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Spotlight: The Second Greatest Damn Art Resource Ever...

So, it's been a little while. I have quite a bit to tell you.

Sneak Peak style? Lots of work, lots of WFRP, and two weeks in Japan. I shall tell you all more soon!

However, in the mean time, I have another Art Spotlight recently discovered, in the same vein as the last one.

May I present Lidrael's Gallery!

Check it out, weep over the artworks, and let me know what it inspires you to create.

Good gaming, everyone!

Five Old School Cult Classic Post Apocalyptic Movies As Inspiration For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

HERE's a quick look at five of my favorite post apocalyptic films from yesteryear that continue to get the old PA brain box in the right frame of mind for Mutant Epoch and the Mutant Future encounter I've got coming up folks.

Escape From New York 1981 
Mad Max 1979 The Road Warrior 1982 

Wizards 1977

A Boy And His Dog 1975

So I'm cranking up the old Beta Max player once again to take a look at a few of the old school classics. Tomorrow I've got my Mutant Epoch rpg campaign game and I [...]

File Sizes in Free Word Processors

From my lovely and intelligent wife I just learned that there is a significant difference in the resulting file sizes when using OpenOffice and LibreOffice, so I decided to test it myself since I currently have the newest version of both installed while I decide which to use in the future. I am also testing Free Editor, which can open a ton of different formats just as OO and LO can, so I included it in the test.

I should mention that I have been using OpenOffice since it was called StarOffice, so I have a great deal of brand loyalty, [...]

ConBravo 2014: Vendor Profiles

This is part threeof a three part series where Michael reviews his experiences as ConBravo.

As has been evident in my Nerd Tour Of Toronto series, I am a big fan of gaming stores. They occupy an specialplace in nerd culture, where members of the community can gather to play games and share ideas. When I'm at conventions, I like to take some timeto talk tothe vendors there to learn more about their operations, and their thoughts on the retail games industry.

The Blue Gryphon (Gatineau, Quebec)


The Blue Gryphon had a large booth containing a bevy of video games and other gaming [...]

Discussion: Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Life is, in a manner of speaking, all about learning lessons. Some of these lessons we learn the easy way - it is taught to us directly, gently, and in a manner we're comfortable with - and some of these lessons we learn the hard way - fire is hot, for example. This is no different when it comes to GMing and Playing in table top RPGs.

Today I'd like to hear about some of the lessons you've learned the hard way as you've gone through your various games. Was it a positive lesson? A negative lesson?

For [...]

Time for Pain: Logo

It is that time of the year again... and I was lucky enough to have my good friend Lucas offer to do us another logo for this season! My dearest players gave me the theme "Legacy of Pain" oh do I love you so, so much. Seems you like me to do bad things you.

So Lucas sent me two logos. The first one is blue and red, just like last year's logo and the second is red and purple.

Accompanying this blogpost, I will be running a poll as to which one we should use... Again, on our [...]

Fragments From the Rim -- In Sickness and in Health

Ji’em Fil is so far under the weather he can’t even see the local sun.

Getting ill in a galaxy far, far away is no fun, especially if you have no immunity to whatever the equivalent of the local crud is.

You have to be careful out there, sometimes the littlest things are the most dangerous.

There are options though.

You COULD get lucky and find a miracle cure.

But odds are you won’t go unscathed.

Be careful where you go and who you meet, there’s just no telling what kind of ick you might get.

More episodes of Fragments form the Rim can be found atwww.madadventurers.com

You [...]

Whatever Happened to the Teenage Witch?

I don't talk much about Sabrina the Teen-age Witch much here.

I never read the comic, I never watched the Melissa Joan Hart TV show or movies.  I do remember seeing a cartoon of it back in the 80s.

A while back I did do a post about her as a potential Queen of Witches.  But that was it.

Well, not just content with zombies, Sabrina has a new adventure in the Afterlife with Archie comic.

Check out these links for more information.

Sabrina Spellman, Queen of Carcosa.

I have [...]

