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RPG Kickstarter Roundup: Week of 2-22-2015

This is the RPG Kickstarter Roundup! We’re bringing you all the RPG-related Kickstarter projects that recently started or are about to end. The Roundup includes RPGs, miniatures, dice, and anything else that may be RPG-related. In this edition of the Roundup we’re covering new projects for the week of 2-22-2015, and projects ending the week […]

Interview - Chris Birch of Modiphius

Please welcome to Farsight Blogger Chris Birch, the founder and publisher of Modiphius. I spoke to Chris about a year ago about the wonderful Mutant Chronicles RPG and this time around I've got a few questions about something I'm incredibly excited about; the pending Conan game!

Well -- you've got your hands on the Conan licence and you're bringing the Hyborian Age back to the gaming table. Exciting times! How great did it feel to get hold of such a thing?

It took a long year of negotiation but it was great to finally sign. Conan has [...]

You Know What's A Good Brain Food? Brains!


This campaign is set ten years after a previous set of adventures (HERE). This is the second session of the campaign (see the first entry HERE).  

Xue Lingsu (Purple Cavern Sect)
Kang Xi (Affiliated with Mr. Red Claw)
Zhi Zhu (No Sect)
Long Shu (Purple Cavern Sect)
Rong (Tree Dwelling Nun Sect)

We continued where we left off with Zhi Zhu dragging Kang Xi and Long Shu from the Golden Grotto Academy and Xue LIngsu bringing the daughter of the city engineer (Su Long) to Poet Hong's residence after rescuing her from the Grotto. 

As the three party members stumbled out of the academy they met a Tree Dwelling Nun sect member named Rong, who offered to assist Zhi Zhu carry her incapacitated friends. Reluctantly she accepted, handing Kang Xi over. 

Upon their return to Hong's residence they connected with Lingsu and asked Rong about her [...]

Fables, X-Men, Dragon Age, Discworld, Doki Doki, Catwoman, etc.

Cramming the publication of new entries in the current schedule is daunting, but here’s a decent-sized batch to keep y’all entertained.

I hadn’t created entries on writeups.org in a while, while I’ve recreated 4,000 entries in the next version of the site (so far). Though I’m bone-tired with creating next-gen entry, being reminded of how current site works was something of a shock. The nomenclature on the site in construction is so much… better.


  • New Bonus in the, well, New Bonuses for DC Heroes article – Cumulative.
  • FABLES. A profile for Prince Brandish Descry by Gareth.
  • A full entry for Transonic [...]


This pink-grey worm creature has a segmented body dotted with short horn-like nubs. Its head is dominated by a circular, tooth-ringed mouth, which is surrounded by three flailing tentacles covered in tube feet like the arms of a starfish.
Source: Book of Fiends D&D 3.5 by Green Ronin Publishing

The Solesik is a chaotic evil outsider hailing from the Abyss. This creature is the bane of wizards, sages, and scholars. This fiend feeds upon languages and seeks out any language from written to the spoken form. The Solesik can bite a victim and drain languages from it.

Sunday Inspirational Image: The logical choice

Rest in peace Mr. Nimoy, and thank you for everything!

Commercial Licensed Maps For March!

So, I got a glimpse at the backend of the Patreon Campaign for this month. The way Patreon is set up you can see the pledge totals for the next three creations you put up at any one time – if you want to see further ahead you need to download your current patron lists as a CSV file and do the math yourself.

March Creations

But the good news – here is what the first three March posts look like:

Normally this would mean the first two maps of the month are going up using a free commercial-use license. But for the first few months that we are over the $300 line, I’m going to be “rolling over” any total over the $300 mark to the next map to try to get as many over the mark as possible.Please note that this is a temporary thing – I’m doing this to reward myself and everyone else for the recent huge push that has brought the campaign to where it is now.

Rolling the $38.75 and the $1.24 from the first two maps to the third brings it to $308.22 and rolling that $8.22 to the next map will definitely not bring it over [...]

Exclusive peak at "How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss"

Interesting title, huh? “How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss” raised more than $4,500 on Kickstarter which was more than twice Venger Satanis’ campaign target.

Venger writes for Kort’thalis Publishing with his most recent work Reverly in Torth currently sitting at 4.5/5 stars at DriveThruRPG after multpile reviews.

The Kickstarter tells us a little about the title of this Kickstarter project and forthcoming book. Venger addresses questions;

What’s with the title/tone of this book? Well, I wanted something not only provocative but extremely confident, bordering on arrogance… while inserting a little bit of humor. Like my forthcoming tome will advise, mentoring can [...]

