be to focus on the Silvercloaks (more inquisitors/investigators) who deal with the strangest cases in the city and work under High Inquisitor Lot.  This game would be less of the day to day cases and handle the more bizarre and dangerous stuff most the city is never aware of.

The second idea would be for them to be working for the Lunar Court, [...]

DungeonMorphs 2: Villages and Cities 2nd Set Stretch Goal Improved

Short description of the project: Need a city/village but don’t have one ready? Grab a few of these dice, roll them, line them up and you’ve got a random city/village! Or pledge for the matching cards & deal out a city/village. Link to the Kickstarter…

As of this writing, we’re at about 97% of our $10,000 goal, with a little over 3.5 days to go!

But we’re pushing to get to $12,500 (Lowered from $20,000) and make a second set of dice. (Splitting the first set of 5 city/village dice into separate sets of 5 village and 5 city dice.)

So we’ve revised [...]

G*M*S Magazine goes G*M*S Iberia

Well, at last I can announce it. It's been coming a few weeks now and I haven't said anything because... well because it could have gone in a different direction, but it hasn't and I'm happy and very excited. From now, G*M*S Magazine will also be G*M*S Iberia. We have associated with Nosolorol Ediciones in [...]

The post G*M*S Magazine goes G*M*S Iberia appeared first on G*M*S Magazine.

The Artifact Player Handbook Hardcopy

It’s finally here! The Artifact Player’s Handbook is available as a hardcopy.

Order your own copy today!

Saturday Crowdfunding Roundup - Kings of War, the Dracula Dossier, & Protocol Game Series Two

Kings of War Fantasy Battle Game - 2nd Edition by Mantic Games is hugely funded and that means lots of stretch goals are met and add-ons are available already.  See more here.

Also, The Dracula Dossier by Pelgrane Press has surpassed its initial funding goal five times and more here.

Finally, Protocol Game Series Two by Postworldgames Jim Pinto is doing very well in the early going and you can jump on board here.

Saturday Crowdfunding Roundup on CreativeMountainGames.com Keeping an eye on those Kickstarter & IndieGoGo
projects plus other crowdfunding efforts.Please Like, Share, Plus, Tweet, Follow, [...]

The Week In Superhero TV...

Captain Cold - A Really Cool Villain... 1) The Flash - Going Rogue: Four episodes in and The Flash has yet to put a foot wrong. Going Rogue was another squeefest for comic book fans as it not only introduced Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) but also laid the groundwork for the formation of The Rogues, The Flash's primary foils in the comics. This episode also featured a guest crossover from

Knocking Your Noggin - Helmets in AD&D

Last night during our more or less monthly delve into the Castle of the Mad Archmage, obscure rules from the AD&D 1e Dungeon Masters Guide came up. For me, one of the classics is the rule for helmets on page 28 of the DMG:
It is assumed that an appropriate type of head armoring will be added to the suit of armor in order to allow uniform protection of the wearer. Wearing of a "great helm" adds the appropriate weight and restricts vision to the front 60" only, but it gives the head AC 1. If a helmet is not worn, 1 blow in 6 will strike at the AC 10 head, unless the opponent is intelligent, in which case 1 blow in 2 will [...]

It Looks Friendly

I read an article about the Predatory Glow Worms in the Peruvian Amazon. Sounds like a fun variant of the Purple Worm. Only hope you never run into a horny adolescent giant radioactive carnivorous mutant predatory glowing worm or you could end up like a penguin being molested by a seal.

Neo School Hack: Icons (13th Age style)

So I've read a bit about the game 13th Age by Pelgrane Press.  I'm not sure I'll buy it (never say never) but I do like the idea of "Icons" from the game.  As the SRD explains, icons are "Powerful factions that exert their will on the realm in some way or another."  Now, I've used factions in campaigns before.  They are great for providing the driving forces for the overarching plot lines.  They can be good, neutral, evil, chaotic, plaid, whatever.  The PCs may be working for or against multiple factions at any given time.  13th Age makes [...]

Joy in Wermspittle

This weekend we're launching a new campaign set in Wermspittle.

We'll be using Labyrinth Lord & The Advanced Edition Companion, with a few house rules and modifications. The house-rules document is still pretty rough, but once we get it cleaned-up a bit better, we'll make it available if anyone is interested. We'll also be posting a few things pertaining to the new campaign and there will be regular play-reports and updates as we go along.

To begin with we'll be focusing on the solo adventures of Joy, a very young, fairly Odd girl from one of the Low-Land [...]

Dungeon Master Tips: Better Narration

  As much as we may dislike it at time, the fact is one of the most critical tasks/skills of the GM is narration.
noun: narration; plural noun: narrations
  the action or process of narrating a story.
      "the style of narration in the novel"   a commentary delivered to accompany a movie, broadcast, etc.
      "Moore's narration is often sarcastic"  Narration sets up not just the parameters for things like combat and to assist the map maker, it sets the tone of the game. For example:
"The ten foot wide corridor goes 90' to [...]
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