Public School, the Perfect Training Ground of Prison Life

How many ways can there actually be to compare the public school system in America to prison life? Obviously not every school is created equal, so for the sake of argument we shall use the Baltimore City School system as our Petri dish and see what we can discover. The first thing I remember about going to school in Baltimore was the violence. It seemed that every day I was in a fight or looking over my shoulder for the next attack. Violence was a way of life and even though the school did not allow violence, it also failed to stop it. Most fights were over quickly with a few hits and perhaps some humiliation or degradation. Then you would get the three or four days of followup bullying from everyone who got a sadistic thrill from the experience. The loser almost always was picked on in a cascading sort of motion that went through all of the popular kids. So what was I able to learn from this? Simple. Violence makes you a star. The meaner and more violent you are, the less likely you were to be hurt or picked on. The pretty girls like the guy who wins the fights and the kids who are not as tough as you, line up to be your friends as they don’t want to be on your bad side. Violence in the Baltimore City school system was the key to the kingdom. Isn’t it interesting that in prison that rule holds true. The Baltimore City Schools train kids to survive the violence of prison. They teach them how to respect the pecking order, how to climb in that pecking order, and how to thrive in a place where your very life may be in danger. Another aspect of violence [...]

"If you're not confused, you're not paying attention."

     Hellblazer is a series that has always been held dear to my heart. I've got the first 5 or 6 trade collections of the comic, and a few later volumes. One day, I'll get around to picking up all the collections, but it has been a rather long-running series. It'll take a while. In the meantime, there's been the occasional adaptation that's cropped up. There was a film about a dark-haired and dark-coated American man named John Constantine that had some rather good points to it (save the presence of Shia LeBouf, whom I maintain there has not yet [...]

Dual-Weapon Attack and Rapid Strike

I'll just start by assuming the conclusion: Dual-Weapon Attack should die.

I'm not saying it doesn't serve a purpose, but I think Dual-Weapon Attack should be relegated to a special case of Rapid Strike, rather than a separate thing.

What you say?

Let's look at DWA vs Rapid Strike, and see what gives.

First something I'd really forgotten, which assaults my initial premise right away: DWA is an optional rule to begin with, found tucked into a box on p. B417. Except for one obscure edge case involving throwing lots of shuriken at someone, you may not Rapid Strike on the same maneuver in which you DWA.

But again, what does DWA do?
  • It allows two attacks with a single Attack maneuver instead of an All-Out Attack (Double). This allows the attacker to retain defenses, a big deal.
  • It requires the use of both hands, using two different weapons or fists.
  • Each attack is at a base -4 to hit, but your off-hand penalties (if you have them) stack, making the usual attack -4 in the primary hand, and -8 in the off hand! 
  • DWA can explicitly be used with unarmed or armed melee weapons . . . or with a pistol.
  • You can buy it up as a technique to the point that your -4 is at no penalty. You need ambidexterity or off-hand weapon training to deal with the other -4.
  • The foe defends at -1 if both attacks are at one target.
  • You may attack more than one [...]

Interview: Greyhawk Reborn's Dave Guerrieri

I'm on an interview roll, it seems. I've known about the Greyhawk Reborn project, which is an attempt to keep the old Living Greyhawk campaign alive with a new and continuing "living campaign", as it is active in my neck of the woods, and I've seen mentions of it at conventions and online. At this past Dexcon, I got to meet its founder and lead, Dave Guerrieri, and he graciously agreed to answer some questions about the project.

You can find Greyhawk Reborn online at their Yahoogroups email list and their Facebook page.

* * * * *
GG: What's [...]

Kickstarter - RPG Mini Mods - Role Playing Games Mini Modules

What can I tell you about +Lloyd Metcalf ? Well, he was the main artist doing work on Whisper & Venom (a NTRPG Three Castles Award Finalist and ENnie Award Finalist for 2014). I actually own one of his original pieces of work. I truly do like his art. I have no idea about his adventure writing, but I'm willing to make a bet (with my own money) that Lloyd writes a decent adventure. I guess I'll find out with his RPG Mini Mods.

$24 for print copies of all three mini mods, $32 if you want a set of three 5"x7" prints of the covers. Can you guess what level I'll be ponying up for?

Let's face it, not every GM has time [...]

From the Sketchbook

I tried to channel my inner Mike Mignola/Jeff Smith, and these are what I came up with. I'm not sure if any are keepers for the core rulebook, but it was fun to stretch my legs a little. I think that my style is coming along in terms of hybridizing what I do with what I want to do... getting closer all the time.