ChupacabraCon 2015 Panel 14


Tales of a Married Gamer -- Sportsmanship and Gamesmanship

Greetings and welcome back to another Tales of a Married Gamer. Recently, I have seen on social media that not only do people read this article, they actually have been learning the concept of sportsmanship from it.

I have to say that a lot of what I argue for and complain about is not in an attempt to make people better sports in regards to playing games, but more along the lines of being better people in the relationships we have. Games just happen to be one of the contexts in which this behavior exists. One thing which I will note, [...]

Four Fiddly Things to Worry About in Your RPGs

Is your game moving a little too fast? Having trouble creating new plots ahead of your PCs merciless march across your lands? Maybe they’ve just become so powerful that you’ve lost the ability to challenge them with anything in the rules. Break out these little worrisome gems to stall and forestall the inevitable.

1. Render Unto Caesar…

Historically each nation, even each individual community within a nation or country, has minted their own coinage. Usually it contains the face of the local leader or significant community member, an assurance that this coin is legal tender in this community, and an admonishment to [...]

Sunday Funnies - PVP's Spocking, Superheroes, & The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

Over on pvponline.com, they have a strip in remembrance of Leonard Nimoy here.

Also, from moviepilot.com, a "Photographer Creates Darkly Funny View into the Private Lives of Superheroes" here.

Finally, a Kcikstarter from yesteryear "The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers in 'Grass Roots'" project by bolex brothers can be found here.

Sunday Funnies on CreativeMountainGames.comHumor, often gaming-related,
to start the week with a chuckle.Please Like, Share, Plus, Tweet, Follow, and Comment!

New (and Free) Fantasy OSR Game from Sine Nomine Publishing - Exemplars & Eidolons

+Kevin Crawford likes to sneak his new releases into the world with little fanfare at times. He's done it again, as this released on Friday and I only just found it this morning at RPGNow.

Exemplars & Eidolons looks to be a very solid OSR release, but in this case the rules themselves are secondary to the presentation, as Kevin is offering this as an example of how to present a game in a format reminiscent of the old White Box releases of yore.

As usual, Kevin does some excellent work.

The PDF is free and print copies are $9.99.

At free this is yet another gift from Kevin to the OSR. I tip my hat to you good sir.

Card-Driven Morale

I was thinking about morale systems (particularly Domains at War's) in the shower this evening and it occurred to me that the primary culprits in terms of lag and friction from morale are table lookups and adding situational modifiers.  I don't have a solution to situational modifiers yet, but one solution to the table lookups problem would be to use a deck of cards with the same probability distribution as 2d6.  Each card, in addition to its face value, has a small, basically pre-calculated table, to the effect of "if the checking unit's morale is +3 or better, it rallies.  [...]

Casting Runes 6: A Season for All Things -- Session 16/17 Recap

This post continues the exploration and implementation of RuneQuest 6th Editionin a sword and sorcery campaign setting.This recap comprises twoshort sessions, focused on seeking out a physical location which may give clues or aid to resist the coming war with the returning agents of Chaos. Check the list of links below for the recaps of … Continue reading →

Tyranny of Dragons - Neverwinter MMO

I normally write about tabletop D&D, but today I'd like to write about Neverwinter. The Neverwinter MMO came out a little over a year ago. I tried it and liked it when it came out, but moved on pretty fast (tabletop D&D takes up a lot of my free time).

Recently I realized that Neverwinter has released Tyranny of Dragons expansions - "Tyranny of Dragons" (Not "Hoard of the Dragon Queen") and The Rise of Tiamat. I thought about it for a minute and realized that I had to see if I could actually play through a version [...]

This Is How I Imagine All Nordic Noir Goes...

[Video] Animus In Aguerra- A Fate Core One Shot

A thoroughly enjoyable Fate sci-fi one-shot that I played in, ran by David Semmes :)

Dungeon World: A Pirate's Life For You!

Throughout the month of March, The Pirate is going to be on sale (and our Awfully Big Playbook and All of the Playbooks bundles have been adjusted accordingly).

Not only that, but in addition to the digest-book containing the class, new equipment, new magic items, and a pair of compendium classes, it's been updated using the new character sheet I designed:

One of the problems I've run into while designing new classes and even just playing the game is a lack of space using the "official" character sheet template.
The space devoted to ability scores, damage, armor, and [...]

2015 Qualifier for the German Team Championship in Boardgaming

We made the journey to Lautertal yesterday morning nearly forgetting to bring 7 Wonders with us. Fortunately Udo asked when he and Michael arrived at my house.

But I will spare you the details and give you the end results first. Of 14 teams we placed 7th with 47 points. A mere 4 points would have put us in contention for the top 3. Exact results at the end of the post.

First round 7 WondersIt was nice to meet up again with teams we had known from the Spielothek in Mannheim: Die Rumtreiber and 3, 2, 1, [...]

Lost Mine of Phandelver - Session 2 [D&D 5th Ed Actual Play]

Wherein the team arrives in Phandalin and encounters the Redbrands... Players Bramble (Green Gnome Rogue/Charlatan) Kokiri aka "Cookie" (Wood Elf Rogue/Sailor) Atticus Digby (Half-Wyrd-Elf Wizard/Bard/Noble) Roanvine(Human Ranger/Outlander) Vandalar (Dragonborn Paladin/Noble) Skeld (Hill Dwarf Cleric of Wotan/Sage) (NPC) Peitor "Pete" Rabbitslayer (Halfling Fighter) Taking

Dragon #103

'The Black Hole' 1979 Movie Concept Art of Robert McCall as Inspiration For Your Old School Science Fiction Campaigns

Robert McCall was one of the premiere sci fi artists of all times who got his start in Life magazine in the 1960's. The gentleman worked on some of the best sci fi of the 70's and 80's including films such as Star Trek The Motion picture and the Black hole. Mr. McCall passed on in 2010 but his legacy lives on. You can learn more about thisfabulousartist right overHERE

Grumpy RPG Reviews: Blacks in Gaming (Remake)

Episode 55 -- Blacks in Gaming
  • For Black History Month, this column discusses the role of blacks in tabletop role-playing games.
  • The essay employs the term black rather than African-American or Africa because most fantasy settings do not have an America or an Africa, even if they do include black people.
  • Race is an important part of character creation, though there it usually refers to what should be called different species (elves, orcs, humans, etc.) and there is no real mechanical difference between blacks and whites.
  • The default assumption of both the text and art of most RGP games is the [...]

Working From Home

TL/DR – I am now working from home and have an hour a day I don’t have to do the round trip to and from work Monday through Friday, and will have more time to focus on living life and preparing and playing games. My company decided to close our local office because there are […]

HJRP1412 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 14 Episode 12


Your hosts: Stu, Tyler and Tim

Show Notes! We discuss making a big boss fight memorable. Jeremy writes in with a horror story and a question about passive players. Weaslecreature takes exception with Stu’s contention regarding the place of game mechanics in social situations. New GM Starting tells us of his players exploits in a Star Wars game. And Tony relates a gaming nightmare.

The Crypts and Things Remastered Rpg System by Newt Newport Kickstarter For Your Old School Sword and Sorcery Campaigns

Get In On The Action RightHERE The OSR has been very,very, good to me & one of the games that I haven't gotten to play nearly enough is the Crypts and Things Rpg retroclone system. Crypts and Things is a sword and sorcery retroclone built on the Swords and Wizardry engine. For me its a really important game because what it allows a DM to do is to take the game,grab some players and dive into

Frightful Fridays! Giant Velvet Worm

Howdy and welcome to another Frightful Fridays! (or Frightful word-ending-in-'days', which doesn't have quite the same ring to it) This entry is courtesy of Jason who pointed to a Cracked article about "the 24 most bizarre creatures on Earth," and these worms appealed to me, especially since they spray mucus to to capture their prey and slowly devour the ensnared prey. What's not to love?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these giant velvet worms, and I hope to be back this Friday with a new monster. Thanks for reading!

They're so adorable

This massive worm bears dozens of crescent-shaped claws along its body, [...]

Kickstarter - Pyramid of the Lost King: Adventures in Basq (OSR Setting)

I've been remiss in my Kickstarter coverage. Well, remiss in that I've failed to cover all of the good ones, as the train wrecks (or even minor fender benders) are usually very entertaining.

One of the Kickstarters I've overlooked is Pyramid of the Lost King: Adventures in Basq, which is a foolish thing to overlook, as I've agreed to do a small part (as has +Tim Shorts , so if nothing else, my small part can be judged against Tim's small part - wait - that doesn't sound right at all.)
Pyramid of the Lost King is the newest Lands of Usarm adventure from Genius Loci Games. Pyramid takes place in the deserts far to the south of the Ruined City of Uostin where [...]