Now, I need to start thinking about actually signing my art! I realized that I never even put my initials on anything...


I've re-read some of the old demon lore write ups and realised they need a bit of an edit to make them read more nicely.  Unfortunately I'm still knee deep in LARP preparations and Home Front sourcebook revision so that's diverting time, attention and resources away from this blog.  I figured the rules are the thing so I'll keep putting them up for now as I do them. 

They haven't been playtested (sorry) but I have extensively played through the original rules so I have a pretty decent idea of what I don't like about them.  I've also [...]

Now that's a Delve! Krubera Cave

Krubera Cave, deepest known cave on Earth

Demon: Lore of the Wind

Create WindYou can create breathable air that emerges from your hands for minutes equal to Faith + successes.  If you are surrounded by gas or water you can cup your hands over a person's nose and mouth to provide them with clean air.  If this lore is used in an enclosed space which would increase the air pressure then instead it replaces the existing air with breathable air to ensure that the current air pressure is maintained.  The strength of the wind created in this way is, at most, equivalent to your breath (i.e. you can blow out a candle at [...]

Random Bank Names

What was once a habit of trolling for new ideas has slacked off of late. I blame summer for heat and distractions. Tonight, I overcame my typical summer lethargy to roll out a new generator: Bank and Financial Names.

The current database consists of a mere 14,000 entries. If it proves useful to others, I can easily expand by substituting city names with other results from the City Name generator. Country and country names are also plausible although I removed most of those from the default output.

In other news, [...]

Making Gaming Stuff

I've been messing around with developing an adventure using the Exoterrorists, GUMSHOE system.  Think X-Files if it had been on HBO (Maybe True Detective would fill the bill, but I've only seen one very good episode so I can't say).

So I thought I would make up fake, shadow government type documents.  The players would be working for Aegis.  I thought it fit the theme I was going for well.  But I could just have official government documents with Aegis on the header.  No, no, I have to come up with an official seal.

Don't Google official seal [...]

ORE Bundle of Holding

This week’s Bundle of Holding is all ORE all the time – for one low price get Wild Talents, GODLIKE, Better Angels, and a bunch of other stuff.

Filed under: talk Tagged: ORE

Can You Lend Me a Han?

Today's report is just in from a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  Star Wars is coming in force to the Wargate, and X-Wing by Fantasy Flight Games is pretty much single-handedly responsible for overturning the club's aversion to Star Wars!  The Smith lays out how they have begun their journey into the Force, submitted from our Texas Chapter!

Imperial Navy: Sigma Squadron ambushes Rebel forces in the Karthakk System
This week began our summer game season at the Texas Chapter.  Enthusiasm couldn't be higher as we breeze our way through the rules and begin the [...]

New Creature for any setting - The Gaistig (S&W and Next Edition)

Below is a new undead/Ghost enemy to be encountered in the deepest tombs and most dark places in any game. The Glaistig is based on a Scottish ghost by the same name.

Unlike what is presented below the Glaistig of Scottish legend was often a benign ... or at the very least neutrual spirit that took the form of a young and beautiful woman. In some stories the Glaistig was found to be a blood sucking ghost that would lead men and travellers (typically also men) to dark places to feed on them.

The Glaistig presented below [...]

The Pearl 011


After a bit of a battle the PC’s encounter a bit of a puzzle.

The Pearl 011

That 5e Proficiency Bonus

First I want to say, “pffffbbbtt.”

Now that that’s out of my system, I want to talk about relationships (Bliss Stage). Wait, I mean I want to talk about Guardian Forces and Junction magic (FF8). Or maybe Social Links (Persona). Or maybe relationships (Arkham Horror)!

Let’s start with this — social mechanics are uneven in many games.

Roleplaying games can get kind of weird when it comes to social mechanics for some reason — there are plenty of other weird things in RPGs, but social mechanics often seem a bit… off.

Here are some actually-good examples:

Relationships in Bliss Stage drive the game. You can’t [...]

Palestine, Genocide, and a Good Ole' Time

I have heard Jewish leaders state, “we must always stand on the side of the oppressed when no one else will” I have heard this often from my Jewish friends over the years and it is almost a mantra for them. The moment I bring up Palestine however they take a different stance. They become almost violent and hostile and belligerent. I have even been assaulted by one of my former Jewish friends for suggesting that Israel may be the villain in the Palestine situation.

So how is Israel going to do it? How are they going to remove millions of Palestinians? How are they going to steal a country and still keep the UN and America on their side? It is said that he who controls the information controls the world. Israel has, up until now, done a great job of controlling the information. They have staged a massive PR campaign to keep American politicians on their side. Millions of Americans see Israel as our sister state, our ally in all things, our bestest friend in this scary scary world. In reality Israel is the host to the worlds largest prison. A prison in which people are slaughtered out of hand while the perpetrators of said slaughter, cry as if they are in fact the victims.

How would you feel if the United Nations stole the state of Texas and gave it to the various native American tribes in the US? Then all of the peoples from Texas would be dumped into ghettos and most of their rights stripped from them? This is essentially what is happening in Palestine. A group of nations arbitrarily decided to give the Jews a home and took the land from the Muslims who lived there. Then they carted off those Muslims and forced them to [...]

Metal Gods #2 Cover Art & Info!

In this issue:

  • Secrets of the Serpent Moon! - An adventure toolkit that takes your PCs to a secret Serpent Man moonbase. 
  • Meet the Elder Races: Who ruled Ore before Man? Edgar Johnson learns you about the Elder Races.
  • Heirloom Items for Lowbie PCs: Grandpa Hurg always claimed the family sword was enchanted. Turns out, it might be. An article by Donn Stroud.
  • Looking for some magical items with some decidedly Ur-Hadadly feel to them? Jason Hobbs has you covered.
  • Bounty Hunters of Ur-Hadad!
  • And more!
The price will be going up slightly on this issue because (a) $4 is easier to sort out [...]

"All rolled up" bags: handmade and filled with heart blood - an interview

Salute! Warm hearted souls behind the "All rolled up": Paul and Fil.All photos: All rolled up Two or three months ago I noticed a very special role-playing game item in my Google stream. An "All rolled up". "Heck, what is that?", I thought. And looked closer. It's some kind of leveled up dice bag, combined with a unique skin and potential for being more than a sac holding your dice. Some of

The Utopia -- Steal this Trap

Once I was so bored that I invented the (I think) ultimate trap. My players entered a small valley secluded from the outside world. It was truly a heavenly, Eden-like place full of beautiful scenery, peaceful – but also not without it’s small problems – every few months local fauna suffered “berserk” syndrome and acted wild and violent – it was a time where the local population hid in a small stronghold and had to be protected.

Did I mention “local folk”? Nice people, intelligent, beautiful, very tolerant and open to various possibilities, eternally young, courtesy of strange fruits growing only [...]

Daily Cosplay (Star Trek)

Bujilli: Episode 99

Bujilli and Leeja destroyed a Morlock Tripod before making use of Sprague's Access-Point to the planar layer of the Purple Forest where they met Silas Grompf and Midwife Shael who wanted to end one lingering war in order to start another...with Bujilli and Leeja's help...

Bujilli looked out upon the clearing, churned to mud and soon to be saturated with blood in the prosecution of some sad, sick operatic paroxysm of meaningless destruction. It was grim. Desperate times led to desperate measures. The chain of escalating reactions was dragging everything--and everyone--down into chaos, death and ruin. It had [...]


Long ago there was a goodly sorceress named Erementrude. She was powerful and well versed in all the magics of the ancient goblins and wizards. It came to pass that Erementrude's daughter fell by the arrow of dagger of some vagrant. In her grief she sought to hold the Arc of Time and delay her child's passage to the Stone Fields so that she might call upon her one last time. Her spell was powerful and when it bridged the Arc and stopped time, it drew the attention of the Lord of Chaos. He saw in a moment what her [...]


Recently on Twitter and Facebook I keep seeing #ImSo(Name of Place). This morning to poke fun at I started posted D&D versions. I thought I'd post a few here.

#ImSoDarkSun I remember when Athas was green.
#ImSoForgottenRealms I survived the SpellPlague and the Time of Troubles.
#ImSoRavenloft I remember when when Ravenloft was just an adventure.
#ImSoGreyhawk I remember when the Great Kingdom was actually great.
#ImSoEberron I remember when Khorvaire was a united nation.
#ImSoPlanescape I've been sent to the Maze, three times.
#ImSoDragonlance I rode with Lord Soth, while he was still human.
#ImSoPathfinder that I know [...]