Late Review: Clanbook: Toreador (Revised)

Clanbook:  Toreador (Revised)By Heather Grove & Greg Stoltze2000, 100 pages                        From the very first page, Clanbook Toreador recreates the image of the Clan of the Rose and Kindred society by offering a multicultural perspective that was not present in the previous edition's clanbooks.   Players are exposed to a variety of different viewpoints on the Toreador, and those viewpoints are especially important in that they are well developed and completely untrustworthy.   Kindred are liars and deceivers who twist the truth into new forms that are not outright lies and that fact makes them far more [...]

Pyramid #3/76 - Dungeon Fantasy IV Review (Dire and Terrible Monsters)

This is the fourth issue that is devoted to Dungeon Fantasy. No surprise -- it's the most popular sub-line, having spawned at least 16 or 17 books, and of course, since it occupies the same turf as the most popular game today (D&D in all its flavors, be it D&D5, Pathfinder, or the various OSR or D&Derived versions).

This issue is quite eclectic in its coverage, and some of the articles are downright . . . well, somewhere between odd and squicky, but in an I have to put that in my game kind of way.

So, let's delve in . . . but remember you're descending from an upper level, where psychic freakin' Jedi can be found . . . or slighty below that, where books and mighty spells can't be found. Nope. Nothing to see there. Though you're going to want to lose your lunch after spending time in the horrid living room of your bad guy. But don't worry, you can always punch him in the gut with a magically-enhanced fist of death.

But what's this we see here? Awww . . . it's so cute. A tiny, fluffy little bunny. I'm sure it's cuddly and oh my glob, it's attacking me! The pain, the pain! Aaaaaahh!

Dire and Terrible Monsters ( +Peter V. Dell'Orto and +Douglas Cole )

Of course, I co-wrote this one, so you can take my review with a grain of salt. That being said, I noted in a previous post that [...]

Miss March: Lindy Booth

Lindy Booth (from The Librarians, Copper, Kick-Ass 2, Wrong Turn, The 4400, Odyssey 5 and Relic Hunter)

Time to Award the White Box PDF Bundle Prize(s)

Yes. Prize(s). That's because in addition to the bundle that includes White Box Treasures, Bestiary and Companion, three additional winners will get to pick one of the three titles for themselves. +James Spahn , temporary temporal commander of the OSR in a generous benefactor ;)

All right, lets get to the goodies giving part :)

For the White Box Bundle - +Peter V. Dell'Orto 

For their choice of one of the three releases in PDF, we have:

+Brett Slocum 

Sir Corvus

Halenar Frosthelm

Email me at tenkarsDOTtavern at that gmail thing. I'll need your RPGNow email and for the final three, the product that you want.

James and I thank everyone for participating.

As next week is [...]

February 2015 Update

Basically nothing RPG related to report this month. Have been watching more 1970’s and 1980s SF movies. Probably not going to be much except movies and some reading for the next few months while I finish my onsite clinical training.

Here’s a few pages of scans from my 1980s Holothom notebook to tide us over until next month. These are about spellcasting and religion. (I skipped over the several pages of custom spell lists I had made up for the campaign, but you can see the last bit of them on the first scan.)

Page 17

Page 18

Page 19

Page 20

Filed under: blogging, [...]

Weekend R&R: Mini Six

I enjoy the d6 system and have said as much on repeated occasions.

My first foray with the system would be though West End Games' classic Star Wars RPG at a time when I truly got fed up with TSR and their bloated publishing schedule and, what I perceived as schlock, being produced.  This would have been around the mid-90s.  The Star Wars RPG (and d6 in general) was easy to grasp, quick to learn, and fast to play and the rules were light enough to allow the freedom and flexibility for a narrative and cinematic experience.  It was [...]

'The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescene' Adventure By Venger Satanis for Your Old School Campaigns

If your a reader of this blog, then by all means you know how much I love the gonzo. Well I went after and pestered the hell out of Venger Satanis for a review copy of the infamous 'The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescene'. And this isn't one for the kids, the Pat Robertson Crowd, or the easily offended. If you're still reading this then let's move on and go right into the breakdown of this

Review - Another Bunch of Content Issue #3 (OSR Supplement)

I never got around to reviewing Issues 1 and 2 of Another Bunch of Content, which is totally my fault. Well, that and work, as I've been trying to find time for reviews and they are often the more time consuming of posts.

Let me start with the simple statement - You Want This

Nothing subliminal, no beating around the bush, just a simple statement. Each issue has 26 pieces of content for your game. What kind of content are we talking about? Magic items, locations, personalities, history, spells, monsters.

It is literally inspiration for the DM that is looking for that one piece to the puzzle, but in this case they get 26 extremely varied pieces.

For a [...]

Blogger's New Adult Policy, Part 2

I was looking up some stuff for our Castles & Crusades game today and I discovered this: An update on Blogger porn content policy In a nutshell Google/Blogger is going back to the policy it had all this time. So we can all go back to worrying about what color that damn dress is.

Terraria Episode 044

My arena prepared, it’s time to kill the Wall of Flesh again! Hopefully this time I’ll get the PwnHammer, and be able to get my mitts on those tasty, tasty Hardmode ores…

Find the playlist here!

Sidequest Saturday (Forsaken Frontier): Final Battle

Four warlords have marshaled powerful undead armies to once more fight for the rulership of the Shining City of Salamangka. This is the climax of everything the PCs have experienced since 5th level when they were first drawn to the Disputed Territories, and for the most part this sidequest is focused on making the most […]

The post Sidequest Saturday (Forsaken Frontier): Final Battle appeared first on Adventureaweek.com.

Free Show, Great Music, Cool Shop

If you're in the Buckeye state today I recommend heading to Super-Fly Comics and Gamesin Yellow Springstonight. There will be a great hiphop show tonight. Mikal kHill and Tribe Onewill be doing individual sets. Afterwards they will get together to do some stuff from Tribe One's other project, Malibu Shark Attack!(exclamation point is part of the name, though I am excited). I've heard both

Win a Free eBook

Sign up for the Crimson Edge Newsletter and have the chance to win free eBooks. A free eBook will be delivered to a subscriber each month!  

Aquaman's Gonna Kick Your Ass If You Make Any More Lame Fish Jokes...

[Video] Player Tips - Make some shit up

Offering a tip to players, to make stuff up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6-mPBPo4HA

OMG! Reaper Bones II Unboxing

Hi. I’m Nick Watanabe, as far as you know, and I splashed out on the Reaper Bones II Kickstarter way back almost a million years ago.

Well, good news, it finally arrived! And now I’m going to open it on camera, just for you!

You should totally keep an eye, and maybe even an ear, peeled to see if anything else exciting comes from this.

Cause it will.

So You Want to Start A Game Club?

In March, 2013, Geek and Sundry, through their popular YouTube show Tabletop hosted the very first International Tabletop Day.   A full day of celebrating board games, card games, role-playing games, and pretty much anything tabletop gaming related, thousands of gamers all around the world gathered in their friendly local game stores, libraries, and homes to share their love of gaming.  For so many people around the world, it was an incredible day to be out and about with their fellow gamers!  

Here in the Walls residence, it was a bit more low-key, but still a lot of fun.

Major Influence - 2000AD Timeline 35 years Video And Old School Gaming

I just ran across this wonderful video byRichard Herrero, this morning and its like someone took a snap shot of my mind. I've written before about some of the major comic book influences it in my life, especially after the 90's trip to the U.K.. But growing up there was a comic book title that was like a kick in the head. 2000 AD. was/is one of my old favorites and pretty much gave me the

February, 2015 RPG Blog Carnival Wrap-up

Taking a break from alphabetical dungeon dressings to wrap up this month's Blog Carnival, "How and Where I Write"

I received entries from eight individual bloggers, and Lowell Francis and Terl Ober both contributed multiple entries. Thanks to all for sharing - I really appreciate the responses.

First of all, a common theme seemed to run through most of the entries was not so much 'how' people write, but 'when.'  It's most illustrative of many of our middle-aged lives, full of work, family, other pursuits, and annoying cats.  I've read in other writing essays and guides of the importance [...]

B/XoL: Converting D&D creatures to Barbarians of Lemuria

The Legendary edition of Barbarians of Lemuria doesn’t come with a lot of creatures and most of them are pretty unique and unusual. Though my own goal with B/XoL is not to recreate Basic D&D but to take inspirations from it, Dungeons & Dragons is a great source when it comes to monsters. I think between BECMI and AD&D, there are way over a thousand of them.

Having looked at the creatures from the BoL Legendary Edition and the D&D Basic Set, I’ve come up with a couple of guidelines how to convert creatures from one game to the other:

Attributes: In [...]

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