War of the Gods

A Map for you just for the hell of it.

So here is a map.
I was thinking of doing an example adventure for  my home brew game "Amazing Adventurers and Exciting Exploits" so I sketched up a map water-colored in some bits then  though, "well I would rather go another direction."

Here is the map I started.
It became kind of a quick sketch of  something I might  expand upon latter. The real reason I never used it s that I need to leave more white space for what I want to do for AAIE.

That and I made a mistake on the entrance  structure which frankly [...]

Romanticism as an essential element of fantasy

Let me start with a few quotes from Wikipedia:
"Fantasy is a genre of fiction that commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary plot element, theme, or setting. Many works within the genre take place in imaginary worlds where magic and magical creatures are common. Fantasy is generally distinguished from the genres of science fiction and horror by the expectation that it steers clear of scientific and macabre themes, respectively, though there is a great deal of overlap between the three, all of which are subgenres of speculative fiction.In popular culture, the fantasy genre is predominantly of [...]

A Great Fighter in Into the Odd

D&D Fighters grow in power as they level up. Their bonuses increase, they become mountains of HP, and in later editions they get incredible powers worthy of mythical heroes. They can go toe to toe with a dragon and battle hordes of orcs without breaking a sweat.

Into the Odd characters don't get that luxury. So what makes a great fighter?

Meet Polina Lawd, a renowned highwayman, duellist, and sometime mercenary. She's known to be one of the most formidable combatants in the world. And why?

Polina Lawd 
STR 18, DEX 9, WIL 13, 20hp.
Ivory [...]

Cyber city

The wind blew across the cold pavement, or at least what little bit of the wind which made its way down through the mass of buildings, and other concrete and metal structures to where we walked. The days here were short, always walking in the shadows of the valley cast by these great buildings. Though the buildings may have once been amazing things to behold, now they are cold and tower over us, making us reach out and long for the sky, the sun, fresh air. Those things do not come to this place…

The image above is cyber city by [...]

Creativity Challenge, Day 24!

Alien environments and weather have already been talked about during this creativity challenge, but something that hasn’t been hit yet is extraordinarly sized perspectives on what would be a standard environment. Take your living space…it’s probably fairly comfortable, equipped with everything that’s around you right now. You know the space well enough to navigate it in the dark and you know where things are without having to look for them (generally speaking).

But, what if you were an inch tall? How would that change your perspective on things? What if you were 10 feet tall, how would you navigate? How would [...]

SWGMH S05E07: Dick Moves

The gang gets together to explore player perceptions of fairness in gaming and the GM’s role and responsibility to maintain a certain level of conflict and drama. Your hosts:Jerrod 'Savage Daddy' Gunning,Ron Blessing,Chris Fuchs,JiB,andScott: the Savage Cheerleader Changing the rules (dice fudging) Deliberately ruling against the players GM NPCs GM Benniesto Soak Favoritism Subscribe on […]

012 Vaults of the Vilayet #3

A Trip into Undermountain

Here's an interlude between parts 2 and 3 of the Mapping my Game-world mini-series, another dip into the Vaults.
This time, a parchment map intended as a hand-out for some players delving into the Undermountain, as presented in the 1991 AD&D 2e box set 'Ruins of Undermountain'.
It took me a minute to look through the huge poster-maps in the box to find which bit is shown on this relic [...]

Story Locale (Wonders of NaeraCull): Mahanguan Pilgrimage Trail

Rising high into the sky, Mount Mahangua dominates the skyline of the Pirate Isles. The top of the volcano---at roughly 7,000 feet in elevation---is always in an active state. Lava gurgles in the crater, 1.4 miles across at its widest point. The very center is in a constant display of pyrotechnics, shooting flaming rocks hundreds […]

The post Story Locale (Wonders of NaeraCull): Mahanguan Pilgrimage Trail appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

Ein Interview mit Tom Hillenbrand ber Drohnenland

Drohnenland von Tom Hillenbrand (Image: obskures.de)

Tom Hillenbrand. Vor Kurzem verffentlichte der Verlag Kiepenheuer & Witsch (KiWi) Drohnenland, den ersten Zukunftskrimi von Tom Hillenbrand. Auf Anfrage stimmte er freundlicherweise einem kurzen Interview zu.

Disclaimer: Den Roman habe ich mir gekauft. Zu seinem schwarmfinanzierten Rollenspielfachbuch Drachenvter, das er zusammen mit Konrad Lischka schrieb, fhrte ich bereits ein Interview mit Ihm. Ab und an twittern wir ein wenig hin und her. Darber hinaus gibt es keine Verbindungen.

Achtung! (Kleine) Spoiler und Nerdkram voraus!

Der Verstand ist oft die Quelle der Barbarei; ein berma an Verstand ist es immer.
- Giacomo Leopardi (Zitat aus Drohnenland)

Worum geht es [...]

No Level One Monsters

This is a new solution to an ongoing problem.

Years ago, I started developing “scope” as a form of quadratic development to complement linear character advancement.

That’s when I came up with the terms:
Personal, Local, Regional, Global, Planar, and Cosmic.

As part of that, I ranked nearly every monster from the D&D Monster Manual according to scope — whether a monster of that type represented a threat of a certain scope. I had to figure out how many people could be affected.

I associated each scope with a group of 3-5 exty people, as follows:
1-Personal 3-5
2-Local 300-500
3-Regional 30k-50k
…and so [...]

Setting Riff: Holothom -- The Short Version

OK so I doubt any of you care to slog through my old writings just for kicks, you are looking for something inspiring or useful that you might apply to your own game or world somehow.

So the original “setting riff” I suppose you could call it for Holothom boiled down to:

1) A bunch of primitive humans (“barbarians”) flee some war-zone and cross some big mountains into some apparently uninhabited lands.

2) The “uninhabited lands” are actually the ancient homelands of the demi-humans (who are either unknown or mythical in the rest of the world). Also full of humanoids and other monsters.

3) [...]

Some Thoughts on the Ten Games, Ten Times Challenge

I'm 22% into the 10 games, 10 times, challenge and I thought I should post an update, because I think the experience has already been worthwhile.

What I am finding, and it confirms what I think most of us already know, that multiple plays of a game help reinforce [...]

Daily Punch 7-22-14 Superior Mage Hand feat for DnD Next

I’ve been reading the Sundering and I saw a character do something amazing with her hair. She used it to grab weapons and beat the crap out of anyone who came at her. How about a feat to make that happen?


Superior Mage Hand

You’re a pinnacle of spell casting and you make even the simplest cantrips dodevastatingeffects

Prerequisite: Wizard with the mage hand cantrip

Benefit: Gain the following:

  1. Gain a +1 to intelligence to a maximum of 20.
  2. You may cast mage hand as a spell of any level. For each level you cast the spell above a cantrip, you gainan extra mage hand. The [...]

An unfinished game for you to mess with

For last year’s NaGaDeMon I worked on Galaxy Rising, a space opera roleplaying game. Alas I was never able to finish my work on it. But I thought some of you guys might still be interested in checking in out and doing stuff with it. Feel free to download it here.

I might pick up this project again in the future, so feel free to send me your feedback.

Armor Up (Elf)

D&D Encounters: Tyranny of Dragons Kit -- Preview

With the release of the new 5e Dungeons & Dragons comes a new look and feel to D&D public play. D&D Encounters as we know it is changing as it becomes part of the broader public play program known as the D&D Adventure League.

The first adventure in the Tyranny of Dragons story arc is Hoard of the Dragon Queen. The D&D Encounters adventure, which your FLGS can download for free, provides enough material to advance PCs from levels 1-4. The story continues for PCs of level 5 and above in the for-sale product of the same name, Hoard of the [...]

Will Myers and AdventureAWeek.com at the Colorado Conclave of Gamers this weekend!

It’s hard to believe that in my roughly 30 years of off-and-on gaming that I’ll be attending my first ever gaming convention on Friday, July 25th: the third annual Conclave of Gamers at the DIA Crowne Plaza Hotel in Denver, Colorado. I’ve been to other conventions before, but never to a gaming convention, and though […]

The post Will Myers and AdventureAWeek.com at the Colorado Conclave of Gamers this weekend! appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

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